Bill Before Congress Would Tax Handguns Sales At 20 Percent; Ammo At 50 Percent

Two Democratic Congressmen are sponsoring a House bill that seeks to place a Federal tax on the sale handguns and ammunition.

House Bill 3018, sponsored by Danny Davis (D-Ill.) and Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.), would amend current Internal Revenue Code to assess a 20 percent tax on “pistols” and “revolvers” and a 50 percent tax on “shells and cartridges.”

The bill, titled the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act of 2013,” aims to reduce the incidence of violent shootings by dissuading gun buyers from purchasing so doggone much ammunition and, to a lesser extent, the guns that shoot it, all while stockpiling additional tax revenues for use at the Feds’ discretion.

Pascrell has said he believes the tax is “a long time coming” and that Federal revenues raised from the tax increase could subsidize police departments across the country.

Congressman Pascrell estimates the tax hike on guns would amount to additional $600 million in Federal revenues each year.

Watch Dumb Americans Sign Petition To ‘Support Obama And Repeal The 5th Amendment’

Media agitator Mark Dice occasionally punks the unsuspecting public by staging comedic sociological experiments in which he facetiously persuades random strangers to support the revocation of an ironbound American freedom. He’s videotaped a number of his encounters with low-information Americans, wherein he solicits their help in calling for a repeal of the 1st Amendment and other several civil liberties that, ostensibly, should be familiar to most 8th grade civics students.

Dice’s videos bear strong similarity to “The Tonight Show’s” popular “Jaywalking” segments, in which host Jay Leno reveals average Americans to be functionally illiterate when it comes to U.S. history, the Constitution and the Nation’s moral, philosophical and legal underpinnings.

Problem is, Dice’s work is a bit more sobering.

Watch him get just about everyone to agree to sign a petition to “support Obama” by calling for the abolition of the right not to testify against oneself.


Police Recover Lorax Statue Stolen From Dr. Seuss’ Home

SAN DIEGO, (UPI) —  A statue of Dr. Seuss’ Lorax character stolen from the late author’s California home more than a year ago has been found in a canyon.

The San Diego Police Department said it received a tip from a man in Montana who said he knew where the statue had been hidden and officers searched the canyon Wednesday morning, discovering the 2-foot bronze statue buried in thick brush, KNSD-TV, San Diego, reported Monday.

The statue, one  of only two created by the Lark Dimond-Cates, stepdaughter of the famed children’s author, whose real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel. The artwork is worth about $10,000.

Police said the investigation into the March 2012 theft is ongoing.

Owner Of A-Rod Grocery In New York Plans Name Change

NEW YORK, (UPI) —  A New York bodega owner who renamed his store the A-Rod Grocery 13 years ago to honor Alex Rodriguez is changing the name again.

Ricardo Rodriguez, who is not related to the baseball player, adopted the name when A-Rod was playing with the Seattle Mariners, the New York Daily News reported Saturday. A-Rod has been with the Yankees since 2004, a move that excited many New Yorkers when he first arrived, but his recent physical problems and the doping scandal that earned him a lengthy suspension have made him unpopular.

“I got tired of all these people complaining,” Rodriguez said. “Why should I have to listen to all of them? It’s not fair. I don’t even know the guy.”

Rodriguez said he has not yet decided on a new name. The store was called the Pena Grocery when he changed it before.

Black Americans More Concerned About Civil Rights

PRINCETON, N.J.,  (UPI) —  U.S. black Americans say more civil rights laws are needed to reduce discrimination against blacks in the wake of George Zimmerman’s acquittal, a poll found.

In an August poll, Gallup found 61 percent of black respondents said there is a need for more civil rights laws, up from 53 percent before Zimmerman was acquitted July 13 of murder in Florida in the death of Trayvon Martin, 17.

A majority of black respondents — 63 percent — also said they think the government should have a “major role” in improving the social and economic position of blacks and other minority groups in the United States.

Meanwhile, white and Hispanic Americans responded differently to the earlier poll: 17 percent of whites and 46 percent of Hispanics said they feel new civil rights laws are needed to combat discrimination against blacks.

Some 22 percent of white respondents said they think the government should have a major role in helping minorities, while 60 percent of Hispanics said the same.

Gallup questioned 1,001 blacks from Aug. 9-22 for the recent poll, which has a margin of error 4 percentage points.

From July 10-14, Gallup questioned 2,149 whites, 1,010 blacks and 1,000 Hispanics. That poll had a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

Rand Paul Campaign Pots Filling Faster In 2013

LOUISVILLE, Ky.,  (UPI) —  U.S. Sen. Rand Paul raised nearly $2 million in campaign funds in the first half of 2013, records show, even as his political plans for 2016 aren’t yet known.

Filings with the Federal Election Commission indicate the first-term Kentucky Republican’s senatorial re-election fund and his political action committee received $1.9 million from January through June, The (Louisville) Courier Journal reported Sunday.

That puts him in third place behind potential Republican presidential rivals Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Rubio has raised $2.75 million; Ryan $2.3 million.

Still, what Paul has collected this year nearly ties the $2.15 million raised in the previous two years combined.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, both rumored to have a similar interest, are well back in the pack. Cruz has raised $1.6 million while Santorum received $138,396.

Paul says he will make a decision about running for president after the 2014 mid-term elections.

Paul has spent slightly more than $1 million since January, FEC records showed. He had nearly $1.4 million on hand at his two committees.

Three States To Share $5.2M In Funds To Aid Lowest Performing Schools

WASHINGTON, (UPI) —  New Hampshire, Idaho and Hawaii will share $5.2 million in their work to turn around lowest performing schools, the U.S. Education Department announced Monday.

Available through the department’s School Improvement Grant program, New Hampshire will receive $1.4 million, Hawaii will get $1.7 million and Idaho will receive $2.1 million, the department said in a release.

“When schools fail, our children and our neighborhoods suffer,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said. “Turning around our lowest-performing schools is hard work but it’s our responsibility. We owe it to our children, their families and the broader community. These School Improvement Grants are helping some of the lowest-achieving schools provide a better education for students who need it the most.”

The department said grants are awarded to state educational agencies that then make competitive sub-grants to local educational agencies demonstrating the greatest need and strongest commitment to use the funds to provide resources to raise student achievement in their lowest-performing schools.

Déjà vu In Syria; Bugging The United Nations; Poor, Poor NSA; Obamacare Pays…Lobbyists; Mexican Navy In Polish Land Skirmish – Monday Morning News Roundup 8-26-2013

  • Britain is planning to join forces with America and launch military action against Syria within days in response to the gas attack believed to have been carried out by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces against his own people. Government sources said talks between the Prime Minister and international leaders, including Barack Obama, would continue, but that any military action that was agreed could begin within the next week. Source: The Telegraph…


  • Russia on Sunday welcomed Damascus’ offer to allow a mission by UN inspectors probing alleged chemical weapons use and warned the West that an Iraq scenario in Syria would be a “tragic mistake.” “All this is reminiscent of events from a decade ago, when the United States bypassed the UN and used fallacious information on the presence in Iraq of weapons of mass destruction to launch an adventure, the consequences of which are known to all,” said foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich. Source: France 24…


  • As tensions mount between the United States and other countries over the NSA’s once-secret spying programs, German news magazine Der Spiegel reported early Sunday that the NSA has been spying on the goings-on at the United Nations’ New York headquarters for nearly a year. Source: Tech Crunch…


  • Thanks to former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden’s flood of leaks to the media, and the Obama administration’s uneven response to them, morale at the spy agency responsible for intercepting communications of terrorists and foreign adversaries has plummeted, former officials say. Even sympathetic lawmakers are calling for new curbs on the NSA’s powers. Source: McClatchy…  


  • ObamaCare has become big business for an elite network of Washington lobbyists and consultants who helped shape the law from the inside. More than 30 former administration officials, lawmakers and congressional staffers who worked on the healthcare law have set up shop on K Street since 2010. Major lobbying firms such as Fierce, Isakowitz & Blalock, The Glover Park Group, Alston & Bird, BGR Group and Akin Gump can all boast an ObamaCare insider on their lobbying roster — putting them in a prime position to land coveted clients. Source: The Hill…


  • The Mexican navy sprang into action last Sunday on a beach in Poland, where they were confronted by a gang of Polish football hooligans. Supporters of the Ruch Chorzow team, who were in the town of Gdynia for a cup match, clashed with 56 Mexican navy cadets from the Cuauhtemoc training ship who were taking a break from their drills. Mexico’s president condemned the violence and summoned the country’s ambassador. No one was killed. Source: The Telegraph… 


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An Uncomfortable Topic In An Uncomfortable Situation

No matter how much or how little you eat, it all eventually has to come out somewhere.

Most of the time, you hold it until you get to the next available restroom. Then you do your business, and all is right with the world again.

Unfortunately, in any type of grid-down situation, no matter how much you jiggle the handle, it’s not going to flush.

So what exactly are you supposed to do?

Stay with me now.

I know this is an uncomfortable topic, but it is one that you need to hear.

When a toilet is not an option, you need to make sure that you have an alternative way to contain and get rid of any waste.

Even a small amount of exposure to human waste can turn already uncomfortable situation deadly.

Aside from digging a hole, what can you do?

Growing up, I did a lot of work with my dad as a painter over the summers. It was terrible: long hours, hot days and, most of the time, no running water.

If we were lucky, the home we were working on was near a gas station or even a patch of woods.

Most of the time, we didn’t get so lucky.

In those cases, we were forced to use a big orange bucket from Home Depot — not exactly the most graceful thing to try to use.

I wish we had known back then about toilet seats that fit on 5-gallon buckets.

If you own a home, odds are you have a few extra 5-gallon buckets siting around gathering dust.

I have two 5-gallon buckets in my garage with these little “toilet toppers,” and I have used them on camping trips in the past.

I will tell you that, being a larger guy, going about my business on one of these is much akin to trying to use a child-sized toilet.

It takes a bit to get used to it, but is a good deal better than the “squat and hover” method from my childhood.

The great thing about these is that you can make an entire self-contained bathroom kit that is ready at a moment’s notice.

If you don’t already have at least one of these hanging around in your garage, I recommend you get one as soon as possible.

A few other necessities that you need to make sure are inside your emergency toilet:

  • Toilet paper (You don’t know how important it is until you’re stuck without it.)
  • Heavy duty trash bags
  • Air freshener
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • You have a couple of options when it comes to absorbing moisture and odor:
    Clumping cat litter
    Peat moss
    Untreated, unpainted, heated, no-dust pine shavings
    Cedar chips

Just put a layer of whatever material you choose into the bucket after every use. If you make sure you keep the lid tightly closed, smell shouldn’t be a problem.

Like I said, this is an uncomfortable topic. But a little extra preparation can make it much more bearable in the long run.

–Joe Marshall

P.S. Another option you may want to look at, and one that I actually keep in my garage, is a Honey Bucket Kit. These come with the bucket, toilet topper, a few other  basic toiletries and an entire 72-hour kit inside them.

These are a great option if you are just starting out your preps or if you want a quick, ready-made option.


Glad We Won The Revolutionary War? You’re An Extremist, According To The U.S. Department Of Defense

Late last week, government accountability nonprofit Judicial Watch obtained training materials from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), used by the Air Force to train soldiers how to identify extremist ideologies and hate groups.

Turns out it’s wise to leave the DoD out of the loop if you happen to think the American Revolution was a good idea. Colonial revolutionaries and Confederate secessionists are just two historical examples of “ideological extremism” described in the training documents.

One worldview that’s hateful to the DoD is that of the patriots who earned America’s independence from Great Britain. On page 43 of the training booklet, soldiers learn this:

As noted, an ideology is a set of political beliefs about the nature of people and society. People who are committed to an ideology seek not only to persuade but to recruit others to their belief. In U.S. history, there are many examples of extremist ideologies and movements. The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule and the Confederate states who sought to secede from the Northern states are just two examples.

The educational material on offer refers repeatedly to nationalists, rednecks, skinheads, anarchists, “religion,” environmentalists, supremacists and separatists and offers examples of each. But when it comes to offering examples of religious extremism, guess what’s absent? Islamist terror activities against Americans. Here’s the only occurrence of the word “Islam” in the entire 133-page document:

Sudan Holocaust – Since 1983, the Northern fundamentalist Muslim government of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, has been waging war against the mostly Christian South. The northern government has been killing, displacing, and enslaving the African Christians. Over 1.9 million civilians have died, and over 4 million have been forced to flee their homes. The victims are Christians, moderate Muslims, and African traditionalists who refuse to accept the Sudan government’s policies of Arab control and conformity to Islamic rules and laws. The extremist ideologies of supremacy, nationalism, and religion apply to this event.

Published by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute earlier this year, the document is rife with information mined from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which evidently have earned the DoD’s veneration when it comes to objectivity. The SPLC and ADL data stands alongside data provided by the FBI and the DoD itself to inform students about how many hate groups there are in the United States, what constitutes “hate speech,” and which world views are hateful (one of the SPLC’s special prerogatives).

Where’s Obama?: If I Had A Son, He’d Look Like One Of Those Bored Kids Who Shot Christopher Lane

In the wake of several violent black-on-white crimes grabbing headlines in recent weeks, the White House has been noticeably silent, considering how adamant the President was in inserting himself into the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

Here’s what the President had to say after Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, was exonerated:

You know, when Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said that this could have been my son. Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago. And when you think about why, in the African- American community at least, there’s a lot of pain around what happened here, I think it’s important to recognize that the African- American community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history that — that doesn’t go away.
There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store. That includes me.

Since that verdict was handed down, America has been captivated by another interracial shooting in Oklahoma with far more evidence of racist motive than the Florida shooting.

The white victim’s name is Christopher Lane. The young man was an Australian native who was attending college in the United States on a baseball scholarship

But 15-year-old James Edwards Jr. and his bored “niggas” were evidently so disgusted and enraged by Lane’s skin pigment that they pulled up behind him as he jogged and shot him in the back.

Three days before the shooting, the suspect tweeted:

Back in April, he tweeted:


Mainstream media reported the incident… with almost no mention of race.
Edwards and Chancey Luna, 16, have been charged as adults with felony murder in the first degree. Reports indicate the killers were wannabe thugs, likely trying to earn the respect of local gangbangers. Michael Jones, 17, faces two charges: use of a vehicle in the discharge of a weapon and accessory after the fact to murder in the first degree.

In a separate incident last week, Delbert Belton, an 88-year-old World War II veteran from Spokane, Wash., was beaten to death by two young black males.

If you’re keeping score, that’s two dead whites at the hands of young black males within the span of one week. What’s more, is that the Lane incident stirred up a bit of international controversy and Belton was a member of a soon-to-be lost generation and a veteran of one of the Nation’s greatest military undertakings.

Yet, President Obama spared not a word in either case. He did, however, manage to speak a little bit about race on Friday.

The President said:

What’s wonderful to watch is the younger generation, each generation seems wiser about wanting to treat people fairly and do the right thing and not discriminate and that’s a great victory that we should all be very proud of. On the other hand, what we’ve also see is the legacy of discrimination, slavery, Jim Crow, has meant that some of the institutional barriers for success for a lot of groups still exist…

When a light-skinned man kills a dark-skinned teenager, in Obama’s eyes, he did it because he feels superior. But when bored people of color murder a young white athlete out for a jog or an elderly white veteran, the only one the President would likely blame is Jim Crow.

Representative Allen West (R-Fla.) pondered via Twitter last week:

As ridiculous as it seems, that’s a question all of America should seriously consider.

For more instances of the growing trend of black on white violence in the United States, read Bob Livingston’s column in today’s edition of Personal Liberty Digest™.

Wealth Is Not Paper Money

Dear Bob,

Is wealth and ownership of paper money the same thing?


Dear Anonymous:

Wealth is not paper money. In fact, paper money destroys wealth. If you are holding your assets in paper money, your assets are melting, causing big losses. People think of rising prices as inflation; but in reality, rising prices means depreciating paper money. If you own gold and silver coins, you are seeing your wealth increase. You are ahead of the crowd and will be able to buy bread when others are starving and their paper money is suitable only for toilet paper.

Best wishes,



Incomes Have Fallen Farther During ‘Recovery’ Than During Actual Recession

Americans’ actual household incomes have fallen more than twice as far during the post-recession “recovery” of the past four years than they fell during the recession itself.

That’s the conclusion of Maryland-based Sentier Research, a data-analysis company led by former Census Bureau officials. Analyzing the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, Sentier estimated that Americans’ median household annual income has cumulatively fallen by an inflation-adjusted 4.4 percent during the recovery period from June 2009 to June 2013. During the recession period, median income fell by 1.8 percent.

In real money, that means an American household is now, on average, bringing in about $2,400 per year less today than when the economic recovery started.

Released Wednesday, the report finds that annual median household income, which stands at $52,098, reached a low point in August of 2011. The current number remains 6.1 percent beneath where it stood in December of 2007 and 7.2 percent beneath inflation-adjusted median income in January of 2000.

To no one’s surprise, it’s the middle class that’s felt the biggest squeeze. As Michael A. Fletcher noted last week in The Washington Post:

Median income, which economists view as a key marker for the well-being of the middle class, is lagging across education levels and racial groups, the report said. Analysts said the report also reflects the increasing economic polarization apparent in other data.

… So far in the current recovery, median incomes are defying efforts by Americans to improve their workforce skills, according to the report, compiled by analyzing data from the Census Bureau’s monthly Current Population Survey. Income is down even though the number of households headed by people who report having a college degree is up sharply since the end of the recession, according to the report.

Importantly, these income tallies include government payouts such as unemployment compensation and cash welfare, an indicator that “[President Barack] Obama’s method of funneling ever-more money and power to Washington, and then selectively divvying some of it back out, clearly isn’t working for the typical American family,” as the Weekly Standard observed. It clearly isn’t working for black households either, which have cumulatively experienced a 10.9 percent drop in their median annual incomes since Obama’s “recovery” began.

The Truth Behind The Exploding Trend Of Black Mob Violence

The mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the state. It has a narrative that it must reinforce on behalf of the state. All information contrary to that narrative is discarded and/or suppressed. Those who stray from the official line are harshly dealt with. (See Amber Lyon, Sharyl Attkisson, Glenn Greenwald and Helen Thomas.)

Last week, as we learned of the assassination of Chris Lane by a trio of amoral predatory racist gangster wannabes looking for street cred, a fact was curiously missing from mainstream media accounts: the race of the thug racist assassins and the victim. From the big networks we learned only the suspects came from the “seedier” side of town and that to satisfy their boredom they shot a man who happened to pass by at the wrong time. The shooters were not black and the victim was not white; he was a college baseball player from Australia.

The story that three black gangster-wannabes gunned down a white man for sport — choosing the victim because he was white and they believed “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM” — was not the official story. Nor did the MSM tell us that the trio was also threatening a classmate who they planned to ambush and murder the same day.

Contrast that with the treatment of George Zimmerman, who was crucified by a media that cast Zimmerman as white (he’s Hispanic) and that selectively edited a 911 call to portray him as a racist who hunted down and killed a helpless and unarmed teenager out for Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea. The media ignored Trayvon Martin’s criminal past and the fact that Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail — which is what Martin was actually carrying — are two ingredients for “Lean” or “Purple Drank,” a recreational drug popular in hip-hop culture.

Photos the MSM used depicting Martin inevitably were photos from Martin’s early teenage years — when he still had a youthful, cherubic appearance rather than the menacing, gold-toothed, gun-wielding glare that peered from behind raised middle fingers in his Facebook posts at the time of his death. Photos of Zimmerman showed a threatening, plumpish face with a five o’clock shadow of beard growth: again, a dated photo. It was classic bait and switch or doublethink.

The United States is suffering from a moral rot that has become endemic. This is by design. The moral rot is aided and abetted by the MSM, which not only encourages debasement but covers it up with doublethink and obfuscates its results.

Western governments, led by psychopathic Malthusiasts bent on population control and despotism, are working overtime to create a culture of death and depravity. Their efforts are advanced by a dumbed-down noneducation system, Hollywood’s death and consequentless-sex culture, secular humanism, collectivism and altruism — all of which lead to group consciousness and group response to authority. This leads to the acceptance of sexual perversion, destruction of the family, mass medication and inoculation, acceptance of government as democracy and the politics of envy, deceit, economic class warfare and immorality. Welfare, the entitlement mentality, unparented children left to raise themselves like animals pushed from the nest too soon and the abortion culture have dehumanized many of our youths. These are mental gateways leading teens to kill just to watch a person die.

Democracy is an organized system of political, moral and social control. It is the evolution and fulfillment of all systems gone before it. It perfects the New World Order for the ruling international elite. It is the master strategy of taking human liberty and individualism and transferring them to the group herd that clamors for authoritarianism.

Democracy is not freedom. It is not government by the people and for the people. It is the perfect disguise for benevolent totalitarianism. Americans in vast numbers just go along with the system, so its social and moral depravity prospers under the cloak of democracy. The people love democracy because they love evil more than righteousness.

We are now reaping what’s been sown, though you wouldn’t know it from MSM reporting. Media are ignoring the exploding rate of black-on-white crime. If the incidents are reported at all, the racial nature of the attacks is glossed over in a way that dismisses any chance that racism could be construed as the motivating factor.

Here are just a few of the dozens of recent instances you no doubt heard little or nothing about:

  • In New Haven, Conn., Brooks Macquarrie was test-driving a scooter when he stopped at a red light. A group of blacks approached him, including one with an “angry look” in his eye who was riding a bicycle. Macquarrie was hit in the back of the head. The next thing he remembers is waking up in a hospital with broken ribs, a fractured eye socket, a broken nose, head injuries and 21 stitches. Police say he was hit by a car. Onlookers told a different story and said they saw two black youths riding away on the scooter, which has not been recovered. Macquarrie’s attack was preceded and succeeded by numerous attacks by black mobs on joggers and pedestrians in the area and around the nearby Yale University campus. Other instances in New Haven, including those on or near the Yale University campus, can be read here.
  • An 88-year-old World War II veteran named Delbert Belton was found in his car with serious head injuries in Spokane, Wash. He died the next morning. Police were looking for two black teenagers seen on surveillance video.
  • Black mob violence has become as prevalent in Memphis, Tenn., as it is in New Haven, if not more so, though the city’s newspaper and television stations refuse to acknowledge it. It’s especially violent at the city’s downtown Beale Street entertainment district, where nursing student David Santucci was gunned down by three blacks who did not even rob him. Santucci’s shooting occurred two days after and two blocks away from where Emily Anderson was assaulted and robbed at gunpoint by four blacks. In fact, mob fights, shootings, stampedes, bash robberies and armed robberies have become almost weekly occurrences near Beale Street. In the days before Santucci’s murder and while reporting on another Beale Street incident, a local television station called the downtown area “very safe” and said crime there was “rare.”
  • In Pinellas County, Fla., cellphone video captured three black boys on a school bus viciously beating a younger, smaller white boy for about a minute before they opened the emergency exit and ran away. The bus driver, also black, may face charges because not only did he not intervene to stop the attack, but he failed to check on the victim’s welfare after if it was over.
  • Two white off-duty police officers from Minneapolis visiting Green Bay, Wis., were attacked by nine black men. Green Bay police were summoned but made no arrests, and the Minneapolis officers accused Green Bay police of “running a clown show.” In describing the incident, Minneapolis officers reportedly used the word “nigger.” They were subsequently suspended and their chief apologized to the people of Green Bay.
  • In Brunswick, Ga., in March, two black teenagers attempting to rob a white woman shot the woman’s baby as the 13-month-old sat in a stroller. During the trial for 18-year-old De’Marquise Elkins, co-defendant Dominique Lang, 15, said Elkins demanded Sherry West give up her purse and twice counted down from five before shooting into the ground, then into West’s leg and then shooting the baby. Elkins’ mother and sister have been charged with evidence tampering and lying to police in the case.

On his website, author Colin Flaherty documents dozens if not hundreds of recent instances of black-on-white crime and mob violence. As Thomas Sowell pointed out in a review of Flaherty’s book White Girl Bleed a Lot,  the phrase Flaherty used for his website and title of his book about the rise of black violence was uttered by a member of a black youth mob that attacked whites during a Fourth of July celebration in Milwaukee last year.

The ongoing nature of the rising violence is being suppressed by the MSM and elites who wish to cover the effects of their decades-long policies. Meanwhile, the elites push ever harder to disarm the populace — often using some of these very instances in their justification — and to create a nation of victims defenseless before the onslaught, hoping to force them to clamor for relief with the belief that only an authoritarian police state can provide it.

Big Cases On The Docket Early In Supreme Court’s Approaching Term

Last week, the Supreme Court announced its calendar of cases for the first two months of its next annual term beginning on the first Monday of October. Usually, the Court hears about 80 cases in a given year. Of the 45 the Justices have already selected for the coming year, there are a handful of standouts.

On Oct. 8, the court is scheduled to hear arguments in McCutcheon v. FEC. The case is a follow-up to the landmark Citizens United ruling and will address the Constitutionality of biennial limits on certain campaign contributions.

Next, on Oct. 15, the court will shift its focus to race in the United States. In the case Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, the Justices will decide whether a State violates the Equal Protection Clause by amending its Constitution to prohibit race- and sex-based discrimination or preferential treatment.

Via SCOTUSblog:

… Schuette presents affirmative action issues in an entirely different context. The case involves a challenge to Proposal 2, an amendment to the Michigan Constitution, approved by voters in 2006, that banned affirmative action in the state. The statewide ban was challenged by a coalition of groups and individuals who support the continued use of affirmative action in Michigan. Other lawsuits were filed as well, but a federal district court largely upheld the ban enacted by the voters.

On Nov. 5, the court will hear arguments in Bond v. The United States, a case with colorful origins that ultimately questions whether there are limits to Congress’s power to implement treaties.

SCOTUSblog outlines the case as follows:

After Carol Anne Bond’s husband had an affair, Mrs. Bond sought revenge by sprinkling toxic chemicals around the car and mailbox owned by the woman involved.  Prosecutors charged her with violating a federal statute implementing the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling, and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction (also known as the “Chemical Weapons Convention”), to which the United States is a signatory.  Mrs. Bond argued that Congress lacked the authority to criminalize her conduct, asserting that the statute is a “massive and unjustifiable expansion of federal law enforcement into state-regulated domain.”

The next day, the court is scheduled to delve into a major religious liberties case, Town of Greece v. Galloway, assessing whether prayers offered at legislative sessions violate the Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

This will mark the first time that the Supreme has taken up a government prayer case in three decades.


Another Democrat Bails On Obama; NSA Review Shams; Missouri State Senator Calls Detractor ‘F*cking Idiot’; FDA Launches Assault On E-Cigs; Kentucky Theater Owner Says He Will Not Show Film With Jane Fonda Portraying Nancy Reagan— Personal Liberty Digest™ P.M. Edition 8-23-2013

Brush up on the day’s headlines with Personal Liberty’s P.M. Edition news links.

Another Democrat Flees The Obama Reservation

Writing a recent column for The Guardian, journalism professor and prominent Democrat Jeff Jarvis took President Barack Obama to task for betraying those who voted for him with unConstitutional policies. Read More…

EFF Outlines Three Illusory “Investigations” Of The NSA Spying That Will Never Succeed

Since the revelations of confirmed National Security Agency spying in June, three different “investigations” have been announced. One by the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB), another by the Director of National Intelligence, Gen. James Clapper, and the third by the Senate Intelligence Committee, formally called the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI). Read More… 

Missouri State Senator Resorts To F-Bombing Twitterverse Over Knee-Jerk Stance On Obama Rodeo Clown

The Honorable Jamilah Nasheed, Missouri’s State Senator representing District 5, was among the far-left lawmakers and pundits outraged in the extreme by last week’s silly little dustup involving a rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair and a cartoonish mask of President Barack Obama. Read More… 

FDA Mulls Banning Internet Sale Of E-Cigarettes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is inching closer to regulating the burgeoning electronic cigarette industry, with the latest indication coming in the form of talks with E-cig companies about potentially banning outright the online sale of the devices, even as their popularity continues to climb. Read More… 

Kentucky Theater Owner Won’t Show ‘The Butler’ With Jane Fonda

A Kentucky movie theater owner who trained pilots during the Vietnam War says he will not show “The Butler” because Jane Fonda plays Nancy Reagan. Read More… 

Missouri State Senator Resorts To F-Bombing Twitterverse Over Knee-Jerk Stance On Obama Rodeo Clown

The Honorable Jamilah Nasheed, Missouri’s State Senator representing District 5, was among the far-left lawmakers and pundits outraged in the extreme by last week’s silly little dustup involving a rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair and a cartoonish mask of President Barack Obama.

So she wrote a column about it, bemoaning the fact that “racism in America in this twenty-first century remains ever alive and well.”

Sensible people who cared enough to countenance Nasheed’s piece, which went on to suggest the State eliminate “institutional racism” by requiring that a percentage of its contracts be awarded to minority vendors, caller her out on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

So the Honorable Senator shot back, telling a Twitter detractor who goes by “Just_a_Texan” to “keep laughing f*cking idiot and YEAH the Senator said it!!!!”

We put an asterisk in the F-word; Senator Nasheed didn’t.

By Friday morning, the post had been removed, but not in time for web users everywhere to preserve it via screen capture:


Another Democrat Flees The Obama Reservation

Writing a recent column for The Guardian, journalism professor and prominent Democrat Jeff Jarvis took President Barack Obama to task for betraying those who voted for him with unConstitutional policies.

Jarvis’s column begins:

What are you thinking, Mr President?

Is this really the legacy you want for yourself: the chief executive who trampled rights, destroyed privacy, heightened secrecy, ruined trust, and worst of all, did not defend but instead detoured around so many of the fundamental principles on which this country is founded?

And I voted for you. I’ll confess you were a second choice. I supported Hillary Clinton first. I said at the time that your rhetoric about change was empty and that I feared you would be another Jimmy Carter: aggressively ineffectual.

Never did I imagine that you would instead become another Richard Nixon: imperial, secretive, vindictive, untrustworthy, inexplicable.

The professor, whose bio flaunts an impressive list of media career accomplishments, goes on to express his disdain for the President’s policies from the perspective of 9/11 survivor, journalist, American citizen, Internet user and Democrat.

He writes:

I do care about security. I survived the attack on the World Trade Center and I believe 9/11 was allowed to occur through a failure of intelligence. I thank TSA agents for searching me: applause for security theater. I defend government’s necessary secrets…

… As a journalist, I am frightened by your vengeful attacks on whistleblowers – Manning, Assange, Snowden, and the rest – and the impact in turn on journalism and its tasks of keeping a watchful eye on you and helping to assure an informed citizenry.

As a citizen, I am disgusted by the systematic evasion of oversight you have supported through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) courts; by the use of ports as lawless zones where your agents can harass anyone; by your failure on your promise to close Guantánamo, and this list could go on.

As an American often abroad, I am embarrassed by the damage you have caused to our reputation and to others’ trust in us. I find myself apologizing for what you are doing to citizens of other nations, dismissing the idea that they have rights to privacy because they are “foreign”.

As an internet user, I am most fearful of the impact of your wanton destruction of privacy and the resulting collapse of trust in the net and what that will do to the freedom we have enjoyed in it as well as the business and jobs that are being built atop it.

And as a Democrat, I worry that you are losing us the next election, handing an issue to the Republicans that should have been ours: protecting the rights of citizens against the overreach of the security state.

The author goes on to suggest a number of ways that the President could go about regaining the trust of some of his former supporters. Read the full piece here.

Jarvis is one of many Democrats and American liberals who have lost faith in President Obama’s promise of “hope” and “change” in America under his Administration.

In a recent interview with Democracy Now, influential polemicist and MIT professor Noam Chomsky said Sarah Palin was right about Barack Obama: There was no substance to his Presidential campaign.

“I don’t usually admire Sarah Palin, but when she was making fun of this ‘hopey changey stuff,’ she was right; there was nothing there,” Chomsky said. “And it was understood by the people who run the political system, and so it’s no great secret that the US electoral system is mainly a public relations extravaganza… it’s sort of a marketing affair.”

Culture critic, author and self-proclaimed eternal optimist for old school liberalism Camille Paglia penned a recent column similar in tone to Jarvis’s for Salon. In her piece she took Obama and Hillary Clinton to task for the Benghazi fiasco.

FDA Mulls Banning Internet Sale Of E-Cigarettes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is inching closer to regulating the burgeoning electronic cigarette industry, with the latest indication coming in the form of talks with E-cig companies about potentially banning outright the online sale of the devices, even as their popularity continues to climb.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the FDA has been meeting with manufacturers to receive input on whether, and how, it should begin regulating the industry. The agency is expected to reveal its regulatory plans in October.

The talks, which were sought by E-cig executives, included the online ban proposal as a means of potentially preventing minors from buying the devices – many of which contain nicotine or vaporize (but do not combust) actual tobacco. A proposal to establish a minimum age of purchase at the Federal level is also being discussed.

It’s in the business interest of traditional tobacco product manufacturers to bring the power of government to E-cigarette makers’ doorstep. A Wells Fargo analyst told the newspaper that the industry, which expects to earn $1 billion in revenue this year, could see it profits jump to $10 billion within five years.

New FDA Center for Tobacco Products director Mitch Zeller said any announcement of proposed regulations would be followed by a period of time during which the public and industry advocates could provide feedback that ultimately could refine any final FDA policies. But, he added, the question of whether the FDA is getting involved in regulating the electronic cigarette market is now a question of when – not if.