Police Bust Alleged Drunken Horse Rider

BUNNELL, Fla., (UPI) —  Police in Florida said a man charged with resisting arrest led officers on a chase while allegedly riding a horse intoxicated.

Bunnell Police Chief Jeffrey Hoffman said police received a call shortly after 2 p.m. Monday about a drunken man on horseback seen urinating in someone’s yard and the rider, later identified as Charles Cowart, 29, led officers on a chase through the city’s housing authority property and onto some railroad tracks, The Daytona Beach (Fla.) News-Journal reported Wednesday.

“He made it into the heart of the city and was in and out of traffic,” Hoffman said. “He was causing quite a hazard. He made his way onto the railroad tracks, and we had to stop a southbound train.”

“We were going to have (Flagler County sheriff’s) deputies come out on horseback to assist us,” he said. “His father tackled him off the horse in the middle of U.S. 1, and we eventually caught him.”

Cowart was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, aggravated fleeing and eluding, cruelty to animals and interference with a railroad track. He was jailed in lieu of $2,000 bail.

School Band Members Appear In Racy Video

MIAMI, (UPI) —  Administrators in a Miami school distract said they were outraged to discover members of a high school marching band unwittingly appeared in a racy music video.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokesman John Schuster said the students and administrators were told the marching band members would be appearing in “a drum line type video” with rappers Juicy J, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, but they were shocked to later discover the footage had been edited into the racy strip-club themed “Bandz A Make Her Dance” music video, The Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

“It’s just outrageous to think you have an individual take advantage of a school and students for a video,” Northwestern Principal Wallace Aristide said. “They’re playing their instruments and thinking it’s something innocent, wearing our uniforms, only later to find out they edited the video with racy content.”

School Board Attorney Walter Harvey is reviewing the video for potential action against the producers, officials said.

Boy, 10, Admits Assault On Immigrant

PHILADELPHIA, (UPI) —  A 10-year-old Philadelphia boy apologized to a Vietnamese woman as he admitted breaking into her apartment and beating her, officials said.

The boy remains in custody, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Family Court Administrative Judge Kevin Dougherty delayed a decision on whether to place him in a juvenile facility until Oct. 5.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the boy admitted he entered Minh Tran’s apartment with his 7-year-old brother and a 20-year-old man. A prosecutor said the three beat Tran, hit her with sticks and robbed her of $20 and jewelry.

A neighbor found Tran kneeling in her yard in tears.

After the apology, Tran told the court through an interpreter that she accepted it.

Florida Kindergartner Brings Gun To School

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla., (UPI) —  A Florida kindergartner was found with a loaded .380-caliber pistol at school and authorities have charged the boy’s father in the incident.

A teacher found the weapon two weeks ago in the boy’s backpack and confiscated it without incident. The child told the teacher his father, Tantalus Prentice Toussaint, had put it there because the two needed protection after a man Toussaint previously shot threatened retribution, the website www.tcpalm.com reported.

The boy slipped out of the school with his father before police could apprehend the man, but authorities caught up with him later that morning after a tip from the boy’s aunt.

Toussaint was charged with child neglect and police said more charges are pending. He is being held in lieu of $15,000 bail.

Kroger Apologizes For Food Stamp Shaming

WARNER ROBBINS, Ga., (UPI) —  A Georgia woman says she is not satisfied with the apology she got after a Kroger store manager chastised her for being on food stamps.

Cindy Nerger told ABC News the $15 gift card the chain gave her is no use to her since she does not plan on shopping there again. She would also like a personal apology from the manager, who was transferred to another store, and believes he should be demoted and given additional training on how to treat customers.

But Nerger said she does not want him to be fired.

“I didn’t want anybody to be in the food stamp line with me,” she said.

Nerger said she and her husband depend on food stamps because his carpentry business has not been bringing in enough income to feed them and their daughter. Nerger herself is unable to work because she has a chronic kidney disease and spends 12 hours a day hooked to a dialysis machine while she waits for a transplant.

She said the problem at the Kroger in Warner Robbins, Ga., began with a dispute about whether food stamps could be used for some of the items she was buying. She said the manager eventually told employees “just give them to her” and then turned on her when she remarked that she had been right.

She quoted him: “Excuse me for working for a living and not relying on food stamps like you.”

Romney In 2005: Happy Being Rich, Famous

BOSTON, (UPI) —  Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney joked while Massachusetts governor he was right as a child to think being rich and famous would make him happy.

“When I was a boy, I used to think that becoming rich and becoming famous would make me happy,” he told a St. Patrick’s Day political breakfast in south Boston on March 20, 2005.

“Boy, was I right!” he laughed.

His videotaped joke, surfaced by the BuzzFeed website Tuesday, was his final laugh line of a joke-filled breakfast that included other back-and-forth remarks about his wealth.

State House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi earlier joked Romney must have enjoyed the short ride from Logan International Airport to the convention center. He then looked at Romney and said: ”Are those tickets in your pocket? I don’t want to keep you too long. You can leave any time you want.”

Romney replied, ”I’ll be here until you get funny,” The Boston Globe reported at the time.

DiMasi, a Democrat, shot back: ”You being president of the United States. That’s a joke,” the Globe said.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino quipped Romney must be a big sports fan because he has season tickets for all the Boston Celtics basketball games — all the out-of-town games, that is.

Romney — looking less gray than he does in 2012 and wearing an Irish-theme boutonniere — began his own remarks with, ”It’s great to be here in Iowa this morning.” Then feigning a mistake, he said: ”Oops. Wrong speech. Sorry about that.”

He said that when he became governor in 2003, he “got some advice from some big-time Massachusetts pols. My favorite came from the auditor, [who] pulled me aside and said: ‘Listen, you need to know something about Massachusetts Democrats. Massachusetts Democrats are honest. When they’re bought, they stay bought.'”

Romney also explained he was against same-sex marriage because as a Mormon, he believed ”marriage should be between a man and a woman — and a woman — and a woman.”

Feds Raid Los Angeles Pot Shops

LOS ANGELES, (UPI) —  The federal government has taken its first large-scale action against medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, the U.S. attorney’s office said.

Federal agents raided several cannabis shops and issued warning letters to dozens of others on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“We couldn’t do all of L.A. at once,” said spokesman Thom Mrozek. “There’s just too many stores.”

Prosecutors filed civil asset forfeiture complaints against the owners of three properties in northeastern Los Angeles for allowing commercial marijuana stores to operate on their premises.

Mrozek said authorities also issued warning letters to the property owners and operators of an additional 67 dispensaries, mostly in the downtown and Eagle Rock areas, giving them two weeks to comply with federal law.

Over the past year, federal authorities have targeted pot businesses across California, including a high-profile raid at a marijuana trade school in Oakland.

Johnson Files Suit Against Democrat, GOP Monopoly

Former New Mexico Governor and Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, determined to get a place on the stage during the upcoming Presidential debates, has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the Democratic and Republican parties.

Johnson’s campaign contends that the parties are working in collusion, despite his having satisfied the requirements to be included in debates, to block third-party presence at the events. The Commission on Presidential Debates and the Johnson campaign disagree on polling results.

The Libertarian candidate’s campaign alleges that the Commission on Presidential Debates, the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee have conspired in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act to limit competition, thereby causing material injury to the American electorate and the Johnson campaign.

“Someone has to stand up and call this what it is—a rigged system designed entirely to protect and perpetuate the two-party duopoly,” said Johnson spokesman Ron Nielson in a press release. “That someone will be the Johnson campaign.”

In the suit, the plaintiffs argue that because the Presidency is a salaried position, pursuit of the position can be treated as commerce. The pertinent portion of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act is stated in the suit as follows:

Every person who shall monopolize, or attempt to monopolize, or combine or conspire with any other person or persons, to monopolize any part of the trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, shall be deemed guilty of a felony, and, on conviction thereof, shall be punished by fine not exceeding $100,000,000 if a corporation, or, if any other person, $1,000,000, or by imprisonment not exceeding 10 years, or by both said punishments, in the discretion of the court.

In agreeing to these rules to exclude the plaintiff from participating in the debates, the defendants are conspiring and contracting to restrain the plaintiffs from participating in the electoral process.

The suit is unlikely to gain much traction. Some pundits have described it as an unprecedented move for a third-party candidate, but it could increase Johnson’s visibility to voters who are still disenchanted with the Mitt Romney/Barack Obama choice they face in November.

Johnson, in a recent interview, described his appeal to those voters: “The majority of Americans are fiscally responsible and socially accepting. I’m in that category of people – I think I’m representative of the majority of people in this country.

“Yet these people are let down by the two-party system. You’ve got Democrats that are supposed to be good on civil liberties but haven’t been so good of late, and Republicans who are supposed to be good on dollars and cents but I’m not sure they have ever really been good at that. Combine them both, and arguably that’s me.”

In 2000, third-party candidates Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan both sued in an attempt to be included in the debates; both were unsuccessful. The last third-party candidate to share the stage with the Republican and Democratic candidates during a Presidential debate was Ross Perot in 1992. Perot went on to win 18.9 percent of the popular vote on Election Day.

The War With Islam

Around and around we go. Violence and death of innocents on Islamic soil seems to be a perpetual phenomenon. The most recent round of senseless violence was said to have been sparked by the surfacing of a sophomoric YouTube video that pokes fun at Muhammad.

A handful of Muslims in the eastern Libya city of Benghazi became so enraged by the incident that they attacked the U.S. consulate, killing U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens along with three other Americans.

It didn’t bother the executioners that Stevens had fought beside Libyans to free Libya from dictator Moammar Gadhafi, who had ruled the country for 34 years.

Also, protesters in Egypt scaled the walls of the U.S. embassy in Cairo and replaced an American flag with an Islamic banner. Again, Islamic extremists have problems with their short-term memory. It was the United States that supported the revolution in Egypt that removed that nation’s dictator, Hosni Mubarak.

Those acts were the first such assaults on U.S. diplomatic facilities in either country. There was a flurry of excuses for the murder of Americans whose only sin was trying to build Islamic civilizations in a region that refuses to become civilized.

Let me get back to that YouTube film whose very existence justifies a death sentence even to those who had nothing to do with its production.

You see, the video goes so far as to mock Islam’s holy prophet.

I don’t know if some of you watch the TV show “Family Guy” which FOX, of all networks, produces. It sometimes makes fun of Jesus Christ. In one episode Christ is shown as a hippie working at a used record store. That hasn’t resulted in attacks on the show’s creator, Seth MacFarlane, by Christians. Call it free speech and the Western world’s ability to laugh at itself even when it comes to our religious beliefs. We certainly don’t go on murderous rampages every time our sensibilities are hurt. That is not the way for much of Islam.

Further evidence of violent Islamic tendencies was provided last week when al-Qaida’s affiliate in North Africa urged Muslims in the region to kill U.S. government representatives.

“We encourage all Muslims to continue to demonstrate and escalate their protests and to kill their (American) ambassadors and representatives or to expel them to cleanse our land from their wickedness,” read the statement from al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb.

The group also called the killing of Stevens “the best gift you (can) give to his arrogant and unjust administration.”

There’s more. Also last week, a Taliban-allied insurgent group claimed responsibility for a suicide attack that killed at least 12 people, including eight South Africans, in Afghanistan. The group said it was in response to the YouTube video.

A spokesman for Islamic militant group Hizb-i-Islami said a 22-year-old woman named Fatima carried out the attack. She drove a car packed with 660 pounds of explosives into a van on a road leading to the Kabul International Airport.

Suicide attacks by women are rare in Afghanistan — maybe because it’s a sin for a woman to drive a automobiles.

“The anti-Islam film hurt our religious sentiments and we cannot tolerate it,” spokesman Haroon Zarghhon told The Associated Press.  “There had been several young men who wanted to take revenge, but Fatima also volunteered and we wanted to give a chance to a girl … to tell the world we cannot ignore any anti-Islam attack.”

That’s lucky for Fatima — although, I am not too sure what she is going to do with the 72 virgins that are waiting for her.

Radical jihadists can’t even come up with original reasons to be anti-American; they have to spend their days scanning YouTube to find some insult. Don’t these Islamic believers have better things to do, like build schools and roads? Yet it was determined that murder had to be meted out because some idiot made fun of Muhammad.

Isn’t it time for the West to wash our hands of Islam? A growing part of Islam, regardless of whether President Barack Obama will admit it, is at war with the United States and Western society. During the Cold War, the United States faced rational and educated leaders of the Kremlin. The opposition leaders in this war are crazed religious fanatics who have already demonstrated they are crazy enough to blow up themselves — and often many innocent Muslims who happen to be in the way — because they have nothing better to do than to kill Westerners.

You can blame it on the brain trust of Islamic militants. One man that helped shape al-Qaida’s philosophy was Sayyid Imam al-Sharif, also known as Dr. Fadl.

In an article for The New Yorker, Lawrence Wright relayed Dr. Fadl’s doctrine:

Fadl contends that the rulers of Egypt and other Arab countries are apostates of Islam. “The infidel’s rule, his prayers, and the prayers of those who pray behind him are invalid,” Fadl decrees. “His blood is legal.” He declares that Muslims have a duty to wage jihad against such leaders; those who submit to an infidel ruler are themselves infidels, and doomed to damnation. The same punishment awaits those who participate in democratic elections. “I say to Muslims in all candor that secular, nationalist democracy opposes your religion and your doctrine, and in submitting to it you leave God’s book behind,” he writes. Those who labor in government, the police, and the courts are infidels, as is anyone who works for peaceful change; religious war, not political reform, is the sole mandate. Even devout believers walk a tightrope over the abyss. “A man may enter the faith in many ways, yet be expelled from it by just one deed,” Fadl cautions. Anyone who believes otherwise is a heretic and deserves to be slaughtered.

So here we stand in 2012; the Middle Ages intersect the Internet.

Obama continues to waste billions of dollars in aid to Islamic nations — even countries like strife-riddled Egypt which collects $1.5 billion a year from Washington. The Obama Administration played a crucial role in the overthrow of Mubarak only to witness the ascension to power of the latest Egyptian despots who are even worse than Mubarak. A recent headline from the Daily Beast said it all: “Obama’s Foolish Embrace of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.”

Mr. President: If by chance you get re-elected, please change your policies regarding Islam. Try not to take a society out of the Stone Age. Too many believers in Muhammad (like your father was) are committed to killing those who have done nothing other than invest themselves in trying to bring a better future to a rundown region which is becoming the globe’s gutter.

Hopefully, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney will prevail in November. If so, he must understand he has an undeclared war on his hands with much of Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood is gaining murderous momentum throughout the Mideast — especially in Egypt. It controls the Suez Canal, a choke point for petroleum and other essential trade.

To date, the Muslim Brotherhood has not renounced the doctrine of its late founder, Hassan al-Banna: “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

How To Rid Your Food Of Nutrients In One Minute Or Less

Convenience comes with a price. That’s definitely the case with microwaves. If you’re thinking of zapping your veggies, you may want to think again.

A study published in Bioeclectromagnetics in 2008 found that cooking asparagus in the microwave reduces the vitamins available.

In 2001, a study was published in the Journal of Nutrition which suggested that heating garlic in the microwave for one minute inactivates alliinase, an enzyme in garlic that fights cancer.

In 2003, an article in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture showed that microwaving broccoli can remove as much as 97 percent of its antioxidants.

Microwaving may seem like the quickest and best option when preparing food. Although it may be the quickest, it is by no means the best. Not only do you lose essential nutrients when you choose to microwave your food, it also affects the taste and texture.

Instead of microwaving, try steaming.

Who Are The Real Job Creators?

So just who are the real job creators? The answer to that might surprise you, but first things first.

Contemporary usage has twisted the meaning of the term “job creator” into a full-fledged misnomer; there really is no such thing. You see, in a literal sense, jobs are not created. Unlike productive people who actually create things, it’s absurd to think of a so-called “job creator” sitting down at his desk somewhere, scheming how to best create jobs by hiring people. Besides putting the proverbial cart before the horse, it just doesn’t happen that way in the real world.

For a few years now, the mainstream media have been bloviating non-stop about unemployment and “job creation,” and I’ve wanted to illustrate how nonsensical and overused this grade-school bromide has become. Because of the general public’s preference for simple-minded language and easy-to-understand answers to complicated economic issues, the term is just one of many that have been reshaped into Orwellian doubletalk, especially by politicians. Naturally, most con artists prefer to use these “tools of the trade” to help keep their constituents confused, bewildered and dumbed down. But it’s even worse than that. I often hear many free-market advocates using these same mind-numbing clichés when arguing their case.

Lately, politicians and media pundits have been fostering a storybook fantasy about how some very smart people (George Soros/Warren Buffett types come to mind) are feverishly working around the clock, stamping out newly created job schemes designed to help out the needy, downtrodden masses. And amazingly, many of the economically naïve seem to buy into this notion. Obviously, it’s pure crap.

Most people understand that government doesn’t “create jobs” in the private sector… and that goes for businesses, too. What’s that? You heard me: Private enterprises don’t “create jobs” either. In a free country the “market” creates jobs. Therefore, and contrary to modern-day Keynesian claptrap, the act of hiring someone does not qualify you as “job creator.” Employing people, whether briefly or for the long term, is simply a means to an end and a way of satisfying your desire and the market’s demand for more labor. Jobs readily come into existence if there is demand for them by those who need them. So we finally have the answer to just who the “real job-creator” is. It’s Adam Smith’s “invisible hand.”

Now, if you still feel the need to bestow the title of “job creator” on somebody, then it should go to those who seldom get recognized or even care: customers. Do you ever wonder why you hear businesspeople say things like “the customer is always right,” “our customers come first” or “the customer is king”? “Customers” (aka “consumers” — another co-opted and overused cliché) are the real driving force behind the demand and need for additional workers. Hence, it’s more appropriate to give them credit. And if you concede that point, then you have to admit that everyone’s a job creator: you, me and the kid next door, for that matter (he likes stuff, too). But don’t look for a headline in next month’s issue of TIME or Newsweek announcing “We’re all Job Creators Now!” (though that’s not a terrible idea).

One of the many false and idiotic portrayals put forth by liberals is that businesses’ main concern should be some societal obligation and responsibility to hire employees — the more, the better — for the good of all. Business owners certainly provide an atmosphere that allows the employment process to occur; so, yes, they deserve some credit. But they never hire anyone based on benevolent ideals or a fiduciary duty to do so. Unfortunately, many businesspeople help perpetuate this lunacy by saying things like, “Look, I have a business; I’m a job creator.” Nonsense! You might as well call your local news reporter next time you need your lawn mowed: “Quick, come to my house and watch me create a job; I’m hiring my neighbor’s kid.” Statements like these show economic ignorance and a shameful penchant for public pandering. Like most human endeavors, employers hire people for one prominent reason: They benefit from it.

Some may now be asking the inevitable question, “Can’t government help the employment situation by passing new laws?” The answer to that is an emphatic “no.” Despite its supposed good intentions, government should not try to artificially force the unemployment rate down because every action it takes only interferes and disrupts the economy, thereby increasing unemployment. The right thing for government to do is simply get the heck out of the way. Repealing all of its job-killing legislation enacted over the years is the only real positive action it can take, and for me that starts with the repeal of the Wagner Act of 1935.

Finally, please do yourself a favor and quit using those phony convoluted terms created by liberals, statists and lowlifes in the MSM. It only gives them the home-field advantage.

Stephan Foli

School Lunch Regulations Create Black Market, Hunger, Wasted Food

Some entrepreneurial students in Massachusetts are using the restrictions on school lunches as a way to make a little extra money. A black market for chocolate syrup is forming. The sugary substance sells for 50 cents a squeeze.

On Aug. 1, chocolate milk became a thing of the past for students at Greater New Bedford Vocational-Technical High School. But that hasn’t stopped students from making their own.

“Of course they got rid of dessert, (but) flavored milk … I don’t understand why we can’t have that,” student Paige Lame told the Standard Times.

The rules also reduce the amount of protein students can have while increasing their servings of fruits and vegetables.

Students are largely not in favor of the new rules. Massachusetts introduced new lunchroom guidelines this year, as have many schools across the Nation.

“You’re paying more for less,” said student Erik Cortez of New Bedford. “I get it, but why should they have the right to tell you what you can and can’t eat?”

If students don’t eat the lunch, then the program is of no benefit, a fact that the Federal government seems to have overlooked. More students are bringing their lunch or just throwing away what they are given in the cafeteria.

“Last year, my son didn’t bring lunch. This year, he’s bringing lunch because he’s hungry,” said a parent of a New Bedford student.

In Wisconsin, students have taken to YouTube to protest.



McCain’s About-Face

Finally, after 11 long and bloody years, it appears as if the war hawks are growing weary of the perpetual war. Even Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) said last week: “I think all options ought to be considered, including whether we have to just withdraw early, rather than have a continued bloodletting that won’t succeed.”

This came after House Appropriations Defense subcommittee Chairman Bill Young (R-Fla.) called for an immediate withdrawal of American forces in the country. Both McCain and Young have long been hawkish on Afghanistan. But the increase in the number of attacks by “friendly” Afghan troops on U.S. and NATO forces have caused them to rethink.

Recent attacks by supposedly friendly Afghans killed six coalition soldiers — including two Americans — and resulted in the destruction of six AV-8B Harrier jets used by U.S. Marines. The jets are no longer in production and are irreplaceable.

When the United States invaded Afghanistan 11 years ago, the goal ostensibly was to remove the Taliban and bring George W. Bush’s form of “justice” to Osama bin Laden, the boogie man blamed for 9/11. The Taliban are no longer in control, bin Laden has been killed several times and there is no other (9/11-related) reason to remain.

Of course, 9/11 is not why we’re still there.

Blaming Soldiers For Bad Policy From Elites

The government elites in the United States have perpetuated failed foreign policy initiatives in the Mideast at behest of the military-industrial complex while simultaneously attempting to make the U.S. occupation of certain countries in the region appear to be purposed for training the citizenry to provide safety for themselves. For American soldiers, the sham has had fatal consequences.

In Afghanistan, the number of “green on blue” attacks — strikes by Afghan soldiers being trained by Americans (whom they often shoot in the back) — has been increasing over the past year. But rather than admit that the war in Afghanistan (Iraq, Libya, technically Syria and soon Iran) is a failed undertaking perpetuated only to continue the flow of profits to monied elites connected to the military industrial complex, the Pentagon has taken to faulting the American troops.

Over the past three years, 97 U.S. and NATO troops have been murdered by uniformed Afghan “allies.” And currently, the entire Arab world is rife with hatred for America and her foreign policy — though, for political reasons, the anger has been blamed on a ridiculous and terrible YouTube video.

Unwilling to admit the folly that is American foreign policy in the Mideast, the Pentagon has decided that American soldiers in the region need to undergo more rigorous “Islamic sensitivity training.”

“There’s a percentage [of attacks] which are cultural affronts,” Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey explained in a recent interview.

According to the New York Post, American soldiers in the Mideast should observe the following rules in order to avoid becoming the victims of fratricide:

* Wear surgical gloves whenever handling a copy of the Koran.
* Never walk in front of a praying Muslim.
* Never show the bottom of boots while sitting or lying across from a Muslim, which in Islam is  considered an insult.
* Never share photos of wives or daughters.
* Never smoke or eat in front of Muslims during the monthlong Ramadan fasting.
* Avoid winking, cursing or nose-blowing in the presence of Muslims — all viewed as insults in Islam.
* Avoid exiting the shower without a towel.
* Avoid offering and accepting things with the left hand, which in Islam is reserved for bodily hygiene and considered unclean.

For more than a decade, the United States has fought wars of futility in the Mideast. And support for American policy in the region is no greater than before. Despite the efforts to blame all of the unrest on Islamic hatred for Americans’ way of life, one would be ignorant to believe that drone strikes in Pakistan that routinely kill civilians, support for the Muslim Brotherhood that angered many in Egyptians and America’s myriad other past transgressions in the Mideast have nothing to do with what is happening to American troops in Afghanistan at present.

The Nation’s ruling elite will never admit that Mideast peace and democracy is an unattainable option as long as the United States is involved. U.S. soldiers are agents of an occupying foreign military in the eyes of people of Mideast nations. And if their behavior is any indication, they don’t like it.

Instead of blaming Islam (or, worse, the behavior of American heroes overseas), perhaps it is time for America’s military-industrial complex to admit to the public that there is little left that can be done in the Arab world, withdraw from the region and stop allowing American soldiers to be sitting ducks for profit.

Three Questions Help Detect Ovarian Cancer

SEATTLE (UPI) — A survey given to women in a doctor’s office in 2 minutes can identify those experiencing symptoms that may indicate ovarian cancer, U.S. researchers say.

Lead author M. Robyn Andersen of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center’s Public Health Sciences Division and colleagues said early detection of ovarian cancer is key to survival — cure rates for those diagnosed when the disease is confined to the ovary are approximately 70 percent to 90 percent.

But more than 70 percent of women with ovarian cancer are diagnosed with advanced-stage disease, when the survival rate is only 20 percent to 30 percent, Andersen said.

The researchers evaluated the effectiveness and feasibility of several different symptom screening surveys and found three questions as potentially indicative of ovarian cancer:

— Abdominal and/or pelvic pain.

— Feeling full quickly and/or unable to eat normally.

— Abdominal bloating and/or increased abdomen size.

The survey also asked about the frequency and duration of these symptoms: how many days a month and for how long?

“Symptoms such as pelvic pain and abdominal bloating may be a sign of ovarian cancer but they also can be caused by other conditions,” Andersen said in a statement. “What’s important is to determine whether they are current, of recent onset and occur frequently.”

Previous research by Andersen and colleagues found about 60 percent of women with early stage ovarian cancer and 80 percent of women with advanced disease report symptoms that follow this distinctive pattern at the time of diagnosis.

Poll: Most Say Business Overregulated

PRINCETON, N.J. (UPI) — A plurality of Americans say they believe there is too much regulation of business and industry rather than too little, a Gallup poll released Monday indicated.

Forty-seven percent of Americans said there was too much regulation, while 26 said there was too little oversight and 24 percent said the level of regulation was about right, results indicated.

Despite the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the failure of the secondary mortgage market and other business and financial sector problems of recent years, Americans’ views that the sector is overregulated has climbed and reached an all-time high of 50 percent in 2011, the Princeton, N.J., polling agency said.

Twenty-five percent of Democrats said there is too much regulation, while 77 percent of Republicans expressed the same view.

Results are based on nationwide telephone interviews conducted Sept. 6-9 with a sample of 1,017 adults. The margin of error is 4 percentage points.

U.S. Home Prices Rose June To July

NEW YORK (UPI) — U.S. home prices rose in July compared with June and compared with July 2011, the Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller report said Tuesday.

Home prices rose 1.5 percent from June in the report’s 10-city index and 1.6 percent in the 20-city index.

All 20 cities tracked in the report saw month-to-month prices rise for the third consecutive month in July, the report added.

On an annual basis, the prices in the 10-city index rose 0.6 percent, while prices in the 20-city index rose 1.2 percent, the report said. For 15 of the 20 cities, the annual price gains were steeper in July than in June.

The exceptions include Dallas and Washington, D.C., where annual rates were unchanged compared to a year earlier and Cleveland, Detroit and New York, where annual rates were lower in July.

After nine months of double-digit annual declines, Atlanta breached the double-digit barrier, with annual rate in July of minus 9.9 percent.

Four cities show annual prices in decline, including Atlanta, Chicago (with the index down 0.9 percent), Las Vegas (down 1 percent) and New York (down 2.6 percent).

The highest annual gain is in Phoenix, where a housing market bust has turned around. The annual rate gain was 16.6 percent in July, far and away the highest gain in the 20-city index.

The second highest gain was in Minneapolis with a gain of 6.4 percent. In Detroit, the one-year price change in July was 6.2 percent.

“With May’s data, we saw a continuing trend of rising home prices for the spring,” said David Blitzer, chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Indices.

Consumer Confidence Rises In September

NEW YORK (UPI) — Consumer confidence in the United States rose in September after falling for six out of seven months, the Conference Board said Tuesday.

After five consecutive monthly declines, the index rose in July. But confidence returned to its downward trend in August, despite gains in stock markets.

But the index that assigns 1985 a base value of 100, rose in September from 71.1 to 83.7, the Conference Board said.

The monthly Consumer Confidence Index is based on a survey of 5,000 households.

“Despite continuing economic uncertainty, consumers are slightly more optimistic than they have been in several months,” said Lynn Franco, director of the board’s Consumer Research Center.

In the September survey, respondents indicating business conditions are “good” rose from 15.3 percent to 15.5 percent. Respondents indicating conditions declined were fell from 34.3 to 33.3.

Respondents indicating jobs were easy to find rose from 7.2 percent to 8.3 percent, while those who indicated jobs were hard to find fell from 40.6 percent to 39.9 percent.

Regulators Focus On Airport Runways

WASHINGTON (UPI) — U.S. airports may be reporting fewer runway and taxiway incursion incidents, but serious risks remain, a national transportation safety chairwoman said.

“These incidents remind us how vulnerable we are when procedures or people fail,” said Deborah Hersman, chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board, referring to close calls at airports not in the air, but on the runways and taxiways.

The Federal Aviation Administration said there were 67 near collisions on the tarmac at airports classified as serious incidents in 2000 and only 12 in 2011.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that 35 major airports now have ground radar systems that allow control towers to tune in far more acutely to what is happening on the ground at airports where there can be as many as 100 flights taking off in an hour. At the same time, a large array of support vehicles carrying baggage, fuel and food are scurrying around the taxiways.

Contrary to assumptions, the airplane crash with the most fatalities in history did not occur in the air, but involved two planes that collided on a runway at Tenerife Airport in the Canary Islands in 1977.

That accident killed 583 people, the Times said.

In the last four years, near misses on runways occurred on average 1,000 times a year or three times per day with some of those incidents considered serious and others defined as less so.

Improvements were made after the Air Line Pilots Association warned in 2007 that the risks of an incident with hundreds of fatalities was “real and growing larger.”

Among the latest developments is a system called Runway Status Lights, which automatically turns on red lights embedded in runways and taxiways when they are in use.

The Federal Aviation Administration is testing the system at Los Angeles International Airport and expects to install the system at 22 more airports by 2016.

Consumer Reports Pans $107,850 Hybrid Car

YONKERS, N.Y. (UPI) — Struggling niche U.S. automaker Fisker’s top end Karma hybrid is a risky buy, product reviewing organization Consumer Report said.

The consumer product testing company said the Karma, which goes 30 miles on battery power alone before switching to a gasoline engine, is “plagued with flaws.”

The car “has tight confines and limited visibility and a badly-designed touch-screen system that makes the dash controls an ergonomic disaster,” Consumer Reports said.

CNNMoney reported Tuesday that the car company from Anaheim, Calif., responded with a statement that said, “Fisker has brought this pioneering vehicle to market based on a brand new platform and technology in record time and is now selling the car globally to critical acclaim.”

Consumer Reports thought otherwise. “Although we found its ride, handling, and braking performance sound and it has first-class interior materials, the Karma’s problems outweighed the good,” said the director of the Consumer Reports Auto Test Center Jake Fisher.

The car has “disconcerting intermittent glitches related to the gauges, warning lights, power windows and radio,” Consumer Reports said.

The car has been given mixed reviews elsewhere with some good marks given to its design. But it is a pricey ride with a sticker price of $107,850, CNNMoney said.

NASA Sees ‘Gateway’ For Space Missions

WASHINGTON (UPI) — NASA has proposed a candidate for its next major mission, a “gateway” spacecraft on the far side of the moon as a staging base for moon and Mars missions.

The spacecraft would hover in orbit on the far side of the moon, support a small permanent crew and function as “stepping stone” for missions to the lunar surface and possible flights to Mars.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden briefed the White House earlier this month on details of the proposed “gateway,” but it was unclear if any administration support for the mission was forthcoming, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The NASA outpost, which would probably utilize parts left over from the $100-billion International Space Station, would be located at a point known as the Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 2, a spot about 38,000 miles from the moon where the combined gravities of the Earth and moon are equal in strength, allowing an outpost to “stick” at that point with very little power needed to keep it in place.

The giant rocket and space capsule NASA is developing as a replacement for the retired space shuttles, scheduled for a first flight in 2017, would be the vehicle for delivering the “gateway” spacecraft, space agency documents show.

The price tag — about which NASA has said nothing — could be a stumbling block, as it’s unlikely NASA in coming years will get any more than its current budget of $17.7 billion and could, in fact, face further cuts in the name of deficit reduction, the Times said.

Japanese Tsunami Debris Reaches Hawaii

HONOLULU (UPI) — The first piece of debris to arrive in Hawaii from the 2011 Japanese tsunami, a barnacle-covered seafood storage bin, has been identified, authorities say.

Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources said the blue plastic bin was spotted floating off the coast of Waimanalo, Oahu, last week and towed ashore, LiveScience reported Monday.

The container, a 4-foot open cube, was identified as belonging to a Japanese seafood company based in Miyagi prefecture, an area that suffered considerable damage in the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Gooseneck barnacles and crabs that typically live on floating debris in the open ocean were found in and on the bin, but officials said the organisms are not invasive to Hawaii.

The bin is part of an estimated 1.5 million tons of debris from the tsunami still floating in the Pacific Ocean and joins debris already spotted along the west coast of North America.