The Robber Barons

Ben Bernanke is stumped. That’s what the Federal Reserve chairman told The Associated Press last week. The AP report said: “Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke told reporters Wednesday that the central bank had been caught off guard by recent signs of deterioration in the economy. And he said the troubles could continue into next year.

Presidential Show’n’Tell

Time magazine misses the big picture. Holder and the lawyers to the rescue! “Tingle-boy” Matthews’ unhealthy obsession? An ex-Hillary Clinton intern gets paid the REALLY old fashioned-way. And—flying the unfriendly skies. All this, plus— goldfish! Presented in 1080 high-def, FOR FREE! It’s The Great Eight, from the Personal Liberty Digest™!

FBI Raid Seizes Servers, Brings Down Websites

Early Tuesday morning, the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a raid on a Web hosting facility used by DigitalOne, seizing several servers and bringing down websites in the process. DigitalOne’s chief executive, Sergej Ostroumow, sent an email to a client that read: “This problem is caused by the F.B.I., not our company.”

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Announces Illegal Alien Status

A former reporter for The Washington Post and Senior Contributing Editor for the Huffington Post, Jose Antonio Vargas was part of the team that won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings. He accomplished all this by the age of 30. On Wednesday, Vargas revealed that he is an illegal alien.

Ron Paul And Barney Frank Introduce Bill To End Pot Prohibition

A Republican Presidential candidate and a Massachusetts Democrat introduced a bill on Thursday to end the Federal prohibition on marijuana. Representatives Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Barney Frank (D-Mass.) announced that their bill will allow each State to create a marijuana policy of its own, as well as legalize, regulate and tax the drug.

How I Learned The Truth About The State

I’ll never forget my last visit to lovely Hinesville, Ga. For it was there that I learned a valuable lesson, one I shall never forget: In a police state, we’re all criminals. Think about it: How many laws have you broken today? This week? This month? Have you changed lanes without a turn signal? Exceeded the posted speed limit? Hired a neighborhood kid to cut your grass and then paid him under the table? Engaged in commerce with someone who is in the country illegally?

Obama Ignoring Military Advice With Troop Withdrawals

Tonight, President Barack Obama will give a major speech regarding the Afghanistan war campaign. He is expected to announce the withdrawal of up to 30,000 United States troops from Afghanistan by November of next year. “The move comes despite warnings from his military commanders that recent security gains are fragile. They have been urging him to keep troop numbers high until 2013,” read a Guardian article. The White House confirmed, according to the article, that the troop withdrawals will be “significant.”