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A Business Owner's Angry Response To Obama

July 19, 2012 by  

Wayne Allyn Root responds to President Barack Obama’s recent assertion that government, not entrepreneurs, is responsible for business success in the United States. Root, Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of 1983, notes that nearly all of his classmates at the college were openly socialist or Marxist. He says that the President’s most recent remarks are simply an act of the Marxist-in-Chief coming out of the closet.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • DaveH

    Obama’s a Communist? Nah, that can’t be. He says he isn’t.

    • Harold Olsen

      If he says he isn’t a communist, that would be good enough for Fox’s Megyn Kelly that he’s not. She accepts as proof anything Obama says. Personally, I think he’s a Nazi. A lot of what he has done since taking office has paralleled Hitler.

      • Johnny

        you’re an idiot….i havent seen him kill any jews yet

      • By George

        That’s coming – but it will be caucasian Christians

      • californiasailor

        Well Harold Olsen,

        Imagine a man of his heritage being a Nazi? Not with Hitler around he wouldn’t. Simply all he is reminds me of Che Guevara when I was just a youngster. Ideological mind with a destructive sentiment toward anything that is the USA. What is surprising to me is the fact that the American people were dormant while this little bastard was slid under the door to the White House. And what is worst; the American people voted for that moron.

        So what does that tell me? That the people are chocked to see something new because what has supposedly been working, is truly not.

        Don’t get me wrong. I am a Conservative, and I do not believe this bastard is going to win nor do I believe he is the anti-Christ either. He is just one that got in. Now I know why Arnold da Terminator wanted to run for office too?

        This reminds me of the Raise and Fall of the Roman Empire. At the very end, the seat of Cesar was for sale to the highest bidder.

        Ultimate power corrupts to the core; in particular, and obviously, when the person exploiting such power considers himself “Absolute”. Which is a very unique characteristic from men such as himself, Hitler, Stalin…and many more….the only thing this moron has not done, yet, is kill our people.

        Just my 2 cents.

      • Kate8

        californiasailor – He’s not just “one who got in”. He was put there.

        Speaking of Obama’s assertion that no one succeeds without government… well, it certainly is true of him. He believes this because it is his own experience. He’s never earned a single thing he has.

        Everything in his life, including his entire education, was arranged by the rich and powerful. Most of it is only on paper…and is heresay.

        He was groomed from childhood, funded by foreign powers, placed in a suit and taught how to stand in front of a camera (prompter). As an unknown in Chicago, his mobster handlers had his opponents knocked of the ballot to gain the Senatorial election by default. It’s pretty hard to lose when no one runs against you.

        Two years later, the media adds reverberation to his mics and shines a light over his head and…voila! The dumbed-down masses swoon and this virtual unknown, thoroughly unqualified figment becomes POTUS, winning the dubious position of figurehead sock puppet.

        He has no concept of what it is to be an entrepeneur, to work hard and actually EARN success. He’s the consummate Red Diaper Doper Baby in a dark suit.

      • 45caliber


        For Pete’s Sake, give him time! Hitler didn’t kill Jews the first day he took over either. It took him about five years or more. Oblama hasn’t been in office that long yet! Besides, Oblama isn’t nearly as smart as Hitler was.

      • Kate8

        45 – I don’t know if they’re all Jews, but Obama’s already been racking up quite a body count. There is at least one video out memorializing those he had murdered because they knew too much, or were just political enemies, and it is by no means complete.

        I’m sure you know of the plans with Bill Ayres to eliminate at least 25 million of us, and that was way back when. I’m sure the numbers are a lot higher now.

        I wish I’d saved it. I’m sure it can be found. There is also one about the Clinton body count.

      • Murray

        Please list how OB is like Hitler, Maybe u mean Bush since he lied about WMD so he can go to war

      • Alan

        Let’s just call it like it is – namely, Obama is a fascist.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        He is no No No Nazi ! National Socialists ( or Nazi as you like to call them ) were very conservative and extremely Right Wing Nationalist , and anti communist i believe the only reason they put socialist in there name was to sucker the jews into voting them in .

      • Kate8

        Jimmy the Geek – That is Leftist propaganda, and no matter how often you repeat that lie, it will never be true.

        NAZIs were Leftists. Were then, still are.

      • Edgar

        Propaganda Minister Jimmy the Creek….or is it Jimmy the Geek?!?….let me see…Socialists/Marxists/Communists = Left Wing = Government Control compare to Personal Freedom/Liberty = Right Wing = Small Government…..Let’ s see Hitler, his Party was the “NSDAP – National Socialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei = National Socialist German Workers’ Party) which is total Government Controll & Diktatorship. Jimmy the Geek, how is this right wing?!?….Jimmy the Geek, you are a liar, as was Hitler as is Obumma, what else to expect from Communists/Diktators. Fuehrer Obumma / Diktator in Chief with Gestapo Leader Eric Holder are proud of you, so would be Hittler & Goebbles.

      • JUKEBOX

        Johnny, I have news for you, he has killed Jews indirectly by the way he has mistreated Israel, and praised and apologized to the Moslem world. You need to study your history books, and find out for yourself what else Hitler did. Obama is using Mein Kampf as his personal guideline for fundamentally transforming America. Read it for yourself, then decide.

      • Kate8

        JUKEBOX – You are so right. But there’s one thing I’ve become aware of with Leftists, and that is that, if there is something they don’t want to believe, they will simply not investigate it. They cling to their illusions and read only Leftist propaganda. Besides, they truly believe that if you repeat a lie often enough, it will be true.

        Kind of a create your own reality thing, I guess. Gee, how’s that working…

        Besides, we all know that these Leftist trolls are paid shills. I really don’t know why we don’t just ignore them, like we’re always saying. After awhile, I get to where I just can’t stand their outrageous claims and ill-informed proclamations. I mean, it’s just plain sickening.

      • major

        Hello Harold: Obama will accept either Fascism or Communism which ever will work in his quest to destroy our Republic. His policy of getting into businesses like General Motors and the so-called Green Energy business is pure Fascism. His Communist side comes out when he tells everyone His Style of Government should confiscate the hard earned dollars of the Producers in America, and give it to those who sit on their behinds and have never helped in Producing Anything; they only take and never give back anything, because that is the Fair Thing to do. As for television news I rarely ever watch it;.Fox seems to be better than the others but they will only go so far when it comes to exposing this Usurper. The others i can’t stomache; they should all join together as one and just call themselves The Communist/Fascist News, there aren’t any of them worth their salt in bringing the truth to their listeners, only Fools would rely on these people for bringing them the truth, as they are as bad or worse than the former Soviet Union’s Tass which was all Communist Propaganda. The famous Roman Statesman Cicero said a nation can survive it’s fools but the Traitors within it can-not, and I agree a nation can’t survive the Traitors Within and we have plenty of them. But I disagree with his statement; a nation can survive it’s fools. Because in America’s case it is the Fools who elect these Insidious Bastards, who have betrayed this once Great Republic and it hasn’t been that long ago that these Traitors C hildren of Satan would have been Hung or brought before a Firing Squad at no time in this nation’s history has justice demanded this as it does today.

      • pweiters9

        7/19/12, BO is nothing but a tinhorn 3rd world dictator. He has the persona of a despot. Blacks may wax big about freedom & justice but gravitate to those most likely to hurt them. And that’s a fact.

      • California Steve

        After spending a lot of time trying to figure out just were he coming from (I don’t mean Kenya) . It has become clear to me that is the “AntiChrist” and pure evil.

      • Mike in MI

        California Steve -
        The Devil will use everyone who allows him to use them. Oblama-lama-ding-dong’s background and grooming are typical of how the D likes to set things up when he can.
        BU-U-U-u-u-u-U-UT, Bury is not submissive enough, is too self-indulgent, is rash, is WAY TOO conceited, too narrowly educated, experienced in very little and needs way too much of the old butt-butter to be entrusted with the Antichrist (of John’s Revelation) job. (If that’s what you’re talking about.) That’s going to be way too demanding a task for such a simpleton. Nah, he’s just a warm up act…expendable and, probably (when the Elites on top decide it) disposable. Somebody like Russia’s Putin would be a more likely candidate.
        There are some very big voices on the left indicating they’re growing tired of his undisciplined antics.
        If black American’s ever figure out how badly he has shafted them or for any reason turn on him…he’ll disappear very fast, I think. But, there isn’t a whole lot of time left until the election. Such movements in the bowels of America take time. So, who can say?

      • Mike in MI

        Cal. Steve -
        Bear in mind I don’t think Putin is the one for the job, either, because he has too much of a KGB history to be accepted by very many people in the rest of the world.
        I do believe the AntiC will suddenly appear on the world scene similarly to how obalama-lama-ding-dong did but will be much more sophisticated.

      • cmi

        I ‘m not sure of what he is,.but I’m sure of what he isn’t!! He’s definitely not a good president for America! He hates capitalism, & that is what made America a great country!! Give this jerk 4 more years & America will be done, ready for the trash heap of history!!

      • Jimmy The Greek

        Kate 8 You do not know what you are taking about ! have you ever been around any National Socialists ( or Nazi’s as you call them ) ? I have , and i can tell you liberal they are not ! Go up to a National Socialists and tell them they are a lefty , there are meetings and protests and march’s all the time . Google National Socialists Movement or NSM-88 that well get you to there web – site and see what they are all about ,

      • Jimmy The Greek

        Jukebox Have you ever read Mein Kampf ? If obongo even touched the book it would burn his hands . it speaks a lot of race and jews A copy is on my night stand next to my bed !

      • meteorlady

        So Murray – Did it ever occur to you that Bush might have actually believed the false intelligence? There is also the fact that every single member of congress had a voice in voting to commit troops and they approved it. There were also about 7 to 9 UN resolutions stating the same thing. I consider the gassing of over 100,000 Kurds pretty compelling as far as WMD’s are concerned, but then gas doesn’t evidently count as a means to destroy large amounts of people right?

        I’m not saying Bush was right, I’m just saying that congress also had a part in this so place blame where it lies….. We have spent over 6 Trillion of our tax dollars so far with nothing to show for it and we can’t even afford to provide our seniors with the Medicare they worked to pay for, nor our children a good educations.

      • macgyver1948

        Obama is no more commie or Nazi than you or Root is…. The show continues…. Oh wait, I’m not so sure about Root….

      • macgyver1948

        Kate8… You say to “Jimmy the Geek – That is Leftist propaganda, and no matter how often you repeat that lie, it will never be true.
        NAZIs were Leftists. Were then, still are”.

        Kate8…I am Jewish and I hard many of my grandmothers siblings, aunts, uncles friends etc baked and gassed and shot by the very conservative far right group known as the Nazis Hitler was the head of.

        Kate8, you do not know a thing of what you are saying… Do you also deny the Holocaust? Maybe you deny WW2 happened too. Whatever it is you were lied to with your comment, wherever you got it from.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        There is only one difference in the Nazis and the Communists. The Nazis permit private ownership of property at least in theory. Just like the communist the nazis maintain TOTAL control over production, prices, what is manufactured, and who can make what as well as having total control over your travel, pay rate, and even what job you hold.

        • macgyver1948

          Buster the Anatolian… In you concise statement you are very correct. Also the differences include, but not limited to, the Nazi conservative Socialists were very far right and the Commies were very far left. Obama in far in the middle from either of them. Obama would be an enemy to both and with us.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        macgyver1948 You missed my point. The Nazis and Fascist are not far right they are far left but permit the ownership of private property so long as they have total control of your use of that property.

        • macgyver1948

          Buster the Anatolian…No, I did not miss the point, I believe it is you who have missed the lessons of history. Nazis have always been far right and the Communists are fart left. As I sated on here before the commies want to own all the property and the socialists Nazis allowed ownership with their permission.

          Hitler went after the social left, the social Democrats, the Communists… he was so far conservative right he was against any who were not as he. Hitler hated Jews, black people. He went after all who were not right with him. I continue to see the far Right’s new definition of Fascism. Changing the real definition of a word will not make it so. I see all the time far right people going into my bible and attempting to redefine our scriptures, all out of context, to justify something of theirs. You can’t do it with bibles and you can’t with history. Only dim witted people will buy it. Mussolini and Hitler were of the right. (The term fascismo was coined by the Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini and the Neo-Hegelian philosopher )

          Do your own research but please if you want to know the truth do not just listen to propaganda from those who do not want you to know the alignment to them. Look it up.

          World English Dictionary

          New World Encyclopedia….

          Seek you own dictionary’s and encyclopedias and real history books. You have been lied to big time.

          • Elaine


            Fascism was founded during World War I by Italian national syndicalists who combined left-wing and right-wing political views.[6][7] Fascists have commonly opposed having a firm association with any section of the left-right spectrum, considering it inadequate to describe their beliefs,[8][9] though fascism’s goal to promote the rule of people deemed innately superior while seeking to purge society of people deemed innately inferior is identified as a prominent far-right theme.[10] Fascism opposes multiple ideologies: conservatism, liberalism, and the two major forms of socialism — communism and social democracy, and denounce them as representatives of sectarian interests rather than the community as a whole.[11] To achieve its goals, the fascist state purges forces, ideas, people, and systems deemed to be the cause of decadence and degeneration.[12] Fascism promotes political violence and war as forms of direct action that promote national rejuvenation, spirit and vitality.[3][13] Fascists commonly utilize paramilitary organizations to commit or threaten violence against their opponents.

            Note*-opposes multiple ideologies: conservatism, liberalism, and the two major forms of socialism — communism and social democracy, and denounce them as representatives of sectarian interests rather than the community as a whole.

          • macgyver1948

            Elaine.. Fascism was indeed an Italian development with Mussolini as its guide but Hitler took it to the right in Germasny. However we look at it it sucks and is only for the power structure. I do not want anything here but what the Founders built for us and I do not want to lean to far right or left. I see what the founders built as faltering but I believe it is because of major corporate influence in Government and far to much dependence on Government, a combination of both. Again, The Founders warned us about the Corporations.
            Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) over the course of his lifetime went from Socialism – he was editor of Avanti, a socialist newspaper – to the leadership of a new political movement called “fascism” [after "fasces", the symbol of bound sticks used a totem of power in ancient Rome].

            Mussolini came to power after the “March on Rome” in 1922, and was appointed Prime Minister by King Victor Emmanuel.

            In 1932 Mussolini wrote (with the help of Giovanni Gentile) and entry for the Italian Encyclopedia on the definition of fascism. 

            Fascism, the more it considers and observes the future and the development of humanity quite apart from political considerations of the moment, believes neither in the possibility nor the utility of perpetual peace. It thus repudiates the doctrine of Pacifism — born of a renunciation of the struggle and an act of cowardice in the face of sacrifice. War alone brings up to its highest tension all human energy and puts the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have courage to meet it. All other trials are substitutes, which never really put men into the position where they have to make the great decision — the alternative of life or death….

    • H Car

      I thought there were filters on this site.

      It is sad that the author and the respondents did not understand what the POTUS said. His point was that without roads to deliver goods entrepreneurs would not succeed. The internet was possible through government sponsored developments.

      The president is a GOOD AMERICAN, why do those posting just call him names like Nazi, Communist, not American. His affiliations with a rich Jewish philanthropist and others do not define him. Would you find him having a social event at a shrine to Hitler, Republicans did and that must be alright to those on this site.

      • wannahug

        Some Americans still don’t get it! God help you that don’t, for if we lose this election in November to get an idiot out of the WH – GOD forbid!

      • slapjack

        Are you for real or just another stupid moron being led to the slaughter.????? This Potus has no clue about anything in general. He’s hell bent on destroying the greatest nation on earth and worried he’s being misunderstood. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and you need to wise up quickly. I have no use for this POTUS and this is the nicest thing I can type aout him. He is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://PersonalLiberty Perfectlyaged

        H Car….You are as blinded as Obama! You said without the roads the entrepreneurs could not deliver their goods….without the entrepreneurs delivering their goods there would be no need for roads. I personally know a very bright young man and he started his own business in the basement of his family’s home. He financed his own project (started a step at a time) and his business grew and grew and he marketed his own product! The Government had not one thing to do with this young man’s success in building a very profitable “self made business”….so, take that H Car and Obama!!!!
        And you say Obama is a good American. You need to read about “The Down Low Club” and “Man’s Country”….also read the article on the internet titled “The Ulsterman Report: Sex and Murder in the Land of Obama.” You will see the caliber of man you have in the White House.

      • Bobby

        You are correct, but the people who think only with hate will not ever admit anything Obama says is true. I owned a small business for 20 years, and it’s absolutely true that without the services provided by government I could not have survived. Roads to bring me goods and customers, a peaceful country so people didn’t have to worry about car bombs if they came to shop with me, the backbone of the Internet so I could communicate with suppliers, all built by the government and all beyond the possible reach of any business to have done on their own.

        When you can’t even accept a president speaking the truth, then you only open yourself up for the ones who’ll decide, “OK, all they want to hear is lies to make them feel warm and fuzzy.”

        That’s why the far right offers up lies like “Death panels” and “the government is going to kick in your door and take your guns!”; they know those who think only from fear to hate will believe anything that validates their childish fears.

        Look at the e-mails that bring you here; they start off with “Obama the socialist/communist/atheist/Muslim/alien is going to destroy America…. better buy some gold quick from our proud sponsors!”

        If you can’t recognize a con game designed to frighten you into hoarding gold rather than tell you the truth, you deserve to sit trembling in your bunker with your guns, cans of pork-and-beans, and small stash of gold waiting for the big one.

      • Joey Biden

        Obama,a good American?????? I’m laughing so hard snot came out of my nose.

      • Power To The People

        Really….a Good American. Either you are blind, drunk, drugged or brain washed. This guy and his crowd of Chicago thugs have sped up the decline of our nation.

        He has lied to the bulk of the citizens that he is looking out for their interests while he pads his pocket and the pocket of his handlers all the while rushing us into the NWO.

      • Rob

        Obama’s actions as-well-as his words are what defines him. As soon as he got into office, his first goal was to socialize medicine, classic Marxism. It was Marx who said that the government take-over of medicine is, “the key stone in the arch of socialism.” and that once the government controls health care, that “everything else will follow, like night follows day.” This is exactly the ideology that Obama has followed, making him a Communist, including his remarks that entepenuers did not build their own business.

      • Kate8

        Rob – No, the firsth thing he did was nationalize the banks, and then the auto industry. He eliminated all car dealers who hadn’t supported him…meaning those owned by conservatives.

        Bailing out the banks was just a ruse to allow the banks to completely takeover. The government does not run the banks, the banks run the government, and the big banks are swallowing up all of the independent banks in order to collapse the whole thing.

        The bank collapse is just more show… there isn’t any real money. It’s for the sole purpose of destroying sovereign nations, causing mass misery, confiscating all property and emerging as the NWO, the great behemoth to which we all will be required to submit.

        That is, those of us who are allowed to survive.

        Unless… we get busy.

      • DaveH

        H Car says — “The president is a GOOD AMERICAN”.
        Good Americans don’t help themselves to other peoples’ money, H Car.

      • DaveH

        Don’ confuse Good Americans, H Car, with the Society of Criminals:

      • Donald R. Megerle

        Wow…you are clueless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kerry

        Yes, Obama told us in advance what he planned to do to America. Few were listening or they totally misunderstood at the time, but now we know.

        The following is a narrative taken from a 2008 Sunday morning televised “Meet The Press.”

        From Sunday’s 07 Sept. 2008, 11:48:04 EST, Televised “Meet the Press” the then Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag.

        General Bill Ginn, USAF (ret.), asked Obama to explain WHY he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.

        The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171…

        During rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention, facing the flag, with the right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, “Stand and Face It”.

        NOW GET THIS !!

        ‘Senator’ Obama replied, “As I’ve said about the flag pin, I DON’T WANT TO BE PERCEIVED AS TAKING SIDES…” “There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression…” “The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air, and all that sort of thing.”


        Obama continued, “The National Anthem should be ‘swapped’ for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing.’ If that were our anthem, THEN I MIGHT SALUTE IT. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as REDESIGN our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It’s my intention, if elected, to DISARM AMERICA TO THE LEVEL OF ACCEPTANCE TO OUR MIDDLE EAST BRETHREN. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails, perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments.”

        (Islam, where PEACE prevails???)

        “When I become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice, which is WHY MY WIFE DISRESPECTS THE FLAG, and SHE AND I HAVE ATTENDED SEVERAL FLAG BURNING CEREMONIES IN THE PAST.”

        “Of course now, I have found myself about to become the President of the United States and NOW I HAVE TO PUT MY HATRED ASIDE. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a NEW PATH. My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country’s First black Family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to OVERWHELM the United States of America.”

        WHAAAAAAAT is that??? Yes, you read it right. I, for one, am speechless!!!


        “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”
        – Abraham Lincoln

        “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” George Washington, President of the United States

      • Vicki

        Bobby says:
        “…..and it’s absolutely true that without the services provided by government I could not have survived. Roads to bring me goods and customers…”

        Roads don’t bring you goods and customers, Advertizing does. Customers were coming to business long before roads were anything other than a path. Even the old saying “build a better mousetrap” explains this. Roads were built by people because it improved the efficency of getting goods and customers together. Government took over building roads claiming to do it better. I offer Cal-trans as the example where (as the joke goes) one person shovels asphalt while 4 supervise.

        We could even build our own roads. I lived in the woods for a while. No government roads there. Every year we got together and built or repaired any part of the road needed. On my property I built and maintained my own road.

        Bobby: “…a peaceful country so people didn’t have to worry about car bombs if they came to shop with me…”

        Government can’t give you that. If it could you would not see the violence in the middle east. A well regulated militia, being necessary to a free state, the RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms along with an abiding faith in providence (God if you prefer) gave us peace. Just ask the folk who attacked Pearl Harbor and why they didn’t keep coming to the western shores of the US. (behind every blade of grass…)

        Bobby: “…the backbone of the Internet so I could communicate with suppliers…” interesting that there is no government installation listed. Secret society hidden in there? The CIA is rumored to have “front” companies like Air-America. :)

        Bobby: “all built by the government and all beyond the possible reach of any business to have done on their own.”

        Clearly not. Especially in the internet case. In fact the governments now getting desperate attempts to control the net are adequate proof. Unless you are thinking of government as Dr. Frankenstein instead of Frankenstein.

        Lets for a moment take a closer look at who invented the net
        As you can see the government DID have a hand in it but the internet came from the successful commercialization of a concept that was being implemented, like many inventions, more or less simultaneously. (see alohanet, packet radio, BBS and others)
        What you really notice about the internet is how it was born and grew by the co-operative enlightened self interest of all the individuals who were involved. Doing what Americans do best. Working together innovating new products to sell to customers or just for fun.

        Bobby: “That’s why the far right offers up lies like “Death panels” and “the government is going to kick in your door and take your guns!”; they know those who think only from fear to hate will believe anything that validates their childish fears.”

        Childish fears like these?

        Death Panels?

        You may not want to call them death panels but since they are making decisions based on cost and not effectiveness of treatment they are what they are.

      • Art

        Jeez buddy wake up and smell the roses. This guy is going to bring down this country with his health care and the budget. read the health care bill you won’t believe what’s in it

      • Jimmy The Greek

        ROADS ! well i know a little about roads I have been in trucking all my life , I own a small trucking co and still drive one of the rigs , WE all Pay For the Roads every time you put gas in your car or diesel in a truck , Did you know that the federal government’s tax on a gallon of fuel is more than the oil company makes in prophet off that gallon , then along comes the state and they to tax the same gallon , there cut to is more than what the big bad oil company makes . And the sad part is they don’t even help produce it . Then every 18 wheeler on the road pays a HUT tax ( heavy use tax ) that is $550.00 per year per truck . When we buy a new truck we pay state sales tax , then the feds get us for a 15% excise tax , FYI a new tractor cost over $100,000.00 All the zog government ever did for me is rob me and give me a bad time with over regulation and the police and cities think trucks are ATMs for money .

      • JUKEBOX

        What about Obama giving a major speech at the Brandenburg Gate, which was one of Hitler’s favorite speech platforms.

      • phideaux

        Jimmy the Greek you are bragging about all the taxes you pay. If you trippled all those taxes they would ALMOST pay for the wear and tear your rigs put on the highway.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Sharon Taylor

        A “GOOD” American? Are you insane? Everything Obama says and does demonstrates exactly how much he hates this country. If he is a “GOOD” American, I’d like to see what a truly reprehensible American is like. Step back from the Kool-aid!!!!!

      • John

        Our current president is a muslim, born and bred. He said so himself many times. Everyone in this country needs to grasp the fact that the only thing government produces, is cost. Either in money, power, or human lives. No government has ever produced it’s own taxes, or it’s own products to sell to earn money, it has only stolen from it’s own citizens., and caused the death of people everywhere. Anyone care to try and disprove this, good luck.

      • Reaper

        I was an anti-terrorist operative in Iraq/Afganistan. The tactics used by BO’s team have been used in almost all of the terrorist/facists’ gamebooks. Some are based on communist doctrine but are all propogandist in nature. You are a victim of propoganda and unless you and others mis-led by the doctrine seek to disprove it yourselves, you will succumb to the lie ,too. “…Many will be mis-led…” -Bible Sharpen the Guillotine

      • Jimmy The Greek

        Paideaux Trucks pay more than what is needed to keep up the highways ! the reason the government says they don’t have enough money is because they keep using the highway money to fund public transportation , crap like bicycle lanes and bull crap like that !

      • Elaine

        I refuse to call him a president. Usurper is the right word for him. Nothing about him is real. Nothing about his honest, nothing about him is true. He is a racist trying to cause racial upheaval and, as Root said, doing everything to destroy this country from withing. This includes the utilities, monetary and financial system, and work ethics that have not yet been destroyed by the welfare system that have been in place for so many decades.

        He hates America and all of our allies, such as Britain and Israel.

        He’s giving our natural resources and money that we don’t have to China and Russia, and socialist countries the world over.

        But I already know that people like you are either part of the NWO or blind to the destruction of our country that they seek.

        If he’s not the anti-Christ, he’s at least paving the way for him. And he is a puppet for some demagog somewhere. Probably a group of them since one person alone probably couldn’t have gotten him a ill-gotten Nobel Peace Prize, which has forever made that award a joke now.

        And then the way he and his wife have taken our taxes to live a lavish, unearned, life-style while the hypocrite tells us we need to sacrifice for future generations?!!!!

        BHO (who knows what his name really is) a good American?!!! Never!!!!!

      • phideaux

        Jimmy I know what I am talking about for I worked for the highway department. I have witnessed first hand what big rigs do to the highways.

      • Jibbs
      • Jibbs

        phideaux says:
        July 22, 2012 at 12:47 am
        Jimmy I know what I am talking about for I worked for the highway department. I have witnessed first hand what big rigs do to the highways.


        Thats great that you worked for the highway dept.,

        Our company pays over 10K per trailer in taxes, over 12K per trailer lic. plate, plus the IFTA fuel tax and milage tax. And don’t forget the income tax on the company itself.
        The tractor lic. plate is about 8 to 10K. What about the fines we get at the weigh stations for not having our engine steam cleaned and sparkling.

        So tell me phideaux, what are they doing with all the tax money?
        Working for theway dept. doe’s not make you a wizard!

      • phideaux

        Jibbs you have listed approx. 30,000 in taxes and lic, each truck pays. That is a very small drop in the bucket to what kind of damage each one does to the highways. Even after you add in fuel taxes and fines you still do not come close to covering the damage you do to the highways.

    • Roy james

      Mr Root is misrepresenting what the president said. He did not say businesses owe their success to the government. He said we all stand on the shoulder of those before us. Translated no one get to where they are without the help of someone else, This implied that unless, you live in a vacuum and reinvented every tool and amenities you utilized to get there you benefit from your forerunner.The internet, library, public and private school, the teachers, highway, the electricity, mass transit and the people who work for you.Every thing I listed exist because of government investment. We the people are the government, we pay the tax and elect the people to represent us . That is what distinguish the USA from a third world country take your kid and drop him off in Somalia or Afghanistan and watch is talent and self motivation achieve the level of success you have here in the US. It wont happen because he wont have the help Obama is talking about or the infrastructure or institution in place. People like you close the door once you walk through and care little for the country and others beside your self.

      • Lori

        Thank you Roy james! Someone smart here at last! Anyone who thinks they are an island is not realistic. Everyone in this country benefits from the help of the government. I herd a guy say not only do I use the internet, roads and hire employees who used government grants to get their education, I don’t miss polio or smallpox either! But like Obama said, people who are successful like to say its because I am better or smarter than everyone else. They are egotistical idiots who like to brag about themselves and put everyone else down.

      • DaveH

        Roy says — “He said we all stand on the shoulder of those before us”.
        Don’t you mean, Roy, that certain parasites among us think they are entitled to ride on the shoulders of others?

      • DaveH

        Again Lori, I ask if we can not succeed without the valuable help of Government, then why do they need our money? Why can’t they create their own wealth with their valuable capabilities? And why do they need to Force them on us? If their services were indeed valuable, wouldn’t people willingly subscribe to them?

      • Vicki

        Lori says:
        “Thank you Roy james! Someone smart here at last! Anyone who thinks they are an island is not realistic. Everyone in this country benefits from the help of the government.”

        Though it is true that many benefit from the innovations of the past it is NOT true that government helps when it steps outside of its bounds. A little government is a necessary requirement. Big government is an un-necessary evil. For proof I offer the entire history of man.

        • Lori

          Vicki, government gets bigger every time someone wants to ban animals they consider evil or make laws that stop gay people from adopting children (just two examples out to millions). The more man complains and sues, the bigger government gets! Whose fault is that? People are never happy and no one here will ever really agree on HOW MUCH the government should get involved in our lives. It doesn’t matter if it is at federal, state or local government level, when you demand that your neighbors fence should be 8 feet off your property line it sets a precidence that becomes bigger and bigger throughout the government levels. But the same people who create government involvement in our lives will complain there is too much of it.

      • DaveH

        Lori says — “the same people who create government involvement in our lives will complain there is too much of it”.
        I’m sure that does apply to some people, Lori, but you are making an unfounded statement to generalize like that.
        There is little that the Government does for us that we couldn’t have bought more cheaply from Private Enterprise (if we were allowed). Why do those of you, who think Big Government is desirable, Force it on the rest of us?
        Private Enterprise can only dream of forcing it’s products on people, and even though they can’t the Liberals will still vilify them. Yet, they remain strangely silent when the Government forces it products on the citizens.

        • Lori

          DaveH, I hate the government involved so much in our lives….my point was because people cannot and will not find a solution on their own, they turn to the government with their whining and want them to create laws and ordinances that affect us all. Then those same whiney people say the government is too involved in our lives… that was my point the people creating the problem for all of us are the ones that use the government to solve their problems and force it on us the most! I hate seeing that crap in the news!

      • Vicki

        So Lori. Now that you have apparently taken both sides are you for or against government. If for are you for larger more intrusive or smaller and less intrusive government.

        I know that deerinwater hates labels but if you have a label that you think reasonably matches all of the likely questions we might have about your beliefs, feel free to share rather than having to answer a lot of questions.

        The political label that seems to be most closely mine is “Constitutional Conservative” or “Libertarian”. In fact on the diamond test I am 100% libertarian.

      • John

        I guess you are one of the ones who are afraid of work. Each individual has what is needed to succeed. How that person uses what they need is their choice. If I wanted to be subservient to a group, I would have planned to ask. Many people have worked hard, and made the tough choices to succeed to their level of success. For me, my success was outliving the enemies who tried to overcome my choices. Can you explain how they helped my success??

    • Dick

      I know now why it’s said we’re twenty six in the world when it comes to our level of education. This site is under the demented mind of Russ Limbaugh. an extremely sad excuse for an American. You’re all a disgrace to this nation and what we stand for and represent. If nothing else, I at least have an open mind, have and will continue to accept the cards I’m dealt. Get a grip, get a life and try to pull yourself from the gutter. Remember, “Hate is not a family value”.

      • Vicki

        Dick. You are an excellent example of the state of education in America (assuming that you were educated here). Right down to your ad-hominem debate style. Well Done.

      • DaveH

        Au Contraire, Dick. Your mind is closed like a steel trap. How fortunate it is for Leaders to have sheeple like yourself.

        • Lori

          I am not really sure what all you Obama hater’s are thinking you will get with Romney? Romney is BIG BUSINESS and will roll the poor and middle class under the bus until we live in the streets and eat garbage! Romney has made it quite clear that he doesn’t care for poor people and seems to have no interest in helping middle class citizens. Everyone has to pick who they think is the lesser of the evils or not vote at all. Romney hopes none of us middle class or poor people vote at all! We cannot win we have been the sheep for too long and now it is expected!

      • Vicki

        Lori gives another example of a fine education by writing:
        “I am not really sure what all you Obama hater’s are thinking you will get with Romney? Romney is BIG BUSINESS and will roll the poor and middle class under the bus until we live in the streets and eat garbage! ”

        Ummm. Since big business got big by bringing products to customers that they wanted to buy how exactly will big business survive if they do as you claim and roll their biggest market under some bus?

      • DaveH

        What gave you the idea we like Romney?

      • L W

        Dick- Your post reminds me of something I read once, especially when you brag about having an open mind. The definition of a liberal: “Someone so open-minded that their brains have fallen out.”

    • Pete Sagi

      Obama is a communist, true enough, but, Wayne Allyn Root might as well be. If not a communist at least a card carrying socialist, in that has and uses a socialist slavestate number. He spent a good amount of time on his rant talking about how he and/or his businesses are robbed blind by the govt. via income tax. That tells me that Wayne simply doesn’t understand how the tax works. Wayne is doing it to himself thru lack of knowledge.

      Wayne, it’s like this … the tax is, according to the US Supreme Court, a tax on privilege. It is only MEASURED by income. Here is the analogy … you and I are out on a frozen lake circa 1700 or thereabouts (before any nonsensical rules/regs that would get in the way of the simplicity of what I am trying to present here.) We build shacks, cut ice holes, and fish. You catch and keep as many fish as you like BY RIGHT, since it is your shack and fishing hole. But let us say that I am not as handy as you in building a shack or cutting a hole in the ice. I ask permission from you to fish in your shack out of your fishing hole. If you say yes, then I am fishing by PRIVILEGE. You could say yes but that you will tax the fish … you keep every 4th one that I catch, for instance. The tax is not a property tax on fish because I could always build my own shack/cut my own hole in the ice and keep ALL the fish I catch … the tax is on the privilege of fishing out of your shack/fishing hole, and it is only MEASURED by the fish I catch FROM your fishing hole. IT IS THAT SIMPLE, but, what most folks, apparently you as well, fail to ask is “what am I doing to fish out of the federal fishing hole?” For most folk, the answer is “EMPLOYMENT,” as per the legal definition.

      Mere hire would be an agreement between two parties. For instance, you hire your next door neighbor to drywall your garage for 800 dollars plus material costs. If you are a taxpayer yourself, you might be able to expense that out. YOU DO NOT NEED A TAXPAYER ID NUMBER FROM YOUR NEIGHBOR TO DO SO, you may use the category of “miscelanious” on your tax return. If a corporation hired this fellow to drywall an office, they also need not obtain a taxpayer ID from him, they could expense out his labor under “other” on their corporate return. NO LAW WAS BROKEN IN EITHER INSTANCE.

      ON THE OTHER HAND … suppose that rather than merely hiring this fellow to do some drywall, they “employ” him. In effect, they are going thru the federal govt. as if it was a temp agency, and pay for that privilege via payroll tax. I agree to the all the rules regarding hiring one of “theirs” including maternity leave, minimum wage, overtime regs, equal opportunity “employment,” OSHA regs, etc. I also collect from my “employee” so he can pay into a federal pension plan (of dubious value) known as “Social Security.” I must therefore obtain an SSN from him and withhold taxes. My “employee” incurs liability for FICA, medicare tax, federal state and local income taxes, and Obamacare. ALL OF THAT TIES INTO SSN USE, TOTALLY VOLUNTARY BY LAW. The Social Security Administration will readily admit that in writing, write them and ask, ssa dot gov. The IRS readily admits that form W-4 is a “voluntary withholding agreement.” You should find that on their website.

      But Wayne, if you are like most business owners, you listened to lawyers and accountants who also never studied the issue, and you dutifully force everybody working for your company into SSN use on the job. You became a defacto enforcer for the IRS, which CAN’T force anyone into SSN use … they relied upon your ignorance and fear to do it by policy. You were both ignorant and careless in that you assumed the common definitions of words rather than looking at the codes for yourself and using the definitions of legal terms contained therein. In doing so, you functioned as if you were “Agent Smith” forcing everyone you hired into “the system,” which, when we are dealing with the income tax, is almost a 1 for 1 analogy to “The Matrix.” The IRS functions merely as the mindless search and destroy robots, aka “the squiddies” but it is corporate Amerika, operating off of ignorance and fear, forcing everyone into SSN use, that is “Agent Smith.”

      FURTHERMORE … it isn’t just “employment.” Corporate entities such as LLC’s can be used as buffers to provide taxpayer ID numbers to businesses that insist upon one (generally where none is required by law, the entire system works on ignorance and fear) and in doing so, will allow someone to be remunerated as a NON taxpayer, no personal taxpayer ID, while the corporate entity, which will file, need not show a profit or perhaps show the absolute minimum profit required to keep the entity alive legally.

      Wayne, sorry to be so harsh with you here, but you really have been doing it to yourself. I am just hoping you will take a look for yourself. A great place to start is the Dave Champion book, “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” just google Dave Champion and you will find how to order. To read that book is to take the red pill.


    • Dan az

      Hi everyone!Yep still kicking.I don’t post much anywhere anymore, but I thought this was one of the best things that explains everything that is going on in the economy and why know one is doing anything about it.This explains it perfectly.Kate my computer went down and I have a new one but don’t have your email anymore,email me and I’ll let you know what has been going on.

      • Dan az
      • Dan az
      • Kate8

        Holy cow, Dan az! I can’t believe it’s you!

        This video is devastating. I’ve been hearing similar talk from a few others, and I have no doubt that it’s true. What of those of us who don’t have investment capital lying around?

        Not only that, but the Chinese already own a good percentage of America, and intend to own it all.

        How does this bode for the future we we Americans? We are already becoming the minority in our own country… And when Americans become hungry, cold and sick enough, we’ll beg for the PTB to save us with the NWO?

        That’s their plan, anyway. Are we going to allow this to happen? Do we have another choice?

      • JeffH

        Dan az, :) ! Good to see you’re alive and well! Welcome back!

      • Kate8

        JeffH, Dan az – Well, it came out today the real reason why no court has ruled that we the people can open Obama’s sealed records:

        It seems that his first EO was to seal his own records. That is why the courts will NOT HEAR THE CASE. Or, if they do, they drop it when they learn of the EO.

        Link to actual document at bottom of article.

        What a piece of work. How does even a POTUS have the authority to seal evidence of his own crimes and fraud? This is an outrage. For every crime he either EOs his way out, or claims Executive Privilege.

        If he isn’t The Antichrist, he sure is a close facsimile.

      • DaveH

        Yet, close to half the population supports him, Kate. It shows just how low the morality of Americans has sunk.

      • Kate8

        DaveH – So they say. That would be the clueless half.

        It’s such a shame that we have so many who fall for the lies and the glitz and don’t have the intelligence or discernment to see what’s behind it, nor do they want to find out.

        It also amazes me the so many have no idea that we are so close to losing it all.

    • Ken


      “The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences in those two so-called ideologies [marxism/fascism, socialism, capitalism, etc.] to enable them [the Illuminati] to divide larger and larger portions of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other.”

      Myron Fagan

      The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of the old people, these are the belated objectives … for charting the changes of human behavior.


      “… in politics nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured it was
      planned this way”

      - Franklin D. Roosevelt – (32 Degree Freemason)

      “Today, I say that no nation in the world need be left out of the global system we are constructing.”

      - Madeleine Albright -

      Directed to the 23 Supreme Councils of the Illuminati 4 June 1889:

      “To you, Sovereign Instructors of Grade 33, we tell you: you have to repeat
      to the brothers of inferior grades that we worship only one God to whom we
      pray without superstition. It is we, Initiated in the Supreme Grade, that are to keep the real Masonic religion preserving pure the Lucifer doctrine”

      - Albert Pike – (Illuminati, founder of the Ku Klux Klan)

      We shall unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effects of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will be from that moment without compass, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

      Illustrious Albert Pike 33°
      Letter 15 August 1871
      Addressed to Grand Master Guiseppie Mazzini 33°
      Archives British Museum
      London, England

      You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons…and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him…It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations.

      Handbook of Masonry, page 183

      “When nations get disappointed on their governments, the population will start
      to clamor for a singular Government that can bring peace and harmony. This will be the moment to enthrone our sovereign”

      - Member of the Illuminati -

    • Thomas Jackson

      you could not tell thatwas a lie!! I could, his lips were moving.

    • Marine

      Are you really this dumb

  • dalene44

    It’s interesting that obama/soetoro went with obama as the name for his political career.
    It’s clear he has contempt for individual freedoms and accomplishments. Perhaps because he’s so been dependent on wealthy elites to prop him up.

    • revnowwhilewecan

      It’s part of the elitist’s sick joke. Let’s kill some American’s, blame it on Muslims, get a dark skinned puppet, give him a Muslim name and put him as leader of the “free” world. These people are truly psychotic.

  • Bruce Majors

    Help me campaign against Obama supporter and 11 term incumbent Eleanor Holmes Norton

    • DaveH

      Tell us about yourself, Bruce.

  • braindeadUS

    He is a marxist he is following the communist manafesto word by word.

  • clay

    obama is an ignorant fool

    • DaveH

      A liar and a thief but certainly no fool. Look what he’s done to the country in just a short time while we whistle Dixie.

  • Dwight Mann

    FBO and his communist agenda. . .
    Well said Wayne Allen Root!
    Do you remember ever seeing Øbama at Columbia?
    No one else does, at least not that I remember hearing about. . .

  • Dave

    Obummer is a narcissistic, arrogant, liar in chief, muslim who hates the U.S. and goal is to tear this country to pieces.

    • Warrior

      The word vile comes to mind first and foremost when I see the likes of these progressive thiefs.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      Then unite and Impeach the punk!

    • DaveH

      I think he’s just another in a long line of Presidents who’ve been recruited by the monied special interests to further their politically ill-gotten wealth and power. Read this book to learn how they’ve been gaming us and growing their power and wealth, with help from the Politicians, since the beginnings of this country:

      • Kate8

        DaveH – True, but he is the first to shove his arrogance and crimes in our face and then dare us to try to stop him.

        I have never known of another president who so openly mocks the American people, showing his utter contempt and disdain for us. He really does think we are stupid… And, those of us who aren’t falling for his act, …he’s just picking us off one at at time.

      • DaveH

        Unfortunately he’s right, Kate, about nearly half of the population. I think it’s going to get worse.




    • Chuck

      If I understood correctly, people who started businesses didn’t earn it and it was handed to them and they should be taxed in order to take away their ill gotten gains they did not actually earn. Now can someone explain to me how welfare folks don’t fall into that same definition???? What have they ‘earned’?

      • californiasailor


        I believe that the only thing they have earned is the blessing of being born within the limits of the USA. They are lazy at best and that is one of the reasons why Stalin used to call people like them, “Useful Idiots”. Our nation is packed with them.

      • Kate8

        Chuck – That is a very good point.

        Even Obama is an affirmative action president. He’s been dependent on the system his whole life.

  • David

    So many of these comments, just like the article, is a load of crap. The name calling and labeling is the hallmark of the right. Doesn’t make it right or legitimate, but doesn’t stop anyone.
    To clarify, 2/3 of the economy is driven by consumer spending, which means you and I are the ‘job’ creators’, not the big players or the government.

    • Flashy

      Dave, you expected anyone to have listened or read his words in the context made? you think they’d agree with the simplest concept that President Obama spoke about? Ain’t gonna happen. Hate, Fear, Anger…the TP Trilogy. They’re either ignorant and purposely uninformed, or they have no care other than driving their anti-American agenda.

      They will proclaim themselves “patriots”, avoiding the actual question which is “patriots” for whom? They’ll denigrate anyone who is for America, labelling those pro Ameicans “commies”, socialists’ etc… and they will studiously avoid facts and application of reality.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        who is they???

      • Flashy

        Bob…those referenced by Dave’s comments. Someone forgot to lock up the asylum last night from the reads this morning

      • Wyatt

        Yes we noticed that the asylum was left unlocked Flasher , after all , you’re here .

      • DaveH

        And Flashman and his multiple personalities are doing their best to continue the misinformation and the fabricated facts that are the Hallmark of devious Progressives.
        Ask me to prove, Flashman, that you have multiple personalities and that you are devious.

      • Power To The People

        What did you you just say??? They…who is they? Nice try Flashman…no stick.

      • the big easy

        @-flusher———-COMRADE————–You talk about being an American,your flea-infested flea-bagger what’s in charge in the white house is from the very start NOT doing the job he was SWORN-IN to do,like UPHOLD the CONSTITUTION,PROTECT the AMERICAN CITIZENS from ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS from crossing into our country. Every thing that the flea-bagger has done ,has been behind closed doors,without ANY from the Republican side. The flea-bagger has STOLEN the AMERICAN CITIZEN TAX PAYERS MONIES,given it to the likes of the car co.,solar panel co.,banks,wall st.,insurance co.,planned parent–hoods,pubic radio and T.V.,stimulus,son of stimulus,acorn,u.a.w., teachers unions, etc.,etc.. his attorney general has sent SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF HIGH POWERED AUTOMATIC WEAPONS to the mesican drug cartel,so as to get several of our Border Agents MURDERED so as to get support for GETTING THE SECOND AMENDMENT REMOVED from the CONSTITUTION. And what about the black panthers in Pa., in para-military outfits WITH BILLY-CLUBS in hand,pacing back and forth in front of a VOTER PRECINCT,this is a federal CRIME,and he WILL NOT prosecute them because they are black.And what about the fact that your boy gave away the INTERROGATION TECHNICS —–COMRADE————-You sound like one of those ADULT DIAPER BOYS/GIRLS,that has a very heavily soiled ADULT DIAPER that is ooozing out all over you and your ADULT BED,you need to give a call to your ADULT MOMMIE for a CHANGE,and be sure to have your ADULT MOMMIE wipe ALL that DIAPER DRIBBLE from your mouth.———What a puke——————–

    • Brad

      David you are an idiot. It takes a product for someone to buy and if you produce crap you wont sell crap. The free market works very well. when the Government picks crap as a winner sooner or later the crap becomes a loser just like you, A LOOOSER!!

      • Daveh234

        There is a lot of crap out there that sells.
        Wal Mart sells Chinese crap, used to sell American goods. Greed infiltrated and after the old man died it got worse.
        McDonalds and others sell crappy food, certainly not good for you, and profits hugely from the indoctrination of the public to their flavor not because of healthy ingredients.
        That still exemplifies the “free market” society and if you want to support them more power to you. Good luck with that.
        I am not going to stop you.

      • Vicki

        Daveh234 says:
        “There is a lot of crap out there that sells.”

        It may be crap to you but it sells. Even after multiple “warnings”. In business the customer is the ultimate decider of what is worth buying and what isn’t.

        Our objections to government is manyfold but it’s tendency to produce crap and force us to use it is really high on that list. Just consider the simple post office. UPS and FedEx did a much better job and were / are private companies. Email came along and USPS found itself on the endangered species list. Being a government agency it was too big to fail but I will grant that it did respond to the competition and became noticeably better when it’s primary income was no longer mail.

        Guess that shows even government understands that the customer is the ultimate decider of what is worth.

      • DaveH

        No Dave234,
        it does not still exemplify Free Markets. The companies are still bound by myriad regulations that make it impossible to operate freely. Their productivity is decreased, so we pay higher prices for their products. And on top of that, we have to pay the salaries of the meddlesome bureaucrats who lower their productivity and thus raise their prices.
        So Dave234, why don’t you quit using Government as your bully boys to take our money and force your ways on us?

      • Daveh234

        DaveH doesn’t know how to read.
        The quotes used around “free MArket” mean the supposed or what is considered free market. The free market is not “free” because of other things like regulations and competitive advantages that are in place.

      • vicki

        Daveh234 says:
        “DaveH doesn’t know how to read.
        The quotes used around “free MArket” mean the supposed or what is considered free market. The free market is not “free” because of other things like regulations and competitive advantages that are in place.”

        Daveh234 doesn’t know how to write. Quotes around single words and short common phrases indicate that the reader needs to consider the source, common knowledge and pay close attention to the context. Your context quite clearly said that you were objecting to the free part of “free markets” that allowed MacD to sell stuff you considered “crap”.

  • Paul Wells

    I think we pretty much agree that Obama (not small business) is the root of all evil! Here’s what you can do. There is a pending lawsuit in the state of Ohio requesting for Obama’s name to be removed from the November ballot for social security fraud. Susan Daniels, a private investigator who has great success in sniffing out fraudulent use of social security numbers has determined that the one Obama uses was issued in spring of 1977. All it would really require is for other states to follow suit, and if indeed this scoundrel-in-chief is guilty, he most certainly should be removed from the ballot (and MORE!!!). Read about it here:

    • Power To The People

      Not going to happen. The powers in charge are too ingrained across the nation for this to work. Plus, can you imagine what will happen in this country is this Fake-in-Cheif artist is really exposed?

      • Vicki

        And what would that be?

    • Mike in MI

      Thanks, Paul -
      My state Rep. has got the info.
      To your detractor above, stating it’ll never happen: They almost took obamacare down. This is more clear-cut and will focus more light into obama’s dark corners of his life. If this action disqualifies him everything he’s done is kaput – null and void…including his damnable list of Executive Orders. Then we can get at all his dirt.

  • jerome ennis

    Romney should have this guy as his official spokesman and speech writer, because he has Obama Nailed to a TEE. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others of their Socialist/Marxist Ilk are purposely Destroying the USA economy and the Work Ethic of the Poor and they are doing it all Because of Their Own Lust For Power and Prestige, even if it means Destroying the United States of America. Vote NO to Obama in 2012. Vote Yes for America To Survive, which it will not do if Obama and His Minions are re-elected.

    • DaveH

      America is already doomed. Too many people have fallen for the two-party paradigm which is really just one party — The Party of Big Government which promotes the welfare of themselves and their Crony Capitalists at the rest of our expense.
      We can only escape the trap if we awake to that reality and take the bitter medicine of NOT voting for the lesser of two evils that the PTBs present to us.
      There is still one generation left that has experienced a modicum of Freedom that they can talk about and awake the rest of us. After that we will have a majority of brainwashed people who don’t have the slightest clue what Freedom is like.
      I think our odds of getting back Freedom are much lower than 50/50. Too many people who think like Jerome. I think I see some smirking Crony Capitalists.

      • Shari

        How is not voting for the lesser of two evils going to help us win over the greater of two evils. This does not mean I believe Mitt Romney to be evil, I do not. I just don’t understand how in theory or principle this idea pans out in the end. How will this country survive 4 more years of what will be an unrestrained Obama?

      • DaveH

        The Big Government framework, that has enabled an Obama, was put in place by members of both Political Parties. They both march to the tune of Political Entrepreneurs (as opposed to Market Entrepreneurs) who fund their campaigns. As long as we continue to swallow the pablum and rubber-stamp those candidates who have been served up to us, we will continue to see further concentration of our wealth and power into the hands of the few who are politically connected, until we no longer have Freedom or Wealth.
        If you truly are concerned with where our country is going, then you need to quit enabling the Big Government Growthers by rubber-stamping their bought-and-paid-for candidates with your vote. Neither Obama nor Romney are going to shrink our Government and give us back our Freedom. They both serve themselves and their Crony Capitalist handlers.
        For Limited Government, Free Markets, Personal Responsibility, Individual Freedom, and the PEACE that comes with Small Government — Vote Libertarian!

      • DaveH

        The Big Government framework, that has enabled an Obama, was put in place by members of both Political Parties. They both march to the tune of Political Entrepreneurs (as opposed to Market Entrepreneurs) who fund their campaigns. As long as we continue to swallow the pablum and rubber-stamp those candidates who have been served up to us, we will continue to see further concentration of our wealth and power into the hands of the few who are politically connected, until we no longer have Freedom or Wealth.
        If you truly are concerned with where our country is going, then you need to quit enabling the Big Government Growthers by rubber-stamping their bought-and-paid-for candidates with your vote. Neither Obama nor Romney are going to shrink our Government and give us back our Freedom. They both serve themselves and their Crony Capitalist handlers.
        For Limited Government, Free Markets, Personal Responsibility, Individual Freedom, and the PEACE that comes with Small Government — Vote Libertarian!

    • Daveh234

      When John Boehner said he was going to work to make the president fail I gave up on the Republicans. That seems much more un-Amereican than anything else that has happened. Everything was filibustered and shot down. Lots of good legislation with bipartisan support was shot down so nothing could work.
      Thank the Republicans for that!
      Not Conservatives, Republican power mongers have done so much to damage this country and since Obama was in office it must be his fault. The conceit started on the right side of the aisle.

      • DaveH

        So if somebody is doing things to you that you don’t like, it’s not okay to say no?
        It’s quite a Fairy Tale world that you Liberals live in, isn’t it?
        On top of that, Boehner is a Liberal (just Republican). His lips might be saying no, but his mind is saying yes.

      • Marlene

        In Nov., 2010, Obama ordered his party members to NOT co-operate with anything the Republican Congress did or proposed. Since that time, especially, Reid has tabled every bill put on his desk by the Congress. That’s pretty indicative of a totally partisan attitude of unco-operation on the part of the Democrats, wouldn’t you say? Had he held any kind of bi-partisan attitude, we wouldn’t be nearly 4 years without a budget to guide spending and our credit rating would not have been lowered. Under those circumstances, I’d say Boehner has every reason to not want Obama to succeed at even wiping his own nose, or lower areas. I, too, look forward to the Twit-in-Chief to fail at everything – especially his bid for re-election and the further destruction of my country.

      • Daveh234

        Boehner’s statements were pledged before anything was even started. He laid the guntlet and has never let up. He’s the worst of political scum.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    We must not forget that Obummer is not in this alone.He has a support group of communists from long before he got in office that are alive and working hard with him … We are fighting a hard fight to ever gain our country back ..Not only his advisers are commie but how many he has following him , voting for him ,, worshiping him .. All bought with welfare checks and food stamps. not paying taxes, but need you to pay your fair share… Be well aware ,these takers are just as responsible for taking us into communism as that gutpile in the WH …

    • http://yahoo deidra

      Well ‘ gottaplenty you were not goin to help after Bush started this mess! a lot of people never got welfare or food stamps.and you probable don’t have plenty… might have some trying to get more.But GOD will see things through.

  • Chris

    That is not what our president said. What he said was one hand helps the other. I am self-employed and if it was not for the “internet” I could not be. I did not create the internet…but I started my own little business because “somone else did”! I thank the internet creators. And anyone in business would not be successful without another person or entity that help get it moving. Not everyone is stupid and hateful and we can understand and interprete, accurrately and honestly what our President or anyone says. If anyone hates small businesses and this country then lets look to “whom” had control of the Congress for the last 3 years and said “NO” to anything that would move this country along. Oh, yeah, that is the GOP. Cause they do not care who they hurt, they just want everything their way, because they “hate” a Christian Man of white/black ethnicity who wants to balance the playing field, giving the common, everyday American a better chance.

    • Paul Wells

      Chris, congratulations, you are the number one kool-aid drinker if you think for one moment that Obama cares one whit about you. Everything he does is about insuring that you will have to depend on the government for everything! The reason “the adults in the room” or the GOP as you call them keep saying NO, is because they are tired of this Socialist Marxist and all the damage he continues to want to do. Everything he does is about politics, not what is right for our country. It’s DA’s like you that insure he will succeed in his mission to destroy America!

    • Norman F.

      Chris, you must have had your hat on over your eyes and ears not to have seen and heard the truth about the Congress over the last three + years. The Republican led House has passed and sent to the Democrat led Senate 33 bills designed to help the economy and the Democrat led Senate has not taken any of them up – even to reject them. They are holding them off the floor. But, more importantly, the Republican led House has passed a Federal budget every year while the Democrat led Senate has passed none.

      No matter how securely the Democrat led government has led you down the primrose path, you must have noticed the truth. It is time you recognized it.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      Get a real life you moron!

      • Flashy

        Bob…in further response to you question on who i was referencing in my post above…include yourself. Thanx…

    • Patriot

      Chris, first let’s get our facts straight. Obama had major majority of congress his first 2 years and what did he focus on: a Stimilus Bill over $900B/yr that was supposed to create jobs and get the economy back on its’ feet and ObamaCare the largest “tax” on the American people in our history! What do we have to show for this more debt that will collapse our economy, no jobs and a massive tax that will destroy what’s left of the functioning economy.

      Oh btw over the last 1.5 years of the republican house, they have passed over 200 bills but, not 1 has been allowed a vote on in the Demo Senate, so; who is the party of “NO”? Here is an idea, term limits for all get the dead weight out, we converatives, republicans & independants are doing so on the Repub. side, when we are done with them we will start our work on the other. If you cannot see the problem, you are part of the problem! During our revoltuionary histroy almost 45% of the people were for the Crown, I am sure you Chris and other’s like you would be for this tyranny! Geez, wake up people!

      We have 2 choices in Nov. you are either for America or against America, it is truely that simple!

      • DaveH

        The main impetus for the American Revolution was the Mercantilism of the British Leaders. That pales in comparison to the amount of Mercantilism (Crony Capitalism) that is practiced today by both major parties.

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        More on Mercantilism by Murray Rothbard:

      • jdubya

        Dave: Crony Capitalism is what the Democrat supporters do who are in business to steal money from the government ala GE, Heinz, Soros, etc – very few Republican businesses practice it, other than as much as they have to in order to obey the regulations that are forced on them by the leftist run government agencies – ala Koch brothers. Talk about leveling the playing field – what a joke.

      • DaveH

        Actually, the Republican Party was founded on Mercantilism. They called their platform “internal improvements” a buzz-phrase for Funding the Politically Connected Railroads and Canal Developers with Taxpayer Money.

    • jo

      Chris: You have a little problem here. Mr. Obama had the House and the Senate for the first two years of his presidency. All the things he wanted to do could have been accomplished before 2010 when the people decided his ideas had to be stopped and took back the House. The Constitution of the United States put Congress in charge of the purse strings. Congress (the people’s representatives) vote as to whether we spend money or not. The House has voted to cut spending and the Senate led by Mr. Reid will not bring the House bills up for a vote. Why??? Because Mr. Reid is fearful he does not have the votes and Mr. Obama does not want to be backed into the VETO corner because he then would NOT be able to condemn and criticize the Republican House as obstructionists.

      • jdubya

        Thanks, jo, I was going to add some more to mine but our posts overlapped each other and you covered it perfectly. Right on! It is really disturbing to read stuff like Chris wrote because it is so indicative of the lack of knowledge – these people are voters? Gives me chills.

    • jdubya

      The problem with what you said, Chris, is that many people have tried unsuccessfully to start businesses on the internet. Many have failed. The internet being there was not a factor in their failure was it. It might be a factor in their success, but only because they took advantage of a tool at their disposal. Most of the reason that the internet exists has absolutely nothing to do with government. The government did so little that it is almost pathetic – despite the government people with entrepreneurial spirit made and make the internet happen.

      People are successful in business because THEY have an idea, THEY put it into operation, THEY worked late into the night to fulfill their dream. THEY also adapted their technique when things didn’t quite work, THEY had the moxy to realize that they needed some help from someone else, but they also were the ones who made the decision to accept or reject that advice.

      To say that the buyers and the carrier were somehow part of the person’s success is to say that air we breathe is the government’s so praise be to the government from whence all things flow.

      The President is playing class warfare. And if you can’t see what he is up to and how ridiculous it is only tells me that you are one of those who will deserve what happens to you after you vote for him. Level the playing field my hind end, more like string a little bait, see who follows it, slowly reel him in, viola! I’ve got him. You are as bright as that animal if you think your playing field is being leveled.

      Chris, have you been asleep – who had control of the Congress – you have been totally brain washed. The Democrats had and have a 60 vote super majority in the Senate and they had a majority of the House of Representatives for the first two years. I can tell be this fallacious statement that you are a product of this country’s leftist schrools (not a misspelling) of today. The Congress is composed of two entities: The House of Representatives and the Senate and you have no concept of what either of them have been doing the last year and a half or you would know that the Senate run by the Democrats has yet to come up with a budget (a requirement of the Constitution) since Obama was crowned. And when they did produce some bills, they systematically saw to it that the opposition had no part in any of it, going out of their way to produce legislation that everyone knows is unconstitutional except by 5 Supreme Court members, the worst of which had to rewrite the law to make it constitutional – something he promised us he wouldn’t do. During the first two years after Obama’s reign began, the House too was comprised of a majority of Democrats and between the two the Congress got everything through that they wanted to get passed.

      Now God willing and with the awakening of a few sleepy people like yourself, we have a chance to throw the bugger out and wrest control of the Congress from the Democrats so that we can turn this country back to a controlled capitalism rather than a European socialist country.

      Wake up and smell the stench – do you really think the socialists give one moments thought to what you want, no, only as far as to determine what you want to hear so they can get their lies straight.

      • Flashy

        “Most of the reason that the internet exists has absolutely nothing to do with government. The government did so little that it is almost pathetic – despite the government people with entrepreneurial spirit made and make the internet happen. ”

        Other than this one statement being so totally wrong, everything else in your post was incorrect or in error.

        Drive a road, make a phone call, use the PC, watch TV…then ponder how the sciences and widespread usage came about. (example: ever hear of the Rural Electric Administration (REA)? ).

        Go out and ask any business, any owner..ask them what gov’t resources they used to be successful or keep the competition and playing field level, and if they are looking into any state or federal program to utilize to grow…

      • jdubya

        Flashy, I can see that you are in for some very positive debate too. So you can return to your brain-dead sleep as well. Thanks!

      • jdubya

        Correction: in the fifth paragraph of my post above I said ‘…tell be this…’ ; that should have been ‘…tell by this…’ I think that both Flashy and Chris might have needed that little extra ‘help’.

        Does anyone think that perhaps they are paid to place the kind of posts here as they have?

      • DaveH

        Oh Flashy, your name-dropping so impresses me — NOT.
        What next, another sniper story?
        Flashman says — “Drive a road, make a phone call, use the PC, watch TV…then ponder how the sciences and widespread usage came about”.
        Okay, I’ve pondered, and the answer is that they came about by people striving to improve their incomes and wealth, in spite of having to drag around the balls and chains that are Big Government.
        For real life examples of the results of Big Government, Folks, study this report:

      • jdubya

        Most all of those things that Flashy mentioned were not brought to fruition by government, some of them might have actually been thought of in a university setting, but the people who made them work were entrepreneurs who saw a way to provide a service or product that people would buy because they needed it or wanted it.

        The government was helpful in some of them (REA) but even then did not make it happen. If you think that the farm country of America was brought to the cusp of civilization by government, it is clear that you have been taught revisionist history in the schrools of today. Almost all of the homes served by REA were first served by local companies or by 32 v systems. The REA made it possible for some of them to serve farms that they otherwise could not afford to – and that was a plus.

        The TVA for example brought electricity to a huge number of people most of whom had no interest in it. It was a first class boondoggle. In the end I think it was helpful, but many claim that it was more likely kicking and screaming that the people were brought into the civilized world.

        But now so many of these people have this mentality that the deserve to receive from the government. Why should they work when they can make a better living on the dole? You will see that eventually some of these people will be forced to work, but most will not. They can make too much money dealing contraband.

        All of this has happened because we as a people have given up our first love, that of our Creator.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “Drive a road, make a phone call, use the PC, watch TV…”

        It is true the government has facilitated the building of roads and highways however it would have happened anyway as the demand for better roads made it feasable for toll roads to be built. Last I heard the phone companies were private companies not government companies. While it can be agrued that the government provided the impetus for the computer and internet to be created the PC and internet we know today was created by private enterprise not the government. Last I heard the TV networks and stations were privately owned except for PBS.

      • Jay

        Hey, Dave67/Flashy/Pinocchio, shouldn’t you be busy selling Cisco UC/VC/Collaboration equipment to international firms…it sounds very challenging and time consuming. Yet, here you are. In fact, here you always are. What’s wrong, no one on the planet wants to do business with you? Business slow? lol…

    • the big easy

      @-chris————COMRADE————-You should move over to the wonderful china,russia,cuba,iran,pockystan,or any of the other stans,france,greece,etc.,etc.,they are real BIG on helping their people,You would do great there,and you would be doing us a BIG favor.—————What a puke———————–

    • http://yahoo deidra

      Hey’ christ i’ve couldn’t have said that better…..they act like they got rich on they own! so what if people stop messing with those big companys that don’t want too help. and start going more to the small business’ then they won’t make what they were making all these years.we all need to show them how it feels to be kept down.

  • Nottakenyan

    The illegal,lying [racist references removed] I hate America and all it stands for and represents.
    These are two of the biggest racists this country has seen.
    They hate Americans, especially white Americans.

    What does this say about the mentally incompetent that vote for him ??????

    • Joe America

      Obama will win in November, because too,many of our people are dependent on government for their subsistence. Producers are in the minority. Obama has made it clear that he, a modern day Robinhood, will take from the ” rich” to give to the poor. As for Whitey, that race has been oppressed for thousands of years. Why do you think they ended up in a frozen tundra in northern Europe? They were pushed there by people of color . By the way, Caucasians are the minorities of the world. The only true blondes left live in Finland. Of course, if you stand up, because you are white, you will be deamonized as a racist. You cannot be proud of being white, because white is evil. We are the cause of all the world’s evil. Just ask Obama and Reverend J. Wright. Ask Jessie and his son, Jr. Ask Al Sharpton. Ask anyone with black features, no matter how light their skin is, and they’ll be happy to tell you how evil you are. Remember that Obama hates his white mother, as he’s stated in his books.

      • nc

        Joe, I’m white but I am also aware that it mostly whites that owned the slaves in this country, exploited the Asians in the west and midwest and the immigrants in the sweat shops of our eastern cities. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!
        You are just the person I need to answer some questions about the future of America>
        1. The exact date that Obama will call off the November 2012 elections based on the “Conspiracy of 1913″(?)
        2. The exact date that he will become a dictator based on the construction of the FEMA camps?
        3. The exact number of political prisoners in those FEMA camps as of the last day of June
        I don’t need any further information about the second coming! I just saw a Christian Right wingnut uptown with a sign saying it would be the second week in September.
        The only thing exploiting your caucasian body is your paranoid mind!

      • S.C.Murf

        In the beginning there was the house of Juda and the house of David. The house of Juda were the Jews and the house of David were the Whites, that now inhabit the UK, England and the U.S.

      • Joe America

        NC: There’s one thing that black “activist” really hate to talk about, which is the fact that slaves were not being chased around Africa and rounded up by white men. No, instead, the Dutch and English parked their slave ships in the harbors, while black men went out and rounded up other black men and women. The fact is that black on black slavery was and continues to be a fact in Africa. It had been going on for thousands of years, before the white man figured out “Hey, these Africans live and survive in a hot climate. We can use them for slaves, instead of Native Americans, who aren’t working out so well.” So, the slavery of black men, by white men, all began with black men, who, by the way, made allot of money selling their black brothers to whitey. It’s a fact that, out of 20,000,000 blacks brought to the New World, only 5,000,000 were brought to the USA. The rest were purchased by Spanish and Hispanics, as slaves throughout the islands and Central and South America. Another fact is that slavery was slowly dying, as a practice, in America, before the “Civil War.” There was no reason for the Civil War, or for the North to rail against the Southern states, because of slavery. Everyone knew that is was going to go and, in truth, had it been done, peacefully, it would have had a much better outcome for blacks, as there would have been a rational transition from being slaves, to being citizens. All the Civil War did was dump people, unpreparred, out into the cold. And, who is responsible for the Civil War? Harriet Beecher Stowe, a stupid liberal who had never gone south of the Mason Dixon line. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was the sparkplug for the Civil War. This single stupid liberal woman caused the deaths of nearly a million Americans. This is what happens when liberals get involved in anything. In a misguided attempt to do something good, she caused chaos, destruction, death and misery. No, brother, you get no argument from me, a guy of mixed race. Facts are facts. However, America, through entitlement and affirmative action, has allowed bad behavior to go on. The truth of the matter is that only a small number of white in the south ever owned slaves. For the average working white in the south, slavery was a horrible thing. Why? No jobs. Why pay a white man when you can just give a black man food and rags on his back and a piss poor roof over his head? No, 99.999999999% of white Americans have no ancestors who’ve owned slaves. In fact, most came over to America, after the Civil War, and the majority of those in the beginning of the 20th Century. So, why the expected guilt? Well, because you have power brokers who want to destroy this nation and white guilt is just another part of their plan. As well, black “leaders” promote hate of whites and blaming of whites for all the ills of Afro-Americans. These people actually are doing a grave dis-service to black Americans, stealing from them and using their own people for personal gain. In other words, these black leaders are getting rich by promoting hate and distrust of white Americans. They don’t really give a crap about Afro-Americans. All they really care about is increasing personal wealth and power. If their fellow Afro-Americans pay the price, “who cares. I got mine.” Gee, this sounds kind of like the black men in Africa who rounded up their fellow blacks and sold them to the English and the Dutch, as slaves. Hmm!

        Get the message? It’s not about who one is, or what their background is, it’s, instead, what’s really happening, that counts. Here’s another little thought for your tiny brain, which is that the UN wanted all white people out of Africa. Get the white devil out of Africa, and that’s what happened. Whites are no longer in conrol. So, what’s happening in Africa, now? Absolute chaos. Anyone who thinks Africa is better off, today, than it was under white rule, needs to have their heads examined. More hunger, more disease, more war, more killing, more maiming, more misery.

        In answer to your statement about whitey killing the Chinese here, in America, I can only point to the “Great Wall” in China, where hundreds of thousand of bodies of dead Chinese fill those walls to this very day. Yes, bad things have happened in the USA’s history to minorities, but, with the exception of Native Americans, it’s created an environment where the average person can reach out and go as high as they wish, regardless of their birth status. That’s why, in spite of all our problems, people kill themselves trying to get here. You moron. It’s liberal idiots like you that are killing this nation. You morons are killing the golden goose for the average guy, regardless of race, color or creed. You are killing opportunity for everyone.

        If people feel so badly about the USA, and feel guilt about us, then get the hell out! Get out and get away from us Americans if we are so evil. You pukes! Get the hell out! Obama , Biden and all the rest of you liberal scum that hate this nation and only want to turn it over to the NWO, get the hell out. Go to Britan, go back to France, go back to the middle east, Africa, or where ever else in the hell you came from. Because America doesn’t need you! You all came from crap nations where you couldn’t make a decent living and then you come here and want to complain and crap in the face of Americans. You want to turn the USA into Europe, or what evern home crap hole nation you crawled out of. But, you forget, it was a crap hole you left, where you couldn’t make it and you came here and became successful, building on the bones and blood of Americans. Yes, America’s been so bad to you, you liberal pukes.

        As far as I’m concerned, anyone who doesn’t want to speak English and become an independent hard working American can get the hell out. If your promoting your own people and your own race, get the hell out. If your here to promote and convert everyone to your religion, get the hell out. If you want to turn America into a socialistic, communistic nations, GET THE HELL OUT! American doesn’t need YOU!

    • Nottakenyan

      Racist?? like in Nascar???

    • Daveh234

      Sounds like you hate all the voters in this country!
      You are a jerk.

      • Daveh234

        That comment was for Nottakenyan.

  • Joe America

    The Republic is dead. It’s over. Now is the time for the NWO, the one world government. We’ve been marching toward this goal since 1913. Now, it’s finally coming to fruition. Obama is just another link in this chain of events, which will bring the world under one leadership. It’s Orwell’s 1984 becoming reality. Sadly, like an alcoholic or drug addict, America must hit bottom before people wake up. But, by that time, it will be too late. 90 percent of the world population will be eliminated, with only those deemed worthy of servicing the elite allowed to live. What is coming is worse than anyone can imagine. Hitler and Stalin will look like choir boys, by the time it’s all over. However, 90 percent of you will be gone, so, you won’t be alive to see the end result of the NWO’s plan. Just keep thinking about Hollywood, sports, and the next new gizmo. It’s the new coliseum devised to distract you from what’s really happening.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      You are dead on Joe! Too bad only a few can see the light! It will be a toughy fight when U.N. troops are on our soil dis arming the populace! But we will prevail..

      • nc

        Bob, I remember a couple of years ago when “only a few saw the light” that there was a space craft behind a comet that was coming to take them away to glory. They found them ALL in their beds dead with new tenny pumps on! Maybe that only a few has seen the light you see indicates just how dim your light is!

      • DaveH

        Aren’t rich people in the minority? Aren’t inventors of new products in the minority? Aren’t Honors Graduates in the minority?
        Obviously, NC, you are in the majority, and you wear it proudly.

      • Joe America

        Everything we’re seeing is not a chicken little situation. It’s all about numbers and the fact that we’ve hit the wall when it comes to borrowing. We are tens of trillions of dollars in debt, maybe even hundreds of trillions, because we are not being told the truth about how much debt we’re really in. Anyone who believes this can go on and on, is not a student of history. Instead, like NC, they are the walking dead. Individuals who are dead, but refuse to admit it. In NC’s case, brain dead. This economy, and I laughingly call it that, is on life support. It’s like the doctor telling a family member that the patient is on the respirator, on the most powerful antibiotics, getting tube and IV feedings, has a rectal tube and a flat EEG, but everything’s going to be OK. Forget that the corps is rotting in the bed and smells badly, because of the rotting flesh. Like that patient, this economy is not going to get up and move on. It’s going to die, if it isn’t already dead. NC, like the rest of this nation, is in denial. Why? Because admitting the truth is too horrible. It’s easier to pretend that this is just another blip in the economy. People are telling themselves it’s a blip, because the numbers are so high for our national debt, that they cannot be comprehended by the average person. Who can comprehend hundreds of trillions of dollars? This isn’t like “Y2K, which was (expletive deleted) designed to scare corporations into buying IT services and people into updating or buying new computers, this is the end of the line, financially, for Americans, and possibly, the world. Pretending it’s not happening is not going to make it go away. When NC is starving on the street, he/she will come to understand the gravity of our situation. However, by that time, it will be too late.

  • Rasta

    Again ” The Chicken Little Society” is on the move. Hate and fear mongering are their hall marks. They have no answers beyond No! WAR is a joke! I’m glad his suposed runat the White House ended in failure. He doesn’t have a shred of credibilty beyond the CLS.

    • Norman F.

      Rasta, unfortunately for your future family, Joe is right, Bring your brain into the light and look at the future of your children and grandchildren. Read Agenda 21 and the plans of the UN and its NGO’s for you. They plan to limit the population of the United States to nine million. That is out of a current population of 310 million.Don’t take my word for it. Look it up under future population on the internet on the Agenda 21 site..

      • Homer

        Hey Norm. you don’t have to worry about anyone reducing the population etc in Agenda 21 etc..God’s got alllllll that figured out and HE will reduce the worlds population by 1/3 rd. It will be by war and famine etc So, don’t worry about the U.N. they will be BURNED and destroyed too! read Revelation in the KJV Bible!! That will bring you up to speed, and oh by the way, read Daniel as well!!

      • Rasta

        Man you are really off the deep end.

      • Opal the Gem

        Rasta if he is off the deep end he is looking down at you cause you are even further off the deep end.

    • DaveH

      The nerve of us protesting your hands in our pockets, Rasta.

  • MensaTom

    Obama makes George Bush look like a GENIUS

  • Brad

    I just tried to share this twice on Facebook and twice it failed to post, Conspiracy???

  • bob jones

    Great job as usual Wayne, you are correct on every point. The problem with our country is that it is so difficult for an honest and intelligent person like you to win a high public office because everything has been rigged in favor of the corruptocrats in power for so many decades. Yes, Obama did show his true colors in this speech, but anyone with any common sense knew four years ago what he was all about by just looking at his radical mentors and associates throughout his life. He is a communist, socialist, fascist, nazi or whatever else you want to call him, it all boils down to the same thing, he wants complete and total power and anyone who disagrees in the least must be eliminated, just ask his buddy Bill Ayers.

  • Patriot

    While the economy is in collapse, people are hurting, losing their homes, etc. What is Harry Reid and the senate focused on? They want to pass a bill that a Presidential candidate has to disclose 10 years of tax returns, this is their focus? And you thought they really cared a rats ass about us, here a clue for you Harry how about passing a bill that discloses the candidate has a birth certificate, real SS#, is a citizen, college records, how he obtained admissions into these universities that nobody saw him at, how he funded these and oh, yes, who was his drug dealer’s and sexual partners. Let’s get it all on the table, I will bet we all identify more closely with Romney than our punk President, how did he ever become President? We must have a lot of stupid people in this country!

    • Wyatt

      That doesn’t alarm me an iota compared to Harry Reid being up in arms over the uniforms for the Olympic teams . He wants them burned because they were made in China . If senile old Harry bothered to look , 99% of all the footwear worn by Olympians are made in China and the rest is made in smaller European countries . I find it a bit hypocritical that the government outsources much of our manufacturing to other countries for critical military equipment and yet he crys and screams about the Olympic Committee goes to a designer who uses a Chinese manufacturing source .
      as for tax bills , I would love to see that . I bet Obama would get a free ride on that one . How is he going to explain the 72+ thousand a month income from some outside source in addition to the nearly $400,000 paycheck he receives as president . But perhaps we can get the birth certificate , valid SS# , proof of citizenship and all scholastic transcripts tacked on . And why he was a card carrying member of the American Communist party . I would love to hear that explained .

  • Charles Moore

    I was born in San Bernardino Caifornia about 70 years ago. There was a hamburger place on 14th and E Street. San Bernardino High School was on 18th and E Street and all the kids went to eat there. My Great Aunt lived across the street from the hamburger place and personally knew the McDonald brothers who owned it. She told me that a salesman by the name of Ray Kroc liked the concept but that the McDonald brothers said they had lived in Berdoo all their life and did not want to leave there. They gave Ray Kroc permission to look into it and the rest is history. If it had not been for Ray Kroc then there most likely would not be the McDonald you see today as the brothers were happy twith the status quo.

    • Paul Wells

      Right Charles, but big ‘O’ says Ray Kroc didn’t do it. The government built it. Never mind that Ray Kroc was paying his taxes for that infrastructure that existed, and that he no doubt made use of. See, the thing about Obummer is he wants you ALL to feel guilty about being successful! Because he, and his demented minions CANNOT nor WOULD NOT be successful without the government paying their big fat pay checks to keep everyone else on government dole. Talk about your giant PONZI schemes, and people too stupid to admit to, or realize what they are doing! That gives me not much hope for our future!

      • Buster the Anatolian

        There is something getting lost in all this discussion. While it is true the infrastructure built by the government has helped business and individuals by making transportation easier those individuals who started and built the companies would have been successful anyway without the roads being built by the government. They might not have become the mega companies we see today but they would be successful. Something else to remember, the roads and railroads would have been built by private enterprise as it became economicaly feasable to do so (demand for the service). And yes I know there was government help building some of the railroads but even then their expansion beyond the minimal core system the government helped with was done by them not by the government.

    • DaveH

      Now that neighborhood is a gang-ridden cess pool, Charles.

    • Patriot

      Could not agree more! People when Obama speaks of help, he is actually speaking about himself, he had help every step of the way and knows nothing different! We live in the most generous society known to man, how else can you explain his Presidency? Most people wanted to feel good about finally electing a “Black” man to hopefully put behind them any semblance of racism that they had or thought the country still had. I for one, never saw a black man, I saw a guy that had very little experience, built a false front through his ACORN, Chicago connections and we as a country will pay dearly over the years for all the webs we will need to untangle the next many years. The only focus of this administration has been ideology, nothing more, they have yet to have any ideas on trying to repair our economic ills, they could not care less about “We the People!” When was the last time this President or any of his minions discussed liberty, freedom, personal responsibility?

      Also, has anyone noticed that everyone of Obama’s speeches, fundraisers, etc. is all controlled with his cheerleaders, (never anytime for questions or debate) if his policies were so good and everyone loved what he has been doing, you would not need to control the people, would you? Seems very strange to never see your President in the real public square off teleprompter, etc. I have noticed that Romney speaks often off teleprompter, this whole Obama Mania seems very Orwellian to me!

  • George Estepp

    if you go by OBAMAs thinking it would mean that because criminals use roads and many of those tax provided resources everyday then all tax payers and the government would be guilty of Aiding and Abetting criminal activity. So since its all done through government and hes the head of the government shouldnt he go to jail?

    • Oneguess

      Zing! Good point!

  • Homer

    I’ll tell Obama one thing, I KNOW more about running the business that I do and have done so since 1997, than he knows about running the W/H in the last 3.5 years! That may not be a lot, since Obama KNOWS absolutely NOTHING about running anything except his mouth when the teleprompter is on! I’ll put my experiece against his any day!!

  • needfulthings

    Sorry wayne, president Obama DID NOT say “government should get the credit for business success” How far would your business have progressed if there were NO ROADS? (did you build them)? Now your gonna piss-off Al Gore if you try to take credit for inventing the internet, Plus why did you allow the government to own ALL the internet hubs, the government paid for the hardware, the government maintains the hubs, the government even gave business money to build the hardware, run the wires. set-up some of the rules. (tipical business man, thinging everything you use to conduct your business is free!) You couldn’t be do’in this right here, right now if the government wasn’t involved.
    As for everyone in Obama’s class being a marxist? You get so much of your info wrong we can’t take your word for anything. Same goes for everyone clapping when ray-gun was shot ( do you remember the let’em die clapps durning a right wing presidental debates) Oh how soon we forget !!!
    of the 14 Trillion of dept we have ALL but two trillion was created by REPUBLICAN Presidents , Obama has to write checks to the tune of nearly ONE TRILLION DOLLARS every year just to cover INTEREST ON DUBYA’S DEBT ALONE! Wrong again wayne.

    Business has to lowest taxes since the 1960′s your just a poor business man! Quit yer whining, take some personal responsibility for your failures.

    Communist / Marxist … how little you all know, your just pete and repete what limp balls and fox entertainments of the day.

    • DaveH

      Needfulthings says — “You couldn’t be do’in this right here, right now if the government wasn’t involved”.
      No, we would have been doing it 20 or 40 years earlier if Big Government wasn’t getting in the way of our productivity.

  • Homer

    How is it that people took almost 4 years to “SEE” that Obama has NO idea what he is doing and will never know how to do anything but destroy this great nation! I saw this the very day this UNKNOWN came upon the seen! This man NEEDS TO GO….NOW!!

    • nc

      Homer, what percent of the people who post here who do not like Obama voted for him in 2008? Less that 1%??? Me thinks he may not lose a vote here! You people are preaching to the choir and thinking the entire country is jumping right in with you! Maybe not!!! 69 million people have to decide if they will get a better deal by “switching” to Romney when it is very doubtful from Mr. Paul’s video that we really know where he stands. Come November the people may not want to go back to the same Republican platform that bush used to get us to the economy he left us! REMEMBER?? THOSE NOT IN DENIAL SAW IT!

      • DaveH

        You’ve been in denial ever since your first shouting post here, NC.
        Have you read this book yet?
        Of course you haven’t. It’s much to scary to read anything that might upset your little partisan applecart, isn’t it?

      • Sirian

        I’m in full agreement with you. As to how nc can come up with his hodge-podge of statements, as Flasho usually does too, is both stressing as well as at times down right funny. I seriously doubt that he will read the book you’ve referenced to him. Good book – read it myself. Do any of them truly concern themselves with something that will counter their thought patterns? Nope! When you have no principles, what more can you expect? I’ve been quietly sitting on the perimeter watching and reading the past few weeks. Again, their thought patterns will never change.

    • Roy james

      How insightful of you did you realize during the Bush years, where he was taking the country, do you even know where he took us. Some people because of their wealth experience the world differently than most. They live in an insular world and don’t interact with the mass. That does not mean your world is the only one. The 99% live in a different world and is affected by public policies which only benefit and caters to the rich with little regards for the mass. Obama is not Jesus he could not be reasonably expected to return things to the way Clinton handed the country to Bush in less than 4 years with congressional cooperation, and changing some of the policies instituted by Bush and still in effect that got us here. We are headed in the right direction. Now if we can only bring our jobs back home and reform the tax laws. Conservatives are opposed to that. We will see shortly if America missed the Bush years and want to back there.

      • DaveH

        Most of the Presidents since Teddy Roosevelt have been taking us to the same place — the cleaners. When will you Liberal followers get it through your heads that it’s them (whether Democrat or Republican) against us?

  • Joseph Lundy

    Here is exactly what President Obama said : “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.
    The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together. There are some things, just like fighting fires, we don’t do on our own. I mean, imagine if everybody had their own fire service. That would be a hard way to organize fighting fires.
    So we say to ourselves, ever since the founding of this country, you know what, there are some things we do better together. That’s how we funded the GI Bill. That’s how we created the middle class. That’s how we built the Golden Gate Bridge or the Hoover Dam. That’s how we invented the Internet. That’s how we sent a man to the moon. We rise or fall together as one nation and as one people, and that’s the reason I’m running for president – because I still believe in that idea. You’re not on your own, we’re in this together.”
    My comment: This is the truth and no one has to be a genius to know this. God never made a man or woman to stand alone in anything that is why we need each other. The truth is that Republicans are do desperate they need to twist and lie about what the president said, but the truth will come back and bite them where it hurts.

    • DaveH

      Yes, we all benefit from working together. So why do you condone the interference of Government in that endeavor? If not for Government taking 40% of our wealth, we could easily afford to replace a burnt down house.
      Read this book and learn something about Free Enterprise, Joseph:

      • nc

        Dave is it not just wonderful how ludwig lead Austria to such an exaulted place in the economic world of today? NOT !!!!! Is the chamber of commerce still in existance in Austria? Have you read another book? Do you have any idea why his free wheeling philosophy has not been adopted ? Could be that free wheeling leads to free wheelers who will steal the shirt off your back if not “regulated”
        WALL STREET LOVES THE DEMOCRATS! WHY?? THEY WANT TO BE SURE SOMEONE IS PROVIDING A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD ! They don’t mind regulations that apply to all! There are still fortunes to be made even with the regulations and besides I don’t want the WSJ board picking our Supreme Court Justices! It ain’t in the Constitution!!

    • independant thinker

      “Somebody invested in roads and bridges.”

      Would have happened anyway. Just like with many of the railroads as the demand grew they got built by private enterprise.

      “If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

      Try telling that to the small business owner who has invested all his/her savings and 12 or more hours a day for years on end to make his/her business successful.

      “The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

      The government only had the idea for the internet and it was originaly intended for government use. Private enterprise using its own money is what made the internet what we know today.

      • brett

        i’m sorry but rail roads were built through gov’t contracts. the internet was created by professors trying to communicate with each other and sadly enough greatly expanded because of porn. obama’s point was “when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiatives, but also because we do things together… ever since the founding of this country, you know what? there are some things that we do better together”. gov’t and people’s taxes. like romney states “our system of government makes things possible for entrepreneurs and innovators”. that small business owner does, if even by the slightest act of tax payer money, would benefit if the tax burden was equally shared. the only roads that happened on their own are your old farmers roads and not a very good example.

      • independent thinker

        “i’m sorry but rail roads were built through gov’t contracts.”

        wrong, wrong WRONG. Some railroads were built with government help true but many if not most were built with private capitol, no government contracts or other help involved. And, of those originaly built with government help their expansion beyond what the government helped build was done without government help it was done out of their own pockets.

      • independent thinker

        I should add that of those railroads that did receive government help much of that help was from communities, counties, and states not the federal government.

      • Robert Rashbrooke

        I recall that I read/heard that the LANDS the railroads were built on were GIVEN to the companies doing the building, otherwise they would, in large part, never have been built due to the cost of that land.

        Remeber the Exxon Valdez, crashed by being driven by a drunken captain.

        Remeber the BP oil spill, caused by poor design of the control valve, poor installation work and corner cutting by almost all the companies involved.

        Remember the Big Branch Mine, reported for safety infractions hundreds of times and the final explosion caused by excessive methane buildup.

        And you all want smaller government and less regulation so that the brilliant, honest, considerate and humanistic businesses can get on with making the world a bertter place.

        Most of you are as guilty as I mostly am, of cherry picking those items you need to buttress your opinion and ignoring those that decrease or negate your opinion. But at least we are all talking, though it seems as if the most salient and important fact of how we change and control the government is ignored or deemed not important.

        The unfortunate thing is that people like Bob and Wayne introduce these topics but don’t inform us by using their (supposed) superior intellect to provide positive ideas or guidelines as to HOW we are to achieve the nearly impossible.

        • John

          Robert, your research is faulty. The Exon Valdez grounding was not done by a drunken Captain, it was by a 3rdMate, who is a Deck Officer, who was on watch at the time, However, being the Captain of a vessel, the final fault is the Captains due to poor training of the Mate. The faulty valve, was poorly installed by a union worker, who did not finish the job assigned, because Union rules required him to put down his tools at a certain time. The only thing government produces is cost. Regulations, instituted by government, required that Captain Haselton be off the bridge after 12 hours. Union regulations, allow people to not take pride in their work, or worry about losing their job for shoddy work.

      • brett

        honestly, i’ve come off with the impression that many of the voices here are no more than a multi-personality disorder issue. it is the odd level of cohesive thought that gives me this conclusion.
        it’s always bothered me, growing up, when somebody would say: the votes are in, democracy has spoken, and the majority rules. democracy is consensus for the benefit of all. majority rule is tyranny for the minority.

      • independent thinker

        “I recall that I read/heard that the LANDS the railroads were built on were GIVEN to the companies doing the building, otherwise they would, in large part, never have been built due to the cost of that land.”

        That applies primarily to the western railroads especialy the UP and CP, the builders of the first transcontinital railroad. They were given alternating sections of land on either side of the main line they built to sell to settlers to help finance the building of the railroad. The right of way for the railroad was essentialy free to them as it was “owned” by no one. And yes I know the American Indians had claim to the land but in the thinking of the day it belonged to no one. Even so as I said before their expansion beyond the basic route was done with their own money as resources were discovered that would generate business for them and as the land was settled to provide both freight and passenger traffic for them.

      • independent thinker

        One other thought on the railroads. All that help they got from government came at a cost. All railroads were REQUIRED to give the government a major discount on freight until about 1946. So, they repaid the government many times over for any help they received.

  • brett

    if if and but were candy and nuts. there is a reason why supposition in inadmissible evidence. the welfare act under clinton was crap and why it’s a broken system making the net into a web, so the solution is to eliminate it all together? expect more homeless and not just vets who are unable to cope with the real world, but real families. distorting the narrative doesn’t make it so. deaf, dumb, and blind? i see better through clear lenses than the roesy, red, white, and blue lenses issued here.

  • StevenGarrick

    Did Wayne Allyn say that Doh’blamer was (f)actually there at Columbia?, for welfare,there are many “working the system” to the tune of 50-70 thousand dollars per year!,and no need to work!,..On Tea,i seen a picture,or video of Doh’blamer at a fast-food joint,looking like he is going to order,but then,he”suggest’s” to them behind the counter,that they can make more on welfare & food stamps!,than actually working!,,..Obviously to me,he know’s plenty of people whom have “worked”the system(also known as fraud),and applaud’s them for their ability to not get caught!,only people with criminal thought’s,and or intention’s act in that manner,..Hhmm,…

  • SJJolly

    Judging by what is posted, very few posting on this thread know Karl Marx from Groucho Marx.

    A tip Mr Root, et al: Not everyone disagreeing with your Libertarian philosophy are Communists or Marxists.

    • DaveH

      Very few understand the simplicity, consistency, and morality of Libertarian Principles. But nothing is keeping you from learning:

    • Dave67

      Thats the game conservatives like to play… when they get into power, then conservatives are called neocons after they are proven to spend as much and more than any liberal they proclaim to spend great amounts.

      If you do not go lock-step with their ideas, you are a socialist, a marxist or a communist because they are woefully uneducated on what the terms mean.

      I agree with much of the libertarian philosophy but when people espouse theory and try and put it over as fact, they lose me.

      • Jay

        Oh, Pinocchio is at it again…just can’t stop lying.

      • DaveH

        Theory not fact? But what do you say about yourself, Dave67, who presents fabricated facts as fact? It must be nice to be unconstrained by morality and just create your “facts” out of thin air.

      • Paul Wells

        LOLOLOL. Dave67 sounds just like a first grader trying to explain the birds and bees. See, the conservatives get into power, see, then they turn into this thing called neo-cons, and well, that’s when the fun starts. Grow up, wake up, and please..oh please, quit voting Dave67!

  • cawmun cents

    He(Obama)will be re-elected.
    Because he said that Trayvon Martin might have looked like he could be his son[paraphrasing],(had he posessed the swimmers to beget a masculine child,a doubtful supposition)when they fail to convict George Zimmerman(and they will),there will be race riots all over the country and then the white people will get blamed again.Even though Obama started the racism ball rolling when he made that statement.
    All those who stood and yelled racist,and called for Mr. Zimmermans head,are going to be angry because they wont have a leg to stand on,but their conclusion jumping will have led to death and destruction.Looking for someone else to point the finger at,they will not take responsibility for their actions.But folks will die because of their actions.
    But they will just blame the white folks agaIn….and wallah!…..Martial Law will be declared.
    Imagine that……
    But at least they will still have the presidency.
    Yay for them!

    • uvuvuv

      it’s odd that obama would speculate on what his son would look like when there are doubts arising about what his father looked like.

      • 45caliber


        I LOVE IT! LOL!!

      • Paul Wells

        LOL, well said uv! Every once in awhile, there’s a post here that is so succinct and zeroes in on the target so well, you just have to laugh! Thanks, I needed that!

    • 45caliber


      I’m afraid Zimmerman is a dead duck. The feds will insist that he be found guilty of something just to attempt to keep the rioting down. Yesterday one person stated that Treyvon had been shot in the back. When I challenged him on it, he said he must have gotten Treyvon mixed up with all the thousands of other black youths who had been shot in the back – and that it was only fair that Zimmerman be punished for doing the same thing since so many other shooters had gotten away free. In other words, he didn’t give a darn if Zimmerman was guilty or innocent. Too many others believe the same. The feds have done this several times now to others who were innocent so why not Zimmerman? After all, you have to feed the ravenous masses occasionally don’t you? Just toss them some innocent person who isn’t of interest to the feds.

    • Roy james

      Your lack of intelligence is glaring. Obama made a comment in response to a question posed by a member of the media. Trayvon’s is all of our son’s . If I had a son he would look like Trayvon. What is in that statement literally and figuratively that is divisive. Is hater and racist like your self who are praying for a race riot. Why not move to Syria. They have a riot everyday.

      • phideaux

        Well, if obama had a son he sure as h&ll would not look like me a caucasion/Cherokee mix American.

      • Em

        Roy James, why are you even on here? You have nothing better to do with your time then to spend it with people who clearly do not share your views? Your only objective is to instigate? Go do something more productive with your life. Your behavior is much like a parasite.

  • uvuvuv

    there should be a partnership of govt and business otherwise standard oil would have to build its own roads to all its gas stations. if a station was robbed it would have to use its own police force to investigate and apprehend. this is promoting the general welfare, which in recent years of course has changed to providing general welfare. but in this country’s earliest days, or let’s say the colonial days, the govt was george III and i don’t think he was involved in road building here to help business along, and then with the end of the revolutionary war we had our own govt but its functions were limited to, get this, actual governance. but we did have a thriving economy, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. what i don’t get is how the dnc could have been so slack with this alleged barack obama. there had to have been storm flags all over the map with him, similar to teddy after chappaquidick, or on the other side of the fence all the fuss with herman cain, which brings up the question, what happened to all those allegations? and those roads he was talking about included the interstates, which were under eisenhower’s watch.

    • Elaine

      Yep. There are a lot of allegations that are still blamed on Bush, but anything good is his credit.

      Gas was $3 and Bush had no compassion for the common man. Now it’s up to $4 per gallon and BHO says to get more efficient cars. Where’s his compassion for the common man now?

      There’s the joblessness, inflation from printing money from thin air and with the Fed creating money out of thin air at the same time. But he and the politicians still give our money away to other countries right and left, and many aren’t even our allies. Those who are against this country get oil well drilling rights, oil rich islands that he really has no right giving away, and billions of dollars that we even have to borrow from those same countries in order to gift it back to them. Now that’s real concern for our tax dollars while he’s telling us we have to sacrifice for the betterment of future generations, isn’t it? And where are he and his family sacrificing? They AREN’T!!!!!! How can all the nitwits NOT see that and the hypocrisy that is theirs?

      He won’t even salute the flag. The WH is now in the decor of the Muslim empires, complete with gold tapestry and gold palm tree totems.

      And he captured Bin Laden. His micro-management could have cost them their lives and very nearly did. I’m not sure that wasn’t his plan.

      And dare anyone forget the jets he sent through the streets of downtown NY soon after he took office without warning anyone? That was just sadistic. The New Yorkers were scared to death because they thought another attack was under way. And even giving him the benefit of the doubt, it was very immature. But his reason was that it was time for new pictures of downtown NY to be taken. Satellites and drones can do that. Never had jets been sent barreling through town to take pictures!!!

      And yet so many morons can’t open their eyes to see who and what he is.

      Such was the way with Germany before WWII. And we’re obviously doomed to repeat it without some Divine Intervention.

  • Em

    We have voluntarily created, an oversexed, narcissistic, avaricious, godless, lawless society of the corn, which promotes corruption and everything heinous; prefers a virtual reality to the real thing; celebrates and idolizes people off the street; contributes significantly to the bank accounts of the rich and successful, and then protests against them; disputes that being a decent person is a good thing; coddles the criminal, and discards the rights of victims.

    One-half is too stupid to get out of their own way, and the other half appears too dumb to correct their direction.

    Obama is merely exploiting the situation. If you don’t like it, better change it while you still have the power to….

  • Jose

    When Obana said that when someone is succesful, someone else was behind his success. Was he thinking about his mafioso pal, Resco, who made it possible to buy and build a millionaires mansion? We all know that Resco is in jail.

  • J

    To belittle the businessmen and women of this country is deplorable and un-American in and of itself. No other President would have talked down to the hard workers that have paid with their blood, sweat, and tears and made this country what it is today. Our Forefather’s that wrote our Constitution and Bill of Rights did not intend for a “nobody” to dismantle these words and have it fitted to their evil, distorted idealogy. Look what all he has done to turn this country upside down in just his 1st term. And, this man is allowed to get by with all of this. Why?? Obama needs to release his college records, devulge his true birth certificate, and anything else that he is hiding (and in my opinion,he is hiding even more) All of this is such a shame. I hope and pray that people aren’t foolish and vote him in again. I did not vote for him the 1st time around (I was one of the smart one’s and did some research on him) that was enough to open my eyes!! Others should have done some research too. Maybe, we would not have been faced with this Marxist B–S—!! I have a simple solution, and in my opinion-IMPEACH HIM! Should have been done long ago.
    Please, let’s all work together and vote Romney in our White House for the sake of ourselves and our country. God Bless America

    • Roy james

      Romney is a looter, predator and benefactor of a criminal enterprise known as Bain. They swooped in on successful companies, extracted their wealth, fire their employees and invited them back to reapply at half their salary, outsourced their job and then leave the company in bankruptcy with tax payers holding the bag for the employee pensions which Bain looted. He lies about his tenure at Bain and expect us to elect him on the experience garnered there.. When confronted with his inconsistencies he retroactively resign from Bain. Not all america is as stupid, naive or deceitful as you are. This guy has now loyalty or patriotism .It is in his DNA. His parents once flee to Mexico. He like most conservative just like to benefit from this great country while exploiting the masses. He pioneered the outsourcing of our job at Bain, laundered his ill gotten gain overseas in ruses called blind truust to avoid paying taxes and refuse to declare his tax record like every other government official running for office.Is this the guy you want to turn our government over to. He draws a salary from Bain at the time he was retired and got rich but don’t know how or where his money is invested. What is he going to do for us, outsource the duties of the presidency and its administration to China in order to save money. He might know how to create wealth through deceptive means but his record on creating job is lacking. Romney, WRONG FOR AMERICA.

      • Kerry

        Where do you get your “facts” because I have researched and found the opposite to be true.

      • DaveH

        I’m certainly no Romney lover, Roy, but I must say that is a boat-load of conjecture that you have spewed.
        Generally speaking a takeover company can only make money if the shares of the company are worth less than the company is inherently worth due to bad management. So, the real culprits here are the Bad Managers. But they try to elicit the aid of ignorant voters and their elected representatives to protect them from getting ousted. In fact if you have a pension fund, some of their investments might be in those badly managed companies which eventually may cost you your pension.
        The takeover artists can only make money if they sell off the more valuable parts for more money than they paid, or if they can return the company to a money-making company (thus prolonging the jobs of their workers). If they sell off the parts, the buyer certainly will attempt to resurrect those purchased parts to profitability which is good for the buyers, and good for the workers who otherwise would have lost their jobs as the former mismanaged company went out of business.

      • Marlene

        Another brainwashed Obama minion, I see. Like your hero, if he says it, it must be fact? As a pathological liear, he has no qualms about lying and he knows that his moronic followers will spout everything he says as fact. He must be so-oo proud of you, Roy. Like you, he ignores the facts that research reveals. It still doesn’t give him license to mouth offas he constantly does. He seems to like the taste of his foot in his mouth, just as Biden does. As his worshiper, you can maybe explain why you think it’s so flavorful?

  • s c

    Boys and girls, the state of the economy – and in particular the current, pathetic state of the LACK of JOBS – should tell you what you need to know about the current denizen of the W H. It was only a matter of time until he made his asinine statement about the “importance” of the gubmint’s role in “helping” people become successful.
    Obummer – if you haven’t reasoned it out yet – is anti-America. He is anti-business. He is anti-everything good and American. He is pro-gubmint. He is pro-destitution. He is pro-group think. And, he’s done a pretty good job of rewarding his “friends,” wasting money by the ton and getting young people to think they need a college education while he’s helped guarantee that we’ll have an education loan bubble and disaster.
    To repeat [because "some" have no ability to remember] – Obummer is the first prez to combine features of socialism, communism, fascism, progressivism and utopianism BEFORE he oozed into the W H. Then, those ‘qualities’ went into high gear.
    How can ANYONE not see what this fugitive from Shecawger has done to America?

  • Ol504Troop

    Take note of one of the things he said – “this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive”. This system “that ALLOWED you to thrive”. Allowed? I thought this was the country that you could be anything you wanted, as long as you had the drive. Now I know that Obama is a communist. In Russia, they don’t ALLOW anyone to do anything without the state’s permission.

    • Kerry

      There is one thing that makes me sick and this is it:

      From Sunday’s 07 Sept. 2008, 11:48:04 EST, Televised “Meet the Press” the then Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag.

      Obama said, “When I become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice, which is WHY MY WIFE DISRESPECTS THE FLAG, and SHE AND I HAVE ATTENDED SEVERAL FLAG BURNING CEREMONIES IN THE PAST.”

      “Of course now, I have found myself about to become the President of the United States and NOW I HAVE TO PUT MY HATRED ASIDE. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a NEW PATH. My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country’s First black Family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to OVERWHELM the United States of America.”

      I will vote for the Morman, I don’t care anything about his history with Bain.

      • Marlene

        You have qouted some very chilling words and very prophetic. A skunk can’t change his stripe and Obama thought he could con us into believing that, at a drop of a hat, he could do so. More the fool he is for thinking so. It’s good to remind everyone that he admitted their hatred for our flag, therefore, our country. It it obvious in everything he’s done since taking the oath of office. He would have begun sooner but he couldn’t convince George and Laura to vacate the White House BEFORE he took the oath of office, though he cerainly tried to push them out. This ‘thing’ in the WH is the greatest embarassment to our country since its formation and the fools who stand up for his stupidity on the and every other site, are the second greatest embarrassment.

      • Elaine

        Yes. And since when has anyone been able to “put their hatred aside”? If it’s there, it’s not going away just because you claim it has. If you have it before you run for president, do you really even have the emotional maturity to become president? Chalk that up to another lie. And we all know who he hates from the words in his books. But yet so many of those same people who should realize that he hates them are thinking he’s on their side? L0L (Lots of luck, too.)

  • BigBadJohn

    WOW so much HATRED from people who “claim” to be Christian……….

    • Jay

      You obviously do not understand the definition of hatred. Try again…

  • Dave67

    Root is amusing… Obama has never said what he contends… Obama is not a communist, marxist, or socialist… (more conservative throwing around big words and not knowing what they mean)

    Obama is a corporatist. He has governed as a center right President

    Here is what Obama has done:

    Bailed out the banks a second time
    Took over GM after both management and unions gave concessions thus saving the country from even higher job loses from a failed auto industry.
    Obama has less people on the Fed Gov payroll than Reagan did.
    Obama has been a tax reducer for the Middle Class. Taxes are lower on the middle class than when he took office.
    Passed a smaller than required stimulus package that was a good portion tax cuts.

    But conservatives are good at starting lies and then repeating them over and over again.

    The economy did not collapse from too little regulation of the housing, banking and wall street industries, it was deregulation.

    But when you have moved so far to the right, you have a hard time seeing reality.

    But we have two parties bent on winning elections as opposed to doing what is right for the country. Where is today’s Teddy Roosevelt? Ron Paul is the closest thing we have but he has no chance of winning as long he is a part of the corporatist GOP on top of the fact he does not have good answeres for dealing with the global economy world. If our economy was self contained, then maybe his ideas work that that is not the world we live in.

    Its 3rd party time.

    • Jay

      Oh, Pinocchio, Pinocchio, how i wish i could turn your brain of wood…into a brain of flesh.

      • Dave67

        If I am lying, tell me where.

        Do you have anything? Of course not.

      • Dave67

        DaveH says there were no monopolies, only successful firms…


        What an idiot… so Standard oil had a superior position in the market, they had the ability to keep competition out by buying them up but thats not monopolistic in your so called mind.

        You DaveH are a fool, living in your mom’s basement. Please join us in the real world one day.

      • DaveH

        Read the article I linked to, Ignoramus. The other readers will, and you will be known for the fool you are.

    • DaveH

      Teddy Roosevelt, like Ron Paul? Lie #1.
      Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive and did all he could to grow Government.

      • Dave67

        Not what I said… Teddy Roosevelt broke the monopolies. I said Ron Paul is the closest we have…

        Put your dunce cap back on.

      • DaveH

        Here’s another:
        Obama is not a communist, marxist, or socialist? Lie #2

      • DaveH

        There were no monopolies, Dunce. There were successful companies (like Standard Oil) which were outshining their Politically Connected competitors who proceeded (as usual) to enlist Government to stifle Standard Oil and others:

      • Dave67

        So guilt by what his father did DaveH?

        Look at what Obama has DONE, you know… the record… He has governed as a center right president.

        But don’t let the record stand in the way of your BS talking points. Thats exactly why Obama bailed out the banks… he is a socialist…. Thats why in the HC law they mandate you get PRIVATE insurance… because he is a socialist.

        Are you really that dumb?

      • DaveH

        Maybe Dave67, if you’d pull your deeply rooted head out of that dark smelly place and instead do some studying, you wouldn’t need to resort to personal attacks as your main form of debate.
        I suggest starting here:

      • DaveH

        Or if you have more reading time and don’t want to spend money:

      • DaveH

        Obama bailing out the banks proves that he wasn’t a Socialist?
        And you have the gall to call me dumb, Dave67?
        The Government may not “own” the banks on paper, but they certainly are working with them to insure their existence (Fascism at the very least) at the taxpayers’ expense.

      • DaveH

        Your logic is, and always has been (on this board), remedial.
        Anybody who read your comment the other day, first claiming that pure capitalism has never existed, but then in the same comment saying that it is a proven failure, knows that, Dave67.
        How can anything that has “never existed” be a “proven failure”?
        And you say you’re in technology sales? Best not let your buyers know about your commenting on Personal Liberty or they would certainly lose faith in what you are pushing.

      • p

        Fascism is just socialism that permits private property, under total government control of course.

      • DaveH

        You can call me all the names you want, Dave67 (Flashman?), but the readers after reading the linked articles and books will know who the Ignoramus really is.

      • phideaux

        Fascism is just socialism that permits private property, under total government control of course.

        Don’t know why that showed up under “p” guess my computer had a brain f@rt.

    • Godfather

      Dave, it you and Godfather are the only two people who post the facts. Your post is absolutely correct. The name calling lying conservative are shallow box heads. Period

    • Elaine

      Dave67 says:
      July 19, 2012 at 11:46 am

      Obama is a corporatist. He has governed as a center right President

      Here is what Obama has done:

      Bailed out the banks a second time
      Took over GM after both management and unions gave concessions thus saving the country from even higher job loses from a failed auto industry.
      Obama has less people on the Fed Gov payroll than Reagan did.
      Obama has been a tax reducer for the Middle Class. Taxes are lower on the middle class than when he took office.
      Passed a smaller than required stimulus package that was a good portion tax cuts.

      Some of the lies or self-deception you told:

      (Took over GM after .. thus saving jobs.)

      Why didn’t he just bail them out like he did the banks?

      (Obama has less people on the Fed Gov payroll…..)

      For one thing, his personal staff is bigger than any other president’s before him. And that’s another example of sacrificing for the sake of future generations?
      Also, just put everyone on with no job under unemployment for 2 years. It makes the unemployment rate look smaller, makes people think you care about them when those will be the people who usually won’t or can’t think for themselves, so vote buying, too, at our expense. Allow and even prevent the return of illegals so they’ll vote for you and also destroy the economy even further. Especially when you put them under SS, welfare, free medical care, food stamps and every other conceivable benefit that most citizens can’t even get. AND, no taxes need be paid by them.

      And what about all the bail-outs, guaranteed loans for his supporters? Many of them then went bankrupt, with our tax dollars. Good rewards for their support, huh? Bush’s administration had already deemed them too high risk.

      (Tax reducer for middle class…..)

      Just destroy the job providers and the middle class will be destroyed eventually with a trickle down affect. Also, what about that $250,000 floor for increased taxes? Everyone I know has paid higher taxes, and I don’t know any rich people to discuss taxes with personally.

      (Passed smaller stimulus package than required.)
      Really. You’re that good of an economist? Nobody has ever even SPENT that much money before, but we’ve always rebounded before. Not this time. So how do you know how much would have been required, if any?

      AND, there weren’t even any stipulations put on any of that stimulus money. What responsible party will give money out without ascertaining where that money is going and what it’s being used for? If you know how much fraud is going through SS, Medicare, Medicaid and welfare; what makes you think it’s not 100 times greater at the very least with a “stimulus package” that big. And it was a big farce or flop at best, wasn’t it?

      I could go on so much more, but if you can’t understand any of this, you won’t understand anything else.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Obama suggests that the successful people in America did not succeed on their own, but on the backs and expense of others. Presumably this is a way to gain support for his policies of confiscating and redistributing wealth. Okay, if that’s what he thinks, he’s entitled to his opinion. However, shouldn’t we give BHO a taste of his own medicine by telling the truth – that BHO is a loser who owes all of his success to others?? YES!! He really should give ACORN credit for his 11/4/2008 victory, as many fraudulent votes may have made some difference. BHO should also credit the new Black Panthers for their lawless intimidation acts at the polls in 2008. He could also credit illegal aliens who are voting (even multiple times!!) without showing ID. And of course he needs to praise the person(s) who invented the teleprompter. Without this device, BHO would’ve been hesitating and stuttering far too much to win any debate. YES, Barack!! You should share much of your wealth with the person(s) who invented the teleprompter!!

    • Dave67


      When wealthy interests lobby congress and get laws changed that put more money in their pockets at the expense of the poor and middle class as has been happening for the past 30 years… What is that called?

      Is that ok?

      No one gets to the top on their own. Everyone has help. That is just how it works in a society. You have help whether you admit to it or not. It could be Gov, a bank, a colleague, an idea someone else had that you improved upon. That is not the point. We live in a country built on the shoulders of those who have come before us. We would do alot better in this country if we acknowledge that and realize we have an obligation to this country to give back instead of grab all you can.

      • jerome ennis

        Dave, you are one of the Useful Idiots that got Obama elected, and you will continue to support Obama’s Treason as long as your government checks keep coming in.

      • Dave67


        Obama’s treason? You are one of those brain dead conservatives that buy the conservative propaganda hook line and sinker.

        Why is it that conservatives are ok with the wealthy stealing this country blind through buying of policy?

        I never understand why conservatives in the middle class and poor who constantly vote against their self-interest.

      • phideaux

        “Why is it that conservatives are ok with the wealthy stealing this country blind through buying of policy?”

        Why is it liberals are ok with a differeng group of wealthy stealing this country blind through buying of policy? Along with those who refuse to seek or perform gainful employment.

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says (in his usual ignorance) — “Why is it that conservatives are ok with the wealthy stealing this country blind through buying of policy?”.
        True Conservatives AREN’T okay with Crony Capitalists buying protection and favors from Big Government. You’ve been around long enough to know that Dave67 (Flashman?), but it’s more to your liking to spread lies, isn’t it?
        True Conservatives would get Government out of the Marketplace so that we would have a level playing field and companies would have to compete for their existence by pleasing Consumers rather than Politicians.

  • chuckb

    barry has no idea of what he says, the teleprompter does his thinking and talking. he is surrounded by communist jews, his ideology is formatted by these people. barry is a product of affirmative action, advanced by credit, without the faculty to support it.

  • brett

    funny, by this man’s reasoning, i can just as easily make the claim that santorum and i were classmates. heck, for all i know we just may have been, but i seriously doubt it. speculating as to how obama may have reacted to the assassination attempt is empty, hollow, and insincere, typical to what i find on sites like these. even more amusing is how romney agreed with obama during his speech at irwin pa.: “the president justifies taking more of what people earn by saying, look, it’s also our system of government that makes things possible for entrepreneurs and innovators, and that’s true”. my deepest regrets for the repubs. snubbing and ridiculing ron paul, good luck with romney.

  • brett

    and speaking of teleprompter, you can clearly see mr. root reading off of something.

    • Palin16

      At least Mr. Root looks you straight in the eye, unlike the Community-Organizer-in Chief who jerks his head from the left wall to the right wall and back and is afraid to make eye contact with the listener. Because if he did, everyone would see his lies. “If your family makes less than $250,000 a year you will not see a dime of tax increase.”….”my plan will cut the deficit in half during my first term.”….”I’ll close Gitmo one year from today.” Obama’s remarks in Virginia were an insult to every hard working entrepeneur in the country.

  • FreedomFighter

    Breaking News

    Arpaio Proves Alex Right on Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

    No telepromter.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • feedup

    The only way I see us surviving this is by bringing jobs back to America. Well, stop buying products NOT made in America. If it does not say “Made in America” don’t buy it! If it’s not made in America try do do without it. Buy American food growen here not another country. How we going to get out of this buying all our things from China??? Helps them NOT us! When will you people wake up and buy america! Then they have to bring the jobs here to make it here or we won’t buy it!!!!!!!!! Think about it!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Quite a few companies push “made in the USA” products but if you read carefully you will find those selfsame products made in America from global sources.

  • Palin16

    Henry Ford didn’t build the Ford Motor Company. Somebody else did.
    Bill Gates didn’t build Microsoft. Somebody else did.
    Steve Jobs didn’t build Apple. Somebody else did.
    Barack Hussein Obama didn’t kill bin Laden. Somebody else did.

    • Dave67

      Funny you mention MS, Gates got much of his ideas from HP.
      Henry Ford did not invent the Auto, he incorporated the Assembly line (also not his idea) to make more cars cheaply.

      Obama did not kill Bin Laden… Ok, sure…
      But Obama is responsible for high gas prices… I see conservative logic now…

      Keep on digging….

      • Palin16

        As a matter of fact, Obummer IS responsable for high gas prices. Mitt Romney says he will start the keystone pipeline on his first day as president.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        The first Auto was built by a German in Germany !

  • Neil Swan

    Obama is a good president working for the country and the people.
    I don’t understand why there are so many stupid people calling him natzi and comunist.


    • See-U-4-what-U-are.

      President Obama is a Excellent Commander In Chief, and has shown more leadership, in this time of crisis’s, with the new health care law, passed by a conservative Supreme Court Judge Honorable Robert’s clearly show’s that we as a Nation needed a health care program that works’s for everyone.

      • Palin16

        Poor deluded child!

    • FreedomFighter

      What a load of bullsheet you guys put out, hope you got breath mints

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • DaveH

    Obama is not a communist, marxist, or socialist? Lie #2

    • Neil Swan

      Dave H
      You just like to hear BS artists.


      • DaveH

        Excellent rebuttal, Neil. I’m so impressed.

  • lucky renzo

    F- – k obama

  • See-U-4-what-U-are.

    This article like all the rest Liberty puts out, is a propaganda move, a distortion of the fact’s which by the way is a common denominator of the Christian right wing propaganda movement, and has been so for many years, its like herding cow’s to slaughter, the Christian right wing, has been given a dose, of do as I say, not as I do, and you, won’t be removed from the flock, its all very cult, with that said, the church’s are no longer a place to praise God, but Club’s, a place they can play video’s of terrorist groups and put Obama in the scene’s. and then declare he’s a terrorist.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Your handlers must be proud of you. You managed to get all the Leftist/Fascist cue words into your posting.

  • The Christian American

    What’s new Obama is a Communist and his father was Communist. Communist in a nutshell means people that advocate Government owned / government controlled. Fascist believe Private ownership / government controlled, like Romney. What’s the difference? What happened to our Constitutional Republic where the people did the controlling of their own destines? Government involvement in anything means overhead: Period. A batch of government numbskulls telling us what to do in every aspect of our lives. We’re so use to fascism that we accept. We discuss ways to make it good for our lives.

  • Firefight

    Ok, here’s the plan. Everybody go to your employer and tell him/her you do not wish for any taxes to be withheld from your pay check. You no longer wish to pay anything into SSI or any other government program. Now, if you are an employer, send a letter to the IRS infornming them that your company has decided that they can no longer allow themselves to take credit for what the government has clearly created and provided for you and all of your employee’s success and at this point will no longer be filing 941 payroll taxes nor sending any more money to the Federal Government to support all the wasteful programs that you and your employees do not believe in and feel you have no responsibility to contribute to. If evryone in this country would do this, that would get their attention. Once they realized that we were not going to fund their follies and they realized that we just fired them, maybe they would start to realize that they wern’t as smart as they thought they were. It’s either this or a full blown revolution with patriotic Americans killing these Marxist/Communists. On this one, I can go either way.

  • OhioRiver

    Obama talks like a man who once had a business in his life. I don’t think so.

  • Gangbuster 2012

    That,in my opinion, Is the MOST Dumb a#s Thing I”ve ever Heard come out of a Presidents mouth!!!And Its Almost Election Time!!!”(What a dumb ,Very Dumb thing to say!!!)What does he Thing the AMERICAN PEOPLE are,a bunch of low grade Morons??I didn’t vote for him,and frankly I never will.that, goes for the Clintons as well!!!!Then some have the nerve to say what kind of son of a bi##h President Lincoln was(shame on you!!!)I’ll take President LINCOLN over O”bomb”a any day of the week!!!!!Lets get rid of that Dumbsh#t This coming Election!!!!

  • lean and mean 2012

    I strongly Agree with you Gangbuster,What he said was entirely off the wall!!!!

  • lean and mean 2012

    Come on now,PEOPLE,Give president obama a break,After all he was just showing us his true IQ!!!!!!

  • middle man 2012

    I’m votteing for Mitt.!!!

  • Oldbutnot a dumbass 2012

    I can’t hardly wait for Nov to get here!!!I agree Gangbuster,its high time for change,obama hs to G-G-G-O-O-O!!!!!!!!

  • brett

    kill them all and let god sort them out. good luck explaining that to saint peter. you’re all bloody looney.

  • Joe America

    Brett, Keep your comments back in England, with your Queen and your socialist government. This is a site for patriots, not tories. Here’s a thought for you, the NWO is actually being run by the old aristocracy of Europe and the elite of the USA, who are tied to the old aristocracy of Europe. They’ve never liked the freedom we have in the USA and it’s their goal to take us down. The UN, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Health Organization are their weapons. England, in spite of the fact that we’ve save her from two horrible world wars, has never been our friend. The elite, there, want us back in the fold and they are working diligently to accomplish that goal. If you like that craphole, then stay there and eat your poop sandwich. Otherwise, just leave us alone.

  • Luigi Grimaldi

    Thanks again. Read and loved your book. I am heavily into Austrian Economics, Objectivism, Paleoconservatism and Liberty.. I am a member of the Canadian Libertarian Party and define my views as Anarcho-Capitalist. Lew Rockwell, Mike Church and you are my brothers.

    Obama? “Trow Da Bum Out!”

  • Godfather

    This proves what people have said for years. Conservative Republicans are un-American Liars, racists, bigots and natural America Haters. Listen to the idiot on this video and then read some of the devil’s letters by the conservative right wing KKK and Tea Party Conservative Republican Members here. These devils hate America. period

    • John

      It appears Godfather has been drinking the koolaid with the ingredients that come from the south end of a north bound bull. I am a conservative. I believe in the rights of the individual, including the right not to belong to a group who loves stealing from me, so they don’t have to work. I am also a former combat soldier for my country, who was willing to put myself in harms way, to protect Those same rights for the people in my country. Don’t know if I am a racist or not. I have never considered the race of anyone of my friends or enemies. Don’t know if I am a bigot either. I do know that I love my country, and have proven it. The KKK is a group, and not interested in the rights of individuals, as I understand what I have read about them. The Tea Party seems to be about restoring our country to greatness, and limiting the size of government. Since government has never produced anything but cost, I applaud their efforts. I love this country, and took an oath to protect it against all enemies, including the domestic ones. Your post leades me to believe that you are a domestic enemy of the United States of America, So please do me, and my real countrymen a favor, and move to the socialest country in Europe of your choice.

      • Godfather

        John, you just proved my point. I was in the military and received my honorable discharge however I am not sure that just because you were in the military that you received the proper discharge. From you post, you hate America and what it stands for which tells me that you may have been kicked out of the military or they would not let you re-enlist. I have a small business that has done better under President Obama than under your lying war mongering George Bush. President Obama has done more to restore the integrity of America than any of the lying Republicans or Republican Candidates in the 2012 race. You right wing fanatics and Tea Party fanatics and American Haters do nothing but repeat what you hear on FOX which is composed of mostly liars and bigots. Pretending that you are not a racist or bigot means that you are willing to lie to yourself. Be honest for once in your life admit what you are.

        • John

          My discharge was also honorable. My sons are also in the military, and have been in combat. When I took the oath, there was no time limit. Since the Democrats took control of the Senate in 2006, my company has taken more and more distructive hits, through taxes, and regulations. Since the current excutive branch took office, I have had to fire, and lay off people that in 2008 I still needed. Our current government doesn’t get it that socialism does not work, and never has. Which military were you in that led you to believe that more, and bigger government was a good thing?? Government only produces cost, and nothing else. I have no need to lie, or disparage others for their thoughts. As I stated earlier, I am an independent conservative, who believes in the Constitution, which, I took an oath to protect. It is shameful that our current government, and you, forgot that you took the same oath, and are forsworn

    • Palin16

      Get your facts straight. The KKK was started by a group of southern democrats. There you go again, playing the race card. Johnnie Cochran would be proud!

      • Godfather

        You call it playing the race card I call it facts. If you are a racist or bigot do not be ashamed to admit it. Be honest with yourself for once in your life. Try that David Duke.

      • Palin16

        Godfather, you forgot to call me a misogynist and homophobe also, LOL!

    • meteorlady

      I really hate people that speak without the benefit of facts or education. Southern Democrats started the KKK and at first they hunted Republicans for their stance on the 14th Amendment. The Klan is still mainly composed of them.

      So what have the Democrats done for minorities? Just the label “minority” is degrading and accepts that we are less than educated so we need special “privileges”. The Democrats discovered during LBJ’s presidency that if they gave enough free stuff out they could enslave minorities and they would be nice little democrats living on the government plantation.

      The fact is that since the inception of the War on Poverty (poverty was basically flatlined during the debates about it’s passage), there are 20% more people per capita in poverty today than in 1965.

      • Godfather

        The Republican Party that you belong to and protecting is not the Republican Party that came into existence to abolish slavery. The Southern Democrats that you are talking about went to the Republican Party in the 60s and they along with Nixon came up with the Southern Strategy which were nothing but a group or lying racist and bigots. They have you leaving out parts of history to make your point. It won’t work here. My statement stands as written. Factual.

        • macgyver1948

          Godfather.. Yep. Those southern Democrats who were the bigot groups who were the KKK left the Dems because the majority of the Dems would not agree that they too should be Anti-God and anti-people as the KKK is. They left the Dems because the Dems would NOT be as they are and they become part of the Southern Conservative Republican branch of the party.

          I know you put it your way but this kind of domestic terrorist group, and there are more than one, always gets to me. “If you will not believe/accept/act/pray as we do you have to be wrong” so we will take our toys and go some place else. Anyway, there is a familiar touch to them here today…

          It is funny in a scary way. Those groups in the 1960′s, The KKK, the John Birch Society and others, had such common agendas and they proved it by fighting The Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s as well as all government action which imposed on Corporations. The KKK, the John Birch Society and others of that day are still with us today but some have different names and they do want to ban together as it was shown in the news in the last couple of years. ‘A rose by any name’ still has hurtful thorns….

          Oh well, what can I do so I guess I will just get a cup of green TEA… :-))).

      • Palin16

        Godfather, if you want to see a real racist, take a look at Maxine Waters.

      • TOCB

        Those southern Democrats you speak of? They have been firmly entrenched in the GOP since LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act. Johnson thought Democrats would lose the south only for a generation. He miscalculated. President Obama has fallen short in a number of ways. He is not a saviour. But no one man has ever fixed the challenges we face as a nation. We have the freedom to disagree with our government and each other, but at the end of the day, if we don’t learn to compromise and come together a lot more than we do now, we will self destruct.

  • Fairplay 2012

    How could any one (in their right mind,of course) agree with what he said? Gangbuster ,I will agree,I’ll take lincoln over him !!!What dam dirty low life thing to say to The American People.

  • meteorlady

    So if Obama is correct, then why is there a direct correlation between government growth and unemployment. The lines on the graph are almost completely in lock step. As a small business owner I create jobs… the governments (state, county, city and federal) put every roadblock in place to make it harder and harder to complete and stay in business.

    Obama hasn’t any clue what business is about or he would take steps to streamline regulations, get rid of the ones that aren’t meaningful, and stop the excessive taxation.

    • Elaine

      meteorlady says:

      Obama hasn’t any clue what business is about or he would take steps to streamline regulations, get rid of the ones that aren’t meaningful, and stop the excessive taxation.

      I think you give him way too much credit as a person who cares about this country and way too little discredit for being someone who’s truly trying to ruin our country.

      But you’re right about one thing, he has very little knowledge of anything about us or this country’s true greatness, now and in the past.

  • What?Me Worrie? @2012

    MATT 2012God Save AMERICA!!!!

  • strighttothepoint @2012

    I’ve always chosen man over party,not party over man!!!If I feel i’m being Bull Sh#ted,by one,I’ll vote for the other!!!Down with obama,its time to get rid of this JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • strighttothepoint @2012

    PS, I have to agree with Gangbuster,,That was a pretty dumdas@ thing to say to people who work hard running a business!!!!!I don’t think i have ever heard a dumder thing like this coming from any other President in U,S. History!!!!!!!He will make history ,as the dumdest ,the most disrespectful of all the Presidents!!!!

    • macgyver1948

      “Obama’s recent assertion that government, not entrepreneurs, is responsible for business success in the United States”.

      I have to hear that speech from start to end because I will never trust out-of-context stuff but for any to say that and mean exactly that is showing there is an error in his placement of due respect or judgement in that regard. Root is all out-of-context so coming from him would make it hard to believe because he is only about hate for Obama… Ya just cant trust hate.

  • oldkoreanwarvet

    What that bozo does not understand is there would be no government without the free commerce and business developing a base for workers which all in turn developed a tax to finance a government.

    The government would not have done any of the things that bozo thinks they did without the flow of taxes from the very same people that he is now saying the government is the all mighty that built the infrastructure, that may be in part, but not without the tax money from the folks.

  • Homer

    I am a Business owner and I have had to scape and save and stretch and relay on “PROVIDENCE” to get me thru running a successful business! It has been 12 years since i started and it has been good, but not easy, I had help only God can give BUT OBAMA had nothing to do w/it and he has NO idea what it takes to run a business…how could he, he never even ran a lemonade stand! Someone needs to think before they speak!!

  • Kevin Beck

    To any Republicans still trolling around on this site: Why can’t you find a candidate that can take it to your political opponents like Mr. Root? The views stated in that video should be the same ones spoken by Mitt-man at EVERY public opportunity! Yet for some reason, Mitt-man just sounds tired at most of his rallies.

    I guess his epic battle for the party nomination against Ron Paul must have made him weak in the Capitalism and Freedom department.

    • oldkoreanwarvet

      Mitt Romney is not the official candidate yet, not until he is pronounced at the convention, then we will see if his demeanor changes . The test will come at the first debate with bozo, just wonder if bozo can get through it without a tela prompter, will be interesting.

  • duif100

    If the government is responsible for the business successes, is it then not also responsible for the business failures?

  • duif100

    If the government is responsible for business succes, the why is the economy not booming?
    The only answer that the Obama administration deliberately cuaes a prolonged depression to make the American people suffer.
    For what?.
    Why did Nero play the fiddle while Rome burned?

  • duif100

    By claiming credit for all business succes, you automatically also claim credit for all business failures and the economic problems associated with that.
    Were you aware of that before you opened your mouth Obama?

  • Bob

    This confirms that Obama is a Marxist/socialist, need I say more?

  • Ken

    My question to you all is this?

    “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?”

    That’s what this is all leading to.

    God Bless.

  • Joel H

    in 98 I had a trance vision after a prayer session, I saw a black man looking through binoculars, it was the picture that appears at the top of this article. He was looking at the lincoln memorial, the air was filled with dollars floating, while on the ground were stacks of gold bars on one side of the building and pennies on the other. the American flag was falling to the ground. The hour has arrived

  • macgyver1948

    “Obama’s recent assertion that government, not entrepreneurs, is responsible for business success in the United States” would be showing the sign of a mad man if Obama said only that.

    Obama’s speech on taking credit for business success’. I just listened to it.
    Hear it all at

    I Should have known listening to Root and his “I will get you to believe what I want you to” crap . Root’s out-of-context routine belongs in a carnival’s side show. He is a huckster.

    Take from a thing the parts you can use to distort the truth. Hitler did well with that happy BS. That is the Root of TEA advertising….

    Hear it and read it..

    If you listened to root on this page you heard him say his classmates cheered after hearing there was an attempt on President’s Reagan life. Coming from root I have a problem believing but I do remember hearing the predecessor of the TEA Party, The John Birch Society, cheered after JFK was killed. I wonder if Obama embarrassed root at Columbia U and his little mind couldn’t take it. Root is a joke.

    Listen to the video and read along with the speech for what root is saying. See if you can find it anywhere even in the “Rooted” in between the lines.

  • Dave Kirby

    I have read this blog for an hour and read most of it. Most of the entries are extremely anti-Obama. I think you need to step back and ask yourself: Why am I so angry that I believe all of the negative comments slathered on Obama? There has been a ton of this slime being dumped on him since he first took office; way before he had a chance to earn any of this acrimony. What is really going on?

    • chuck

      “O” is a LIAR! He is incapable of telling the truth. He has done nothing to stem the tide of corruption in government or banking/investment. Corzine, Blankfein, Dimon, etc. etc. still walk among us. Next will be gun rights down the tube. He and his henchMAN (H.Clinton) are about to sign away the 2nd amendment to the UN Small Arms treaty. Until the “sheeple” see the light, we are doomed. When the rule of law only applies to “them”, and the supreme court refuses to uphold the Constitution, we are doomed until we rise up and DEMAND equal rights and justice. How many lies must we believe before we SEE it? Remember he was called a “liar” at one of his 1st addresses to the nation? The poor accuser had to apologize. FOR WHAT??? Politics. Obama is lower than whale (expletive deleted), and there he sits at the head of the once most powerful nation in the world. Good luck to him (and us).

    • Danny

      What is really going on is (a) the vast majority of online comments on any subject are full of vitriol and idiocy, probably because they are anonymous, and (b) the right wing, urged on by Fox News and other Murdoch media, cannot just disagree with Obama or Dems on tax policy, economic policy or anything else – instead they have to demonize those that disagree with them. Because they disagree with Obama, or Nancy Pelosi, or [any Dem name here] they have to conjure up some evil conspiracy theory with malevolent intent that explains the disagreement. It seems not to dawn on them that maybe there are two sides to an issue and their opinion may be arguable, but it is not the only opinion that one can reasonably hold. There is no policy debate with them, they skip over that and go straight to the name calling and wild personal accusations. It prevents any real discussion of important issues and threatens our democracy. If you want proof of my point, watch the responses that get posted to this Reply.

      • macgyver1948

        Danny… You did very well and I think one of the root causes of the “only we are right so if you do not agree with us you have to be wrong” idiocy mentality also comes from the guy who wrote this misinforming article and it has been going on for decades. But that is what root now does, spews out hate so he might have been hurt by Obama at Columbia U and these are his childish revenge-es.

        The right seems to be saying “if we can’t be agreed with then we must insult them”. Time for cookies and milk and then a nap.

    • macgyver1948

      Dave Kirby… You asked “What is really going on?”. I too only see hate for Obama in the Root article and in many of the posters here. If you mean what did Obama really say(?) :

      Listen to the video and read along with the speech for what root is saying. See if you can find it anywhere even in the “Rooted” in-between the lines.

      I posted this yesterday here but it seems only Rooted hate still prevails over the speech.

      When all you can wrap your mind around is hate truth cannot even sneak in…

  • Elaine

    Dave Kirby,

    I’m surprised that you’d been reading for an hour and didn’t see the following blog: Kerry -
    July 19, 2012 at 11:51 am

    Obama admitted what he and his wife thought of the country before he was ever elected. Some, like you, may have ignored it. Many ignored the warnings of people who warned of Hitler’s true intentions before WWII and were obviously ignored. Lots were taken off in the middle of the night.

    And as for the Jews who think Hitler was conservative, how do they think he believed in big government when that’s the opposite of what conservatives want. Maybe the labels is why they have been voting for BHO when he’s so much like Hitler. I could never figure that out until now.

    But labels are only generalizations that can’t possibly allow for individualism. Someone says the conservatives fatten their wallets at the expense of the honest masses. For the most part, we are the common masses who have never tried to take anything we didn’t work for in an honest day’s pay. Those who can’t understand that labels are only a simplified category and try to lump all together are too close minded.

    I’m a Heinz57 American with my family Dutch ancestors having been here for nearly 400 years and my Indian ancestors even longer.

    • Dave Kirby

      Hitler thrived on disseminating hate on people who were in dire economic situations (from the first big war). Similar to how the extreme Islamist conscript their suicide bombers, he was able to rouse the masses who thought maybe he could pull them out of the depression. He consistently and constantly touted the aryan (German) superiority, playing on their emotions. By doing this, he was able to subject the jews and others to containment an loss of property.

      This is obviously a simplification, but it seems to me, Obama is doing just the opposite. He seems to opening himself up to hate by his opponents. Oh, there are paid shills on this blog, but the money is coming from the ultra conservatives who need to farm the 99% for votes for big energy, big agri, big pharma and insurance (no “big” needed here). Someone is fanning the flames of hate, and it is not the few liberals who post.

      • Elaine

        Really. Then why are you even interested in what’s said here? It’s not because it’s your viewpoint. So the reason would be to incite hatred, it seems to me.

        I can tell you’re smart. Look inside yourself for your real objectives.

        • Dave Kirby

          Elaine, thanks for your response. I get Livingston’s email and I sometimes read a column or watch a video to see what others are saying. I don’t think I can keep up with what’s going on by just listening to people who I agree with. Upon reading the blog, I felt a lot of anger among Bob’s subscribers and I wanted to say something that might help. I want to help. I did accuse some of the posters of being paid to stir up this hate. I don’t know that there are or certainly which ones are being paid. I’m a lover, not a fighter. I just want to say, “Don’t be a hater.”

          • Elaine

            Dave Kirby says:
            July 23, 2012 at 10:59 pm

            I’m not the hater here. You’re the one who goes around demeaning people and acting like you know them, calling them names, etc. because you don’t agree with them.

            You go places that you don’t even agree with and act like pesky little gnats or mosquitoes. I bet you are paid to come here, and if so, you prove everything here about the underhandedness of BHO to be true.

            Hitler had those kind of trouble-makers around, too.

            So did Russia. Ever read “The Christian Persecutor” by Sergei Kourdadov? You remind me of him in his paid position by the Russian police.

          • Dave Kirby

            Elaine, thanks again for your reply. I don’t remember how I started getting Bob’s emails, but I am here as a result of that. I’m sure Bob spreads the emails to as large an audience he can so he can make more money on the advertising. I have got involved in a couple of discussions because I enjoy it and I hope to make a difference. Obama is a politician. He has his faults. I just haven’t read anything reliable or verifiable, that would make people hate and fear him the way people on this blog seem to.

          • Elaine

            How nice of you Dave!!! That’s what we all want, to make a difference in what we believe. We believe in our country, not a man running for office. We want freedom for our children and grandchildren.

            But for the life of me, I can’t see how you can read what he said about the flag, the pledge, the people, Islam, and everything else before he was elected and NOT see that he even told us his goals.

            Do you ignore those things? What is it exactly?

            A lot of conservatives voted against Bush because they didn’t like what he had done on a lot of things, but some of us were afraid of change for change’s sake. That is what got Hitler in, also. But Hitler created a fantasy of a better economy by raping the wealth of other countries.

            Maybe that’s what BHO was trying to do with his spending. I think it was more to hide embezzlement by him and his cronies.

            You say you don’t know what he’s done? How about all of those vacations for him and his family. They even take a separate plane for the dog. Do you know the beliefs of Islam and their relationships to dogs? Truthfully, I don’t know them and only believe what I’ve read there. But it does make sense because all of the other presidents have been able to fly with their pets with no extra expense of another plane.

            And this spending is from a president (your belief) or usurper (my belief) who says we’re going to have to tighten our belts and make sacrifices for the sake of future generations. Now truly, wouldn’t a president who cared about the country he was in charge of be concerned enough to do the same?

            You say you want to make a difference. This is for the betterment of our country, isn’t it? Don’t you think the president should be at least as interested in that? Why would he be giving billions away to countries that don’t even like us if he was concerned about our country? Why would he give 2 oil rich islands away to Russia when I don’t even think it was his to give away. He doesn’t own this country!!! We do!! He gave away part of our land and I’m sure he knew we wouldn’t like it.

            Why can’t you and the others see this? To those of us who agree, these are some of the things we’ve seen. We’re not delusional about what other presidents have done.

            What we wind up doing in most cases is voting for the best possible person for this country, making it a vote against the other rather than for a particular person. It’s such a shame that most politicians have sunk to that status. There are a few I actually like.

            I don’t hate anyone for being liberal. Too many in my family are, including my son. He and I have to just not talk about politics. I send him e-mails and he answers the same way.

            My mother-in-law was a Kirby. We might be related, also. Everyone is related to everyone else. There is no way we’re not.

          • Dave Kirby

            Well, Elaine, I just don’t know what to say. I never heard of these islands given to Russia and like you say, it’s not his to give. How could you believe that he did? Or that they were even given away? If they were, I’m sure there was a reason, some treaty or other, but without checking, I just doubt that it ever happened. That business about the flag and the pledge of allegiance; I simply don’t believe it happened. That I did check. I don’t understand why you and others DO believe it. You seem to want this pres to be a monster. Vacations? Really? Bush took much more time off in his first couple of years than Obama will in eight. Freedom? Bush and the congress took a lot of our freedoms and safeguards, I was very disappointed that Obama didn’t at least try to give some back.

            I, unlike most liberals I know, would like to see a major overhaul of some of our welfare programs. I do not want to see people go hungry. That’s just wrong. But instead of food stamps, I would like to see people who need it get a sack of beans, a sack of rice and a small voucher for some lard, meat, fish, fresh vegetable, etc. If they don’t know what to do with it I also think they are entitled to cooking classes for them and their kids, daycare included for the very young. It irks me to see food stamps being spent on nothing but convenience foods, soda pop, and worse, being traded for drugs and alcohol. I also am against paying people to raise their children when they do a lousy job of it. They should be able to show up for ten to twenty hours a week, daycare included, and do some kind of work or get some kind of training; at least parenting classes.
            On the other hand, if they do get work, the welfare should be discontinued gradually so that there is some incentive to work. I mean who wants to work if you can get paid more for not working.

            I also agree with Obama that we should get rid of the Bush tax cuts. Not just the ones that are set to expire, but also the capital gains reduction that Bush and congress put into place. When Bush took over, we had a surplus and for a short time began to pay back the debt. Bush said “It’s not the gummint’s money, it’s your money.” That was the end of paying down the debt. I got a check for $300.00 and maybe more than that a year for the next ten years. What do you think guys like Romney got? Just on the Tax cut and much much more form the capital gains reduction. Obama, too, probably got a healthy sum, especially in the last few years. He is willing to “sacrifice” those gains. It would be nice if when they do raise the taxes some, that they actually do pay down the debt so our grand children will at least have a chance of doing so themselves. Obama is not a bad guy, but like I said, he is a politician; you can’t expect too much……dave

            PS, I go to a bookstore to play chess on Mondays. Sometimes a tea party supporter named Bob comes and we have some lively discussions. He thinks Obama is a secret Muslim, not born here, etc., etc. He is preparing for the end times. Later

          • Elaine


            I agree with you on a lot of your ideas about welfare reform, and I agree that there should be some reform in health care. But the health care reform could have been achieved with just what we were already spending on it. Why does someone have to go to the ER to get medical attention. If the government will pay for something there, why not pay for it in a doctor’s office for a lot less? And if the government can’t handle any of the programs they already handle such as SS, Medicare, Medicaid, the Companies under all of their umbrellas, illegal entry into our country and everything else; why start another program that dwarfs all of the other in spending and still doesn’t do what everyone thought it should in the first place? Namely, covering every CITIZEN who needs it. That does not include everyone who enters the country illegally.

            I was wrong about the 2 islands. It’s 7 or 8.





            After looking at some of the facts more, they should belong to Russia. That was conservative spin against BHO that shouldn’t have been.

            Thanks, Dave, for actually talking without name-calling. :-)

      • macgyver1948

        Dave Kirby… Hitler employed many methods to get power and to control the masses. From within his psychotic conceited criminal, although somewhat insecure at the same time, mind he conceived his plot by telling the Germans the depression was caused by his personal target of hate, the Jews. He told them the other big threat to them were the Communists and then later forms of capitalisms that wasn’t related to his. That was extremely far conservative right of him.

        He also used his thugs to threaten those who might oppose him and then he stole the Germen at-the-time form of Democracy by threatening the authorities to hand over the power by which he just lost in the election. And to think there are still people even today, and even in America, who look up to that evil piece of ()*^&(^. That speaks so well of those and their (lack of) morality.

        Hitler was in the Real Estate business as well as the power biz. If he didn’t invade and conquer he just out right stole. Taking the property of Jews and others was just a huge bonus that fed his hate and desire to control everything.

  • TOCB

    Do you people listen to what someone actually says or do you always decide what they are going to say before they say it and tune out what they actually say? What the president actually said was no one succeeds in our society all by themshelves. Not a single one of you who are commenting here, if you are successful, did it alone, including Mr. Root. And that doesn’t take anything away from your individual efforts and accomplishments. But I suppose if you admitted that, it would make you a socialist or something.

    • macgyver1948

      TOCB… Excellent post. Two days ago I posted, here, a URL to a site which plays the video of that Obama speech and also included the words printed below it. I suppose it is easier for some to listen to the ravings of a person like Root than to even try to find the truth. Root so obviously hates Obama so she spews out his hate for him. They went to Columbia U at the same time so I wonder if Obama embarrassed him and Root can’t take it to this day. Root does show his hate with his out of context and misconceptions so what else can we see of him?

      Here it is again…
      Listen to the video and read along with the speech for what root is saying. See if you can find it anywhere even in the “Rooted” in-between the lines.

      It is a fact successful people did not get there alone. We need help along the way but we can be proud of the success we do achieve.

  • April Duplessis Aldrich

    The only toxic thing I read was the article and the people commenting on this site. The self centered attitude of you people is astonishing and distrubing.

  • Fairplay 2012

    April(in July)It might get a hell of lot more Astonishing,and distrubing before all this mess is cleared up!!!!If,like you,if I were looking for a reliable place to get some information,it sure would not be here on this web-site.Remember, the old saying”it takes all kinds to make a world”!!Trust me ,you’ll find them all here on this web-site!!!!!!!

  • http://Burton Bob

    Since whites are continually being accused of rascism, are blacks rascist when over 90% of them vote for Obama and many do so because he’s black. Is that rascist or not?

    • macgyver1948

      Bob.. you asked a question of racism. Well, it could depend on the indention of the speaker. Many whites are not racist and many blacks are not either. But it might be so easy to think some people are racist concerning Obama because so many, often the so-called religious right, were opposed to Obama from when he showed himself to be a candidate for president in the last presidential race. That was as much as 2 to 3 or more years before. How could they be so hateful toward him if they didn’t know what his policies would be before he took office? Do no vote for him because he is not a Republican but to actually hate him as so many on the right do since then is not very Christian. Were they told to hate him by their chosen leaders or were they reacting on their own to a horse of as different color?

      Who knows but we do know the GOP has changed a lot in the last decade or so. There are newer influences at work on the GOP and some of it is not very Kosher.

      We either hate for our own reasons or we give that control to the ones we chose to lead us. Personally I would never allow any party or groups influence my thinking or feelings or beliefs by that is me. If I were to do the opposite-of-God thing, hate, I would have to know all the reasons why and determine my justification for them.

      • Elaine

        First, what were his credentials this 2 to 3 years before he actually ran? I personally hadn’t even heard of him so I had no opinion of him. Where do you get your info? Actually, his credentials weren’t even there when he did run.

        And as a Christian, one isn’t supposed to hate their deeds in trying to bring down the country? One isn’t supposed to hate what they do when they obviously lie and when you know they hate you because you’re white or because you’re a citizen? Because I firmly believe he hates all Americans just as he hates all British and Jews.

        • macgyver1948

          Elaine… First, Obama had to have enough “credentials” to get to get into the race, let alone win the election. And whether you heard of him back then or not doesn’t matter because so many on the right hated him back then, perhaps because they were told to – or because he is black. Who but them really knows the reasons but they do.

          Then you say “And as a Christian, one isn’t supposed to hate their deeds in trying to bring down the country”. I know that Elaine, that was part of my point. I am not a Christian but I know that.

          Then you say (I can repeat) “Because I firmly believe he hates all Americans just as he hates all British and Jews”. You can believe all you want and/or all you are told to believe but I do not believe he hates Americans at all and not at all either the British and the Jews. You do have the right to be wrong just as much as the rest of us. How can you come up with how other people feel or believe? That is like people who do not know you say you are a bigot.

          Just do your self a favor if you are not very wealthy or a large corporation. If you hate Obama, with the crap you just said of him, please don’t vote for him but also do not vote for Romney or you will help him BAIN us all.

          • Elaine

            Anybody would be better than BHO. And furthermore, Romney created more jobs on the budget he had than BHO did on the trillions he used up for us. That wasn’t crap about BHO. You are just too blind to see.

          • macgyver1948

            Elaine. As I said, vote for whomever you want. Are you sure you want to say Romney created more jobs (for Massachusetts) than Obama has for the country? That sounds so weird to me since it isn’t government who creates private sector jobs but to suggest a state over the country is more weird.

            You say “… than BHO did on the trillions he used up for us”. Elaine, that sounds like you are saying Obama is the biggest of spenders. Since you cannot run government, a company, a home, etc, with out doing any spending lets compare president’s spending since oh, Eisenhower. But what do I know since, as you say, I am blind.

            Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It’s Barack Obama?

            It’s enough to make even the most ardent Obama cynic scratch his head in confusion.
            Amidst all the cries of Barack Obama being the most prolific big government spender the nation has ever suffered, Marketwatch is reporting that our president has actually been tighter with a buck than any United States president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.
            Who knew?
            You should really see the chart –
            So, how have the Republicans managed to persuade Americans to buy into the whole “Obama as big spender” narrative?
            It might have something to do with the first year of the Obama presidency where the federal budget increased a whopping 17.9% —going from $2.98 trillion to $3.52 trillion. I’ll bet you think that this is the result of the Obama sponsored stimulus plan that is so frequently vilified by the conservatives…but you would be wrong.
            The first year of any incoming president term is saddled—for better or for worse—with the budget set by the president whom immediately precedes the new occupant of the White House.


            or see another article with chart at

          • Elaine

            In the first place, how was Bush credited with ’09 when BHO was in office in ’09 and was responsible for the trillions spent? And then BHO is given the years ’10- ’13. We’re only halfway through ’12. Talk about cooking the books!!!!!!!!

          • mcgyver1948

            Hi Elaine…Wow, you haven’t learned a thing, not observant at all in the last few yours, at least, are ya? Good for you, just how your leaders what you to be. :-)

          • Elaine

            I notice you didn’t bother to explain.

          • macgyver1948

            Hi Elaine… I suppose I didn’t explain because there is so much to go into, on both sides. I would enjoy talking with you about it, as much as you like, on here but we have to refrain from name calling and telling each other how “wrong you are”. It would be only for academic purposes. We can’t be looking to change each other’s minds but to learn from each other.

            We do not have to ever agree but maybe we can better understand how we each think on this political thing. It is up to you

  • swampfox

    I vote for Jesus!
    yall better put your undivided faith in him,cause the rapture is nigh.
    Call me a kook,I don’t care.
    Things are gonna get way way worse,you better pray and get things right with your creator (jehovah elohim),if Yah can’t see that we are in very last days,you are spiritually blind as a bat.
    Laugh,blow it off,scoff,but the LORD is about to get HIS church out of here!

    Then all hell is going to break loose,7 years of it,
    for yall who are already saved and truely know him,get right!
    I was just watching on you tube,different dreams and visions the LORDS people have had within the last year,
    the LORDS warning is clear and emphatic,BE READY,
    praise Jesus,I’m ready to go!
    just think on it……..
    God bless.

  • Elaine

    I would like for all of you liberal shills to explain why BHO won’t salute the flag. Tell me why he insists that terrorist get civil court trials. Tell me why he never said the psychiatrist in Ft. Hood was a racist but he keeps clamoring over whites who he says are racists, whether it’s a NY policeman or a young man in FL. And he’s never spoken against any of the murderers who were black racist murderers like the ones in NC. He seems to be trying to break the country into polar groups. I think that must be his and the liberal battle cry, as I saw in a post by Clif C which was “Divide and conquer”. We now know y’all’s battle cry and what to watch out for.

  • scott

    America is like a healthy body and its resistance it 3 fold: Its Patriotism, Its Morality and its Spiritual life…
    If we can undermine these 3 areas America will Collapse from within.
    Vladimir Lenin

  • confusedincalifornia

    Besides you guys being totally abtuse, since the President didn’t say that businesses didn’t build them. He was talking about infrastructure. Also, I would be very interested in knowing if Mr. Root took out any Federal business loans or Small Business Administration loans. There is government help right there. Come on people, get over the false outrage long enough to get the facts including the truth of what the President said. Everything that I’ve seen come from Romney’s campaign about the President has been either based on a lie or a lie in itself. He takes a few words out of an hour long speech and fills in the blanks. Romney wants to be president so bad he’ll do or say absolutely anything to get there because he thinks he’s entitled. That is the entitlement society he always talks about. He and his ilk all think they are entitled to be treated better and with more defrence than everyone else because of their wealth. Romney won’t tell us anything about his past at the same time he expects us to elect him to the highest office. Well if the right thinks the President wasn’t vetted; he’s had four years of vetting now, why are they letting Romney off without a thourough vetting? Don’t you care if it’s your guy or are you just so hateful of the President that you don’t care if the guy with the magic underware is elected. The one who is just an empty, pathalogical liar.

    • scott

      OMG! I normally just read these things but sometimes I have to say something. What Planet have you been on for the last 4 years? You want to talk about a liar you need look no farther than the big white house. That’s all our fearless leader has done is lie. And you say tell us something about yourself Romney, that’s what we have been asking Obama for 4 years and he still has not come clean and it took 4 years just to get a fake birth certificate. I’ll be the first to say I don’t like Romney and he is not my first choice for sure but if given the option of Romney or Obama ill take Romney any day. The man has been very successful in business at every level and yes he has made a lot of money but I thought that’s what we are supposed to do in a capitalistic country is work hard and be successful and get rewarded for your efforts. Obama has not done anything but be a community organizer he has never ran a business nor has he owned a business and now we want to let him run the biggest business in the world? What qualifications does he have what can he say he has done that has been successful? You can’t inspire people to get up and be somebody if you keep giving them no options other than hand outs, why would they want to get a job they get it free off the people that still believe in the capitalistic way. As a leader you have to create jobs so that people can see there is a better way than a hand out. You can’t make people successful by taking from someone that is successful and giving it to them they will never feel the same as if they did it on their own, they would have pride in their accomplishments. And you can’t create jobs if you are constantly taxing business, it suppresses growth in the economy and keeps business from hiring workers, they have no incentive to do so. The more they make the more they get taxed they have no reason to try to grow their business and hire people. We have to have a leader at this point that understands how to run a business and how to get people back to work and Obama don’t have a clue!

      • DaveK

        Romney’s company made money taking over other companies and either selling off the parts or slimming them down (laying people off) and building them back up. Let’s see which companies are you interested in letting President Mitt take over?

        The great country of the United States of America is not a business. Corporations may have undue influence over it, but it is not a business.

        The argument that Obama hasn’t any experience might have been reasonable four years ago.

        • macgyver1948

          DaveK. The destruction you describe Romney did as head of Bain Capital to so many people, for the major financial benefit of himself and his investors, with so much apathy for those people he hurt, might go down in history as the Baining of America if he is elected, assuming we survive it. He is the corporate boy and he fakes his morals and ethics to so many unless they agree with his.

  • Terry

    Capitalism with freedoms and liberty made our country the greatest in the world. People say that capitalism does not work anymore. Let me tell those people something—It worked fine until WE THE PEOPLE became lazy and complacent and allowed the government to push us around. The more of our hard earned money we keep, the more we can expand our private industry businesses and create jobs. When we liberated ourselves from the control of the King of England, we found out that we could keep the money we earned. Since we weren’t penalized for being successful, we opened another store or expanded our existing one. We need to vote accordingly. Begin at the local levels and take back our country and way of life through voting.


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