25 Surprising Places To Hide Your Guns

Hide your guns in a hollow book

The key to properly hiding a gun is choosing a spot that is both easily accessible and easy to overlook.

As we have become painfully aware, there is a significant movement afoot to erase the 2nd Amendment from the U.S. Constitution.

Gun-control advocates have jumped on recent tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., and elsewhere to claim that stronger laws are needed to limit gun ownership.

The U.S. Senate recently voted against extending background checks for gun owners, but this is a fluid situation and we don’t know how successful gun control legislation will be. Some States have acted independently and toughened their gun-control laws over the past few months.

In addition to being blatantly unConstitutional, these efforts are based on “logic” that is inherently flawed. These well-meaning but deluded activists and politicians never acknowledge that in virtually every case of mass shootings, good guys with guns could have stopped bad guys with guns, and at the very least minimized the carnage and saved precious lives.

The U.N. Human Rights Council may declare that there’s no human right to self-defense, but we know better, as did the writers of the Constitution. If you own a gun, you are probably a law-abiding citizen who would never use it for anything other than target practice, hunting or protecting yourself and your family from someone seeking to harm you.

And because you are a responsible citizen, the three groups of people who you would not want to have access to your guns are children, home invaders and authority figures determined to take away your 2nd Amendment rights.

The key to properly hiding a gun that you may require at a moment’s notice to deal with an intruder is choosing a spot that is simultaneously easily accessible and would not be looked at twice by someone trying to find it. The item in which the gun is contained might be in plain sight, but it’s so commonplace that someone would not think to look within it for a weapon.

Top 25 Places To Hide Your Guns

Following are my top 25 places to hide a gun that will give you easy access in an emergency. Some of these may not be appropriate if there are children in the house.

  • Inside an empty cereal box or a large empty ravioli can in the pantry.
  • Inside a hollowed-out book on a bookshelf or a cookbook in the kitchen.
  • Inside a seldom-used couch cushion.
  • Inside a hollowed-out radio clock on the nightstand.
  • Inside a toilet tank lid, wrapped in waterproof plastic.
  • Inside a freezer, wrapped in waterproof plastic and then in aluminum foil.
  • Inside a false-bottom end table or nightstand drawer.
  • Behind a fake electrical outlet.
  • Inside a fake pipe near the water heater.
  • Inside a hollowed-out scanner or printer.
  • On the underside of a sump pump lid in a waterproof bag.
  • Inside a garbage bag of dirty clothes.
  • Inside a large pizza box wedged between the trash bin and the wall.
  • In a closet on an easily broken plastic hanger, covered by a button-down shirt.
  • Inside a folded grocery bag lodged between a cabinet and the refrigerator.
  • Hanging on a hook on the back of a bedroom door, underneath a robe.
  • Inside a large, hollow trophy.
  • Behind an easily removed vent in the wall.
  • Inside a bowling ball bag.
  • Inside a hollowed-out water heater with pipes that disappear into the wall.
  • Inside a diaper pail.
  • Inside a product that looks like it hasn’t been opened yet.
  • Inside cheap-looking stereo speakers.
  • Inside one of several stuffed animals.
  • Inside an empty paint can in the garage.

What are your suggestions for places to hide your guns? Leave a comment below.

— Frank Bates

Personal Liberty

Frank Bates

is a contributing writer to Patriot Headquarters, a new website featuring 100s of articles on how to be more self-reliant. Frank is also the founder of Food4Patriots, a supplier of emergency food suitable for long-term storage, survival and emergency preparedness.

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  • Dirty Daug

    I used to know of a few ladies who could hide a good sized handgun in their private parts.

    • Bill

      You really are a Dirty Daug! LOL

    • dirtydog1776

      Can I have their phone numbers?

  • Avenger

    A gun that is not available to you within 3 seconds maximum is totally worthless.

    • FreedomFighter

      I think this is about “Hiding” you weapon from confiscation. If so…

      I will not give my methods or places, but I will say this:1. Vacuum Seal with moisture/oxy absorbers 2. disassemble weapon into subcomponents3. Vacuum Seal ammo in clip size amounts with oxy aborbers4. package in good quality plastic plumbing pipes with end caps and seal.5. Get imaginative and don’t put all your eggs in one place
      With the new detection gear and portable x-ray machines you may even want to drive them nuts by cutting gun shaped pipe and bury it all over your yard.
      Good Luck
      Laus DeoSemper FI

      • Cynicles

        Whatever you do…

        Please do not ever even consider stealing from those that are trying to kill you & remove your liberties – likely they wont have any guns or supplies anyway.

  • Joseph Couture

    Do you seriously believe the gun grabbers don’t read this column. When the storm troopers come looking, they will have their dogs so unless you find a way to stifle the dogs sniffer, you will lose your guns. And don’t underestimate the intelligence of some of these traitors. Just because they’ve been brainwashed doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

    • Brian

      Put fresh coffee will stop the dogs

      • Dog Trainer


        • JoeyJ

          ammonia will seriously degrade the sense of smell for several days, mix a little with water in a spray bottle to use as a chasing cars deterrent. Have someone drive up and down the street and spray from the car at the dog. Worked great when I was a paper boy many years ago!

          • Linda

            When I used to drive a motorcycle I had a neighborhood dog chase me every time I left on my bike, so I got a squirt gun and put ammonia in it, and when he chased me I aimed for his nose, he pretty much stopped chasing me.

          • smokehill

            A strong solution of vinegar will work as well, and won’t risk eye injury to the dog. We use about 15% vinegar in water to discourage our rescue dogs from unwanted behavior. Dogs really HATE that smell. Strange, when you consider they eat dead animals & will roll in a dead skunk.

        • smokehill

          Right — but you can never convince people that these stupid folk tales about defeating a scenting dog are pure nonsense.

    • Wellarmed

      Agreed, that is why it is so important to have multiple separate cache’s that are not associated with your personal land holdings. I prefer stainless hardware for it’s durability, but either way all items that are cached should be vacuum sealed and properly oiled. Sprinkle/fill your vault ( could be and old top opening ice chest ) with rice to act as a moisture absorber and as a food source if the need arises.

      Guns that remain in your house should be assumed to be sacrificial, and when the SS show up at your door I can guarantee that they will bring sufficient personal to conduct a proper/thorough search of your residence. I personally would not attempt to resist by force, but would allow them to confiscate those guns they came across during their search ( PATRIOT Act allows for sneak and peak while you are away,and I may add confiscation! So do not feel that the fourth amendment applies to you.)

      When, not if this begins to happen know that it has begun and there will be no putting the genie back in the bottle at that point, and yes they are monitoring this web site so what you write here may be your downfall when the SHTF.

    • LarryK357

      just sprinkle a good amount of black pepper around and that will take care of those dog nose sniffers.

      • NoGovtBS

        Use alum instead. Look up what it does. I think you’ll like it. That dog will be useless for a week…

        • smokehill

          Unfortunately, that won’t work either. My wife has been raising and training working dogs for 40 years, and trained the Quantico dogs for many years.

          There is NOTHING that will disable that dog’s sniffer for more than a matter of seconds, and there’ll be other dogs close by anyhow.

          Ask any of the guys that run bloodhounds or other scenthounds. They know.

    • Cynicles

      By the time the NWO crowd and all their means come a knockin’ the word will be long out, as will most communications & largely, power as well. There will be no use hiding weapons.

      This article is geared more at domestic readiness I suspect than vs the Gov or NWO agitants (aka terrorists).

      Hiding guns works well against kids and then it must be where they will not find them when looking for a snack or nothing in particular.

      The best alert: eyes and ears…especially if they are your dogs :D

  • JimH

    Yeah, my wife won’t let me hide my AK 47 in her piano.

  • patriot156

    good for handguns not long rifles. now cops will know

  • $9913635

    Thanks! Now I know where to NEVER hide your guns. Thank you!

  • Staysafe

    Though this article was written with well meaning intentions, I must agree that most, if not all, of these locations are common. So, not good hiding places. That said, this article should be a wake-up call to really think through every scenario before “hiding” your guns. I agree with the comments regarding sacrificial and off site caches. Both should be top priority. If the searchers can be made to believe they’ve found everything, later surveillance possibilities should be minimized. Be very careful when, and if, you inform someone else of your hiding places and caches. People can be tricked or intimidated into revealing information at different levels of interrogation. If you aren’t able to use off-site locations, there are still plenty of hiding places within and around your home. Just think things through before hiding any weapons and/or ammunition.

  • NoGovtBS

    Of my firearms, the Desert Eagle 44 is within 1/2 second (and is locked & loaded, only a safety away from firing) at all times (1-2 sec when in the shower). The rest are just as ready to use and in easy-to get not-obvious locations, scattered in various locations in the house. Well, my 308 SOCOM Sniper Special isn’t easy to get, but it’s meant to not be findable, either, though I can get to it and have it ready to fire in about four minutes. Got a couple gas masks in strategic locations too (Column author didn’t mention these – wonder why not?).

    Personally, I disagree with the “don’t resist” comment. Yeah, I’ll end up dead, but I’m a retired special forces sniper and a distinguished expert with both pistol and rifle, and very experienced with urban and close-quarters combat. I will take a vanguard into Hell with me – as large a vanguard as I can arrange. If EVERYONE resists, they will stop trying. They’ll have to, as they run out of Gestapo and SS Agents.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a looney that’s about to jump off the deep end. Leave me alone and they’re perfectly safe. I just refuse to allow my Constitutional rights to be taken without due (and Constitutional!) process. I spent 30 years in the service defending the Constitution and this country, and will NOT allow it to be shredded, not on my watch!

    Oh. Check out http://www.oathkeepers.org – and join. Encourage your local police and sheriffs to join. Encourage any military personnel you know to join. Encourage your senators and representative (both state and fed levels) to join. Encourage your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and shooting club members to join. Know a Marshall or other Federal-level LEO? Pester him to join.

    • Cynicles

      Resist or see you in the FEMA gulags are the only two viable options.
      Both can and likely the second will result in death…

  • joi

    a freeze dried chicken in every pot with home grown veggies and a loaded gun in every room, shed, garage, car, and porch! with ample ammo in every room garage, shed, car, and porch. i would like to add a place that no one would dream of looking but i fear who might be reading this. i will say this…if you want to hide something put it under the perps nose. thieves and perps ALWAYS look for hiding spots. thanks for the 411. and keep it cool real. we are in the last days and counting down to the last hours and if i am not called i am prepared to wait out the trib.

  • Bob Wire

    Sooooooooooo…. You filter for spam and then we see the post of Laurie C Correll. WTF????????????????