Snack On Pistachios To Keep Healthy Weight

Snack on pistachios to keep healthy weightNuts have gotten a bad reputation in the past because of their high-calorie, high-fat content. But a growing body of research has suggested that the compounds present in nuts are actually quite healthy and can help keep excess body fat at bay.

In a study that was conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles, a team of researchers found that dieting obese participants who snacked on 240 calories worth of pistachios each day were more likely to reach their weight loss goal than their counterparts who were allowed pretzels as snacks, totaling about 220 calories per serving.

"Snackers often think pretzels are a better choice for weight management compared to a nut like pistachios just because they are lower in fat. This study debunks that myth," said co-author David Heber, M.D., Ph.D.

During the 12-week study, the participants who snacked on nuts consumed about 30 percent of their total calories in fat, whereas the pretzel group's fat intake accounted for just 20 percent of their daily calories.  

Reflections On The Osama-Obama Saga

Of all the revealing things President Barack Obama has said throughout his career — in print, audio, video, and live — perhaps the most revealing of all was something he wrote in Dreams from My Father:

“Eventually a consulting house to multinational corporations agreed to hire me as a research assistant. Like a spy behind enemy lines [my emphasis], I arrived every day at my mid-Manhattan office and sat at my computer terminal, checking the Reuters machine that blinked bright emerald messages from across the globe.”

Why would Obama, who was by then a grown man (not a philosophically confused college kid), feel like a spy behind enemy lines when he was working in the corporate world? There are differing opinions as to what he meant by these words, but to me the only explanation that makes any sense is the one that is… well, self-explanatory.

Though he has gone to a great deal of trouble and expense to destroy the paper trail leading to his radical past, what we do know about this mysterious son of a Kenyan Luo tribesman is that the essence of his being is a belief in redistributing wealth and, in the process, destroying both capitalism and the Western way of life.

Thus, when it was reported that Obama himself gave the order for a team of Navy Seals to kill Osama bin Laden, it raised the question: If Barack Obama is still the same left-wing radical he was when he was close pals with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, “Marxist professors” in college, et al, why would he order a hit on bin Laden?

The question proved to be rhetorical for many, as polls showed that anywhere from 2 percent (Rasmussen) to 11 percent (New York Times/CBS News) of Americans changed their opinion of Obama and gave him a favorable rating after the purported Osama bin Laden assassination in Pakistan. (Amazingly, some people even decided they liked his handling of the economy immediately following the bin Laden story! Don’t ask.)

Assuming, for the sake of argument, that Osama bin Laden actually was killed as per the government’s description of the event (no hard evidence of what took place has been made available to the public), those who see it as a sign that Obama is a genuinely patriotic American are confused. Even if the facts the government has disseminated about bin Laden’s death are accurate, the event is totally unrelated to Obama’s obsession with “fundamentally transforming America.”


  • First, never forget that the No. 1 mantra of the Left is that the end always justifies the means. As Left-wing radicals are fond of saying, in revolutions, innocent people get killed. In other words, the deaths of innocent bystanders is just one of those things — an unfortunate sacrifice for the greater good. That said, if the Left isn’t bothered by the deaths of innocent people, why would Obama care about Osama bin Laden getting a bullet through the eye?
  • Second, can you name me a Left-wing leader, at any time in history, who was averse to killing either friend or foe? The Left has a history of employing violence. Nothing new there.
  • Third, Obama has repeatedly demonstrated that he doesn’t give a second thought to turning on anyone who gets in the way of his main objective. Why would he care about Osama bin Laden when he didn’t care about his own “spiritual mentor,” Reverend Wright? Or Hosni Mubarak, one of America’s staunchest allies in the Middle East?

Those who now give Obama a favorable rating for supposedly ordering the killing of Osama bin Laden still don’t understand that Obama is the Master of Distraction. The whole event was simply a distraction from his ongoing destruction of the American economy.

When he recently visited the southern border (for the first time in his presidency!), it, too, was nothing more than a distraction ploy. Ditto his campaign speeches when he danced on the graves of the shooting victims in Tucson and those who died at Ground Zero.

Perhaps Osama bin Laden really was killed on May 2. So what? America’s real problem — Barack Obama — is alive and well and continuing right on with his Marx-Alinsky-Piven plan to complete the fundamental transformation of America into a redistributionist hell. Of course, he and the Queen of Anti-obesity will continue to eat caviar and lobster, but… hey… the leader of a revolution has to be comfortable and well fed. After all, under Marxism, some animals are more equal than others.

Obama is a highly disciplined individual, so rest assured that he has not lost his focus on the dreams he got from his communist father. His obsession with destroying entrepreneurship, capitalism, the economy, the dollar, free speech and, above all, the Constitution is stronger now than when he first gained entrance to the White House, courtesy of the mainstream media’s running interference for him.

C’mon, now… do you really believe Obama has banned drilling in most oil-rich areas because he wants to make America great again?

Do you believe he refuses to enforce existing laws on illegal aliens and border security because he wants to make America great again?

Do you believe he enriched the unions at the expense of the bondholders and propped up General Motors with your money because he wants to make America great again?

Do you believe he has appointed scores of radicals to important government posts because he wants to make America great again?

Do you believe he’s added $5 trillion to the national debt since taking office because he wants to make America great again?

The list is endless, and it continues to grow on a daily basis.

The Master of Distraction knows how important it is that he continue to distract the pudding heads who are anxious to give him a boost in the polls every time he makes a smart-aleck crack about tea baggers or moats or alligators. The truth is, he doesn’t give a damn about Osama bin Laden — or anyone else who isn’t integral to his revolutionary goals.

If it takes a bullet in someone’s eye to distract the American public, so be it. That said, I’d like to propose a national moratorium on the gushy applause for Chairman Obama for his “gutsy call.” Please, enough already with the naiveté.

–Robert Ringer

A Black Mark For The Democrats

Herman Cain is a fascinating subject. A self-made millionaire, Cain is a deeply conservative man who recently announced his intention to seek the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination. Cain is a graduate of “historically black” Morehouse College in Atlanta — the alma mater of famous African-Americans including auteur Spike Lee, actor Samuel L. Jackson, banker Walter Massey and a certain clergyman from Atlanta who made quite a name for himself back in the 1960s civil rights movement — and woe be unto the pundit who denigrates the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

To put a fine point on it, Cain is black. Granted, he’s a long shot to snare a starring role in the next Lee movie about racist pizza (or whatever), but he’s an even longer shot to snare a role in the next Merchant/Ivory film about 18th century Europeans being… boring. It’s hard to imagine someone questioning the “blackness” of a man who rubbed shoulders with such notables at such an institution of higher learning; especially if the questioner is a liberal hack who’s only slightly less white than the Queen of England.

Fortunately for Bill Maher, Democrat Party mouthpieces are evidently exempt from their own standards. On his HBO bobble-head program, the nauseatingly unfunny Maher did NOT call Cain an “Uncle Tom.” However, he did employ Cain as a token to take another gratuitous swipe at the conservatives whom Maher despises more than — well — anything:

“Herman Cain, I never heard of this guy, but apparently he ran Godfather’s Pizza, and Republicans say they love him so they’re not racist — right.”

Actually, the presence of a black man (Cain is not the only African-American whose name has come up. Florida Representative Allen West isn’t exactly Swedish) in the Republican Party Presidential race has no more bearing on the racial politics of the Republican Party in general than President Barack Obama’s mixed-race heritage does on the racial politics of the Democrat Party. In fact, I would posit that a white guy — such as Maher — who would draw such a vertex is himself a racist. Maher, likely out of desperation to denigrate anyone who would challenge his beloved Obama, has attempted to reduce Cain from successful businessman to lawn jockey.

Obama’s political career has largely rested upon some of the most disingenuous race-baiting politics in recent memory. From the 2008 corporate media claiming an Obama loss equated institutional racism, to endlessly Democrat-accepted — albeit factually unsupported — claims of Tea Party racism, to the presence of unrepentant bigots like the repulsive Eric Holder in the Attorney General’s office, the Democrats have made race the centerpiece of the response to virtually every criticism of their Presidential hegemony.

Earlier this year, Democrat Party affiliated hate group Common Cause held a rally at which they unabashedly called for the lynching of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Following that outrage — which went largely unreported by the corporate media — Common Cause issued a half-hearted apology. The “apology” was accepted without question by everyone whom the Democrats consider important; a list which did NOT include the target of the racist invective — Justice Thomas himself. The lily-white Democrats who wished for Thomas to meet his end dangling from a rope made their own bigotry clear in their own words. I have a hard time believing that they’d have demanded a lynching or for Thomas to be sent “to the fields” if he looked like — say — Jay Carney.

Maher noted Cain’s Presidential campaign in an effort to repeat the tired old Democrat smear that Republicans are racist. Assuming that Maher is telling the truth about not recognizing Cain — which reveals a serious lack of professionalism on the part of Maher’s writing staff — then he only noted Cain’s political affiliation because of Cain’s race. THAT, my friends, is racist.

Herman Cain is not “my guy” in the 2012 field, although he’d be a damned sight better at dispensing the duties of the Presidency than the manufactured buffoon who’s squatting there now. But in true liberal fashion, Maher treated Cain like a politicized “Stepin’ Fetch it” in order to prove a Democrat fantasy — Republicans are racist — which doesn’t exist in fact.

–Ben Crystal

If You Are Over 60, Read Carefully… If You Are Under 60, Read Carefully!

I’ll bet you know what your cholesterol level is, but chances are that you never heard of homocysteine.

Well, the cholesterol theory has never been proven but everybody believes that it has. So the pharmaceuticals make billions on this myth.

Many cardiologists build their practice on testing and prescribing cholesterol (statin) drugs. It is not by accident, because many millions of dollars have been spent to promote the cholesterol theory.

It’s a medical craze and it’s a money maker. The point is that most people who get heart disease have normal cholesterol levels in their blood. In fact, scientists have proven that pure cholesterol does not cause arteriosclerosis and that elevation of blood cholesterol is a symptom, not a cause, of heart disease.

How could scientists and medical experts be wrong about the heart disease-cholesterol myth so long? The answer is MONEY!

Homocysteine is a renegade amino acid present in our bodies that has been identified as THE cause of heart disease as well as blood clots, stroke and gangrene. What’s more, keeping homocysteine levels in the safe range does not require expensive medication or any drugs at all, only adequate amounts of certain vitamins i.e., B6, B12 and folic acid. This has all been proven!

Since the therapy for high homocysteine requires no drugs, we can begin to see why nobody knows about it. No Money!

Homocysteine is intimately involved in the aging process, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and cancer. Also, lowering homocysteine causes weight loss, lower blood pressure and, of course, reduced heart disease symptoms and improved general health. How simple is health, without huge amounts of money!

I recommend that every one of you read The Heart Revolution by Dr. Kilmer S. McCully, and then read it again!

And, check your homocysteine level now! Start vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid today.
Further, for those ages 60 and over, your B12 intake should be by injection because, as we age, we have no intrinsic factor. This makes B12 in pill, tablets, etc., useless as our bodies are unable to absorb it. B12 liquid and 100 cc needles are available by prescription. It is very easy to do yourself.

It is believed that 25 percent of those over age 60, especially vegetarians, are very low in vitamin B12. The older we get the more likely we are to have a vitamin B12 deficiency because we lose the ability to absorb it.

Further, the older we get the more our digestive system breaks down, especially with the standard American diet. The lining of the stomach gradually loses its ability to produce hydrochloric acid which releases vitamin B12 from our food.

The use of antacids or ulcer drugs will also lower stomach acid secretion and decrease the ability to absorb vitamin B12. In fact, adequate hydrochloric acid in the stomach is critical to life and health. Americans’ hydrochloric acid has been under attack by pharmaceuticals for decades. There are thousands of prescription and non-prescription drugs that Americans consume with wild abandon. The final insult is the “Purple Pill,” which actually shuts down the proton (acid) pump.

I wonder how much stomach cancer has been caused by these so-called acid stomach relievers?

Pauls Take Aim: Ron Announces Presidential Bid, Rand Compares Obamacare To Slavery

Pauls take aim: Ron announces Presidential bid, Rand compares Obamacare to slaveryRepresentative Ron Paul (R-Texas) has officially thrown his hat into the GOP Presidential ring.

On ABC's "Good Morning America" on May 13, Paul revealed that he will vie for the White House for a third time. In 1988, he ran as a Libertarian and, in 2008, he fell short in the Republican primaries.

"The time has come around to the point where the people are agreeing with much of what I've been saying for 30 years, so I think the time is right," Paul told the media outlet.

According to FOX News, Paul raised more than $1 million through an online fundraiser on May 5, the same day as the first GOP debate featuring Paul and four other Presidential hopefuls.

The Congressman's son, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), recently made headlines after he equated President Barack Obama's healthcare law to slavery.

The Tea Party favorite — who, like his father, is a physician — said that the "right" to healthcare means that Americans can show up at his front door and "conscript" him to provide medical treatment.

Paul added that the "implied use of force" in Obamacare "enslaves" doctors, nurses, assistants and all other employees at medical facilities.

City Officials In San Francisco Vote To Limit Yellow Pages Distribution

City officials in San Francisco vote to limit Yellow Pages distributionSan Francisco's board of supervisors has voted to restrict the delivery of Yellow Pages directories to residences and businesses who request the publication.

On May 10, the panel voted 10-1 to ban unrequested delivery of the bulky directories throughout the City by the Bay. If the measure is approved by another vote, San Francisco would become the first city in America to restrict distribution of Yellow Pages.

According to The Associated Press, advocates for the ban claim that the Internet makes the directories unnecessary. City officials stated that the directories generate 7 million pounds of paper waste, which clogs recycling equipment.

The Local Search Association (LSA), a trade association, has urged the board of directors to reconsider their vote. The group said that a ban on the delivery of unrequested Yellow Pages will hurt the economy by putting hundreds of city residents out of work and restricting small business' ability to reach clients.

"It is also unfortunate that they failed to honor the 1st Amendment rights of publishers, advertisers and residents of the city," said LSA president Neg Norton.

Last November, Seattle's city council approved an ordinance to allow residents to refuse delivery of Yellow Pages, The Seattle Times reported. On May 9, a Federal judge rejected an injunction request made by publishers of the directory, who claimed that the opt-out feature violated their 1st Amendment rights. 

New Law Would Ban Certain Speech In Connecticut Businesses

New law would ban certain speech in Connecticut businessesBusiness owners and GOP lawmakers in Connecticut are concerned that a proposed bill would violate an employer's freedom-of-speech rights.

The "captive audience" law has passed the state's House of Representatives and will move on to the Senate. If approved and signed by the governor, Connecticut employers would not be allowed to force workers to sit through meetings involving talk of religion and politics, including union organizing, the Republican American reported.

Following a lengthy debate, House lawmakers approved the bill after 1 a.m. on May 12. The chamber passed the measure by a vote of 78-65, the news source reported.

Union groups support the proposal because it prevents bosses from holding sessions in which they attempt to intimidate their workers against joining the union. However, critics of the bill have argued that it is unnecessary legislation because Federal law already prohibits employers from forcing their personal views on staff members, according to NBC Connecticut.

"Even if you believe it's needed, could it be any more vaguely written and subject to misinterpretation?" asked House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero (R-Norwalk), quoted by the media outlet.

Trump Will Not Run In 2012

Businessman Donald Trump announced Monday that he will not seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, saying, “Ultimately… business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector.”

A blog on said, “Trump’s decision brings to an end a political roller coaster ride on which the flamboyant celebrity pushed the debate over whether President Obama was born in the United States into the public eye, rose as high as second place in polling on the 2012 race and was on the receiving end of a fusillade of jokes from the president during last month’s White House Correspondents Dinner.”

Trump now joins former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee in the list of Republican non-candidates.

The real estate mogul once took credit for forcing Obama to release his long form birth certificate, saying, “I’m very proud of myself because I’ve accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish,” despite mounting evidence that the most recent birth certificate is also a fraud.  

Regardless of Trump’s grandstanding, voters were never likely to be swayed: “Polling suggested that vast swaths of the electorate did not think Trump had the right experience to be president or shared their values.”

Majority Of Americans Oppose Raising Debt Ceiling, Gallup Poll Shows

On Friday, Gallup released the results of a new poll showing that a majority of Americans are against raising the debt ceiling.

The poll results showed that 47 percent of all Americans would vote against raising the debt ceiling. Of those responding negatively, 70 percent were Republicans, 46 percent were Independent and 26 percent were Democrats.

“The public’s perceptions are clearly negative, suggesting the debt ceiling vote is a political hurdle lawmakers will need to overcome,” Gallup said in its report. “Americans are more likely to oppose than favor raising the debt ceiling, regardless of how closely they are following the news about the issue. Among the 23 percent who are following the debt ceiling discussion very closely, 62 percent are opposed and 25 percent are in favor of raising the current ceiling.”

Gallup also noted that, despite public opposition, “Congress is generally expected to pass debt ceiling legislation.”

Indiana Court Denies Citizens’ Right To Resist Unlawful Police Entry

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Indiana citizens have no right to resist unlawful police entry into their homes.

The 3-2 decision overturns established law “dating back to the English Magna Carta of 1215,” according to Justice Steven David said, “We believe… a right to resist an unlawful police entry into a home is against public policy and is incompatible with modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence.” The court opinion said, according to the article, “If a police officer wants to enter a home for any reason or no reason at all, a homeowner cannot do anything to block the officer’s entry.”

Justice Robert Rucker dissented, saying, “In my view the majority sweeps with far too broad a brush by essentially telling Indiana citizens that government agents may now enter their homes illegally—that is, without the necessity of a warrant, consent or exigent circumstances.”

Justice Brent Dickson said, “The wholesale abrogation of the historic right of a person to reasonably resist unlawful police entry into his dwelling is unwarranted and unnecessarily broad.”

The case in question involved a police response to a domestic dispute, in which a couple’s fight had spilled outside. “When the couple went back inside their apartment, the husband told police they were not needed and blocked the doorway so they could not enter. When an officer entered anyway, the husband shoved the officer against a wall. A second officer then used a stun gun on the husband and arrested him.”

U.S. Starts Tapping Into Federal Pensions

On Monday, United States Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told Congress that he will begin suspending investments in government retirement funds in order to free up borrowing capacity. reported, “Geithner said he would suspend investments in two government retirement funds, which will give the U.S. Treasury $147 billion in additional borrowing capacity.”

Geithner also said, “I again urge Congress to act to increase the statutory debt limit as soon as possible.” The Treasury has said that it will continue to suspend such investments as part of a plan to keep the government solvent, but that such measures would only work until Aug. 2.

The article said, “Previous administrations have also tapped the retirement funds at times to avoid breaching the debt limit. Over the past two decades, Treasury has suspended investments five times, with the most recent suspension in 2006.”

Geithner claimed, “Federal retirees and employees will be unaffected by these actions,” but that he “will be unable to invest fully” in the civil service retirement and disability fund and the government securities investment fund.

GOP Presidential Contender Field Is Taking Shape, But Not Everyone Is Happy

Mike Huckabee announces he won't run for President Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has announced that he won't seek the Republican nomination for the 2012 presidential election.

In a statement made on his Fox News show, Huckabee said that the decision was not political or financial, but a spiritual one.

"All the factors say 'go,' but my heart says 'no'," he stated.

This was the third high-profile announcement, after Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich revealed last week he would seek the nomination, joining Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas).

And while Huckabee's decision opens a spot for socially conservative candidates to step in, it also leaves a void in the moderate wing of the Republican party, where the former governor is respected.

Columnist and commentator David Frum bemoaned Huckabee's exit, writing on the website that despite his "reactionary cultural message," he was "unequaled in showing understanding and regard for those families getting by on incomes of five figures and not six, seven, eight or nine."

For his part, Huckabee hinted at the tough nature of the race that would last some 18 months and the job that potentially lay at the end of it. He said that "under the best of circumstances, being President is a job that takes one to the limit of his or her capacity." 

Rapper’s Appearance At White House Stirs Controversy

Rapper's appearance at White House stirs controversyFirst Lady Michelle Obama has received sharp criticism from several conservative figures regarding her decision to invite popular rapper Common to a poetry event at the White House.

Common, whose real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., addressed a group of students at the White House on May 11. The decision to invite him to a government-sponsored event has been questioned following The Daily Caller’s posting of his lyrics from a 2007 song, in which he calls on Americans to “burn a Bush.”

The lyrics are in reference to former President George W. Bush, of whom Common was an outspoken critic.

Furthermore, Common has defended retired pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who was at the center of some controversy during President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008. Wright, Obama’s former pastor, was shown in videos spewing anti-American and racist comments, prompting the President to distance himself from the clergyman.

In 2008, Common defended Wright by claiming that the pastor “never really was against white people or another race,” according to FOX News.

In response to Common’s appearance at a children’s event, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin sarcastically tweeted, “Oh lovely, White House.”

Despite Republican Criticism, Romney Defends Bay State Healthcare Law

Despite Republican criticism, Romney defends Bay State healthcare lawFormer Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s political record has inspired some tongue-in-cheek remarks from conservative politicians and pundits alike.

On May 12, The Wall Street Journal published an editorial about Romney under the headline “Obama’s Running Mate.” Political columnist Jonah Goldberg tweeted that Romney is auditioning for David Axelrod’s job, referring to the former senior advisor to President Barack Obama.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a potential candidate for the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination, has made repeated references to “Romneycare,” linking the 2007 healthcare overhaul in Massachusetts to Obama’s controversial Federal reform.

The critics have not deterred Romney, who defended his healthcare legislation during a May 12 speech in Michigan. He said that the Massachusetts law, which includes the individual mandate, was the right move for the Bay State.

On a national level, however, Romney has other plans if he is elected President. He has unveiled a five-point proposal that would give States the power to reject Obama’s individual mandate and allow them to craft their own coverage plans.

If elected, Romney claimed that he would issue an executive order on his first day in the Oval Office granting all 50 States waivers that would exempt them from certain requirements of Obamacare.

Milling Whole Grains Into Freshly Ground Flour

The most economical way to purchase wheat for food storage is to buy it in bulk, store it in 5-gallon buckets and grind it into fresh flour as you need it. Make sure the wheat you store contains less than 10 percent moisture content. This is very important because weevils and insects like moisture to reproduce. The dryer the grain, the longer it will store. Dry grain will also grind better in a mill. I like to buy wheat that has been triple-cleaned and is free of rocks, sticks, grass and insects.

It is best to find organic grains that are not genetically modified (GM). Whole grains can be purchased in any health-food or grain store. If you don’t have a grain or feed store near you, look it up on the Internet and find the closest food-storage and preparedness store near you. It is best to purchase the grain locally, because you will pay as much for shipping as you do for the grain. It would be good to get a variety of different grains and experiment with them. Whole grains are great to store because they last forever and provide carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals, fiber and some naturally occurring fats. Because they are what we call complex carbohydrates, they are slow burning and provide extra energy in the body.

I grind up about a gallon of flour at a time and store the leftovers in a container in my freezer. It is ready for making breads, cakes, pancakes and other baked goods. By grinding it fresh each time I need it, the grain retains the nutritional value. Once the grain has been milled, it starts to lose nutrition the longer it sets. White flour in the grocery store has lost most of its nutritional value from being highly processed. The hull and bran are stripped away, and the flour is bleached to make it white. Then preservatives, whiteners, softeners and spoilage preventers are added. Processed food is dead food as far as nutrition goes.

I set up a baking center in my pantry where I can grind my wheat and grain. I keep together all the supplies needed for making bread — items such as honey, powdered milk, dried eggs, vegetable or olive oil, salt, vital wheat gluten and dough enhancer. I have gallon-sized containers with different grains in each one. I keep all the ingredients together, so they are handy to use. The only exception to the rule is the yeast. I keep it in the freezer, which extends the shelf life of the yeast. My wheat-grinder and bread-maker are on the shelf of my baking center. I have an electric wheat-grinder and a nonelectric hand wheat-grinder.

If you are storing the grain for long periods of time, it is good to use several oxygen-absorbers in the bucket. I use one 300-CC oxygen-absorber for every gallon of grain. I layer the grain and five oxygen-absorbers in a 5-gallon bucket so they are mixed in with the grain. If I am going to use the grain for grinding or cereal, I do not put an oxygen-absorber in the bucket, because as soon as you open it, the absorber will absorb oxygen from the air and will be useless. If I plan to sprout the grain, I do not put an oxygen-absorber in it, because it will kill the endosperm by depriving it of oxygen.

If a person is gluten intolerant (allergic to wheat), there are other grains that can be substituted in baked goods. The grains that contain gluten are wheat, spelt, kamut, faro, durum, bulgur, semolina, barley, rye, triticale and oats. The grains that do not contain gluten are amaranth, buckwheat, corn, millet, Indian ricegrass, quinoa, brown and white rice, sorghum, teff and wild rice. Grind all grains the same or mix them for a variety of texture, flavor and nutritional value.

If you are not used to whole grains, start slowly by incorporating the flour into baked goods. Use half whole wheat and half white flour at first. Because whole wheat and grains have fiber in them, they need to be introduced into the system slowly or they could can cause stomach upset until you get used to using them.

Electric And Nonelectric Wheat Grinders

There are many wheat-grinders available on the market today. I prefer to use an electric grain-mill (wheat-grinder) for everyday use. I make bread several times a week, and it takes more time to grind the flour by hand. However, I have a backup hand-grinder in case the power goes off and I need to grind flour or make cracked cereal. I also recommend a nonelectric grain-grinder called the WonderMill Junior for hand grinding. The electric mill is called the WonderMill. I also recommend the Country Living Grain Mill as the Cadillac of all hand grain-mills. It is heavy duty and very good quality. It is also the most expensive grain-mill. These mills can be purchased on my website.

The WonderMill Junior For Hand Grinding (nonelectric)

The WonderMill Junior for Hand Grinding (non-electric)The WonderMill Junior hand-grinder has an adjustable dial which allows the mill to grind a variety of grains into fine flours and coarse cereals. The WonderMill Junior is a valuable emergency-preparedness tool. The sleekly designed mill allows you to have fresh, nutritious ingredients for your recipes, even when the power is out. The easy-to-turn handle grinds grain into fine flour or coarse, cracked grains for cereals. The mill is designed in one piece, which prevents the hopper from coming off during the milling process. Simply exchange the stone heads with the stainless-steel burr heads to make peanut butter or to grind flax, any other oily or wet grains, herbs, spices and all kinds of beans and legumes. The base of the mill is set back, which allows you to place a bowl under the grinding head to collect the freshly ground flour. This mill sells for $219.95. You will receive free shipping from my website.

The Electric WonderMill Grain Grinder

The Electric WonderMill Grain GrinderThe WonderMill Company has teamed up with LG to make a Quiet Wheat Grinder. It is easy to use and clean, and it grinds the grain fast. This grain-mill adjusts from coarse to pastry-fine flour by adjusting the dial. It has a separator lid which is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, and the large, 12-cup capacity flour canister is perfect for flour storage. The wheat grinder can process most hard and soft grains and legumes, giving you more nutrition and a way to use your stored wheat, rice, corn and beans. The stainless steel mill heads are self-cleaning. The WonderMill Wheat Grinder comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on the stainless-steel, heavy-duty and long-lasting mill heads and a six-year warranty on the rest of the parts. The mill includes an instruction manual, warranty card and great recipes. This mill sells for $259.95. You will receive free shipping from my website.

The Country Living Grain Mill Hand Grinder (nonelectric)

The Country Living Grain Mill Hand Grinder (non-Electric) The Country Living Grain Mill is a high-capacity, hand-operated mill that can easily be adapted to a motor drive. It has an attachment to the flywheel which doubles as a v-belt pulley. Construction of the Country Living Grain Mill is a strong, cast-metal alloy with a super-tough, powder-coat finish that won’t chip or peel. It’s a very easy mill to use. The grinding burrs for the Country Living Mill are precision-engineered, made of high-carbon steel (not lower-grade iron) and 5 inches in diameter. (The flour remains cool in the Country Living Mill, so nutrient quality is preserved.) I recommend purchasing the optional power-bar handle for easy turning. The Country Living Mill produces 1 cup of wheat flour in about 1.25 minutes. The Mill is adjustable, so you can crack grain at a loose setting or adjust it down and get very fine whole-grain flour, coarser meal or cracked cereal, depending on your needs. This nonelectric grain mill sells for $395. You will receive free shipping from my website.

Making Bread From Freshly Milled Grains

Bread is considered the staff of life. Many people believe grain will make them gain weight. The processed and refined flours are what make people gain weight. As a nation, we eat way too much processed and refined foods. Our brains need the rich supply of B vitamins found in whole grains. There is nothing better than coming home to the smell of freshly baked bread, warm and just out of the oven. If you learn the skill of making simple homemade breads, it could very well save your life.

I have a philosophy that you can live on simple soups and bread. The pioneers had a pot of soup on the stove at all times and a loaf of bread in the oven. They even made do with what they had. I have read accounts of the pioneers walking across the plains with a coffee grinder and a bag of wheat in their wagon. They used the coffee grinder to grind the wheat and make it into cracked wheat cereal and flour.

My book Cookin’ With Home Storage has an entire chapter dedicated to using whole wheat and other grains. There are recipes for simple breads: tortillas, flat bread, scones, yeast breads, rolls, crackers, cornbread, dumplings, homemade noodles, muffins, biscuits, pancakes, cereals, quick breads and pretzels. There are certain ingredients for making bread that must be kept in the food-storage pantry. The bread baking supplies include wheat and other grain for grinding, salt, yeast, powdered milk, dried eggs, oil, sweeteners such as honey, white or brown sugar, maple syrup, agave or stevia. I keep my yeast in the freezer because it extends the shelf life of the yeast.

Sprout The Grain Or Let It Grow Into Wheatgrass

In the pyramids of Egypt, grain was found that still sprouted despite having been entombed for centuries. Sprouted wheat can be added to bread to give it a nice texture and added nutrition. When the grain is sprouted, it is 300 times more nutritious. If you use sprouted wheat in bread, do not let it sprout past the second day or it will turn to wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass is highly nutritious and, when put through a wheatgrass juicer, produces a great tonic for the body. People drink it to purify their blood and cleanse the body of toxins and poisons. It is very good for the health.

Recipe for Honey Whole-Wheat bread

5 cups lukewarm water

2/3 cup honey or sweetener

2/3 cup vegetable or olive oil

2 tablespoons active dry yeast or 2 packages

2-3 eggs or (3 tablespoons dried egg powder) (optional)

1 tablespoons salt

¼ cup vital wheat gluten (optional)

2 tablespoons dough enhancer (optional) or 1 vitamin C tablet crushed

12 cups whole-wheat flour

1) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

2) In a large bowl, mix the lukewarm water, honey, oil and eggs together. Let it set for about 5 minutes to make sure the yeast will form bubbles and grow. If it doesn’t grow, the yeast may be dead, and you will need to get fresh yeast from the grocery store. Store all yeast in the freezer to extend the shelf life.

3) Add salt, vital wheat gluten, dough enhancer and six cups of freshly ground whole wheat or grain flour to the yeast and water mixture. Stir it well until the water is absorbed and it resembles a spongy, sticky paste.

4) Slowly add the remaining flour, one cup at a time and mix it in with a wooden spoon. When the dough pulls away from the bowl and holds its shape, it is done. If you do not need all the flour to make it pull away, do not use it all.

5) Grease your hands and the counter top with vegetable oil. Put the dough on the greased counter top and begin kneading the dough by pulling it and stretching it. Knead it for 10 minutes until it is smooth.

6) Divide the dough into six small loaves or three large loaves. Roll the dough to form the dough into the size that will fit in small bread pans to about half the height of the pans. Let the dough set on the top of the warm oven as it preheats. When the dough has risen above the bread pans by about 1 inch, the loaves are ready to go into the oven. Bake for 30 minutes for small loaves and 45 minutes for large loaves.

7) I like to make rolls out of the dough by pinching off a small amount of dough and flattening it out into a rectangular piece. Put melted butter on the top and fold the roll over. Place the rolls on a greased cookie sheet close together.

Peggy Layton is the author of seven books on the subjects of food storage and preparedness. The previous recipe and many others can be found in the cookbook Cookin’ With Home Storage. It contains more than 550 simple recipes using very basic pantry ingredients that can be stored long-term. This book contains authentic pioneer recipes and fascinating historical tips on how the pioneers really lived. There are chapters on all the basic foods that can be stored: wheat and grains, beans and rice, dried fruits and vegetables, dried pasta, powdered milk and dried eggs. There are charts on how to reconstitute dehydrated and freeze-dried foods. There are tips on how to incorporate food storage into your everyday diet. The book includes chapters on grandma’s home remedies, natural household cleaners, emergency baby food and pet food, as well as emergency food-storage and survival tips.

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What Now?

Over the past several months, we have seen rioting in some Arab and European countries. The riots were sparked by the high costs of food, government austerity measures and government oppression.

We have some of the same dynamic going on in the United States. But through a system of bribery, the U.S. government has succeeded, at least temporarily, in preventing Americans from rioting in the streets.

The number of Americans now on food stamps is 44,082,324 as of December 2010, up 13.1 percent from a year ago. This is more than 14 percent of the U.S. population. Unemployment is at 9 percent, and President Barack Obama and Congress have extended unemployment benefits to 99 weeks.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average stands at about 12,700. It first hit this mark in late 2007 — more than four years ago. Of course, because of the bursting of the housing bubble, the Dow could be much worse. It dropped to 7,063 in December of 2008. But the political elites threw money at the Dow in order to prop it up, to give America a sense that things were alright. After all, a rising Dow means prosperity… right?

But Americans are too busy and distracted playing with their iPad 2s and gossiping on Twitter about Charlie Sheen’s rants to have any time to protest in Washington, D.C.

As a result of QE2, the Federal Reserve is now “buying” 70 percent of U.S. Treasuries. You can believe it or not as you wish, but the U.S. government is in a state of collapse.

Precious few are prepared. You are warned: We have alerted you for many months. Now this is a flashing red alert.

Please remember that in the coming inflation, food stamps and all U.S. entitlement programs will come to a complete halt.

For those millions on Social Security and/or other entitlements, I do not believe that these will be stopped or cut per se. But the same effect would come about through inflation of the currency. My friends, you will get your money, but it will be so worthless that it won’t buy anything.

So what’s new? We have experienced this for years.

We have warned for years to buy silver and gold and store food and water. Ha, doesn’t sound so way out now, does it?

Please keep your gold and silver and food in your personal possession. It amazes me how quickly people will trust someone else with their gold and silver. Don’t do it!

Is it too late to buy gold and silver? The answer is “No, no and no!” As the Fed destroys the U.S. dollar, you will look back at how cheap gold and silver are now.

Stocks? Yes, gold and silver stocks and energy stocks — concentrate mostly on oil stocks.

Buying gold and silver and oil stocks and storing food and water are the only ways Americans can survive the chaos we are now in.

You ain’t seen nothing yet. Be alert!!

Should you sell your gold and silver as it corrects down? Never! If you do, you will be painfully sorry. Do you think you are smart enough to sell and buy back in at a lower price?

You aren’t; you will lose your shirt. Stay with the trend. This guarantees your bull-market position all the way to the top.

What will happen at the top? Stay with us, as we stay in tune with the markets.

Be reminded that gold and silver and food will outrun the collapse of the dollar. If the U.S. dollar goes, as it surely will, you can begin bartering with your most valuable assets.

Some suggest that a new dollar will appear, backed by silver or gold. I don’t know, but I expect that or some quasi-gold monetary system. (Steve Forbes predicted last week that the U.S. would return to the gold standard within five years.)

Are the U.S. government and Federal Reserve system collapsing? I can easily answer that with this question: Is the U.S. dollar collapsing? A currency that is being depreciated or inflated is, by all definitions, collapsing. This fact has nothing to do with whether we believe it.

Can it be stopped short of collapse? If stopped now, it would cause a collapse even sooner. What do we mean? We mean we have passed the point of no return. Too much fraud and too much debt exist in the U.S. They must be washed away.

What currencies will be left standing? We believe the Swiss franc and the Canadian dollar, but these will have to return to gold backing finally.

Keep in mind that most of the American people are totally oblivious to what you read here at Personal Liberty Digest™. Life in the near future will be very, very hard for them.

How long do we have? It appears to me that we are very close to economic and social collapse. But times can yet wobble along for months or even a few years. It is certain things will get visibly worse in many ways, especially now that the endgame is here.

One of the prominent events of the endgame is more war. The U.S. has wars going on in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the later begun under the pretext of humanitarianism and to end the oppression of the Libyan people. Another war, this time with Pakistan, is brewing following America’s incursion into that country to execute Osama bin Laden. We are firing missiles at suspected terrorists in Yemen.

It is all a pretext to hide the collapse of the American empire, along with a desperation to control the world’s oil. It proves the foxes are still in charge of the henhouse, and the henhouse is on fire!

Senator Submits Online Privacy Bill

Senator submits online privacy billSenator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) has proposed a bill that aims to protect citizens’ online privacy rights.

The Do-Not-Track Online Act of 2011 would require companies to refrain from collecting information about users who request not to be tracked. In addition, the bill states that web-based businesses would be able to obtain user information in order to provide a service, but they would have to anonymize or delete it as soon as the service has been completed, Reuters reported.

Rockefeller’s proposal, which was introduced on May 9, is not the first online privacy bill to be submitted by members of Congress. According to the media outlet, laws that are designed to protect consumer privacy on the Internet have been proposed by Representatives Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) and Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) as well as Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and John Kerry (D-Mass.).

Nonprofit group Consumer Watchdog has praised the recent efforts made by lawmakers. According to a poll conducted by the organization, approximately 90 percent of Americans approve of legislation that protects their online privacy, with 80 percent favoring a “do not track” mechanism.

“We cannot be stalked as we shop in brick-and-mortar stores,” said Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog. “Yet whatever we do online is tracked, usually without our knowledge and consent.”

Homeowners Can Protect Irreplaceable Items From Flooding

Homeowners can protect irreplaceable items from floodingAs of May 11, more than 1 million acres of farmland in Arkansas was flooded due to cresting waters of the Mississippi River.

According to Bloomberg, the Natural State expects the costs of flood damage to exceed $500 million. Furthermore, approximately 3 million acres of land in Louisiana were in danger of being inundated with flood waters.

News reports of this natural disaster have prompted some Americans to ponder their own self-survival techniques in the event of a major flood. According to, an individual’s chances of being flooded are significantly higher than other daily risks. For example, homeowners are 27 times more likely to experience a flood than a fire during a 30-year mortgage, the website reports.

Although property damage is inevitable in some cases, the website suggests that individuals can preserve some of their assets by taking certain precautions. Aside from buying a homeowner’s insurance policy that covers flooding, residents should have an elevated place to store irreplaceable items, such as family photographs, important documents, currency and other valuables.

In addition, the website recommends that homeowners should take pictures of the property before and after the flood for insurance purposes.

Lies And Half-Truths: A Look At Newt’s Ramblings

Republican Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has made quite a career out of talking politics since leaving Congress. But his public appearances, books and political commentaries are filled with statements that do not necessarily reflect reality. put together a long list of Gingrich’s less-than-accurate statements. For example, in a campaign announcement video released on May 11, Gingrich said, “For four years, we balanced the budget and paid off $405 billion in debt.” rates this statement as “False,” saying, “The federal government did run four consecutive surpluses, but for the last two of those — fiscal years 2000 and 2001 — Gingrich was no longer serving in the House,” and “If you look just at the two years Gingrich can claim credit for where the federal government was in surplus — fiscal years 1998 and 1999 — the government did pay down about $200 billion in debt. But that would be cherry-picking, because over the full four years of his speakership, the debt rose by about $800 billion.”

In the same video, Gingrich said that “unemployment came down from 5.6 percent to under 4 (percent)” during his time as Speaker of the House.

The site says that this statement is also “False,” because “the unemployment rate didn’t fall below 4 percent until September 2000, which was 21 months (after Gingrich resigned). The lowest the unemployment rate fell during Gingrich’s time as speaker was in April 1998, when it was 4.3 percent.”

In an April 2010 speech to Southern Republican Leadership, Gingrich, a former history professor, claimed that when the United States “first created the federal income tax, frankly, nobody below a million dollars a year paid anything.”

Again, this statement is “False.” “According to an online Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator, the 1913 equivalent of $1 million in today’s money was $45,677,” says “Joint filers earning between $4,000 and $45,677 were liable for the federal income tax — at either the 1 percent or 2 percent level — but were less affluent than a ‘millionaire’ in today’s dollars, which was Gingrich’s cutoff point. The fact that these Americans paid taxes make (sic) Gingrich’s comment wrong on its face.”

White House Admits Staging Photos A ‘Bad Idea’

The White House admitted publicly today that many still photos taken of the President giving speeches were staged. Representatives speaking on behalf of President Barack Obama said the White House will end the little-known, long-running practice of having news photographers take pictures of the President re-enacting major speeches.

This comes in response to allegations of fakery surrounding Obama’s May 1 speech announcing the death of Osama bin Laden, said an Associated Press article. Obama spokesman Josh Earnest reportedly called the whole practice “a bad idea.”

“Even though The Associated Press and other news outlets said in captions to the photos that they were taken after the president delivered his address, many people who saw them may have assumed they depicted the speech itself. That raised questions of whether news organizations were staging an event,” the article said.

The practice arose as a courtesy to past Presidents, who might be distracted by photographers during live speeches, as well as to news organizations that did not want to run photographs handed out by the White House.

“The role of the official White House photographer is to show presidents in a good light. For example, if a president were to shed a tear or get visibly angry during a speech, it might make a great news photo, but probably not one the White House staff would want to circulate,” the article said.

Ron Paul Announces Presidential Bid

At 7 a.m., Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) announced on Good Morning America (GMA) his intention to run in 2012 for President of the United States.

This is Paul’s third bid for the Presidency. In 1988, he ran on the Libertarian ticket, and he ran again 20 years later as a Republican. In his time in the House, Paul has established one of the most consistently conservative voting records of any Congressman.

According to his website, a fellow Congressman said, “Ron Paul personifies the Founding Fathers’ ideal of the citizen-statesman. He makes it clear that his principles will never be compromised, and they never are.”

Often mocked in the mainstream media for his “extremism,” Paul told GMA he chose to run again because the American people are now expressing the views he has espoused for some time.

“Time has come around to the point where the people are agreeing with much of what I’ve been saying for 30 years,” Paul said.

As to why he is running as a Republican, Paul told GMA reporter George Stephanopoulos, “Running as an Independent here is just about impossible unless you’re a billionaire like Ross Perot. You don’t get on debates. If I was an Independent George, you would not have me on this program this morning.”

Been ‘Laden’ With Taxes: Osama’s Hidden Costs

The reported death of Osama bin Laden won’t lead to a reduction in the amount the United States government spends each year in response to the terrorist attacks that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001.

According to an article on, “The financial bleeding won’t stop with bin Laden’s demise. One of every four dollars in red ink the U.S. expects to incur in the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1 will result from $285 billion in annual spending triggered by the terrorist scion of a wealthy Saudi family.”

The article details how the Federal government, using taxpayer anguish over the 9/11 attacks, has generated billions through new laws that address wartime needs.

“Next year alone, the U.S. plans to spend an additional $118 billion on military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq,” the article said. “Additional fiscal 2012 spending that can be attributed to bin Laden includes an extra $14 billion for Homeland Security, about $125 billion for the Pentagon excluding the two wars, expanded intelligence spending and increased aid to Pakistan.”

Costs are expected to continue, if not increase, for as long as the U.S. continues the so-called War on Terror.