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2012 04-26 Gowdy questions Sebelius about Mandate.wmv

May 28, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Ken

    I stand corrected – Sebelius is decisively trumped, as is her pimp Obammy.

  • Vigilant

    Sibelius says, “Again…I’m not going to wade into Constitutional Law.”

    This cavalier attitude toward the Constitution is all too prevalent in the unhallowed halls of the Obama administration. Gowdy was superb, Sibelius looked like a kid at her first day in kindergarten.

  • http://Donothaveawebsite Rev. Karha` Us

    Karha` comments: I found this video disturbing to listen to. 1. The condescention present in Gowdy’s questions towards Sibelius. As a woman I have heard this sort of verbal bullying all my life from men whom demand women agree with them, or women they wish to look wrong in the eyes of other’s. Sibelius was honest in her repeatedly stating she was not a consitutional lawyer. She was tasked with developing a set of options on women’s healthcare which she did. A set of options that the religious groups cpould then offer as riders to a basic health care insurance. Groups such as the RC church have insisted any birth control options are an affront to their religious freedom. This is the smoke and mirrors technique being used to force the government into cowtowing to their demands. Freedom of religion has nothing to do with health care options. It is the freedom to be a Catholic, a Baptist, a non-denominational Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, a Mislim or to have no religion at all.
    I have read the constitution from cover to cover as they say because I have seen the loss of basic freedoms being hidden in the Patriot act, and the intentional use of fear ideologies very similar to what was done in Nazi Germany. It is time for American to re-educate themselves on the constitution. To look at the 8 years of damage done to the economy, to education, to the soul of America By the previous administrations fear and money based policies. You are welcome to disagree with me… this is a constitutional right we have to have differing opinions.

    • DaveH

      Where in the Constitution, Rev, do you find the Power given to the Federal Government to Force people to buy a product (health insurance)?
      So you object to Dowdy grilling Kathleen, but you have no problem at all with Bully, Thieving Government people forcing other people to buy what many consider to be a bad product?
      I believe that Health Insurance is a bad investment. When a person buys health insurance, they are betting against the odds that they will suffer misfortune. And not just ordinary misfortune but very unlucky misfortune, because Insurance companies couldn’t stay in business by just breaking even. The probabilities of people suffering misfortune must be less (much less) than their premium payments, or the Insurance companies couldn’t make any money. I would rather bet with the odds that I won’t suffer that kind of misfortune and keep my money to pay for my own healthcare. I don’t have to jump through anybody’s hoops to get my own money back to pay for my own healthcare. I like it that way. And if I do suffer a catastrophic illness, I might die. We’ve all got to go one day or another. I choose to go my way — NOT your way, Rev.
      And please don’t bother giving me that lame excuse that other people will have to pay for me if I can’t pay, because that gift was forced on me by your kind. I will not give my Freedom in exchange for an unsolicited gift. You state that you have been witness to men bullying women. So, suppose that a man paid for your dinner unsolicited by you. Would that then give that man the right to Force his way on you? Then don’t do the same to me.

  • Jodie

    Mmmm, wow. That was good. Don’t think you missed a single talking point. I have one little problem though. I seriously doubt that you have read the constitution “cover to cover” as you have claimed. Liberals generally aren’t interested in the other sides reasons. And before you scream that the constitution is not “right wing”, ask yourself, which side champions the constitution? Now which side is always trying to change it or disarm it, or completly ignore it. Love the “Nazi Germany” comment. You do realize that the left has used the same old playbook for decades, don’t you. You ask americans to “re-educate” themselves. I believe Nazi Germany had camps for that. As far as Sibelius being brow beaten by Growdy; didn’t she put herself in this position? Do you really think that she didn’t know what a malestrom this was going to bring on? Forcing the RC church to provide riders for birth control is the same as forcing them to provide the pill and the condoms themselves. Are you an idiot? And I’m by NO means a catholic. Just a pissed off, red blooded american who is tired of having to bend over backwards trying to get along with a bunch of america hating liberals.

  • Dave Kirby

    Gowdy definitely had his list of religious groups that won their case in the supreme court as if to say this is is going to be the same. I personally think that the RC church has their right to do what they want with their employees in their church, but they are not just a church. They are a megalith of a corporation that has their fingers in many pies. They should not be allowed to enforce their beliefs behind the first ammendment while running for-profit companies. If that were so, every company would find religious beliefs to avoid the law for fun and profit.

    • DaveH

      They shouldn’t enforce their beliefs on others? But it’s okay for you to Force your beliefs on me, and make me buy a product I disapprove of? Don’t be a hypocrite, Dave.

      • Dave Kirby

        Do you have any insurance, Dave. I’m sure you are paying for a lot of things that you don’t approve of, you just don’t choose to use them. The question here is whose insurance is it? The RC church is buying, but their employees are the consumer. Do you think the insurance premium cost would be different if it didn’t include birth control?

        A little off subject, but did you know that our first congress and President Washington passed a bill requiring merchant ship owners (probably the biggest industry of the day) to purchase medical insurance (not hospital) for their seaman. President Adams later signed a bill requiring some seamen to purchase hospital insurance. Both of these bills were backed by original framers of the constitution; twenty and five, respectively.

  • Dave Kirby

    As for reading the constitution cover to cover–it’s a five minute read. The myriad of cases tried by the supreme court has changed the meanings in the constitution. Some leaning liberal, some leaning conservative. The five minute read has now become a library. We can all have our opinions and we must operate on our beliefs in our daily lives, as I’m sure Ms Sebelius has. Whether her belief of what is legal, or what you may say, “constitutional” is correct will apparently be determined by the courts.

  • JimH

    The Bill of Rights is about an individualds rights, not just a religious organizations rights.
    If a Catholic owns a business that provides insurance.they should also not be forced to have that policy provide services that go against their belief.
    Obama’s “compremise” really isn’t. This bill and the compemise are all un-constitutional.
    Ms. Sebelius wasn’t prepared to answer any real questions, was she.
    That mean ol Mr. Gowdy asking inteligent questions, she wasn’t prepared to answer.

  • Simian Pete

    Gowdy was just excessively polite towards Sebelius – this will be taken as a “sign” of weakness during any negotiations with he administration. I was shocked watching this woman giving such uneducated answers on very basic CIVICS …. that is taught to Middle School children ..

    Sebelius was definitely annoyed (but not frustrated) by Gowdy’s questions. Gowdy was definitely more frustrated and intimidated by her answers – you could tell by the tone of voice both used in this verbal exchange. Gowdy probably fears physical/political retaliation from those in power. The man is definitely a hero and had the courage to champion the COnstitution ….

    Personally, Mankind is doomed. Here in North America you have a nation founded on a utopian “COnstitution” . For a brief moment in history freedom reigned. Now because of human dysgenic stupidity you are losing utopia …

    Mankind, kicked out of Eden and sentenced to mortality because of believing some looney con artist serpent. After that human individual lived about 900 years in a near perfect environment ! But Noah’s generation was to evil to justify this second utopia. Now mankind is cursed to live one tenth of the past standard lifespan.

    I could go on and on – Babel’s Tower ! ALL mankind prefered the safety of a walled city rather than exploration of Earth ! .The Human Race preferred dicataorship under Nimrod the Apostate … Security over Freedom !!!

    On and On it goes. The species Homo Sapiens physically detoriates due to massive mutation – a dysgenic nightmare !!! The Hubris of Homo Sapien belief of “Evolution” in spite of the evidence in front of him – willful ignorance !

    Just amazing… Excuse my tangent ! A Fascist United “State” of North America is the reality. You have dumb asses like Sebelius ruling all of you. When I consider this woman I get sick to my stomache and want to puke ……………….


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