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A Black Mark For The Democrats

May 17, 2011 by  

A Black Mark For The Democrats

Herman Cain is a fascinating subject. A self-made millionaire, Cain is a deeply conservative man who recently announced his intention to seek the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination. Cain is a graduate of “historically black” Morehouse College in Atlanta — the alma mater of famous African-Americans including auteur Spike Lee, actor Samuel L. Jackson, banker Walter Massey and a certain clergyman from Atlanta who made quite a name for himself back in the 1960s civil rights movement — and woe be unto the pundit who denigrates the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

To put a fine point on it, Cain is black. Granted, he’s a long shot to snare a starring role in the next Lee movie about racist pizza (or whatever), but he’s an even longer shot to snare a role in the next Merchant/Ivory film about 18th century Europeans being… boring. It’s hard to imagine someone questioning the “blackness” of a man who rubbed shoulders with such notables at such an institution of higher learning; especially if the questioner is a liberal hack who’s only slightly less white than the Queen of England.

Fortunately for Bill Maher, Democrat Party mouthpieces are evidently exempt from their own standards. On his HBO bobble-head program, the nauseatingly unfunny Maher did NOT call Cain an “Uncle Tom.” However, he did employ Cain as a token to take another gratuitous swipe at the conservatives whom Maher despises more than — well — anything:

“Herman Cain, I never heard of this guy, but apparently he ran Godfather’s Pizza, and Republicans say they love him so they’re not racist — right.”

Actually, the presence of a black man (Cain is not the only African-American whose name has come up. Florida Representative Allen West isn’t exactly Swedish) in the Republican Party Presidential race has no more bearing on the racial politics of the Republican Party in general than President Barack Obama’s mixed-race heritage does on the racial politics of the Democrat Party. In fact, I would posit that a white guy — such as Maher — who would draw such a vertex is himself a racist. Maher, likely out of desperation to denigrate anyone who would challenge his beloved Obama, has attempted to reduce Cain from successful businessman to lawn jockey.

Obama’s political career has largely rested upon some of the most disingenuous race-baiting politics in recent memory. From the 2008 corporate media claiming an Obama loss equated institutional racism, to endlessly Democrat-accepted — albeit factually unsupported — claims of Tea Party racism, to the presence of unrepentant bigots like the repulsive Eric Holder in the Attorney General’s office, the Democrats have made race the centerpiece of the response to virtually every criticism of their Presidential hegemony.

Earlier this year, Democrat Party affiliated hate group Common Cause held a rally at which they unabashedly called for the lynching of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Following that outrage — which went largely unreported by the corporate media — Common Cause issued a half-hearted apology. The “apology” was accepted without question by everyone whom the Democrats consider important; a list which did NOT include the target of the racist invective — Justice Thomas himself. The lily-white Democrats who wished for Thomas to meet his end dangling from a rope made their own bigotry clear in their own words. I have a hard time believing that they’d have demanded a lynching or for Thomas to be sent “to the fields” if he looked like — say — Jay Carney.

Maher noted Cain’s Presidential campaign in an effort to repeat the tired old Democrat smear that Republicans are racist. Assuming that Maher is telling the truth about not recognizing Cain — which reveals a serious lack of professionalism on the part of Maher’s writing staff — then he only noted Cain’s political affiliation because of Cain’s race. THAT, my friends, is racist.

Herman Cain is not “my guy” in the 2012 field, although he’d be a damned sight better at dispensing the duties of the Presidency than the manufactured buffoon who’s squatting there now. But in true liberal fashion, Maher treated Cain like a politicized “Stepin’ Fetch it” in order to prove a Democrat fantasy — Republicans are racist — which doesn’t exist in fact.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • The Insurgent

    What you think are behind all this?
    The SKULLS & BONES. Historically, the name refers specifically to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt…

    In modern times it is also used to refer to a purported conspiratorial organization which acts as a SHADOWY “POWER BEHIND THE THRONE”, allegedly CONTROLLING WORLD AFFAIRS through present day GOVERNMENTS AND CORPORATIONS, usually as a modern incarnation or continuation of the Bavarian Illuminati. In this context, the Illuminati are believed to be the masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of a ‘New World Order’.

    Originally Weishaupt had planned the order to be named the “Perfectibilists”…

    “We must OVERTHROW ALL ORDER, SUPPRESS ALL LAWS, ANNUL ALL POWER, AND LEAVE THE PEOPLE IN ANARCHY. The LAWS WE ESTABLISH will not perhaps be in force at once, but at any rate, having given back the power to the people, they will resist for the sake of their liberty which they will believe they are preserving. We must CARESS THEIR VANITY, FLATTER THEIR HOPES, PROMISE THEM HAPPINESS after our work has been in operation; we must ELUDE THEIR CAPRICES (IMPULSES) and their systems at will, for THE PEOPLE AS LEGISLATORS ARE VERY DANGEROUS, they only establish laws which coincide with their passions, their want of knowledge would besides only give birth to abuses. But as THE PEOPLE ARE A LEVER WHICH LEGISLATORS CAN MOVE AT THEIR WILL, we must necessarily use them as a support, and render HATEFUL TO THEM EVERYTHING WE WISH TO DESTROY AND SOW ILLUSIONS IN THEIR PATH; we must also BUY ALL THE MERCENARY PENS WHICH PROPAGATE OUR METHODS and which will instruct the people concerning their enemies whom we attacked (a.k.a. ‘Osama Bin Laden’). The clergy, being the most powerful through public opinion, can only be destroyed by ridiculing religion, rendering its ministers odious, and only representing them as hypocritical monsters, for Mahomet (Muhammad?) in order to establish his religion first defamed the paganism which the Arabs, the Scythians professed. Libels must at every moment show fresh traces of hatred against the clergy. To EXAGGERATE THEIR RICHES, to MAKE THE SINS OF AN INDIVIDUAL APPEAR TO BE COMMON TO ALL, to attribute to them all vices; CALUMNY, IRRELIGION, SACRILEGE, all is permitted in times of revolution…”

    “We must degrade the noblesse and attribute it to an odious origin, establish a germ of equality which CAN NEVER EXIST BUT WHICH WILL FLATTER THE PEOPLE, (we must) immolate the most obstinate, BURN AND DESTROY THEIR PROPERTY IN ORDER TO INTIMIDATE THE REST, so that if we cannot entirely destroy this prejudice we can weaken it and the people will avenge their vanity and their jealousy by all the excesses which will BRING THEM TO SUBMISSION.”

    You can guess, but the Japanese nuclear meltdown was carefully planned too. Now hundreds-of-millions of people will get radiation and if not, their food will.
    Did u notice the similarity of 03-11(2011) and 9-11(2001)? The signs of the judaistic devil – again.

  • Pete

    If Herman Cain is Pro-Life he has my vote.

    • http://n/a john robison

      Herman Cain has the intellect to put the right people around him which will make up for his lack of knowledge in politics I think he would do a great job, he owes no one and we keep saying thats what we need but when the “one” arrives we say “oh he doesn’t have enough politcal savvy” and pass him the time the dust settles in the Republican field of candidates he will be him…

      • Just Shillin

        Suddenly Cain is your new messiah? Former FED banker? Your post sounds eerily familiar to the logic employed by those touting our current president prior to his election. Ron Paul, not another planted prospect.

      • vagabond

        John a nonpolitical type is just what we need. and Herman Cain has proven he has the business sense to run a large corporation. the U.S. is a larg corporation. contrary to a lot of IDIOTS thinking a community organisor does not have the expertise nor the ability to run this country. I would love to see a Herman Cain Allen West ticket.

        • American Taxpayer

          Get these two men on the ticket, now!!

        • Kate8

          This whole idiocy of “My black is better than your black!”, or “My black outblacks your black”…what nonsense.

          Since when is the Presidency based on skin color? Is this the way we get people elected now?

          WE NEED THE MOST QUALIFIED PERSON, WHOEVER THIS MAY BE. I don’t care about his race. I care about his ideology.

          Liberals use race as a battering ram. Don’t forget, satan himself is called the accuser.

          • 45caliber


            I agree with you. There should be no race included in the Presidency or any other political office. It should go to the person who is best for that position. Sadly, too many believe race is the only qualification for office

          • JUKEBOX

            Obama and his myrmidons are the first ones to scream “RACISM” at the first hint of any criticism.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Obama is gray,not black.Herman Cain is an excellent choice for a candidate.However,it is only prudent that the big picture be realized.Running H.C.against Obama would be disasterous for the republican party.As I have already stated,the one that the whole of America is more familiar with(Obama)wins in this case because a known candidate is more electable than an unknown candidate.Barack Obama takes every opportunity to appear on television and even goes so far as to create them when they are not apparent.He is a sensation.The darling of the democratic party,and the messiah of the media.By no means can he be defeated by a johnny come lately.And yet there are no solid applicants on the republican ticket.The republicans have had 2 1/2 years to get their perspective spit together,and zero…zilch.You have all been sold down the river to gain seats in the senate and have a president who cant get bills passed.The same old tactics being used.You are all being treated like maroons.I am too,and I dont like it a bit.The best fight we could give,would be to give the democrats control of the house again.To show the republicans that their sorry asses are out of touch,and that we wont stand for their status quo.I am the last person who would actually want that to happen,but something needs to be done to bring this to a head.It doesnt seem like the progressives want to release their power grab on the government.Since I fully believe that hte republican leadership is as progressive as the democrats are,we need to trim the fat off of the GOP.Lets get rid of these sorry excuses.It may hurt us for four more years but if we let the progressives keep control into the next decade we will watch our country die.We need to kill off the meal ticket for the GOP progressives.Then we can concentrate on the Democrats.-CC.

      • Fighting Grandma

        He was the Chairman of the Kansas Fed Res ~ the same Fed Res that is behind the basic demise of our country. Yes, he is beholden…and you can bet it is the Fed Res ~ and you can take that to the bank (pun absolutely intended). You can watch his 2-min video where he defends the Fed Res on YouTube.

    • doc

      Pro Life!! Yes!!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Pete and all,

      You need to be careful about jumping on the Cain bandwagon. Cain is former director of the Federal Reserve of Kansas City. He scoffs at those who believe there should be an audit of the Federal Reserve. He dismisses those who believe the Federal Reserve is the root of our financial situation. He supported TARP and the other bailouts. Cain is no conservative. If elected, he’s just another fox guarding the hen house, and nothing will change.

      Best wishes,

      • Dan az

        Thanks Bob L
        I didn’t know much about him until now,I feel that the people need to have all the facts before they just blindly throw there votes away.The last thing that we need now is another puppet trying to sink the life rafts.

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          Dan, Az, I heard some stuff going around about him, but Quite Frankly, Now I’m disappointed, I liked Cain.

          • Kate8

            It just goes to show that we can’t put our trust in ANYONE just because they seem to say some of the right things.

            Many wolves is sheep’s clothing, and the PTB will stop at nothing to deceive us and keep us in line. Don’t forget, one of the tactics is to raise up “hero’s of the people”. Also, remember that NO ONE gets even close to being in line for the presidency without the support of big money and power. How many good candidates have fallen in the primaries simply because the media both ignored and marginalized them.

            Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo…many sincere people, brushed aside because the corporate media serves only to get the chosen in power.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I have even e-mailed Duncan Hunter jr to try to get him to talk to his father to run again. He would have been the anti-thesis of nobummer and would have done everything in his power to seal the border!! He proved that in his district!!! I only hope his son comes to realize that nothing he will get from politics is more important than his integrety!!!

      • Pete

        Wow, this guy was head of one of the local Fed Reserve Banks ! And Free Pizza Bob ! What about the free pizza if we vote for him ? Usually during the night of the Presidential election, if you go down to your local Democrat or Republican headquarters, you might get some free SNACKS !! Well if the Republicans have free pizza (all you can eat) I am seriously going to have to consider voting for Mr. Cain .

        What can the Democrat headquarters offer ? maybe an all you can eat buffet on election night catered by Chris Steak House ? Sounds like it could be an interesting election night. I wonder what type of drinks they will offer – some hard apple cider with that food or champagne ? Will the Republicans be offering hard apple cider ? Isn’t that the American drink ? Isn’t champagne the drink of the bankers ?

        Y’know Bob , it all comes down to what do the candidates have to offer good ol’ Pete ! And you can take that to the Bank !! ? Hopefully they won’t close the banks down to after the election …

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          Pete, you mean “If” there is an Election.

          • Peter


            Ditto !

            We are getting rather Spartan ?

      • azwayne

        Bob, please show ALL facts, Mr Cain openly says, Federal Reserve is broken and needs fixing, a duty of Congress which they have neglected since it started. That doesn’t indicate we need to know nothing about federal reserve. Spend some effort and listen and watch all the info about Mr Cain. He’s the MOST CONSERVATIVE candidate in the running but if you like “POPULAR” candidates go your way. We know Republican leaders don not want a true conservative on their ticket. Research why, it’s too bad we don’t know enough to form true CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN party.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear azwayne,

          You write: Mr Cain openly says, Federal Reserve is broken and needs fixing.

          The Fed doesn’t need “fixing.” It needs to be eliminated. It is an unconstitutional assault on our wealth.

          Thomas Jefferson wrote: “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

          After 98 years, we are nearly there.

          That’s why Cain musn’t be elected President.

          Best wishes,

          • Average Joe

            Thank you Bob for saying so eloquently what needed to be said. Unfortunately there are so many people in this nation that don’t understand the Federal Reserve and the harm it has done. I t also amazes me how many people “buy” what the hear from the MSM and never really take the time to research the backgrounds of those candidates… that they eventually vote for.

          • KenWashingtonState

            Dang Bob, you sound like a Ron Paulian/Paulista. Last time I checked the Constitution, it showed a SEPARATION of powers. That means a president CANNOT dissolve the Federal Reserve!!! It requires an act of Congress!!

            What historical context gives you ANY evidence that you would be able to convince people to elect congressional people who will kill the Fed Reserve while issues of underemployment, unemployment, taxes, overspending, etc are on the minds of the populace?
            Ron Paul introduced legislation in 2007 and had NO congressional support, so this time it’s gonna be different?

          • Peter

            Ditto Bob !

            THE FEDERAL RESERVE MUST BE ELIMINATED ! I totally agree with you on that point !

            Hopefully I’ll still get some free pizza on election day …

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear KenWashingtonState,

            You ask if I’m a Ron Paulian/Paulista as if it’s a pejorative. Ron Paul is the only statesman in Congress, so if that makes me a “Ron Paulian/Paulista,” I wear the mantle proudly.

            You rightly say: “That means a president CANNOT dissolve the Federal Reserve!!! It requires an act of Congress!!” However, you are surely aware a president can veto a bill to end the Fed, as Cain surely would, and prevent it from happening.

            You mention the “issues of underemployment, unemployment, taxes, overspending, etc.” These are a direct result of and are made possible by the Federal Reserve. Thankfully, there is an awaking happening. And Paul in the President’s office will have more clout to drive the issue. No other presidential candidate that I’m aware of acknowledges the evil and unconstitutionality of the Fed.

            Best wishes,

          • Average Joe

            While you are correct that the president cannot “end the Fed”, He can through executive order, tell the treasury and the dept. of injustice that they cannot prosecute “competing currencies” allowed under state laws and that of the US Constitution. Competing currencies such as the “Liberty Dollar” and others that have been raided, had their gold and silver stolen by the feds and prosecuted for counterfieting…when their competing currencies threatened the Federal Reserves very existence. So, while he cannot end the fed…he certainly can allow for competing currency….thereby forcing out the fed…. through competition.

          • Michael J.

            Hello Bob,
            I did a quick search recently on Herman Cain because it seemed as though what I was hearing from him was to good to be true. Once again my instincts served me well, not only does Cain have former Fed affiliations, but he also attended the 2009 Bilderberg meeting. Just as I thought, another NWO schill being groomed for a top slot in the corporation. The Council of Seven’s theory being that if a black democrat was so easily electable, why not a black republican in this next tide change of the left-right paridigm.

          • KenWashingtonState

            Yes Bob Livingston, it was a pejorative. Ron Paul fans incessant rant of “End the Fed!” is as annoying as kid with a blow horn. The methods haven’t changed in four years since the last time Ron Paul ran and lost for president. You repeated the same information I find when reading websites supporting an end to the fed reserve. What is missing is historical context, such as when I mentioned Ron Paul getting no support last time it was tried. You did not explain how it would go from zero to passed in a few years, when history does not support it happening that quickly. My mention of the unemployment etc, was referencing polls of what issues the American public actually have at the top of the list. “End the Fed” is not up there.

            I also mentioned overspending and taxes because in the 1920s, 1960s, 1980s, and 2000s; taxes were reduced and the economy expanded. It was NOT because of the fed reserve. Same thing with the “German Miracle” and the “Irish Miracle”.

            Whether it’s Xerxes of Persia, Napoleon III, King George II, Julius Caesar, King Henry the VIII, USSR, etc… debt put them in a world of hurt… ie. overspending hurt their respective economies… without a fed reserve or a central bank.

            Central banks do not account for rise and fall of the Roman Republic, Ancient Greek Democracies, or many other nations/empires. Overspending does not end by ending the central bank.

      • John

        I’ll second what Bob Livingston said about being careful about Herman Cain being tied in with the Federal Reserve. Not to be trusted, period!

    • larryhagedon

      I have met Herman Cain twice, listened to his speeches, spoken with him at length, shaken his hand twice, and told him in person that I am most certainly with him all the way to the White House.

      Yes he is pro life, and yes he has my vote.

      • Average Joe

        Enamoured? love with somebody: inspired with love or passion for somebody
        2.captivated: charmed, fascinated, or captivated by somebody or something

        Just because you agree with one or two issues, is not a good reason to vote for someone. I suggest that you dig a bit deeper into Mr. Cains background before you decide to cast your vote for him. He was former deputy chairman and chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve and suppoted the TARP bailout……The Lesser of two evils is still evil….and quite frankly, I am tired of the “evil”…My vote goes to Ron Paul, simply because after 12 terms as Congressman from Texas…he is the only one that will do the hard things by telling us the truth (even when the truth hurts him personally. Ron Paul is a man of morals and consitency in his views. He has never voted to raise the debt ceiling,or any other bill that was not authorized by the constitution. He has voluntarily opted out of the government “retirement” program that we pay for and has consistantly returned money from his bugetary account to the people. He believes in smaller Federal Govmnt; more powers vested in the states, eliminate the Fedral Reserve and the Federal Income Tax. He has always been an advocate of personal freedoms and liberty…..and less intrusion by the government into our personal lives…What more could we ask for in a candidate?
        If you truly love your country and a better life,I suggest you vote for Ron Paul 2012.

        • Michael J.

          Average Joe,
          Agreed, Ron Paul is the only hope. If sucessful however, he will have to keep his head down while passing by any grassy knolls.

          • Average Joe

            Maybe we’ll get lucky…if he doesn’t put Jesse Ventura on the ticket with him…he can at least hire Jesse to protect him…a former Navy Seal who knows all of the dirty tricks and how to avoid them. ;)

          • Ed

            Funny you mention grassy knolls… JFK had the papers on his desk to put the USA back on the gold standard three days before he was shot. I guess he really pissed of Lee Harvey Oswald, eh? Cain is on record in support of the gold standard. Maybe he knows when to speak and when to hold his tongue…

      • JUKEBOX

        Herman Cain at his worst could not be wore than Obama at his best!

  • s c

    So, ‘Republicans’ are racists, eh? Right back at you, you miserable hypocrites! ‘Democrats,’ it’s high time that you get to eat the same feces you love to throw at everyone who hasn’t been brainwashed by your utopoian, immoral “philosophy.”
    Ever since the end of the Civil War, the Democrats have literally OWNED blacks. And YOU call everyone else RACISTS? Right down your throats, scummers!
    In the near future, you can expect a mass defection from your ranks, when people with basic common sense figure out what you’ve done to blacks in America (and HOW you did it). Shove it, you masters of deceit. RACISTS! Hitler would be proud of you.

    • Frank

      Well said and right on target…the truth hurts. The media refuses to ever bring this up since 90% of the media and so called journalists are so left of center it is like a religion to them. “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

    • 45caliber

      s c:

      The Democrats owned the blacks as slaves BEFORE the Civil War. Check it out. They were the party of the plantation owners in the South and were the ones who wanted to retain the slaves. They were also the people who set up and ran the KKK. Yet they are also the ones the blacks today look to for guidance – also called “orders”.

  • Insurgent

    Cain will be climbing an uphill battle after what America has seen with Buckwheat trying to run the kool aid stand.

  • Insurgent

    Food for thought:
    If you voted for Buckwheat in 2008, it proves you are not racist.
    If you vote for Buckwheat in 2012, it will prove you are a frickin’ idiot.

    • vagabond

      wrong insurgent. if you voted for buckwheat in 08 you are an IDIOT if you vote for him again you are a brain dead MORON,

      • Kate8

        Well said, vagabond. I didn’t vote for Odumbo, and race had nothing to do with it. I couldn’t stand McCain, either, and it certainly wasn’t because he’s white.

    • 45caliber


      I didn’t vote for him in ’08 so I guess that must make me a racist – at least in the liberal view. I prefer to believe that I’m a realist. I didn’t consider him the man for the job then and nothing he’s done since has changed my mind.

  • Jeryl

    I believe Herman Cain is a serious candidate and has my vote. Now, as to Republican racism – it doesn’t exist. The Democrats have done more to foster racism by their constant polarization of race. As far as I’m concerned, the only race in the world is the human race. The Dems use racism to further their own agenda, using race as a factor in the class warfare they constantly foster.

    • vagabond

      so very true Jeryl. as a boy growing up in South Carolina I never knew I was supposed to hate (n–gers) untill I was in the Army and a boy from up north apon finding out I was from the south said oh you guys hate n–gers. I was never told that at home. one of my best childhood friends was a colired boy who lived on the farm next to us and he spent a hell of a lot of time at my house and I at his. we had a lot of collored friends whom we loved and they in turn loved us. my first leave home the first person I saw was uncle Sandy Thomas. he ran to me and hugged me like a son an said mr Boot your home. while stationed in Germany Uncle Sand was killed in an acciden while working. Mom wrote and told me about it. you see we all love uncle Sandy. as well as a hell of a lot of our collored friends. no we’r not racist. but I am prejudiced. against those who are racist,

      • 45caliber

        vagabond: I knew EXACTLY what you mean!

  • bluejacket

    I’ve heard Cain speak, and on his radio show, and I like him. I’ve also heard Allen West speak, and I like him even more.

    Having said that I would vote for a West/Cain ticket. and the left can call me racist all they want. I would only ask the left to tell me which finger am I holding up?

    • Pam Dale

      As long as Allen West is at the top of the ticket, I am OK with most anyone he chooses.

    • BLR

      West is the best and better than all the rest.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      would it be your thumb and forefinger in a circle and the other three straight up???

  • Barry Jones

    Don’t forget the shameful failure of the DemocRATs when they had control of the House in Congress and they systematically shuffled the seniority deck to exclude prominent black DemocRATs from the most important leadership roles.

    Apparently, blacks are just dandy to DemocRATs as voters on the plantation, but woe be unto any who would aspire to the role of Majority Leader!

    How odd it is that ALL of the proud, independent black voices whom everyone should strive to emulate in America belong to people of color who are NOT DemocRATs….

    • eddie47d

      Okay Barry.Which black person should the Democrats have elevated to a higher position in Congress? While we are on the subject which black person has the Republicans elevated to that higher position in Congress?

      • 45caliber

        Considering who they did pick (Queen Nancy Pelousy) – darn near anybody.

  • Monte

    “Racism” is a Marxist tool and a farce. For conservatives to take up the ‘racist’ gauntlet, rather than exposing it for what it is, is both futile and dangerous. Conservatives should be educating the country about Marxist tactics, not blurring the line. The end result of playing by the Marxist rules is a pseudo-conservatism: George Bush and his Neocon lackeys, the perfect example.

    • Harold Olsen

      “Racist” is a tool the left uses when they do not have a valid aguement against anything the right proposes. When Republicans bring forth a bill the Dums don’t like they call it racist (or else it’s a tax break for the wealthy). Because Newt Gingrich has said that Obama is the food stamp president, that idiot on Meet the Press this past weekend said that was racist code words. Typical!

      It is the left who is truly racist. They view people by the color of their skin whereas the right, for the most part, view people as individuals. They will tell you that if you do not view someone by the color of their skin it proves you are a racist. I know for a fact that is true because it has happened to quite often over the years.

    • Michael J.

      Agreed, playing into their politically correct Marxism is like saying “I got’em right where they want me”.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    It seems the liberals simply cannot stick to facts. They always have to invent or twist issues. I watched Cain during the debate, and he seems very straightforward and honest. It would be wonderful not to elect a politician the next election. And as far as Bill Maher is concerned, he appears to be the village idiot. Believing anything that he says is crazy. I can’t figure out why anyone would even want to watch him. He is not the least bit entertaining, nor does he inform. He is a waste of time!

    • Sutekh

      Maher hates religion, and the very idea of God. As such, he holds in contempt most every one of the 5 billion or so individuals living on the globe. I can’t help but think that makes him too biased to be taken at face value.

      Having had the dubious privilege of speaking with Madelyn O’Hair, I would classify many atheists as victims of borderline personality disorder who exploit their IQ for the purposes of drawing attention to themselves. Nothing more.

      That isn’t an ad hominem argument. Liberals tell us all the time that prejudice is wicked, and any man who holds them simply cannot be trusted — unless the prejudices he holds matches their own.


      • azwayne

        Please educate me, why does anyone watch, listen, pay attention, give any time to idiot maher? Why?

      • 45caliber


        I’m convinced that O’Hair and Maher not only does/did not believe in God but were also convinced that they should BE god. I am however also convinced that O’Hair believes in God now.

    • vagabond

      you tell’m Robin. I honestly dont see how any sane intelligent human being can watch bill maher,

      • independant thinker

        I saw mahar on Leno a while ago and he got almost no laughs. I was quite amused by it.

        • Kate8

          Maher does serve to present a prime example of a vile, contemptuous, totally irreverant liberalism.

          Only those who think like him can have the stomach to enjoy him.

          • 45caliber

            He is typical of many liberal “comedians”. He believes that using vulgar tones and insulting others is the secret to comedy – instead of using humor.

    • Andrea B

      Bill Maher may be a liberal, but even HE likes Ron Paul. As a matter of fact, he even stated that Ron Paul was the best Republican candidate for 2012.

      That makes him a liberal with a little common sense, in my book.

  • SammysDad

    America needs a change alright. It needs a change from the old, stale, monotonous, lying, deceiving, and despicable politicians that cover our country’s landscape. We need new blood. We need a newbie devoid of lobbyists’ weighty baggage. Herman Cain is the truest conservative on the platform of Republican candidates. If America got behind him now, he would annihilate Obama on every level.
    Obama has no platform to run on. He can only be negative on the candidate he faces, and Cain would attack every failed policy that BO has made and blow him away.
    BO can’t even say that Cain is inexperienced because BO certainly has revealed he was and still is.
    A Cain/West ticket, passionate and no afraid to speak the truth, is incredibly strong for the country, the constitution, conservatism, and our future.
    Yes, I’m a racist in favor of character, not color!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      you overlook something. We not only need someone that can beat Nobummer, we need someone that will bring about the changes to get us back to our constitution!!!

  • Sutekh

    Obama doesn’t rise to the level of deserving to be called “Buckwheat.” While the bottom line may look the same, historically, politically, and truthfully, there is a vast gulf.

    As the ideological rhetoric goes, Buckwheat was poor and ignorant because he was descended from Africans who came to the U.S. involuntarily as slaves. The fact is that Obama’s ancestors in Kenya were poor and starving because they were born in Africa and did not have the wisdom to get a student visa from the U.S. in order to add an American to their roster of wives.

    As Obama will tell you, the way for a foreigner to succeed in the U.S. is to find an American citizen dumb enough to marry him.


    • Dennis Patrick

      Thank you for explaining the etymology of buckwheat – I couldn’t understand the connection between its use here and the Fagopyrum esculentum.

  • HisSon

    I agree with bluejacket. Either one or both would have my vote at this point and I’m as white as you can get. I’m sick and tired of these false accusers who smear us with the racist name. The candidates character, moral attributes, and desire to uphold and defend the Constitution, are the only qualifications I consider in voting for any candidate.

    • freddo56

      I couldn’t agree with you more as I am as white as you can get on both sides of my family. When I see and hear these two talking about what is wrong with america, and how to remedy it, I don’t see any color other than red-white-blue. They resonate the very same things I feel in my own heart about what we need to take our country back from the great poser. I still feel that the jerk should be impeached, but I hear nothing from the ones that can actually do something about this. He’s made a mockery of our Constitution and subverts in ways that we don’t even know about yet. And the farce, marches on…Cain/West…West Cain would be the ones I’d vote for…

    • 45caliber

      Personally, I would like to see Thomas Sowell run for President. As one of the leading economists in the country, he would have a far better idea of what this country needs than most and he has the IQ to handle the job as well – unlike most of those we’ve had including the one we have now.

      • http://?? Joe H.


  • Doc Sarvis

    I think Mr. Cain is an intelligent man and wants the best for this country. Unfortunately for him, as I understand, he knows next to nothing about foreign affairs. That makes him just slightly better than Palin or Trump (who I know has decided not to run).

    • Sutekh

      Doc, I guess that’s why so many people voted for Obama, who is the product of a foreign affair. Obama’s father could not legally be married to Obama’s mother because of the problem of the father already having a legal wife in Kenya at the time of the marriage.


      • Doc Sarvis

        No, people voted for President Obama because he had a grasp of foreign policy issues and the many other issues our country is facing – and they liked his approach to those issues.

        • Gary in Texas

          SURE !!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING ?? OH– KOOL AID !!!

        • RandyH

          They voted for him because he was black (sort of), and the warm and fuzzy allegedly educated people thought it was time for a black man in the white house, period.

        • Bob

          Doc: Once again you prove your ignorance and blind allegience to a man who is probably the most evil man to ever live. Maobama knows nothing about foreign policy other than kow-towing to foreign leaders and making them happy by blaming America. The main thing a president needs to know about foreign countries is that virtually all of them are even more corrupt and mis-managed than we are and would like nothing better than to drag us down with them; a scenario that Maobama is all too eager to allow. Our foreign policy should reflect that reality and should be geared to preventing that scenario from happening. And by the way, race is not an issue for me because I don’t think of Maobama as a black man; I think of him as worthless white trash born of an worthless white mother into a family of worthless lieberals.

        • Michelle

          what world do you actually live in? he had no clue except for what george soros and the other pupet masters told him? He has not clue what he is doing and his forgein policy is to run around apologizing to everyone for the US. Not so good.

        • Average Joe

          For anyone who wants to understand how Obama got elected, you need to read: Dinesh D’Souza’s “The Roots Of Obama’s Rage”. Blacks elected him because they thought that they identified with him (falsely so) and that he would further the black agenda in the US (he hasn’t), but now many are disillusioned with him. Whites voted for Obama because of a sense of guilt towards the black man in America and a hope that they could finally put the stain of slavery behind them and move on as Americans rather than a bi-cultural America (this hasn’t happened either). In all reality, since his election, the nation as a whole has become more race divided as a nation than in any other time since the civil rights era of the 1960′s, I believe this is intentional,the Henry Gates comments, the refusal of Eric Holder to prosecute the NBP members for voter intimidation at the request of the White House come to mind as well as the birth certificate issue. Everything has been geared towards “race baiting” since before the election in 2007, to disagree with Obama on any issue is simply “racsist”… as given to us from the MSM and talking heads…..this is inherently wrong, but if they keep saying it, people start to buy into the BS. The truth of the matter is that BO doesn’t relate to the American black man nor the American white man. He grew up in an area that was inherently different than “mainstream” America (Hawaii and Indonesia). He based his beliefs (anti-colonialism)on his Father’s beliefs ( a man who basically was never involved in his son’s life with a history of alcoholism….he died in a single car crash while DUI) As can be read in his own book “Dreams from my father”. The truth is,nobody really knows anything about BO nor do we know what he “knows” or doesn’t know. I suggest that everyone read the book mentioned above to learn who Barrack Obama really is as well as how and why he was elected.

          • Average Joe

            BTW, The book is available as an audio book…for those lacking time or too lazy to read it.

          • Kate8

            A J – Did you happen to see the clip of the black female graduates fainting as Obama walked into the room?

            They still think he’s their savior, even though he’s done nothing but “redistrubute wealth” from the taxpayer to the wealthiest elite.

            It just goes to show that the clueless still support the clueless. All O has EVER done is read well. He’s nothing but a puppet.

          • Average Joe

            No I haven’t seen that video, but just to let you know how silly the average American is…..Hysteria…over…a friggin hamburger…this is America….this is what’s wrong….enjoy!


        • GeorgeE


          Don’t forget that the economy turned down severely in October before the November election. That probably tipped the scale for Obama. If that hadn’t happened, John McCain might be our President today. Polls indicate it was a pretty tight race until the economy went “South”.

        • 45caliber



          Thanks for the laugh today. I was needing one. I’ll be chuckling all afternoon about your comment about Oblama knowing of foreign affairs. I’m not even sure he knows what an affair is unless it’s with some boyfriend.

          • Average Joe

            I don’t think he got those round lips from eating square meals….lol

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Average Joe,
            nope, TUBE STEAKS ALL THE WAY!!!!!

    • frank

      doc according to your statement on foreign affairs then Cain has something in common then with the messiah obama lol.

      • Harold Olsen

        ONE of the big differences between Cain and Obama is that Cain is actually intelligent. He will probably be able to give a speech without needing a teleprompter. Obama NEEDS a teleprompter with his speech written out for him by someone else in order to know what to say. Even so, he has trouble pronouncing the words properly.

        • Barbbtx

          You can call him “No teleprompter Cain”
          I doubt he will ever use one, even as President.
          When you speak from the heart and speak truth, you don’t need one.
          Cain/West 2012

    • vagabond

      and obummer was an expert on foriegn affairs Doc???hel he was and still is dumber than a brick.

  • Klaus

    I have heard Herman Cain speak several times, and I must say I’m impressed. As for his lack of foreign affairs experience, I think he is smart enough to choose people with that sort of experience. John Bolton comes to mind here.

    • Just Shillin

      You sound just like an obamanut during the last election cycle. Wake up.

      • eddie47d

        If you are not a racist then good for you and if you are then you have you’re own set of problems to overcome.It’s been showtime in America for many years now and we still have folks playing silly racial games. Now if Democrats called Hermain Cain a buffoon like Crystal called Obama then Crystal would have been all over that person.Then we have the buckwheat comment so there is still alot of work to be done. I see a few puritans throwing stones at glass houses again so snap out of it if you want to win Cain over to the average voter.If Bill Maher is wrong in what he said then prove it in your own actions.

        • Bob

          Racism is not an issue for Republicans or conservatives – it is a boogy-man used by lieberal scum to incite the blacks and confuse the issues. Republicans are not the ones who instituted the modern form of slavery called “welfare” which enslaves the blacks to the masters of the democrat party and enslaves the productive to the non-productive. With welfare, the democrats have become the slave-owners and the rest of us are “Uncle Toms” who serve the evil, malignant scum of the democrat party. I hope someday we will all throw off our chains and make you democrats pay for your crimes against humanity.

          • Kate8

            Bob – I have said that same thing many times.

            Democrats were and still are the slavemasters. They just now use, as you said, entitlements as their instrument of bondage.

            Republicans, orignially, stood for the Republic. Can’t say that anymore, since they all seem left of center.

            It has always been Leftists who are obsessed with race, or any other “difference” they can capitalize on to divide us for their purposes. They have completely thrown out the “melting pot” concept, in favor of creating victim groups as special interests, to keep riled up as a voting base.

            I think some are wising up to this, except the ones waiting at the trough. They will soon enough, when it all disappears.

        • Average Joe

          Yes, there are still racsists in America, however there are far fewer than one would think (based on the MSM talking points). Let’s just call all of this racsism talk what it really is, a misdirection from the real issues confronting the nation…period. While we sit around arguing about racsism, the real issues go un-noticed and undebated.

        • 45caliber


          If a person is a buffoon, then his race is immaterial. Why assume that someone like Crystal is a racist just because they call someone as they see them? I have no idea of your race, and I seriously doubt if you can see mine, but I would not be an racist if I called you an idiot. That is evident without knowing your race.

          • eddie47d

            If you are all so smart and well informed then why is Bob Livingston telling you not to vote for Cain? You are so desperate for a black leader “on your side” that you will fall all over anyone without checking their history. (Federal Reserves). You accuse Liberals of voting for Obama without vetting him and now you seem to be doing the same.

          • libertytrain

            Eddie – are you saying that people are supposed to vote for someone only because of their color – sounds kind of counter-productive – isn’t that what happened in 2008?

          • Kate8

            eddie – You mean like you fell all over Obama, who has gone to great lengths to conceal his history?

            Obama came virtually out of nowhere, and was catapulted to the presidency on nothing more than the idea of being the first black president, even though everything that could be learned about him showed him to be of questionable character, background and association.

            It’s about time that we get that the elite will parade before us anything they think will appeal to the greatest numbers of voters. They can create anything they think will sell.

          • Average Joe

            Some of us have been Ron Paul supporters and followers for years ( myself for around 10 years). As far as what Bob is saying, he is saying don’t be too quick to jump on anyones bandwagon without doing your research…it just so happens that Herman Cain was the subject of this blog…..I swear you get more ridiculous every time you post.

          • eddie47d

            Never said that libertytrain.

          • eddie47d

            Average Joe; And Bob L said not to vote for Cain. So Me’s think you are the ridiculous one.

  • Kevin Beck

    I would consider voting for almost ANYONE to revive this nation from the grave that Obama has in mind for us. After what I have seen, Herman Cain is the man most able to reverse our current course. There is no other current candidate for President that has more ability to rescue the United States. Herman Cain has the experience of turning around other failed business enterprises, and our current occupant-in-charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue seems to think the government should be taking over more of the nation’s failing business enterprises. How ironic that the occupant-in-chief, who has never operated a business before, thinks he can operate every business in the nation!

    As for Mitt Romney’s business experience: He was a fundraiser; it just so happened that he was raising funds to acquire businesses, not operate them!


    Cain is a former Federal Reserve chairman, deputy chairman and member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City which is a vastly important issue. Cain has publicly stated that he does not support an audit of the Federal Reserve. He also supported TARP and the bailouts. That pretty much rules out his “conservatism”. Ben Bernanke is probably thrilled at the Cain candidacy but it is not a good thing for America. Cain and his supporters need to read The Creature From Jekyll Island. Just sayin’…

  • Nels Nelson

    We do not want the left, the media or the establishment selecting our candidate. I believe Mr Cain could win in the primary, if we conservatives, or so-called ‘values voters’ vote or value’$’! He will raise the bar in any debate and maybe a lot of people will learn something many of us already know! He is a “real” conservative candidate. Let us pray that the “real” conservative candidates do not end up dividing the conservative vote so that an “establishment” candidate ends up being the nominee!

    • Dennis Patrick

      Your candidate will be chosen – as it always has been – by the corporate entities that run the Republican Party. Oh, and Karl Rove will help too. Listening to the people? I think Barry Goldwater was the last non-establishment candidate to win the nomination. Good luck!

      • GeorgeE


        Do you think the “corporate establishment” got all those Tea Party candidates elected? It seems to me that the “corporate establishment” is largely “owned” by whichever party will give them the most government subsidies, tax breaks, and other grants and protection from competition. On the other hand, small businesses tend to align with the Republican Party because they don’t get all those favors from the government and know what it means to balance their budget by keeping costs down while providing the most value to their customers to get their business; ie, conservative/libertarian economic principles.

        • Dennis Patrick

          Oh my naive li’l George – the corporate masters are funding the winning tea party candidates. Just follow the money! Whether it is the Koches, Karl Rove’s groups or the Chamber of Commerce (with money from China).

          Any small buisnessman (such as myself) who believes that they get a better deal from Republicans are sorely mistaken: corporate welfare (subsidies and tax breaks) expand under Republicans in an attempt to force us small businesses out (sell out or get out). Also, Republicans tend to relax regulations on large corporations, giving them another advantage that small businesses don’t get.

          • GeorgeE


            As I said, Corporations contribute to both parties, unlike unions which contribute almost 100% of their money to the Democratic Party. Politicians from both parties are guilty of luring campaign funds from corporations, as well as other organized groups, by giving favors to them (which the taxpayers have to pay for). I don’t know empirically whether small businesses get better treatment from Republicans or Democrats, but we do like the message that comes out of the Republican Party of smaller government, lower tax rates, fewer and simpler regulations. The trick is getting them to actually “walk the talk.”

        • Bob

          Quite right – Corporate America has supported scumbama and the scumocrats every bit as much as it has supported the Republicans. In the scumocrat sewer in which I live, St. Clair County, Illinois. The corporate parasites line up to support the scumocrats because it is the scumocrats who give them tax breaks and who bring home the taxpayer dollars to be spent on the pork-barrel projects (Mid-America Airport, Scott AFB and others)on which the corporate parasites feed alongside their union parasite buddies. The scumocrats are grossly hypocritical when they play on the ignorance of “working” class drones who do not realize that the scumocrats suck up as many corporate dollars as do the Republicans. The disheartening thing is that any capitalist would support any of the marxist scumocrats for any reason. These corporate dimwits are not even smart enough to realize that they are cutting their own throats in the long run by supporting the scumocrats.

          • Average Joe

            The two parties break down into Democrats=Tax and SPEND and Republicans-Print and SPEND. Neither party has any inclination to cut up the credit card and live within their Constitutional bounds or spending budgets. People divide politically into those who wish to control others and those who have no such desire….unfortunately those in DC on both sides of the aisle belong to the first group and most American’s belong to the latter.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Lets get rid of the print and spend republicans,then we can concentrate on the democrats.

          • Average Joe

            Actually the problem is the “spending” parts of both parties…because if they would stop spendinding…the tax and print problems would disappear…we need to get rid of both tax and print at the same time….just sayin’

    • Harold Olsen

      Whether or not Herman Cain is the best candidate or not may be irrelevant. It will all depend on whom the Republican party decides they want for their candidate. Contrary to popular belief, the parties choose the candidates, not the voters. There are enough sheep in both parties who will support whomever the party anoints. In 2008, Hillary Clinton was the most popular Democrat but the party anointed Obama so he became their candidate. In 2004 it was Howard DeaN whom the party anointed and so everyone supported him. Then he made a fool of himself and the party turned their support to John Kerry and he was the candidate. For the Republicans in 2008, Mitt Romney was the popular choice but the party anointed John McCain and look at what happened. This year, I believe, the party is going to anoint Mitt Romney (whom I absolutely will not vote for). So, whomever the BEST candidate is, could be irrelevant. We’ll end up with a GOP candidate that no one likes and end up getting Obama reelected, giving him another 4 years to continue his destruction of the country.

  • http://com i41

    Onumnutts and democraps have been following the Karl Marx plan, with always whining about racist bildge. Of course everyone knew the crossbred was going to go against the USA and what we stand for as anation. Any one would do better and improve our nation than the faggot pedophile worshipping marxist/communist that is ib the WH and all the vacum lipped dumbocraps.

  • Lawrence Derby

    The fact that Herman Cain is black would seem to indicate that He’s not an inside the Beltway Republican, but His ties to the Fed might say that He is. As far as His Forign Policy abilities are concerned, He will be running against the least competant Man in any room He walks into. Mr Cain sounds good at this point, but there may be better choices yet to come.

    • Dan az

      Two words (Ron Paul)the only true conservative out there.Why sould anyone vote for some one that was party to the federal reserve.Is that not a flag of something amiss?The fact that he is running should be a warning to all that they are putting in place their puppet to finish off their plans.I cant believe that everyone is even considering anyone else.Talk about people with there eyes closed,we need to get rid of the puppet masters and the only one that has been trying for the last 30 yrs has been Ron Paul and if we can get Rand Paul into the senate we might have a chance to turn this around before its to late.Wake up people we need to take control not let them finish what they started.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    He SUPPORTED TARP Bailouts (Theft of US TAX Dollars)…Once working for the FED, always working for the FED….he is an agent of the FED and THAT means he is ANTI Constitution & Pro NAFTA, GAFT, CHINA, etc…Once a Traitor always a Traitor.


  • Bob

    If Americas is to survive, there will have to be a new way of looking at things; the old model of taxing and spending will have to be replaced by very limited government and self-reliance on the part of the people. Economic parasitism will have to disappear because the productive should not be penalized for being productive. Perhaps someone like Cain, who is outside the corrupt political system, could lead the way. We certainly do not need another four years of scumbama and the scumocrats; almost anything short of Satan himself would be better than that.


    The three early standouts to many are Caine, West and Bachman all show a willingness to serve in battle and all have come from deep rooted experience of working for a living and earning their way, my kind of folks. There is a lot of RINO flash working here, Romney, Gingrich and there is some party expertise in Paul and Santorum both od whom I have respect for but niether are the kind who give me the feeling they can unite but would be great on stocking the staff, their kind of experience cannot be overlooked. The race is still young and there is time for a emergence but for now the three aforementioned show me the kind of conservatism I appreciate.

  • Janice Lenora Davis

    Herman Cain has set a great outlook for America is understandable and accomplishable with his leadership he will not allow this corruption of our Nation to continue.

    He is pro life and a real conservative republican that cares about family and our future, check out his web page.

    This is much to do about everything this time around the politicians in DC don’t seem to be able to get a handle on bringing down this debt, that’s why we are going to need a strong person to handle the impact of the business realm of this Nation.

    Our money supply affects every aspect of our lives it can infect us to where we are now and that is America’s economy becoming insolvent. Or we can take charge and affect our own outcome and clean up our own messes that we the people and politicians made. America is good at that we do make mistakes and we do correct them, this is the greatest Nation in the world!

    As our dollar is collapsing, jobs are becoming more and more scarce corruption is being institutionalized, our faith is being rotted from the inside out as mainstream churches have gone away from God, Jesus, and the Holy Sprit and traded them in for the liberal view the politically correct way of their type of worship.

    Instead of putting on the New Man as God says too, do they skip that part and except everything as though, nothing is wrong or bad and has to be accepted by all or you are considered a bigot, prejudice, or have homophobia.

    Our children are being indoctrinated into the world of Marxism, as the unions are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between the brown shirts of the unions with their bullies that beat up black conservatives who are at town halls they are the ones who start crap and blame the Tea Parties. They intimidate people at voting precincts and don’t get charged for their actions just because they are black.

    You can’t tell any difference between them and the communist thugs of the last century. And these Liberals /Progressives are proud they are taking this country down right before our eyes.
    It is hard to destroy a free Republic but it is being done by our own making it’s just ticking away dollar by dollar, our rights are being taken away one by one, right by right, lie by lie.

    You’re only as good as your word as God is good as His Word, Herman Cain will be a great President, he is true to his word and has a history he’s not ashamed of, yes he is a black man yet his blood is red as mine a Souther white woman. Did you know as long as the blood is not infected it can save lives, all five colors of man God made can use each others blood if their types match He thought of everything!

    Republican Party right time, right Party

    • http://?? Joe H.

      J L D,
      I will never vote for someone that was high up in the FED!!! I don’t trust any of them!!!

  • Albert Mslar

    Saul Alinsky Rule #4

    Saul Alinsky’s plan was to destroy the enemy from within through infiltration and indoctrination, encouraging radicals to plant seeds of class warfare from within through community organizing.

    Most telling is Alinsky Rule #4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. “You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

    How prescient as regards Christianity. It is difficult to live up to one’s beliefs no matter how noble. About 4% of the clergy were estimated to be active homosexuals, and they used the Church as a cover for their sexual abuse of young boys.

    The Gay community infiltrated the Church and just 4% of the clergy nearly succeeded in destroying the Church, and they are still at it. Just shows what a small group of infiltrators can do to damage any organization, and judging by what is going on in Washington D.C. the U.S. is not exempt. Neither are other religious sects and public entities as well, as evidenced by the same modus operandi in the teaching professions and organizations for young people.

    By Alinsky’s definition, former community organizer and now president, Barack Obama infiltrated the top echelons of government, planting his fellow divisive community organizers in the Whitehouse to blend the country into One-World, anti-religion, socialist agenda.

    Every argument is met by a counter-argument and in Obama’s case that may be Herman Cain, a successful Black businessman; a rising political star who has all the credentials and an absence of negatives; a man who has risen to near the top of current Republican presidential candidates to challenge Obama in 2012.

    The concept of Hope and Change may be alive and well in America. Herman Cain may be someone who can live up to his own rules.

  • Bruce Porter Sr

    Seems to me the republicans are doing all in their power to keep that Kenyan in office.

  • NyNita

    Anyone on either side who has ties to the Fed, Wall Street, big banks, corporate America, etc. is evil – I hate the corporate elitism climate in this country. Big oil, big pharma, big banks, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, global elite, and all the rest of the idiots who think that it’s just A-Okay for the top 1% of the wealthiest of the wealthy to have 80% or more of the wealth are just scum (whether they be Repub, Dem, Teabaggers, Independents, or whatever). The ones with all the wealth does not deserve one thin dime.

  • LibRep

    Herman Cain would have had my vote if he didn’t have that Federal Reserve spot on his resume’. Opinion articles such as these are better when facts are provided, such as a majority of slave owners in the south were Democrat and I read a couple months ago into some of Indiana’s past that the Republicans locked the Democrats out of the State house to pass a civil rights bill among other facts out there that should be shouted from the roof tops.

    I have talked to some of my friends/ co-workers that have more skin melatonin than I have and we’ve grown tired of the race card. As Mike Huckabee said to Ron Paul, we are the United States of America, something the Dems need to remember instead of trying to divide us all based on mere skin color and stereotypes.

  • Nathan

    bill maher is one dumb little idiot who worships the ground obama walks on. this guy is one sad clown. it’s good that the left have a idiot like this on their team,to show others just how stupid and ridiculous these true racist are. this guy is so hateful,i don’t think he can stand himself.and if this clown want to back a socialist president,then maher need to start with his own bank account. what an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

    • Harold Olsen

      “Bill Maher is one dumb little idiot who worships the ground Obama walks on.”

      I disagree with you there. Bill Maher, yes, he is one dumb idiot but he ONLY worships the ground that he, himself, walks on. He believes he is the greatest thing to ever happen to the world. He only supports Obama because our Bungler-in-Chief happens to be a Democrat. He will blindly support ANY idiot in the Democrat party because he does not have the intelligence to think for himself.

  • Clifton Lee West

    If Mr. Cain will undo the damage that the current administration has done and work to put our nation on course again, then, yes, I would vote for him. Although both sides of my family owned slaves before the Civil War, I was raised to treat everyone as my equal if they deserved it and never denegrate someone else because of what they looked like or the color of their skin, which has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I have also been a registered Democrat for fifty-six years but have always been a Conservative and always voted for the individual and not the Party. I don’t think many Americans realize that in the general election you can vote for members of both Parties in the same election, i.e. vote Democrat for President and vote Republican for Senator, etc. It is time to quit voting straight tickets because there are good and not-so-good in both Parties. This is also the way to prove that money can’t buy votes for bad candidates! I voted for former President Bush both times and McCain in 2008, because I didn’t trust the Democratic candidate and still don’t. Any President who has favorites and priorities is no President.

    Clifton Lee West

  • Gayle

    Can’t stand even the thought of a bill maher. maher had a late night show and made the stupid remark after 9/11 all US had to do to fight was push a button and how brave that wasn’t, (went something like that). His show was cancelled almost immediately, so now why is anybody paying any attention to him? I change channel or turn off tv when he is on. I love the negative on him, he only dates black women and then beats them up. He is one messed up sad sicko with only hateful spewing and nobody gives a durn.

  • Harold Olsen

    If the election were held today, my vote would go to Herman Cain. Whether that will hold up come November 2012 remains to be seen. I’ve liked what I’ve seen and heard of Cain, so far. I don’t watch debates but I watched him on HANNITY after the first one and he gave clear and decisive answers. The only thing I disagree with him on is the release of the UBL death photos. I think they should be released but he doesn’t. Not enough for me to turn away from him. Of all the people running, or who might run, he seems to be the ONLY true conservative.

    Newt Gingrich back Obamacare. I knew he was not a true conservative but I sure didn’t think he was that much of a liberal.

    Mitt Romney has his own version of Obamacare and no matter how much he spins it, it will be an albatross around his neck.

    Tim Pawlenty is pushing for a mileage tax in his home state. It is similar to one that Obama was pushing but which the Republicans defeated.

    Ron Paul, two or three weeks ago, on Tv, I don’t remember the show but I think it may have been HANNITY said he was in favor of building the victory mosque at Ground Zero. He is also okay with enforcing Sharia law in this country.

    Herman Cain is the only candidate, or possible candidate, that looks good to me right now. He is also the only candidate I am following on Twitter.

    • Average Joe

      Harold Olsen,

      “Ron Paul, two or three weeks ago, on Tv, I don’t remember the show but I think it may have been HANNITY said he was in favor of building the victory mosque at Ground Zero. He is also okay with enforcing Sharia law in this country.”
      Ron Paul has said no such thing. You have completely missed his point on the issue. What he actually said was the he blieved in “property rights” and that people who own the property should be allowed to do whatever they wish to do with the property without the government interfering in any way….just like you wouldn’t want the government telling you what kind of house you can build on your property…you own it, you decide. As for Sharia Law, he said that under the first amandment, we all have the right to practice our religion as we see fit, however many parts of Sharia law (please take note of the word “law”)is inconsitent with the US Constitution and as with anything else that is not in harmony with the Constitution…cannot be permitted…as in violating someone else’s rights..beating your neighbor, killing your kids etc…. are not consistent with the Constitution and therefore, is not something that we would tolerated in this nation. You really neeed to start doing some critical thinking when trying to decipher what someone is saying….just a thought.

    • Average Joe

      BTW, if you feel the need to be uset at someone over the ground zero mosque….how about the people that sold/leased it to them in the first place…rather than someone standing up for the Constitution? After all, it is those people who could have refused to sell/lease it to them in the first place…but they didn’t….so if there is someone to blame…it is them…and not Ron Paul…period.

  • WTH

    Isn’t this interesting. This is the reason that candidates MUST NOT be promoted or not promoted based on outward appearances (black, white, Hispanic, male, female, etc.). Outward appearances have absolutely nothing to do with a person’s potential job performance, character does. We are all a “product” of our upbringing; however candidates holding any kind of office must be able to take any biases they may have out of the equation in order to do what is best for the greater good. I think the problems we are seeing today are due to the fact that too many elected officials have a price tag. You give them enough money and they will vote the way of the highest bidder. Many elected officials, in that regard, lack character and if our country is going to succeed, bribery, in all forms, must be outlawed.

  • WTH

    Has anyone else noticed that when Presidential elections come along, many candidates make a trip to Israel… why is that? For Israel’s approval? To make sure the potential candidates are in line with Israel’s policies? I know that so far this year, Palin has been to Israel as has Huckabee, I believe Romney and Gingrich have been there as well… either way, pay attention. I don’t see these people going to any other country before an election. We should have campaign finance reform.

    • AustinAndy

      We did. And that reform led to diminishing of my right of freedom of speech to criticize incumbents. Thanks Sen. McCain and Sen Feingold.

  • http://fox walter

    Is he an I want to be a black president so I can cash in on the p c rhetoric or has he really got a what is good for America mindset? I ask the same question of all the candidates. Watch them, study them and converse with your friends about each one.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    So Maher sneeringly says, “Republicans say they love him so they’re not racist”, thereby showing that he is.

  • Larry C.

    First off let me just say something short, and to the point. Bill Maher is a first class, no a last-place idiot, and a phony. The only reason he has a show on that network-HBO is that Time Warner felt sorry that ABC canned his sorry A__ when he uttered those now famous words about the terrorist being the HEROES in his eyes when 09/11/2001 happened. Now about Mr. Herman Cain, WOW OH WOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID ABOUT HIM, BUT RUN HERMAN RUN PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Oh just one more thing on Billy-Boy I wonder where the “FAKE” Al Sharpton-[NOTICED I DID NOT CALL HIM REV. AL SHARPTON]-And the other phony Jesse Jackson. Seems like with them there is a double standard when it comes to LIBERAL-QUACKS, AND GOONS, AND CONSERVATIVES. Herman Cain is a conservative because he has seen how badly the ideas espoused by the modern day libs. and progressive “FOOLS” are destroying this nation.

    Larry C.

  • AustinAndy

    Bill Maher is a racist and recidivist.

    Of all the candidates in the Republican field right now, Herman Cain is the most interesting and genuine. I know that the pundits will pick almost anyone else in this field and that his chances to capture the nomination are extremely small (because he is not a professional politician), but he is the one with the best ideas.

    And a d..n sight more qualified than the opponent on the Democrat side.

  • http://com i41

    The marxist/communist dumbocrap party has a lot of black skid marks to show, Rangel, Waters, Clyspso Louie Fkakoon, “rev” Wrong Wright, socialist MLK, Black Cacuas zoo primates,sharptn, jackson, all prositute photo hogs when they were with MLK, all the way down to the Onumnutts and his radical banana peelers in his adminstration. Real worthless organisms that should be disposed of by feeding to the hogs or gators.

  • MrHoggLegg

    What this Country has needed for the past 100 years are PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS … Ok, I Jest … Every problem that this country faces is because of PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS … A land of Sheeple must be controlled by PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS … Common Folk just doesn’t understand the complications of ruling the Unwashed Masses … Give me a break … PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS lack the One thing needed to govern … COMMON SENSE … Politicians are for the most part STUPID DOCTORS and LAWYERS … These are people who are to stupid to know how to go to the toilet … They think they go there to Sit and Think and not to Sh … Well if you’re not a Politician … Then you know what I Mean … Will the Sheeple wake up this time and Vote for UNPROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS … The Only Candidates that can straighten out the Mess we’re in are 2 African-Americans or 2 Women … Bachman … Cain … West … Palin … Any combination of the 4 works for me!

  • TK

    I don’t give a flying fig about skin color. But, Cain was scratched off my list when I learned he worked for the Fed. This is the opposite of what we need.

    God Bless

  • Tazio2013

    Cawman Cents,

    Outstanding post; you appear to be one of the few PLD readers who thinks and writes like a “Onepercenter”, therefore, you may appreciate subject story in today’s DB:

    According to an article in gadfly Capitol Hill Blue, “A new Gallup Poll shows 52 percent of Republicans want a third party. The same poll shows 60 percent of those who identify themselves with the tea party want a third party. Gallup says a majority of Americans overall have wanted to see a third party since 2006.”
    This surely makes sense. A large part of the Democratic Party wants the government out of the bedroom and wants a reduction in America’s overseas military. A large part of the Republican base wants the government’s hand out of people’s pocketbook. It would seem, then, that there is an anti-government, quasi-libertarian base available to a third party that would number in the tens of millions.

    This may account for the popularity of conservative libertarian candidate Ron Paul. The dirty secret of American politics turns out to be that the electorate itself is not so much right or left as libertarian. If so, Capitol Hill Blue asks, why doesn’t the US “have a real third party movement?” According to Jeffrey Young of Gallup (as quoted by Blue), “under the current political system, which is controlled by the power brokers of the Democratic and Republican parties, a third party candidate cannot win.” A third party candidate can – and has – decided the outcome of an election, however, as Blue points out.

    Your thoughts?


  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    So you say Herman Cain is not your guy?? WHY NOT?? He, along with Allen West, sound like the best candidates so far. The rest are more like RINOs. There’s Mitt-nitwit Romney, who’s fingerprints are on a bill similar to Obama-care. And I hate to badmouth Newt Gingrich. He was a great leader in taking back Congress and defeating the Democraps in 1994, and would’ve been a great candidate for POTUS in 1996 as opposed to Bob Dole. More recently though, I’m not sure. Is it possible Gingrich may be getting senile, like Barry Goldwater in his final years of retirement?? E.g., he seemed to be going along with Nazi Pelosi on the global warming scam. What we really need is a solid conservative who will stand up and say “NO” to the flat earth no growth environmentalist wackos, and better yet, one who wants to eliminate the EPA. And now we see Newt is sounding like Nitwit Romney by favoring unconstitutional mandates to buy insurance. Now, how can Nitwit Romney or Gingrich really debate BHO on the issue of Obummercare if they all support what was one of the reasons Obummercare was ruled unconstitutional??

    I’d love to see the reaction of Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jerkson, and all the other leftwing democraps if Cain and West run. They lie by saying anyone who opposes BHO is racist. Well, a Cain/West ticket would prove what Sharpton, Jerkson and all the other democraps really are – leftwing radicals, NOT civil rights leaders!!

    Of course I agree with those who say we should be colorblind, and choose our president based on their politics. But sadly, our first black POTUS has proven to be the worst POTUS ever. At least a Cain/West ticket, if victorious, would make up for the One Big Awful Mistake America by voters on 11/4/2008!!

  • ReBecca


  • Ridge Runner

    If there isn’t a good and honest conservative that can get the people’s attention and be able to get the people to belive in them and get them to vote for them then we as a country are history.We will be doomed to more of the same shit and we are going down the schute to oblivion.We need to set up people to keep a close eye on the voting being this time.

    • Laura

      The only reason the Rep. have a hard time getting people to believe in them is because the dems. do a great job at changing everything and anything that is good and pure in this country cause that is one of the things our great America is about GOOD and PURE. And the only way we are going to turn anything around is to take a leap of faith and stand behind backing everything a full red blooded grassroots conservatives. And REJECT everything and anything the dems. have done and still try to do.


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