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A Culture Of Delusion

September 28, 2012 by  

A Culture Of Delusion

A writer’s greatest disappointments are readers who have knee-jerk responses. Not all readers, of course. Some readers are thoughtful and supportive. Others express thanks for opening their eyes. But the majority are happy when a writer tells them what they want to hear and are unhappy when he writes what they don’t want to hear.

For the left wing, Ronald Reagan is the great bogeyman. Those on the left don’t understand supply-side economics as a macroeconomic innovation that cured stagflation by using the impact of fiscal policy on aggregate supply. Instead, they see “trickle-down economics” and tax cuts for the rich. Leftists don’t understand that the Reagan Administration intervened in Grenada and Nicaragua in order to signal to the Soviets that there would be no more Soviet expansion or client states and that it was time to negotiate the end of the Cold War. Instead, leftists see in Reagan the origin of rule by the 1 percent and the neoconservatives’ wars for U.S. hegemony.

In 1981, curtailing inflation meant collapsing nominal gross national product and tax revenues. The result would be budget deficits — anathema to Republicans — during the period of readjustment. Ending the Cold War meant curtailing the military/security complex and raised the specter in conservative circles of “the anti-Christ” Mikhail Gorbachev deceiving Reagan and taking over the world.

In pursuing his two main goals, Reagan was up against his own constituency; he relied on rhetoric to keep his constituency on board with his agenda. The left wing heard the rhetoric but failed to comprehend the agenda.

When I explain these facts, easily and abundantly documented, some of leftish persuasion send in condescending and insulting emails telling me that they look forward to the day that I stop lying about Reagan and tell the truth about Reagan like I do about everything else.

“Knee-jerk liberal” is a favorite term of conservatives. But conservatives can be just as knee-jerk. When I object to Washington’s wars, the mistreatment of detainees and the suspension of civil liberties, some on the right tell me that if I hate America so much I should move to Cuba. Many Republicans cannot get their minds around the fact that if civil liberties are subject to the government’s arbitrary discretion, then civil liberties do not exist. The flag-waving element of the population is prone to confuse loyalty to the country with loyalty to the government, unless, of course, there’s a Democrat in the White House.

Rationally, it makes no sense for readers to think that a writer who would lie to them about one thing would tell them the truth about another. But as long as they hear what they want to hear, it is the truth. If they don’t want to hear it, it is a lie.

Both left and right also confuse explanations with justifications.

When a writer writes about the perils that we as a society face and the implications, it is very discouraging for the writer to know that many readers will not listen unless it is what they want to hear. This discouragement is precisely what every truth-teller faces, which is why there are so few of them.

This is one reason I stopped writing a couple of years ago. I found that solid facts and sound analysis could not penetrate brainwashed and closed minds seeking vindication to keep the mind locked tightly against unsettling truths. Americans want to have their beliefs vindicated more than they want the truth. The success of print and TV pundits is based on allying with a prominent point of view or interest group and serving it. Those served make the writer or talking head successful. I never thought much of that kind of success.

But success as a whore is about the only kind of success that can occur in Washington or in the media these days. Those who refuse to prostitute themselves arouse pity and denunciation, not admiration. A couple of years ago an acquaintance from a university in the Northeast called me to say he had recently had lunch with some of my former associates in Washington. When he inquired about me, he said the response was, “Poor Craig, if he hadn’t turned critic, he would be worth tens of millions of dollars like us.”

I replied that my former associates were undoubtedly correct. My acquaintance said that he hadn’t realized that he was having lunch with a bunch of prostitutes.

The incentive to speak the truth and the reward for doing so are very weak. And not just for a writer, but also for academics and experts who can make far more money by lying than by telling the truth. How else would we have gotten genetically modified organisms, jobs offshoring, the “unitary executive” and a deregulated financial system? It is a very lucrative career to testify as an expert in civil lawsuits. It is part of America’s romance with the lie that experts purchased by the opposing sides in a lawsuit battle it out as gladiators seeking the jury’s thumbs-up.

And look at Congress. The two members of the House who stood up for the Constitution and truth in government will soon be gone. Ron Paul is stepping down, and Dennis Kucinich was redistricted out of his seat. As for the Senate, these thoughtful personages recently voted 90-1 to declare war on Iran, as the sole dissenter, Rand Paul, pointed out. The Senate is very much aware, although only a few will publicly admit it, that the U.S. has been totally frustrated and held to a standoff, if not a defeat, in Afghanistan and is unable to subdue the Taliban. Despite this, the Senate wants a war with Iran, a war which could easily turn out to be even less successful. Obviously, the Senate not only lies to the public but also to itself.

Last week the Pentagon chief, Leon Panetta, told China that the new U.S. naval, air and troop bases surrounding China are not directed at China. What else could be the purpose of the new bases? Washington is so accustomed to lying and to being believed that Panetta actually thinks China will believe his completely transparent lie. Panetta has confused China with the American people: Tell them what they want to hear, and they will believe it.

Americans live in a matrix of lies. They seldom encounter a truthful statement. There is no evidence that Americans can any longer tell the difference between the truth and a lie. Americans fell for all of these lies and more: Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and al-Qaida connections. Saddam’s troops seized Kuwaiti babies from incubators and threw them on the floor. Moammar Gaddafi fed his troops Viagra to help them rape Libyan women. Iran has a nuclear weapons program. Change — yes, we can! The U.S. is “the indispensable country.” America is broke because of food stamps and Social Security, not because of wars, bankster bailouts and a failing economy. Russia is America’s No. 1 enemy. China is America’s No. 1 enemy. Iran is a terrorist state. Jobs offshoring is free trade and good for the U.S. economy. Israel is America’s most loyal ally. The U.S. missile shield surrounding Russia is not directed at Russia. The South China Sea is an area of U.S. national interest. Financial markets are self-regulating.

The list is endless. Lies dominate every policy discussion, every political decision. The most successful people in America are liars.

The endless lies have created a culture of delusion. And this is why America is lost. The beliefs of many Americans, perhaps a majority, are comprised of lies. These beliefs have become emotional crutches, and Americans will fight to defend the lies that they believe. The inability of Americans to accept facts that are contrary to their beliefs is the reason the country is leaderless and will remain so. Unless scales fall from Americans’ eyes, Americans are doomed.

–Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts

was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of The Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following, and can be accessed here.

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  • Kinetic1

    It’s hard to imagine, but some of my distane for Reagan has eased over the decades. A man who was once “the worst President we will ever know” has softened, thanks in some parts to the 8 year debacle known as the Bush years. Yes, my anger has subsided, but frustration with the myth of Reagan has taken it’s place. Many on the Right spout off about smaller government and controlling the debt, but refuse to admit that the debt almost tripled under Reagan as government employment levels increased. And yes, reducing taxes did have a positive effect on the economy, but even Reagan had to admit that there was a limit. With increases in military spending and a rising debt, even Reagan signed off on tax increases and the elimination of loopholes. Bush, by contrast claimed some very reasonable budgets, but consistently hid the costs of war. In fact, one writer tried to claim that Bush’s last proposed budget included a meager 3.5% increase, then accused Obama of increasing that budget to over 17%, but failed to note that most of the increase was due to the new President adding the costs of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to the budget.

    When looking for proof that lower taxes will save the country, many on the Right will point to Reagan and the “Laffer Curve.” It’s not a hard concept to grasp and showed how decreasing taxes could actually increase tax revenues. What they fail to point out is that it is a bell curve. Yes, cutting the top tax bracket from 50% down to 28% (but also closing some loopholes) encouraged those at the top to spend more of their wealth and pay a fair share of taxes, but expecting the same results every time you decrease the rate is foolish. At some point we begin to slide down the other side of the curve. To ignore this fact is to suggest that the best way to increase tax revenues is to drop the rate to zero!

    So where is all this leading? I accept and agree with much of what Mr. Roberts has to say. The success of Rush and Hannity, Maddow and Olbermann are due in large part to their ability to support the beliefs we already have (while there is little, if any explanation for the success of Glen Beck.) Some, like Rush appeal to those who appreciate his bombastic style, and Olbermann’s sense of humor appealed to others, but more than anything, it’s the ability of cable to offer us networks that cater to our beliefs. I will continue to choose networks other than FOX for my news, but I will also do my best to dig deeper when a story seems too simple, too easy to reach a one sided conclusion. As this writer suggests, the truth is out there, if you are willing to look outside your comfort zone. It’s sometimes hard to accept, but how can you not trust a man who poses with his cats?

  • cawmun cents

    People dont want the truth,Most of them are far more content with a carefully crafted lie.
    The truth is often too mudane…just not enough oomph behind it.
    Either that or it is far too obvious,so as to be hard to masticulate.It might not sound viable enough unless you embellish it.
    Why do people like to hear facts from actors and other celebrities?
    Because the show must go on.
    P.T.Barnum was correct,there IS a sucker born every minute.
    When the circus is in town,how can you settle for stayng out on the farm?
    Reality sucks.So replacing it with something new and improved is just the best way to go.
    However,when lies breed comtempt,it is because as you hear or see them in your mind,you note that only a fool would accept it as true.
    Today when you watch a television commercial,you can clearly see the contempt with which advertisers hold their clients,and the rubes who are taken in by such falsities.
    Clearly,too much marketing goes into the campaign strategies of the political parties as well.It is a breeding ground for contemptuous lies,so nobody….even the diehard fools,expect to hear truths coming out of political ads.
    Therefore in a titannic effort to make those lies seem even more palatable,they are retold on the various newsfeeds,by media circus barkers,who belie their own intent of presenting a story that is blatantly false.Hence the mainstream is to lying,what craft is to acting.They often go hand in hand together.Personally,it is with great amusement,that I can readily pick apart nearly any story presented by todays intern writers,wothout batting an eyelash.
    It is because the news is brought to you today,by folks who dont know fecal matter from shoepolish,because they work so much cheaper,like replacement NFL officials,than actul newsfolk do.But you get what you pay for.
    Folks who cant afford campaign contributions because they have to stuggle to eke out a living,arent wanting an intern to bring them their news,by sitting and following a story on the laudly fallible internet,and presenting it with shiny sounding words.
    But yet,when they hear their top elected official speak,they are getting much the same by product as if they were watching the news.
    Anyone for carefully crafted lies today?

  • Tazio2013

    What the U.S. media fails to report about Iran [and Israel]- SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 – BY: GREGORY PATIN

    Phil Weiss raised a great point about the true intentions of the New York Times in his blog, Mondoweiss. In a piece entitled “‘NYT’ serves as echo chamber for Israeli hawks, quoting 7 on Iran, plus 2 Israel lobbyists” he asks, “When do American realists get their turn? When will American experts be quoted who say Iran can be contained or that Israel should give up its nukes?”

    Here is a short list of other facts about Iran and Israel’s nuclear programs that have been kept from the American people by corporate media since propaganda about a nuclear-armed Iran began in 2007:

    In accordance with the conditions set in the NPT, Iran informed the IAEA of its intention to build a new uranium enrichment site within six months before it went online.

    The IAEA and all 16 United States Intelligence Agencies are unanimous in agreement that Iran is not building and does not possess nuclear weapons.

    Documents from the former South African regime declassified in 2010 reveal that Israel not only possesses, but also offered to sell nuclear weapons to South Africa as far back as 1975.

    Last Spring, Rose Gottemoeller, an assistant secretary of state and Washington’s chief nuclear arms negotiator, asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Israel refused.

    The United Nations passed a resolution calling on Israel to sign the NPT and to submit to IAEA inspections. Israel refused.

    The IAEA asked Israel to sign the NPT and allow inspections. Israel refused.

    Israel made the same accusations against Iraq that it is making against Iran, leading up to Israel’s bombing of the power station at Osirak in Iraq. Following the invasion of 2003, international experts examined the ruins of the power station at Osirak andfound no evidence of nuclear materials or a clandestine weapons factory in the rubble.

    It has become clear that the government of Israel, as well as the neo-conservative faction in the U.S., is pushing for a war with Iran, aided and abetted by the U.S. corporate media – the same media that sold the war in Iraq.

    • Karolyn

      Let Israel supporters put that in their pipe and smoke it! The all-holy Israel, blessed by God, is just another country bent on subordinating its enemies and does not deserve preferential treatment by the US!

    • Shaana

      When has Israel ever said “Death to Iran?” “Iran needs to be exterminated?”
      If I was standing, virtually, alone in the world with one of the biggest guns and no other support, I’ll be darned to let someone else with little if any proof of “peaceful negotiations” with hostile nations put regulations on how I can use that gun when it comes to protecting my life and my family’s life.
      If you think Israel can’t take care of itself, your nuts. Also Israel is NOT trying to make everyone bow down to God. They are trying to be left alone. Hard to do when your neighbor keeps shooting at your house…
      You are talking about multiple middle eastern nations who are constantly on YouTube (even if the news doesn’t report it) screaming “Death to Israel and the West” (oh wait, the west is us…) and you think these people are peacefully trying to negotiate with anyone?

      • Kate8

        Shaana – I hear what you are saying about Israel. They are completely surrounded by hostility and nations who want them gone.

        However, don’t forget that this was the purpose the PTB had for Israel in the first place. They wanted a port/establishment in the Middle East for their own purposes, and it served them also as the focal point of constant irritation to keep hostilities stirred up. These cabals thrive on war, and Israel provides them with so much justification…on both sides.

        There is so much more behind the world’s conflicts than meet the eye. Those who “rule the world” create these conflicts by exploiting various factions in order to enrich and empower themselves, and they’ve been behind all of the turmoil of the past century. They raise nations up and they send them crashing down, with absolutely no regard for the people’s suffering. And all the while, they create the illusion that these things just happen because of our prejudices. Well, it is THEY who instigate these prejudices by inciting through false flags and continual LIES.

        We are better off if we believe nothing told to us, and question EVERYTHING. We’ve been held hostage to control by political ideologies and outrageous lies coming out of both sides of the aisle. If we would wake up to this one fact, we could free ourselves.

        People don’t want wars. Power mongers use us to fight them, while they sit in their plush chairs in safety and reap all of the benefit while our children die. They play us off against each other, while they all…leaders of all sides of the conflich… laugh and celebrate together.

        Isn’t it time we figure this out, and refuse to play their diabolical games anymore?

      • eddie47d

        So some of you won’t get your dander up I’ll have to say this again and again. We should support Israel against any aggressor who attacks them. Yet Shaana Israel have made preemptive strikes against Iraq and Syria when they bombed those power plants. Now they want to do the same with Iran without having solid proof of what is even there. Each strike was an assumption and the world (US) can’t afford to keep doing damage control for Israel. We need to help Israel secure its borders but stand down when they are the aggressor. We helped them when Syria and Egypt attacked them (planes and tanks,etc) and that is what allies are for. Iran can blow smoke all day long about disliking Israel but unless they actually aggress against Israel then Netanyahu has no right to usurp our kindness or authority.

      • actual socialist

        First of all the Isriali goverment is calling for iran to be bombed dayliy so they are NOT the innocent victims you seem to think secondly i know the phrase you are refering and i know for a FACT that the phrase ” israil needs to be wiped off the map ” does not even exist in persian the statement in queston was refering to israils oprresion of the palastinienes needing to be wiped off the planet just saying

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    Please go over to;
    and review the David Icke interview.

    I understand that some of you just will not get it, so what your brain dead, and thats ok. stay as the arrogant ignorant mindless TOOLS you are, we still LOVE you.,

    BUT – { for you that do get it, } but still have not quite figured out all the rules, this interview will help you to square it up.

    Look people this is not a game, this gig is the real deal thus ~ if you have children, or Grandchildren or any one you really LOVE, I beg you to please get it in gear and start working toward a goal thats Positive. ;-)

    PEACE and LOVE be with you.

  • Dwight Mann

    I smell the truth in this article. I guess I will be reading your articles monthly in the new Infowars magazine thing I subscribed to. It is the new alternative to the internet. . .

    • TIME

      Dear Dwight,

      A few other things you may quite well like to look into, Steve Quayles sight today has a number of very strong articals you will find of great interest.

      Also if you have never looked into this book as noted on Steve Quayles sight under viedos #1 of the day – )) I would recomend it highly; { Earths Earliest Ages, by George H Pember }
      To understand whom we are addressing ~ its best to understand why they follow their protocals, and nothing can pin point these as well as this book.

      Let me quite clear – I have been deep into the study of this very topic, let me tell you its just mega wild, there is no movie that has ever been made than can top the TRUTH.

      Also google this youtube feed;
      World War 3 – to be official Declared. Great itel, as we are now well inside the doorway and its being played out on the world stage every day.

      Also you may wish to look in on this sight; Before its news, also Redice
      for weather related as well as solar storm intel – Solar

      Peace & Love be with you my Brother.

      • Kate8

        TIME – It is true that people will refuse to believe that which doesn’t fit with their established paradigms. You may as well talk to the wall.

        While I find Alex Jones informative, I have long questioned exactly who and what is behind him. It’s not what he says, but what he doesn’t say.

        He has been approached by some who had critical info, and those people met with “accidents”, while their info was never aired.

        Pete Santilli recently went to Alex with info he gained while serving in the Marines. Pete felt that it was critical that the people know what they government has been planning for decades, and wanted to reach the biggest possible audience. He was scheduled to appear, announced to his listeners the date and time, and at the very last minute, Alex cancelled his appearance without comment or explanation. He didn’t even mention it. We all tuned in only to hear callers instead.

        Pete was astonished, as he trusted Alex. But someone obviously pulled the plug on him.

        This info had to do with orders and protocols for dealing with we the people on American soil. It was shocking, and for anyone who still trusts government… well, you wouldn’t.

        Alex is censored by his media channels. And I can’t help but question just what he’s up to. We must get the whole truth or we are just, again, being manipulated.

      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        I at times also find Alex a bit odd, but as I do check as well crosscheck his intel all the time and find it to be 100% dead on every time. Let alone David Icke’s work is spot on.

        As I am quite sure you will understand what I am saying, I now am no longer who I was even just a month ago, let alone years ago, I now have a mission and I am being guided by the HIGHEST power that has ever been.
        Thus I am now only a simple man with a message of “Peace & Love and Truth.”
        So I use what ever tools I can find to help others to BREAK FREE and look at this beast in the eye, to understand what it is and where its going.

        Peace & Love be with you.

      • Kate8

        TIME – Yes, I have sensed this in you. I even commented awhile back, but I don’t know if you saw it.

        You seem to be much on the same page as I feel…sensing the great movement of Spirit upon this plane, guiding us toward a new and wonderful era… and yet also seeing that there is turbulence ahead, and wondering how it’s going to all play out.

        This time calls for nothing less than total faith in Universal Love. There is a wobbling of the dimensions, and we are being urged to keep our sights on where we WANT to go, not on appearances. And yet, strangely, we are also being shown the truth of illusion (!!), that things are not at all the way we’ve always been led to believe.

        This Earth plane has been a prison of the mind…of belief…and it’s falling apart. We don’t really understand true freedom, as we have never known anything but the life of livestock kept at the pleasure of our self-appointed masters. We have accepted their idea of “freedom is slavery”… And believed that was all there is.

        We are about to find out different. We have much to look forward to. But first we must all overcome our fear…of death, of pain…of fear itself. Only when we can look upon the world and understand that it is all illusion…perception… can we see that the darkness is a great mindgame, and will utterly vanish when we can hold up enough light.

        Scriptures speak of freedom for those who ‘overcome’. Overcome what? Well, there is nothing TO overcome except fear borne of lack of understanding and knowledge.

        Godspeed, my friend.

  • Flashy

    Just when it begins to appear PLD is succumbing to hype and glorified sales pitches, as Crystal spouts blatherings of hate and ridicule, Root his nothing of substance and pretensions of grandeur, of Myers suffering of late a quality issue, and Mr. Livingston slightly fading in maintaining legitimacy of purity, we have this article…followed by two contributors giving good example.

    “The endless lies have created a culture of delusion. And this is why America is lost.”

    I refuse to believe America is lost. Wandering, aimless, ill…yes. Lost? As long as there are people who will stand up and able to shout at the top of their lungs that which they believe in, and those who oppose it are able to do the same, there is a poultice for the disease.

    To be led is easy. To be told that which you want to be told. To take the easy road of simplistic mindset and veer from thought and analysis. That is the reliance of the TP and the American Taliban.

    Take a subject of sensitivity, complexity, not easy to resolve. And twist it into a cause. Tell people not only should they be aware of it, but that they should fear it. That because it is complex, it has far reaching causes and effects…that it is dangerous. Then lie about it to strengthen the feelings of suspicion and a need to fear and be afraid.

    Creating a foundation, a warning of a danger, not only reasons they should be afraid, but assuring them everyone is afraid. Then assuring that as long as they stood behind and in support, it will be taken care of because those who created the fear, can now be empowered to handle it.

    With every advancement of communication, there are those who take advantage of it for their own gains. The formula has been shown and proven time and again. As has the path it will take. As the country hit the boundaries of natural expansion and national newspapers and the moguls of the press dominated, we had The Trade Union Scare of the 1890s. Came the wiring of America and the Post WWI realization we were a continental nation and Hoboken New Jersey was a town of Americans much like Hooterville Washignton we had the “Bolshevik Crisis” of 1919-20. Come the Depression and the awareness of the Nazis using mass propaganda moving entire Peoples Father Coughlin and Huey Long took the stage. Post WWII and the advancement of the telephone, wire communications, TV…Joe MacCarthy and his evils. Reagan and the use of acting bring the shyster and his schtick to sell the snake oil of wealth redistribution and taking from the Middle Class giving it all to the wealthy in return of benevolence. All sold to the unwary, the innocently naive, and those who need fear and a cause to legitimize their existence..

    And as the new technology and communication came more and more into acceptance and widespread need, the people realized the lies and the abuses which led them astray. That which took advantage of their innocence and trust was then rejected and scorned.

    We are at the point where the heights have been reached by the hucksters and power mongers. The realizations are beginning to set in that the internet can carry evil, lies, abuse. People are beginning to turn to one another asking ‘why are we fighting?”.

    The worm is indeed turning. The desperation of the abusers is becoming more apparent each passing day, Those who used to be on the margins are becoming marginalized and their screaming louder in protest as they are returned to the marginalization.

    And we begin to once again become a community. The sleeves are rolled up, the community needs begin to be addressed and placed above that of selfish wants and demands of the abusers and their followers.

    To work for the truth instead of taking the easy handout of garbage .. that is the malady we as a nation are struggle with. And which we are conquering.

    Lost? nay. A New Era dawning as we adjust to the 21st century and New World? Absolutely.

    • DaveH

      Speaking of endless lies — here’s Flashman.

    • DaveH

      Flashman says — “The realizations are beginning to set in that the internet can carry evil, lies, abuse”.
      Yep, but how do we get rid of you, I mean it, Flashman?

      • Flashy

        you disagree with anything i wrote DaveH? Or just couldn’t find a catchy title in Mises to paste the link to …

      • DaveH

        Unlike you, Flashman, Mises Institute is a reliable source of information.

    • momo

      Flashy says:”We are at the point where the heights have been reached by the hucksters and power mongers. The realizations are beginning to set in that the internet can carry evil, lies, abuse.”

      You mean Obama, Pelosi and Reid are using the internet?

      “To work for the truth instead of taking the easy handout of garbage .. that is the malady we as a nation are struggle with. And which we are conquering. ”

      You mean the propaganda Obama keeps frothing at the mouth with?

      • Flashy

        Maybe both sides of the issues have fault to be found. Who’s more strident and vocal in the spreading of falsehoods and wild extremist viewpoints? I’d venture both will have to curtail back on the rhetoric and the false and misleading issues. The TPers, American Taliban and the GOP will have far more to curtail than the Progressives and Moderates.

      • momo

        American Taliban, I don’t see them executing anyone in the streets, do you? Though I do agree both parties leave alot to be desired. Romney and Obama, two sides of the same coin, what a choice!

  • Ed

    If you believe Bush had ANYTHING to do with our current worldwide financial crisis, you owe it to yourself to go to and download “Siren’s Song – America’s Betrayal”. Spread the truth. Pass this site along to your friends.

    • Flashy

      Feeling yourself becoming more and more marginalized eh Ed ? Don’t like paying your way and trying to legitimize being a freeloader feeding for free off the system?

      • DaveH

        You have no credibility on this board, Flashman.
        Ask me to prove it.

  • Incredulous1

    “Critical Thinking” is too difficult for most. However, Mr. Roberts failed to explain that most lies have an element of truth in them – it’s just very hard to dig it out. Americans have become too lazy to think for themselves. Combine that laziness with a sports mentality (my team is better than your team), and you get the ignorant majority directing this country over a cliff by electing their favorite American Idols. Thanks a lot, democracy.

    • RichE

      How does one tell truth from fiction? An instructional discussion of critical thinking would be nice.

  • Bobby

    Thank you for the article. IMO, much of the problem is the “Mainstream” media (aka MSM). As more and more people wake up to the fact that they are being lied to Most of the Time by the MSM, they are turning to the internet to get a more independent, more fact-based, less propagandized version of “news”. For example there is a great piece showing to Israeli (Jewish Leaders) meeting with the Iranian president. These leaders not only thank him, but present him with a gift – and proceed to hug/kiss him graciously. Wow! But the MSM wants us to think the “Israel” (implying Jews) hate Iran and want to destroy it. All lies and propaganda to help expand the wars (and the profits derived from them).

    Therefore, the backlash (shown by decline in ratings) against the MSM (including FOX) and the propaganda they spew is ever increasing. All of which is goodness, but it requires people who are able to think for themselves.

    • eddie47d

      There are plenty of lies being distributed on the Internet also. Anyone can say anything and claim it as a fact with no accountability in retracting something that is not true. The Internet isn’t always a savior and can complicate issues and divide us even further. Not sure why you brought up MSM on the Israel since it is hotheads on the right who want war with Iran. (The Republican debates exposed them) They play right into NWO folks and the Military Industrial Complex. What you say about the Israelis not hating Iran is probably true but Netanyahu tells a different story.

      • DaveH

        Case in point — Eddie.

  • rick

    When one learns the truth, one must make decisions based on that truth. Often, those decisions are disruptive to one’s lifestyle. Obviously many in today’s society would prefer not to disrupt their current lifestyle. They would rather accept untruths that would allow them to avoid change. When reality forces itself upon them, they can then place blame and seek revenge on those telling them the untruths. They suffer, but its not their fault. The liars quickly adjust their lies to deflect the blame. The cycle continues.

  • Garry Loeffler

    I agree with the majority of what you say with one slight correction. When you stated that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction that is not quite correct. Saddam had no nuclear weapons but he did possess chemical weapons – which can be substantiated by both the Kurds and the Iranians on whom he used them. Traces of the chemical weapons were found by US teams in Iraq – although not the weapons themselves. But to say he never had them is not true because he both possessed them and used them – just not on us.

  • Ms.Young

    “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”
    ― Winston Churchill

    Three sides
    There are three sides to every story – yours, mine, and the truth.
    Robert Evans, actor and producer.

    What We See As Truth Today, May Become False Tomorrow.

    Holographic Universe FULL movie

    Star Trek TNG ‘ Cogito Ergo Es ‘

  • truth1now

    Humans are easily sidetracked by their “obsession” (genetic tendency) toward fulfillment of basic needs, while ignoring greater issues. These issues, such as what those who rule us are up to, do not seem to be related to bread and butter on the table, though in fact, they are inseparable and very related to each other. Put another way, it is the worst of all sins to not care what is going on around you beyond basic needs. To be ignorant by choice is just one step removed from being diabolical and evil.

    When we are born into a family without a lot of love, we cease to be curious about the world around us. That natural curiosity must find a revival or you are dead on arrival. We are all put here to see if we can rise above the distractions and mundane and gain some enlightenment and purpose in life.

    Our world is designed with many distractions and things that suck the life and joy out of us, and demoralize us. But when the going gets tough, the truly tough get going and overcome obstacles. It is scary to approach truth. Truth is rarely pleasant when you live in a corrupt world. It is facing our fears that is job 1 and priority 1. It is a job few will accept. PC Roberts has accepted the job, fortunately.

    I read him in the American Free Press and he now publishes again with them, Livginston, and who know who else. He has become my favorite writer at this time. I have often loved Livingston’s hard hitting articles in the past, too.

    Lies and hypocrisy are much the same thing. But now for the really scary truth. Very few humans will ever rise to the occasion. We are doomed, except for the Grace of God. We can not dig ourselves out of this hole. It is insurmountable. If there is no god/God, then we are like those who once stood on the deck of the Titanic after its “brush” with the iceberg. We are going down and it is not going to be fun.

    Let those who will hear truth, continue to hear and write truth. Those who will not, whether there is a God or not, are doomed either way. But if there is a chance in he11, it will only be through God. Now that is bitter truth, no?

  • Kathy Bergman

    I believe that Mr. Roberts is correct but belive that there are still some intelligent people in America who read everthing, research, and listen to everything. Some of us do have our eyes open! The one thing I do know to be true is that none of the issues we all seem to whine about will matter if we re-elect the delusional person in the Presidents seat. The tyranny and economic melt down will either make us stronger or break us.

  • carey

    Iran isn’t trying to develop nuclear weapons? Sorry, that ruined it for me.

    • Jay

      No, they are not!

      Today, we watch from the edges of our seats as crazed men like Bibi Netanyahu sabre-rattle the Middle East toward igniting a Third World War. They decry Iran’s “nuclear ambitions”, when even Mossad has admitted Iran has no nuclear weapons in its arsenal. In fact, such warheads require uranium that is at least 90% enriched. Iran’s enrichment has pegged out at 20%, and they have shown no signs that they intend to take it higher. This is pretty much common knowledge by now. Even the MSM has admitted it. Yet the BeeBees and the Baraks continue to slaver their venom … as if they were blindly adhering to a script. Why?

      Because they are adhering, albeit not blindly, to a script. Their dialectic methods dictate that if you want to destroy a country, then you must demonize it first. We should remember that BeeBee’s current campaign of virulent rhetoric against Iran is but the culmination of a series of outbursts going back some twenty years.

      Iran’s nuclear power program began in the late 1970s. Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Iran’s pro-West puppet leader, embarked on an ambitious program to build upwards of 20 nuclear reactors. But then Western intelligence agencies reported that the Shah had intentions of putting together a secret nuclear weapons program.

      In 1979, a revolution deposed the Shah, and thus was born the Islamic Republic of Iran. If the Protocols are any indication, we can safely assume that the purpose of setting up the Islamic Republic was to create a bugbear, a Great Satan slated for destruction down the road. The new Iranian regime had no love for things nuclear. Ayatollah Khomeini denounced all forms of the technology and suspended the country’s nuclear activities. In 1984, engineers from West Germany visited the Bushehr nuclear facility. The reactor was still unfinished, and yet shortly thereafter, West German intelligence claimed that Iran’s effort to produce a nuclear bomb was “entering its final stages”.

      It was in 1992 that Israel started sounding alarms about a supposed Iranian nuclear threat. Bibi himself, then a parliamentarian, broke the ice by claiming that Iran was within five years of having The Bomb, and calling for “an international front headed by the US”. Sound familiar? That same year, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, appearing on French TV, upped the date to 1999. “Iran,” he warned, “is the greatest threat and greatest problem in the Middle East, because it seeks the nuclear option while holding a highly dangerous stance of extreme religious militancy.”

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black — only this case, black was actually not the kettle’s color. Israel already had nukes. Iran had never even made an attempt to develop them. 1992 also saw both the House Republican Research Committee and CIA chief Robert Gates leveling similarly empty accusations from the States. Meanwhile, a “Defense Strategy for the 1990s”, leaked from the Pentagon, all but omitted Iran from its conflict scenarios. Why this discrepancy?

      Blur forward to 1995, and we had The New York Times pounding this same ominous drum, reporting US and Israeli officials’ “fears” that Iran, once again, was about five years from developing a nuclear arsenal. Then, in 1997, The Christian Science Monitor reported that, owing to political pressure on Iran’s suppliers, Iran had been “forced … to adjust its suspected timetable for a bomb.” The dreaded new outlook was a nuclear Iran within eight to ten years.

      The period in this saga from 1998 – 2002 began when we were told that Iran had test-launched a medium range missile. Now US and Israeli war hawks had a fresh new pretext for their allegations.

      In 1998, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told Congress that Iran would have an ICBM capable of hitting the continental US — and can you guess how long he said it would take? Yawn. Five years.

      In 2002, we were given a ludicrous new specter called the Axis of Evil, a fiendish chimera combining three bogeymen: North Korea, Iraq, and of course, Iran. The MEK, an Iranian opposition group, in August of the same year, accused Iran of hiding enrichment facilities. Belief that Mossad had put them up to this accusation was widespread.

      In 2004, Secretary of State Colin Powell announced that Iran was trying to affix a nuclear warhead to a missile. In 2005, designs for nukes were alleged to have surfaced from an intercepted Iranian laptop. Iran categorically denied their authenticity, claiming intelligence agencies had forged them. Given such agencies’ known antics, this is not a far stretch.

      From 2006 to 2009, we saw intermittent flurries of thinly-veiled threats from the Bush administration and the Zionist-controlled media. All of them subsisted on the assumption that Iran would soon be a nuclear power and therefore a threat to the “free world”.

      Yet 2007 brought a harbinger to the present din of mixed signals. America’s 16 spy agencies released a combined National Intelligence Estimate in which they opined, “with high confidence”, that Iran’s nuclear ambitions had evaporated in 2003.

      In June 2008, US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton predicted an Israeli attack on Iran by January 2009. In May of that year, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee emphatically concluded that “There is no sign that Iran’s leaders have ordered up a bomb”.

      The foregoing timeline reveals Illuminati tactics at play. By periodically repeating the same lies, they condition the public into accepting a false premise. They use false flags (9-11) as a form of trauma-based mind control to sear that premise emotionally into the public mind. Then, while admitting truth that obviates the false premise, they steam ahead with their plans anyway.

      In 2007 General Wesley Clark revealed that Paul Wolfowitz indicated in 1991 that the Neo Con plan was to destabilize and oust the regimes in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

      This last stage is to use imaginary nuclear weapons as a pretext to satisfy an arcane legal requirement.

      By then, the public are too disoriented to know what to think, so they can formulate no coherent opposition. The Illuminati use this non-reaction to justify their atrocities. This is an MO — repeated, via predictive programming and doublethink, ad nauseam throughout the annals of Zionist media and Hollywood.

      • Mario

        Wow! Finaly somebody who besides has open eyes, actually learned to use them…and his brain too! Congratulations!
        And, no, I’m not making fun of you…

  • Strighttothepoint!!!!!

    Ike warned us,when he was still President,to be aware of the military,and their actions,and those that would try to take-down our goverment …He advised for the American people to always be alert and wise!!!!

  • Tina

    You sir have found another reader. ME!! Loved the article and I to get so fustrated with our people not knowing the truth or wanting to know the truth about what is at stake here. They shut us out )Ron Paul supporters) and now look where it’s gonna get us in 4 years. A dictator called Obama or a douchebag idiot puppet called mittens.

    • nc

      Tina, when they say mittens, the douchebag, doesn’t drink alcohol they are correct! His favorite mixed drink is vinegar and water!

  • SJJolly

    Mr. Roberts: Yes, you’re missing out on some big paychecks by not telling fools — on the left and right — the lies they want to hear. Maybe you can make it up by selling pre-folded tinfoil hats? Plenty of potential buyers here on Personal Liberty Digest!


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