Student Expelled For Explicit Tweet

Garrett High School in Garrett, Ind., expelled a senior three months before his graduation for sending a tweet on his personal Twitter account that school officials deemed obscene.

The tweet that got Austin Carroll expelled contained the f-word.

“One of my tweets was, ‘BEEP is one of those BEEP words you can BEEP put anywhere in a BEEP sentence and it still BEEP make sense,’” Austin Carroll told INC NOW.

School officials claim they expelled the student because the profane observation was made from a school computer.  The tweet in question, however, went out at 2:30 am.

“If my account is on my own personal account, I don’t think the school or anybody should be looking at it. Because it’s my own personal stuff and it’s none of their business,” said Carroll.

According to INC NOW, the school’s principle claims their system tracks all the tweets on Twitter when a student logs in, so if Carroll did tweet it from home their system could have recognized it when he logged in again at school.

At this point, following the advice of an attorney, the school refuses to speak about the matter further. But the principal told INC NOW previously that the school had the right to track students’ tweets—regardless of the students’ whereabouts.

Carroll faces three months suspension and will not be allowed to participate in prom, graduation or other senior activities as a result of the school’s decision.

Questions About Obama’s Faith Return

WASHINGTON (UPI) — U.S. President Obama’s faith — never really put to rest since 2008 — has re-emerged as Republican hopefuls vie to be the party’s presidential nominee.

Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum revived the issue of Obama’s faith last week, Politico reported Wednesday. Gingrich, during a campaign stop in Louisiana, asked why Obama acts as he does to make voters question his religion even as the former House speaker said he believes Obama is a Christian.

Santorum unveiled an ad last week that cut images of Obama with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Santorum’s advisers said the visual element was unintentional.

Mitt Romney, a Mormon, hasn’t raised questions about whether Obama is a Muslim. Yet if he becomes the party’s nominee, Romney may inherit the issue, Politico said.

“What the Romney team should be doing is watching this [at their rivals’ rallies] and trying to figure out how they’re going to handle it,” a Republican strategist said, adding that Gingrich’s approach bothers a majority of Republican surrogates, strategists and candidates.

“I think it’s absurd to talk the way Newt did,” said Charlie Black, a former McCain strategist who acts as an informal Romney adviser. “If he thinks he’s playing for votes — that’s absurd. It crosses the line of civility. On matters of race and religion, people running for national office have an obligation to be extremely careful not to get near a line of race and religion, let alone [cross] it.”

On the stump, Gingrich said, “The fact is I take [Obama] at his word, but I think it is very bizarre that he is desperately concerned to apologize to Muslim religious fanatics while they are killing young Americans while at the same time going to war against the Catholic church and against every [right-to-life] Protestant organization in the country. I just think it’s a very strange value system.”

Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond told Politico Gingrich is not trying to feed into voters concerns about Obama. However, Hammond posted on his Twitter page after a Gingrich news conference, “As long as the president gives people reasons to doubt — they will doubt.”

Meanwhile, Santorum, said on a radio broadcast Friday Obama has “embraced radical Islamic groups,” while insisting he hasn’t taken issue with Obama’s religion.

Peter Wehner, a former speechwriter and adviser to President George W. Bush and now a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, said he thinks Romney will “take a page from Senator McCain.”

“The morally right thing and the politically [wise] thing to do” is to denounce and reject it, he said.

Poll: Economic Issues Top List Of Concerns

PRINCETON, N.J. (UPI) — Economic-related matters were the top concerns Americans listed as issues facing the country, a Gallup survey released Wednesday indicated.

The economy and gas prices led the list, with 71 percent and 65 percent of Americans, respectively, saying they personally worry “a great deal” about each matter.

Other top concerns on the list of 15 issues Gallup surveyed, were federal spending and the budget deficit, 60 percent; the availability and affordability of healthcare, 60 percent; unemployment, 55 percent; Social Security, 48 percent,; and the availability and affordability of energy, 48 percent.

Few Americans said they worry about race relations, illegal immigration or terrorism, results indicated

Republicans were more worried than Democrats about federal spending and the budget deficit,as well as the size and power of government, results indicated.

Republicans’ concern also topped Democrats’ concerns on the issues of illegal immigration, the possibility of future terrorism, the economy, and the Social Security system, the Princeton, N.J., polling agency indicated.

Democrats were more worried than Republicans about healthcare, the environment, hunger and homelessness.

Results are based on nationwide telephone interviews with 1,035 adults conducted March 8-11. The overall margin of error is 4 percentage points.

Threat Of Lawsuits Stops Immigration Bills

WASHINGTON (UPI) — Republican state legislators say the threat of lawsuits by the U.S. Justice Department is one reason many states have put the brakes on immigration bills.

Virginia Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment, the lone Republican to vote against a state immigration law, told USA Today legislators are keeping an eye on what’s been happening on the national level.

The sponsor of the Virginia bill, Republican Rich Anderson of the state House of Delegates, said he failed to pass a measure that simply let magistrates know the immigration status of people arrested for the purpose of setting bail.

In Mississippi lawmakers removed all provisions from an immigration bill that had been blocked by federal judges in other states.

Tennessee State Rep. Joe Carr, a Republican, said he is not optimistic about the prospect of passing his bill allowing police to check the immigration status of people stopped for routine traffic offenses.

“We think we’re going to have a much more friendly atmosphere in the federal government in a few months,” Carr said referring to the upcoming presidential election.

Boehner Says He And Obama ‘Get Along Fine’

WASHINGTON (UPI) — U.S. House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday he and President Barack Obama “get along fine” despite political differences.

“We have our disagreements. We know we come from different parties. We come from different backgrounds,” the Ohio Republican told NBC’s “Today” show.

“We have different ideas about what the appropriate role of the federal government is. But having said that, we get along just fine. We have a good personal relationship. And I think that’s important in this town.”

Boehner said he and Obama sometimes share meals and play golf together.

The House speaker criticized the president’s healthcare reform law, calling it “the most far-reaching law that Congress has ever passed and signed into law by a president.”

Boehner said employers say the healthcare reform could cost jobs.

“All I know is that when I talk to employers around my district, they’re concerned that Obamacare is getting in the way of them hiring more people,” Boehner said

He acknowledged the economy is recovering, saying there are “certainly signs of life” but said, “I would argue that [the economy] should be doing a lot better. It’s doing better in spite of what Washington is doing to the economy.”

Speaking of the GOP primary race, Boehner said: “I’ve got a big job to do here in the Capitol. Voters around the country who choose to vote in Republican primaries will pick one of these candidates. And whoever that candidate is, I will support.”

Senator Brown Transfers To Maryland Guard

WASHINGTON (UPI) — U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., says he transferred from the Massachusetts Army National Guard to a Maryland unit to avoid politicizing his military record.

Brown, 52, has been in the Massachusetts Guard for 33 years and was promoted to colonel in November. His new assignment is in the Pentagon, as assistant to Col. Christian Rofrano, chief counsel of the National Guard Bureau, The Boston Globe reported.

He said he transferred a few weeks ago.

“I didn’t want to politicize my record,” Brown said. “I wanted to go to a place where I would be treated on the merits. … I didn’t want any reference that Scott got special preference.”

Brown denied that he left the Massachusetts Guard because there were no available postings for a colonel in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, where he has served since 1994.

Brown’s military record has been under scrutiny as he campaigns for a full term in the Senate. He won a special election to succeed the late Edward Kennedy, winning a seat that had been held by Democrats since John F. Kennedy took office in 1953 and becoming the first Republican to represent Massachusetts in the Senate since 1979.

Brown is expected to face a stiff challenge from Elizabeth Warren, the likely Democratic candidate.

The GOP Is Committing Suicide

The GOP is committing suicide and setting the stage for a third party run.

The Republicans are in the process of committing suicide, and we very well may witness their funeral this coming November.

The GOP has only one contender that could beat Barack Obama this fall, but it would rather throw the match and allow Obama the second term — which he needs to finish off the Constitution once and for all — than to allow a real patriot a shot at the White House, because they know that if Ron Paul gets elected it could spell big trouble for all those who are corrupted and committing treasonous and or criminal acts. These are very dangerous times.

Few people are willing to vote for “out of touch” Mitt Romney, “the overly religious” Rick “the Pope” Santorum or “the perfected and polished politician” Newt Gingrich. Why? Because all of these GOP candidates have failed to listen to, let alone heed, the wishes of the people and are not seen as being as much different or better from the Democrats. And that means that the masses will stay at home out of apathy or helplessness, glued to the sports channel, and the savvier folks will start preparing themselves for the inevitable end of America.

Paul, on the other hand, would inspire the masses to get out and vote. And he would receive votes from all of the parties, including the GOP folks that can’t stand the so called front-runners, the dissatisfied with Obama Democrats, the libertarians, the independents and a good share of the Tea Party. Namely, all those who prefer freedom to tyranny.

I am beginning to expect Paul will be running as either the libertarian or an independent if he doesn’t secure a brokered deal with the GOP and, given the political climate of the day, this could now be the very ripe time for a third party candidate to win. The GOP had better wake up, or else it will be all over for the party and our country.

Paul would now be the nominee if the media had done its job. Let’s hope that somehow something good happens, or else it is all over but the crying.

–Lyle Brunckhorst

DHS Employees Unsatisfied With Work Environment

Imagine a career that gave you the opportunity to spend each and every day working to thwart a nameless, faceless enemy that you are told by your superiors is an immediate threat to your safety, culture and way of life. Now imagine if much of the population believed that you and your agency were the real threat to the American lifestyle. Welcome to a career at the Department of Homeland Security.

According to reports, morale within the ranks of the Federal government agency designed to protect Americans from perceived threats in a post-9/11 United States has been in bad shape since 2004. That year, a White House-sponsored survey showed that 56 percent of the agency’s employees said they were satisfied with their jobs, compared to 68 percent for government employees overall, according to Federal Computer Week.

Last Thursday, Congress heard testimony from the DHS Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations and Management focused on the ongoing interagency battle with low employee morale. From the testimony lawmakers learned that DHS employees were averagely satisfied with the rate of pay they receive, but had less positive attitudes about the work they do. Subcommittee chairman Representative Michael McCaul (R-Texas) said that while the employees generally believe in their mission, they are unhappy with the leadership within the agency.

The Washington Post reports DHS has put into place a three-pronged strategy to address management and workforce issues, according to Catherine Emerson, DHS’ chief human capital officer. The first aspect mandates that all top officials prioritize employee engagement. The second element promotes better employee communication, training and employee recognition. The third part strengthens the leadership skills among DHS management.

Photo With Gingrich: $50

A few times since the Republican Presidential primary began, people have speculated that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s goal in running was not ever to win the office, but rather to bolster his public presence. A new report may lend credence to the speculation.

According to Daily Mail, at speaking engagements throughout the country, the enterprising Gingrich has taken to charging supporters $50 to snap photos with him as he campaigns. The candidate began asking for a fee for photos of him with supporters during after a speech to Republican County groups in Hockessin, Del.

In defense of the policy, the Gingrich campaign said in a statement:

Did you see reports today we are charging for photos?

Some campaigns make you travel all the way to Wall Street to pay $2,500 for a photo with a candidate.

We are trying out a new tactic and asking our supporters at our rallies for a nominal donation.

And guess what, it is working.

We have over 175,000 donors who contribute on average $50 to $100 at a time.

We also have an online store where supporters can make a donation to receive a hat, a shirt or even a bandana for your dog.

Every dollar and every supporter count and our campaign is propelled forward one small donor at a time.

The most recent financial filings show the Gingrich campaign taking on more debt that it can cover with campaign funds raised. Gingrich told a reporter for The Atlantic that if Mitt Romney has a majority after Utah votes on June 26, he will support the former Massachusetts Governor.

Before the campaign, Gingrich made lucrative career for himself as a professional speaker.

“I did no lobbying of any kind, period,” Gingrich said at a campaign stop in South Carolina last year. “For a practical reason—and I’m going to be really direct, OK? I was charging $60,000 a speech and the number of speeches was going up, not down.”

Occupy Plans Mass Laughter At World Leaders

Remember the scene in the 1976 film “Network” when newsman Howard Beale — played by actor Peter Finch — encourages his viewers to open their windows and exclaim “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore” in response to the constant barrage of bad news? Adbusters, the publication that could be credited with planting the seeds of Occupy Wall Street, is asking people around the world to do something similar on May 18.

In a recent article, the publication concedes that the Federal government’s decision to relocate the G8 summit of powerful world leaders from Chicago to the Presidential compound at Camp David represents government leaders’ fear of the angry masses.

The article says: “Wow! Looks like the specter of 50,000 occupiers ready to swarm with a list of demands has turned the climactic Showdown in Chicago into a humiliating G8 Backdown. Bravo! Splitting the G8 and NATO summits was a deft move… but now we’ve got a major tactical rethink on our hands.”

Adbusters says that protesters must now decide whether they should “follow Mao’s advice (‘when the enemy retreats, we pursue’) or Sun Tzu’s (‘Do not pursue an enemy who simulates flight’)? “ There have reportedly been discussions within the movement of both organizing protests in Chicago and trying to get near Camp David to disrupt the summit.

Comparing the Administration of Barack Obama to regimes toppled elsewhere in the world over the past year, the article calls for people to simply laugh at the White House and G8 en masse on May 18:

When Ben Ali first attacked then tried to hide from his people, he was toppled. When Mubarak refused to negotiate and tried to beat his people back into line, he was deposed. Now the White House and the G8 are repeating the mistakes of last year’s autocrats … first they try to scare us with tough talk of repressive anti-Occupy ordinances, crowd suppression technologies and paramilitary policing, then they make a hasty retreat to the safety of Camp David.

The world’s leaders flee from us … so what do we do? Maybe we just laugh at them?

On May 18, the day the G8 leaders meet in Camp David, why don’t we, the people of the world have a #LAUGHRIOT. Let roars of laughter rise up from towns and cities everywhere at the spectacle of the world’s leaders trying to crisis manage the economy from behind closed doors and razor wire fences.

Laughter is one of the most powerful tactical weapons of memewar … it signals supremacy and loss of fear. So let’s pull off the greatest comedy of howling flash mobs, riotous street parties and hysterical pranks the world has ever seen. May 18 could be a monumental tipping point… an ahahaha! moment when the people of the world have a collective epiphany, and from that point on start thinking differently about how the world should be governed.

Jammers, whatever we do this Spring, let’s float like butterflies and sting like bees! Let’s bend the G8 and NATO to our will with shock tactics and audacious culture jams that capture the imagination of the world. We may be far closer to a Global Spring than any of us has so far dared to imagine …

for the wild,

Culture Jammers HQ


Obama The Race Huckster

The racist flames licking at the political discourse in the Trayvon Martin shooting needed no fanning, but President Barack Obama fanned them anyway when he waded in and claimed: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Perhaps his racist white half was saying all blacks look alike to him. After all, his grandmother, according to Obama, “once confessed her fear of black men who passed her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made [Obama] cringe.” Or perhaps, it was just another rush to judgment, much like when he waded into the Henry Louis Gates Jr. incident and claimed police in Cambridge, Mass., “acted stupidly.”

Make no mistake. Neither Obama nor his fellow race hucksters Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson care one wit about justice or Martin. If they did, they wouldn’t have convicted George Zimmerman without first knowing the facts. But the facts aren’t interesting unless they promote a certain narrative.

Now the facts are beginning to trickle out. Far from the media’s initial portrayal of Martin as an innocent, hoodie-wearing candy snacker, Martin’s Twitter account — his handle was NO_LIMIT_NIGGA — reveals he was probably a promiscuous, dope-smoking thug who had been suspended from school and caught with a  burglary tool and a bag of women’s jewelry, and who may have recently attacked a bus driver.

I don’t know exactly what happened that night, so I’m not ready to blame Zimmerman or Martin. But there are enough agencies investigating it now that I’m sure the truth will eventually come out. I just hope it happens before the New Black Panther Party is able to pay out its $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s carcass.

Obama is not interested in justice. If he were, he’d tamp down the vitriol, denounce the talk of bounties and encourage the justice system to run its course. On average, 30 homicides with a gun occur in the United States each day. Almost two-thirds of them are either black on black or black on white. If Obama were interested in justice, he might say something about those.

No, Obama is interested only in ginning up his base and diverting your attention. After all, there’s an election coming up. And even if the mainstream media have to come up with a new ethnic group for Zimmerman — white Hispanic — this one fits the correct narrative. (I wonder when the MSM is going to refer to Obama by his true ethnicity: white black?)

And keeping attention focused on the Martin/Zimmerman affair keeps the people’s attention focused on an ancillary issue rather than important ones. Those would be issues like Obamacare before the U.S. Supreme Court, crony capitalism benefiting bankrupt green energy companies, rising gas prices and the EPA’s latest power grab that will put onerous and costly regulations on new coal-fired electrical plants, drive up the cost of electricity and put more people out of work.

Michigan Makes Felons Of Hog Farmers

Michigan lawmakers have their sights set on pigs, literally.

According to NaturalNews, Michigan is days away from issuing an Invasive Species Order (ISO) put in place by the State’s Department of Natural Resources which would allow law enforcement to kill hogs on family farms based on how they look. By April 1, farmers must destroy heritage, or “wild,” breeds of swine or they will be violating the law. State officials will conduct raids of farms where they believe farmers have failed to follow the order and shoot the animals themselves; the farmers will then face felony charges.

The 2010 ISO states: “Possession of the following live species, including a hybrid or genetic variation of the species, an egg or offspring of the species or of a hybrid or genetically engineered variant, is prohibited; . . . . (b) Wild boar, wild hog, wild swine, feral pig, feral hog, feral swine, Old world swine, razorback, eurasian wild boar, Russian wild boar (Sus scrofa Linnaeus). This subsection does not and is not intended to affect sus domestica involved in domestic hog production. [3, § 40.4]”

According to the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, the law is simply a ploy to bow to special interests such as Michigan Pork Producers Association by making it difficult for local farmers to raise hogs.

Mark Baker, owner of a family farm in rural Michigan that may be shut down as a result of the order explains the destructive nature of the order in the video below:


Welfare Killed The Little Red Hen

The yoke that is the welfare state has thoroughly infected America. If voters re-elect President Barack Obama, he will brainwash all Americans into thinking they are entitled to government handouts. Most Americans don’t understand that independent people are losing their way as the President crusades to build his Nanny Nation — a country so transformed that even the oral traditions that were taught for generations have been eradicated.

To be fair, it is not all Obama’s fault. In my lifetime, the United States has been moving away from its ideals of hard work, self-sacrifice and personal responsibility.

Bedtime Stories Our Children Never Hear

Some of you may remember “The Little Red Hen,” the bedtime story of an industrious chicken that lived with an indolent cat, a lazy dog and a mouse that behaved like a sloth.

I can still remember the story from half a century ago. My dad always had a glimmer in his eye, sitting at the head of the dinner table and telling us kids the fable of the cat that slept, the dog that napped and the mouse that snoozed. They only survived, said my dad, because the Little Red Hen worked so very hard.

One day, while busy in the garden, the Little Red Hen found some seeds of wheat. The hen asked her friends the following:

“Who will plant this wheat?”

“Who will cut this wheat?”

“Who will grind this wheat into flour?”

“Who will make a cake from the fine flour?”

To each question, her friends replied: “Not I.”

Finally, the Little Red Hen asked, “Who will help me eat this cake?” The cat, the dog and the mouse all shouted: “I will.”

“No, you won’t,” replied the Little Red Hen, “for I alone did all the work, so I alone will eat the cake.”

When I was a child, The Little Red Hen was a big hit at our house. But when I told the fable to my own children, they just didn’t seem to get it.

“Why wouldn’t the hen share, Daddy?” asked my little girl.

“Because she did all the work,” I replied.

“But my teacher tells us we are supposed to share,” she said.

“Sharing is good,” I told her, “but you can’t be lazy. You have to share in the work too.”

A puzzled look spread over her face. I remember being a bit exasperated, and I asked: “Don’t you read stories like ‘The Little Red Hen’ at school?”

“Not really,” she said. “Most of the stories we read are about helping each other.”

I realized that the values held sacred by my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were not even contemplated by my children or most of their generation.

Obama is accelerating America’s welfare revolution. He is finishing what President Franklin Delano Roosevelt started when he introduced the New Deal 80 years ago. Three generations later, there are fewer Little Red Hens and far too many cats, dogs and mice.

I fear that the welfare creed has become so ingrained in our culture that America will probably never extricate itself from its growing socialist grip. That may have been FDR’s intention from the start.

Roosevelt bragged: “… no damn politician can ever scrap my social security program.”

But FDR only engineered the welfare state. Its grand developer was President Lyndon B. Johnson. His “War On Poverty” and his plan for a Great Society have built a welfare system second to none.

An American Thinker article addressed the issue:

As it stands now, Obama appears headed toward an economic legacy that may very well surpass Jimmy Carter in its level of failure.

We have seen under this president an expanding number of citizens who are partially or wholly dependent on the government for their very livelihood, as the data show that the U.S. has become an ever-growing welfare state under Obama.

Government dependence, which is defined as the percentage of persons receiving one or more federal benefit payments, is at a staggering 47%, its highest level in American history, while 21 million households are reliant on food stamps.  In fact, government spending on food stamps in 2010 ($68 billion) was double what it was in 2007, with the 2011 figure likely to be even higher.

As the graph below shows, government welfare payments have soared over the past 42 years, from a few billion dollars to $800 billion. If the trend continues, payments will exceed $1 trillion dollars per year. Add in defense and national security spending and immediately the Federal government is spending almost $2 trillion each year. This cannot continue, yet it seems almost impossible to stop until people believe that they need to be industrious, that they should not depend on government to help them make their way.

My dad told me other stories when I was growing up: hard-luck stories about what he and his generation faced during the Great Depression. He graduated from college with a degree in geology in 1930. Yet it took him 12 years to do anything but menial jobs. He worked selling vacuum cleaners and he sold life insurance door to door. He even worked in a slaughter house. The government didn’t help him. Quite frankly, if the help had been offered, I doubt he would have taken it. He didn’t have much time for government, either in getting things from it or paying toward it.

The grandchildren of those who went through the Great Depression don’t think this way. Liberals, from those in the education system to those in the entertainment industry, have convinced most young people that government should do more to make society better. They want to reward the cat, the dog and the mouse while making the Little Red Hen pay for it.

The problem is the Little Red Hens are getting tired of carrying the load for everyone else. Until we wake up to this fact, we will be faced with continued social and economic crises, and the standard of living will fall for all of us.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

The Devils We Know

Let me warn you right now: If the idea of President Barack Hussein Obama continuing his occupation of the Oval Office past next January will ruin your day, click through to the Personal Liberty Digest’s™ cheerfully presented tips on health and finance. They’re entirely worthwhile expert opinions and what’s more—they’re free.

Meanwhile, those of you who continue perusing this piece must confront this premise: barring a miraculous removal of Republican heads from Republican posteriors, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is going to win the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Extremely well-capitalized (as opposed to well-versed, well-prepared or well-vetted), Romney will then set about introducing his Vice Presidential nominee to the Nation while engaging Obama in combat. But I fear Romney will be unable to reassure voters who are increasingly hungry for respite from the unrelenting disaster which is the Obama Presidency. In an effort to counter Obama’s far-flung big-state liberalism, the GOP has selected as its standard-bearer a big state liberal; albeit a less awkwardly gangly one with better hair.

Obama is dominated by billionaire vermin such as George Soros and Warren Buffett. If he was any more beholden to the union thugs, Richard Trumka would be the Secretary of Labor. And his ties to Wall Street banksters like Goldman Sachs are stitched tighter than a pop singer’s hair extensions. Meanwhile, the names on Romney’s best friends list might be different, but they were all dressed by the same tailor.

In 2008, a majority of American voters swallowed the empty, race-baiting hype surrounding a little-known but reasonably polished-seeming Senator from Illinois. Following a campaign long on nonspecific catchphrases and overt support from the corporate media, Obama stepped into the Oval Office and immediately set about rearranging the national furniture. By 2010, the same American voters, fully aware of the spectacular mistake they made in electing Obama, set about correcting that mistake at the polls. And ideologically welded to Obama, Democrats from Capitol Hill to small-town mayors’ offices packed up their family photos, raided the supply closet for one last box of toner cartridges and headed home. Even the Democrats who managed to keep their paws on their offices had to fight tooth and nail to do it.

In 2008, the Republicans offered Senator John McCain in retort to the insult which is Obama. Despite slight mitigation in the form of Governor Sarah Palin’s presence on the ticket, the Republicans failed to offer anything more than Obama-lite, and the electorate responded with the same lack of enthusiasm the Republicans displayed in choosing McCain in the first place. By 2010, the GOP seemed to have developed an understanding of the disdain Americans show toward those who threaten liberty in the name of some twisted and/or stupid concept of the greater good. Unfortunately, the lesson clearly didn’t stick.

Indeed, when one factors in no fewer than four highly questionable primary or caucus outcomes, the Republican establishment is showing signs of not only forgetting what they learned at electoral politics class, but cribbing from the Democrats’ textbooks. Behind Romney in an increasingly suspect Republican race for the nomination lurks the unsettling Rick Santorum (“Republicans, I think to our credit, have sort of morphed away from the Goldwater idea that really government just needs to be smaller..”) and the unpalatable Newt Gingrich. Congressman Ron Paul, who is clearly the only candidate remaining who considers the preservation of true Constitutional liberties a matter of absolute honor, has been shut out of the spotlight thanks to a political establishment which—from the White House to Speaker John Boehner’s office—hopes that if they wish upon a star, he’ll go away. Short of that, they’ll behave like ACORN volunteers “community organizing” their desired outcome.

The odds of Paul surviving through a brokered convention are worse than the odds of MSNBC hiring a primetime mouthpiece who isn’t struggling with a serious personality disorder. And a third-party run would simply relegate Paul to the role of Ross Perot, version 2.0. Simply put: Mitt Romney is probably going to win the nomination; and he will probably select a running mate who is almost as exciting as one of those annoying precinct captains who thinks voting at the convention is the coolest thing he or she has done since that time they got their picture taken with the showgirls in Las Vegas. For those of you who have ever attended a major Republican gathering, you know precisely to whom I’m referring: the guy with campaign buttons dating back to Ford/Dole ’76 tacked to his lapel.

Therefore, I feel compelled to make a remark which may well shock you even more than my earlier prediction that Obama will likely be reelected this fall: so be it. If the Republican Party is content to react to Barack Obama’s almost virtually criminal arrogance by offering a more telegenic version of—well—Barack Obama, then they deserve to lose my vote… for starters. It’s entirely possible that the Republican establishment risks political oblivion in nominating a candidate who only edges Obama in the hair and wardrobe departments. Perhaps that’s a fate they’ve earned.

Conservatives have repeatedly been forced to hold their noses and cast ballots for candidates who are only marginally better than the shrieking liberals whom they oppose. As a result of our own excessive flexibility, we have unwittingly played a part in allowing an incremental shift in the Republican Party away from its conservative roots and toward the sort of monster-government espoused by the Democrats and their hordes of dependent minions.

I am no longer willing to select the lesser of two evils on Election Day. I will acknowledge that casting a third party ballot carries an inherent gamble: the reelection of Barack Obama. But given the Republicans’ intransigence in moving toward the true conservatism demanded by the people, they have hardly earned the right to replace him. Presuming we can survive four more years of “the madness of King Barack,” another four years of Democrats in the White House might finally wake us all up to the fact that we can do much, much better.

-Ben Crystal

Cancer Woes Are Many

If we obey our doctor without question, we could have huge additional unnecessary risk.

“Tests” are a very big part of conventional medicine these days, and many of them have risk. Who cares? It’s the profit that’s important, and hospitals demand the income.

There is danger in biopsies, CT scans and all tests connected with radiation. I believe sincerely that, by far, most of these tests are worthless. But what are the very first words out of your doctor’s mouth? “Let’s do some tests.”

It is high income for hospitals.

FTC Proposes New Privacy Regulation

Americans concerned that corporations are tracking them online and violating their Internet privacy may find some relief in a new Federal Trade Commission report pledging that consumers will have a “Do Not Track” option by the end of the year.

The FTC takes the White House “privacy bill of rights” that was released last month a step further by ensuring consumers will be informed by companies what type of online tracking they are subject to and will be given an option to opt out, according to The Washington Post.

“Although some companies have excellent privacy and data securities practices, industry as a whole must do better,” the report states.

In the report, the FTC also calls for Congress to pass legislation to provide consumers access to the online marketing data that companies store about them.

The agency emphasized heavily on mobile Internet devices in the report as well, saying that there should be regulations regarding corporate use of an individual’s location data, which can be obtained from the devices.

Obama Brags About ‘Flexibility’ If Reelected

Some conservatives have expressed concerns that a second term for President Barack Obama means a chance for the President, who will no longer face reelection, to force radical, unpopular “change” upon the United States. A statement the President made on Monday may fuel those concerns.

Unaware that they were being filmed, Obama was caught by television camera confidently telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that once he wins reelection, he will have the “flexibility” to make a deal on ballistic missile defense in Europe, according to Daily Mail.

In part of the exchange, Obama urged Moscow to give him space until after the November ballot. Medvedev said he would relay the President’s message to incoming Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The conversation reportedly went as follows:

Obama: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

The conversation was focused only around an American missile defense system being put together in Europe that is unpopular with Russia as the country’s leaders believe it may be used to target their homeland.

In response to questions about the exchange, the White House responded by saying that the President simply meant that because both countries were in the midst of an election year, he didn’t believe there would be a breakthrough regarding the system.

Obama’s remarks, however, may beg the question for people worried about him having a second term: What other issues will the President have more “flexibility” to tackle once he no longer has to worry about angering voters?

Political Pundit Maddow Takes On Perpetual War

MSNBC political pundit Rachel Maddow, promoting her new book, “Drift,” on Meet the Press Sunday, echoed the sentiments of Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul as she discussed the United States’ state of perpetual war.

Maddow said the United States is engaged in a continual war, the effects of which most Americans do not feel. This comes at a high moral cost to the country. The result, she believes, is that the civilian population feels that the military is not engaged in protecting the country, but the government’s interests.

“It’s been bothering me for a very long time, this idea that we’ve made a series of changes over time, over the course of my lifetime, I think, that in all cases have made it easier, have made it a little friction, given us less friction, toward using war,” Maddow said. “Less political friction, less public… discomfort with it, in a way that we have gone to war so frequently and felt it so much less. It bothers me emotionally, and so I wanted to treat it in a long-form way so I could really lay out the case.”

The pundit said that the military has become isolated from the political process, which has resulted in the creation of a runaway “military superstructure” in the Nation. By making it easy to go to war without angering Americans, Maddow contends, the war for profit machine in the United States has been allowed to grow out of control because Americans have become desensitized to the horrors of war.

An excerpt from Maddow’s book can be read here.

Racing Past Justice

Like most of you, I was only dimly aware of the existence of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin before last week. And like most of you, my familiarity with the two of them was limited to the bare bones of the case: Some guy shot and killed another guy who was wandering around inside a gated community, and the cops decided against pressing charges against the shooter because no evidence existed to counter his claim that he acted in self-defense. Figuring there was little more to the story—and considering Florida’s enactment of the “stand your ground” law which allows citizens to face down attackers with deadly force instead of running like scared bunnies—I didn’t give the case of Zimmerman and Martin much more attention.

And then, the Democrats—led by President Barack Obama—not only stepped into the fray; they stepped on a political land mine. As the usual vultures descended on Sanford, Fla., to turn what still appears to be a case of self-defense into a race war, something important disappeared behind the veil of liberal hate: justice.

I don’t know much about either Zimmerman or Martin. George Zimmerman, neighborhood watch captain and apparent newest target for hate groups like the Nation of Islam and the oddly ubiquitous New Black Panther Party, is a Hispanic man who may or may not have been acting in self-defense. Meanwhile, Trayvon Martin may or may not have attacked Zimmerman and precipitated his own demise. Zimmerman might be a loose-cannon type who ventured in search of blood and found it; or he might be an everyman hero who rid the planet of another dangerous predator. Martin might have been the next Clarence Thomas or Allen West; or he might have been the next Derek Bell or Al Sharpton. Unfortunately, the liberal swarm which has invaded the Sunshine State didn’t bother to find out before they rushed to judgment.

Now, instead of the measured response demanded by these same liberals when Troy Davis zeroed out at the tables, we’re treated to left wing blowhards—most of whom are whiter than Sunday at The Masters®—turning rhetorical cartwheels in an effort to make race the only discussion.

The self-serving attempts by some to insert race into this tragedy (and it IS a tragedy—for everyone involved) is particularly odious. A young black man is dead, killed by a Hispanic man who may or may not have been acting in self-defense. That’s ALWAYS terrible; for the shooter and the “shootee” alike. What everyone seems to forget when they turn these cases into public referenda is that both are PEOPLE; with families and friends.

Whether it’s vile parasites like MSNBC shock-talker Al Sharpton trying to make this into a black-white skirmish (which it can’t be, since Zimmerman is neither), buffoons like Geraldo Rivera somehow linking it to “hoodies” (which isn’t a far cry from “Of course she got raped; look at how she was dressed!”), the always-ridiculous New Black Panther Party placing a $10,000 dead or alive “bounty” on Zimmerman’s head (which introduces an interesting point: if the liberal concern in this case is about a lack of response by the justice system, then why do liberals remain silent on the lack of response by the justice system to terroristic threats from a known hate group?) or Obama guaranteeing race would overshadow right when he stated: “You know, if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

Actually, if Obama had a son, I suspect he’d have bigger ears. But what the hell does that even mean? Does Obama mean to suggest that they would look alike because Martin was black (unlike the President, who is only 50 percent black)? Did the President of the United States just suggest that all black people look alike?

If George Zimmerman acted in self-defense, then Trayvon Martin’s race is inconsequential. And if Zimmerman is some idiot cowboy—well, that’s homicide—and we have remedies for that, too. As a good and wise friend of mine—who is not only a defense lawyer but also a committed Democrat suggested: “Let the law apply itself.”

-Ben Crystal

‘Stand-Your-Ground’ Law Focus In Trayvon Martin Case

SANFORD, Fla., (UPI) — A prosecutor in the Florida case against the neighborhood watch volunteer accused of killing Trayvon Martin said it may be tough to get a conviction.

State Attorney Angela Corey, the lead prosecutor in the case against George Zimmerman, pointed to Florida’s “stand-your-ground law,” which allows a person to use deadly force if attacked.

“The stand-your-ground law is one portion of justifiable use of deadly force,” Corey said told ABC News. “And what that means is that the state must go forward and be able to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. … So it makes the case in general more difficult than a normal criminal case.”

Zimmerman shot Martin, 17 and black, Feb. 26 after following him and telling police Martin looked suspicious because he was wearing a hoodie.

Zimmerman and Martin fought and Zimmerman fatally shot Martin.

The shooting and the fact Zimmerman has not been arrested or charged have brought widespread protest and outrage.

Zimmerman has claimed self-defense, and Craig Sonner, a lawyer representing him, told ABC News he would likely invoke the stand-your-ground law.

When Zimmerman fired the single shot into Martin’s chest, he thought “one of them was going to die that night,” Sonner said.

The U.S. Justice Department and the FBI are investigating the case as a possible hate crime.

ABC News said there’s enormous pressure from local and State authorities for Zimmerman’s arrest.

Corey said if Zimmerman is charged, it might not be for weeks.

Meanwhile, hundreds of students at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High, the school Martin attended, dressed in black Monday to protest, The Miami Herald reported.

Last week, students protested at more than 30 Miami-Dade schools and staged walkouts at about 10 schools in Broward County.