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2012: The Year Of Living Dangerously

December 28, 2011 by  

2012: The Year Of Living Dangerously

Despite talk about the end of time, I fully expect the world will survive 2012; but it will be a bumpy ride this year. Expect the U.S. economy and the Nation’s standing in the world to further weaken. Expect more protests, both at home and abroad. And expect us to have to endure another four years with Barack Obama as President.

The United States faces myriad problems that will exacerbate an already sick economy giving birth to a second financial crisis in four years. Meanwhile, the Federal government and the Federal Reserve do not have the wherewithal to prevent a major economic meltdown.

We could be in for an economic shock the likes of which the Nation has not seen since the Great Depression. Only this time, the social upheaval and overall violence resulting from an economic crisis will be far worse than anything our grandparents experienced in the Dirty Thirties.

This is my third annual forecast column for Personal Liberty Digest™. Let’s review how well I did for 2010 and 2011.

In my Jan. 6, 2010 column, I wrote: “Gold continues to shine, although expected profit taking will happen along the way. Washington and other governments would love to keep a cap on the price of bullion, but right now they have much bigger fish to fry. My expectation is that the Midas metal will top $1,500 per ounce before year’s end and silver will rise from the $17 range to $25 per ounce.”

On the day my column came out, bullion was trading at $1,130. On Dec. 30, 2010, bullion closed within a few dollars of its high point for the year at $1,405 per ounce.

Also on the day my forecast column for 2010 was published, spot silver was $17.89 per ounce. On the last trading day of 2010, silver was trading at its high for the year: $30.63 per ounce.

On Jan. 5, I wrote my forecast column for this year. I predicted prices for gold would rise higher in 2011, despite coming off all-time highs.

A year ago, I wrote: “My expectation is that we have yet to see the spectacular blow-off for either gold or silver… with gold moving close to $2,000 per ounce and silver hitting $50 per ounce. Therefore there is more leverage in silver than in gold, but both are worth buying and holding.”

The day my prediction came out, gold was at $1,388 per ounce. In September 2011, gold hit $1,895 per ounce. Meanwhile, silver, which was trading at $29.21 when I wrote my forecast column, hit $48.70 in April.

Check my archives and you will see that I was also correct about my prediction for higher oil prices. I was wrong about both the U.S. stock and bond markets. I anticipated a severe correction that did not occur. I believe a severe correction is inevitable and would not be surprised to see the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is now trading just under 12,000, to be below 8,500 within 12 months.

I expect both gold and silver will decline over the short-term before this correction has run its course. As a result, I would not buy either yet. Given the substantial commission on physical precious metals, I wouldn’t be selling them either.

I expect we will get further quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve going into the election. Look for gold to reach $2,500 per ounce and silver to hit $75 per ounce.

Silver is a more practical investment for ordinary investors than gold. Silver has more leverage than gold.

I think we will see inflation in 2012. Obama’s mission is to get re-elected. I don’t believe he cares what the final cost to America will be to see his ambition achieved.

The U.S. money supply has been growing at an annual rate of nearly 10 percent per year since the Crash of 2008. By 2013, I expect the money supply to be growing in excess of 15 percent per year.

Obama’s Ambitions And The Prospects Of War

I don’t make forecasts on the basis of what I want to happen but rather on how I think things will happen.

My hope is that Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination and the Presidency, but I don’t think he has a realistic chance. He is offering America some bitter medicine to cure our economic ills.

The other GOP contenders, especially Newt Gingrich, have serious character flaws. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney must overcome being a Mormon as well as his knack for changing his mind.

Recently, Romney gratefully accepted the endorsement of Republican elder and onetime Presidential nominee, former Senator Bob Dole.

However, in 2008, Romney didn’t think very much of Bob Dole’s endorsement– at least, not when it went to his competition, Senator John McCain. When Dole sent a letter of support to talk show host Rush Limbaugh, Romney said: “Well, it’s probably the last person I would have wanted to have write a letter for me.”

A weak field in the GOP ranks, along with the powers inherent for a sitting President, lead me to conclude that Obama will be re-elected in 2012. That will mean greater spending by the Federal government, more gridlock in Congress, and continued quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve.

To win re-election, Obama may even launch another war — this time against Iran or possibly North Korea and its leader, 20-something Kim Jong Un. Not much is known about Kim Jong Un. North Korean state media call him a “great successor.” Before dying, Kim Jong Il made his son a four-star general.

If President George W. Bush could sell a war against Iraq on threadbare evidence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, how hard will it be for Obama to rummage up a war against Iran or North Korea?

North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is estimated to consist of perhaps six operational nuclear warheads, and Iran may be on the verge of nuclear armament.

The re-election of Obama, bought with greater debt and a new war in the Mideast, will have devastating consequences over the long term. The inevitable result will be growing protests and more lawlessness across the United States and around the world.

Action to Take: Dedicate yourself to accumulating basic provisions and protection for you and your family. I wish I could suggest more carefree New Year resolutions.

I would be happy to write next year to point out how wrong I was and say that a true conservative will soon be sitting in the Oval Office and that America is starting to get back on her feet. But as the English Proverb suggests: “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

Yours in good times and in bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers Energy & Gold Report


Editor’s footnote: The Year of Living Dangerously is a novel made into a 1982 movie. It is set in Indonesia during the rule of the nation’s President and dictator, Sukarno. Described as the great puppet master, Sukarno stayed power by balancing opposing and increasingly antagonistic political forces inside Indonesia.

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • s c

    Most of your comments I agree with, John. But, when it comes to ‘more’ Obummer, that’s more than enough to warrant a permanent stomach shunt to have a steady flow of drugs and Pepto Bismol. Screw 4 years. Four more minutes are enough to make living in a sealed, lead-lined cave under a granite mountain seem the only logical option.

    • FreedomFighter

      Obama is a NWO puppet, 4 more years of Obama = End of America as we know it.


      Consider the following three quotes from some prominent globalists who are some of the puppeteers behind the coming abuse of the American people.

      “The elderly are useless eaters” -Dr. Henry Kissinger

      “A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” -Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon magazine

      “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” -David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

      Some articles are easy to write because the globalists expose themselves with their own words and this was surely the case with this article.

      The clock is ticking and your neighbors are asleep. Roll up your sleeves and get to work; it is time to save the planet from the purveyors of this trickle down tyranny.

      Full artical:

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • MJ

        Well FreedomFighter, us useless eaters are going to give them a taste of our willful core values from past generations who built this country and held their families together. And we can do it again. Our SocSec income isn’t much but we have equity in our homes and we have our children struggling under this tyranny-in-the-making. Plan A: make common cause with your family. Us useless eaters can supply some of the missing equity and a basic minimal but stable income. Our children can help keep us active and healthy as well as build their own lives and add to the family fortunes. Even our grandchildren can be drawn into our protective life with cyberschooling at home and access to libraries and community learning like in the olden days when kids learned how things were made and grown. We can do it, and if we do that rollin up the sleeves while the rest are sleepin, we can be prepared for the rebuilding of the country because we’re going to spread the images of a future like Myers is painting just might get grandfather Ron Paul elected. Then we’ll see just how ‘useless’ we elders are.

        • Vigilant

          Excellent article Mr. Myers. It’s refreshing to read a Libertarian with his feet grounded in reality:

          “My hope is that Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination and the Presidency, but I don’t think he has a realistic chance. He is offering America some bitter medicine to cure our economic ills.”

          I believe your assessment is correct. Much would have to change in the psyche (and education) of the average American voter before a Paul victory is possible.

          • Vigilant

            Mr. Myers also wrote, “To win re-election, Obama may even launch another war — this time against Iran or possibly North Korea and its leader, 20-something Kim Jong Un.”

            I respectfully disagree on both counts.

            Iran is poised to become a superpower in the Middle East, second only to Egypt. It’s meddling in Iraqi affairs will cause that country’s government to fall, and I don’t expect the USA to continue playing yo-yo by sending troops back in. It continues to apply pressure through its surrogates, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and Hamas.

            The Muslim Brotherhood will help Iran to consolidate its gains, and as far as military action is concerned, I would expect Israel to take the proper surgical action against their nuclear program when the time is right. Obama might devote lip service but no military service to the problems.

            As for N. Korea, we will continue to appease them at every opportunity to avoid Chinese involvement against us. War with N. Korea would be suicide for S. Korea, Japan and the USA.

          • eddie47d

            That’s a better analogy than the authors. I see little reason to war with either nation. North Korea is self contained in it’s own misery and has few friends (even China). They are like a rabid dog backing themselves into a corner which does make them dangerous. Yet they also would know they are doomed as a nation if they have a full fledged attack on anyone.

        • Dave

          Closer to reality, it’s a little more complicated than this! Case in point, seniors returning to work in ‘blue collar’ jobs,(I work ’4-10′s’, have a Master’s Degree, a virgin adopted granddaughter in her 2nd yr at college, a wife with Parkinson’s, and fairly computer literate) multi-generational families,more home-schooled/parochial schooled kids, and an increasing trend toward faith based values/principles.
          I’m the age of the recently deceased N.K. leader who died of a massive heart attack and work in a physical job, I eschew doctors, don’t drink/smoke, and exercise/watch my weight, and take supplements. I fully believe that God is able to intervene in the USA as He did in North Korea, that the Christian church flourished under persecution (does today in China and Muslim countries) and as Yogi Berra said “It ain’t over til it’s over!”

          • Richard Pawley

            Some good thoughts you have written and God will surely guide all who choose to take advantage of all Jesus did for us. However, we have surpassed ancient Israel in all their evil doing and God would not be God if He ignored all that we have allowed in the so-called Modern World. He is calling His people together and many are preparing as best as they can for the really hard times ahead.

            I just noticed the words under the sign post in the above article. They said: “We could be in for an economic shock the likes of which the Nation has not seen since the Great Depression.” I am afraid that it will eventually be a lot worse than that, although I can’t say how much worse. In both my books I called what is coming “The Greater Depression”.

            Sorry to hear about your wife but let me suggest Dr. Joseph Mercola’s free health and nutrition newsletter. He has tens of thousands of pages of cutting edge information on all medical problems and the nutrition that can be of help. I seem to remember something on Parkinson’s. Wish I knew Michael J. Fox as I would tell him the same thing. I’m under the impression there is something newly discovered to help with this but not being a doctor I just don’t remember what it is. Over 100,000 health professionals subscribe to this free newsletter because they want to know the truth about what is really known. I have a hunch you will too. You can easily find his email address on the Internet. Some of what he reveals you won’t believe could be happening but sadly it is (one of the reasons we have slipped from 5th in the world in longevity when I was a kid to well over 45th today). Because he is revealing so much he has to have four lawyers to fight back against the lies of Big Pharma and Big Agri-Business but that is why he sells a few products that he and his own family use. They are almost to good but I have a hunch you could learn some things that would be of value on his site.

            In any event, keep doing what you are doing, and get ready for big increases in food prices in the months and years ahead. We have time enough to prepare but not time enough to waste. God bless you…R

      • Tazio2013

        We survived 8 years of Cheney Bush – the worst POTUS of the 20th and early 21st centuries – so we will likely survive 8 years of BHO & Associates. The Powers That Be and their wealth white christian male Republikrat sputniks have chosen every POTUS from A. Lincoln to the present and will continue to do so until a critical mass of sleeping Americans wake up and smell the coffee.

        Tuam libera mentem
        Sapere aude
        Semper fi!

        • Terry Marcum

          The worst ever? So- Obama is better. What planet are you living on? Who has taken more of your liberty in less time.

          • Rhondar

            Yep….and the republicans helped him do it by passing America Battlefield

            The head guy at the oath keepers is trying to recall his senator for that betrayal

            We can get Ron Paul nominated if we all pitch in and talk to our friends and family

          • AbomNablesnOman

            Does it really matter who’s worse or better? They are all on the same side ultimately. The two party system gives the illusion of a choice only. They all work for the same people.Not us. This system cannot be changed from the inside as it stands. Contrary to some folks beliefs, Ron Paul cannot save America either. What is one guy(even if he is the president)going to do when EVERYONE else is bought and paid for. The best we can do at this point is to try to wake up as many people as possible. Encourage our family, friends and neighbors to educate themselves on what’s really happening and to encourage others to do the same. If enough people wake up, there is still a chance. We don’t have to walk quietly and complacently into slavery. We are ALL in this together. Letting yourself be distracted by these ultimately superficial differences only serves the purposes of those seeking to control us

        • borderlinedevill

          lol i hope you Get 4 more years of this frud n chief and mire in high taxes because surely all americanS will have to foot the bill of 20 trillion debt LMAO.when you grow up post another post LOL I KNOW YOU CAN LEAVE AND COME BACK AS A ILLEGAL ALIEN LOL LIVE TAX FREE

        • clarence swinney

          How soon We forget–8 years of worst administration in history. Six worst years with total so called conservative control.
          Yet! Democrats let it go by without telling the people of those horrors HERE ARE THE FACTS
          Clinton to Bush to Obama
          Who Dug the Deep Hole? Who Fumbled the ball?
          Numbers rounded

          Clinton left Bush an 1800B Budget
          Bush Left Obama a 3500 Budget

          Clinton left Bush a 240B Surplus as far as the eye can see
          Bush left Obama a 1400B Deficit as far as the eye can see

          Clinton left Bush 5,700B of Debt
          Bush left Obama 11,800B of Debt

          Clinton left Bush a 237,000 net new jobs created per month
          Bush left Obama a 31,000 lowest number since Hoover.

          Clinton left Bush 17 Million Manufacturing Jobs
          Bush left Obama 11 Million Manufacturing Jobs

          Clinton left Bush a 10,800 Dow
          Bush left Obama an 8028 Dow

          Clinton left Bush Peace on Earth Good Will From Most Men
          Bush left Obama Hell on Earth Two disastrous wars. Enmity of 1500 Million Muslims

          Clinton left Bush a President most highly rated of any peacetime President in Asia, Africa, Europe.
          Bush left Obama the most hated President in history
          Bush left Obama an Housing Tsunami and Financial Volcano
          Bush left Obama, in 2008, an 8500B Bail out commitment Yes! 8500 not just 700
          Bush left Obama his Takeover of Fannie/Freddie, AIG, and first bailout of Chrysler
          Bush increased maximum loan by Fannie/Freddie from $300,000 to $729,000
          Bush increased FDIC maximum deposit coverage from $100,000 to $250,000
           clarence swinney–political historian–lifeaholics of america burlington nc
          author-Lifeaholic–Life story of Workaholic failure to Lifeaholic success
          Best seller list in haw river nc population 200 and growing
          comments welcome at facts -numbers not opinion

          • FreedomFighter

            Dig deeper behind the string data you are spewing and find the reasons, who voted what, follow the money, you will find:

            NWO manipulation at every turn, starting with the Monster from Jeckle Island. Republican/Demonrat are just sides of the same manipulated coin.

            You are incased in left vs right, in reality its good vs evil, and the evil permeates both parties.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • Sirian

            Oh crap! You’re back? Here we go again folks. . . :(

          • mike

            Clarence, how can anyone be so stupid? Bush did not “have control”, democrats did. But either way when you talk about deficits and where we are you are completely ignorant. Regardless of the debt, Obama has spent more in four months than was spent during the entire bush administration. So you socialist retards can never win the argument. If you blame Bush for the deficit and resulting debt, Obama makes Bush look like a little kid. If the spending, debt and deficit are such a big issue to you, why do you blame Bush? Finally, the problem with Obama he could have turned this country around and saved us from the over spending of Bush. Instead he fired up spending like never seen before, resulting in our suffereing for three plus years and leaving a much bigger bill, in fact so big even our grandchildren will be affected. Bush did not do that.

          • clarence swinney

            Mike replied to this with total nonsense
            “Democrats in Control-Obama created more debt than Bush”-

            So dumb it is dumb to respond but I is dumb
            Bush had Total Control for first 6 years which created Housing and Financial disasters.
            Debt–Bush 8 budgets took it from 5700 to 11,900
            It is now 15,000. 3100 icrease under Lord Obama.
            But CBO says of that 78% Bush “new” programs and 22% Obama “new” programs. Lay off that “stuff” mike. snort snort

          • Chuck Henry

            Buddy Jose has surfaced here. What happened Buddy you get banned from Real Clear Politics for posting such drivel? The internet is a wonderful avenue for thinking people, wingnuts, bobbing heads, hard right and hard left leaning citizens. I fear this may change if we get another four years of the messiah and his ilk.
            Semper Fi

          • Ed Posada

            Thank you, Clarence. Thank you for trying to put some sense into this messy scenario that Republicans do no want to accept is real and it was caused by….. yes, an idiot at the White House!!

          • Greenman

            Let me remind everyone that it is Congress that is responsible for appropriating our tax dollars. In other words, they control the purse strings. The Republicans controlled Congress for a better part of the Clinton administration. The latter part of the Bush administration, the Democrats controlled Congress. For the first two years of the Obama administration, Democrats had control. Now, with Republicans in control of the House, there is should be hope that we can regain some fiscal sanity, but that hope is often dashed by the Democrat controlled Senate, who still like to misuse other people’s money. The Federal government is too big and too unresponsive to its citizens. I’m taking about hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens. Time to clean House, and the Senate too.

          • independant thinker

            “Bush had Total Control for first 6 years……”

            No Bush did not have total control. He did NOT have a filibuster proof majority in the senate or a super majority in the house. He had to have assistance from the democrats to get anything passed.

          • eddie47d

            I reckon that the Democrats can now use that excuse since the Republicans control the House. I hope neither side gets a majority for heaven help us. All of Congress is out of control and coming close to being useless.

          • Richard Harper

            What all of you liberals always fail to point out in statistics like these, is that Newt Gringrich was responsible for all of those good statistics you quoted. They were the result of Newt’s negotiating with Clinton for months until he won the arguments. The House passes the bills that brought about those changes, not the President. Newt just had to force Clinton into signing them by out maneuvering him.

          • eddie47d

            Some of us can see through the smoke and saw that Newt had lied to Clinton to get NAFTA passed. Newt did win the bluff though.

          • dfinch

            Where did you get your information? You have a lot of incorrect numbers.

          • Average Joe

            clarence swinney,

            You say you want only “facts”? I have just what you ordered:

            Who’s better at running Congress?
            Since it’s Congress that sets the spending Budgets, sets the Deficits, and passes legislation affecting jobs and the economy (The President cannot spend one penny that has not been authorized by Congress), let’s look at the record of Congresses over the last 30 years (Through 2010);
            JOBS (39,761,000 Net New Jobs)
            Jobs created when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = 8,100,000 net new jobs.
            Jobs created when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = 21,773,000 net new jobs.
            Jobs created when Congress was split (8 years) = 9,888,000 net new jobs.
            DEFICITS (a) ($7.304 Trillion)
            Total Deficits when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = $5.022 Trillion.
            Total Deficits when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = $1.219 Trillion.
            Total Deficits when Congress was split (8 years) = $1.063 Trillion.
            NATIONAL DEBT ($12.878 Trillion = 93.4% of all the Debt in our History)
            Total New Debt when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = $7.859 Trillion.
            Total New Debt when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = $3.238 Trillion.
            Total New Debt when Congress was split (8 years) = $1.781 Trillion.
            ECONOMIC GROWTH ($11.873 Trillion of GDP growth)
            Total Growth (GDP) when Democrats controlled Congress (12 years) = $3.887 Trillion.
            Total Growth (GDP) when Republicans controlled Congress (10 years) = $5.623 Trillion.
            Total Growth (GDP) when Congress was split (8 years) = $2.363 Trillion.
            Draw your own conclusions, but these are undisputed facts from government sources.
            (a) Deficits do not equal the increase in the Debt because of the government’s ‘funny accounting’.
            Sources – Democrats controlled Congress from 1987 – 1994, and from 2007 – 2010. Republicans controlled Congress from 1995 – 2000, and from 2003 – 2006. There was a split Congress from 1980 – 1986 and for 2001 & 2002. Links to government data sites are as follows;
            Jobs –
            Deficits – See Table 1.1
            National Debt –

            Please feel free to check my “Government” sources and get back to me with….FACTS….and not just more rhetoric.

            I don’t believe it. Prove it to me and I still won’t believe it.
            Douglas Adams

          • Dave

            Much of the Democratic government trimming was accomplished by decimating the military and exploding such niceties as personal staff, indulging themselves with alcohol, trips, luxuries, etc. (Check Pelosi et al).
            The perfect storm is this overlaid with a decimation of our culture – our children swear without a clue of what they’re saying, lack any sense of values or principles, and have no concept of the original nuclear family much less whether they themselves are male or female. This doesn’t portend anything good!!
            P.S. This to clash with the 7th Century values of Islam soon coming to a town/city near you!

        • PATRIOT 101

          There is a “tipping point” as to how much this country can endure, and we are there. You can blame Bush, you can blame Obama, doesn’t matter because when it comes apart, it will be for us to put it back together and for historians to decide who’s “fault” it was.
          Blaming one globalist more than the other is pointless. If we want to “Lay blame”, go back and blame your parents, grandparents for believing that they would be “taken care of forever” if they voted in Lyndon Johnson. For those younger than 50, Lyndon Johnson ran on the theme of the “Great Society”. Basically touting all the benefits of socialism, none of the (delayed) side effects! Wake up to 2012 and the “Great Society” hangover!
          It is not the politicians fault altogether! They have told us what they were going to do. Even Obama declared he was going to “Spread the wealth around” (More like communism). And the lazy will always vote for that! That isn’t the problem however, because the lazy have (in the past) always been a small minority. The real problem is the stupid!
          The stupid that forget the past, blame the present, and hope for the future. Thus we get an empty promise of “Hope and Change” and hurtle toward Communism at light speed now. If the gullible, (STUPID) American voters believe this is “just a phase” we will go through and do not throw out a MAJORITY of the Progressives (read Communists) this election cycle, the Progression to Communism will be irreversible short of a military coup or civil war or both. I’m not real sure it isn’t already too late.
          We must return to individual responsibility and Constitutional Government. Short of that, the end is clear and it isn’t pretty!
          Life will be great in the world if there were 95% less people? Only for the King on Earth that decides who is among the few!
          This IS what is coming and it isn’t MY forecast; The Horsemen commeth and seals are about to be broken! The apocalypse is neigh.

          • mark

            This is just classic paraniod/conspiracy derangement with a good dose of religious fanaticism and longing for the End of The World. Fortunately yours is a very tiny minority view. The vast majority of Americans get on with their lives everyday and work for a better future. We are in a very bad recession but we will come out of it as we always have in the past no matter who is in the White House.

          • Richard Pawley

            I can’t disagree with much that John Myers wrote although I don’t see where Newt Gingrich has character flaws more than anyone else. Perhaps in the past they have been more visible than in others. I have no opinion on who is going to be our next president but I do feel that if Obama is re-elected than it will be clear to me that God’s chastisement of the United States and the world has begun. What does it take to wake up the majority of believers? Not enough inflation for you? Well, you can count on the prices of food and fuel and things you must have at least tripling. Will that do it for you? I have no idea. We must stop the destruction of the dollar or everyone is going to be hurting. The Democrats will certainly not do that and some Republicans won’t either. Must we join Rome on the dust bin of history? We certainly seem to be trying to emulate her in her final days.
            By the way “The Year of Living Dangerously” was an excellent movie in case any one is interested. Well, worth seeing.
            My parents certainly did not vote for LBJ as they were very middle class Republicans dating back to the Great Depression, although they did like JFK and voted for him. My dad, recently deceased, said he would leave the country if Nixon was elected but the world didn’t end when he was. We elect fallible men, not gods, and all make mistakes and do less than they could and sometimes less than they should. That’s why I won’t say I’ll join the 200,000 a year who leave the country each year, if Obama is re-elected. I will say, however, that if Obama is re-elected along with a Democratic senate, leaving the country won’t make a lot of difference because the ensuing economic crisis which I called “The Greater Depression” in both my books will be far worse than any can imagine. If Obama is re-elected along with a Democratic Senate it will be similar to when God choose a pharaoh or a country to chastise his chosen people before punishing those who dared to presume they knew what was best for those people. This is all in the Bible but many don’t know what is there or dismiss it, or worse yet think we are somehow above God’s notice or commandments.
            A good laugh is always needed and PATRIOT 101 certainly provided one when he wrote, “Blaming one globalist more than the other is pointless.” I heartily agree! I also believe that we are at the tipping point. To back away from the coming catastrophe will take more courage and fortitude than most will choose, so I believe it will be forced upon them. The Titanic was rapidly taking on water but the band played on!
            It may well take an economic collapse to stop the EPA, the FCC, the FDA, the NLRB, the Department of Energy and the Department of Education, money wasters, all from ruining what is left of our country, it’s health and it’s freedom. I am convinced that only a return to true Constitutional government and to the God of our founding fathers can stave off the coming crisis. I cannot say what will happen if a non-socialist is elected to the presidency but if Obama and the Democratic Senate is returned to power the United States will never again be what it has been. My prayer is that God will work His will on all who are running for elective office and that His will be done in all the world, not just in the United States. May God bless the United States while He still chooses to do so, and since He is soon going to decide to let us feel His Judgement rather than His blessing may He at least bless those who choose to follow Him and His ways, and may He bless and enlighten all who read this.

          • Richard Pawley

            I should have added that no sane person longs for the end of the world. Only those who want to destroy the world to save it (the greatly deceived) long for war and death. Although a few on this site have beliefs that will lead to that end, I don’t think even they would openly choose that path. The Bible clearly tells of what will happen before then and it is pretty terrible, but Jesus said that there would be wars and rumors of wars, epidemics and plagues, famines and pestilence, and earthquakes in many places, but that this would not be the end but only the beginning of the end. The Bible also implies hyperinflation before the end of the end where it specifically says that it will take a days wage to purchase a days food, and if we continue mocking God and His laws then we may well see that that is possible even in the Great United States.
            What many truly long for is a time or righteousness, a time of good will, a time of honesty among men, and for every man to be valued for what he is, a child of God. The elists have no such desire as they refer to us as “the little people”. If you are a believer then you should know that in the classic paperback, GOD CALLING, Jesus told a woman in England that she and her friend could change the laws in parliament by their prayers alone and that is the power God gives those who choose to follow Him. The non-believers are certainly not going to do this, so it is up to the rest of us to carry their weight as well. Learn to pray effectively and you will see change for the better, if not around you, in you yourself. After all the saying that “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” was said by none other than Jesus Christ Himself! It is not just a place to which some elect to go!

            What is coming is not just another recession or Great Depression although it has already taken longer to unfold than some could imagine. Still so many are seeing that our ship of state is headed towards the shoals of financial collapse that you would think we would do all that is necessary to prevent the sinking, yet few seem to see bad things really are. AS THINGS ARE GOING NOW, if Americans are not paying a fortune for food by the end of this decade they will by the next, and there is good reason to believe that prices will be much higher within 24 months. Texas and Oklahoma are having the greatest drought ever recorded, which is affecting the cost and availability of beef and pork, and I could write another book on all that is going on but who would read it. We should not disparage those who see more than we see. They are probably doing all they can to be prepared, and some are doing all they can to prepare their fellow citizens. May God help us because the government as it is going now is certainly not going to be able to do so, even if they chose to do so. We must replace not just the president but congress and most of the bureaucracy. We are so far in debt that even that may not be enough but it is certainly worth a try.

          • Dave

            STS “a Constitutional government and individual responsibility” is “beyond the pale” – the framers themselves admitted that the Constitution was “woefully inadequate to govern a people lacking internal discipline.” A fact that seems to be overlooked by the “Ron Paulites” who think this “Libertarian” can usher in a return to those halcyon days. Think Marriage, life and the family values of “Leave It to Beaver” can survive in this day and age, think again!! Short of a functional minority converting to Jesus Christ, those days are a distinct memory and in the past generation, only known from the likes of TV and the films. (Consider ferreting out such films as the Sherwood film collection [Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof and soon Courageous] or Amazing Grace, the Ultimate Gift, Left Behind, etc.)

        • Flashy

          Tazio…quit placing Cheney/Bush any higher than dead last in quality of administrations. By far the worst for this nation….ever.

          • Tazio2013

            Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa; I agree that Cheney Bush & Company are the absolute worst administration in American history!

          • Old Henry

            That is up until this commie foreign national jug-eared Kenayan. I wonder when he goes on his next tax payer funded apology tour…

      • Mary

        You are right. Overpopulation is the problem. There is nothing we can do about it. The solution is only population control. The only choice we will have is to go with or without company. We will have plenty time to test our surviving skills. Our time is coming. I know places where people used to have three meals per day just 15 years ago and now they only have one. When people has nothing to loose just their hungry bodies is when things are going to get ugly for everybody. Do you think a man can fix this? I don’t.

        • eddie47d

          We have a Sudanese man in Aurora Colorado who was killed last week and it was a sad event. He came to America 6 years ago alone (God Bless him) yet he left 5 children. That is one of the few reasons I find refugees or immigrants troubling. They come to America for a better life then have several kids which keeps them in poverty. Over population is a serious problem in Africa yet he continued to do so here. Go figure.

          • FreedomFighter

            Eddie if you really believed in overpopulation:

            Reduce the population, save us, off yourself.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

        • eddie47d

          F F = one sick puppy. Apparently there are several things that you don’t grasp.

          • DaveH

            We all know who the sick puppy is here, Eddie.

        • Dave

          Much of the globe is in a negative reproduction cycle given rampant abortion, childless live-togethers, etc. The bulk of off-spring coming from those who are nation builders (China suffering a lack of females), and if the environmentalists had their way, the rest of us would “off ourselves” (themselves excluded!!)
          While we “discipline ourselves”, China et al are still full steam ahead – we forget that starving N. Korea is nuclear and fields a major military, China has a battleship, etc.

      • Old Henry

        I guess Kissinger has become a worthless eater. However, he was a worthless eater 40 years ago.

      • rich hutchins

        I’m not standing up for UN or any nwo- but Spangler is obviously a nut, and I can’t find any such position at the UN called “Director of Planetary Initiative.” That sounds fake too, something a nut would give themselves as a title on a business card they printed at Kinkos.. And the book the quote is from seems to not be findable, so basically this is not an official UN position. I think we should ignore crazies like that & focus on those who hold real power. Great article.

        • JC

          Search: UN Agenda 21
          That’ll straighten your hair!

      • Helen2

        Thank you FreedomFighter for the link to the article. I needed it to show my grandson returning from the theater of occupation in the mid-east. He didn’t believe me when I told him. It was nice to have back-up.

        • FreedomFighter

          Take a peak at and, explore, they make great reading like Personal Liberty.

          Best wishes for you and yours.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

    • Vic Bailey

      Congress needs to get their thumbs out of each others asses and FIRE this son of a whore, 1) For being born in Keyna by his and his Fat wife’s admission. 2) Breaking just about every Constitutional Law on the books. 3) Being a peter puffer. 4) Wasting taxpayers money at every turn and trying to overthrow Congress and the Senate. And that are just a few reasons when there are at least 100 more that we don’t know about. Semper Fi.

      • Eddie G.

        Yessir Vic Bailey,regardless of what’s predicted that Oboy gets reelected,he has to go at all costs. It matters not if anyone’s undecided about which Republican to vote for,just vote for the top dog even if he’s a RINO. That’ll sweep the electoral college and throw Oboy out. That’s the main thing. It keeps Pelosi out too and Dirty Harry will have to step down. Boehner needs to be canned along with a box of Kleenex to wipe his snotty nose everytime he cries. If we get stuck with a RINO we can always draft Palin to get back here. I still love her and she’s got what it takes. Meanwhile if Oboy gets reelected,then prior to election I suggest everyone invest in a Barrett .50 BMG and ammo. Sure it’s expensive but freedom never came cheap.

        • ChristyK

          Although Palin has some good qualities, she isn’t the principled person that we need. I was a supporter until she supported the woman (who wasn’t the freedom loving conservative) in the Wyoming governor’s race. This took votes away from the only conservative running. We got a Rino for governor. She didn’t even talk to all of the candidates, she just endorsed the woman. I don’t like anyone who endorses/votes for a candidate just because of their race/gender/etc. That isn’t principles.

          • bob wire

            Thank you for displaying some integrity.
            Something that Ms Palin is in serious short supply.

            I only hate she had to display it so overtly for you to see as it was clearly apparent from the start.

      • eddie47d

        Wasting your comments on peter puffers and fat wife’s makes you look uneducated VIC. I wouldn’t vote for anyone that you supported if they are like you.

    • Tony

      Dear S C, You must live a pathetic and terrifying life. Always seeing conspiracy around every corner, never trusting anyone and expecting that everyone should have the same views as you and then being very angry when they don’t. I feel sorry for you. God bless you. (You need it)

      • FreedomFighter

        Remember this as you ride the FEMA bus or train:

        FEMA CAMP: They check you in, but you never check out.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Jyrine

          I set a research goal of debunking the FEMA “myth”, but alas I found the more more I dug, the worse it looked. I now throw in with you FreedomFighter. SEMPER FI

          • dfinch

            They are very real and they’re located all over the United States. Why?????

          • bob wire

            You two are feeding on something very unhealthy.

            Just remember; It was your choice.

            It’s not that it cannot happen but if it does it will be far from now and there is little that you can do about it regardless.

            You seem to believe that maybe ducking under your desk might just protect you from a nuclear blast ? Even if it did, your misery has just started and you have maybe 3 to 7 days of misery to witness before you die.

            It like we might have planet killing meteor bearing down on earth and you are making a big deal to us about seat belts.

          • JC

            bob wire says:

            December 28, 2011 at 9:45 pm

            You two are feeding on something very unhealthy.

            Just remember; It was your choice.
            It’s not that it cannot happen but if it does it will be far from now and there is little that you can do about it regardless.

            How far from now? Like “exactly”?
            And what is unhealthy about being aware of a clear and present danger?
            I think you’re whistling in the dark bob…better to be aware, spread the word and prepare than to pretend it isn’t there.

        • Lastmanstanding

          FF…individuals like tony don’t get it…they seem to think that they will become one with the higher ups for their loyalty…they are incapable of believing that they have only been used for their vote.

          That is the only reason…to stay in power…they don’treally want any of us here…to serve them.

          It may happen, but it will be extremely bloody…look at history…none of us will be exempt.

        • eddie47d

          Why would anyone want to be ruled by a mad woman like SC. She implodes everyday and you all buy it as if there are facts presented in her swill. It’s all regurgitated garbage and Tony is spot on!

        • Old Henry


          FEMA Camps will be like “Hotel California” – you can check in, but you can never check out…

      • JC

        Tony says:
        December 28, 2011 at 8:11 am
        Dear S C, You must live a pathetic and terrifying life. Always seeing conspiracy around every corner, never trusting anyone and expecting that everyone should have the same views as you and then being very angry when they don’t. I feel sorry for you. God bless you. (You need it)

        Seeing conspiracy is not a wrong thing if the conspiracy does in fact exist. And you assume a lot when you say SC doesn’t trust anybody. You must assume he mistrusts “everybody”, which must on its face be a wrong assumption. And knowing something is wrong does not mean one is automatically anfry about it…merely aware.
        And Tony, aware is something you are most definately not!
        Feel sorry for yourself in your myopic ignorance, don’t waste it on SC.
        SC knows what he’s about.

    • slapjack

      Every red blooded American must do everything in their power to prevent 4 more years of this radical libtard socialistic insanity. I don’t see this prediction either but if we want too save the Republic we hold dear to our hearts we must fight Obummer with all we have.My vision for the Obummers are setting on the patio of their mud hut sipping mint julips watching the sun set on their goat herd in Kenya.

      • clarence swinney

        Many studies have shown that
        (A populations happiness is in a direct proportion to equality)
        We rank 4th in oecd on Inequality
        We rank 3rd as least taxed
        We spent big time but on borrowed money.
        why are we so unhappy? Why do we march?
        Clinton fault.

        • PATRIOT 101

          If this is true, I guess the millions even the billions of people living in collective squaller in the third world nations are the happiest people on earth! They are all equal! Equally destitute, disease ridden and hungry.
          Welcome to totally brainwashed! You’re there!

        • eddie47d

          Over population brings ruin and keeps the poor in poverty.

      • Old Henry


        Soap Box
        Ballot Box
        Ammo Box

        My dream for the Obummers is having then (and several dozen others) sitting in a cell at Leavenworth staring at the gallows and waiting their turn…

        This afternoon I was speaking with a professional, who deals with the public every working day, about the coming election. He told me he was completely flabergasted by the number of people who think the commie is doing a good job. I could only shake my head and comment that there certainly more people than even I realized who are simply too stupid to be allowed to roam free.

    • Old Henry

      More Obummer is like a bad Steven King movie…

    • Ranger 1

      For better or worse, Obama is a “shoo-in” for another 4 years!! You can take that to the bank! The sad part is, Obama is really vulnerable, primarily because he’s not been the fighter for the Change that he promised his followers, and instead has been, at best, a conciliator. (Although why his supporters thought a former “Community Organizer” was suddenly going to take a tough stand on anything, escapes me) The fact that his liberal base was upset resulted in the many victories of a host of “know nothing” Tea-Baggers in the 2010 elections, with most of them now so unpopular that polls show they wouldn’t be elected again today! They got in because Obama’s supporters simply stayed home in 2010 (An example: in 2008, 18% of the 18-25 yr old demographic went to the polls, with nearly all of them voting for Obama’s “Change” promise. In 2010, disillusioned, only 1% of that same 18-25 demographic bothered to vote.) The problem lies within my own incompetent, fractured Republican Party. First, they can’t find a decent candidate. The “Band of Buffoons” they’ve been parading through a ridiculous number of “debates” have done nothing but write all the scripts for every stand-up comedian in the country. From the comedic moron Donald Trump, to the dimwit Marcia Bachman, to Rick Perry, who may actually be dumber than Dubya, to that Pizza guy, who was finished after the 4th or 5th former sexual partner came forth (what does it say about the stupidity of our party that what brought him down was his sexual escapades, NOT the fact that he didn’t know squat about anything, or that his “ideas” were all “dumb as a post”?), to the “New NEWT”, who intersperses some decent ideas with the tendency to cram both feet in his mouth at the same time, to Mitt (flip-flop) Romney, who made most of his millions by buying out companies, firing most of the employees, then selling the companies for a profit once their “costs” are down, to Ron Paul, who though a sincere, hard-working guy, has these ridiculous Libertarian ideas, which, if totally implemented , would put this country right up there with maybe the most perfect Libertarian country in the world, Somalia!!! No, if our party had any leadership at all, they would have pulled the rug out from under the Dems, imposed a higher tax rate on millionaires and billionaires (with polls showing a very high percentage of them actually want their tax rates to be raised) which could allow lower rates for the middle and lower middle class folks, who in turn would spend every last penny on demands for goods and services, which is what causes an economy to BOOM, which you should know unless you missed that lecture in Econ 1A (It’s DEMAND-side economics, not SUPPLY-side economics, stupid!). So if the GOP had taken that tack, and brought the economy back, they’d have had a decent chance to take over the administration, particularly if they were to nominate someone like a Jon Huntsman, or could draft Jeb Bush (the only smart Bush brother). But since that’s unlikely to happen, get used to saying “President Obama” for 4 more years.

      • spark300c

        both supply and demand how they are do not work. demand side views the consumer as driven force of economy and not entrepreneur. supply views the rich as the job creator and entrepreneurs who are trying to get rich. the best economic school for reducing amplitude of business cycle is Austrian school. if fed was following Austrian school interest rates would have been rise from 1980 on ward and housing bubble would never have happen.

      • Lawrence Ekdahl

        If the republicans don’t blow it and Obama thinks he is going to lose, look for a national emergency, suspension of all liberties, and there will be no election. Herr Obama the feurer will dispand congress and delare himself dictator ala Adolf Hitler.

    • Erik

      Hi S C, Unless something drastic happens be prepared to see obumer get elected for another 4 years! God help us all!!!!!!!!

  • Karolyn

    Too bad most predictors predict bad news. Maybe if we had more people predicting good news, it might just go that way. It’s negative energy, people. However, look at all those who predicted, what, a year or two ago(?), that gas would top $5. Here in SC, one of the lowest gas price states, we have not seen anything above $3.25; and, more recently, have seen some areas with more like $2.85/gallon, although today it is $3.05 (probably because of the Iranians saying they want to close Hormuz). Why is it the gas stations raise their prices on gas they got yesterday on today’s prices? That doesn’t seem fair.

    • Flashy

      When one has a monopoly and the price is rigged…one can do anything. the balance is to rape the consumer for as much as they can wthout inviting government scrutiny and full disclosure.

      One of the bright spots of the recent tax legislation…a key provision that was fought against by the GOP, was the cessation of the Ethanol subsidy. They eliminated the subsidy and wiped out the tariffs against importing it from Brazil. I’ve read several reports that this was a key objection by the GOP and the Senate Democrats resolved it by keeping in the Keystone Pipeline language as a trade off.

      That directly releases $6 billion in obligations to Big Ag via those subsidies. Is it any wonder Nelson from Nebraska announced retirement yesterday? Not if one realizes Big Ag pulled out from financing his re-election bid it isn’t.

      Now….do we do the smart thing and place that $9 bil towards subsidizing infant non-fossil fuel technologies…or do we waste it and say we ‘saved’ $9 billion and the shuffle will be made and it will be siphoned off for another welfare subsidy for corporations and the wealthy?

      • John

        “BigAg” does not benefit from ethanol subsidies. The credit goes to the blender, which nine times out of ten is “BigOil”. The benefit for agriculture is a new demand for product, thereby making farming more profitable.
        The Biofuels industry is in its infancy. To villify it without perfect knowledge of what is really going on is to play into the hands of the very evil people who wish to destroy the Republic.

        • Flashy

          My error as far as the direct recipeients of the ethanol tax credit. john, thank you for the correction. I just read a report stating it may reduce the price of corn by about 10%/bushel or more depending on how fast brazil can ramp up the imports to the US and undercut the now unsubsidized pricing from US farms.

          • Dave

            Funny – our power still comes 80 – 85% from good old coal with “alternative energy sources” a distant 1% at best!! There are approx. 14 K “wind farms” standing idle from everything from killing birds/bats to no wind, disrepair, – even Boone Pickens gave up on them!!
            Solar panels – watch your neighbor’s solar lawn lights and how long they light; from grey days to air pollution (including dirt), they’re soon out and looking pretty pathetic!
            Imagine all those “CFL’s” filling up our landfills when incandescent bulbs are outlawed.

        • Vigilant


          First off, what difference does it make whether BigAg or BigOil gets the subsidies? NEITHER one should be subsidized to grow, transport, process and blend because the cost of producing one gallon of ethanol-laced gasoline is more than it costs to produce an ethanol-free gallon of gasoline.

          OF COURSE agriculture becomes more profitable, because shortages of corn to produce cattle feed and corn oil products unnecessarily drives the price up for other consumers. In a free, unsubsidized market, the profitable products will be produced with minimal impact to consumer prices.

          Government subsidies of this nature “play into the hands of the very evil people who wish to destroy the Republic.”

          How’s that for a more “perfect knowledge” of the subject?

          • clarence swinney

            AMEN—-Corporations get over $1000B each year in Tax Deductions
            In oecd nations they pay less than any but one nation as percent gdp
            We need that $1000B to pay our bills not borrow

            Burn Tax Book = We balance our budget +
            And Progresisve Flat Tax will allow pay off our debt over few years
            Ecomomic growth big time–happy days

          • Buster the Anatolian

            clarence give us a breakdown on business tax deductions. What are ALL the deductions for and how much for each type?

      • DaveH

        You must be speaking of the Government guaranteed Monopolies, Flashman. There are no natural market monopolies, and there have never been. You would know that if you read “How Capitalism Saved America”, an easy read. But it’s much easier to fabricate facts than to state reality, isn’t it?

        • Flashy

          Dave….there are monopolies created via legislation and regulation (i.e. cable franchises), and thre are natural monopolies created by unchecked regulation and monolistic practices by business (Enron, Standard Oil etc).

          I support neither.

          I suggest you get off Mizes and perhaps read a book or two on basic economics. I suggest Samuelson for a start. No wonder you’re spouting trash all the time if that’s what you rely on for any information

          • DaveH

            What is a Natural Monopoly, Flashy?
            Where is your evidence for those Natural Monopolies, Flashy?
            You surely don’t expect us to take the word of a Liberal, do you?

          • Flashy

            Dave…I suggest you begin reading basic economics. Again, relying on sites such as Mizes is rotting your brain.

          • DaveH

            You won’t answer those questions, will you Flashy? You know if you do, I can shred your comment.

          • DaveH

            If you want to pass off conjecture as fact, Flashy, you will need to go to a Liberal website. The readers here expect some meat, not the usual Liberal appeals to Hoping and Dreaming propagandized sheeple.

        • Flashy

          LOL … Dave, please go argue with the laws of economics. I suggest you read up on them first so you at least have some inkling of them.

          Better yet, sionce your sclaim flies in the face of every law of economics, why don’t you explain how that can be?

          • DaveH

            You still haven’t told us anything, Flashman. Why does that not surprise me?
            As usual, the Liberal gives us personal attacks in lieu of facts.

          • DaveH

            “sionce your sclaim flies”?
            Have you been drinking, Flashy?

        • Mark in LA

          DaveH, Boeing was a natural monopoly when McDonnel Douglas gave up on commercial aircraft. Only the European governments willingness to carry Airbus for 20 years resulted in any competition. While there were small aircraft makers in Canada and Brazil their planes carried fewer than 100 passengers and were meant for short hops and they were never going to compete with Boeing in the national and international market.

          The Hunt brothers colluded to corner the silver market and were only broken when the US changed the rules and forced them in to a margin call. There have always been gold bugs talking about how small the silver market is and how easy it would be for somebody like the Saudis to control it as a way to get people to buy their newsletters and take their advive on hoarding silver.

          You need to understand that just because some idiot at Mises says something – it is not a fact just an assertion.

          • DaveH

            Boeing and the Government are integrally connected, Mark. The aircraft market is far away from being a Free Market.

            Exactly how, Mark, would any company or individual control a market without the force of Government? Inquiring minds want you to explain that.

          • DaveH

            And, Mark, I would take the word of the “idiots” at Mises who are highly educated in economics over your useless Liberal word any day of the week.

          • DaveH

            Also, I’d like you to explain to the readers, if a company produced their products more efficiently and at a better price than any other company wanted to, how would that be a bad thing?
            I’d like to know the logic (or lack of) there.

          • DaveH

            For those who would like to break free from Mark’s cult:

          • DaveH

            If your Hunt Brothers story was an attempt to prove natural market monopolies, it was a weak one, Mark.
            The Hunt Brothers story:

      • Nancy from Nebraska

        Nelson dropped out because the people in Nebraska hate him for voting for Obamacare! It didn’t have anything to do with the pipeline. We were overwhelmingly against Obamacare and he voted for it anyway. Then he made a deal for the “Cornhusker kickback” which made things even worse because it does not reflect who and what Nebraskans are. We don’t make deals! We stand up for what is right! He can’t even go out in public without crowds yelling at him for being a traitor.

        • DaveH

          Go Nebraska!

      • PATRIOT 101

        It is not governments job to pick the next “winner” in the energy sector! Government picked Solyndra as a “winner” lost us (taxpayers)$500 million in short order! Government “picked” ethanol, you seem to think that was a boondoggle. What on earth gives you the idea their next pick will be the winner? Or should we just spread that “savings” around amongst the winners that support the next admistrtion in the form of guranteed loans to all that donate heavily to the “Party” or candidate!
        The market must “pick the winners” not our leaders, or we have another bunch of “pork $andwich$” coming for some insiders.

        • Flashy

          my understanding is that the loan guarantees extend throughout an industry. If it’s not fossil fuel, they become eligible to apply. Solandra is one player…anyone who thinks start ups are always going to survive is living a dreamlike state of mental affairs.

          One of the roles our system has meshed into is supporting targets which should be assisted to become viable standing alone sooner rather than later. For instance, science can no longer be pursued in the garage ala’ Thomas Edison, etc. We are trying to jump start into the 21st century. It’s an very expensive business.

          • DaveH

            The difference is whether you’re using your own money to take the risk (and Solyndra was a very big risk) or you’re using somebody else’s money (in this case the Taxpayers’ money) to take the risk.
            If you want to risk your money in Alternative Energy, Flashman, I would cheerlead you. But don’t invest mine.
            It seems odd to me that the first people to attack Wall Street or the Banks, for wasting their investors’ money, are Liberals. Yet they seem to come out of the woodwork to support boondoggles like Solyndra where unwilling investors were Forced to invest.

          • DaveH
          • Flashy

            Dave…have you ever taken a Public Policy course? If you had, maybe you can ask for a refund becuase obviously you didn’t learn anything. governments have always used incetnives and disincentives to affect economies and target areas for growth as well as for discouragement.

            In our modern world, for instance, we have deemed home ownership to be a good thing. Creates jobs, builds a savings fund for homeowners, etc. Thus we have the mortgage write off. In the case of sin taxes, we don’t like the fact cigarettes kill etc…so we jack up the price via taxation. It permeates our entire structure today…and this policy of “like and dislike” has been used since the first year we became a nation.

            We happen today to think it’s a good deal if we weaned ourselves off of oil and fossil fuels. Instead of waiting for the market to create the changeover…and cause disruption to our economy…we decided to jump start those industries which will bring us into the 21st century and be settled and in full operation when the day comes we cannot adequately ensure a supply of fossils sufficient to run our economy.

            Heck, even Ichiro strikes out once in awhile. Solyndra was a risk. Ah well….the die came up snake eyes on that one. But saving the US auto industry was a winner…as well as the wind farms permeating the countryside. And there are at least two other solar companies who weree subsidized and they created a new solar panel which increases efficiency and costs less. We should let those go because of one bad deal?

            As far as private investment in new technology and cutting edge of industry..ain’t gonna happen and you know it.

            I’m beginning to think you’re a paid shill for a wacked organization with the stuff you write. No one can be that dense or wrong as often as you are unless they work at it …

          • Karolyn

            Flash – Have you seen “Thrive: the Movie?” We can have FREE energy, but “they” won’t allow it!
            You might be able to find the movie on YouTube or Vimeo, but it keeps getting taken down.

          • libertytrain

            Karolyn if you read about Tesla you will see that it is thought they got rid of him because he was capable of producing free energy. And there were those who back in the early part of the 20th Century didn’t care for free energy to happen either – like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford —- It sure isn’t anything new. I read about him back in the early 80′s – And I was late in my reading about him. I wonder if he was the character John Galt in the Rand book – hmmm.

          • DaveH

            You have done nothing but repeat propaganda and, as usual, personally attack me. It’s odd that you think those Government interventions have worked when we’ve had nothing but boom and bust for the last decade.
            Maybe that’s your problem, too many “policy” classes, not enough thinking.
            If the Government didn’t subsidize home buying, the interest rates would drop, and the loans would become affordable to those people who were really qualified to borrow. The subsidies (through income taxes) aren’t there to help us. Subsidies do nothing but misallocate funds that would have otherwise been used for more sustainable productive investments, and aid, of course, to help the Crony Capitalists. A handful of people benefit at the rest of our expense.
            Here we are in the worst depression since the last ignorant Democrat Leader trashed our economy, and you’re extolling the virtues of Government intervention in the Marketplace. You need to do some studying, Flashman, or are you just a Government operative trying your best to misinform ignorant people?

          • DaveH

            For those who strive to be less Ignorant than Flashman:

          • El Gringo

            Flashy, your comments are absolutely hilarious, although factually incorrect.

    • ryan

      Karolyn i live in CT and for the last 4-5 months ive been paying between $4.15-$4.60 a gallon…you live down south, its ALWAYS cheaper for you guys and please dont take that as a rude remark its just simply thr truth, i use to live in Florida and EVERYTHING from milk to houses are cheaper and always have been

      • Karolyn

        Well, it’s cheaper in Jersey too, always has been. Probably because of all the oil refineries. The point is, though, that all those prognosticators were wrong in their dire predictions. As far as the south goes, I was amazed at how much more expensive food was when I moved here over 6 years ago from Jersey – even citrus, which we are certainly closer to. I believe that goes to population – less volume.

        • Vigilant

          “Well, it’s cheaper in Jersey too, always has been. Probably because of all the oil refineries.”

          Karolyn, please look up the federal and state excise taxes put on a gallon of gasoline. THAT’S where your price difference is.

          Florida, Jersy and other states levy much lower taxes per gallon.

          • libertytrain

            Vigilant – oddly I thought everyone realized it’s more to do with added taxes tacked on the local level – guess not… :)

          • Karolyn

            I know that, but in Jersey the amount of refineries and the taxes the state gets from them would be the reason for the lower tax.

          • Vigilant


            You’re right, and I should have mentioned that: Federal, state and local excise taxes. Federal excise is 18.4 cents per gallon. Due to state and local taxes, the additive price per gallon ranges from roughly 30-50 cents higher than the base price, depending upon which state and locality you’re in.

            Overall, the governments at all levels make more “profit” on a gallon of gas than do the oil companies.

      • libertytrain

        ryan, not totally accurate, if you are in Naples or some of the areas in Florida similar – or any resort / tourist town, including the South, prices are much higher than the norm.

    • DaveH

      What gets me is that people can whine about a couple of hundred dollars, or less, of gasoline prices each month but say nothing of the tens of thousands of dollars each year in taxes taken from the average citizen.
      Average income per capita in the US per year is about $40,000. Given that Government spends about 40% of our GDP, that puts the bill for the average citizen at about $16,000/year or $1330/month. That’s PER PERSON, more than double that figure per family.
      How many of you would voluntarily pay $1330/month for what Government does for you? Raise your hand.

      • clarence swinney

        Govt spends 40% GDP???
        3800 budget and 15000 gdp is 25% no 40%
        That is third lowest in oecd nations
        Spending on Defense and Medicare–Big cuts needed
        5=80% Defense-Social Security–Medicare–Medicaid–Interest

        Tea potties looking good attacking pennies in budget

        Defense + Medicare big ones filled with overcharges

        Get big bang for buck there

      • libertytrain

        DaveH – I’m not griping about the gas but do find it interesting how much the prices vary based on added tax etc., throughout the country – kind of like a conversation about the weather. Just chit chat. And I understand and agree with the rest of what you said. I’m not an excessive government person.

        • DaveH

          Here’s one factor, Libertytrain:

          There are also many locality costs such as local regulations, etc.

          Whatever the case, in Free Markets they should be able to charge whatever they please, but also in Free Markets, anybody that wanted could compete against them which almost always leads to lower prices. We have neither these days. Free Markets have been gone for a very long time.

    • Don

      Because they can, stupid, just like your master can start a war !!

    • clarence swinney

      1999 I bought 83 cent gas.Clinton Energy Dept fought constantly to get OPEC to keep price down.Bush Cheney free market.Bush campaigned on”I will use the bully pulpit to keep those pumps open.” Price hit $2,00 “Free Market” $4 free market supply and demand lie.Supply was up demand was down. $$$$$$ pals in Oil

      • Opal the Gem

        Try posting something coherent next time clarence swill uh swinny.

    • Barbara

      Well…….look at all the camel jockeys running the gas stations/convenience stores……you can’t possibly think that their profits aren’t pushed to the limits fueling their jihadist relatives back in the sand box across the big pond do you? In our little village on the east coast of Florida they’re coming in daily. Head scarf sales have escalated exponentially.

      • Karolyn

        Where I live, Barbara, there are very few middle-eastern people and very few own gas stations. Your racist remark holds no merit and has nothing to do with the question. It doesn’t matter WHO owns the station, whether they’re conservative Christians or Muslim-Americans, they all do it.

    • kemp

      I dont know where in SC that you live but I too live in SC and gas prices have been as high as $3.89and hoovering around $3.60 untill last week when it droped to #3.15 and today it is $3.19.I haven’t seen prices lower then$3in over a year

      • eddie47d

        Gas is $2.97 in Denver so maybe there is a little price gouging from you favorite station or maybe they are independently owned and can charge as they please.Free Enterprise does have it’s ups and downs.

        • libertytrain

          variables with pricing unless in a tourist town where it then tends to be higher prices – are just simply, State, local, even county tax variables for any given area. Also I have been advised that the cost of getting it say to high up in the mountains of NC where there are fewer stations may be more expensive and that is tacked on to the delivery fees – All in all in depends on your tax rates in your area….

      • Karolyn

        North-central. Actually, I heard of gas being lower than $2.50 in Lancaster Co. (Where it is usually lowest) last week.

  • Kate kat

    having ron paul come in is like an Obama light but with a touch of crazy! I like Newt and Bachmann and I wouldn’t mind Rick Santorum….but Ron Paul..NO WAY! Obama is not going to make it…there is no way. Heck even the Democrats are going to the polls to get Ron Paul elected, they would rather have him…but like I said, heis like Obama but with a touch of crazy! But that dosen’t matter the Demo’s want Obumer out as fast as possible. they can’t have any one run against him on their side because they have abused the race card and they don’t want the public to know that they are two faced (too late, we already know.) So they have decited to put Ron Paul in!

    • Doc Sarvis

      Where do you get the impression that Democrats, in substantial numbers, do not want President Obama re-elected? I hope not from the article on this site yesterday. If so, please read the comment I posted under that article. Basically, the story provided NO indication that there was any significant Democratic movement towards Paul.

      • Tony

        The regulars here believe whatever is written and posted to this site. If one of the authers here wrote a blog about the capitol being over run with buffalo the readers here would believe it without question. But that’s okay because they are free to believe whatever they want.

        • clarence swinney

          OBAMA WILL KICK XXXX. Republican party of Triple A–Anti Christ Anti America Anti World
          WALL STREET $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ GOD $$$$$$$$$ OF PARTY OF THE RICH

        • DaveH

          You know not of what you speak.

        • Sirian

          Freedom is very nice isn’t it Tony? You pegged this one right DaveH, you pegged him good.

          • Lastmanstanding

            and he is allowed to vote…at least he’s alive…only braindead.

        • Flashy

          Tony….c’mon. Even I would disagree about the buffalo statement. Now…if it were space aliens instead of buffalo ….

        • Karolyn

          It is true that many people who follow this blog will without reservation believe anything printed here. However, as I have already indicated, I know several dems like myself who are voting in the repub primary here in SC for Paul and will vote for him should he oppose Obama. I do believe there are a number of us. On the other hand, we cannot, in good conscience vote for Perry, Gingrich or Romney.

          • Sirian

            You’re right on that one Karolyn, Perry, Gingrich & Romney are quiet Progressives in Republican clothes.

          • Vigilant

            Karolyn says, “It is true that many people who follow this blog will without reservation believe anything printed here.”

            I beg to differ. Mr. Myers said, “My hope is that Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination and the Presidency, but I don’t think he has a realistic chance. He is offering America some bitter medicine to cure our economic ills.”

            I don’t think most Libertarians here agree with that.

          • Patriotic nut

            If, as you claim, you are a democrat, why are you voting in the republican primary? Is that how you gain control over the other party, vote for the worst of their candidates and hope the turnout for the general election is lowered because of it. Sounds like a demoncrat plan to me.

          • Karolyn

            nut – We like Ron Paul and anyone can vote in the repub primary here no matter what party affiliation. We want him to be on the ballot, plain and simple.

        • libertytrain

          Tony, posts like yours remind of the folks who want to do something, think that they can do something, write blogs, etc, but are too busy being a little envious of those that do to do something for themselves.

    • BH

      Um, excuse me, but in what way is Ron Paul like Obama?

      Obama keeps getting us into wars. Ron Paul wants us out.
      Obama wants more stimulus money. Ron Paul wants an end to such.
      Obama wants nationalized healthcare. Ron Paul wants an eventual end to all federal level health care systems and mandates.
      Obama supports waterboarding. Ron Paul does not.
      Obama requested and got powers to declare any American citizen, anywhere in the world, including within the US, a terrorist, and then to detain them indefinitely or blow them and their families up using drones. Ron Paul is appalled by these violations of our rights.
      Obama nationalized much of the auto industry. Ron Paul opposed.
      Obama believes large banks and corporations should be bailed out. Ron Paul believes they must be allowed to go bankrupt.
      Obama supports the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul wants it eliminated.
      Obama wants to expand the role of the federal government, and has done so. Ron Paul wants to shrink the role.

      Ron Paul is the leading champion of liberty and constitutionally limited government in America and has been for decades. Obama is a socialist whose background is Marxist.

      Ron Paul is running to get governments off of our backs. Obama is running to control our lives “for our own good”.

      The two are about as opposite as conceivably possible.

      • clarence swinney



        20% OWN 85% WEALTH
        70% OWN 15%
        10% OWN 0%

        10 RAN GAS TO $4.00
        10 SENT 2,300,000 JOBS TO CHINA IN 8 OF BUSHELOON
        10= + -

        • Lastmanstanding

          …and hopefully, all of these bastards will be in play during this revolution CS…look at all of the bs with ows, shopping malls, etc. This is the elite running tiny tests of their human drones…just wait until it is a food and water related issue.

          This sh*t is coming to a climax…The tptb have always been included throughout history…it won’t be any different this time either.

          and the weapons are much better now.

    • borderlinedevill

      IM THINKING THE FRUD N CHIEF WILL BE REELECTED BECAUSE VOTERS ARE FRIGGING IGNORANT acorn,illegals, gays, the ones that kills their young,plus
      The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

      • clarence swinney

        Yes! and Obama can think
        He is no Brain Dead Affable Dunce in Alzi and a 20 year Recovering brain dead drunkard!! Two who increased Spending by 80% and 92% and Debt by 180% and 112%. Two who initiated our involvement in
        7 foreign conflicts that cost hundreds of billions. Two who got 19M Net new jobs in 16 years. Rev. Carter + Lord Clinton got 33M in 12.
        I flunked 5th grade math but I had learned 33 is more than 19. I think!

        Obama inherited a Busheloon Hell On Earth. Years to get out of that deeep hole

        • PATRIOT 101

          Denying reality is a “condition” of liberals. It is essential to the Progressive movement to Blame the past, deny the present, and hope for the future. All get nothing done to change course.

          • Opal the Gem

            I doubt clarence has any reality to deny he just makes up “facts” or blindly quotes from the obama propaganda play book without thinking about what he is posting.

      • MarkDee

        Borderline, you’ve stolen my words. BO was pushed forth by a corrupt media via a corrupt party system. As long as the powers that be can keep us thinking that the race rivalry of democrats versus republicans is real, they will continually control us all.
        I wonder how many of you/us remember the communist manefesto listing how to topple the US back in ’63? Check that out and compare it to today, its very unsettling and eye opening.
        Remember, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re NOT all out to get you.

      • geneonpark

        Your comment concerning the electorate is right on target, but not only the electorate but also every Senator and House member who allowed him to run without proper vetting should be tarred, feathered and run out of town. Hopefully many of them will fall in 2012. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

      • LTC_Ray_Burke

        Right on, borderline !!! The idiots, primarily minority third world imports,
        are firmly in charge. The vast majority of them are on the dole and LOVING it. As we have in large measure replaced ‘rule of law” with “majority rule”,
        natural born Americans with worldwide riffraff and our Constitutional Republic with a socialist driven oligarchy determined to remain in power at all cost, our national future is bleak indeed. Revolution is in the wind !!!

      • Lawrence Ekdahl

        AMEN! I fear you are right.

    • DaveH

      Tell us how Ron Paul would be like Obama, Kate? This should be good.

    • Karolyn

      Can you provide details of how Obama and Paul are alike? I am very puzzed!

  • tim

    If obummer gets another 4 years you can bet he will do everything he can to stay in power forever. As in tyrant, dictator etc!!! He likes the luxury, all the free stuffd, the vacations,Etc!! He must not win this next election!!! We need a strict constitutionalist like ron paul to clean the government up. We have to get our finances back in order and get the respect we need and have had in the past as one of the worlds super powers!!

    • clarence swinney


      note–Bush had to go to ranch for he missed his Jack Daniels

      I fault Obama, big time, for number of trips he, like Busheloon, spent traveling all over Preaching to His Choir.
      It was disgusting. Achieved nothing except a “Feel Good”.
      He enjoys lecturing. Pats on back.It is addictive. As a public speaker on business for years I know it is addictive

      He had, daily, the press room to reach millions. A mike anytime he asked. Why travel to speak to 200 or less.
      One day in Portland Oregon next 3000 away in North Carolina.
      Bernie Sanders runs gets my vote.

      • Sirian

        If you’d toss your vote for Bernie Sanders then you’re proudly within the herd of mind challenged Socialists.

    • LTC_Ray_Burke

      Couldn’t agree more, Tim. Unfortunately, the game is rigged in Obummer’s favor. The dice are loaded. Expect to see snake eyes on every roll.

  • Tazio2013

    Twelve Triggers for World Government

    Today, the Global Power Elite are wrapping up globalization and ushering in World Government. Paraphrasing the tightrope walker in German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Thus Spake Zarathustra,” this implies “….a dangerous crossing, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling and halting…”
    These 12 Triggers are interlinked and interlocked in a highly complex, holistic matrix, very flexible in its tactics but rigidly unbending in its strategic objectives. When read as a whole, the picture that unfolds shows that whole being far more than the sum of its parts.
    1) Financial Meltdown. Since 2008, the Global Financial System continues on life-support. Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner and the US economic hit team – Robert Rubin, Larry Summers and Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup, JPMorganChase mega-bankers working with the Bank of England and the European Central Bank – have not and will not take any measures to help the populace and ailing economies. They just funnel trillions to the banking elite, imposing the media myth that certain banks are “too big to fail” (Orwellian Newspeak for “too damn powerful to fail”). Why? Because it’s not governments overseeing, supervising and controlling Goldman Sachs, CitiCorp, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, JPMorganChase, but exactly the other way around…

    2) Economic Crises. Today, “Destructive Extreme Capitalism” is collapsing national and regional economies, reformatting them into international slave-labour Gulag-like entities that Joseph Stalin would envy. Our woes lie not with the world’s real economy (mostly intact), but with the fake world of finance, banks, and speculation;

    3) Social Upheavals. Meltdowns in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Iceland and – soon to come – Italy, Spain and others, trigger violent social uprisings, even in the US and UK;

    4) Pandemics. Get ready for more “flu surprises” leading to mandatory vaccinations: a discreet opportunity to slip RFID chips into our bodies and test “intelligent viruses” targeting specific DNA strains. Racially and ethnically selective viruses as part of mass depopulation campaigns?

    5) Global Warming. As the global economy sinks into zero growth mode, economic drivers shift from growth expansion to consumption contraction. Will coming “carbon credits” open the path to full societal control?

    6) Terrorist “False Flag” Mega-Attacks. The Elite have this wildcard up their sleeve to jump-start new “crises” as short-cuts towards world government. Will new “attacks” dwarfing 9/11 justify further global wars, invasions and genocide? A nuclear weapon over a major city to be blamed on the Elite’s “enemies”?

    7) Generalized War in the Middle East. As we speak, naval forces, bombers, entire armies are poised to attack and invade Syria, Iran…

    8) Ecological/Environmental “Accidents”. The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident sparked the beginning of the end of the former USSR by showing the world and the Soviets themselves that their State could no longer manage their own nuclear facilities. April 2010 saw the BP “Deepwater Horizon” oil rig eco-catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico; since March 2011, Japan and the world have been grappling with a much larger nuclear accident in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex. Was foul play involved?

    9) Assassination of a major political or religious figure to be blamed on an Elite enemy. Mossad, CIA, MI6 are really good at playing this type of dirty trick;

    10) Attacks on “Rogue States” – Iraq, Libya… Who’s next? Iran? Syria? Venezuela? North Korea?

    11) Staged “Religious” Event. The growing need of the masses for meaning in their lives makes them easy victims of a Hollywood-staged, 3D virtual reality hologram show, orchestrating a “second coming”. An electronically engineered “messianic figure” acting in sync with Elite global objectives? Who would dare go against God himself?

    12) Staged “Alien Contact.” This too may be in the works. For decades, large sectors of world population have been programmed to believe in aliens. Here too, hologram technology could stage a “space vehicle landing” – on the White House lawn, of course – highlighting the “need” for Mankind to have “unified representation” in the face of extraterrestrials. Further justification for world government?
    What do such interlocking “crises” have in common? Global warming, pandemics, “international terrorism”, financial collapse, economic depression, even alien contacts? They all serve to show that they cannot be addressed by any single nation state, thus “justifying” the need for World Government. 2012: We must stay especially alert, understanding things the way they really are and not the way the global TV Masters want us to believe they are.

    Adrian Salbuchi for RT

    • clarence swinney


  • Brenda Choate

    I think Obama will try to win re-election, not by a trumped up war with Iran or North Korea, but with the same Chicago Machine he employed before. His goal will be to convience Americans that he is successful, the country is better off than before, and his visions of redistribution of wealth. There are and will always be people willing to sell their vote for pennies. Obama will come closer to selling out the country to the United Nations than fighting to preserve the nation.

    • Cynthia

      He’ll use his Chicago political machine and the unions to cheat. That’s the only way he can in the election. I pray the landslide against him will be so great, that the cheating won’t matter. And we don’t want Ron Paul! He’s a crazy nut! His foreign policy is dangerous! The only good thing I can say about him is he’s a Constitutionalist. Maybe he’d eliminate the Fed, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the EPA, Department of Education and Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, since they are unconsitutional. But he wouldn’t keep out country safe and Iran would be lobbing nukes at Israel and us within the first few days of his administration.

      • DaveH

        Cynthia says “Iran would be lobbing nukes at Israel and us within the first few days of his [Ron Paul] administration”.
        What’s keeping them from doing it now, Cynthia?
        You’ve been well-spoon-fed.
        “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” — Ben Franklin
        I would say “will get neither”.

        • clarence swinney

          Never forget–Putin warned Israel “do not bomb Iran”

          Russia has 200 ICBM. 7 stories underground. Each carries 10 hi tech war heads. Each is est to destroy 100-200 mile radius
          We cannot destroy once in flight per pentagon

          How do I know this. Sec Of Defense Wm Perry went into that Silo.He was Aghast! Horrified.

          Two will destroy all of Israel in 15 minutes.
          Half of all Hebrews on earth will be gone

          Putin in political trouble. Watch out. Stressed people do crazy things

          We could only complain not retaliate.

          • Firefly

            There are cryptic things written in the Bible about the end times that indicate that this will happen, but that God will intervene, and stop them cold. This could be any of a dozen different things including a shower of small meteors from space or a single asteroid exploding as it did in Tunguska in 1908 and wiping out the attack. Whatever happens the world will know it was miraculous and likely say it was just amazing good luck for Israel.

        • JC

          Dave, sadly Cynthia is an example of the hysterics of a % of the so called Conservative element that just “doesn’t get” that non-intervention (as opposed to isolatioinism) is exactly what we need.
          She doesn’t get that all of this screwing around in the politics and economies of foreign/sovereign nations is what earned us the enmity of the planet in the first place.
          Maybe she’s one of those “manifest destiny types” who feel that the United States Inc. is supposed to rule the world…

        • Firefly

          “What’s keeping them from doing it now, Cynthia?” Well, the biggest thing is that they don’t have it yet. We will know when they have it because their first “test” will undoubtedly be against someone.

      • DaveH

        Ron Paul’s National Defense plan:

        It is you and your cohorts, busily building enemies around the world, who are endangering our country, Cynthia.

        • clarence swinney

          Rome-Spain-Holland-England End Of Empires
          Overextension worldwide on DEBT.

    • borderlinedevill


    • clarence swinney

      85-15-0 OR 90-10-0 OR 95-5-0
      OR 70-25-5 60-30-10



      10% OWN 70% NET wEALTH–80% OWN 15%
      10% OWN 93% FINANCIAL WEALTH-80% OWN 7%
      10% GET 46% INDIVIDUAL INCOME-70,000,000 GET 13%

      20% OWN 85% ALL WEALTH
      70% OWN 15%
      10% OWN 0%

      I posted 3rd elsewhere. 4th is correct
      3rd least taxed nation in oecd nations

      CLASS WARFARE–kidding? War is over. Ultra Rich won in wipe out

      Cannot the people use facts? Not illusion.

      • cawmun cents

        Explain to me my genius statistical friend,how the gubment owns and controls 90% of the land west of the rockies and the wealth is giving you a differing statistic?

  • Insurgent

    Four more years of the Kenyan chigger and America will be in the sewer since Urkel already has us at the bottom of the toilet!!!

  • Robert Lebischak

    I agree with a lot you say, but Paul would be a big mistake, he’s as right as Obama is left. He was involved with questionable papers some time ago, is an isolationist, and a little off. Newt may as you put it have some flaws, but he has the brains and guts to lead this Nation in the proper direction again. Lets hope not another 4 more, but a Newt time.

    • hipshotpercusion

      I hate to say this, sir, but you have been watching to much of the Boob Tube. Maybe you should go to the library and find one of the good Doctor’s books, or maybe “The Creature From Jekyll Island. It just might change your outlook.

    • BH

      Ron Paul is as liberty loving as Obama is liberty destroying. I fail to see how this makes Dr. Paul a poor choice.

    • DaveH

      Questionable papers? And what are those, Robert? I mean the actual statements, not your verbal version.
      And how many times do we need to correct you misinformed people about Ron Paul so called “isolationism”? Ron is not an isolationist. He’s a Non-Interventionist. Rather than gun-barrel diplomacy (dictating other countries’ politics), Ron wants to trade peacefully with the world. Instead of making enemies, he wants to make friends.
      War does NOT create PEACE! Only the most blindered sheeple can believe that.

    • Karolyn

      Newt Gingrich-Give me a break! The man can’t make up his mind. He supported Romneycare a couple of years ago. Now, because it’s not conservatively-correct, he is against it. Newt will go whichever way the wind blows tht is good for Newt! Paul says what he means and means what he says and doesn’t flip-flop.


      Calling Paul an ‘Isolationist’ merely demonstrates your ignorance and lack of research. Dr. Paul’s foreign policy is “NON-INTERVENTION”. In other words, stay the hell out of other countries’ affairs unless justified with an Act of War by Congress.

      I suggest you actually investigate Dr. Paul’s positions before spouting the lame stream media and demonrats talking points.


  • Flashy

    Well, I would agree with Myers on one thing…President Obama will have another four years to cntinue the attack on the entrenched powers that have brought us to our knees economically, neglected our modernization for the 21st Century, destroyed our world standing and relationships, and have continued policies which are ripping apart the bedrock of our nation…the Middle Class.

    Myers may be correct in his forecast of more protesting and civil unrest. it’s an election year, emotions will ramp up, and the Right will go nuts in the attacks and spreading the lies, avoiding blame and guilt, and twisting the numbers. But the crown will be when the GOP continues to insist in the lie the wealthy are the “job creators” when they are not. The GOP will insist everyone BUT the wealthy pay the tab for the coroprate and wealthy welfare system they have built for themselves, and the GOP will do nothing to aid the Middle Class…only stall and try to blame the Democrats and President Obama for reaping what the GOP has sown the past 30 years.

    My prediction is the Right and the Wealthy will continue their strategy. Power and wealth hinges on the restriction and control of the wealth. Knowledge, truth and reason are enemies as they offer unlimited wealth to all. Therefore, knowledge, truth and reason are attacked by myth, lies and unreason.

    Any way you look at it, that has been the strategy used by the Far Right and the wealthy thses past 30 years. Either y’all start waking up and realizing the fools they are making you out to be…or we will have the divide, discontent, and discord which is nothing more than tossing away our future.

    think about that …

    • FreedomFighter

      Get some truth Flashy:

      Obama is part of the problem, certainly not part of the solution.

      Did you pledge your life to Lucy yet? If you dont you will be an enemy of the NWO.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • BH

      Some truth to what you way, as it applies to the other Republican presidential candidates. But Ron Paul, and the other Tea Party conservatives, are working to end the special privileges of the banksters and large corporations. No other group from either party is working to do so.

      Perhaps 80 years ago, the Republicans were the main supporters of large business. But today, the Democratic party has pulled into the front, with the largest donations from corporations and banks.

    • Brad


      Sorry dude, but Ohmama continues the attack on the entrenched powers that have brought us to our knees economically, neglected our modernization for the 21st Century, destroyed our world standing and relationships, and have continued policies which are ripping apart the bedrock of our nation…the Middle Class. Now the EPA through regulation instead of legislation will distroy 1/3rd of our power generation system, effectively driving up costs and unemployment. Who do you think publishes unemployment numbers, the US dept. of labor to day the real unemployment numbers for those under-employed, no longer looking for work, those over 99 weeks of unemployment insurance and those searching for work stands at approximately 12% to 15%.

      Why do you and the rest of your left leaning bretheren still put your blinders on, unwilling to look at the entire picture, for you and the rest can’t see the truth the OWS crowd and their civil disobediance. The OWS crowds disrespect for public/personal property, public businesses, costs associated with the OWS crowd. When has a tea party crowd ever been disobediant answer that question, and furthermore why has the OWS crowd seen over 5000 arrests? Looks to me as if the left is getting angry becuase they arn’t getting their way and you flashy are on the for front of their cause and you are buying into their drivel. Do us all a favor, do some reasearch before spouting your personal opinions and quit spouting the lefts propaganda and out right lie’s, it’s beneath you flashy.

      • Flashy


        First, let’s talk about those EPA regs. One, they have been the regulations since 1990 and the latest major revision of the CWA and CAA. What has changed are :

        1. The 10 year waivers granted by Bush/Cheney are expiring. So it’s no surprise to anyone that these standards now have to be met. In 10 years, the utilities did….nothing. Fact is the primary impact will largely be on coal-fired plants more than 40 years old that have not, until now, installed state-of-the-art pollution controls. Over half of of the power plants today have the technology it’s not a “break the bank’ imposition (unless you are operating a lethal out moded, inefficient plant built in the 60′s and is approaching the end of life cycle).

        2. The regs and standards were mandated by a GOP Congress (’98)

        3. Of the “claimed’ closures that will occur…hogwash. most industry followers state that “at the most” only 12-15 plants will be forced to shut down due to the technology required. (want the citations?)

        4. It has to be a federal effort. Say you have a plant in Ohio spewing this crap into the air…and it affects folks in New york and upper New England (i.e. acid rain). Do you think Ohio will act on behalf of the citizenry of New England?

        think about it some…

        • Brad

          Flashy all I have to say is read Ohmamas lips.

        • eddie47d

          There are so many arrests because the thug police and their handlers want it so Brad. You know …following orders!

          • Flashy

            And the vast majority are for blocking the streets etc.

            Just shows the 99%ers stand by their views…and are serious about fighting the takeover of our nation by a few elite. Not like the usual TPer picnic for a day where everyone can show the guns and complain about how unfair life is then go home and write about it on some internet site.

            I cannot even icture a TPer crowd staying overnight just once for a cause. heck, the sun goes down and the picnic is over…

    • borderlinedevill

      SO MUCH FOR THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY LOL now what happens when we run out of other folks money LMAO

    • DaveH

      Isn’t it odd that Flashman blames the decline of the middle class on those who want to decrease Government?
      Apparently he admits that the middle class is declining. Couple that with the fact that Government has only grown bigger throughout our lifetimes, and you have a direct connection to the reality that Big Government is NOT the Solution.
      And while Liberals like Flashman deluge us with their lip-flapping, the actual real-world experience is that Socialism doesn’t even work. They are basing their agendas purely on the Hopes and Dreams that somehow their Socialism will work this time, damn experience.
      Here is reality. The countries in this list are arranged by their level of interference in the Marketplace. The least interfering countries are first and the most interfering (those with the Biggest Governments) are last:

      pick the country links to discover how they landed in their rank.

      • Flashy

        I don’t balme the decline of the Middle Class as you state. I blame the decline of the Middle Class because the government support and plicy has shifted from one of making it an even playing field to weighting the rules, the referees, and the scoreboard towards the wealthy and Big Corporate America.

        • DaveH

          You and your fellow Liberals created those conditions, Flashman, by letting Big Government Grow Bigger.
          As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.
          If we truly want an end to Crony Capitalism (I do), the only realistic way to accomplish that is to get Government out of our Marketplaces. Return the throne to the consumers. Take it away from the Politicians who are inevitably going to feather their own and their Cronies’ nests first at the expense of the rest of us.

      • eddie47d

        As Wall Street grows corruption flows. It works both ways Dave. You like to bring up Singapore as a shining example of Capitalism and it’s not a bad place but at what price. Civil Liberties are controlled with an iron fist and punishment is brutal. There is no such thing as a perfect system.

        • DaveH

          Yeah, you wouldn’t do well there, Eddie. They’d smack your disrespectful fanny right down.

    • clarence swinney


      1945 to 1980 prosperous Middle Class ws built.
      1980-2009 Ultra Rich Class was built
      We borrowed 14,000 Billion instead of taxing to pay our way.

      20%owm 85% of Wealth
      70% own 15%
      10% own 0%
      One family owns more than 90% of families

      This puts us third in oecd nations on Inequality

      That is a third world distribution.

      • PATRIOT 101

        To you it is all about “Distribution”! As long as it isn’t “even” you are gonna bitch!
        Hard work and ingenuity must be rewarded. This is the way capitalism works. Tax (take away) incentive for getting ahead? Really?
        Constant redistribution (by government) is Communism. Just come out and profess you are a communist. I’ve read enough of your posts here to know that that is what you are whether you realize it or not.
        That is the problem! Many are so brainwashed in “Redistribution” as the vehicle to equality and thus happiness (utopia) they don’t even realize it. You may even realize you are a communist, but you surely won’t profess it here!

      • Brad

        This is the problem We borrowed 14,000 Billion instead of taxing to pay our way.

        Quit spending and quit borrowing. STOP THE GROWING CASH COW!!!

        • Firefly

          Yes, they are squandering all they can borrow or print. It’s actually up to 15,180 BILLION as of January 1, 2012 and the president has just requested a debt extension of another thousand billion (just to tide him over).

          Replacing the president in 10 months will not be enough unless we replace the socialists, liberals, and Democrats in congress as well. Otherwise at the rate they are spending when the inflation this will cause finally hits us it will be unbelievable. If they taxed everyone who made over $50,000 at 100% tax it would still not be enough to prevent this terrible inflation that is coming (along with some deflation in used house prices). If we took everyone’s money – 100% tax – it still wouldn’t get us to the 2016 election. Congress continues to spend an obscene amount of money and it must be stopped!

          God has spoken to a number of various people of differing Christian denominations and said that He is soon going to let the world see, once again, what His judgement is like. Although I certainly don’t like the sound of that when I see all the greed and corruption and lawlessness in and out of government and around the world I can certainly see that it is needed. The one good I can see in this is that God has promised He will always provide for those who choose to follow His ways of justice and righteousness, but even they will be affected by what is coming. Atheists may scoff now but before this all ends they too will be praying that it all stop. The time to get your house in order (spiritual and physical) is now. It is not going to be the end of the world but it may well seem like it.

    • JC

      Flashy says:

      December 28, 2011 at 7:39 am

      Well, I would agree with Myers on one thing…President Obama will have another four years to cntinue the attack on the entrenched powers that have brought us to our knees economically, neglected our modernization for the 21st Century, destroyed our world standing and relationships, and have continued policies which are ripping apart the bedrock of our nation…the Middle Class.

      And just how is “Obama” the Globalist doing that?
      By spending more borrowed money in 3 years than all previous Presidents combined?
      Well it’s now 4 trillion dollars later and I don’t think he’s done anything but impoverish us further than at any other time in history.
      The guy has got to go…along with all the other anti-American Globalists on both sides of the aisle.

  • Alex

    Here is the biggest problem the GOP contenders face:

    While speaking to the press after finally voting on the Payroll Tax extension, House Leader John Boehner said “We decided to do what is right for America, even if it is not exactly what WE want.” (emphasis mine)

    To repeat–”We decided to do what is right for America, even if it is not exactly what we want.”

    What an utterly amazing and unbelievably HONEST statement.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Nail on the head Alex. The conservatives want to tear down the country as much as possible in order to oust President Obama as opposed to doing “what is right for America”.

      The lack of a strong candidate on the Republican side is an illustration of President Obama doing a good job (not great) in a very difficult economy (which he inherited) and with a congress that is – at best – not behind him.

      • FreedomFighter

        Incorrect conclusion, Obama is just another in a long line of puppet presidents that are products of the Monster from Jeckle Island.

        Conservative, Liberal is just a way to divide and conqure you and me and everyone else,

        so your a liberal slave, im a conservative slave,,,still a slave.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Sirian

          Exactly! Well said!!

      • Brad

        Wrong Doc,

        During the lame duck session of congress (Dec 2010) the dems passed the so called payroll tax cut. In truth it cut 2% from our social security and medicare payments, two programs on the verge of insolvency. You sit here and tell us conservatives want to tear down this country, just look at what Ohmama and his crowd has already done. Deficit spending higher then any other president in history, Ohmama passed GWB in only 33 months, now Ohmamas administration wants to raise the national debt ceiling another 1.2 trillion, where are we going to get this money from. Can’t you libs read between the lines this country is broke and your liberal/progressive fools to include rino’s are selling us down the road and you gleefully accept that fact.

        • Doc Sarvis

          President Obama has long asserted that the top 1-2% of those who benefit the most from all our country has provided should be doing more to help out in these rough times. That is one important strategy to begin to attack the deficit. The conservatives have blocked him every time.

          I suppose it is beside your point that Dick Cheney tells us that deficits don’t matter.

          • DaveH

            Explain to us, Doc, how they benefit the most?

          • Doc Sarvis

            Through our infrastructure, natural resources, workers, business environment (current & historic), national security/defense (of our way of life), geography, intellectural innovation (current & historic), etc. The U.S. has a lot of advantages (current & historic).

          • Brad

            Doc, the top 1-2% pay 45% of the current tax receipts and that comes directly from the IRS. What this administration should have been doing all along is cutting its spending of other peoples money. When you run deficits every single year going into the trillions, but lets put it into perspective, do you think either you or I can spend more then we take in then barrow the rest? Sooner or later our creditors are going to stop loaning us the money then where are we going to get the money to continue living our lavish lifestyle. The federal gov has to take measures to end their spending bacuase our current national debt is 15.163 trillion and counting. Answer this one simple question, why is the senate sitting on 25 bills designed to get Americans working and cutting our deficit? Ohmama is the problem along with his dinos and yes our rinos until spending is under control we are going down and we may never recover.

          • DaveH

            You mean you don’t benefit from those roads and bridges when you drive to your job which was provided by those same Rich people who save their money to invest in capital productive goods instead of just consuming it like you do?
            There is a simple solution to your problem, Doc. If you really believe they are benefiting from the infrastructure more than the rest of us, then get the Government out of it. Let those Rich people build their own infrastructure if they need it.

          • JC

            Doc Sarvis says:

            December 28, 2011 at 8:53 am

            President Obama has long asserted that the top 1-2% of those who benefit the most from all our country has provided should be doing more to help out in these rough times

            And then the top 10%, 20%, 50%, 100%…until we are all “equal” and everything is “fair” right Doc?

          • Firefly

            A flat tax that everyone pays, including half of the standard amount even for those on welfare and foodstamps, so everyone would know they are part of this country, would solve a lot of problems. That and a balanced budget ammendment.

        • Flashy

          And the Dems placed a provision which was revnue nuetral and would not have hit the SSI deposit. Wonder who fought that ? The GOP will readil;y raise our taxes, but will risk default of this country’s obligations to protect the wealthy from having to pay any of the benefits they receive from their welfare payment system.

          • DaveH

            What was that “revnue nuetral” provision, Flashman?
            And when did the GOP raise our taxes?

          • Brad

            Flashy what you are saying is that the congress made sure deficit funds were taken out of the genral fund and were used to replace the funds being given to us in the form of the so called payroll tax break. Basically taking an IOU and giving it to SS and medicare how lame.

          • Flashy

            Place a small tax increase on the wealthy … and voila! The Middle Class working man has a lower tax bill. Funny how that works eh? better than the GOP method of giving all to the wealthy, piling up the debt, and then sticking the rest of us for that bill.

          • Brad

            Flashy what you don’t get is the 161 million working Americans making less than 106,000.00 a year received the tax break, approximately 120 to 200 billion did not make it into the SS and Medicare trust, so again who’s going to pay for it. We will, those of us who haven’t retired and are to far out from retiring, we are looking at an increase of the retirement age and a reduction of benefits, all thanks to the democrats and Ohmama. This not only affects me it also affects you, when are you going to wake up and smell the coffee.

          • DaveH

            More like “funny how that DOESN’T work”, Flashy. A large portion of Rich Peoples’ income goes into buying productive capital equipment. By stealing their money (yes, STEALING) and giving it to the poor (who just consume it), we greatly lesson the money invested in capital equipment which lessens our country’s productive capacity and thus creates shortages of goods. So the prices necessarily go up causing those goods to become less affordable to those poor people you feign concern for.
            If you seek knowledge, read this:

          • Flashy

            Mises = brain rot. And Dave, you’ve proven that point.

            Tell you what. Go out and find some rich dude. Ask them when the last time they bought a piece of equipment. LOL

            The vast majority of jobs are from small business…not companies owned by a few. The real job creators are not wealthy…they are the people who buy things. the wealthy park their money …here or overseas..they don’t care where as long as they get a return. So how does someone buying a Mutual Fund specializing in Far East stock aid us here?

          • DaveH

            If you had anything valid to offer, you wouldn’t need to resort to the personal attacks. But you don’t, so you do.

          • DaveH

            But I do appreciate your posts, Flashman. What better way to expose to the fence straddlers just how bankrupt Liberal ideas are.

          • JC

            Flashy, there is no such thing as “Revenue Neutral”.
            It’s just a bit of misleading political doublespeak.

    • Sirian

      There exists a rather obvious problem for us all – the Progressives are working both sides of the aisle. Unfortunately not everyone has opened their eyes to this.

    • borderlinedevill

      we start the new year 16.4 trillion in debt lol dont ya just love it LMAO at ignorance spend spend spend lol you go

  • http://bobLivingston Power to the People

    Tazio is correct as there are forces at work that want a NWO and our “vacationer-in-chief” is but a puppet of the movement.

    Common sense points to a landslide defeat of Obummer, but these are not common times so expect either a close election filled with massive fraud (Chicago style) or some event just before the election that Obummer will use as a reason to call for postponement of the election. True, 2012 will be a turbulent year…fight and pray for positive change!

    I can say that I have spoken with folks who voted for Obummer and 3 of the 4 have said they won’t make the same mistake twice…lets hope!

  • Jtrevizo

    In the case that Obama does win re-election (God forbid), it’s time to move to a free country, ’cause this country sure as hell ain’t! Not anymore. Any suggestions as to countries that have some semblance of freedom left? I want to raise my daughter in a place where the repercussions of obama’s idiocy are non-existent.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Canada, and they have a great health care system too.

      • DaveH

        Says you, Doc.
        Any Liberal can make unsupported statements.

      • Jay

        Are you Canadian Doc? Do you benefit from the Canadian health care system? If the Canadian health care system is so fantastic, why do so many Canadians choose to travel to the US for medical procedures?

        • Fred the Red

          Most go for un-needed cosmetic stuff (we do not cover the ego BS). Some equipment/techniques or specialist are not available in Canada yet. Others are loaded with money and are not willing to wait for their turn. Is our medical system perfect? No,it is not. But we do not let our people die or go homeless/broke so some fat-ass health insurance or some Doctors getting filthy rich at the expense of the health and well being of our fellow citizen. We do pay more overall taxes, but no where near what American people pay for equal health coverage in USA. And without the risk of slip clauses the health insurance commit all the time to good people.

          • DaveH

            If their insurance is priced too high, DON’T buy it. Insure yourself. Put your money where your mouth is.

          • DaveH

            Or start your own health insurance company. Show them how it’s done. That should be easy for you “intelligent” Liberals.

      • JC

        Doc Sarvis says:

        December 28, 2011 at 8:14 am

        Canada, and they have a great health care system too.

        Average wait time for Medically prescribed surgery in Canada is 22 weeks. Sometimes a death sentence for those in dire need.

    • Flashy

      the great ttack and war against our freedoms and liberties was begun on 1981. With luck and hope that the TP crowd comes to realize who is controlling their “influence”, we have a shot at reversing the tide of this war against us. That means Obama is re-elected and the whole weight and support of the Middle Class and working man is throwh behind his attempts in the roll back of the policies which has created the massive disparity we have today.

      • Brad

        Flashy, it all started on Jan 2nd 2007 when congress was taken over by the Rats.

      • DaveH

        What are those “policies which has created the massive disparity we have today”, Flashman?

        Lol. And show us anything that Obama has rolled back?

        • Flashy

          Well dave…we can start by the Big Lie of Supply Side economics. And go from there if you wish.

        • Brad


          Please enlighten us on supply side economics.

          • Flashy

            More than it being complete failure for the well-being of our national economy and a system of massive wealth distribution? There is no instance in history where supply side economics worked …unless you count deficit spending, wealth transferrence from the Middle Class to the wealthy 1%, and bringing our nation to third world status in many measurable areas as a success. In such case, it was a resounding success.

          • DaveH

            You haven’t enlightened us one bit. You’ve made a bunch of unsupported accusations. That’s all.
            Tell us how Supply-Side economics are supposed to work, and why you think they don’t. And then tell us what your alternative is, and why it would work.
            The first part should be easy. Just a matter of doing a Web Search with your favorite Search Engine.

          • DaveH

            Here, I’ll make it easier for you, Flashman. This is funny. Keep in mind that this video was before the recession/depression. Arthur Laffer comes off with major egg on his face. Also Note that Peter Schiff is an Austrian economist, as in the kind of economics taught at

            This is funny. Keep in mind that this video was before the recession/depression. Arthur Laffer comes off with major egg on his face. Also Note that Peter Schiff is an Austrian economist, as in the kind of economics taught at

          • DaveH

            Pardon my stutter. I forgot to delete that last paragraph.

    • borderlinedevill

      become an illegal alien

    • Sirian

      You prefer to run instead of standing up for your country, Constitution? Why is it that you seek directions to another “pie in the sky” country instead of taking action as a true American would? Why not home school your daughter so she will be taught the truth instead of being indoctrinated by the government public schools? Presumedly you haven’t the personal courage or fortitude to accomplish neither, let alone even attempt to do it. Such a shame. And our fore fathers had so very, very little in comparison to what we have today yet they sacrificed their lives for their families, daughters included, for the establishment of a free country instead of turning tail and running. If you haven’t the kahunas today, then more than likely you never have had or will. Again, such a shame. I’ve always believed that a father should always strive to be a very strong “role model” for his children. But apparently that is of little concern to you. Don’t forget you iPad. . . :(

    • PATRIOT 101

      Run to Canada?
      America IS the last stand for freedom. It won’t be Canada, or Austrailia, or Chilie. Patriots need to unite and fight for freedom here and now, or tyranny will find you wherever you run to. One world government will redistribute your wealkth no matter where you try to hide it. The only way to keep your wealth, (and freedom) is to fight for it here and now.

      • JC

        You’re right about that PATRIOT. Concentrated resistance in the Land of the Free is the only chance we’ve got.

  • http://bobLivingston Power to the People

    Hey Doc, want to point out all the great things your savior has done for us…or should I say to us?

    Obummer had his party in control of both houses and he couldn’t pass much of his NWO agenda….did you miss that?

    Spare me the drippy “he inherited the problems” crap and take responsibility for wrecking our future with debt that can’t be repaid. Both parties are full of crooks.

    • Flashy

      PP…there’s not enough bandwidth to tell you what you’re asking. If you don’t realize it by now, get off your medication and maybe you won’t need to be told what you should already know,

      • FreedomFighter

        Flashy could you enlighten us to the NWO Luciferian initiation, you sould like a card carrying member.

        BTW I read the book, it ends badly for those Lucy’s.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • DaveH

        More useless conjecture and personal attacks in lieu of facts.
        Can you ever say anything factual, Flashy? And back it up with some references?

    • Doc Sarvis

      He got our troops out of Iraq ahead of schedule. He commands the military that has taken out the top eight or so al qaeda operatives. He did get some (not all which would have been better for us all) of his health care reform in place. It is great that insurance will cover pre-existing conditions now. Cut prescription drug costs for Medicare recipients by 50% and began eliminating the plan’s gap (“donut hole”) in coverage. He tried to eliminate the tax breaks corporations get for shipping our jobs overseas, but was blocked by conservatives and a few Democrats. Raised fuel econoomy standards and promoted energy alternatives to make our country more energy secure. He ended the previous practice of having White House aides rewrite scientific and environmental rules, regulations, and reports. He ordered a $20 billion escrow fund by BP to reimburse lost incomes in the Gulf of Mexico. Repealed DADT. Deported more illegal immigrants than any recent president. Improved benefits for veterans. I could go on. You can see more at .

      • s c

        Stormtrooper d, your White House god can’t raise the dead, turn water into wine or control the weather. Where he gets sheep like you to follow him is a mystery that will befuddle historians and philosophers until the end of recorded time.
        When it comes time to wear your Nazi uniform, have the decency to smile for the cameras. You have such a ‘proud’ tradition to fulfill. So, will you be a minor flunky at a local concentration camp, or will you get to make minor decisions on your own in your long-sought, Hitlerian utopia?

        • Doc Sarvis

          So you can call me names and try to insult me but you can’t say where I am wrong in my post above. I’ve seen that tactic before.

          • FreedomFighter

            Your wrong in that what Obama does is a smoke screen to destroy America as a country and bring America into the NWO. Even Hitler and Stalin did small things to garner public support, none of these things interfered with the grand plan, they were used to grease the wheels to keep the plan moving.

            You sir have been decieved, or you have submitted to the NWO Luciferian initiation.

            Did I mention reading the book, it ends badly for Lucys.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

        • Winnie

          sc, the nazi sign is used by the White Supremists. They are not for President Obama because he is not white. You are wrong to use the nazi uniform to describe the President’s supporters. Besides, I believe there are not that many whites who support the President.

      • Brad


        We already know that the Bush administration had an Iraq withdrawal timeline established with the Iraqi parliment by the time Ohmama was elected. As for your claim about perscription drug coverage and saving you need to read this, Today Ohmamas aides are rewritting scientic data to support this administrations scientific theories on global warming, so far to date global warming has been debunk, so, that tells me no one tells the truth about the planet except for individuals with ethics that don’t contridict themselves. Again the Bush administration raised the fuel economy standards and gave the auto industry till 2020 or 25 to comply with his presidential order. Today the Ohmama administration mandates on renewable energy have cost us more today and more in the future, ethenol costs more to produce then what it sells for, lets quit giving them subsides and we’ll watch the ethanol plants dry up. Sure there are going to be renewable sources of energy but today they are terribly inefficient and cost more then what’s produced, that’s a fact. This from the huffington post it’s just the first paragraph, the point is clear, “Republicans on the Hill have calculated that President Obama’s successful demand that BP set up a $20 billion escrow account to pay out claims is ripe for political attack. In the wake of Wednesday’s White House announcement, a host of GOP officials are raising questions about both the process by which the deal was made and the deal itself — going so far as to apologize to BP on America’s behalf”. DADT needed to stay in place, I did my 20 for this country I lived with DADT, what two consenting adults do behind closed doors is none of my business, but when their lifestyle is thrust on me and I have to accept it, please don’t insult my integrity as a man who is strait. As for illegals, HLS from the desk of Ohmama himself ordered that some 300000 illegals be let off and not deported, so how many truely illegal aliens got deported? What about Ohmamas uncle who has been here for some 20 years and been ordered deported twice is still in this country and when he was drunk hit a parked police car…

      • DaveH

        “He got our troops out of Iraq ahead of schedule”?

      • DaveH

        “He did get some (not all which would have been better for us all) of his health care reform in place”?
        That’s an accomplishment? Forcing people to buy health insurance when they don’t want it, and know that it’s not cost effective?
        And adding who knows how many Trillions of Government debt to the already out of control National Debt? Here are some estimates:

      • DaveH

        Doc says “It is great that insurance will cover pre-existing conditions now”. Great that people can get free money from an insurance company for conditions they had before they enrolled? And who pays for those Freebies? Oh yeah, the rest of us. Let’s face it, that isn’t insurance, it’s simply transfer of wealth from the people who earned it to those who didn’t.

      • DaveH

        “He tried to eliminate the tax breaks corporations get for shipping our jobs overseas”?
        What are those tax breaks, Doc. Explain to us how that works, please.

      • DaveH

        “Raised fuel econoomy standards and promoted energy alternatives to make our country more energy secure”.
        Oh, you mean like Solyndra, Doc, that $500 Billion tax waste that us and future generations are now on the hook for? Explain to us, Doc, how wasting our money on technologies that couldn’t exist in Free Markets, because they aren’t cost effective, is going to somehow make our country more secure? Wouldn’t it be much smarter to use the cheaper energy solutions now, so that we could save that money for those future needs? And then spend it on technologies that were funded efficiently by Free Market energy producers who knew that it was their own money wasted if they didn’t do it right, rather than taxpayer money?

        You call that list “Accomplishments”, Doc? I call it a good reason to rid our country of Obama in 2012.

        • FreedomFighter

          DaveH, I believe Obamas main reason for bringing home to America some of our troops:

          To man FEMA camps.

          The timing is exact with the activation of said camps, we are in deep, end game is in play.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

        • Flashy

          Doc…nice list. not as complete as i’d have written, but it is comprehensive enough to get through to most that perhaps they would be better off without the Party of No denying anything that would held this Nation.

          • Brad

            That’s right Flashy, this country is better off without the Democrat party, the true party of NO.

          • DaveH

            Flashy says “not as complete as i’d have written”.
            Dang you, Flashman, you caught me by surprise with that one. I didn’t have time to get my boots on.

  • miriam

    Ron paul is neither a racist nor an isolationist/over the years we have been convinced that interferring in the politics of other nations will keep us safe and free, it does neither. Ron paul believes in American sovereignty which should make us understand the sovereign rights of other nations that we think we should control. Iran wil probably get a nuke and I sincerely doubt if we can stop them. We could work on our home defense systems if we weren’t spending all our money on unneccessary overseas adventures. I don’t care if America is the most powereful nation, just the most free and most prosperous. The media propaganda machine, aided and abetted by DC and the New World Order crowd, is in full swing. Let’s learn to recognize it!!

    • Sirian

      That’s the problem miriam, they don’t want to recognize it. Simple as that.

    • Vigilant

      miriam says, “I don’t care if America is the most powereful nation, just the most free and most prosperous.”

      In this world, miriam, one does not remain free and prosperous without that power.

  • CP

    I didn’t vote for Obama the first time, but it is becoming more and more apparent that he may be my only logical choice this time. The two republicans I could vote for are the two all you good people seem to have the least use for, and most assuredly Ron Paul is NOT one of them. Either Gingrich or Romney would have a decent chance of pullling our chestnuts out of the fire, but it seems that neither of those is liked by the right wingers. Actually, they are the only two that are more than maybe electables.

  • TML

    “…but I don’t think he has a realistic chance.”

    “…and Iran may be on the verge of nuclear armament.”

    You really should lay off the Fox News, John… as strong as Ron Paul is going right now, you look like a fool saying he has no realistic chance.
    And btw… Iran is NOT on the verge of nuclear armament, there is no evidence, but thanks for perpetuating the fear mongering propaganda machine.

    • borderlinedevill

      what poof do you need would a bomb in your home town be enough lol

      • TML

        Surely more proof than such know-nothings simply saying so. I find it interesting that these people, such as yourself, who push the fear mongering… never offer any evidence.

    • Vigilant

      “You really should lay off the Fox News, John… as strong as Ron Paul is going right now, you look like a fool saying he has no realistic chance.”

      He’s doing strongly in Iowa. The RCP nationwide poll results tell a different story. Dream on, TML.

      As for Iran’s nuclear aspirations, Saudi Arabia is contemplating allowing Pakistan to station nuclear missiles in their country to counterbalance the Iranian threat. I’m sure the Saudis don’t depend on Fox News for their intelligence, son.

      • TML

        “He’s doing strongly in Iowa”

        Yes, he is doing strongly in Iowa :)

        “As for Iran’s nuclear aspirations, Saudi Arabia is contemplating allowing Pakistan to station nuclear missiles in their country to counterbalance the Iranian threat. I’m sure the Saudis don’t depend on Fox News for their intelligence, son.”

        Where did you hear that? Fox News?
        So a preemptive move by other Muslim countries to station nuclear weapons to supposedly counterbalance the “Iranian threat” proves to you that Iran has, or is on the verge, of having a nuclear weapon? Please tell me you’re smarter than that.

        • Vigilant

          “Where did you hear that? Fox News?”

          Google “saudi nuclear weapon” and you’ll return about 23 million hits. Fox News does not appear on the first page of hits.

          My advice: get smart on current events before you lead with your jaw.

          • TML

            “My advice: get smart on current events before you lead with your jaw.”

            That’s good advice you should take for yourself…

            btw… why should I search for “saudi nuclear weapon”? None of it is proof that Iran is on the verge of having a nuclear weapon.

          • Vigilant

            “btw… why should I search for “saudi nuclear weapon”?”

            You’re absolutely right. I wouldn’t expect anyone like you to try to increase their knowledge of current events by actually checking it out.

            Let me lay it out for your atrophied brain: Saudi Arabia has intelligence sources far more profound than do you, as well as a much more immediate vulnerability to Iranian terror. The Saudis are Sunni, the Iranians are Shiite. They are well aware of Iranian intentions in the Middle East, something you might want to take the time to learn about.

            Your “head in the sand” pacifist approach regarding Iran’s nuclear aspirations smacks of the administration’s belief that negotiation is the cure for all evils. It didn’t work for Chamberlain or Carter, it won’t work for any US president.

          • TML

            “Let me lay it out for your atrophied brain: Saudi Arabia has intelligence sources far more profound than do you, as well as a much more immediate vulnerability to Iranian terror. The Saudis are Sunni, the Iranians are Shiite. They are well aware of Iranian intentions in the Middle East, something you might want to take the time to learn about.”

            So… business as usual in the Middle East, as it has been for centuries. It proves nothing.

            “Your “head in the sand” pacifist approach regarding Iran’s nuclear aspirations smacks of the administration’s belief that negotiation is the cure for all evils.”

            I’m just not afraid of them as you are… all of this Iran getting the bomb crap smacks of the same propaganda machine that led us into Iraq. Guess what genius? They found NONE!

          • Vigilant

            That’s just fine, TML. I give you facts, you provide speculation and ungrounded opinion. You must be a leftist.

          • TML

            “I give you facts, you provide speculation and ungrounded opinion.”

            I’m sure I could give you a lesson on the difference between fact and opinion, but I’ll suffice to say that the facts you presented did not pertain to, gives no direct indication, and does not prove anything, regarding Iran being on the verge of having a nuclear weapon. The fact that Saudi Arabia is allowing nuclear weapons to be stationed in their country to counterbalance the “Iranian threat” does not prove your opinion that Iran is on the verge of having a nuclear weapon. If Pakistan and/or Saudi Arabia has quantifiable evidence that Iran has, or is developing, a nuclear weapon… why is this evidence not shared with the world, or available anywhere? Are we to sit back and take the word of an age old enemy of Iran?

            My opinion is grounded in the idea that we’ve heard this all before with Iraq… weapons of mass destruction, the whole bit… and found nothing. Therefore we should be very cautious about marching to the same old beat of the war drums.

            If you can provide facts directly pointing to, as proof, that Iran has, or is on the verge of having, a nuclear weapon, then I will hear it and accept it. But what you offered is little more than what you accuse me of …. speculation and ungrounded opinion.

            “You must be a leftist.”

            Actually I’m a righty, lol… but I suppose you can (and will) label me however you wish. But if you would like to label me, I would prefer to be labeled human.

            Have a nice day

  • skyraider 6

    Obummer has done nothing to justify his reelection only users will want him back
    Semper fi

  • Henry Ledbetter

    BEWARE “”Believe not every spirit but try the spirit’s whether they be be of God or not, as if it were possible they will deceive the very elect of God.” Many false christ and false prophets are now at work in the world today but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. I would recommend a book by my friend, Dr. James Raiford, entitled The Camouflaged Church

  • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

    As most already know… it’s hard to find anyone that voted for ovomit last time Right?…. Well it’s going to be even harder next time if he gets re-elected cause if John is right and we have mass protest and riots these ovomit voters better find a hole or leave the country cause the hunters wont be hunting deer. Their sites will be locked on ovomit, pelosi (you know, the scarcrow) Hitler-ry, Holder, and any ovomit voters.

  • northbrook

    Mr Meyers I can only hope you are wrong about another 4 years under OBAMA. It would mean disaster for our country. Although I agree with many of Ron Paul’s ideas I don’t see him winning the nomination. Many ideas are too radical for most moderates, but like many I am not happy with the rest of the Republican candidates. Iam waiting to see who the Republicans nominate then I’ll support them if I can stomach their politics.

    • PATRIOT 101

      Stop it already! “He can’t win”? The media failed to destroy Ron Paul ahead of the Iowa caucus so now they attempt to discredit, deny a whole state saying Iowa really doesn’t matter that much?
      If one of the War Party’s nominees were to win the election, Iowa would be insightful, smart, distinguished and intelligent! I’m from Iowa, am informed on the issues, and the spin from the media to discredit Ron Paul. It is nothing short of a smear campaign at this point, and will have no effect on those that support Ron Paul.
      Ron Paul will continue to gain support over the next week, but perhaps not at the pace he did before, but HE WILL NOT DROP in the polls or loose Iowa!

  • Downs1

    Unfortunately, so many today are absolutely blind to what is going on behind the scene. The Ten Commandments and Judeo-Christian morality are “out”, you can’t say “God” in school, the ACLU, and all the other atheist organizations have won (they think) a great victory! God is “out” and we can proceed to work our own wills and control our own destiny! Oh really?! The government can’t even run a railroad, nuch less a healthcare system, an automobile company, an environmental agency, an energy program or a tinker toy without screwing it up! Every one of God’s commandments has been eschewed and the people in power think they can succeed? Oh Boy! We’re in big trouble! These people can’t even get history straight! The two biggest lessons from history are: 1) We don’t learn from history, and 2) Nothing changes! We keep making the same dumb mistakes over and over because we try to do it without the One who is really in charge! We deserve what we get! And it’s coming soon!

  • clarence swinney

    You said Democrats had control during Busheloon 8.
    Six years of Repug Total Control created Housing And Financial Disasters.Undeniable.Irrefutable.Truth hurts.

    • FreedomFighter

      Again wrong conclusion from history Clarence:

      Clintons got rid of Glass/Seagal, Barney “the slobbering fool” Franks ran what?

      Clinton is owned by who? The NWO

      Wakem up CS,

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Nancy

    Wow…What is wrong with all you nut cases that think Obummer has been
    a good president. Don’t you realize the mess he has us in and NO it is
    not bush’s fault and everything else he wants to blame. It is the result
    of an administration that is corrupt and a president that would rather play golf than take care of business. He is just not up to the job.
    He needs to GO NOW!

  • WillyB

    I hope Newt wins the nomination – he has the ability like R Paul to size up the whole and I think he will be the most effective in maintaining the right course. Also he may have been a fool in the past but he is not a mule and I think he has changed and humbled.

    • Jay Born

      If Newt gets the nomination, Obama will win. Why would anyone vote for a man who has so royally messed up the political, professional and personal aspects of his life with lies, deceit and a broad and continuing array of ethical violations? He’s been called “emotionally unbalanced” by GOP colleagues. This person does not deserve to be President of this great country. We must have someone competent, professional – and with his character showing.

  • DavidL

    Let’s not be hypocrites and show that our principles are standing in clay. Ron Paul has a chance if the people who believe in him vote for him.

    Ron Paul…..the only candidate in the Republican clown show who is the least fact-challenged and not a hypocrite.

    Vote for Ron Paul.

  • Chris

    You people on all sides of the political areana are so ignorant. It matters not who our next president is. The dye is cast. The progressive-marxists have had at least one hundred years to infiltrate every phase of America’s political and educational infrastructure and to gradually make it their own. They have been most successful in turning the people against their own government. That’s what marxists do best. And we now have a marxist president and America will go the way of Russia and China. Some will go kicking and screaming but most will go quietly as the sheep they are.

    • speedle

      Lighten up Chris. There is a difference in being wary and cautious vs. being a downright negative influence and doomsayer. It’s because of all the things you point out (infiltration of government, education, etc.) that people are becoming cognizant of that will assure the reversal of same. The party is over for the collectivists, and ironically we can probably thank the lousy economy for that. Even morons can see what is going on economically all over Europe with all the nanny state governments (and connect a few dots).

  • DaveH

    “Raised fuel econoomy standards and promoted energy alternatives to make our country more energy secure”.
    Oh, you mean like Solyndra, Doc, that $500 Billion tax waste that us and future generations are now on the hook for? Explain to us, Doc, how wasting our money on technologies that couldn’t exist in Free Markets, because they aren’t cost effective, is going to somehow make our country more secure? Wouldn’t it be much smarter to use the cheaper energy solutions now, so that we could save that money for those future needs? And then spend it on technologies that were funded efficiently by Free Market energy producers who knew that it was their own money wasted if they didn’t do it right, rather than taxpayer money?

    • Flashy

      BTW Dave…it wasn’t/isn’t $500 billion, try $500 million..and that is the worse case scenario. Shall we go and visit other past administrations and see what wasted failures they backed? I’m sure we can account for that amount in any year of Bush/Cheney. Want me to check for ya’s? Seeing as you have only Mises to use for reference…

      • DaveH

        Yep, You’re right, it was “only” $500 million. A veritable drop in the Big Government pockets.

      • DaveH

        And, Flashman, why visit the other administrations? Unlike you, my morality doesn’t change with the administration. I would say, and have said, the same things about the wasteful spending that went on under the Bush administrations (both Bushes).

  • Bob Marshall

    Obama’s popularity on the rise just show me that there are still to many ignorant citizens in America. Gallap poll shows Obama for the fourth year in a row as the most admired man in America. Hillary as the most admired woman in American ten years in a row? too many citizen prefer that the government take care of them. American has come to love cheap foreign products and war. both will be instrumental in bringing the US down. The war with Iran and Syria will be the final nail in the coffin. I would like to personally thank the 70% of American who swallowed Obama’s lies in 2008.You accomplished what the New World Order has dreamed of for years. Ignorance verses knowledge and ignorance won! As Thomas Jefferson would say, you failed with your responsibility as a citizen to be informed.

  • ruth

    The only way this will happen is VOTER FRAUD again just like in 2008 – the most FRAUDULENT ELECTION in this nation’s history.

  • speedle

    I disagree with the writer about Obama’s chances for re-election as well as his prediction of Obama strategy. Obama’s base would not be impressed with him if he did actually “start a war”, and without his base he cannot win. If you are suggesting that Obama would endear himself to moderate democrats and independents with a Hawkish strategy you have no understanding of the mindset of the current electorate.

    The writer is correct that the only thing that interests Obama is re-election, but unlike the writer who supposes that the GOP candidates are “unelectable” because of their “flaws”, I suggest that Obama is the one who is unelectable because of his record and his now publicly understood ideology. There are not enough village idiots and mental patients out there who agree with that philosophy who can and will vote.

    • Jay Born

      Right – Obama is not the war boy. That honor is Bush’s. Obama’s base will be composed of liberals, many independents disenchated with the brawling GOP, women, minorities, gays and the young. Many in these voting blocs see our aggressive military action as wrong and passe. The GOP’s sure base is aging white conservative males, many of whom equate war with patriotism. There’s your trouble …

  • Old Henry

    John, I think you may indeed write next year how wrong you were as I think you have greatly UNDER ESTIMATED how bad things will be.

    Bob Dole endorsing Romney? Wow! One LOOSER endorsing another LOOSER. Just as in 2008.

    I see that silver is dropping like a rock this morning. Last week I bought some at $29.05 / oz. Last I checked today it was $27.30 / pz.

    At noon today, CST, the DOW was down 130 points and falling.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Ir is refreshing to read a Paulista admit that he doesn’t have a chance of winning the general election. I will go further in predicting he doesn’t have a chance of getting the Republican nomination either. If he runs as a third party candidate it will insure the re-election of Obama. If and when that happens, listen closely for the giant sucking sound as many will pull their assets out of this country and find more hospitable places to park them. If my parents were not still alive, I would be getting ready to leave myself.

    • PATRIOT 101

      It won’t matter much if Obama or Romney is president! Bob Dole endorses Romney? He//, Obama (secretly) endorses Romney. Not that he would rather run against him, but knows the destination of America is doomed under a fellow GLOBALIST ONE WORLDER!
      Obama’s position in the One World Government is secured whether he wins or not as long as another GLOBABLIST wins!
      This may be our only chance to peacefully change direction in this country. Vote RON PAUL!

      • James

        President George H. W. Bush endorsed Romney also, which means Romney will get the nomination, defeat Obama and then, we’ll have the same government we have now.

    • Rhondar

      Well then it looks like you only have one choice…nominate Ron Paul or LOSE again like you did in 2008 with your last progressive candidate McCain !

  • willy cooper

    It takes some 300million dollars to be president. Does anyone think they are not is someones pocket?? get real. Give equal time to all canidates, get rid of the electorial colledge, get rid of the fed and maybe we can start to correct this mess. Also, get ready for really hard times whoever is elected.

    • PATRIOT 101

      Obama will have $1 billion to spend on his re-election. Sounds like a lot, but not.
      You say 300 million, not that much if everyone sends $10 or $20 to their candidate of choice it amounts to hundreds of millions. Do the math.

      • Jay Born

        Most members of Congress on both sides of the aisle – as well as heads of agencies in D.C. – are bought and paid for by big money America – corporations and wealthy individuals. Look at the Afghan War. We’ve stayed their simply because big contractor money has exchanged hands – to elected officials on the take. Oh, they’re called “donations.” Listen to the story below.

        How the Fannie-Freddie catastrophe began

  • Lawrence Ekdahl

    According to God’s word, evil men will wax worse and worse. The only hope we have left is to repent of our sins and turn to Jesus Christ.

    • Rhondar

      Yes that’s right….pray without ceasing and elect a RIGHTEOUS MAN like Ron Paul and God may spare this country….HE says so that if his people turn to him he will heal their country

  • Rhondar

    Charles Krauthammer said something that stunned me this morning….he said the election is dependent on 2 things

    Obama will win if:

    1. Angela Merckel of Germany doesn’t bail out European countries going bankrupt (therefore causing our economy to fail too)


    2. Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination and runs 3rd party

    If EU tanks then a depression would be just what’s needed to shake people up and Ron Paul will win either way….republican or 3rd party. I would really love to see him win as an independent or 3rd party candidate anyway because the republican party betrayed us on that America Battlefield NDAA bill. They need to be taught a lesson….Nobody has still answered my question as to why republicans would want to give Obama THAT MUCH POWER? (besides the fact it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL) Oaths apparently don’t mean much to republicans do they?

    HEE HEE….we have got the republicans by the short hairs if we just stick with Ron Paul. I never thought in a million years they’d admit that.

    I guess Krauthammer is trying to salvage some credibility and sees the hand writing on the wall. The other FOX pundits are towing the Murdoch line so far saying a win doesn’t mean anything if it’s Ron Paul. (but if it’s Newt/Romney they will be crowing like roosters!) We shall see. Newt and Romney are doing a great job at destroying one another.

    Gary Johnson is running 3rd party trying to get the Libertarian nomination. He’d be my 2nd choice. This is going to be a horse race.

    P.S. TEXANS ARE PAYING 400,000.00 A MONTH FOR PERRY’S SECURITY……HE’S THE ONLY GOP CANDIDATE THAT IS HAVING THEIR STATE PAY FOR THAT….WHAT A SKUNK (sounds like Obama & Cain doesn’t it?….taxpayers are bleeding from every orifice but Perry is unique in that he’s having his state not the feds pay for it)

    I wonder if we are still paying for Cain’s security? He should have dropped out instead of suspending his campaign so we didn’t have to. Who would want to kill that clown ? maybe a jealous husband….or maybe it just makes him feel SPECIAL. It’s just an outrageous waste of money either way.

    • Flashy

      Secret Service protctionj comes after the person is nominated by the party. None of the candidates have Secret Service protection as of now.

      IMO..Perry doesn’t need security. Heck, the Dems would do anything to keep him safe if he has a chance to win the nomination. Once he is out of it, Texas can have him back and they can deal with that loser…

  • Rhondar

    Anybody here ever heard the phrase DIVIDE AND CONQUER?

    RON PAUL 2012

  • Rhondar

    Ever stop to think that if the people weren’t swayed that politicians couldn’t BUY elections….WHO CARES HOW MUCH MONEY THEY SPEND….grassroots is the way to defeat them.

  • Eddie

    We need to remove Obama!!!!! Newt would be the best one to debate Obama but, Rick Perry would make a far better President.

    • eddie47d

      Come on Eddie both those gentlemen have baggage too. Newt is acting like a spoiled child in Virginia because he wasn’t put on the ballot. The rules didn’t fit him so he wants to change things to suit himself. Boo Hoo!

  • Karolyn

    Email I received about Newt & gun control

    “I wish I had better news to report.

    But Newt Gingrich is still refusing to return his National Association for Gun Rights Presidential Survey.

    In the end, I guess it really comes as no surprise. I’m afraid Newt’s been about as faithful to the Second Amendment as he has been to his three wives.

    In fact, Newt Gingrich has had a long love affair with the anti-gun crowd:
    *** Newt supports the Brady National Gun Registry — He stubbornly continues to support the anti-gun Brady Bill, which created a national gun registry;

    *** Newt supports a national biometric thumbprint database for gun purchasers — He thinks you should be forced to undergo fingerprinting before you are allowed to purchase a firearm;

    *** Newt supports the Lautenberg Gun Ban — He voted to strip law-abiding gun owners of their 2nd Amendment rights for life, simply because they spanked their children or did nothing more than grab the wrist of a spouse;

    *** Newt supports the “Criminal Safezones Act” — He stood shoulder to shoulder with Nancy Pelosi to turn every school in America into a “criminal safe-zone,” where law-abiding adults are disarmed and defenseless while gun-toting thugs are free to commit horrific atrocities like the Columbine Massacre.

    Now Newt is trying to sell himself as a “pro-gun conservative.” But with more than three decades as a public figure, Newt is the quintessential political chameleon, shifting his views to reflect whatever is popular with the chattering political class.

    His ongoing betrayal is a transparent attempt to pander to the East Coast anti-gun media, and was the hallmark of his tenure in Congress.

    While Newt used the institutional gun lobby as a mouthpiece to convince millions of gun owners nationwide that “as long as he is Speaker, no gun-control legislation is going to move in committee or on the House floor,” he was working behind the scenes to pass gun control.

    He even referred to the anti-gunners’ efforts as “reasonable,” and predicted that their Lautenberg Gun Ban would sail through his Republican-controlled House of Representatives with little trouble.

    That’s why I’ve been working so hard to mobilize members and supporters of the National Association for Gun Rights like you. YOU’VE been holding Newt Gingrich accountable for his past support of gun control.

    Right now, during election season, is the best time to lobby politicians. There is no better time to hold their feet to the fire than when they are out looking for votes.

    Please click here to watch this important video about Newt Gingrich’s past support of gun control:”

  • James

    I wouldn’t worry about the world surviving. Christ’s thousnd year reign here doesn’t start until He returns, and He doesn’t return until just after Armageddon.

  • Jay Born

    Obama is not the warmonger Bush is. An element of Obama’s 2008 campaign was to get the U.S. out of those brutal, politicl wars. As n experienced, brand-new president, the self-serving media hog David Petraeus visited him and urged him to consider the surge in Afghanistan. This plea was supported by Gates and Mullen. Bush is the one who “sold” the idea and need for war on false pretenses – not Obama. Bush’s 8 yeras were given to those wars – instead of keeping his eye on Congress. Bush’s lack of leadership resulted indirectly in the financial meltdown and in other countries, like China, gaining economically on the U.S. We had to turn to them to pay for our wars. It seems many people have memories that select things the way they wish they had been – not as they were. At that time, I was pro-Bush. Now I see him as one of the worst presidents ever. What did we gain from his 8 years – a country in decline and in disgrace from wars it sponsored.

    • eddie47d

      Obama”wants to militarize our forces into a gay fighting force” as stated below? Someone is sure licking the lollipop and it’s not Liberals. The Wizard of Oz has nothing on you Idylewylde!

      • Karolyn

        You got that right, eddie!

  • Idylewylde

    Presidential policies revolve around the NWO agenda.
    No one questions that.
    What no one seems to comprehend is that the NWO is comprised of people who do not even remotely trust one another. In fact, they’re all paranoid of one another.

    Russia could care less. They’re sitting on all of that oil grinning at Europe while Obummer kills the Canadian pipeline.

    The NWO is a cabal of squabbling brats, each with his own agenda, and the in-fight is trying to determine if Corporate Elitism of Corporate Fascism will prevail.

    Obama is a Corporate Fascist .. French style .. and hides it behind his pseudo-Marxism to confuse the Right while playing the Left. Even the American Commies fell for it.

    Gingrich is Corporate Elitist.

    Paul is fed up .. Period.

    Romney is a populist who is pro-Capitalist but walks toward the center .. much like the Bush family.

    This leave Bachmann and Santorum as the only actual Republicans in their political philosophy.

    End of the world?
    No .. just more of the same.

    Will Obama engineer more wars?
    Yep. It’s the only way he can get a complete grip on the Industrial-Military Complex to completely socialize it … transform it into a militantly Gay fighting force that owes no allegiance to the American Family, or American values.

    Sound like Biblical Prophesy?
    The Apocalypse will be Sodom & Gomorrah, the sequel.
    Why else would God clobber the entire planet? He didn’t even clobber Ninevah .. remember Jonah? .. but He totally flattened Sodom & Gomorrah.

    Yep .. Obama has more Gay Czars than straight Czars.
    If he has his way, all your kids will be swishing their way into the Apocalpse.

    Obama is not the anti-Christ. He is the Beast that makes the world worship the False Image.

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    Surely we don’t have so many deaf, dumb, blind people in America that they have joined the Obama Cult and will vote for this disaster again. Another four years of that Anti American / anti Christian / anti freedom kenyan will destroy our country!

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    I expect him to be defeated by a landside greater than the one that put Carter out of office.

  • http://personalliberty larry kemp

    It’s funny almost all that’s being said about that bastard in the white or should i say black house i’ve told about the same thing to everyone i spoke to about him from the day these stupid people gathered at his feet and elected him their (not mine) president, well these people are awakening to this devil in disguise. I think it’s to late now for america to survive.

  • Palin16

    I got a new 2012 calendar today. It’s called “Barack Obama Out of Office Countdown” and has a rather disgusting picture of him on the cover.

    • cawmun cents

      While I comiserate with the sentiment,I ndont see the outcome favoring the sentiment at this point.
      Not because of a defeatist attitude,but because the “worlders” dont want to give up their slice of pie yet.
      One worlders are not going to give up that easily.
      They will move to expidite their agenda,by causing the collapse of the United States of America.
      So keep dreaming of a person that will come to save you(one from this world)but when we gave them their opening at the turn of the century,they jumped in and moved fast,making it difficult to stop via having lulled us to sleep.
      See the reality for what it is.
      Dont accept the morsels that are thrown to you by the media/academia!
      You have been bought and sold by the one worlders.
      Enjoy your captivity.

    • bob wire

      Palin16 says:
      December 28, 2011 at 5:57 pm

      “I got a new 2012 calendar today.”

      Too funny! hope springs eternal

      I think the GOP should place their money on the Aztec prediction and double down with the world coming to an end in 2012. Run up those charge cards! Buy that Lexus for the little lady, take that ski trip, go blown a few grand in Vagas, take your employees on a deep sea fishing trip off Belize. Loosen up and live like you are about to die.

      • Palin16

        I already live in Vegas. In fact, I am planning a trip to Panama in February.

  • Tazio2013


    By Kurt Nimmo

    As we prepare to enter 2012, a number of crucial issues confront us:

    Economy: The bankster engineered implosion of the economy – beginning in 2008 with the collapse of the housing market – will likely reach a crescendo in 2012. The eurozone contagion will spread, taking down global economies. It will diminish national sovereignty across the board. The global elite are positioned to offer their world government and banking scheme as a curative and there will be increased pressure to implement their underhanded plan in the coming year.

    War: 2012 will more than likely be the year the globalists make their move on Iran and also take down Syria. In recent weeks, the Iranians have awakened from their lethargy and are now making defensive gestures on the world stage. Over the past week Iran has stated in no uncertain terms its military will shut down the Persian Gulf oil trade by blocking the Strait of Hormuz if new sanctions on gas – in effect, a war embargo – are implemented. Iran’s ability to intensify and compound the global economic crisis and get nuclear super powers China and Russia involved in a coming cataclysmic war are all part of the plan to realize order out of chaos.

    NDAA: The National Defense Authorization Act signals that the global elite are now ready to not only round-up and imprison Americans in internment camps – camps long planned and recently activated by FEMA – but are also ready to assassinate opponents and attack targets in a widespread cyber waragainst domestic enemies of the state. This is a new and frightening trend that will play out in the year ahead, especially if war is launched against Iran. Government invariably demands fealty and subservience as it rolls out its predictable us-versus-them narrative under the guise of patriotism during its engineered wars.

    Police State: As noted last week, the TSA has officially announced it will move its hands-down-your-pants operation from the nation’s airports to bus stations, mass transit hubs and beyond . DHS boss Napolitano has said the DHS plans to be entrench its Gestapo apparatus at the local mall . By Christmas of 2012, the TSA and its heavily armed VIPR good squads may be forcing citizens through deadly porno scanners at the mall. Expanding roadside checkpoints – collaborative efforts between local cops, the feds, and the military – with deadly radiation scanners will also become normalized features of the American police state. 2012 may also be the year surveillance drones become a routine sight in the skies over many cities as militarized cops soak up DHS grant cash and further implement the global elite’s police and high-tech panopticon authoritarian state control grid. – All rights reserved 2011
    P.O. Box 19549
    Austin, TX 78760

  • KHM

    I sure hope that the author id wrong about another 4 years of Obama. As many other comments have said, this country simply cannot survive that scenario. Myers is correct that even if Paul wins the nomination for GOP Presidential candidate he couldn’t gain the indepents’ vote to win the general election. Paul’s views on the Fed are right on the mark, but everything else in his positions I think are dangerous.
    The author talked about O in the 2nd term going to war against Iran or N. Korea; I disagree with him on that. I also disagree with Myers’ contention that Bush went to war in Iraq with precious little evidence of WMD. I have read that Saddam Hussein had yellowcake uranium. Also he definitely had used biological and chemical weapons against the Krurds in the northern area of Iraq. What more proof does Myers need?
    How about the current WH occupant who received the Nobel Peace Prize, continued the Iraq war for about 3 years, got us more involved in Afghanistan – more of a lost cause than Iraq, Libya and Uganda. He also interfered in the elections in Kenya, supported the Arab Spring uprisings to depose Mubarak in Egypt,etc.
    As to 2012, it is going to be a challenging year. Be prepared

    • Karolyn

      Watch the movie “Fair Game” with Sean Penn. I’m not saying it is totally true, but it is according to ex CIA agent Valerie Plame and her former ambassador husband. It will tell you the story of the supposed yellowcake and how the White House manipulated things to their advantage.

  • brian

    4 more years of Obama is not necessarily a given. Ron Paul’s support base is strong and intelligent. Voters don’t care what party he runs if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination. Paul supporters know that the Rep/Dem is just window dressing and they know he is shaking up the system just by running. The things he is saying is what people have been wanting to hear for a long time. Warnings are good but don’t give up yet.



  • bob wire

    John Myers write;”Expect the U.S. economy and the Nation’s standing in the world to further weaken. Expect more protests, both at home and abroad. And expect us to have to endure another four years with Barack Obama as President.”

    Oh I do! ~ with the exception of your first sentence Mr Myers. American is climbing out of this hole. The US economy will continue to improve ever so slowly. I heard today that even these tight fisted banker are beginning to make loans to smaller business and employment has been on a steady rise for the last 3 months.

    But if by chance Ron Paul does win, all bets are off. As the change he offers is serious medicine for a long term illness and we will get much sicker before we get better.

    Today, the GOP don’t want him, the Hill don’t want him but would they vote a DNC ticket? ~No they wouldn’t. Would they not cast a vote, yes~ some would. Would it be enough to matter? I just don’t know!

    I would be please with either and hope those two are our final choices.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Prayer that starts our Government meetings, is to blame!!!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    No Desent canadate available…

  • Core

    You depressed the happiness right out of me.. Another four years of Obama? As one person said.. four more minutes is too long. And that’s the truth.

  • simian pete

    Thank you Mr. Myers for sharing your predictions for 2012 ! I was about to get on “The good ship lollipop ” and start believing that Ron Paul will win – Thanks for the doses of REALITY ! DARN REPUBLICANS WILL PROBABLY SCREW UP THIS TIME ….

    I’m about to go bankrupt (once I raise the 700 dollars for the attorney) – I’m totally wiped out financially ….. But once I get back on my feet I’m going to take your advice…..

  • simian pete

    Oh, by the way Mr. Myers, I have a prediction of my own….

    I’m just “hypothesizing” so put this in your “crazy speculation” file !!! I’m guessing, but I PREDICT the Earth’s GRAVITATIONAL PULL will roughly DOUBLE. The atmospheric pressure will probably double too.
    This will happen in 2012 …..

    SO IF you plan to build a house, you better double reinforce it. Also it’s advisable to get as skinny as you can.

    So that’s my far out prediction !!!! HA HA !!!

    I’m 350 lbs, … time to go on a vegetable juice diet ….

  • Truth Be Told

    John Myers: First, let me say Obama is better than your boy, Ron Paul.
    He’d be the first one to bomb the world to make it a better place. He’d be our answer to Adolph Hitler, a racist nutcase, if ever there was one. Second, Newt is a money-grubber and Romney would no sooner sell this country’s crowning acheivements down the road if it would make him a pretty profit and put the middle class in a lower bracket, while making millionaires and billionaires a lot richer than they already are. After all, Romney is a milionaire. Lastly, if you would go on a diet, we would be able to feed one more poor, destitue family with what you would save on food. Ta!!! Ta!!!

  • Holdon

    Here is an interesting article on The “War on Drugs”, on Richard Bransons blog.

  • Stuart Esrock

    What a crock. I hope gold sinks by two-thirds.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    As 2012 approaches, we must remember that it’s the most critical election year in history. Consider recent polls, which show Obama rising in job approval ratings. That’s pathetic, given that BHO is such a proven failure!! Of course, it is our side that is much to blame, given that we just do not (yet) have a good choice to challenge BHO 11 months from now. What’s discouraging is the fact that a fool like Ron Paul is rising in popularity. He may be better on some domestic issues than BHO, but is just another George McGovern on foreign policy. So why would we nominate someone who can’t honestly debate BHO on foreign policy?? Remember – Ron Paul may be like Nixon, but the opposite. Nixon was good on foreign policy, but a (liberal) disaster on domestic issues; including but not limited to the creation of the EPA. I believe Paul will be a disaster on security and defense if elected.

    Clearly there are better choices. Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann are the type we should vote for in primaries. Likewise, I’d like to see Herman Cain re-enter the race. He needs to fight back against the lies and/or frivolous allegations of sexual harassment, and should sue his accusers where appropriate. GET REAL!! We need true conservatives – not nincompoops like Ron Paul or RINOs like Romney or Huntsman. LOOK AT HISTORY!! Although not perfect, Ronald Reagan was a bold outspoken conservative, and he won in 2 landslides. The weak moderates Gerald Ford, Bob Dole and John McCain lost!! Don’t people understand common sense?? Why would so many people want to repeat past mistakes?? Send a message to the GOP establishment – VOTE WISELY IN THE PRIMARIES!!!!

  • http://none R Paul or status quo

    Earl, if Ron Paul is a fool as you say, then you don’t deserve a reply. You should go to his website and not be listening to mainstream media. I consider you the nincompoop for failing to think for yourself. Vote Wisely and how about you use common sense.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Oboma was Right in ’08… And still Right… We need a change!




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