Grading On A Curve

Teacher [tee-cher]—noun: one who teaches or instructs, especially as a profession; NOT “supporter of those who murder police officers in cold blood.”

The recent annual convention of the California Federation of Teachers—a cell of the American Federation of Teachers—passed a resolution at their annual convention extolling the virtues of the cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Jamal murdered Philadelphia police officer Danny Faulkner back in 1981 and has since become a hero to Democrat Party travelers from George “Owner” Soros to the second grade art teacher at Santa Monica Elementary. (Or whomever.)

One might presume the CFT would spend their time at their latest junket constructing a plan to ensure that their young charges would receive the best academic instruction possible. At the very least, it would be reasonable to think that they’d at least resolve to ensure the kiddies learn that “2+2″ does not = “Senators Boxer and Feinstein.” (Especially considering that Boxer + Feinstein = 0; not 4.)

If only reason played a part in their conduct. While some educational matters were discussed, including continued opposition to charter schools (damned local accountability!); the CFT also made a principled stand on one of the most important issues confronting educators in the Golden State: Cop killers.

Most of Resolution 19, which passed at the 2011 convention, is the usual empty rhetoric and defamatory innuendo the Democrat Party normally substitutes for REASON. Resolution 19 ultimately calls for the release of the “journalist” Abu-Jamal, whom they rather predictably claim is a victim of police coercion and judicial and prosecutorial malfeasance. It even elevates the REPROBATE murderer to the level of political prisoner.

“Whereas, the continued unjust incarceration of Mumia Abu-Jamal represents a threat to the civil rights of all people…”

Although I feel fairly certain that the continued incarceration doesn’t represent a threat to MY civil rights—mostly because I have yet to murder a police officer; I suppose I’m glad to see the CFT is on the case for civil rights; although they must have run out of ink before they expressed any support for the victims of communist oppression in places like Cuba—the CFT resolved at their 2010 conference to support five of Castro’s spies who were caught in Miami.

Oddly, not one word about the ChiComs’ unrelenting harassment of dissidents made it into this year’s CFT agenda. They didn’t make room for the victims of Iran’s violently repressive regime, nor any of the rest of the targets and victims of Islamofascism worldwide (a number which is substantially higher than the number of cop killers currently awaiting execution in Pennsylvania). And evidently, the good professors of California didn’t think it important to proclaim support for the widow and children of Abu-Jamal’s victim, Officer Danny Faulkner.

Frankly, I would expect the CFT to focus on… well… teaching. Californians now rank 49th out of the 50 States in adults who have at least achieved a high school diploma.

The CFT DID pass a resolution (No. 30) decrying “bullying.” However, they specifically noted that they were not talking about the nerdy kid who suffered an atomic wedgie on the way to social studies this morning. No, the CFT is concerned about:

“…aggressive communication, excessively harsh criticism… false accusations, public discrediting, defamation, insults, personal attacks, taunting, hostile glares, yelling, shouting, screaming, terrorizing, threatening behavior or acts… designed to drive the target out of a job;

Screw the brats. They don’t pay union dues. And no matter that the aforementioned language is a spot-on description of the union thug-led violence and hate speech — officially endorsed by the Democrat Party — currently on display in Wisconsin.

American students are falling further and further behind their peers in academic performance. Liberals breathlessly pin the blame on everyone but themselves. Meanwhile, a cell of the second largest “teachers'” union in the country made room in their recent convention for a man who shot a cop in the face at point blank range.

Here’s a suggestion for the CFT: Next time you want more money, consider whether your students can name the victim of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s crime. After all, who’s a better role model for the students in the Golden State — cops, or cop killers?

Gay Advocacy Group Upset About White House Rejection

Gay advocacy group upset about White House rejectionAlthough Congress approved the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" (DADT) last December, a gay military advocacy group still got the cold shoulder from the Federal government this week.

According to media reports, Servicemembers United was not allowed to attend the launch of a military families initiative hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House. Officials said that the policy banning openly gay individuals from serving in the military has not come into effect yet, which is why the advocacy group was left out of the April 12 event.

However, Servicemembers United Director Alexander Nicholson said that the organization is disappointed with the White House's explanation. He told FOX News that no member who is currently enlisted or subject to DADT was going to attend the gathering, which he described as the first major military event since the repeal vote.

"We thought it natural to request to be included and expected to be included, honestly, given the administration's rhetoric," Nicholson told the news source.

The United States Armed Forces is preparing for the repeal to go into effect, as the four branches have issued training materials about the policy to approximately 2.2 million active-duty and reserve personnel, according to The Washington Post.

Last week, Gen. James Amos, who had opposed Obama's plan to repeal DADT, reported to Congress that the transition has proceeded smoothly thus far in the Marines.

"There hasn’t been the recalcitrance or push-back. There has not been the anxiety over it from the forces in the field," Amos told the House Armed Services Committee, quoted by the media outlet. 

Obama Administration Using Taxpayers To Fund Healthcare Campaign, Watchdog Group Claims

Obama administration using taxpayers to fund healthcare campaign, watchdog group claimsPresident Barack Obama plans to spend as much as $200 million worth of taxpayer money to promote his controversial healthcare law, according to documents recovered by public interest group Judicial Watch.

The records, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, detail the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) multimedia campaign to promote the Affordable HealthCare Act and other HHS initiatives. Last November, Judicial Watch obtained documents revealing that the Obama administration spent more than $3 million in taxpayer funds to air national advertisements regarding Medicare and the healthcare overhaul.

Group president Tom Fitton said that these documents are troubling, considering the talk on Capitol Hill regarding the need to reduce wasteful government spending. Instead of using hundreds of millions of dollars worth of taxpayer money to fund critical government services, Fitton said the President is trying to get a leg-up in his re-election campaign by bombarding Americans with "misleading messages."

"There is nothing educational about this Obamacare propaganda campaign to force 'behavioral changes' on Americans," said Fitton. "These records prove the administration is using taxpayer dollars to manipulate public opinion."

Consumers May Overestimate Healthiness, Value Of Organic Foods

Consumers may overestimate healthiness, value of organic foodsA graduate student at Cornell University's Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management sought to find out how consumers are swayed by the 'organic' label, and her results revealed significant bias.

Jenny Wan-chen Lee tested her hypothesis on 144 participants. She asked them to test identical brands of organic potato chips, yogurt and cookies, labeling half of them as non-organic.

Participants rated the foods on taste and perceived calorie content, then reported how much they would be willing to pay for the organic varieties.

Her results overwhelmingly supported her theory on the "halo effect" of foods with organic labels. The subjects reported that the organic-labeled foods tasted better, had lower calories and were worth a higher price tag than the regular products.

Lee said that since she only tested a few products, additional studies may be necessary to draw any hard and fast conclusions.

While the United States Department of Agriculture's position is that no conclusive trials have proven that organic foods have superior nutritional benefits over conventionally-grown food, many experts disagree. Some studies suggest that organic fruits and vegetables do indeed have a more impressive nutritional profile compared to conventionally grown produce.

Lawmakers Consider Updating Privacy Laws To Protect Online Users

Lawmakers consider updating privacy laws to protect online usersThe California Senate Judiciary Committee has approved legislation that would require government agencies to acquire a warrant before accessing consumers' reading records.

According to the Central Valley Business Times, the State Senate bill is designed to update California's privacy law to protect online shoppers. The measure is sponsored by State Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) and supported by the California Affiliates of the American Civil Liberties Union, Electric Frontier Foundation and Google.

Considering that digital books now outsell paperbacks, supporters of the legislation say that it is necessary to update the law to meet 21st century standards.

"Individuals should be free to buy books without fear of government intrusion and witch hunts," said Yee, quoted by the news source. "If law enforcement has reason to suspect wrongdoing, they can obtain a warrant for such information."

At the Federal level, lawmakers are considering an amendment to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act that would grant more privacy to mobile and cloud computing users. Last week, the United States Justice Department warned that updating the law would hinder police investigations, according to

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) also opposes the amendment, saying that it could limit law enforcement's ability to "catch criminals and terrorists who use electronic communication," quoted by the media outlet. 

The Courage Of The Minute Men

In the early morning hours of April 19, 1775, about 700 British regular troops began a march toward Concord. Their goal: Round up weapons and gunpowder stored there by rebel colonists and arrest any rebel leaders they find, particularly John Hancock and Samuel Adams.

Around 1 a.m. Paul Revere arrived and informed Lexington’s captain of the militia, John Parker, that British troops were on their way. Parker called for his Minute Men and 77 arrived at the town’s green. After learning from Parker that the best-trained and best-equipped troops Britain had were on their way, the Minute Men voted to disband, lie low and do nothing to provoke the British.

Upon learning from Revere of the British march, Hancock grabbed a pistol and started to join the Minute Men. But Adams persuaded him that their capture by the British would be a major coup for Great Britain and huge loss for the rebel cause. Reluctantly, he relented. However, about four hours later, after learning the Minute Men had dispersed, Hancock met with Parker and the Minute Men who remained on the green. Shortly thereafter the drum was sounded and the Minute Men reassembled.

Hancock and Adams climbed into a chaise to leave the area just as British troops arrived. With orders to capture and hold two bridges leading into Concord and the knowledge that Revere was spreading word of their mission, the British commanders had no intention of engaging the Minute Men on the Lexington green. And Parker had ordered his men to let the British march by and not molest them unless they acted first.

As British troops marched in quick-time past the green, cursing the rebels all the while, British Major John Pitcairn told the Minute Men, “Disperse ye villains, ye rebels! Disperse! Lay down your arms! Why don’t you lay down your arms and disperse?”

After standing fast as most of the British troops passed and defying the British call to lay down their arms, Parker told his men to disband. Some began to walk away, carrying their muskets with them, and it seemed as if the crisis would pass without incident. But someone—no one was sure who but it was thought to have come from a nearby tavern or hedge—fired a shot and all hell broke loose.

Upon hearing the gunfire as the chaise rode away, Adams told Hancock, “Oh, what a glorious morning is this.” Seeing that Hancock mistook his meaning, for it was dawning a nice spring morning, Adams said, “I mean, what a glorious morning for America.”

Back on the Lexington green it was anything but. One of the Minute Men, Jonas Parker, who had vowed to never run from British guns, fell from a musket ball. He tried to fire from the ground but was bayoneted where he lay. The Minute Men fled the green and the British fired into their backs. When the smoke cleared, eight Minute Men lay dead on the green.

Shortly after 1 a.m., Samuel Prescott arrived in Concord and gave word of the British march. Bells in the town began to ring and the Concord Minute Men began to gather at Wright’s tavern. As day broke a messenger arrived from Lexington telling of gunfire on the green, but he was unsure whether the British had fired only powder as a warning, or if they were actually shooting.

About 250 men of the militia decided to carry the battle to the British and began marching east toward Lexington. After they had traveled about a mile they saw the British troops coming their way and they halted, waiting until the British were about 500 yards away.

The Minute Men then did an about face and marched back toward Concord. As they neared town some of the Minute Men were ordered to command a high ridge to deny it to the British and the rest debated what to do next. The Reverend William Emerson said, “Let us stand our ground. If we die, let us die here.”

But the Minute Men weren’t quite ready for battle and they faded back to see what the British would do. The British troops secured the bridges and then began to spread out in search of weapons and rebel leaders.

The troops burned what weapons they found and also cut down the town’s Liberty Pole and threw it onto the fire. Seeing the smoke from the bonfire over the hill, one of Concord’s volunteers asked if they were going to sit back and watch while the British burned the town to the ground.

They were told to get ready to move, but not fire until fired upon and then fire as fast as possible. They marched toward the bridges.

As the Minute Men approached the bridge, British Captain Walter-Sloan Laurie told his men to remove the bridges’ planks to make them unusable, but the Minute Men told them to stop and the British troops complied. Laurie ordered his troops into formation for street fighting, a tactic designed for fighting in narrow roads and alleys surrounded by buildings, not out in the open.

As the distance between the two armies narrowed, once again a musket went off without the order to fire being given, and the battle commenced. The Minute Men fired as rapidly as possible and advanced, driving the British off the bridge. The British troops broke and ran to the center of town.

British commanders regained order and collected their troops, but they were soon surrounded by Minute Men, whose ranks had swelled once the firing began. The order was given for the British to withdraw from Concord and the march back began.

Minute Men, hiding behind houses, barns, fences and trees, harassed the British as they retreated.

Back in Lexington, after the dead were removed from the green, Captain Parker reassembled his men, along with some newly arrived volunteers, and began to march toward Concord. Hearing the sound of the British retreat coming his way, Parker ordered his volunteers to take cover.

The British troops ran headlong into the Lexington volunteers seeking to avenge their fallen comrades. The British had no idea how many troops were facing them, but the shooting was intense. Before long, the British again broke and ran.

In Lexington, British officers got in front of their troops and again got them into order. They began a retreat toward Boston. They whole way Minute Men harassed the retreating British ranks.

When the day was done, 49 Americans were dead, 39 were wounded and five were missing. Of the vaunted British army, 73 were dead, 74 were wounded and 26 were missing. Against overwhelming odds, American volunteers had defeated troops from the mightiest army in the world.

After the fighting was over, Dr. Joseph Warren, who had become something of hero for his actions treating wounded Minute Men as the battle raged around him, put out a call for volunteers:

“Our all is at stake. Death and devastation are the instant consequences of delay. Every moment is infinitely precious. An hour lost may deluge your country in blood and entail perpetual slavery upon the few of your prosperity who may survive the carnage.”

Thousands of volunteers arrived for the cause. Thus began the war for American independence.

Now we have a new war for independence. It’s a war to make us independent from the slavery of the debt burden put on us by the Federal Reserve and the actions of the elected elites. It’s a war that will require the courage exhibited by the Minute Men on April 19.

It’s going to require sacrifice and it’s going to be difficult. But it’s obvious from the most recent budget deal that Congress still doesn’t get it. The plutocrats are crowing about cutting $38 billion from the budget as the deficit grew by $58 billion in the days they debated the cuts.

It’s time and past time to get to work contacting your representative in Congress to tell him or her that things have to change, that government has to be cut, that the Constitution  has to be adhered to. Remind him or her that an election is coming soon, and you are watching and taking notes.

Undoing 100 years of damage is going to be difficult. It’s going to require a new way of thinking about the role of government. It’s going to require commitment and courage.

Do you have the commitment and courage of the Minute Men?

(Descriptions of the battles taken from Patriots, by A.J. Langguth.)

How to Get Paid… Doing Nothing At All

I’ve learned a very important lesson over the last 41 years. There are two types of people—those who “get paid” and those who “do the paying.”

My first experience with this happened at the stock brokerage firm where I worked in my late 20s. I started working with extremely wealthy account holders. In fact, I talked with millionaires on a daily basis.

I quickly caught on to one of the ways they became wealthy—they got paid to invest.
These wealthy clients invested and reinvested in dividend-paying stocks. Some affluent investors earned thousands of dollars a month doing absolutely nothing at all… except making one smart decision to buy dividend plays.

In doing so, they got paid to wait…

These investors didn’t care if these dividend-paying stocks treaded water or even dropped while they owned them. They still got paid at least four times a year as they played golf and enjoyed their grandkids.

By buying dividend plays, they got a piece of the corporation’s earnings in dividends whether the stock went anywhere at all.

Those are the people that “get paid.”

Then there are the people that “do the paying.” These are the worker bees that live paycheck to paycheck. They pay for everything in their lives and never catch a break. They don’t invest in anything like this either. They either waste money on the latest craze in stocks, “safe” U.S. Treasuries that pay pennies, or don’t invest at all.
Let’s try to be more like the ones who “get paid,” shall we?

The New Breed Of Income Investors Get Paid Daily
I want to tell you about another income opportunity. Instead of getting paid quarterly like the wealthy brokerage clients I met years ago, you can get paid monthly—or even daily if you’re trading in the Forex market.

It’s all possible with foreign currencies. Yes, not many investors know this, but Forex firms pay you interest to hold certain high-yielding currency pairs overnight.

For instance, if you simply buy the South African rand in the foreign exchange market, you can get an overnight interest rate of 5.5 percent right now. You don’t get paid at the end of the quarter either. You get a piece of that 5.5 percent each and every day of the week, as long as you’re buying the rand.

Compare this to the average money market account in the nation now paying 0.61 percent, and you’re getting paid nine times more to sit and do nothing. The only difference is where you choose to place your money one time.

And considering the dollar now pays less than 1 percent in a bank account or money market account, it’s worth it to look at higher-yielding currencies regardless.

Do You Really Want To Hold Sinking Dollars Anyway?
Now, on top of this, it’s no secret the dollar has been falling for the better part of the last 40 years (ever since Nixon took us off the gold standard).

But take a look at how much the buck has dropped in relation to the strong South African rand over the last two and half years. The rand has gained almost 45 percent (on an unlevered basis) against the sinking dollar. On the chart below, you can see how the dollar has plummeted against the rand…

Imagine Gaining 45 Percent On The Rand, Plus Interest As The Dollar Fell

South African Rand

Think things are going to get better for the dollar? I don’t think so.

The main reason why our dollar continues to suffer is because our economy is not the powerhouse of fiscal responsibility it once was. We have a debt that’s too large for most Americans to even comprehend.

Recently some politicians have talked about instigating a “debt ceiling” so we would stop spending. But just last week, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner effectively nixed that idea. He said “we can’t afford a debt ceiling.” Translation: Geithner wants free reign to keep spending.

I think that statement right there shows you the path that the U.S. is going to take for the foreseeable future. The U.S. is intoxicated with debt, and the dollar will be the victim. End of story.

So would you rather get paid to hold foreign currencies that pay much higher interest rates? Or do you want to be the sucker that has to pay out sinking dollars for everything you consume?

Decide Today To Become The One Who Gets Paid
The decisions you make today will determine your tomorrow. Will you be the one that parks your money in a U.S. dollar-denominated money market or savings account?

Or will you park your money in a higher yielding currency that can pay you interest over the long haul that is five to eight times greater and protects you against the sinking dollar?

The choices you make today will determine your financial future. But in the end, it’s a simple choice—get paid to do nothing, or be the one who does the paying.

Have a Nice Day!
Sean Hyman
Editor, Currency Cross Trader

P.S. Personally, I prefer earning rollover interest trading spot Forex. But if you’re not ready to trade foreign currencies in the Forex market, there is another long-term way you can get “paid to wait” with foreign currencies. It’s another secret of the super-rich that we called “unclaimed dividends.” Click here for the full details.


I understand that many of you want nothing better than to tell President Barack Obama, “You’re fired!” But do we really need a New York City billionaire Donald Trump to help us do it?

I fret over Trump’s motivations. He could be questioning Obama’s birth certificate to stir up publicity for himself and his TV program, “The Apprentice.” It could also be that Trump wants to create negative sentiment against conservatives by painting us as extremists. If so, then The Donald is really allied with Obama and privately wants to see him re-elected through the power of independent voters.

Before you dismiss that Trump is really an Obama ally, consider this from Brendan Coffey’s blog on

“Donald Trump may be talking a game the Tea Party activists embrace, such as consistently questioning President Obama’s American birth of late, but an analysis of his political donations since 1989 show a distinct support of the Democratic Party that may not go over well should Trump be serious about running for the Republican Party nomination for President.

“According to electoral cycle donations via which I examined this morning, Trump has donated a net $744,033 to political candidates and committees since 1989 (the extent of the online database).

Of this, $612,083 are [sic] to candidates or parties identifiable either as Republican or Democratic.

“Of that amount, $320,300 of that have [sic] been to the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates; $291,783 to Republican committees and candidates. That’s 52% of his giving to identifiable political giving to Democrats.”

Forbes’ list of some of Trump’s liberal recipients includes:

  • $20,350 to Charles Rangel, the Harlem-based Congressman
  • $9,900 to Chuck Schumer
  • $9,400 to Harry Reid
  • $9,000 to various Kennedys, mainly Ted.
  • $5,500 to John Kerry

Trump is not putting much of his money where his enormous mouth is.

Even as I was finishing up this column I found this editorial by Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times: “Having written three books and dozens of columns debunking urban legends, myths, rumors, tall tales, half-truths and general crackpottery, I’m hardly one to jump on the “Aha!” bandwagon, but I’m starting to think Donald Trump is spearheading a vast conspiracy. To get Barack Obama re-elected.”

Regardless of Trump’s motivations, I believe that the spotlight on Obama’s birthplace may hurt conservative-minded people that want to see the President defeated in 2012.

I say this even though I believe that Obama may not be a natural-born citizen as the U.S. Constitution requires. If that is true, as a person who respects the Constitution, I object wholeheartedly.

Yet as a pragmatist I fear that if we focus on Obama’s birthplace we are wasting our energies and it could cost us the election. Keep in mind it is very hard to prove a negative, and with the Ruling Elite supporting the President, I think it could be next to impossible.

Lessons From The Vince Foster Saga
Remember Vince Foster? He was Deputy White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton and a close confidant of the First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993. A three-year investigation conducted by independent counsel Kenneth Starr concluded that Foster died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It was all very convenient for the President and the First Lady because Foster knew the deepest secrets of the Clinton’s not-so-blind trust, as well as the truth behind Whitewater.

The ruling of suicide was made despite the fact that one witness, Patrick Knowlton, entered Fort Marcy Park approximately 70 minutes before Foster’s body was discovered. Evidence shows that Foster was already dead at that time. Knowlton saw two vehicles in the parking lot, neither of which matched the description of Vince Foster’s 1989 silver Honda.

There were many other inconsistencies with the suicide finding and I remember I was outraged that more was not done. At the time, I was publishing an investment letter and President Clinton was coming up for re-election. I wrote about Vince Foster’s death, Whitewater and what I thought was a web of corruption and lies inside the Clinton White House. Some influential writers and broadcasters addressed the subject, all for naught. Clinton was re-elected in a landslide over Bob Dole in 1996.

Looking back, I think time and energy was wasted on what was almost impossible to prove while not enough was spent on Clinton’s blatant failings as President. Fast-forward 15 years and we have a President that takes prideful ownership of many policies that are destroying America.

A Checkered Past Since 2008
Three years ago, candidate Obama said he would fix the economy. Instead, he spent his energy on ramming Obamacare down the throats of the nation.

The President also promised to be fiscally responsible. Yet Federal spending has soared during the President’s 26 months in office as is clearly demonstrated in the chart below.


The U.S. Treasury Department is warning that it will reach its debt limit of $14.3 trillion in mid-May unless the Federal government gets new financing.

Given Obama’s ambitions on everything from green energy to healthcare to Arab intervention, Federal spending as a percent of gross domestic product could exceed World War II levels. That could be disastrous for America for many reasons, one being if China—sitting on $1 trillion in Treasuries—starts to liquidate Treasury debt. That would send interest rates soaring (the Treasury would have to auction off debt to keep the government afloat). Instead of paying 2 percent or 3 percent yields, the Treasury would have to yield 22 percent or 23 percent.

This would devastate the bond and stock markets as well as real estate, which is still staggering from the 2008 Depression.

Then there is the dollar itself. The bear market for the greenback began in 2001 with President George W. Bush. But the decline of the dollar has been accelerated under Obama. A decade ago my Canadian Loony was worth less than 70 cents against the dollar. Today it is worth $1.05 U.S.

It could get a lot worse, said former Treasury Secretary and Secretary of State James Baker: "At some point we have to get a handle on this spending binge we’re on."

Baker, whose glory days were in the Reagan administration, added: "If the United States of America didn’t have the dollar as the de facto reserve currency of the world, we’d be Greece. I mean we are broke, bankrupt."

When one of the top American powerbrokers of the 20th Century says the country is bankrupt, that should be the headline on every newspaper in the country. Instead what is making headlines is Trump. Don’t you see? We are drowning in an ocean of debt and people like Trump are describing the water.

America is in for hard times if Obama is not defeated. And there are so many obvious reasons that he should not be re-elected.

Yours in good times and bad,

John Myers
Editor Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

Maryland Legislators Approve Tuition Breaks For Illegal Immigrants

Maryland legislators approve tuition breaks for illegal immigrantsThe General Assembly chamber in Maryland has approved in-State college tuition reductions for illegal immigrants.

According to The Baltimore Sun, Maryland lawmakers passed the law on April 11. Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley has already pledged to sign the bill, which would enable undocumented students to receive in-State college tuition breaks. In order to qualify for the financial aid, illegal immigrants have to attend Maryland high schools for at least three years and their families must pay State taxes.

Maryland is slated to become the 11th state to extend in-State college tuition breaks to undocumented students.

"It was never about immigration," Senator Victor Ramirez (D-Prince George) told the media outlet. "It's about what to do with the intellect of our children. Do we invest in them, or kick them to the side? The people win with this bill because we'll have a more educated work force."

April appears to be a big month for illegal immigrants, according to consulting firm ESR Research. In a report entitled Defrauding the American Taxpayer — The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Illegal Immigration, group president Ed Rubenstein states that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) helps illegal aliens collect revenue by transferring income from United States-born taxpayers.

Rubenstein explains that tax day — which is April 18 this year — marks a cash windfall for many illegal immigrants. He claims that the IRS knowingly allows undocumented residents to collect up to $5,750 from the EITC, which is a Federal program that aims to supplement the earnings of low-income workers. 

The TSA Gropefest Continues

It’s been a while since we touched on the abuses of the Transportation and Security Administration, but that organization continues its daily assault on Americans.

In this video, a TSA goon gropes a young girl, telling her how pretty and sweet she is all the while. It’s insidious, and although her parent or guardian is present while it takes place, it puts this young girl in danger of an assault. As a youngster, she will see no difference between this authority figure putting her hands down her pants and an adult rapist who would like to do the same thing. It’s a difficult prospect to teach a child the difference between authority figures.

And listen carefully for the mention of the drug test they going to do “on the 6-year-old.” This is a blatant 4th Amendment violation.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the TSA’s goal here is to catch a potential terrorist before he or she boards a plane. This is about conditioning; plain and simple.

The goal of the TSA is to brainwash children and small-minded adults to submit to whatever an authoritarian government wants to do. If you drum this into them as children, they’re much easier to manipulate as adults.


Scientists Discover Additional Benefits Of Vitamin A

Scientists discover additional benefits of vitamin AVitamin A may play a key role in sperm production, central nervous system development and a host of other functions, according to recent research that was conducted at the Van Andel Research Institute in Michigan.

A team of scientists discovered that the nutrient stimulates a nuclear receptor in the body which activates genes to carry out essential bodily functions.

"Because [the nuclear receptor] TR4 plays roles in sperm cell production, lipid and lipoprotein regulation, the development of the central nervous system and the regulation of hemoglobin production in the embryo, we can imagine that Vitamin A may play more important roles in human physiology than was previously believed," said lead researcher Edward Zhou, Ph.D.

Authors of the study said its findings may lead to more effective therapies for various diseases.

The National Institutes of Health reports that chicken and beef liver, carrots, cooked spinach, kale and cantaloupe all contain more than a day's worth of vitamin A per serving. The nutrient has been shown to promote healthy eyes, bones and skin. It may also strengthen an individual's immune system to help them avoid disease. 

Artist’s Constitutional Rights Upheld As New York Town Lifts Ban

Artist's Constitutional rights upheld as New York town lifts banA town in the State of New York has agreed to lift an "art ban" in response to a lawsuit filed by a local artist.

Melanie Gold recently scored a victory for artists and supporters of the Constitution as the village of Greenwood Lake agreed to rescind a moratorium on displaying public art. In February, the town enacted an "art ban," threatening fines or imprisonment to building owners and artists who did not adhere to the ordinance.

Backed by the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and a New York-based law firm, Gold slapped Greenwood Lake with a suit, claiming that her 1st Amendment rights were violated. On April 6, the matter was settled when the town agreed to remove the ban and pledged not to pass a future law that compromises its citizens' Constitutional rights.

David Leichtman, a partner with Robins, Kaplan, Miller and Ciresi, was one of the attorneys who represented Gold. He said that this agreement reaffirms that Americans have the right to communicate ideas without fear of government retaliation.

"We hope this will send a greater message that artists have Constitutional rights upon which no local government has the right to infringe," said Leichtman. "We see this not just as a defense of the 1st Amendment, but as a victory for artists' rights everywhere."  

Celebrating A Tax Refund

Arghhh! It just happened again. No, I’m not referring to the billions of dollars hard-working taxpayers have to send to Uncle Sam by this April 18. I’ve become almost numb to the pain of that annual reckoning.

But what still gets my goat is when someone—especially a near and dear family member—celebrates receiving a tax refund. They act as though it’s manna from heaven. They rejoice in their totally unexpected bounty from a beneficent government.

When I try to explain that the IRS really isn’t doing them a favor—that, in fact, the opposite is true; that by overpaying their taxes during the past year, they have in effect been giving a profligate and wasteful government an interest-free loan—they look at me as though I’ve suddenly sprouted two heads.

So okay. No lengthy lectures from me this year about how a progressive income tax was an essential part of the Communist Manifesto. No rant about the conspiratorial origins of the Federal Reserve. No diatribe on the diabolical cunning of a withholding tax, so the shark-like bite of Uncle Sam is rendered less painful than a mosquito bite.

No, all I’ll do is repeat my opening sentiment: Arghh! And then offer this anonymous reminder of why we can be glad that soon, Tax Day will once again be behind us.

Tax his land, tax his bed,
Tax the table at which he’s fed.
Tax his tractor, tax his mule,
Teach him taxes are the rule.

Tax his cow, tax his goat,
Tax his pants, tax his coat.
Tax his ties, tax his shirt,
Tax his work, tax his dirt.

Tax his tobacco, tax his drink.
Tax him if he tries to think.
Tax his cigars, tax his beers,
If he cries, then tax his tears.

Tax his car, tax his gas,
Find other ways to tax his a**.
Tax all he has, then let him know
That you won’t be done ’till he has no dough.

When he screams and hollers,
Tax him some more.
Tax him ’till he’s good and sore.
Then tax his coffin, tax his grave.
Tax the sod in which he’s laid.

Put these words upon his tomb,
"Taxes drove me to my doom."

When he’s gone, do not relax.
It’s time to apply the inheritance tax.

–Chip Wood

Romney Makes It Official: He’s Exploring Presidential Bid

Romney makes it official: He's exploring Presidential bidFormer Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has officially announced his intentions to explore a Presidential bid.

Romney revealed his decision to form an exploratory committee for the 2012 GOP nomination on April 11, releasing a YouTube video and a Twitter post. In his two-and-a-half minute video titled "Believe in America," Romney said that President Barack Obama's policies have failed because "he and virtually all the people around him have never worked in the real economy."

Romney, who lost the Republican nomination to John McCain in 2008, is believed to be a front-runner to challenge Obama in 2012.

"It's time that we put America back on a course of greatness, with a growing economy, good jobs and fiscal discipline in Washington," he added.

According to The New York Times, Romney's biggest obstacle on the campaign trail will likely be the healthcare law that he championed as Massachusetts governor. April 12 marked the five-year anniversary of Romney signing the law, which requires most Bay State residents to purchase health insurance or face fines, which is similar to the individual mandate in Obamacare.

A recent Suffolk University/7News poll revealed that about 49 percent of Massachusetts residents said that Romney's healthcare law is not working, compared to only 38 percent who said that it was working.

Rumored Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, has called on Romney to apologize for his healthcare law, the news provider reported. 

Pawlenty To Deliver Keynote Speech At Boston Tax Day Rally

Pawlenty to deliver keynote speech at Boston tax day rallyFormer Minnesota Governor and potential GOP Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty will headline the third annual Tea Party tax day rally on April 15 in Boston.

The rally is slated to take place at the Boston Common Bandstand, which is not far from the original Tea Party protests that took place in 1773. In a revolt against the British Parliament's tea taxes, American colonists dressed as Indians boarded the transport ships, destroyed the tea and tossed it into Boston Harbor. It is considered to be one of the key events that led to the American Revolution.

Pawlenty is one of several speakers who will address thousands of Tea Party supporters between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Dick Patten, of, John Lumbard, Americans for a Balanced Budget Amendment, and Karyn Polito, a former Massachusetts State Representative, are among the scheduled guests.

Last year's tax day rally, which featured former Alaska Governor and Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin, drew approximately 10,000 spectators. The event has been organized by the Greater Boston Tea Party (GBTP), an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization.

“We looked at where Minnesota was when [Pawlenty] came into office and where Minnesota was when he left,” GBTP president Christen Varley told “We looked at where we are in Massachusetts and where our governor is taking us and felt he was one of those voices we really need in Massachusetts.”

According to the media outlet, Pawlenty will join former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum earlier in the day on April 15 to take part in a tax day rally in Concord, N.H.

The Three Causes Of Pain, Illness And Disease

Pain affects everyone, but in most cases it needn’t be a chronic health issue. Pain is not a disease; it is a symptom. Pain is not the problem; it is an indication that a problem exists.

The secret of alleviating pain and poor health is to understand where it begins. The basis of “The Wiley Method” (the self-directed wellness model I pioneered), is grounded in techniques of uncovering these “beginnings” and developing a protocol for relieving the acute health issue. You can then make changes in your lifestyle that make it better and create balance to prevent it from returning.

Regardless of your diagnosis, only three things cause pain, poor health and disease: Excesses, stagnations and deficiencies. To understand what is meant by these terms, let us first consider homeostasis—the body’s natural state of balance.

The Baseline of Health
Homeostasis is the body’s baseline of health and wellbeing. It is the state where we feel good, not too stressed, tired or excited. You are in a state where your digestion is working properly, your body is absorbing proper amounts of nutrients and oxygen and is expelling toxins through the skin, lungs and intestines. Our sleep and wake cycle is set, we work and exercise, we have a balanced social, work and family life. Life is good. But life often gets in the way and we don’t feel as good anymore.

Poor health, pain and disease are all felt in the body when it becomes off balance. It is no longer functioning at homeostasis. This happens when we experience excess (e.g., too much alcohol or sweets), a deficiency (e.g., not enough sleep or iron in the blood) or a stagnation (e.g., muscle spasm or constipation).

People suffer needlessly every day because they and their healthcare practitioners operate from a disease-based model of health. Mr. Smith, you have migraine headaches, so we will treat the pain of these headaches in this way. This approach does not work, obviously, because millions of people still suffer from migraines!

I propose that we view poor health, pain and disease as examples of being out of balance. We must seek to uncover what causes the imbalance, and this can only be the result of an excess, deficiency or stagnation. My wellness model of health corrects these imbalances and the ailment is eradicated by returning the body to homeostasis—its natural state of balance!

Here is a chart with some of this outlined for you.


Restoring Balance is the Key
One of the most common areas of poor health is rooted in how we deal with pain, illness and disease. When we don’t feel well or balanced, we tend to reach for various pills and liquids. The short-term use of such things is fine for quick relief, but long-term use allows the underlying cause or imbalance to continue, thus leading to chronic problems. Taking excessive quantities of painkillers, muscle relaxants and prescription medications of all kinds—even in low doses—causes problems.

It would be a mistake to assume that only one of these three causes is the root of any health condition. In fact, it is usually a combination of the three that makes a simple problem become chronic and seem incurable. The first “cause” of an issue could be singular (i.e., an excess), but when not approached with the wellness model of health (i.e., restoring balance), it becomes multi-faceted.

The way to rid oneself of a health problem is to consider it from my three-part perspective. If you can categorize where you are in excess you can then make changes toward decrease and balance. If you are able to list areas of deficiency you can then take steps to improve them. Where you find stagnations you can look for ways to “move them along.”

Returning the body to homeostasis can be difficult and challenging. You may have been polluting your body with toxins in foods, beverages and air and aggravating it with stress, tension, poor sleep and bad lifestyle choices for quite some time.

In order to re-establish homeostasis—natural wellness balance—the many toxins and stressors that tax the body must be removed or, in the case of psychosomatic triggers, dealt with in new ways. This includes reducing food triggers, correcting musculoskeletal triggers, regulating biological functions, reducing the effects of stress and anxiety, keeping the body in a perpetual state of proper hydration and engaging in regular exercise.

The Wiley Method entails lifestyle changes. But such changes are the only way to correct imbalances and remain in an optimal state of health.

I would like to help you along this journey and invite you to learn more about self-directed wellness. I wrote a 17-page report called, The 3 Secrets of Living Your Optimal Health that I would love for you to have. Simply visit my website, fill out the ‘sign-up’ box on the top right and then a PDF of this important wellness information will be delivered right to your inbox.

——Dr. Mark Wiley

Obesity Wreaking Havoc On Teens Despite Lack Of Health Complaints

Obesity wreaking havoc on teens despite lack of health complaintsWhile a survey of obese teens reflected that they felt physically healthy, medical tests revealed otherwise.

Researchers at the Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland in California compared the health data of 33 teenagers with high body mass indexes (BMI) to normal-weight teens from the same region.

The obese teens said they felt fine. However, tests revealed that when compared to the control group, they had higher markers of inflammation, elevated levels of a hormone associated with heart disease, more oxidative stress and insulin resistance — which is a precursor to diabetes.

"The metabolic abnormalities suggest that the process of developing heart disease has already started in these children, making it critical for them to make definitive lifestyle and diet changes," said Ashutosh Lal, M.D., senior author of the study.

When looking at the participants' diets, researchers found that few of the teens — overweight or otherwise — had optimal eating habits. However, the obese youth tended to consume less dairy and fruit than their normal-weight counterparts. This resulted in lower levels of potassium and vitamins C, D and A.

Authors of the study said that obese teens should not necessarily focus on eating less, but incorporate more low-fat dairy and fresh produce into their diets.  

Record Flood Rocks Midwest

Record flood rocks MidwestSeveral people have died from a record flood that has devastated areas surrounding the Red River in North Dakota and Minnesota.

According to The Associated Press, approximately 60 miles of roads have been closed in Cass County, N.D. In Fargo, the Red River crested at about 40 feet on April 9, which is the fourth highest level in a city that is prone to flooding because of its snowy winters.

More than 400 National Guard members were deployed to Cass County in order to assist in evacuation efforts, the media outlet reported. Last week, two hunters were found dead in a flooded river west of Fargo.

Spring flooding is common in certain areas of the United States, especially in locations that were hit with significant amounts of snowfall during the winter. Although most Americans will be asked to evacuate their homes in the event of an incoming natural disaster, there are cases when flooding strikes quickly, which requires certain self-survival measures. recommends that residents turn off all electrical appliances before the water arrives. Outdoor furniture should be brought indoors, and essential items should be brought to an upper floor.

If individuals are forced to leave their homes during a flood, the website advises that people avoid six inches or more of moving water. Trying to navigate through a moving stream can lead to a fall and increase the risk of being hit by debris.

When walking through any amount of water, residents should use a stick to check the depth in front of them as well as the firmness of the ground. 

Conservative Lawmakers Condemn Budget Compromise

Conservative lawmakers condemn budget compromiseCongressional leaders managed to stave off a government shutdown by striking an eleventh-hour deal on government spending for the remainder of fiscal year 2011.

Just a few hours before the April 8 deadline was set to expire, lawmakers announced a budget that included $38 billion in cuts. Legislators passed a stopgap measure before the government shutdown, giving Congress until April 14 to approve the compromise package.

Some members from both parties are expected to oppose the measure, but the consensus is that Congress will find a way to pass the budget by April 14, the last day before Congress goes on recess for two weeks.

During an interview on ABC's This Week on April 10, Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) said that he will work tirelessly to prevent a government shutdown because "it will have a huge disruption in the economy."

However, several conservative Republicans have already protested the deal by voting against last week's bridge bill. Although the package includes a ban on taxpayer-funded abortions in the District of Columbia, it does not remove funding for Planned Parenthood nor does it halt the implementation of President Barack Obama's healthcare overhaul.

Among the Tea Party favorites to oppose the budget are Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). These conservative lawmakers were pushing for $61 billion in cuts.

"I can't support this," Chaffetz told FOX Business Network. "We have a multitrillion-dollar problem here. And I feel disappointed we came up a little bit short." 

Omega-3s Lower LDL Cholesterol Levels

Since your body can’t produce essential omega-3 fatty acids on its own, you need to consume a diet rich in these nutrients that help reduce inflammation, boost circulation and lower bad LDL cholesterol levels. Foods rich in these fatty acids include salmon, mackerel, tuna, walnuts, flaxseeds, olive oil, kidney beans and winter squash. As an added bonus, salmon is also rich in the mineral selenium and several B vitamins.