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92-Year-Old Shoots Burglar, Police Seize Weapon Used

September 5, 2012 by  

92-Year-Old Shoots Burglar, Police Seize Weapon Used
Earl Jones believes the rifle he used to shoot an intruder should not have been taken by police.

A 92-year-old World War II veteran is upset with deputies for how they treated him after he shot an intruder. Upon their arrival, the police told the shooter, Earl Jones, to lift his hands and they took his rifle.

According to Jones, three men broke into his rural Kentucky home in Boone County. When Jones heard them in his basement at about 2 a.m. Monday, he grabbed his .22 caliber rifle and sat in a chair, waiting on the burglars.

When the door opened, Jones fired a shot, killing Lloyd Maxwell, 24. Two robbers with Maxwell, Ryan Dalton and Donnie Inabnit, were apprehended and charged with second degree burglary.

“I was hoping another one would come up; I aimed right for his heart,” said Jones. “I didn’t go to war for nothing. I have the right to carry a gun. That’s what I told the police this morning.”

Jones believes the rifle used in the shooting should not have been taken by police.

“How am I going to protect myself if they come back looking for revenge?” he asked. “It was simple. That man was going to take my life. He was hunting me. I was protecting myself.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • nnicko

    Since the authorities took the vets right to protection away, they can now promise him 24-7 protection by sitting outside his house instead of a doughnut store.

    • unique

      What a great idea that you have.
      Police need to give this man back
      his rifle. The county and state
      should also give him an award.

      • Randy131

        The police are confiscating .22 rifles now? On what authority? Are they claiming a .22 rifle is an assault weapon, which they seem to be scared to let citizens own to protect themselves, and now they’re classifying a .22 rifle as the same? Is this still the USA, or a semblance thereof, because of Obama’s and the Democrats’ ‘Change’ they promised us?

      • boove199

        Think of the hassle and expense this man saved. No time for officers to process him, no meals to serve him, no guards to watch over him, no judge to try him, no jury fees to hear his case, no cost for court appointed attorney, etc. This is a good citizen. Good for him.

    • http://BobLivingston Robert Ashfield

      agree. I agree they should stand at his house 24-7 . It really has become unconstitutional, that we the people have no right to defend ourselves. But it is okay that he criminals can do whatever they want to law-abiding citizens.

      • old hillbilly

        Cops enforce the laws. They have to do forensic stuff to protect all of us.

        Make sure you have more than one gun & that it isn’t confiscated. Change the laws & be forceful in doing it – if need be the local level is best!

    • Michael

      Personally I would not want 24/7 protection from the gestapo type cops that are becoming common place in the US. Go buy another rifle.

      • Dave

        My late father always taught us kids that if a tool was important enough you should have two, because two is one and one is none when Mr. Murphy shows up. I’m not from Kentucky and don’t know what the laws are there, but in some states and jurisdictions any firearm used in a shooting must be seized until the DA’s office has cleared the individual that did the shooting. I’m also not sure if Kentucky has a Castle Doctrine Law. I’m fully prepared for my firearm to be seized until it’s returned in the event I am forced to use deadly force, that’s why I have more than one (and not all of them are located at my home). If neither the State of Kentucky or Boone County has such a policy then the deputies should not have seized Jones’ rifle.

      • Oldleatherneck

        Let’s take up a collection to buy the old follow a gun that would be more appropriate for his needs ie; an M1 Garand, an M1 carbine, an 870 pump 12 guage, or a 1911 Colt. Something he can relate to and use with confidense.

      • lucky

        thats probably the best solution just get up and go out to wall mart and pick up a 410 shotgun or another 22 you’ll be ok

    • FreedomFighter

      The police need justify there actions, this man was obviously within his rights to defend himself.

      Home invasion is a growing crime, the perps know the owners are home and expect to victimize the weak and defenseless owners, forcing open safes and forcing by torture usually the owners to give up hidden items of worth — more shootings like this and Home Invasion would diminish to nothing.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Ol’ Grey Ghost

        Easy enough to justify. The police collected the firearm as evidence in the shooting. It will be presented as such, along with all reports and statements, to a grand jury that will more than likely find the veteran to have been justified in his use of deadly force and he will be “no billed,” meaning he will not be tried for homicide. Then his weapon will be returned to him.

        When I was involved in a shooting, my gun was “collected” and sent to a lab for ballistics testing and then after I was “no billed” by our local grand jury, it was returned to me. The whole process took nearly 9 months. It was good thing I believed in redundant systems and owned more than one firearm as I almost had to shoot someone less than a week after the first shooting. Lucky for the burglar I caught that he surrendered without a fight…

      • FreedomFighter

        Makes sense Grey, hope the old boy has another in the closet.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • richard

    One again, Communism is alive in the United States. I hope this poor guy has relatives with a lot of money, because that is the only way he can protect himself. If the Police are
    working for the OBAMA ANTI GUN people, then the only way to protect yourself is to leave the country.

    • firefight

      For Pete’s sake, the man is 92. He doesn’t need rich relatives and he damn sure doesn’t need to leave this country. All he needs to do is get another gun and keep on defending his rights, his property and the country that he loves and fought for 70 years ago.

      • Carolyn Shelton

        I wish it were that easy!

      • auhunter

        Carolyn, it is that easy, you just have to have the mind set to do it. Living in Arizona, I carry 24/7, not because I want or need to, but because I can, for protection of myself, my family, and the fool who thinks he doesn’t have to. Cops, take the latest incident in NY, 2 cops no more than 30 feet away from a shooter and they wound 9 innocent people trying to take him down. Is that the kind of protection you are looking for? If I had been there, and allowed to carry, there would have been one, possibly two shots and it would have been over, which is the way it should have been anyway.

    • http://BobLivingston Robert Ashfield

      leaving the country is not the answer. Standing up for your rights is the answer. criminals have all their rights to do what they want to us. we have no rights to protect ourselves. We have to get the president and Congress to protect us. Not all the criminals in this country. and that means we have to get our country back . if the US had not become so corrupted, we wouldn’t have all these problems with the economy, safety and so many other things.. Hopefully, we will vote in the right, the right people. this time.

  • http://facebook Pat

    The gun should not have been taken. This is what is happening folks, our rights are being taken, wake up! This is just the beginning!

    • TIME

      Dear Pat,

      Correction, your rights were taken away long ago, its just people are now starting to get it / see it / understand it!

      Peace and Love

      • boyscout

        Affirmative. Might I add: Never, Never personally accept it.

    • http://BobLivingston Robert Ashfield

      yes you are so right. honest people have no rights. This is the beginning, the right to protect ourselves being taken away

    • Roadking rog.

      They have been working toward taking our guns away for many many years, It’s not the beginning it’s closer to the end, one way or the other!! This isn’t a joke!

      • Kate8

        I don’t know if anyone saw my post from yesterday, but I posted a link to an article stating that Hillary and the UN are back to passing the UN Gun Ban Treaty as we speak.

        Everyone needs to be screaming to their Congressmen, letting them know that this will NOT be honored in America. It is nothing less than a declaration of war against the American people.

        BTW, I have a friend who’s ex-girlfriend wanted to go into his house to take his computer (she had stuff on it she didn”t want him to see), so she called the cops and told them he had guns and feared for her life. Now, this guy is not at all violent, but he IS sure of himself. The cops continually demanded he hand over his guns, and he told them, “No! These are MY guns, and I haven’t committed any crime.”

        He finally just said, “Look. I’m NOT giving you my guns. End of story”. So they stayed until she walked out with the computer and then left…without his guns. And they showed him respect, too.

        Cops will try to bluff and intimidate, but if you know the law they will back off. If you hand over your guns, it will be considered voluntary.

  • ADie Dee

    In the UK they arrest the Occupier too! It happened just the other day. A few years ago they jailed one man for shooting dead an intruder (he had been robbed many times and the police did diddlysquat until he shot someone). He was eventually released early.

    • http://BobLivingston Robert Ashfield

      this is what you hear all the time. The victim is punished. This has to stop

  • JP

    A man in the UK found a shotgun wrapped in plastic in his backyard. He took it to the police station to turn it in. He was arrested, and prosecuted – for possession of an unregistered weapon – he couldn’t prove it wasn’t his! Even trying to do the right thing will get you prison time in the UK, coming soon to your town! This was in the news about 3 years ago.

    • http://BobLivingston Robert Ashfield

      it almost sounds like a joke. God for bid is not funny

    • 45caliber

      They have gone crazy about their laws there. This is a good example. One 70+ man was getting robbed every month by the same men for his SS check in England. He was a farmer and had a single barrel shotgut. He had reported them 7 times but the police still did nothing. He finally shot a couple of them, killing one and wounding a second. The dead man was about 35 and had about 38 CONVICTIONS. The wounded man also had more convictions than years. The wounded man was convicted of attempted robbery and was sentenced to 1 year in prison. He was out in three months. The old man was convicted of murder and sentenced to life. The government gave the wounded man 5000 lb. sterling so he could sue the old man for ‘ruining his sex life’ since the shock of seeing his friend shot had upset him. Instead of suing the robber bought heroin and was caught selling it to his friends in jail as he “visited them”. He got another year in jail and was out in three months.

  • ishodan

    Exactly WHY was his gun taken??? He did nothing but protect himself from 3 thugs. Don’t we have that right in our own homes??? Give the man back his rifle!

  • Bob

    Seizing a weapon used in ANY form of homicide is standard procure.. Even Police Officers guns are taken into evidence after fatal shootings.. I do not know the procedures in Kentucky, but I do know the procedures in Houston, Texas. It will be returned once it goes to the Grand Jury and a “No Bill” is returned.(All fatal shootings are referred to a Grand Jury, regardless of the circumstances). If the unfortunate happens, and Mr. Jones is “True Billed” or formally charged with a crime in the shooting, then the rifle will be retained as evidence until final a disposition is reached before a court.. As stated, I don’t know the law in Kentucky, but in Texas, NO Grand Jury would indite him…

    • Dorian LaCourse

      Same in Ohio, wounded or dead.

    • Vigilant


      “The Kenton County Police will probably not charge Jones, as Kentucky as the state has a ‘stand your ground’ law.”

    • http://BobLivingston Robert Ashfield

      I must reinstate my statement. laws are made to protect criminals not the victims of crime. really, I could go on, and so could many others with the same beliefs as may criminals should only have one right and that is to be treated humanely. when a policeman has to use his weapon. It should be taken away chances are, he had to use it. On top of that very few officers shoot anybody. I know a few officers that retired without using their piece.

      • 45caliber

        About not using their guns …

        A friend told me he had joined a county police force. The sheriff decided to have everyone requalify on their guns. (Now all are required to do that annually) One didn’t have any bullets at all. Another pulled out his gun to shoot and a roach crawled out the barrel. Several hadn’t been removed from the holsters and cleaned in years.

    • GRusling

      You’re 100% correct… Any weapon used in Texas to even wound an individual is taken into evidence at the time, then returned after the Grand Jury rules or the District Attorney refuses to prosecute. Our Police Department TAKES it back to the individual they got it from. In many cases our department will lend the individual a replacement, if that is the only such weapon they own…



  • Jerry Nappi

    Good Job ole buddy. Things are sure changing since we took the oath to defend our country. But old soldiers never die they just fade away. The lucky ones are those less fortunate buddies that passed before us. They probably would never believe the present day situations. Good luck ole buddy on retrieving your gun.

  • RivahMitch

    Never ever trust anyone connected with the government. As an old friend of mine whose father was a long-time sheriff warned, “The police are NOT on your side. From time to time their interests may coincide with yours but the Police are always on their own side.”

    • http://BobLivingston Robert Ashfield

      you are so right. I know you know a few officers

  • DJ

    Taking the rifle is standard procedure in law enforcement. The rifle is evidence for a ballistics check. When everything checks out, and no charges are filed, the firearm is returned to him. At least in most states in the U.S.

    • http://BobLivingston Robert Ashfield

      you are very right. That is the way it should be., but the government is trying to sneak in the back door a law that that will happen everywhere in the US that gun or rifle will not be returned and also that we will not be allowed. Most of us to purchase a gun or rifle. it is an attachment to a bill in Congress. and you know as well as me with the Congress has been doing the last few years about so-called protecting us.

      • Daniel

        Robert, since you know so much about this alledged bill, I’m sure that you won’t mind telling us its number, so that we can look it up.

        Or are you just passing around another rumor that so many conservatives consistently fall for?

      • CZ52

        I have heard of that but the last I heard about it the proposal had died in committee and never made it to a vote.

      • http://yahoo David


  • KingKen

    I’m just passing through this miserable state of affairs. God help you who live here.

    • Jodi

      So where do you live, KingKen? If it’s better than here, perhaps my family will move there and enjoy some freedom and peace until America crashes. And I’m not being sarcastic either. I’m fed up with this pseudo-America.

  • brett

    oh lordy, lordy, heaven forbid that the weapon was seized as part of s.o.p. when investigating a shooting death. at least the boone co. sheriff’s dept. is handling the case by the book unlike some shady police cases. poking around a little, i found that his actions are within kentucky’s definition of justifiable force and the sheriff’s office said that he’s unlikely to be charge and when the investigation is over his 22 cal. rifle will be returned.
    this article is pure propaganda spin. spoon-fed just for you!

  • Izod

    Nothing prevents the homeowner in this case from keeping any other firearms he owns or borrows while his .22 rifle is in the custody of the police. The weapon is kept due to its use in killing the intruder. The homeowner is not in custody and his rights aren’t being infringed.

    If he needs to borrow one, have him call me.

    • JD

      Amen IZOD , I agree 100% .I too will lend or even give him a good 22 and some ammo .

    • ?????? 661murray

      or me

  • Lawrence

    Don’t depend on any government agency to defend your constitutional rights. We lost our constitution years ago. The people in government swear to obey and protect the constitution when taking office and then immediately forget their oath.

  • Ted Gager

    We are dealing with scumbags that are afraid of a fair fight. They believe that the vet should have been the victom. It would have been much easier for them to handle. Self defence presents a problem for them because they may be the ones sneakining into some vets house at 2:00 a.m. in the near future. Give the vet back his rifle you cowards!

  • Charlie

    In the mean time, does he have another gun? Preferably a larger caliber with multi round magazine.

  • Steve Ward

    I would hope that the reason for securing the gun was for ballistics testing in that it would be evidence in a killing. If so, he will get it back. Kentucky is not known for anti gun rights. I would hope that Mr. Jones, after 92 years of living had access to another weapon. Good for Mr. Jones in making sure there is on less criminal that we won’t have to spend thousands to millions on in a trail and incarceration.

  • Steve Ward

    It is a fallacy to believe that law enforcement is here to protect us….they are seldom where crimes are being committed and upon arrival to a scene, collect evidence and investigate. The weapons they carry are for their personal protection first and foremost. It has been up to the people to protect themselves since forever and will be thus forever. Heaven help the “gun free zones”, because they are crime producing sewers.

  • Kinetic1

    Mr. Nash,
    Once again you have left out information in order to advance your cause. The temporary seizure of the homeowners gun is just a footnote in the story of a home invasion gone bad.

    After shooting the intruder, the homeowner did not call the police, but rather a neighbor who then called 911. When the police arrived at the scene the shooter was unwilling to put down his gun and raise his hands. “I told them, ‘I’m not putting my damn hands up.’ ” Arriving on the scene of a shooting the police have to consider their own safety. They don’t know what has really occurred or what might happen, and here is an man refusing to put down his weapon for police!

    Once they got inside the house, the Police found the door to the basement ajar and, I assume blood, but no body. Not much to back up his story. Later the two surviving burglars were found and they admitted to breaking into the house and taking their friend away after the shooting, so it appears that there will be no charges filed against the homeowner.

    When you consider that it is standard procedure to take a weapon used in a homicide for ballistics testing, that the call came from someone other than the homeowner, that the facts of the shooting were not clear and little evidence remained at the scene, and that the homeowner/shooter was initially uncooperative, this story becomes a lot less about police asserting unreasonable power and more about how not to handle the situation if you are forced to shoot an intruder in your home.

    • phideaux

      The original story I saw yesterday said there was blood on the stairs and said the homeowner is the one that called 911. The original story also said nothing about the homeowner putting up any kind of resistance or making any statements about not raising his arms.

      • Kinetic1

        Who, exactly presented the “original story”? The post above is a compilation of several different reports since any one may be somewhat biased. The report that he had called a neighbor rather than 911 came from the Sheriff. (
        The quote about putting his hands up came from the Kentucky Enquirer, USA Today, the NY daily news, etc.

        Whenever it seems there is something missing in a story, there usually is.

  • momo

    Too bad it wasn’t an assault rifle with a high capacity magazine, he could have killed all three, but then the liberals would be crying about those poor “victims”.

  • T. Jefferson

    If you own a gun shop in his area, please take him a weapon to protect his person and property.

  • Rob

    Being 92, he probably had to hang up the ole Garand and utilize the .22. He’ll probably have to bring it back out. Hopefully he won’t have to use it. He may throw out a shoulder.

  • NAM1

    When someone breaks into your home,they didn’t stop by for a visit.I would protect my family by all means possible,including deadly force if forced to do so….PERIOD!!!

  • David L. McKenzie

    It is understandable that the firearm used to kill someone would be taken for ballistics even though the shooter informed the police of what he had done. This is standard procedure for such instances. The weapon should be tested to prove it was the weapon used to fire the fatal bullet then returned to its owner, since no crime was committed by the shooter.
    I agree if Mr. Jones needs to borrow something for home protection he is welcome to choose from my gun safes. I have several in my home and vehicles as both my wife and I are conceal carry license holders. I would probably suggest to him a “Judge” with 410 self defense rounds or a “Governor” with the same ammo. I have several located in my home. They are great weapons for home defense because they most likely won’t kill any neighbors as drywall will reduce the lethality of the rounds. However if the perpetrator/home invader is between the gun and the drywall it will truly mess up his/her day.

  • Dad

    The police are nothing but government union slugs… unions have their roots in communism. The choice this year is clear.

  • dan

    Further proof that a well placed .22cal is effective …not that buckshot isn’t the load preferred
    load for uninvited household pests. One shot .one kill…well done.

  • Hooboy

    Bob: “Seizing a weapon used in ANY form of homicide is standard procure..”

    DJ: “Taking the rifle is standard procedure in law enforcement.”

    brett:”oh lordy, lordy, heaven forbid that the weapon was seized as part of


    IZOD: “The weapon is kept due to its use in killing the intruder. The

    homeowner is not in custody and his rights aren’t being infringed..”

    Steve W: “It is a fallacy to believe that law enforcement is here to protect


    Kinetic1: “The temporary seizure of the homeowners gun is just a footnote in

    the story of a home invasion gone bad…” K1 says “..invasion gone bad (!)”

    I say: invader wounded…NOT BAD AT ALL!

    Anyway, does the pattern of the first 5 quotes begin to define in your mind what the underlying problem is? So many accept the errosion of freedom so casually.
    Please make a better effort to be aware.

  • Glam

    Hello NRA, you need to help this man sue the socks off this police dept.
    This department needs to give him an AR-15 so he has real protection next time.
    Everyone should be proud of the way this man protected his life and property, way to go good job.

    Still serving at 92, once a soldier always a soldier, I salute you. GRM

    • boyscout

      I save the salutes for Brass and flagged monument stones. But I sure would like to shake his hand and buy him a beer.

  • John K. Winters

    This is why I have more than one gun. Two is one, one is none. ALWAYS have backup.

    • 45caliber

      And three … or more … is better than two. But ALWAYS have another ready as a replacement.

  • strighttothepoint

    A men!!!!!!

  • http://none Harold

    Makes me ashmed to be from Kentucky. Those so called cops know better.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    I would hope his next gun will be a semiauto so he can get all 3 or more. Hurray for him. stay alert and get as many as you can. home invaders

  • Chris

    Shame he didn’t kill all 3 scum of the earth.

  • Doubting Thomas

    So when did being a thief warrent the death penalty? Did Gramps shout out a warning that he would kill anyone who tried to take his crap? No, he sat in wait and ambushed the robbers. What about the 24 year old who was gunned down? Tried, convicted and exicuted by Gramps. No charges, no trial by jury, no explanation? It sounds like murder to me. Take away his gun? They should have taken him away. Locked his ass in stirr and thrown away the key. Did gramps even look to see who it was he was about to kill? Wouldn’t it have been a suprise if it was his grandson. Or even his wife. Shoot first and let god sort them out is a fools saying. And this guy is a fool, a dig stupid fool.

    • phideaux

      “So when did being a thief warrent the death penalty?”

      The instant he broke into an occupied dwelling.

      “Take away his gun? They should have taken him away.”

      NO, they should give him a medal for removing another piece of lowlife scum from the gene pool.

      ” And this guy is a fool, a dig stupid fool.”

      No you are the fool Doubting Thomas.

    • LC

      Due process? You are either commenting to agitate or perserving your position as a defense attorney. I would bet, if you and your family were the ones being victimized by these thugs you would be telling a completely different story.
      Oh yeah and being 92, he should confront them, take out one when they rush him and then get beaten to death. BRILLIANT! And then I guess you would say the thugs had every right because he was the one posing a threat. WOW!
      I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt as to being a law biding citizen but if this is your view of how we all should handle this situation, you should have just robbed the poor veteran yourself. PATHETIC!
      Too bad he didn’t get all three. Maybe a year from now you can invite them over to violate your wife, daughters, and granddaughters. Then give them your wallet and a pat on the back for a job well done.
      DOUBTING you would THOMAS!!

      • ?????? 661murray

        when you enter anothers home you take your chances. if the commie feds had their way no one but the gestaupo would have guns. AND don’t come to my house cause I’l do the same thing. I am an american not from Iowa.

    • NAM1

      Being where they did not belong was their first mistake,then their luck ran out,that was their last mistake…PERIOD!

    • 45caliber


      The man who made the decision that that robber’s life wasn’t worth much is the robber, not the owner. If a man robs you of 50 cents, he is placing the value of his life at fifty cents. Any man who breaks into a home to rob it isn’t worth very much anyway, so why should you get excited if he is killed?

      Your argument is worthless as it supposes the robbers were of value and would never ever harm the owner. They aren’t worth anything in the house and there is no reason to suppose they wouldn’t have harmed the owner if they had found him helpless.

      • ?????? 661murray

        this upstanding rodder could have provided a mighty fine job for some human keper in a prison setting. various states have various laws to permit the lawful ower/owner to apply whatever force he or she deems necessary to stop the unlawful activity. the deputy is required to do things differently as he has a license to assasinate wrong doers. public servants of the masters have more lattitude and abilities. Such as sitting on juries and refusing to see a crime. most of you here will not siton a jury. your answers will show that you think; and the law enforcement growth industry has no use for an informed VOTER. especially on a jury. just vote the perp innocent; no matter the smoking gun and thirty witnesses. inform your self of your rights and authorities as a juror. all this commie democrat will fall away. it your land why give it to the obamas.

      • 45caliber


        Actually, being a prison guard isn’t all that good. It’s the clienteel you have to put up with and the pay isn’t that great either. It’s better just to shoot the guys. I doubt if any present guard would disagree with me either.

  • Dick Grace

    We have been neutered by the government and our only defense is to shoot back. God bless old soldiers. They save us money and time. Funerals are much cheaper than trials and prison cells

  • Jose Hernandez

    I say the only reason why the cops took the arm away was due to security monopolists. They want the means of protection in their hands because of their salaries. No wonder its more common for cops to arrest innocents rather than criminals.

  • jopa

    Great story, now I want to see the perps family reimburse Mr. Jones for the .22 caliber round used to serve justice.Ammo ain’t cheap these days and every round counts when your 92 and living on a fixed income.The perps chose their line of work and Mr. Jones chose his line of defense.What a great country we live in.

    • 45caliber

      For once, jopa, I agree with you.

  • Annom

    This also happened during Katrina when the National guard shlamed an older lady and took her hand gun. They later were forced to return it to her.

  • Chris

    “Gramps” didn’t wait around to see if he was going to be “murdered” and I don’t blame him one bit……….get rid of the scum of the earth and save the taxpayers some money. If more people were readily prepared and willing to fight back, then maybe the scum would think twice and not commit the crime. Sorry, but I’m a champion for the underdog……….which is the victims of the scum……..and, yes, we “taxpayers” are ALSO their victims………..which should “MY” tax dollars have to support scum when “I” am a law-abiding citizen???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    We should NOT be building more prisons………….we should be frying the asses IN the prisons! This country has [expletive deleted] LAWS!!!!

  • http://maggie01 Jerry Bradshaw

    Doubting Thomas, your an idiot. First of all, his wife is dead and the intruders didn’t shout out they were going to rob him. It’s liberal idiot’s like you that we good ole boy’s have set on our butts to long and let run this country. Bring your happy butt to my house in the middle of the night and see what happens.

  • nnicko

    Question: what country would you least want to be a policeman? UK ..will issue you a billy club..good luck…life ins. on policeman for his family…optional

    • 45caliber


      The Bobbies in England now all carry guns and wear body armor since about a year after they banned guns there. It was too dangerous for them to not carry. Scotland Yard issued a statement not that long ago that stated that there were MORE guns in England today than there were before the ban. The difference is that the guns now are fully automatic AK-47s brought in by drug smugglers and are in the hands of the gangs where before they weren’t fully auto and were in the hands of the citizens.

      • nnicko

        Hey caliber…thanks for the info…..were they issued paint guns ?

  • 45caliber

    The police will ALWAYS take the gun used in a shooting! It is “evidence”. They will sometimes give it back but usually after weeks if not months. That’s why it is important to keep a second gun handy. Keep that in mind.

  • Larry

    Wish I lived close enough to him to loan him one of mine until he gets his back.

  • The Christian American

    The 2nd Amendment has to do with personal protection, a protection against a tyrannical government primarily according to Thomas Jefferson. Earl Jones exercised his right to protect himself and confiscating his means to protection is a crime in itself. But you know all that. The people’s fear of the government and the government fear of the people in America is drawing a line in the sand. The buck stops with the people. We must repent to God and restore morality in ourselves before we take our case the higher court and expect to win. A moral people will have a moral government and when immorality creeps into government, the people must look at themselves. Government people are a product of the people. We can argue this until the cows come home but that’s our real problem.

  • David Cook

    Attaboy Earl, you did good. If you hesitate in a situation like that your a dead man. If these perpetrators can’t get it throught their stupid heads that everytime they go out to commit a crime, they take the chance of losing their lives because people are tired of being ripped off, killed, rapped and kidnapped. Give Earl his damn rifle back unless you are going to charge him with some crime. If he’s not going to be arrested for protecting himself since he was in fear for his life, then there is no reason to take his weapon away. You have to be a philidelphia attorney to ever get your firearms back from the Police. I should know, I was one for 25 years and it’s a pain in the ass to try and get a court order signed by a Judge to have your weapon released and in most cases you have to hire an attorney to get the darn thing back and that takes time.

    • 45caliber


      The real problem is that the government wants to protect these criminals. I think it is partly because they want to help themselves. They want to disarm the people they fear – the private citizens – because they don’t fear the criminals. They fear the citizens who would object to many of the things they would love to do.

      But also consider that we have the best legal system in the world – from a lawyer’s point of view. A criminal commits a crime and over 90% of the time is arrested within a week. He has to hire a lawyer. The lawyer gets him out on bail and keeps the case for two years before they go to trial. In many cases the criminal will commit other crimes during that time and these will be tried seperately, which gives the lawyer even more income for a longer period of time. He is found guilty and put in jail. In most cases, he will be out – at least on parole – before the lawyer uses up his appeals and will then commit another crime which starts this whole thing over again. To the lawyer this is perfect since he will have that client paying him most of the rest of his life – unless some ill-mannered citizen shoots his client and makes him have to find another client to take his place. So to the lawyer and his friend the judge, we have the perfect system except for endangering their client. So – they MUST get rid of our guns to protect their jobs.

  • 03Bullseye

    I know this man personally. He has other firearms.. He will get this one back.. Its SOP for any shooting in Boone Co. He’s a great guy and plays a mean card game. He has been broken into many times. Once in broad daylight while he was on his tractor behind his house. He is completely justified and no one is arguing that. He will get his gun back.

  • 45caliber

    It said here that he was in a rural home. In other words, country, not city. Country police are a lot more able to use common sense in situations like this. I suspect if city cops had gone into the house and found him with a gun in his lap, he would have been shot too since they wouldn’t have asked him to raise his hands or anything else. It would have been “Gun! Kill!”

    Rural cops are also more likely to see that he gets his rifle back after they document everything as evidence.

  • Henry

    Reasons people object to shooting burglars:
    A – They don’t want to get shot.
    B – The burglars are members of their family.
    C – They benefit from the burglary.
    D – They’re afraid you will miss and they’ll be shot.

    • Henry

      Reasons people object to shooting burglars:
      A – They are the burglar.

      • Roadking rog.

        Well Said! Semper Fi.

  • deepizzaguy

    The police dropped the ball in this case. Earl Jones served our armed forces to keep us free and he should have been treated with more respect than the way the police took his weapon away for defending himself. Our deceased war veterans must be rolling in their graves right now.

    • Hurt Burt

      A really sad day. Obama just lost another vote….”sniffle”.

  • Big John

    I’m 80 yrs.old,and I cannot beleive what is happening ,America.We’re being taught to be Victims by people with well armed guards,A super rich European spending millions to take our guns and influence our elections.

  • Big John

    It was said by an intelligent man many years ago,to conguer a nation first disarm it’s citizens.Is that what’s happening?

  • swampfox

    ought to give this ol combat vet a civic action medal for ridding society of a criminal peice of garbage,I would have done the same,woe to the scumbags who find me waiting for them.
    I had a cop tell me of I had to shoot a scumbag make sure I killed him so he couldn’t take me to court,damn right,
    I salute this vet,
    semper-fi mac,from a fellow vet,well done.

  • Rickie Oxyer

    Stop the traitors of the US, Hillary, Obama, and the rest of the Demon-crate party WHO say they are Christians but do the will of their god Satan.

  • bobcat_flyer

    Get another gun and let everyone know about it. “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” – Thomas Jefferson. This quote is as applicable today as it was then.

  • golfohow

    i live near where the shooting took place and have heard all the local news reports, in Kentucky you have the right to protect yourself from intruders here (yes we still have our rights in KY to have guns) Mr. Jones will not be charged. the police responded to the call upon arriving ask Mr. Jones to put down his weapon. police don’t know when they arrive on a call such as this who is the bad guy, they don’t want to be shot either. and neither would any of you. no big deal he doesn’t need protection while they are there at this point. as far as his riffle it will be returned to him when the investigation is finished. for the time being his neighbor let him borrow one of his. i would protect myself in the same manner as did mr. jones.
    To those who take this conversation which has nothing to do with your personal politics throw the blame to President Obama and others. you can’t blame them for everything that happens. you should try chillin a little bit, release some of the hate and anger you seam to keep inside. and maybe you will love Yourself and your Country a little more.

    • Roadking rog.

      I Think for the most part, we blame the Govnerment as a whole. You could blame Bush, Right, Not! Gotta blame somebody. I think the issue is respect for the law abidding pepole.

  • uvuvuv

    my trailer was broken into and stuff removed and oddly enough set out in the yards of the neighboring trailers. i have to give the guy credit, i was in bed reading at the time. i’m glad i didn’t hear him and come out with my gun, it would have been awkward. anyway the sheriff deputies took the stolen items as evidence and will keep it in custody until after the trial. in the case of this vet his weapon was considered germaine to the case and they did have to take it. he will get it back. i went to the d/a and said i don’t have anything against this guy, if it was up to me i would spring him. but they said once the law is broken the state has to try him. glad i didn’t shoot him.

  • Charles

    What Mr. Jones doesn’t understand is that in this country, you don’t have the right to defend yourself until AFTER you have been murdered.


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