Elderly Need Monitoring During Cold Spells

CHICAGO (UPI) — Cold icy weather affects people — especially the elderly, sick or frail — even if they don’t venture outdoors, a Chicago emergency medicine physician said.




Dr. David Zich, an internal medicine and emergency medicine physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, said when there is a blast of cold weather, people should check on neighbors and elderly relatives.




Colder weather can put the elderly at higher risk for health problems and restrict them to their homes due to severe weather, he said.




When sub-zero temperatures occur, be sure to check on elderly neighbors and relatives to make sure their home is adequately heated and they have the necessary food, medications and other items they need, and perhaps offer to put out their garbage.




The household chore of taking out the trash has led to elderly people slipping on ice, falling and being stuck outdoors for hours. The same fate is possible for anyone, so taking a cellphone or a personal emergency alert button along is recommended.




Zich said more home fires occur during the winter months than any other time of year. Take the proper precautions by having your furnace checked, your chimney inspected, and proper smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed.




Make sure all electrical heaters are away from flammable materials, and that combustion heaters are well-vented and working properly, Zich said.

Don’t Drink Coffee Before Snow Shoveling

CHICAGO (UPI) — As with any physical activity, the body must warm up so ease into snow shoveling, try not to do it all at once and take breaks, a U.S. cardiologist says.




Dr. Charles Davidson, clinical chief of cardiology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and medical director at Northwestern’s Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, said before snow shoveling eat a small meal to provide a source of energy.




However, digestion puts strain on the heart, so eating a large meal before any physical activity should be avoided. Additionally, alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided just prior to shoveling, Davidson said.




The body needs hydration, even in cold weather. When shoveling snow, take frequent breaks and drink water regularly to prevent dehydration, Davidson advised.




“Don’t pick up too much: Large loads of snow can be heavy and place strain on the heart, back and neck,” Davidson said in a statement. “Push, instead of lift, and use a small shovel, which encourages smaller loads of snow.”




Cold temperatures reduce circulation to the body’s extremities so wear weather-appropriate, layered clothing and gloves to maintain body temperature and circulation, Davidson said.


Solo Rock/Pop Stars Apt To Die Early

LIVERPOOL, England (UPI) — Successful solo rock/pop stars are about twice as likely to die early as those in equally famous bands, British researchers found.




The researchers said despite considerable wealth, rock and pop stars suffer higher levels of mortality than demographically matched individuals in the general population.




Previous studies had not considered whether such mortality risks in stars vary with the characteristics of the performer or whether the cause of death may be related to experiences predating fame.




The study included 1,489 North American and European rock and pop stars over a 50-year period from 1956, when Elvis Presley was on top, to 2006, when Regina Spektor, The Arctic Monkeys and Snow Patrol were hot.




During the study period, 9.2 percent of famous rock/pop stars died. The average age of death was 45 for North American stars and 39 from Europe, the study found.




The study found a gap in life expectancy between rock and pop stars and the general population widened consistently until 25 years after fame was achieved, after which death rates began to approach those of the general population — but only for European stars.




Solo performers were around twice as likely to die early as those in a band, irrespective of whether they were European or North American.




The findings suggest peer support offered by band mates might be protective, the researchers said.




The study, published online in the journal British Medical Journal Open, was conducted by Mark Bellis, Karen Hughes, Olivia Sharples, Katherine Hardcastle of the Centre for Public Health, University of Liverpool, in England, and Katherine A Hardcastle, Department of Health, Manchester, England.

U.S. Pediatricians Call For Daily Recess

CHICAGO (UPI) — Young children and adolescents should get a daily recess in addition to physical education in school to promote physical activity, U.S. pediatricians say.

A policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics, “The Crucial Role of Recess in Schools,” said safe and properly supervised recess offers children cognitive, physical, emotional and social benefits.

“Recess should be used as a complement to physical education classes, not a substitute, and whether it’s spent indoors or outdoors, recess should provide free, unstructured play or activity,” the statement said.

“Yet recent surveys and studies indicated a trend toward reducing recess to accommodate additional time for academic subjects in addition to its withdrawal for punitive or behavioral reasons.”

The AAP recommended recess should never be withheld as a punishment, because it serves as a fundamental component of development and social interaction that students may not receive in a more complex school environment.

Study authors concluded that minimizing or eliminating recess could negatively affect academic achievement, as growing evidence links recess to improved physical health, social skills and cognitive development.

The statement was published online and is scheduled to be published in the January issue of Pediatrics.

Most Don’t Know Glaucoma Not Preventable

ST. LOUIS (UPI) — The American Eye-Q consumer survey on eye health indicates 90 percent of U.S. respondents say glaucoma is preventable but it isn’t.




Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the United States but awareness is relatively low. The American Optometric Association’s American Eye-Q survey indicated 86 percent of those asked didn’t know what part of vision glaucoma affects — deterioration to peripheral vision making it hard to see.




Seventy-two percent of respondents said glaucoma has early warning signs — it does not — but only an exam that dilates the eyes can show whether a person is at risk.




Regular eye exams are the first line of defense for early detection of glaucoma, which is treatable, officials at the American Optometric Association said.




The disease often strikes without pain or other symptoms, so it is crucial for patients to receive a dilated eye exam where their eye doctor can thoroughly examine the pressure and nerves inside the eyes for potential signs of the disease.




Eighty-six percent of American Eye-Q respondents said they were unaware a person’s race places them at a higher risk of developing glaucoma. The Glaucoma Research Foundation said glaucoma is six to eight times more common in African-Americans than Caucasians. Other risk factors include those who have a family history of glaucoma, hypothyroidism, people age 60 and older, or individuals who have had severe eye trauma.




The survey of 1,009 U.S. adults was created and conducted by Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates May 9-16. Margin of error at 95 percent confidence level.

Parliament Shells Out $130,000 On Costumes

LONDON (UPI) — Freedom of Information requests by The Sun revealed Britain’s Parliament spent more than $130,000 in taxpayer money on ceremonial garments for officials.




The newspaper said some of the outfits for officials such as the Sergeant at Arms cost more than $8,100 apiece.




The Sun said news of the spending on ceremonial garments — which include tailor-made breeches, court coats, waistcoats, lace cuffs, wing collars, men’s tights, gloves, braces and wigs — comes amid spending cuts and tax increases in the country.




John O’Connell of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said the public is unlikely to be pleased with the news.




“Huge bills for ceremonial dress won’t go down well with families feeling the pinch,” he said.

Crepe Company Spills Classified Info

PARIS (UPI) — A crepe manufacturer in France spilled the beans on the defense minister’s classified visit to Afghanistan, saying he would be taking its products with him.




The exact date of Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian’s visit to soldiers in Afghanistan was being kept secret for security reasons until crepe manufacturer Paysan Breton and parent company Laita posted a news release revealing the exact date of the visit and saying Le Drain would be taking the company’s crepes to the troops, France24 reported Monday.




“Mr. Le Drian has chosen to give our soldiers a gift of Laita pancakes, an authentically Breton product,” the news release stated.




The news release opened the company to a flood of criticism.




“Of course it’s hardly a secret that a senior member of the government would visit the troops for New Year’s Eve,” said Francois Gere of the French Institute of Strategic Analysis. “But publicizing it in this way can only serve to heighten the risk, even if it a small one. It is also completely inappropriate for a company to align its branding with a government minister in this way.”

Cities Vie For Ponce De Leon Title

MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla. (UPI) — Two Florida cities are battling for the title of conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon’s 16th century landing spot ahead of the event’s 500th anniversary.




Organizers of festivities in St. Augustine and Melbourne Beach, cities 144 miles apart that both bear state signs declaring them “possible” landing spots for Juan Ponce de Leon when he first visited and named “La Florida” April 3, 5013, are claiming evidence for their city’s claim to being the conquistador’s landing spot, The Miami Herald reported Monday.




Organizers of 500th anniversary celebrations in St. Augustine, which was founded by Pedro Menendez de Aviles in 1565 and holds the title of North America’s oldest continuously inhabited city, is planning “Viva 500″ celebrations all year long, including a visit from Santiago Baeza Benavides, the mayor of Santervas, de Leon’s Spanish hometown.




St. Augustine has long claimed de Leon landed at a beach about 15 miles north of the city.




However, organizers of rival celebrations in Melbourne Beach say evidence suggests de Leon made his landing near their city.




Douglas Peck, 94, a retired Air Force engineer and history buff, attempted in 1990 to retrace de Leon’s sailing path from Puerto Rico to Florida.




“From my reconstructed track I found that Ponce de Leon’s anchorage and landing after discovering Florida and the North American continent were about 28 degrees north latitude and 89 degrees, 29 minutes west longitude, which is below Cape Canaveral and a short distance south of Melbourne Beach. I do not say that this is the exact spot, but I place the accuracy within five to eight nautical miles either side of this fix,” he wrote in the Florida Historical Quarterly.




Michael Francis, a Spanish-Florida scholar in St. Petersburg, said he is not convinced by either city’s claims.




“Honestly,” Francis said, “why don’t we just say Ponce landed somewhere between St. Augustine and Melbourne Beach? Why don’t we celebrate all over Florida? I don’t understand the competition.”

Sonar-Equipped Boats Could Solve Mysteries

SEATTLE (UPI) — The head of a Seattle submarine rental company said the wreckage of lost planes such as Navy Flight 19 and Amelia Earhart’s can be found — for the right price.

Stockton Rush, chief executive officer of OceanGate, based in Seattle, said his company’s small submarine equipped with sophisticated sonar recently discovered the wreckage of a World War II era Navy Hellcat fighter in 240 feet of water off the coast of Florida, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Monday.

Rush said the submarine could find the wreckage of Flight 19, a Navy squadron that vanished after taking off from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in 1945, and the plane piloted by Amelia Earhart, who attempted to fly around the world after taking off from Miami in 1937 in a Lockheed Model 10 Electra, if someone was willing to shell out the “possibly hundreds of millions” of dollars such a search would require.

“The technology to find those planes exists,” Rush said. “It’s really a question of, is it worth the investment?”

Frank Cantelas, head marine archaeologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, said the organization’s 224-foot Okeanas Explorer would have a good chance of finding the wrecks if it was assigned to the search.

“If you pick a good survey area, sonar makes the likelihood of discovery a little better,” he said.

Wine Industry Relies On Water-Witching

CERES, Calif. (UPI) — Marc Mondavi, a California winery operator, has a new vocation, water-witching, and is called upon to find ground water for local wineries, using copper rods.

“You either have it or you don’t,” Mondavi, 58, says of the skill that takes him to neighboring vineyards in northern California to find places, without the aid of science, to dig industrial-size wells. “If you have it, you have to take time to develop it.”

Although no scientific evidence exists to support the practice of using sticks or metal rods to divine the presence of underground water, dowsing, or water witching, has been used since the 15th century, and is still a common practice in rural America, the San Francisco Chronicle said Monday.

“Some water exists under the Earth’s surface almost everywhere. This explains why many dowsers are successful,” a statement from the U.S. Geological Survey says.

Mondavi, whose late uncle, Robert, made California wine famous and, with his brother Robert Jr., is responsible for day-to-day operation of the Charles Krug Winery, has become the local industry’s go-to person for finding water.

After saying, “Find water,” to two copper rods he was holding, Mondavi walked down a row of grape vines, until the rods began to move, then crossed over each other, the newspaper said.

“Here,” Mondavi said. “Here is where you’ll find water.”

“I don’t know how he does it, and I’m not going to learn,” said John Franzia, whose Bronco Wine Co. in Ceres, Calif., has employed Mondavi to find water. “I’m a believer, because I have water.”

Monday Morning News Roundup 12-31-2012

Here is a collection of some of the stories that Personal Liberty staffers will be keeping an eye on throughout the day. Click the links for the full stories.


  • Civil rights campaigners voiced dismay on Friday over the Senate’s re-authorization of the government’s warrantless surveillance program and the defeat of two amendments that would have provided for basic oversight of the eavesdropping.


  • President Barack Obama on Sunday said he would make gun control a priority in his new term, pledging to put his “full weight” behind passing new restrictions on firearms in 2013.


  • The OPEC oil cartel, led by Saudi Arabia, will pocket a record of more than $1 trillion in net oil revenues in 2012 as the annual average price for Brent, the benchmark, heads to an all-time high in spite of weak economic growth.


  • World shares were steady on Monday, but set to end the year up 13 percent, as U.S. politicians prepared for last-minute talks to avoid a fiscal crunch of spending cuts and tax hikes that could drag down the world economy in 2013.


Check back for updates, news and analysis throughout the day. Like us on Facebook.

Strong Link Between Domestic Violence And Mental Health

Victims of domestic violence, both men and women, can experience long-lasting effects, including mental health disorders, according to new research from King’s College of London’s Institute of Psychiatry and the University of Bristol.

Previous studies have focused on depression as the link between abuse and mental health problems, but this study was the first to look widely at the issue affecting both female and male victims.

According to the results of the study published in PLOS ONE, women with depressive disorders were about 2.5 times more likely to have experienced domestic violence over their adult lifetime compared to women without mental health problems. Women with anxiety disorders were more than 3.5 times more likely; and women with post-traumatic stress disorder were about seven times more likely.

As well, men with various types of mental disorders were at risk of experiencing increased domestic violence, though with less frequency than their female counterparts.

Professor Louise Howard, senior author of the study from King’s Institute of Psychiatry, stated: “In this study, we found that both men and women with mental health problems are at an increased risk of domestic violence. The evidence suggests that there are two things happening: domestic violence can often lead to victims developing mental health problems, and people with mental health problems are more likely to experience domestic violence.”

Howard concluded: “Mental health professionals need to be aware of the link between domestic violence and mental health problems, and ensure that their patients are safe from domestic violence and are treated for the mental health impact of such abuse.”

Nadler: Government Has Monopoly On Violence, Not People

Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) recently told a reporter for CNS that he essentially believes the exact opposite of what the 2nd Amendment says.

The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution states: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Nadler said at press conference on Capitol Hill earlier this month that he wants to ban future sales of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. The lawmaker said he would also like to take it one step further than many of his colleagues by enabling the government to confiscate high capacity clips already legally possessed by American citizens.

Nadler told CNS: “Now, the fact of the matter is that Germany has 150 or so people killed a year with guns; Canada, 170; the United States 9,000 to 10,000 a year. We have a murder rate with guns that are 15 to 20 times higher than any other industrialized country. There’s only one explanation and that’s the availability, the easy availability of assault weapons and of high-capacity clips.”

But while Nadler does want to do his part to put an end to all of the senseless killing, he also wants the government to continue in its ability to kill, maim or imprison anyone it likes. Nadler calls it “legitimate violence.”

When asked by the reporter if the military should continue to have high capacity magazines, Nadler said: “One of the definitions of a nation state is that the state has a monopoly on legitimate violence. And the state ought to have a monopoly on legitimate violence.”

“If the premise of your question is that people are going to resist a tyrannical government by shooting machine guns at American troops, that’s insane,” he said.

The Gun Control Debate Continues

Last week, there was a huge amount of media coverage of the gun-control debate that has gripped the Nation in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. The emotionally charged national conversation has been chock full of harsh knee-jerk gun control proposals from the left.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) announced recently that she will introduce legislation early in 2013 that will essentially criminalize millions of law-abiding American gun owners.

A summary of the legislation posted on the Senator’s website is as follows:

  • Bans the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacturing of:
    • 120 specifically-named firearms;
    • Certain other semiautomatic rifles, handguns, shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and have one or more military characteristics; and
    • Semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds.
  • Strengthens the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and various state bans by:
    • Moving from a 2-characteristic test to a 1-characteristic test;
    • Eliminating the easy-to-remove bayonet mounts and flash suppressors from the characteristics test; and
    • Banning firearms with “thumbhole stocks” and “bullet buttons” to address attempts to “work around” prior bans.
  • Bans large-capacity ammunition feeding devices capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.
  • Protects legitimate hunters and the rights of existing gun owners by:
    • Grandfathering weapons legally possessed on the date of enactment;
    • Exempting over 900 specifically-named weapons used for hunting or sporting purposes; and
    • Exempting antique, manually-operated, and permanently disabled weapons.
  • Requires that grandfathered weapons be registered under the National Firearms Act, to include:
    • Background check of owner and any transferee;
    • Type and serial number of the firearm;
    • Positive identification, including photograph and fingerprint;
    • Certification from local law enforcement of identity and that possession would not violate State or local law; and
    • Dedicated funding for ATF to implement registration.

Feinstein, who co-introduced the original assault weapons ban in 1994, is “going for broke” with her 2012 version, according to the National Rifle Association. The bill would classify three rifles that are decades old and extremely popular throughout the Nation as assault rifles: the M1 Carbine, a model of the Ruger Mini-14 and virtually any variation of the SKS.

The bill would ban any firearm with a fixed magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds (except for tubular-magazine .22s), threaded barrels on handguns and any semiautomatic, centerfire or rimfire rifle that has an overall length of less than 30 inches.

The NRA points out that Feinstein’s bill would also open the possibility of government prosecution of firearm enthusiasts who don’t even break her harsh anti-2nd Amendment law:

Whereas the 1994 ban protected gun owners from errant prosecution by making the government prove when a magazine was made, the new ban includes no such protection. The new ban also requires firearm dealers to certify the date of manufacture of any >10-round magazine sold, a virtually impossible task, given that virtually no magazines are stamped with their date of manufacture.

The bill would not immediately lead to government confiscation of semi-automatics considered by her definition as assault weapons, but would require owners to register the firearms with the Federal government by submitting photographs and fingerprints to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), informing the ATF of the address where the firearm will be kept and obtaining the ATF’s permission to transport the firearm across State lines. It would also impose a $200 per firearm tax.

In the end, however, Feinstein wants ultimate confiscation of any firearm she and other 2nd Amendment haters deem too dangerous for Americans. Owners of so-called assault rifles would not be permitted to pass them on to loved ones after death, the point at which the Federal government would confiscate the firearms.

Become A New Year’s Prepper

Make a New Year’s resolution this year that could end up saving your life or keeping your friends and family safe in the face of disaster: Become a prepper.

Mainstream media and popular culture often portray American preppers as anti-government extremists who are stockpiling guns and freeze-dried foods in anticipation of societal collapse. This mischaracterization of what it means to be prepared could prove to have deadly consequences for many people who don’t want to risk being labeled a fringe wacko and, therefore, refuse to take seriously the benefits of comprehensive disaster preparedness.

While there is a fringe element to the prepper community (as there is with any group), the vast majority of preppers are normal Americans who simply enjoy the security of knowing that they could provide for themselves in the event of a short- or long-term disruption in the conveniences of civil society. That could mean a tornado, snowstorm or other weather event that wipes out power for a long period of time and makes buying food and other basics impossible in some circumstances. Or it could mean economic calamity (a very real possibility given the current state of affairs in Washington) that suspends basic public services most Americans take for granted.

Whatever the scenario, knowing what steps to take to stay fed, protected and relatively comfortable under trying circumstances is responsible and reinforces a basic human survival instinct. If you or someone you know has bought into the media misinformation about what it means to be a prepper, New Year’s would be a great opportunity to look into it for yourself. You may be delighted to learn that not only is it crazy to not pick up some prepping skills, but also that becoming more self-reliant is a rewarding and empowering experience.

Here are a few good places to start learning more about becoming a prepper:

  • Personal Liberty’s “On Your Own” section is updated weekly with valuable information related to everything from disaster preparedness to self-defense to cooking. And you don’t need to wait for next week for a fresh survival story, check out the “Survival and Self-sufficiency” archives and brush up on your preparedness skills.
  • Also on the Personal Liberty site is a selection of books written by Personal Liberty Media Group Founder Bob Livingston. Livingston’s books — written with the motto “Living independently healthy and wealthy for the rest of your life” in mind — are filled with information that anyone working to become more self-reliant could benefit from. Check out the books and special offers here.
  • Founded in 2008, the American Preppers Network provides multiple online resources to help preppers come together and share ideas, techniques and experiences with each other. APN includes self-sufficiency advice that could benefit the most extreme preppers and casual preppers alike.
  • YouTube is an excellent resource for preppers who want to learn about becoming more self-sufficient. While you may have to use common sense and wade through a few not-so-good videos, a simple search on the site for “prepper” can yield hundreds of results from Americans doing a valuable public service by sharing what they’ve learned in their pursuits of self-reliance. The everyday Americans putting prepper videos on YouTube are a welcome departure from the outrageous reality show preppers featured on television.
  • Personal Liberty contributor Brandon Smith is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. His website is Alt-Market.com.

Don’t make the mistake of believing mainstream media’s portrayal of America’s preppers. Instead, do your own research and get to know some people involved in prepping this year; it might save your life one day.

The Gun Grab Cometh

Whether the gun grabbers orchestrated the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre or just saw it as the perfect opportunity to rip the heart out of yet another Constitutional amendment, before the bodies of those slaughtered babies were even cold the 1 percent were signaling that 2013 is going to be a tumultuous year for gun owners — and liberty.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (Fascist-Calif.) announced on her website on Dec. 17 that she was introducing a bill in January to “stop the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of military-style assault weapons and high capacity ammunition feeding devises.” It will ban 120 specifically named weapons, including handguns and shotguns, and strengthen the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, which expired in 2004.

According to the outline of Feinstein’s bill, it will grandfather in all legally owned weapons, but it will require they be registered and the owner fingerprinted. It will require a $200 per weapon tax be paid. The guns will not be transferable, meaning that upon the death of the owner the guns will become the property of the Federal government. It will allow the sale of 900 specifically named weapons, but none that can accept a detachable magazine that holds more than 10 rounds.

She and her fascist cohorts in crime — New York’s Senator Chuck Schumer and Representatives Carolyn McCarty and Jerrold Nadler and West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller, among others — are calling for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and any weapon that uses high-capacity magazines. Unfortunately, a vast number of the unwashed masses — in a fit of emotionalism resulting from the thought of all those dead kindergartners — are buying into the lie that one more law would have saved those innocents. The above-mentioned 1 percenters all indicated they would steal everyone’s weapons and magazines, placating themselves with the rationalization that it’s a gun and magazine buy-back program, if they thought they could get away with it.

Never mind that purported shooter Adam Lanza broke a half dozen or more laws before he ever shot the first child. Never mind that Connecticut is ranked fifth of the 50 States in gun control laws, according the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence because the State “has strong gun laws that help combat the illegal gun market, prevent the sale of most guns without background checks and reduce risks to children.” And never mind that, according to FBI homicide data, rifles of all types are the least-used guns when crimes are committed.

Of course, Feinstein, Schumer, et al. care not a whit about children, as I explained here. If they did, they’d be weeping over the hundreds of children killed by President Barack Obama’s drone attacks, those killed in car accidents because of corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards and government-mandated air bags, and the 2,000 aborted every day in America.

Instead, they try to turn reason on its ear by equating law-abiding Americans — who own certain semi-automatic weapons — with terrorists. So their answer is to add more layers of laws, bureaucracy and expense on the already burdensome exercise of acquiring weapons for protection (and yes, it can be burdensome in some States).

But you don’t need those scary-looking so-called “assault weapons” to protect yourself, they’ll say. Or, as President Barack Obama reminds us in typical straw man fashion, military-style weapons with high capacity magazines shouldn’t be in the hands of civilians.

Tell that to these men who were left to their own devices during the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

When society broke down, law enforcement was nowhere to be found. These business owners armed themselves to protect their property. But had a large crowd braved the guns they possessed and come to loot their stores, the double-barreled shotgun and bolt-action rifle being wielded would have been inadequate, where an AR15 and several 30-round magazines would have been quite a deterrent. As the reporter said at the end of the clip, more than 100 Korean-owned businesses had already been looted. Just not this one.

The gun grabbers will tell you that you no one needs an AR15 because they’re not used for hunting. That would be a surprise to the tens of thousands of deer and other small game felled by them each year.

But the 2nd Amendment was not put in place just for hunters or for self-defense. It was put in place to protect Americans from totalitarians in government like Jerrold Nadler, who told CNS News: “One of the definitions of a nation state is that the state has a monopoly on legitimate violence. And the state ought to have a monopoly on legitimate violence. If the premise of your question is that people are going to resist a tyrannical government by shooting machine guns at American troops, that’s insane.”

Yes, it’s insane because Americans are prohibited from owning “machine guns” unless they first acquire a Class 3 Federal firearms license, an expensive and daunting undertaking. The weapons on the list to be banned are semi-automatic — one trigger pull, one round fired — not fully automatic. That meme is yet another straw man.

If the state has a monopoly on violence, that is full-blown tyranny. Americans would no longer be citizens, they would be subjects. Nadler has revealed the end game.

Folks, the Sandy Hook shooting narrative has more holes than a piece of hardware cloth, as do the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting, the Milwaukee Sikh temple shooting and the 1999 Columbine, Colo., massacre, for that matter. They’re likely all false flag events. And just like previous ones, they will lead to loss of liberty.

The fallout from these shootings is always the same: a call for stricter gun laws. As Nadler’s comment indicates, this time the gun grabbers are emboldened as never before. But why wouldn’t they be. It was just a year ago that they passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows for the indefinite detention, without charges or trial, of Americans on American soil. And they did so with barely a whimper out of the populace, which is becoming ever more docile and subservient by the day.

The psychopaths in the cesspool of Washington, D.C., realize there is no better time to strike than while Americans are emotionally drained from the visions of grieving parents and the sweet smiles of the dead children.

The truth is that of the 12,664 murders committed in the United States in 2011, rifles were used in only 323 of them. “Knives or other cutting instruments” were used in 1,694 murders; hands and feet in 726; and blunt objects like clubs and hammers were used in 496. A ban on knives and hands and feet would be far more effective in reducing murders, which Nadler claims is the goal.

But, of course, reducing murders is not the goal of the 1 percent. It’s total disarmament. That would give the state the long-awaited monopoly on violence.

Poll Shows 54 Percent View NRA Favorably

WASHINGTON (UPI) — A Gallup poll shows that more Americans have a favorable view of the National Rifle Association than unfavorable.

POLITICO said the poll came at the same time the NRA proposed to have an armed guard in every school in response to the Newtown, Conn., massacre, instead of wide-sweeping gun regulation.

Fifty-four percent of Americans reported a favorable opinion of the NRA, compared to 38 percent reporting an unfavorable opinion.

Gallup said opinions of the NRA have fluctuated since they were first measured in 1993, from a low of 42 percent favorable in 1995 to a high of 60 percent in 2005.

Gallup said the recent poll showed that favorable opinions are much higher among those who report having a gun in the household, with Republicans more likely to own guns.

Republicans were also more likely to have a favorable opinion of the NRA than Democrats, with more than eight in 10 Republicans reporting a favorable opinion compared to four in 10 Democrats.

Don’t Get Ripped Off

Dear Bob,

What gold coins should I buy to make sure I’m not getting ripped off?


Richard Z.

Dear Richard,

First of all, don’t buy numismatics. They are collector’s coins and their cost is inflated because of their collector value. I prefer coins that are marked as 1-ounce coins, as their value is easily determined: the American Eagle, African Krugerrand, Australian Kangaroo and Canadian Maple Leaf. The Eagle usually carries the highest premium. The premium on the others varies. I actually think silver is a better buy right now and recommend pre-1965 U.S. silver coins (junk silver), the American Silver Eagle or any 1-ounce silver bullion. Your best bet is to find an established local dealer with a long history. Don’t be shy about contacting the Better Business Bureau to ask about complaints.

Best wishes,



Pirate Radio Blocks Keyless Car Entry

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., (UPI) —  Police in Florida said they are searching for a man whose alleged pirate radio station jammed the signal from dozens of keyless entry systems for cars.

Hollywood police said people were left baffled for months as to why their keyless systems were not working, and some found they no longer had the problem when they left the area, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Friday.

Investigators said the culprit is believed to be a pirate radio station that had been broadcasting on 104.7 FM from the roof of the eight-story Regents bank building, one block from police headquarters.

Police seized the man’s equipment and said a man who identified himself as “Jay” called building maintenance workers shortly afterward to ask if they had taken his equipment.

The man could be arrested on felony charges bearing a fine of at least $10,000 from the Federal Communications Commission, police said.

Hidden Sink Hole Swallows Bus

OCEANSIDE, Calif., (UPI) —  A broken water main is being blamed for a flood and sinkhole that swallowed a municipal bus in California.

As water flooded several streets in Oceanside, Calif., early Wednesday, onlookers told KGTV-San Diego they saw a bus slowly creeping along. The water hid a treacherous sinkhole and one resident who’d stepped out onto his balcony to see what the commotion was about said he watched the bus pitch forward into the depression.

“You could see the water. You didn’t know it was a sinkhole,” said Kevin Russell, who lives in an apartment complex overlooking the flooded street. “The bus just kind of creeped in and went down.”

The bus driver was the only person on the vehicle. He escaped through a side window unharmed.

Homeowner Sues Over Mistaken Oil Delivery

NEW YORK, (UPI) —  A New York oil company is being sued for making a delivery to the wrong house in Brooklyn and sending oil through an old pipe straight to the basement floor.

Vera Bernier, who owns the house in the Cypress Hills neighborhood and rents it out, told the New York Post a pool of 300 gallons of heating oil ended up in the basement after the mistaken delivery in January.

“It was not a good day for me,” she said Wednesday. “I was livid for someone to make such a horrible mistake.”

Bernier said Reliable, in upstate New York, stopped being helpful as the cost of the cleanup became clear. She said the city has told her she must pay for the cleanup, which could cost $60,000.

The delivery was supposed to be made to 142 Cleveland Ave., but the driver went to 132 Cleveland by mistake and pumped the oil through a pipe that is no longer in use.

Jim Gochnauer, a Christian high school principal who rents the house, said the mishap added $200 to his electric bill because of fans in the basement blowing away the smell of the oil.

“The first week or so, it smelled pretty strong, like being in an oil refinery,” his wife, Ruthi, told the Post. “It was enough to give you a headache.”