Democratic Leaders Attempt To Reshape Primary Schedule In Obama’s Favor

Democratic leaders attempt to reshape primary schedule in Obama's favorIn hopes of paving the way for a polarizing GOP Presidential candidate, national Democratic leaders have asked Massachusetts lawmakers to push back their State's primary.

According to The Boston Globe, the Democratic National Party is hoping to reschedule the Massachusetts Presidential primary, which is currently slated for March 6, until later in the spring of 2012. Liberals fear that the Bay State's influence early in the election cycle will help boost the popularity of moderate candidates such as Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, who they believe are more likely to give President Barack Obama the toughest challenge in the national race.

National Democratic leaders would rather see more a conservative candidate emerge as the GOP front-runner early next year. In theory, they believe that Obama would fare better against a far-right politician who may not appeal to independent or undecided voters.

However, Massachusetts legislators are not in favor of the delay. Secretary of State William Galvin said that there is "no appetite for it here."

William Mayer, a political science professor at Northeastern University said that these scheduling efforts by party leaders compromise the integrity of the election process.

“It is not a great thing when one party tries to set the rules to make it difficult for another party,’’ Mayer told the news provider.

In Florida, lawmakers are considering holding their primary on Jan. 31, according to the Miami Herald. Only four States — Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina — have been authorized by national party leaders to hold their respective caucuses or primaries before March 6. If Florida moves up their date, their delegation total at the Republican National Convention would be cut in half.

The Burning Question

Let’s all take a moment to welcome Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center. He’s back for his second 15 minutes of infamy. Now, let’s all wave goodbye to Pastor Terry Jones. Outside a bush-league Sam Elliott lookalike pageant, Jones doesn’t deserve another moment of our attention.

But his notoriety does. Jones is an aberration created in retort to the almost gleefully murderous tendencies of Islamofascism. He’s a religiously-twisted court jester. But the animals who kill and maim actual people (something neither Jones nor his flock have done) are a threat to a great deal more than just the scripture section of the Gainesville, Fla. library.

In an analysis of the violence supposedly touched off by Jones’ little campfire, the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail identified what they considered:

“…clear evidence that his actions have led to multiple murders and widespread violence in the Middle East… (Jones’s actions have) been directly responsible for a wave of violence that began last night and has left 30 people dead…”

What about the actual Islamofascists doing the actual killing? Are we that desperate to avoid upsetting savages who use 21st Century media and weapons to try and force the entire world back to the 14th Century on behalf of their funhouse-mirror image of a 6th Century historical figure? When do we tire of making excuses for the inexcusable?

If Islam works for you—as it does for more than 1 billion people worldwide—then have at it. I won’t be joining you for a number of reasons, including a serious devotion to bacon cheeseburgers. But I’m not going to cower under a dishdasha because you don’t like it. And you should learn to live with that. It’s not as if I’m pursuing romantic interludes with preteen girls, a predilection which Mohammed indulged.

Recently, backup bloviator Chuck Todd sat in for talking hairdo Chris “Tingle-boy” Matthews on Matthews’ unintentional comedy program on MSNBC. Todd allowed TIME Magazine reporter Aparisim “Bobby” Ghosh on the program to discuss Jones’s barbeque. If Ghosh’s name rings a bell, it might be because he’s the same sock puppet who helped fabricate the infamous story alleging a Marine Corps-perpetrated massacre in Haditha, Iraq. Outside the asylum which is liberal faux-journalism like the sort practiced at TIME and MSNBC, Ghosh is worthy of little more than: “How is this guy doing more than reporting ‘Sled Dog of the Week’ stories in Nome?”

But Todd brought Ghosh in to raise Jones’ cache to new heights:

“The thing to keep in mind that`s very important here is that the Koran to Muslims… it is not the same as the Bible to Christians. The Bible is a book written by men. It is acknowledged by Christians that it is written by men… But the Koran… if you`re a Muslim, the Koran… is transcribed, is directly the word of God. That makes it sacred in a way that it`s hard to understand if you`re not Muslim.”

Actually, there’s a great deal wrong with that statement, but given the total lack of credibility earned by Ghosh—well—let’s just move along.

Ghosh’s point, like the Daily Mail’s point, is that Jones is somehow responsible for the violent rampages of Islamofascists. While I would agree that Jones isn’t helping the situation, I disagree vehemently that his Koran-burning misadventures are the moral equivalent of “yelling ‘FIRE!’ in a crowded movie theatre,” or yelling “defenseless Israeli teenager” in a crowded Nablus mosque.

Jones isn’t yelling “FIRE,” he’s yelling “ARSONIST,” albeit in a supremely stupid manner. But those who focus on what Jones is doing are missing something more important: That Islamofascists don’t need anyone to point out the defenseless Israeli teenager in the Nablus mosque, nor the Dutch cartoonist who drew a parody image of Mohammed, nor the guy who was riding the elevator to the 81st floor of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

About a year ago, a New York group which calls itself “Revolution Muslim” threatened to murder South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone should Comedy Central air an episode of the cartoon which purportedly depicted Mohammed. Comedy Central heavily edited the episode in response to the threats. If a group of Islamofascists had used the South Park episode as justification for murder, neither Parker nor Stone would have been responsible; just as Jones isn’t now.

In blaming clowns like Jones, we’re treating Islamofascists with kid gloves, while they treat us like victims. More importantly, we’re blaming the wrong people.

NYC Gun Owners Required To Pay Hundreds Of Dollars Annually, Lawsuit Claims

NYC gun owners required to pay hundreds of dollars annually, lawsuit claimsTwo gun rights groups and several New York City residents have filed a Federal lawsuit against New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, alleging that the city's $340 fee for a handgun permit is "excessive."

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association filed the civil rights lawsuit on April 5. They were joined by five NYC residents.

SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb said that the maximum fee for issuing a New York State handgun license is $10, but the measure exempts residents living in the Big Apple. Thus, the city can name its own price. He states that Bloomberg charges residents $340 to obtain the permit and more than $100 per year to keep the handgun in their homes.

The lawsuit claims that the annual fee "impermissibly burdens the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms," as well as violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

"Mayor Bloomberg is essentially taxing the fundamental right to defend one's self in his or her own home," said Gottlieb. "We cannot think of anything more egregious than perpetuating a fee structure that puts a financial obstacle in the way of citizens who want to protect their homes and families."

New York is one of only two States that requires residents to have a permit in order to keep a handgun at home, Gottlieb added. 

Social Activity And A Healthy Diet May Prevent Breast Cancer

Social activity and a healthy diet may prevent breast cancerIn a study of mice, Georgetown University Medical Center researchers found that social isolation and fatty foods elevated levels of a neurotransmitter in the brain associated with insulin resistance and breast cancer.

Moreover, rodents that were denied socialization but fed a normal diet had high levels of neuropeptide Y and also formed more structures in the mammary gland that were prone to becoming cancerous.

"We have yet to translate these findings to humans, but it does suggest that social isolation is a potent stressor and initiates a robust central nervous system response," said lead author Allison Sumis.

In a controlled study, the team found that 92 percent of mice who were isolated and ate a high-fat diet developed tumors, and 67 percent of the animals who lived in groups but had poor diets experienced abnormal growths. Of the rodents that ate normal diets, 36 percent ended up with tumors — whether they were isolated or not.

Authors of the study noted that it is possible that stress relating to loneliness exacerbated the negative effects of a fatty diet.  

The United States’ Entrance Into WWI

On this date 93 years ago, the United States formally entered World War I. Shortly after taking office for his second term as President, Woodrow Wilson (who had campaigned on the promise of “keeping America out of the European war”) urged Congress to declare war on Germany.  The Senate did so on April 4; the House followed two days later.

The conflict became known as “the war to make the world safe for democracy.” This clever Madison Avenue slogan was a total ruse, of course. Instead, the war was the bloodiest conflict that had ever been fought up ’till then.  It destroyed almost every government in Europe. It led to the murderous rule of Stalin in Russia and Hitler in Germany.

And it ushered in an era of Big Government from which the world is still suffering.

–Chip Wood

Effective Weight Loss Plan Includes Three Square Meals, Plenty Of Protein

Effective weight loss plan includes three square meals, plenty of proteinWhile some modern weight loss experts recommend eating small, more frequent meals as a strategy to drop pounds, a recent study has shown that reducing body mass may be as simple as following your mother's advice.

Purdue University scientists found that eating three well-balanced, high-protein meals per day helped a group of overweight or obese males feel satiated while losing weight.

Moreover, the researchers found that the three-meal plan was easier to follow than a diet consisting of six daily meals due to busy work schedules. For both plans, the participants consumed about 2,400 calories per day, a 750-calorie decrease on average.

"The larger meals led to reductions in appetite and people felt full. We want to emphasize, though, that these three larger meals were restricted in calories and reflected appropriate portion sizes to be effective in weight loss," said lead author Heather J. Leidy.

The team also tested the effects of protein on a diet by advising half of the participants to eat normal levels of protein — about 14 percent of total calories — and the remaining individuals to consume high-protein diets, which amounted to 25 percent of daily energy intake. Authors noted that participants in the latter group reported feelings of fullness that lasted longer than those eating normal amounts of protein.  

Blame It On Rio: The President Goes Petro Hunting In Brazil

A good President might try to correct three of America’s biggest problems: intractable unemployment, America’s increasing dependency on foreign oil and a monstrous trade deficit. Yet none not one of these issues concerned President Barack Obama as he traveled throughout Latin America and launched another war upon a Middle Eastern nation.

Libya is ground zero for American air and sea power. Libya has more than 40 billion barrels of crude oil reserves and before its civil war was producing 1.7 million barrels of oil per day, roughly 2 percent of the world’s daily oil output.

No longer can other oil exporters replace shrinking Libyan production. That makes the crisis in Libya not just a potential military one but an economic one as well.

Barack’s Brazilian Solution
Apparently President Barack Obama does not think American roughnecks can be trusted. Boring at vast oil veins under the Gulf of Mexico has been suspended by the President. Now he has made his case for offshore oil development much further south, off the coast of Brazil.

Obama made his proposal while meeting with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. The Tupi oil field alone, which lies off Rio de Janeiro in the Santos Basin, has a potential deepwater reserve of 100 billion barrels.

Of course, the Gulf of Mexico has vast reserves, too. But like a good Democrat, Obama has added a middleman, and a foreign one at that.

The prospect of drilling for oil off the coast of Brazil rather than the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico seemed to have Obama tickled pink. 

“By some estimates, the oil you recently discovered off the shores of Brazil could amount to twice the reserves we have in the United States,” Obama said. “We want to work with you. We want to help with technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely, and when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers.”

The “you” Obama was talking about is one of the largest corporations in the Americas—Brazil’s state-owned Petrobras oil company. Obama previously offered the company a $2 billion loan guarantee to help develop the oil field, but to date, Petrobras has not given an answer.

While the President has embraced oil production off Brazil, operations in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Alaska are at a standstill because of Obama’s “permitorium” on drilling. The only exceptions being three Gulf permits granted to operations which previously had permits and one allowing for new exploration (which will probably soon get slammed by a lawsuit).

Brazilian oil only makes sense if the United States didn’t have reserves. But the nation does. Still the President wants to invest billions of U.S. tax dollars for oil off Brazil.

And let’s not forget the unemployment problem. Obama promised to get America back to work during his primary run for the Presidency three years ago. But the jobless situation has not improved. According to The Washington Post, real unemployment in the United States may be as high as 16 percent.

Never mind that American rig operators go without work as do a multitude of small businesses that support them.

Fill’er Up With Corn And Check The Oil
Pleasing the Greens seems more important to Obama than getting America back on its feet. Of course, pleasing the Greens won’t produce much work for Americans and will only make the United States more dependent on oil imports. And oh yes, it will add to America’s massive trade deficit which has been weakening the U.S. dollar and therefore aggravating inflation.

Little wonder that on March 25, The Canada Free Press gave its opinion on Obama’s aspirations for Brazil:

“If Obama seems to be taking a wrecking ball to domestic oil production while increasing our reliance on oil from unstable foreign regimes, he at least partially explained his reasoning while in Brazil. ‘In the United States, we’ve jump-started a clean energy industry, and we’ll soon have the capacity to produce 40 percent of the world’s advanced batteries.’

“Of course, ‘jump-started’ is Washington speak [SIC] for subsidized. So in essence, the President is more than happy to trade our energy security and tank our economy to lead the world in the production of batteries.”

The Canada Free Press concluded that nobody can make, “stuff like this up and if it wasn’t so seriously stupid, it might be hilariously funny.”

Obama seems locked into remaking America into a Green nation whether it makes economic sense or not. Before his trip to Brazil, The Economist came out with its Feb. 28 issue, the cover of which said: “Blood and oil.” Within this issue is a Special Report, The Future of Food.

Food and energy have always been interconnected because it takes one to produce the other. Despite dire warnings of the surging global demand for food over the next two decades the Obama administration is willing to grow corn rather than drill for oil. 

While China aims to make 5 percent of its gasoline supply ethanol by 2020, Obama is far more ambitious, demanding that 30 percent of U.S. gasoline be derived from ethanol or alcohol by 2030.

Today ethanol only accounts for 8 percent of America’s transportation fuel yet takes up to 40 percent of the nation’s corn acreage. The Economist warns that if Obama’s 2030 deadline for clean gasoline is met, it will inflate food prices by an additional 15 to 40 percent.

If Obama had read this issue of The Economist, he might have spent less time talking about drilling for Brazilian offshore oil and spent more time learning the truth about ethanol. 

Brazil has no special advantage in finding crude but does have a tremendous advantage in making ethanol. The Economist points out that Brazil generates its ethanol, not from corn but from sugarcane, and the result is that it harvests eight units of energy for every one unit spent. In the U.S., corn produces one and a half units of energy for every one unit spent. 

Yet Obama is insistent that America grow ethanol, food prices be damned.

According to Peter Brabeck, the CEO of food giant Nestlé, “This is the craziest thing (the United States) is doing.”

I take issue with Brabeck. The Obama administration has been doing so many crazy things when it comes to U.S. energy policies it seems impossible to name just one.

Yours in good times and bad,

John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

Ryan’s 2012 Budget Proposal Calls For $179 Billion In Cuts

Ryan's 2012 budget proposal calls for $179 billion in cutsIf Democrats and Republicans meet in the middle this week and approve a measure to fund the Federal government, Tea Party supporters are likely to condemn any compromise.

Members of the grassroots movement have already slammed top GOP officials, accusing them of breaking their campaign promises to significantly reduce government spending. In response, Republicans have called on fiscally conservative Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to draft a budget proposal for fiscal year 2012.

On April 5, Ryan introduced The Path to Prosperity calling for $3.53 trillion in Federal spending in fiscal year (FY) 2012, $179 billion less than President Barack Obama's plan. Ryan's proposal, which is backed by other House Republicans, pledges to balance the budget by 2015 and cut $5.8 trillion in spending over the next decade, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Path to Prosperity stands little chance of passing a Democrat-led Senate and being signed by the President. The proposal, if approved, would repeal Obama's healthcare law, reduce spending on government health-insurance programs and make fundamental changes to Medicare and Medicaid.

Although some liberals may claim that Ryan's proposal would devastate the economy, Tea Party politicians have said that the GOP's cuts are inadequate. Senator Rand Paul's (R-Ky.) budget for FY 2012 calls for a restructuring of the Department of Defense, the repeal of Obamacare and major changes to block granting programs such as Medicaid, State's Child Health Insurance Program and food stamps.

Paul claims that his plan would cut nearly $4 trillion in spending over the next five years. 

Doctors Support Virginia Lawsuit Challenging Obamacare

Doctors Support Virginia Lawsuit Challenging ObamacareThe Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) has joined the fight against Barack Obama's signature healthcare law.

On April 4, the AAPS filed an amicus brief in support of the Commonwealth of Virginia's case against the Affordable Care Act, asking the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit to declare the individual health insurance mandate unConstitutional. In addition, the claim states that the mandate is not severable from the rest of the ACA.

Officials from the AAPS argue that the individual mandate in Obamacare violates the Commerce Clause, Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, which limits Congressional power to regulate commerce in States.

"ACA is the most divisive, harmful, and unConstitutional legislation enacted by Congress in a generation," said AAPS counsel Andrew Schlafly.

Furthermore, some health experts predict that Obamacare will create a shortage of qualified medical professionals in America. James McLean, president of Hospital TeamCare West, said that many physicians are experiencing cutbacks in pay, and there is a lot of uncertainty about the law's future impact on doctors, facilities and patients.

As a result, McLean said that many physicians are considering an early retirement, which could lead to a severe lack of medical services for sick Americans who need thorough care. 

The Good Slaughter And The Bad Slaughter

The United States corporate media and political elite warmongers—champions, they would have you believe, of the little people in Libya being slaughtered by troops loyal to Moammar Gadhafi—have been strangely silent about the slaughter of civilians in Bahrain and Syria.

Now we know why. President Barack Obama made a deal with the House of Saud: We take out Gadhafi and you can have free reign to quash pro-democracy protests in Bahrain (Syria is another story we’ll deal with shortly).

Two foreign diplomats—one from a European country and another from the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) group—told Asia Times Online about the deal.

According to the article, one of the diplomats said, "This is the reason why we could not support resolution 1973. We were arguing that Libya, Bahrain and Yemen were similar cases, and calling for a fact-finding mission. We maintain our official position that the resolution is not clear, and may be interpreted in a belligerent manner."

So the U.S. stuck its nose in another country’s civil war and unleashed its air power and dropped bombs on Tripoli—killing countless civilians in the process—in order to halt the killing of a group of rebels who were learning that it takes more than a good idea to make a rebellion. Never mind the fact that the “nice rebels” the U.S. is so keen to protect includes al-Qaida terrorists who have shot at American troops.

Meanwhile, Saudi enforcers entered Bahrain—home to the U.S. Fifth Fleet—and shot peaceful protestors seeking reforms in their government. And according to reports coming across Twitter, more than 400 people who had blogged or Tweeted in favor of the protests are now either missing or in custody, many of them grabbed on the streets by masked thugs imported from other Arab and Asian countries.

To Obama, Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) and other lovers of the military-industrial complex, that’s acting humanely.

For Saudi Arabia, it’s a win-win. They see their hated enemy Gadhafi humiliated—if not eliminated—and are allowed to squelch any popular uprisings before they spread into Saudi Arabia. And to put a cherry on it, Saudi Arabia cements itself as “the” player in the Arab League.

For the U.S.-led coalition, eastern Libya is the prize because of its oil fields. Already the rebels are making oil deals with European nations. And let’s not forget that Libya would make a great location for another NATO base, giving the U.S. a foothold it needs on the African continent.

As for Syria, the Obama administration can’t seem to make up its mind whether that country is friend or foe. On March 27, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Bob Schieffer on CBS’ Face The Nation that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was a reformer, even as dozens of pro-democracy protesters were being gunned down and more activists were disappearing by the day.

But Clinton forgot to tell Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who labeled Syria as one of only three repressive regimes in the whole of the Middle East, along with Iran and Libya.

Make no mistake: The assault on Libya is a shot across the bow of both Iran and Syria. “Play with us or feel our wrath.” NATO is the new police force and it’s going to rule the Mediterranean.

Budget Talks Heat Up As Shutdown Looms

Budget talks heat up as shutdown loomsThe budget battle in Washington, DC has entered a critical stage as the current stop-gap measure is set to expire on April 8.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) was scheduled to meet with President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on April 5 to discuss ways to prevent a government shutdown. CBS News reported that Boehner has prepared a one-week continuing budget that would slash $12 billion from domestic spending, which would be a significant increase in cutbacks compared to previous stop-gap measures.

Democrats, on the other hand, have proposed $33 billion worth of cuts in a budget that would fund the remainder of the 2011 fiscal year, which ends on Sept. 30. Boehner said that $33 billion "is not enough," and many of the cuts are "full of smoke and mirrors," according to the Los Angeles Times.

Meanwhile, House Republicans are preparing for a potential shutdown. House Administration Committee Chairman Dan Lungren (R-Calif.) has been assigned the task of compiling and distributing pamphlets that would provide guidance to lawmakers if a budget is not approved by this weekend, reported.

A new poll conducted by The Washington Post reveals that the Obama administration and Republicans in Congress would equally share the blame if a budget compromise was not reached. 

How Your Daily Activities Aggravate Your Health

People generally describe the signs and symptoms of their pain, illness or health concerns in terms that they think the healthcare provider in front of them wants to hear.

For example, when facing their primary care physician they tell a story about issues related to the body like pain, itching, rashes and/or congestion. When meeting with their psychologist they may describe the same issue in terms of stress, anxiety, worries and how those things are connected. If meeting with a dietician they may try to relate a connection between what they are eating and drinking and the quality and level of their health concerns.

The one thing I always try to impress upon people is that wellness issues like pain, illness and disease cannot be divorced from every aspect of the person. Wellness must be addressed utilizing a systems view of health. In other words, it must be addressed with the understanding that the whole of one’s life is greater than the sum of its parts and that a change in one part affects every other part.

Therefore, limiting the description of a health concern to a small area that is of interest to a particular healthcare practitioner will derive a “management method” aimed at helping that one small area. Yet, when one considers that every aspect of their life affects their health—thoughts, sleep, diet, exercise, stress, habits, etc.—then in no way will addressing one piece change all the pieces responsible for causing the issue.

Everything is important when considering the triggers for ill health and for addressing a method of care, reversal and ultimately prevention.

When speaking to a specialist, many important things that can and do affect the patient’s health in the course of their activities in daily living (ADL) are omitted from the dialogue. The problem with this is that, in order to better understand and treat the patient, the doctor/therapist/chiropractor should know about all of the things one does and feels and thinks is related to their health concern.

We all want fast and effective relief from our body pains and illnesses. The way to go about finding the right approach toward relief—or even a cure—is to identify those things that do or may trigger, relieve or aggravate the pain and illnesses and then communicate these to every healthcare professional sought for treatment.

You may think there is no correlation between feelings of depression and the carpel tunnel you have from typing all day. Yet studies show that chronic body pain can lead to depression. In such a case, the best course of treatment for that depression may not be therapy or psycho-pharma drugs, but physical therapy or bodywork.

You may see a chiropractor or massage therapist and tell them of your excruciating low back pain. Their therapies may offer symptomatic relief. Yet, the problem persists because it may, in fact, be caused by dehydration.

Your work life may find you seated all day and drinking four or five cups of coffee to stay alert and keep working, then enjoying a few drinks at happy hour with co-workers to burn off steam. Both the coffee and alcohol are diuretics causing dehydration, and this may be the cause of the back pain. In such cases only reduction of diuretic beverages and increase in water consumption will relieve and prevent the back pain.

If you are suffering from acute or chronic conditions that affect your activities in daily living (ADL), then it just may be the ADL themselves that are causing the problem. There is no way to know this for sure, or to see how your ADL may play a role in your health and wellness, unless you speak of them to your healthcare provider when describing your symptoms. Some daily activities that are known to cause body pain and health concerns include:

  • Irregular sleeping patterns.
  • Skipping of meals.
  • Sitting for long periods of time.
  • Playing sports without warming up or cooling down.
  • Talking with the phone held between ear and shoulder
  • Repetitive motions of hands (typing, factory work, playing piano).
  • Cracking your own neck and knuckles.
  • Engaging in too much or too little sex.
  • Engaging in too much or too little exercise.
  • Sitting with one leg crossed over another.
  • Not washing fruits and vegetables before consuming them.
  • Having arguments with co-workers or loved ones.
  • Worrying night and day about things you have no control over.

While the above list is brief, it offers insight into some of the most basic things that one does during the course of their daily life that can, may or does in fact cause or aggravate their health conditions. It is therefore important to paint a complete picture of your life when speaking of your health issues.

With this information, your healthcare provider can better determine the best course of treatment… or refer you to another provider who can.

–Dr. Mark Wiley

Firearms Trade Group Carries Messages To Nation’s Capital

Firearms trade group carries messages to nation's capitalA prominent trade association for the firearms industry will launch an educational advertising campaign this week to coincide with its annual "fly-in" event in Washington, DC.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), which was formed 50 years ago, has arranged meetings between business executives and Congressional leaders to address several issues threatening the firearms industry. The NSSF has a membership of more than 6,000 manufacturers, distributors, retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen's organizations and publishers.

In addition, the group's advertising campaign will highlight the gun industry's influence on the economy. According to the NSSF, more than 183,500 jobs have been created by firearms and ammunition providers, which has an overall economic impact of $27.8 billion per year.

"The economic growth of America's firearms and ammunition industry continues to be a bright spot in our country's still ailing economy," said NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence G. Keane. "Our ads will help remind America's lawmakers of this important fact."

During their "fly-in" sessions with legislators, executives will cover a variety of topics, such as maintaining the rights of sportsmen to use traditional ammunition and modernizing the United States' export control system to bolster national security.

Obama Makes His 2012 Bid Official

Obama makes his 2012 bid officialTo no one's surprise, President Barack Obama has announced that he will run for re-election in 2012.

The commander-in-chief revealed his intentions on April 4 via a short video on his website. He also sent out an email message to supporters, saying that it is time "to begin mobilizing for 2012."

Obama's re-election bid was announced earlier than is typical for an incumbent, according to media reports. Considering that the 2012 race is expected to attract a host of Republican challengers, the President's team wanted to make his candidacy official and start fundraising as soon as possible.

FOX News reports that Obama will raise up to $1 billion in campaign funds, which would shatter previous records. In 2008, he accrued approximately $750 million on his way to victory over GOP challenger John McCain (R-Ariz.).

The President's Gallup Poll approval rating is currently 45 percent, according to MSNBC. It is the lowest approval rating of an incumbent at this point in a Presidency since Ronald Reagan, who had a 42 percent rating in April 1983. However, Reagan recovered and earned a second term in the 1984 election.

In contrast, George H.W. Bush had a 79 percent approval rating in April 1991, but he was defeated by Democrat Bill Clinton the following year. 

Pop Goes America

Regular visitors to the Personal Liberty Digest™ have likely noted my tendency to reference popular culture. Although I feel like the day was wasted if I missed an opportunity to use “J-Woww” or “Snooki” in a sentence, many of my fellow Bob Livingstonians waver between head-scratching confusion and outright disgust that such pathetic personas garner even mocking attention.

The truth is: I agree wholeheartedly with those of you who find the mere mention of such soft-underbelly-of-society types as those fine ladies demeaning to Mr. Livingston’s august endeavor; if not absolutely nauseating. Nonetheless, personalities created from whole cloth by MTV (or MSNBC, which carries slightly less prestige) not only exist, they’re enormously popular despite lacking talent, intellect or—in the case of the cast of “The Jersey Shore”—a vocabulary of more than about 50 words.

There’s a lesson in the meteoric rise of such marginal individuals; and it’s a lesson which Americans have failed to grasp despite more than a century of instruction: We like to watch stupid people behaving stupidly, strange people behaving strangely and awful people behaving awfully. The only difference between “The Situation” and P.T. Barnum’s sideshow freaks—as an exemplar—is the immediacy of their availability to us.

Hundreds of channels, thousands of websites and an endless number of media outlets great and small saturate our consciousness with images of the obscene, the horrific… and Rachel Maddow. Against that parade of grotesqueries, real knowledge, real information and issues of real import fade into the background; obfuscated by the sound and fury—none of which signifies much. And I, being of sound mind and body, wholeheartedly encourage the transmission and availability of every last bit of it.

Late last week, the Parents Television Council announced an effort to lay siege to Comcast over NBCUniversal’s production of a pilot entitled “The Playboy Club.” Evidently, this latest shlock includes contractual obligations that the actors included therein agree to appear in even less clothing than one of the fine ladies of “The Jersey Shore.” Although “The Playboy Club” is merely a pilot, and may never be seen outside some studio screening room, the PTC is concerned that should it make to the small screen, it will further damage the intellectual progression of the nation.

It may well do precisely that. But I would posit that “The Playboy Club,” like “The Jersey Shore” before it, the “Jerry Springer Show” before that and their progenitors like Mr. Barnum’s gathering of the gauche are merely as impactful as we allow them to be.

I have always been uncomfortable with the idea of limiting the production of even repulsive forms of entertainment in the name of protecting the fragile minds of our fragile children. My discomfort stems not from some misplaced allegiance to lowbrow entertainment, nor the cheap thrills evinced by watching scantily-clad morons do things people used to have pay to see. While I certainly object to most of the programming described herein, I object more stringently to the idea of anyone elevating themselves to the position of cultural policemen.

As much as I agree with the PTC that “The Playboy Club” is undoubtedly offal, I prefer the idea of allowing those who seek a path of righteous intelligence to find it amidst the endless cacophony of crap which is most of what passes for culture.

An old professor of mine used to wax rhapsodic about the “limitless availability of the accumulated wisdom of the tribe.” It’s out there, hiding in plain sight amongst the sitcoms, the webcast-rantings of Charlie Sheen and the mendacious babble of Ed Schultz. Should people allow their children to watch “The Playboy Club,” or Lawrence O’Donnell, then they deserve no better than the ultimate product of their folly. I have no interest in listening to the complaints of people who employ television as an ersatz nanny, and are subsequently appalled by the upbringing television (or music or film) provides.

Sixty years ago, many Americans shuddered at the thought of Elvis Presley swivel-hipping his way into their homes. The nation survived, as it can now. Consider this: As the bulk of our population sinks into the swamp of stupidity, the cream will rise to the top. For every episode of “The Playboy Club”, every fakeumentary vomited up by Michael Moore, every op-ed spewed by The New York Times, there are inspired and intelligent ideas from Mr. Livingston, Chip Wood, Robert Ringer, John Myers and Dr. Mark Wiley, among others.

Despite rumors to contrary, the revolution will NOT be televised.

Throw Away Those Drugs While Your Memory’s Still Intact

Reports that previously indicated non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) could help with the symptoms of dementia have been proven inaccurate. In fact… these pills could cause you to LOSE your mind!

Patients who use NSAIDs did not have lower rates of cognitive decline or dementia, but actually had a 66 percent higher risk toward developing the memory-robbing condition. The Group Health patients were studied for 12 years.

Based on these results, researchers continue to evaluate the effect of inflammation in the development of Alzheimer’s, and look into alternative early detection methods and improved biomarkers.

Maple Syrup May Be A Healthy Sugar Alternative

Maple syrup may be a healthy sugar alternativePure maple syrup contains double the amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds than food scientists previously thought, according to researchers at the University of Rhode Island.

Furthermore, they found that the sweet condiment contains phenolics that are beneficial in the management of type 2 diabetes, a discovery that the authors noted came as a stroke of irony.

"I can guarantee you that few, if any, other natural sweeteners have this antioxidant cocktail of beneficial compounds. It has some of the beneficial compounds that are found in berries, some that are found in tea and some that are found in flaxseed," said lead researcher Navindra Seeram.

Foods with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties have been shown to reduce the risk of several illnesses, including cancer, cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders.

A compound dubbed Quebecol — named for the maple-growing province in Canada — was among the new discoveries. Authors noted that the compound is a byproduct of the sap-boiling process required to make maple syrup.

The researchers said the discovery should not prompt anyone to consume mass quantities of the product, but rather it is meant to inform them that the sweetener is a healthier alternative to high fructose corn syrup-based products.  

Female Student In Illinois Gets Green Light On Tuxedo

Female student in Illinois gets green light on tuxedoAt the behest of civil rights advocates, a female student in Illinois has been granted permission to wear a tuxedo to her high school prom.

Belinda Sanchez, a senior at Proviso East High School, met with Principal Milton Patch last month to discuss her desired attire. According to Sanchez, a lesbian, Patch denied her request and said that he didn't want the prom to become a "sideshow."

Sanchez contacted the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Illinois, which then contacted the school district and said the dress code policy was an example of "gender discrimination." In addition, the group said that Sanchez's freedom to wear a tuxedo is protected by the 1st Amendment's guarantee of free expression.

On March 30, Proviso officials confirmed that Sanchez's request has been granted.

"It's a 1st Amendment right, a free speech right, and that includes her right to send a message through wearing male clothing that she doesn't think women should be restricted to traditional female clothing," said John Knight, director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Project at the ACLU, quoted by The Chicago Tribune.

Last year, officials at a Mississippi school district agreed to pay more than $116,000 in legal damages after denying Constance McMillan's request to wear a tuxedo to prom and attend the event with her girlfriend. The district also agreed to adopt a new policy that prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation. 

When Will The People Of Walmart Wake Up To Inflation?

Serious price inflation will come this summer.

Although I have warned readers for some time that hyperinflation is coming, this is not me saying it, but Walmart CEO Bill Simon. Last week he told USA Today that inflation is “going to be serious” in the coming months.

“We’re seeing cost increases starting to come through at a pretty rapid rate,” he said.

Of course, back in October 2010, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke promised that inflation was his goal. “For the first time in many decades, [the Fed] had to take seriously the possibility that inflation can be too low as well as too high,” he said.

“Every single retailer has and is paying more for the items they sell, and retailers will be passing some of these costs along,” John Long, retail strategist at Kurt Salmon told USA Today. Along with steep increases in raw material costs, labor costs in China and fuel costs for transportation are weighing heavily on retailers, he said.

The National Inflation Association reported in February that commodity prices have risen significantly since the fall. Wheat is up 52 percent, cotton is up 177 percent, corn is up 72 percent, soybeans are up 49 percent, coffee is up 86 percent, orange juice is up 37 percent and sugar is up 86 percent—all since Oct. 30, 2010. The price of oil is at a 30-month high—the highest price ever in the month of March.  Gas prices have doubled since President Barack Obama took office.

Higher fuel prices only compound the inflation problem. Factor in the result of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the subsequent radiological contamination of food around the globe and you can see we are in Red Alert territory as far as inflation is concerned.

The elites and Keynesians love inflation because it allows the government to steal the wealth of its subjects without the subjects realizing it. As Alan Greenspan said a 1966 essay, inflation is a “scheme for the hidden confiscation of wealth.”

As Peter Schiff wrote in his book, Crash Proof, inflation makes the national debt more manageable because it can be repaid in cheaper dollars, it allows for easier financing of social programs without raising taxes, can be confused with economic growth and causes nominal asset prices to rise (like stocks and real estate) which creates the illusion of wealth creation.

But rising prices makes it more difficult for people to buy the products they need and want.

Conversely, the elites and Keynesians don’t like lower prices, which they mistakenly—or nefariously—term deflation. But falling prices is not deflation. Just as inflation is an increase in the money supply, deflation is a decrease in the money supply. A decrease in the money supply makes the green slips of paper the public holds more valuable. Deflation benefits the saver and hurts the borrower.

Keynesians make the fallacious argument that when prices are falling, consumers will not buy because they will instead wait for the prices to fall further. Of course, that has not happened in the case of personal computers, flat screen televisions and other electronics that have seen prices fall as more competitors enter the market with comparable—or superior—products.

As I wrote in U.S. Exporting Runaway Inflation Across The Entire World With Its Reckless Money Printing, the unrest in the Middle East began as riots over the high cost and shortage of food.

The United States has thus far avoided such riots by paying off the masses. How so, you ask? More than 44 million Americans are now on food stamps. That’s 14 percent of the U.S. population. Unemployment benefits last for 99 weeks. These factors have prevented American streets from looking like the streets in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran, Syria and Libya.

In Wisconsin, the government cut back on its gifts to the public employee unions and riots ensued. In Ohio, the same thing happened.

People don’t like to have things taken away, though they have allowed the government to steal their wealth for 100 years. It seems they’re becoming tired of it. Many of them just aren’t yet sure where to vent their anger.

Those protesting in Wisconsin and Ohio are venting at their governors and legislators, claiming they just want to break the unions. But States, unlike the Federal government, must balance their budgets. So cuts have to be made somewhere. States can’t unleash another round of quantitative easing (money printing) as the Fed can.

Unfortunately, the people who shop at Walmart are too busy watching “American Idol” and gossiping about Charlie Sheen through their Twitter accounts to understand what’s happening. They will see higher prices and they’ll blame the nameless and faceless “they,” sure that the store manager or his boss or his boss is responsible. But most, if not all, will not know what’s happening until it is too late for them. They are headed for rough times.

If the Federal government had to live within its means, many so-called entitlements would have to go away. But the government is a Ponzi scheme. Bernie Madoff was sent to jail forever for his Ponzi scheme, which pales in comparison to the Feds’.

But it doesn’t. When it needs money, the Fed prints more and distributes it to Wall Street and the banksters who get to use it first, before it’s diluted. The rest of us get it later, when it’s worth less—or worthless.

To understand, imagine a glass of milk. The Fed, Wall Street and the banksters get to drink the fresh milk. Then imagine pouring water into the milk. We get to drink after more and more water is poured into the milk, after it is more water than milk.

For those millions on Social Security and other entitlement programs, the money won’t go away. But the dollars you get from them will not buy a loaf of bread. Your checks will remain the same while it takes wheelbarrow loads of cash just to buy bread, as it did in Weimar Germany in the early 1920s.

That’s why we have encouraged you to buy silver and gold. If you have silver and gold in your possession you will still be able to buy food and necessities while others paper their walls with their worthless dollar bills.

And it is time, and almost past time, to store food and water. They will only get more expensive from here.

There is still time buy gold and silver. As the Fed destroys the dollar, you will look back at how cheap gold and silver are now.

How long do we have? It appears to me that we are very close to economic and social collapse. But times can yet wobble along for months or even a few years. It is a certainty that it will get visibly worse in many ways, especially now that the endgame is here.

Unemployment Rate Continues To Fall

Unemployment rate continues to fallThe United States economy gained 216,000 jobs in March, pushing the national unemployment rate to its lowest level in two years.

On April 1, the Labor Department reported that the jobless rate fell to 8.8 percent in March, which means that the figure has dropped a full percentage point in the last four months. It is the largest improvement in a four-month period since 1984, CNN reported.

Approximately 68 percent of industries have added jobs so far in 2011, the first year Republicans have controlled a Congressional chamber since 2006.

"The unemployment rate has broken through the sound barrier and is continuing to decline," Sung Won Sohn, economics professor at Cal State-Channel Islands, told the media outlet. "The recovery in employment is here to stay."

In Maine, Republican lawmakers have proposed new legislation in an effort to encourage employers to hire more young workers. According to The Huffington Post, the state's House of Representatives has introduced legislation that would lower the minimum wage for new employees under the age of 20 to $5.25 per hour. In addition, it would eliminate the maximum number of hours 16- and 17-year olds can work on a school day, and allow minors under 16 to work up to four hours on a school day.

The state Senate is considering a measure that would allow 16- and 17-year olds to work until 11 p.m. on school nights, which would add an hour to the current law. Furthermore, teens would be able to work 24 hours per week, four more than the current mandate, the news source reported.