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‘2016: Obama’s America’ Receives Negative Review From AP

August 29, 2012 by  

‘2016: Obama’s America’ Receives Negative Review From AP
The Associated Press gives “2016: Obama’s America,” a thumbs-down.

The anti-Barack Obama film “2016: Obama’s America” has been a hit at the box office. It raked in more than $6.2 million, made the top 10 and appeared in 1,091 theaters. But not everyone appreciates the documentary. The Associate Press recently gave the movie a negative review.

The movie is based on the book The Roots of Obama’s Rage, written by Dinesh D’Souza. In “2016: Obama’s America,” D’Souza travels to Kenya and attempts to uncover the roots of the President’s political ideology.

An AP article called D’Souza’s efforts “entirely subjective and a logical stretch at best,” and said that, in regard to certain matters, there is “no evidence.” Furthermore, writer Beth Fouhy believes that D’Souza’s claims “don’t hold water.”

Fouhy writes: “It’s difficult to see how Obama’s political leanings could have been so directly shaped by his father.”

Joel Gilbert has tried to explain the conundrum in his film, “Dreams from My Real Father.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    Message to Paul supporters:
    I believe ALL Paul supporters must LEAVE the republican party! They have again changed the rules and the “people” will no longer have their say. It cannot be overstated that us Paul supporters knew we had to win this fight from the bottom up and when we made that move, the establishment made sure this cannot happen again. The only way is to make the republicans obsolete once again from the grassroots with our massive following of distraught republicans, tired democrats, libertarians, constitutionalists and the fastest growing party of all, the independents. With a concerted effort and the greatest organizational skills of ALL parties, we surly can unify and make the republicans an non issue!
    To some of you this may sound like sour grapes and I’ve already been called a “crybaby” but that’s okay. I assure you I have not one bad feeling bone in my body. The grassroots voice cannot be heard in the current two party system unless it is in line with establishment agenda and that is the cold truth. If you do not see this with this weekends rule changes then you are an establishment crony/flunky or you willing have your head in the stand. The paradigm MUST shift and that time for shift is now.
    This video is not what the people want!
    No sour grapes. I just want the peoples voice to be heard not silenced by the establishment which is the case in BOTH parties.

    • Old Glory

      When RAND runs 4 office EXPECT to have a DIVIDE VOTE – as U have done! U wanted a divide, U NOW HAVE IT. Payback will be given to RAND

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Old Glory,
        Rand has a STRONG following and is not bound to the republican party. And if he runs on a platform that does not give the vote back to the people then he will quickly lose that following because that following came via his father. He is one of the 2 people that I believe has the power to run on a 3rd party ticket while exposing the 2 current corrupt/criminal parties for what they are. The other is the Judge but if either of them try and fight this battle from an establishment platform they will also fall victim to the corruption. It’s been that way with the 2 parties and will continue. Don’t you see that?

      • Ted Crawford

        It seems Old Glory that you are becoming what you so dislike here! Rand, Ron & any other person willing to put themselves on the firing line, by offering a possible solution to our problems should, I believe, be given the full credit their ideas warrent! The source is far less important than the content of any information!

      • al

        If Rand is going to run for the top seat in the next election then he needs to make his statement immediately so that he can start his work as soon as possible. There are a lot of people that are fed up with both the Dems and the Repubs and It is time to take this country back to its roots.
        It may take a Constitutional Convention to right this ship of state but it must be done and it must happen soon.
        If Obama is re-elected it is too late. It will take a revolution then….

      • http://http// sophillyjimmy

        I don’t know where you get your information but it is a fact that Rand is endorsed by the
        Republican Party as well as the Tea Party and Rand also endorsed Romney for president.
        If we all have just a half of a brain in our head, Rand would have endorsed his father as a third party candidate but he knows as well as I do that taking votes away from Romney guarantees Obama 4 more years to completely destroy America and the Constitution that gives us the freedom that no other country in the world gives its people.
        Give Romney 4 years to prove he could bring our great country back to her old glory and give WE The People the chance to get back to work, reduce the federal deficit and not idly stand by while third world countries threaten to nuke us or our allies. Haven’t we suffered enough in the last 3 and 3/4 years under this Communist Dictator and Chief? Or do you like his way of dismantling our Constitution by violating as many amendments as he could if they stand in his way. P)lease remember, Obama took an oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of Ameica and he has broke that oath many times during his tenure in the White House
        Give up the ghost of Ron Paul, I voted for him in the primary knowing well that he didn’t have a chance but I also knew that in the primaries we would get a candidate, any of them that ran against Dr. Paul that may not be the ideal candidate to be president but none of them are Communist and can’[t do any worse then this immoral, lying man that is in office right now.
        Make your vote count and vote for Romney/Ryan then you will have 4 more years to drum up Ron Paul for president but if Obama does win, you may never have another chance to see your dreams and aspirations bear fruit.

    • wandamurline

      This is not the year to decide to go it on your own…you are becoming a Ross Perow guy that will divide the vote and hand the election to Barack Obama. If you guys do this, Ron Paul will be looked upon as the man who decided to give Obama another four years. If you want a third party, pleeeeeze wait at least until 2016….this election will decided which direction our country goes…forward off the cliff, or maybe back on track. If you guys do this, then I believe that Ron Paul wants obama to win and he will have the legacy of handing Obama the reigns in 2012. Does he want to go down in the history book as a traitor to his own cause, or one that had the spirit and dignity to get behind the restoration of America, or at least that opportunity?

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Ron Paul has already said that he’s not running on a 3rd party. That said, if he did he would win in my opinion. Ross Perot had not even a fraction of the grassroots support that Paul has and if Paul gets on a stage with Robomney, like we say in Boston, it’s OVA! My point was not to endorse a 3rd party ticket for Paul this year but to expose the current, again, corrupt/criminal 2 party system that CANNOT be changed from the bottom no matter the grassroots support. It’s been a failed system and to think it could change, especially after the last couple of days here in Tampa, is just naive. Besides, 99.31765342% of Paul supporters will vote for neither candidate anyways. :)
        Romney offered Paul a speaking spot if he would have his speech vetted and after give Romney a full 100% endorsement. He said “That would go against 30 years of what I’ve believed in” and politely declined.

    • r

      Do you really think obama won’t change the political system if he is reelected? He will stay in power forever.

      • Kinetic1

        Extremists on the left used to say the same about Bush. There was nothing behind that and there’s nothing behind your claim either.

    • D Bugmac

      it has been correctly said before – A vote for Rand is a vote for Obama in this election. Forget the third party for now – we can not take a chance on dividing the vote so everyone for Rand must vote for Romney. If the Dems had a blue Democrat it may be Ok to run a third party candidate but not during this election. To get rid of Obama we need every single vote for Romney – who isn’t the pick of conservatives but is better than the alternative – 4 more years of Obama. America cannot stand another 4 years of Obama. Get out and vote for Romney who is our only hope to get rid of Obama.

      Race and fraud could determine this election and we need all the votes that we can muster for Romeny to have a prayer to get rid of Obama. It is amazing how this election is going to be so racially divided – especially when Martin Luther King, JR was a Republican and the Republicans voted for and signed the Civil Rights laws while the Democrats filabustered the Civil Rights laws and 93% of sitting Democrats in Congress voted against the Civil Rights laws.The Republicans have always been the liberty party while the Democrats want to enslave us to government. Don’t be fooled by Rand or by race – vote for Romney on November 2nd.

      • H Stan Boring PHC USN (Ret.)

        Amen! We must vote out the current threat to the Constitution so many of us swore to uphold and defend! Congressman Paul has said he is NOT going for a third party. Please listen to him, and vote for Romney this time. He wasn’t my first choice, but he is what we have, so please support and vote for him.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan
  • cawmun cents

    “What part of FROWARD dont you understand?”

    • Cliffystones

      Huh? What’s a froward?

      • Robert Smith


        It’s a position in Basketball. You know, where you’ve got ten guys playing with balls and dribbling in their shorts.


      • texastwin827

        Robert are you sure it’s basketball? You know soccer also has 3 …right, center & left forwards. ;-)

      • Palin16

        “Forward” is a campaign slogan borrowed from Vladimir Lenin.

      • Kinetic1

        I believe the question was, “What’s a f-R-oward”. The fact that so few of you picked up on the spelling error is almost as fun as the error itself.

  • eddie47d

    Most importantly 2016 is a documentary. These types of movies come and go and a few are quite successful. Whether coming from the left or the right they all contain one sided views and much hyperbole. This one happens to please the right so they naturally don’t want to hear anything counter intuitive to what they believe.

  • tim

    I’m a ron paul supporter also. We need to get obama out!!! Help by supporting romney!!!! Quit whining!!!! Establishment politicians are not gonna change. We have to get rid of them one at a time and replace them with men like Dr. Paul!!!!

    • stopspending

      Thank you for a voice of reason. Repubs might not be perfect but we know what a disaster four more years of the current administration would be. Work for replacing Obama now and replacing the big gov politician as quickly as possible, whether they be Dem or Repub

    • 2004 done

      I don’t consider Rand Paul a “traitor”, and I agree, unfortunately with “Tim” and “StopSpending” about priorities into which we are forced.

    • Perry Sheetz

      You say you’re a Paul supporter yet you plead for Paul supporters to vote for Romney? Is there any major differences between Romney and Obama?

      • Ted Crawford

        In my opinion it’s the difference between a campfire, that can, if we aren’t very careful serverly burn us, but can also, again with proper care, provide us with a good measure of warmth and security. And a Forestfire that is almost totally destructive and provides only a limited and targeted amount of value!

      • Average Joe

        Perry Sheetz ,

        “Is there any major differences between Romney and Obama?”

        OOO…I know the answer to this one….Tan Lines!

        How did I do?

        Best Wishes,

      • AZMarc

        Differences between Obama and Romney. Hmmm, in which areas? There may be similarities in some areas but the one, overriding, thing which will make me pull the lever for Romney is the differences between Sotomayor/Kagan and Scalia/Kennedy.

      • Carl

        Perry, should we assume that you are going to sit out the vote? Or that you will vote for a candidate who is guaranteed to lose because he can’t possibly receive more than five or six percent of the vote, if even that much? Surely you are aware that people who throw temper tantrums are little more than spoiled brats. Why would you knowingly swing the election to the democrats just so you can show how intransigent you are?

      • al

        Perry if you cannot tell the difference between Romney and Obama then you have been asleep.
        Obama has had four years to do some cleanup. Two of those years he owned the entire government and he got nothing done because he surrounded himself with Liberal Morons from every nut group in the nation. Not one in the whole bunch ever did anything of any value. Now he wants to start over again only this time he will have a Conservative Congress. What are the chances of success? SQUAT!!
        Romney has a long track record of sucess in business, the olympics and as gov of Mass. As Gov of Mass he took the most liberal state in the union which was completely bankrupt and reorganized the state education system, the political structure and left it in the black. His entire time in office he worked with a liberal legislature and still made the state viable.

        Romney will be walking into office as a Repub with the same game Obama had in his first two years. A Conservative Congress and the ability to move the government in any direction he wishes. What are the chances of success? 100%!!
        Think about it. A Congress that is Conservative and the Pres both working for the good of the Nation for a change. This could be a great administration…..

  • Dorian Douglas

    4 more yrs of Bo and we won’t be a republic anymore. We’ll have over 1/2 the country on welfare, and the welfare class will vote for the candidate in 2016 who keeps their welfare checks coming. Then dictatorship will replace constitutional government.

    The stage & tactics are set for what occurred 70-80 years ago in Europe. Soros learned the lessons well, and is trying to implement them here.

    We must all hang together, or we will all hang separately (I read that quote somewhere).

    Dorian Douglas

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      Republic??? Have you looked around? The last time we “tried” to have a republic was 1960 and that wasn’t long. Before that I believe was right before WWI. There’s much truth in satire….

    • H Stan Boring PHC USN (Ret.)

      “We must all hang together, or we will all hang separately.”

      Benjamin Franklin said that upon the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He also said, when asked after the Constituton was approved, what kind of government we had, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” We must keep it or descend into democracy, where the mobs rule. Someone else said if the public ever learns they can vote themselves largesse from the state reasury, liberty is doomed. We are close to that now, because the current administration is actually advertising for people to get food stamps, whether they need it or not. And, when unemployment benefits are running out, people are being put on Social Security disability, even if able to work!

  • http://Personalliberty Barbara

    What do you expect from a liberal branch of the obama media. Of course they do not want anyone to actually see what a radical socialist obama is. Just as they try to convince people to turn off Fox, they want everyone to get their news ONLY from the progressive lap dogs of obama. GO SEE THE MOVIE, it is enlightening. You can make up your own mind, you don’t need a lame bias media telling you what to think.

    • Sirian

      Agreed! The movie is very helpful to see a well hidden side of Obummer that is consistently and loyally ignored by the MSM. By design? Obviously so.

      • Mike in MI

        Sirian -
        There’s also the matter, that must really rankle the AP, that D’Souza makes them look really, really bad. They never did their job of digging around in BO-plenty’s past to reveal who Oblama-lama-ding-dong was, is and where he wants to take us – because of who he IS!! They made no effort to vet him. Yet, they fronted for him, advanced his candidacies and helped sell his brand of madness.
        Naturally, that should make one assume they are far beyond simply being in Oblama-lama-ding-dong’s corner. The next consideration that might come to one’s mind is that the AP is actually a river of government devised propaganda.
        They have enjoyed a fairly good, respected name in news (whether or not they deserve it). D’Souza makes no bones about the fact that he did this documentary becaus they made no effort to do their job.They are getting deservedly slammed and tarnished.


      • Sirian

        Mike in MI,
        True. It should not have been any surprise that a quick article of this nature was to be written. Overall, was it not actually expected?
        We found the movie to be very informative even though our own personal research had revealed almost as much prior. In the long run, it is vitally important that the public should be made aware more so of who and what our president honestly/truthfully is.

    • Average Joe

      Barbara ,
      I read the book when it came out. D’ Souza doesn’t see Obama as a Radical Socialist, but rather an Anti-Colonialist….based on his father’s uppbringing in British Colonial Kenya. That is not to detract from the movie or the message presented within…I am no Obama lover for sure. I am almost afraid to see the movie…simply because of the butcher jobs that they usually do when translating from book to movie.

      Best Wishes,

      • gunner689AI

        Was BO’s father a Mau Mau terrorist? like father like son.

  • Tom Cook

    Dinesh does a fantastic job of laying it out clearly so that even blacks and Jews can understand why obonbo is a communist: all of his family, friends, and mentors are/were communists except his brother George whom obongo disdains and ignores for he is a quietly intelligent man if he is as he is seen in the film. George, unlike the bulk of the inhabitants of subsaharan Africa does not blame Colonial Empires for black Africans’ ills, pointing out the huge and successful growth of places like South Korea which was destroyed by the North and China and has now become a first world country vs. all of the fourth and fifth world stinkholes on the African continent.

    • gunner689AI

      The problem is tha we preaching to the choir. those who need to see the movie most will never go.

    • James Wallen

      “Dinesh does a fantastic job of laying it out clearly so that even blacks and Jews…”

      That sure sounds like a statement designed to provoke inflamatory responses. Blacks and Jews are so ‘brainwashed’ or whatever that they blindly bolt to the Democrats? A fair number of both support the GOP, albeit seemingly a majority do side with the Democrats on most occasions.

      I find this comment as distasteful, insulting and reprehensible as Todd Akin’s (R-MO Senate candidate) comment about women forcibly raped being able to [control their bodies so as to] not conceive or carry to full term.

      • H Stan Boring PHC USN (Ret.)

        I agree with the part of your response to Mr. Cook about Blacks and Jews, but you have misunderstood what Congressman Akin meant. Poorly stated or mistaken, he meant there was an automatic physical response to the trauma of forcible rape which makes pregnancy unlikely. In fact, less than five percent of rapes result in pregnancy. Aborting the result is punishing the innocent. Even the perpetrator would not be sentenced to death. There is always adoption. The poor victim can’t be “unraped”. Finally, by “legitimate”, Mr Akin meant forcible. True, he should have chosen better words, but the response to him surely differed from Mr. Biden saying we want to put Blacks “back in chains”.He got a pass, as he usually does.

      • Robert Rashbrooke

        I took chemistry at school, preferring it then to biology.
        But I am under the impression that a woman is only able to conceive on a limited number of days during each menstrual cycle, which explains why some people rely on ‘safe period timing’ contraception and why fertilization clinics need to monnitor women to find out when their fertile days are occurring. So presumably, when rapists perpetrate their vile act on an unknown victim, they have a slim chance of doing so when their victim is in her fertile period. Hence the limited number of resultant pregnancies, rather than some inherent bodily process triggered off by the rape.

        As to the pontification by Tod Akin, in my opinion, he should have no influence whatsoever on how a female should respond to pregnancy, no matter HIS personal religious belief, in exactly the same way females should have no influence on deciding that HE should have a vasectomy.

  • http://personallibertyalerts Carol Snyder

    @revnowwhilewecan you stated that 99.99 of Paul supporters won’t vote for obozo or Romney but what they are in effect doing is handing the election to obozo. I hope you all can live with that

  • Phillip Peachock Sr.

    I seen the movie 2016 and I have found it to be informing and entertaining. If I recall, I believe that the left actually made a movie while GWB was in office. It was about his murder and they got away with this BS. The left can make all the untrue movies that they want and nothing is said or questioned by the drive by media but don’t make a movie about their man or woman because they will deem it as untrue.

    • Mike in MI

      Phillip -
      Let them “deem it as untrue.” I hope they do…loud and clear.
      Our ONLY ANSWER should automatically be, “PROVE IT, damn you. Break out some documentation and prove that what I’m saying about the Presentdink, aka the Ghetto Conman, is libelous, slanderous or refutable in any way. Please, take me to court and sue me in open session.”
      If not, shut up.
      W should make ourselves as obnoxious as they do challenging everything about his past (Romney should. , except he’s too much of a milquetoast.)

  • gettinready

    Everyone who is unhappy with the candidates on BOTH sides should vote their principles! take the “world’s Smallest Political Survey” and learn abouth the “other” option and vote libertarian. STOP BEING SHEEPLE!!! see you in the voting booth

    • Norman F.

      I am beginning to believe that you guys are Democrats in disguise, trying to throw the election to President Obama. You must be aware that every vote, whether cast or not is a vote for one or the other candidate. Votes for third party candidates are votes for Obama. My primary candidate lost, but I am not going to run in circles and scream and shout as you seem to be doing. I am going to vote for the nominee of my party, and try again in four years. If my candidate wins there will be another election then, if Obama wins there will not. It is that simple.

      Be aware! This may be your last chance to vote for anybody. Obama made a speech in the Capitol where he talked about indefinite detention of people who had not been charged with a crime. Even Rachel Madow couldn’t agree with it. I think Ron Paul supporters would come right after gun owners because he would not trust you any more than he does them.

      • Norman F.

        Correction: it should be “more than he does us”

  • BradR

    I believe that Ms. Fouhy may be correct. After all, everyone knows that NO ONE is influenced AT ALL by their parents. What a load of BS.

    • Mike in MI

      BradR -
      “Fouhy” is a good name for the lady, because The Pteradactyl (“B-A-A-RA-A-ACK”, kind ‘a looks like one doesn’t he?)-in-Chief’s father didn’t influence him much and neither did his mother – except her side of the gene complement. Nobody knows who supplied the Y-chromesome complement. Both of them were out of his life almost immediately. Ms. Dunham went off to university in the U.S. and Obama Sr. went back to Africa, I think (doesn’t matter to me or I’d go look it up).
      So, BA-A-RA-A-A-CK’s just a sort of a “Rosemary’s Baby” in color living. (Remember that old Mia Farrow movie?) It’s SO appropos.
      The Devil’s seed.

      • Palin16

        “Rosemary’s Baby” was filmed at the Dakota Apartments in NYC… the same place where John Lennon was murdered. Thankfully, that scumbag Chapman’s parole has again been denied.

  • RP

    What do you expect from the AP? They have always tried to support Obama. They are probably under marching orders from the WH to try and kill the movie with their influence. This movie is getting to popular and viewed too much to help BO. The more it is viewed, the more chances he will not be elected.

  • http://google Sandra Henley

    It was a good movie, objective and factual. With the influence of Islam and communism, I can see where Obama’s mindset comes from but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Who is really behind Obama? Even if Romney wins, he has to pay the piper.

  • SJJolly

    2016 is nothing other than a movie version of preaching to the choir. Few are going to be joining the “choir” because of it.

    • deerinwater

      Exactly! This is not going to turn tides or move mountains.

      The GOP is the party of the “Offended” , any descending view or voice is seen as a precursor to a nuclear attack.

      • H Stan Boring PHC USN (Ret.)

        “Exactly! This is not going to turn tides or move mountains. The GOP is the party of the “Offended” , any descending view or voice is seen as a precursor to a nuclear attack.”

        Please explain “Offended”. And did you mean “descending”, or “dissenting”? Hyperbole is not always clear to your audience. If BHO gets another term we will ALL be offended.

  • r

    If obama gets in again, there won’t even be a Ron Paul or anything like it…

  • Meteorlady

    I’m not surprised at AP – they have no honest in reporting anymore.

    • Smilee

      It is shear fiction and fantasy and all the AP did was reveal it for what it is. Of course some can easily believe it if it fulfills their biases or bigotry or both. Red meat for the haters

  • Ben Archer

    The left corrupt Media did not yell about a movie when they called G.W.B. a Hitler. Where were you when Moore spewed hate toward Bush? Now the cries from those who hung Pictures of President Bush hanging are crying foul. Democrats have a double standard they go by. If Romney must show proof of his Tax Returns, why are any of Odunbos records made public??

  • Jon

    Frankly, I’d be proud if AP or some other communist rag didn’t like me.

  • Jimbo

    Don’t talk to pollsters. NEVER EVER tell them how you are going to vote. NEVER acknowledge your position on any subject to them. NEVER admit your party affiliation or conservative views. The PAC’s, Soros, and Obama’s team will not be able to devise their propaganda smears. The liberal dumbocrats will be lulled into complacency, thinking the whole world has adopted their idiotic views. The news media will have to talk about something other than polls. Even substantive subjects, like Obama’s record. Then when the time comes to actually vote, POUNCE!

  • Rich

    It’s nice to see a truthful approach at this untouchable topic for the demorats (not a typo!) causing such a bunching in the shorts of all the prudish leftist liberals, especially those that worship micheal (poster-boy for birth control) moore! To all you I say uninhibitantly….Bite me!!!!! I had to get my ” government ” birth certificate to join the military as the “hospital” report of live birth (that the ruler in chief gave) was not good enough. Face facts all you liberals….your precious chosen one lies and tries to tear down instead of defend the constitution which IS an impeachable offense!!!!! Like Clinton, somebody is getting screwed!

  • AZ-Ike

    “An AP article called D’Souza’s efforts “entirely subjective and a logical stretch at best,” and said that, in regard to certain matters, there is “no evidence.”

    And I find AP articles ‘entirely subjective and a logical stretch at best.’ That said, ‘in regard to AP articles about certain matters, there is “no evidence.”

  • H Stan Boring PHC USN (Ret.)

    When the election is held, it will be for ELECTORS who will vote for one of two nominees. Ant vote for Congressman Paul or any one other than the two nominees will be a wasted vote, serving only to re-elect the resident idiot. Please cast your votes for Goveernor Romney. Congressman Paul has said he will not mount a third party movement, and Senator Paul has endorsed Governor Romney. Governor Huckabee has said he was not told what to say in his speech, and that it was not pre-approved by the Romney campaign. Where did you hear that Congressman Paul was treated differently? I suspect that if he wanted to appear, he could have said whatever he wished. I seriously doubt if he wants to re-elect Obama. Again, peaase vot for Romney!

    • deerinwater

      So standing up and letting your “Convictions” known when you are being asked to do so , is a wasted vote?

      So winning something is more important then communicating something?

      Well, I can not help but think this attitude is doing more harm then good today as clearly the RNC and the GOP has lost it way and disconnected from the American people.

      • 2004 done

        deerinwater: Yes winning is more important, because losing also communicates, and THAT is what we have now, despite 2010 results. I no longer (never did actually) want the current Executive Branch’s firm belief (empowered by his election) that OUR Constitution is no longer valid, and the people WANT someone who CAN pull the wool over their eyes. Damn, you went and got me started, Now I’ll be muttering to myself, under the bridge downtown or at the bus station. If I had a quarter, I’d flip it to choose, but the Economy is doing SO well…
        I believe when the choice is so polar, then you must choose that which is closest to your position. I’ve voted for Ron Paul, and I worry this could have been the result. I would still have to vote for Paul, but he is no longer running, so my choice is made.

      • H Stan Boring PHC USN (Ret.)

        Someone already gave you a good answer. In this case winning is all important. If the resident idiot gets four more years we will regret it forever.

  • H Stan Boring PHC USN (Ret.)

    Sorry about the typos. I should have proof read more closely.

  • Deerinwater

    2016? So it’s “Fiction” ?

    • H Stan Boring PHC USN (Ret.)

      Deerinwater says:

      August 30, 2012 at 1:09 am

      2016? So it’s “Fiction” ?

      Huh? If you are referring to “proof”, that is a term used in editing copy, to be sure there are no mistakes in spelling or grammar. That I mispelled a few words does not change my meaning. One of my degrees is in Communication, so the words, spelled corrctly or not, mean what they say.

  • Chris

    Why do we need “parties”? Can’t we just have congresspeople voting on issues?
    Each congressperson is not going to feel the same way on every issue, but because that person may be a democrat, they “have” to vote “democratically” on EVERY issue? If not, then we don’t need “parties”. You either vote yes or no……….everytime we vote for a “party”, we don’t get what we want ANYWAY so what’s the difference?

    • Robert Rashbrooke

      Imagine what would happen in Congress if the Representative or Senator ONLY represented his district and was not part of any party. They would perforce be obliged to co-operate with the other 400 odd/99 members in order to get anything done at all, otherwise each would end up with NOTHING, after which they would be ousted by their electorate.

      Unfortunately, the chances of achieving that state of affairs is zero, since presently entrenched encumbents will not volutarily amend the present personally cosy, rewarding system with its total lack of responsibility for one that removes these benefits.

  • Dad

    Was this a review from the AP or the White House? Oh yeah, nevermind… same thing… my bad!


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