Romney Edges Obama In New Hampshire Poll

Romney edges Obama in New Hampshire pollA new poll of New Hampshire voters has revealed that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney holds a significant advantage over President Barack Obama.

According to the State of the State survey, which was conducted by Dartmouth College's Nelson A. Rockefeller Center, approximately 47 percent of respondents said they would vote for Romney in the 2012 Presidential election, compared to 39 percent for Obama.

Romney, who on April 11 announced that he was forming an exploratory committee for the GOP Presidential bid, was the only Republican to edge Obama in the poll. The nation's commander-in-chief led former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee by 8 percentage points, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty by 19, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour by 19 and billionaire Donald Trump by 22.

Although Obama handily defeated Barbour and Pawlenty in the poll, he failed to take a majority of the vote against both rumored candidates.

Voters in the Granite State are "not willing to make a claim for Obama when they don't even know the other person," said Ronald Shaiko, a Dartmouth professor, quoted by

Trump, who is one of the most talked-about figures in the field of potential GOP candidates, recently predicted that Romney would lose in a general election against Obama. In an interview with The Daily Beast, the reality TV star said that Romney "doesn't resonate" because his speeches are full of "little trivial statements."

Cherries Found To Have Heart-Protecting Properties

Cherries found to have heart-protecting propertiesThree different studies examined the health benefits of cherries, and all came out with results which indicate that the fruits may be one of the best food choices when it comes to preventing diseases.

The University of Michigan, University of Arizona and Brunswick Laboratories all presented their findings on cherries at the Experimental Biology annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

One study found that drinking eight ounces of tart cherry juice had the ability to reduce inflammation in overweight or obese participants in just one month.

Another tested the antioxidant power of cherries in a powdered form. Researchers discovered that levels of inflammatory C reactive protein were reduced by up to 36 percent and cholesterol was decreased by 26 percent over a five-month period. These effects could help to reduce risks of atherosclerosis. Mice in this study were also able to avoid early death by 65 percent when they consumed the cherry powder.

The researchers noted that one cup of freeze-dried tart cherries has a wide array of antioxidants and phytochemicals that are likely to have caused the boost in health in study subjects.  

Wildfires Move Fast And Pose Serious Threat To Lives, Property

Wildfires move fast and pose serious threat to lives, propertyWildfires can create a nightmare scenario for property owners, especially Americans who run a ranch or farm. Not only does this phenomenon pose a life-threatening situation to humans, it can also ravage one's crops and animal population.

For example, Justin Cormack, a rancher in Texas, has lost 30 of his cattle, or 15 percent of his herd, due to recent wildfires, CNN reported. This month, wildfires have burned more than 1 million acres of land and hundreds of homes in the Lone Star State.

The recent events in Texas have prompted many Americans to consider self-survival in the event of a fast-spreading fire. According to Popular Mechanics, residents should collect their personal belongings and evacuate their property once they are alerted about an approaching fire.

However, if someone's home is surrounded by trees that are engulfed in flames, it is wise to remain indoors and avoid navigating through the wildland fire. The news source recommends that residents should shut all of their windows to prevent flying embers from entering the home.

Furthermore, individuals should shut off their gas or propane lines, but keep the water and electricity on. The water can be useful in staying hydrated in sweltering conditions, and it may also be used by firefighters to combat the flames.

Los Angeles County firefighter Fred Stowers told the media outlet that by keeping all of the home's lights on at night, emergency responders can distinguish between roaring flames and drifting smoke.  

Four Ways To Reduce Pain Naturally

Each year there are more than 150 million Americans suffering from chronic pain. This pain is costing the country an estimated $100 billion a year, including $50 billion in lost work productivity and $3 billion in lost wages. I would like to share with you four ways that you can reduce your pain naturally. By incorporating some of these tips into your daily routine you can feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.

Exercise The Body
Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for pain prevention and reduction. It encourages vigorous blood circulation, removes toxins, burns calories, stabilizes blood fats and sugars, improves strength and muscle tone, releases those feel-good hormones and keeps the mind alert.

Brisk walking is the best exercise for many chronic pain sufferers because the impact on the whole body is low. Once a new baseline is set, more vigorous exercises and activities can be enjoyed. Here’s why walking is so amazing:

Brisk walking is an aerobic activity, but since it is low-impact there is little wear-and-tear on the joints and little (if any) triggering of pain from the jarring action of the body as experienced in high-impact aerobic exercise or jogging. Although it is a simple activity, walking actually utilizes most of the muscles of the body to propel you forward and keep you on balance while increasing respiration, heart and lung function, blood and oxygen flow and the “burning off” of blood sugars and fats. It also helps in the removal of toxins and other wastes through sweat and improved eliminative functions.

Eat Pain-Relieving Foods
Food is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to controlling inflammation and pain. The typical American diet consists of too much fat, tons of sugar, loads of red meat and a frightening amount of processed foods. By switching to an anti-inflammatory diet consisting of healthy whole foods, you can actually decrease inflammation and ease the pain and discomfort associated with it.

Here are eight categories of bad foods that should be avoided if you suffer pain or have inflammation: Animal milk products, hydrogenated oils, nitrates, processed sugars, night shade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, many species of hot and sweet peppers and eggplant are the most common), fast food, saturated fats and processed white flour foods.

A diet high in fiber and whole foods, low in preservatives and fat and infused with blood-invigorating aromatic spices can help reduce pain and inflammation. Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Wild Salmon.
  • Fresh whole fruits.
  • Bright colored vegetables (except night shades).
  • Green or white tea.
  • Purified or distilled water.
  • Olive oil.
  • Lean poultry (skinless).
  • Lean beef (filets).
  • Nuts, legumes and seeds.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables.
  • Organic oatmeal (regular, not instant).
  • Aromatic spices (turmeric, ginger, cloves, garlic, onion, coriander, ground mustard seed, cayenne pepper).

Get Adequate Sleep
Sleep is not only a fundamental human need, it is a necessity that no one who experiences aches or pains of any kind should ever take for granted. It is so important, in fact, that we naturally fall asleep when our body tells our brain that certain essential chemicals have been depleted and our muscles and ligaments are tired and in need of repair.

Here are some tips to get deeper sleep:

  • Do not consume ANY sugar or caffeine after 6 p.m.
  • Stop working at least two hours before bedtime.
  • Turn off the computer and television at least one hour before bedtime.
  • Make sure your sleeping quarters are as dark and silent as possible. Studies have shown that those in darker and quieter spaces tend to sleep through the night more deeply than others.
  • Establish a sleep/wake schedule and stick to it.
  • Make a set routine out of bedtime. Change into pajamas, brush your teeth, set out clothes for the morning, even jot down any last thoughts, but promise yourself to revisit them tomorrow, then turn off the light… breathe deeply, relax, sleep tight.
  • If a racing mind is nagging, slow your breath and focus on the sensation of air as it passes through your nose. This will derail those busy thoughts to help you drift off.

Reduce Your Stress
The negative and lasting side effects of stress are often manifested in the mind/body response. Since the mind controls and constructs perceptions and the emotions act and react toward threatening stimuli, the daily centering of mind and emotions is essential to prevention of psychosomatic illness.

Meditation is one way to do this. There are many benefits to the daily practice of meditation including improved concentration, enhanced focus, calmer emotions, inner fortitude, understanding of the self, objectivity, concentrated decision-making power and peace of mind.

Physiologically, you will experience a decrease in blood pressure, respiration and metabolism; the nervous systems calms; hormones and chemicals balance; and the body is allowed to return to its natural harmonious state of homeostasis. Talk about stress relief!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Sit or lie down in any comfortable position that allows your spine to be straight and your head aligned with it.
  • Close your eyes and take a few initial deep breaths to ease into the moment and begin to relax.
  • Focus your attention on your breath as it passes into and out of the tip of your nose.
  • As you inhale, merely OBSERVE, without mental comment, the sensation you feel as air passes the tip of your nose.
  • As you exhale, merely OBSERVE, without mental comment, the sensation you feel as air passes the tip of your nose.
  • When thoughts enter your mind, do not engage them, do not pass judgment on them. Merely ACKNOWLEDGE that they are there, and return to the task of observing the sensation of the breath on the tip of the nose.

Developing and maintaining a positive mental attitude will go far in helping you reach your pain-free-living goals. Think from the end and believe you are already halfway along your pain-free experience, and you will more easily accomplish the day-to-day things necessary to do just that. Have confidence in what you are doing because you know it will help.

Every time you walk a mile, refuse a milkshake, sleep for an entire eight hours and breathe your stress away, you will know that you are making positive steps in your wellness life.

–Dr. Mark Wiley

The Sins of the Mother

No one ever wrote it down; mostly because common decency dictates that it didn’t need to be written down. No matter what your objection to (insert name of political figure to whom you object here), their kids were always out of bounds. Granted, George W. Bush’s children’s antics were as hard to miss as — say — Secret Service agents trying to look innocuous while standing outside the same 7-Eleven where Jenna and Barbara were trying to pass themselves off as 25.

I expect it never occurred to anyone that the liberal element in this country would be so thoroughly consumed by their own rage that they would begin to verbally assault children. And yet, whether it’s Nina Totenberg using the taxpayer-funded airwaves to wish AIDS on Senator Jesse Helms’s grandchildren, or cartoonish depictions of the Bush daughters, welcome to open season on conservative’s children. 

If you thought Totenberg’s comments crossed the border between indignation and indecency, let me quote no less a revered sage than Bachman Turner Overdrive:

“Baby, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.”

Witness last Monday’s swan dive into the deep end of disgrace executed by Democrat-leaning blogsite Wonkette. While most of Wonkette’s material is fairly rote — the same dull-witted and spiteful drivel which passes for humor amongst a movement that considers Bill Maher funny — a piece by some low-level liberal called Jack Stuef has plumbed previously unexplored depths. The bizarre (even for a Democrat) rant, which carried the subheading “A Children’s Treasury of Trig (Palin) Crap on his Birthday,” is a few hundred words’ worth of unrepentant hatred, politically-motivated venom and unadulterated filth. And all of it is directed at that individual who is evidently viewed with fear and fury by the Democrat Party: Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome-afflicted son, 3-year-old Trig.

Almost unbelievably, it took the better part of a week of constant outrage — although not from the corporate media, which didn’t think it was worth more than a brief mention — before the bottom-feeders at Wonkette finally deleted the posting. True to form, however, they took to Twitter in a series of remarks which made clear their utter lack of remorse:

We beat up on Sarah Palin’s craven use of her son as a POLITICAL PROP. Child protective services should take Trig away.”

Trig is a political prop? Was she supposed to lock him in a room in Wasilla with a few dozen cans of strained peas and condensed milk? “See you at the inauguration!”

Much of what comprised Stuef’s offal is so vile that I refuse to subject my fellow Bob Livingstonians to it. To give you a sense of the tone:

“”What’s (Trig) dreaming about? Nothing. He’s retarded…”

Evidently, that’s clever in Democrat circles. Stuef also resurrected the 2008 Democrat campaign saw of questioning Trig’s lineage, overtly implying Trig is a) Sarah Palin’s grandson, b) the victim of child abuse, and/or c) the product of incest between Todd and Bristol Palin.

Those of you who regularly peruse my production for the Personal Liberty Digest™ are already well aware that I, like most who ply the pundit’s trade, consider very little beyond the pale when it comes to skewering those who inhabit the halls of power. But there ought to be limits, people.

Somewhere beyond the breathtakingly inept President Barack Obama, but short his children, a line exists. Perhaps some of you might think less of me for my reluctance, but I’m not going to step on some kid’s neck just to knock the wind out of his or her parents. An examination of Wonkette’s repellent violation of Trig Palin reveals that the Democrats know no such border; or if they do, they have as much respect for it as they do for any border. (Look! An immigration policy joke!) 

Wonkette is far from the only soldier in the liberal media elite’s battle for the hearts and minds of… some extremely ill-mannered and stupid people. Z-list “comedienne” Kathy Griffin has essentially built her public persona around a creepy obsession with the Palins. And let us not forget the creepy pseudo-reporter Joe McGinniss, who actually rented the house next door to the Palins so he could conduct an “immersive journalistic investigation.” (As opposed to: “stalk Palin like a deranged lunatic.”)

I’m still not going to make fun of the Obama daughters, if for no other reason than it seems wrong to pick on little kids. Someone ought to send the same message to the Democrats — although I suspect they wouldn’t listen.

Toxins In The Home

Did you know there are dozens of materials in your home that have been treated with flame-retardant chemicals? Everything from TV sets and mattresses to plastic bottles and clothing may be leaking toxins into your body. This can lead to physical or neurological damage. To help reduce your exposure to chemicals like polybrominated diphenylethers (PBDEs) consider throwing out old items and replacing them with new ones. Many companies are now manufacturing PBDE-free products.

Will banks have government oversight even to the control of our safety deposit boxes in a national emergency?

Dear Bob,

I’m fascinated by your assertions that the banks will have government oversight even to the control of our safety deposit boxes in a national emergency. But where can I validate that information. I checked on snopes and they claim just the opposite.

Please let me know how I can validate who has the correct information.

Tom Webber

Dear Tom Webber,

There is precedence. In 1933 the Congress, spearheaded by FDR, passed the Emergency Banking Relief Act, which instituted a banking holiday. While the banks were shut down the Federal government rifled the safe deposit boxes of Americans. This should serve as a reminder to keep your valuables in a safe location in or near your home rather than in a safe deposit box.

For another threat, consider that the USA Patriot Act allows the government to seize any bank account for “probable cause” of being linked to any type of crime. Who determines that probable cause? The same government that gets to seize it, of course.

Best wishes,

P.S. The link you included deals only with an unverified story that raced across the Internet. It does not pertain to your question. Plus, Snopes is about as reliable a source as the corporate-controlled mainstream media. In other words: It’s not reliable at all.

Best Wishes,

Polyphenols In Green Tea Found To Protect Cells

Polyphenols in green tea found to protect cellsWhile testing the effects of green tea in a model that simulated the gut and its digestion process, researchers from Newcastle University's School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development found that the compounds contained in the beverage helped protect healthy cells and prevented tumor growth.

The team of scientists sought to discover whether health claims about green tea could be validated, since the drink's antioxidant properties had not been tested during or after digestion, when the body would absorb the polyphenols.

"There are certain chemicals we know to be beneficial and we can identify foods which are rich in them but what happens during the digestion process is crucial to whether these foods are actually doing us any good," said lead researcher Ed Okello.

The researchers found that the digested polyphenols were effective in protecting healthy cells and inhibiting growth in a tumor model.

Authors of the study noted that there are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to disease prevention. They said that diet, exercise and positive lifestyle choices may all contribute to optimal health.  

Hatch Pledges To Fight Tax Increases

Hatch pledges to fight tax increasesDemocratic efforts to raise taxes will likely face staunch opposition on Capitol Hill, especially on a key finance panel in the United States Senate.

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), who is the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance committee, has stated that he would reject any deficit-reduction package that includes tax hikes. In a Senate floor speech before the April recess, Hatch condemned President Barack Obama's call for tax increases, saying that "raising taxes has never and will never solve our deficit crisis," quoted by The Hill.

Although Democrats have a majority in the Senate, Hatch plays a significant role in overseeing tax-related legislation. He has the power to slow any budget proposal that may be championed by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.)

"When taxes are hiked in the name of tackling our debt, they've been used for more spending," said Hatch, quoted by the news provider.

Many critics have slammed Obama following his April 13 speech regarding the national deficit. While advocating for tax increases for America's wealthy, he said that people like himself and Warren Buffet do not need more tax breaks.

In a column for the San Jose Mercury News, Victor Davis Hanson said that the President tried to mask the facts of his proposal by using the world's third-richest man and the nation's most privileged official as examples.

"It would be more accurate to say that raising taxes on the better-off is a sort of punishment for those who break into the top brackets briefly and try to be careful to save what they make and not spend what they don't," Hanson wrote. 

Lawmakers Propose Bill To Protect Sale Of Traditional Ammunition

Lawmakers propose bill to protect sale of traditional ammunitionTwo United States Senators have teamed up to protect the rights of hunters and fishermen, proposing a bill that would update the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976.

According to FOX News, Senators John Thune (R-S.D.) and Jon Tester (D-Mon.) recently unveiled legislation that would limit the regulatory capabilities of the Environmental Protection Agency. The bill comes in response to a campaign by conservation advocates to ban the use of lead in ammunition and fishing tackle.

Thune and Tester said that a ban would lead to higher excise taxes on more expensive ammo, which could alienate many hunters and fisherman.

"The EPA's overreaching regulations in other areas are already negatively affecting jobs and businesses across the country, and I am committed to ensuring that ammunition and tackle do not become subject to arbitrary regulation," said Thune, quoted by the media outlet.

Some activists claim that the use of lead in ammo and tackle is poisoning the country's lakes, ponds and forests.

However, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) argues that there is no scientific evidence proving that traditional ammunition is harming wildlife populations or their habitats.

Urban Survival Skills You Can Learn When Money’s Tight

This week, we’re going to talk about how to get prepared for disasters when you find yourself already in "survival" mode.

Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball and make preparations difficult. It can be difficult because of finances, health, family issues or any combination of things. In fact, a lot of people who are switched on and see trouble on the horizon are already in a sort of survival mode. I hear from people on a daily basis who see trouble coming, but are on Social Security or who just got laid off and don’t have money for buying lots of supplies.

And I hear from others who aren’t in that extreme of a situation, but who are barely making it with the income and expenses they have right now, and feel they can’t afford additional survival prep expenses.

But if you’re in either of those situations, that doesn’t excuse you from making continual forward progress on your preparations.

The risks that we face to our way of life don’t care about whether we’re ready or not. I don’t think I’m going to get a call in advance of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), terrorist attack, an economic crash or earthquake so that I can make sure that my family is all set. And I doubt you will either. These risks don’t really concern themselves with whether or not my 3-year-old is having screaming fits during the day and my 9-month-old is teething all night… again.

These things just happen when they happen.

They happened to a student from Missouri who was going through the course awhile back. She emailed in about some rough financial times she was going through and how everything seemed to conspire against her at the same time. Long story short, she kept making forward progress on her preparations and got through her rough patch. She didn’t think she would, but she did.

Financial situations can turn on a dime, and that’s one reason why it’s so important to focus on survival skills instead of just focusing on survival “stuff.” Some stuff is important, and it definitely helps compensate for a lack of skill and/or makes survival tasks easier. But the great thing about focusing on skills instead of stuff is that you can practice one survival skill or another no matter what your current situation is.

In fact, one way that you can look at your situation if you’re currently in “survival” mode is that if a catastrophic event happens, your life won’t be disrupted as much as it could be. I often game EMP events in my head. When I do, one of the things that I always think of is how tribal people around the world who live without electricity won’t even know that anything happened. They’ll just go on with everyday life like normal.

A lot of the survival skills that these tribal people use are free or next to free to practice. You might want to make a list and make a goal of doing one of these every day. If not every day, at least try to do one each weekend.

11 Survival Skills That Are Free Or Inexpensive To Learn And Practice

Making fire: Practice making a fire from tinder, kindling and one match. Move on to using flint and steel, flint, magnesium and steel, a BlastMatch™, or a fire piston (diesel). Then, move on to a bow drill. This is all stuff that you can do in your back yard. I practice this with my 3-year-old. He likes watching the sparks, seeing the smoke, and he REALLY likes getting s’mores as soon as I’ve made fire. As a note, when I’ve got ideal tinder, I’ll use a sparking device, but if I don’t have perfect tinder, I prefer using a bow drill and a nice big piece of coal.

Think you can’t do this? I’ve even taught people how to light tinder with a spark in a hotel room bathroom with a piece of aluminum foil protecting the floor. (Do this at your own risk.) I’ve got to especially warn you not to make enough smoke to set off a smoke detector OR set anything on fire.

Char cloth: Char cloth is basically very thin pieces of charcoal made out of 100 percent cotton. It will take a spark almost immediately, burn hot and burn quite a while. Here’s a QUICK how-to guide to make your own.

Take a 100 percent cotton shirt, sheet or any other piece of 100 percent cotton and cut it into 1- or 2-inch squares. Then, drop the cotton squares into a CLEAN tin can until it’s full and cover it with heavy aluminum foil. You can secure the aluminum foil with baling wire, but it’s not vital as long as the foil is on tight.

Next, poke a small hole in the top of the foil and put the can into a pile of hot coals. Smoke should start coming out of the hole within a couple of minutes. This is smoke and methane and the smoke will be flammable (you can light it if you want). Within five to 10 minutes the smoke should stop coming out of the hole.

When this happens, take the tin can out of the coals and let it cool. When it’s cool, take the foil out and pull a square out. If it’s all ash, it means that air got into the can and you just need to try again. If not, then the cotton got hot without oxygen and turned black, you should be good to go! (This is how charcoal is made, and you essentially end up with small, thin pieces of charcoal) Take a piece, use a sparking device to throw a spark at it and play with your new toy.

The skills you’ll develop making char cloth are a solid foundation for making charcoal AND for making a gasifier. In one of its simplest forms, a gasifier is a contraption that allows you to extract methane from wood and use it to run a generator.

Solar heating: Have an old satellite dish? Coat it with Mylar® or aluminum foil to reflect and focus sunlight and practice cooking, boiling water, making char cloth and starting fires with it. This will get HOT… hot enough to burn you, so be careful. Don’t have a satellite dish? Look for one in dumpsters and on the curb on big trash pickup days. This will work with old full sized satellite dishes or parabolic dishes as small as a soft drink can. The bigger the dish, the hotter it’ll get.

Hunting, alarms, traps and snares: Have mice? Practice trapping or making intrusion alarms. Have sparrows, starlings or other “pest” birds? Practice your blowgun, slingshot or BB skills.

Water filtration: Have a bucket you can cut a hole in? Practice making a water filter out of gravel, pea gravel, sand and activated charcoal (or non-chemically treated charcoal). Run water through it and see how it tastes. I’ve got a picture and more information here:

Stockpiling: Yes… it’s a skill, and you should be good at it. Some of the immediate benefits are saving money and never running out of diapers, toilet paper, dog food, paper towels, etc., this side of a disaster. It also means fewer rushed trips to the store for emergency items. It also means fewer conversations that go something like, “Honey… did you remember to bring home the xxxx that I asked you to pick up. We’re out.” Whether we ever experience a catastrophic, life changing event or not, my family’s life is better because we stockpile.

Don’t have emergency water stored up yet? If you drink soda, start keeping all of your empty plastic bottles, whether they’re big or small. Wash them out with soap and hot water and put water and a little chlorine in them until you’ve got a few gallons per person.

Don’t have emergency food stored up yet? At LEAST buy some beans, rice and oatmeal. If you want to splurge, get SPAM® and instant potatoes (one of my current favorite camping meals.) If you can’t afford to stock up and you aren’t already eating beans, rice and oatmeal then consider eating beans, rice, and oatmeal for a week or so and using the money you save to stock up.

Situational Awareness: Try to continually be aware of what’s going on around you. Identify people who are potential threats and quickly game out in your head what they might do and what your reaction would be. When you’re simply an honest person walking down the street, any violent confrontation that you can spot and avoid in advance is a violent confrontation that you’ve won.

Identify situations that are dangerous, like doors swinging into walkways, blind corners, ice hanging off of a building, skateboarders getting pulled by a dog on a leash, etc. Practice reading body language… both good AND bad. Watch couples in love. Watch people arguing. Watch people reacting to babies and puppies.

Watch people you work with throughout the day and notice how their posture, facial expressions and the pitch of their voice change when they’re tired, excited, caffeinated, hungry, on a sugar high, stressed, etc. Study people you know so you can read people you don’t know. And remember… it’s not cut-n-dry… it’s an art based on science. People rub their nose when their allergies are bugging them. They cover their mouth when their breath is bad. They cross their arms to keep warm. They fidget because of pain or excessive energy.

Negotiating: Get in the habit of asking for discounts. Sometimes people will give a discount for no reason, but usually you need to give them a reason. It could be that you’re buying a damaged or opened item, buying in quantity, buying something expired or close to expiring or some other reason.

At farmers’ markets, if one of something is 50 cents, ask if they’ll do three for a dollar. The biggest thing is to get in the habit of negotiating. It’s a basic life skill that will pay you back for the rest of your life. And, it is a VITAL skill for any survival situation where you’re going to be around other people.

(If you’re interested in learning more about Urban Survival Bartering and Negotiating, please go to:

Also, if you have any other urban survival skills that are free and EASY to learn and practice, please share them with the other readers by commenting below. They could have to do with pure survival like making fire, storing or filtering water, building or finding shelter and storing food. They could have to do with medical or security issues. They could revolve around products and or services that you can make for barter purposes.

There are two VITAL survival skills in particular that I’m looking for. And I’ll send out a deck of Urban Survival Playing Cards to the first two people who point them out.

–David Morris /

P.S. If you like this “skills” based approach to urban survival then you should really check out the Urban Survival Course. It’s designed to help you develop the proven skills you’ll need to survive short-, medium-, and long-term disasters in an urban environment. To read more about it, and get started, just go to

Utah AG Seeks Review Of Ruling That Says Highway Crosses Are UnConstitutional

Utah AG seeks review of ruling that says highway crosses are UnconstitutionalThe nation's highest court has been called upon to clarify the 1st Amendment's Establishment Clause, which prohibits the government from endorsing one religion over another.

According to The Associated Press, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has asked the United Stated Supreme Court to determine if crosses can be placed along highways to honor law enforcement officials who were killed in the line of duty. Shurtleff's request comes in the wake of a 2010 ruling from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver that stated that such crosses were an unConstitutional endorsement of religion.

American Atheists, a group based in Texas, spearheaded a lawsuit against Utah in 2005, arguing that white crosses commemorating deceased highway troopers suggested Utah's preference for Christianity.

The 12-foot-high crosses were first erected in 1998 by the Utah Highway Patrol Troopers, the news source reported. They were paid for by private funds and were approved by the troopers' family members.

The Family Research Council (FRC), a Christian organization, has filed a petition with the Supreme Court seeking a reversal of the decision.

"The Establishment Clause does not forbid government actions that appear to be a religious endorsement," said Ken Klukowski, director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the FRC. "Instead, the Establishment Clause forbids government from coercing citizens to support religion. If there is no coercion, there is no Constitutional violation."

Acids Good And Bad

There are good acids and bad acids in the body. Unfortunately, most people spend their time and money neutralizing the good acid with over-the-counter medications while they increase levels of the bad acid with a diet of processed foods, too much meat and exposure to toxins and pollutants.

The body needs to be slightly alkaline with a homeostatic pH of 7.35 to 7.45. (The term pH refers to the acidity or alkalinity of a substance, 7.0 being the neutral level of most water. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14. Above 7.0 represents increasing levels of alkalinity. Below 7.0, substances become exponentially acidic.)

The bad acid is the acid that builds up in the body tissues. Excess acid in the body — or low pH — causes fatigue and shortness of breath and prevents apoptosis (normal cell death). This leads to malignancies and the breakdown of body tissues and organs. Individuals with chronically acidic systems use up oxygen reserves quickly, whereas the body in an alkaline state produces oxygen.

Over-acidity leads to toxin accumulation and oxygen depletion. The body tries to combat excess acidity by trying to neutralize it with oxygen. To do so it must continually divert oxygen away from its primary metabolic functions and direct it toward the acidic cells and tissues. This means that as we get more acidity we have less oxygen and shorter breath.

Older people are, of course more acidic. Acidity interferes with our electromagnetic currents, creating more acid in the body. An acidic body means death.

Blood pH must be in balance (slightly alkaline) to prevent clumping of red blood cells so they can flow into the smallest capillaries to deliver oxygen.

Acid actually strips away the negative charge of red blood cells and causes them to clump. This means less oxygen gets to your cells.

Acid also weakens red blood cells and they begin to die. We get fewer nutrients and our energy level begins to drop.

Infectious micro-organisms thrive in low pH or acid environments.

The modern American diet of refined foods is highly acidic. This creates a volume of waste acids which is symptomatic of acid indigestion or "heartburn." This is discomfort from fermenting waste acids, not from too much of the good acid, which is the hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach.

Instead, it is a symptom of too little HCl. Adequate HCl would prevent organic acids (waste acids) in the first place, and negative symptoms would never appear.

HCl is the only acid the body produces. All other acids in the body are toxic acids of fermentation created by our environment and diet.

HCl is absolutely essential for life. Without it the body cannot make the proper chemical conversions to alkalinity.

The life-giving and life-sustaining function of HCl is to break down food as it arrives in the stomach. If HCl is insufficient, food becomes a mass of poorly digested acid waste residues called organic acids of fermentation. It manifests itself in what is termed acid indigestion and heartburn. Acid reflux is a symptom.

As most of you know, the pharmaceutical answer to this is antacids. These compound the problem by making the low and insufficient stomach acid even lower. Temporary relief hides this fraudulent commerce.

If you take antacids you must understand that all they do is temporarily quiet the waste acids of fermentation caused by low stomach acid in the first place. The only therapy for low stomach acid — or low HCl — is more hydrochloric acid, not less.

Over time, reduced HCl foretells and guarantees illness — and finally death — with stomach cancer.

Hydrochloric acid begins a disturbing decline around age 40, though today it shows up at all ages because of our refined carbohydrate diets.

Adequate HCl is our first line of defense against the various destructive microbes that enter the body by way of food. HCl actually kills and digests pathogens. It also cleans up detrimental waste acid byproducts. Therefore, it is critical that everyone understands that adequate HCl levels greatly reduce tissue acid waste buildup.

HCl keeps us alive by maintaining proper alkaline/acid balance and then becomes alkaline after its vital job in the digestive process is done. Eight essential amino acids, two vitamins and 15 minerals are dependent on proper HCl for absorption. Vitamin B12 and folic acid simply will not be absorbed from food sources without adequate HCl in the stomach.

So what can we do to help our bodies maintain a proper pH and proper levels of HCl?

First, diet is essential. There foods and drinks that help prevent high acidity:

Water — Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day. To every other glass of water you drink add one-fourth teaspoon of sea salt (unless you are salt sensitive or have high blood pressure). Be sure to alkalize your water using an alkaline supplement available from a company that sells nutritional supplements.

Fruits and vegetables — Most fruits and vegetables are alkaline-forming foods, especially citrus fruits, which are acidic but turn alkaline when consumed. They are best eaten in raw form as often as possible. At the top of the list are pears, apples, watermelon, bananas, strawberries, cucumbers, egg plant, onions, pickles, string beans, asparagus (even canned asparagus is an acid reducer), shiitake mushrooms, spinach, carrots, radishes, cabbage, squash, sweet potatoes, turnips and turnip greens and garlic.

Potatoes — They are alkaline-forming when eaten with the skin on.

Other foods — Coffee, egg whites and cayenne pepper.

Natural sea salt mixed in water or a supplement of betaine hydrochloride can help you maintain adequate levels of HCl in the stomach, which can eliminate the symptoms of heartburn or acid indigestion.

HCl therapy to combat infections was an oft-employed tactic in the first half of the 20th Century. Burr Ferguson, M.D., and Walter Bryant Guy, M.D., advanced the knowledge and use of the principles of HCl therapy.

They and a few other forward-thinking physicians administered HCl intravenously and intramuscularly with astounding results in patients showing severe distress, high fever or with large tumors. The results were recorded at the time in The Medical World Journal. That research was compiled into a book, Three Years of HCl Therapy, by Roy W. Huntsman.

Among the success stories of people were treated with HCl therapy:

  • An 87-year-old woman whose large colon tumor disappeared in four months.
  • A 50-year-old man with a growth in his gallbladder who was told he was near death but had his tumor vanish in less than a year.
  • An 8-year-old girl with tuberculosis whose lungs were healed.
  • A 73-year-old woman had her breast cancer disappear.
  • A 15-year-old girl, near death with a massive infection after childbirth and suffering from extremely high fever and delirium, recovered after a couple of weeks.
  • A 43-year-old man received complete relief from migraines after two weeks of therapy.

There are many more stories just like these. They are stories you never hear from mainstream medicine.

The information for this article was taken from the books Acid and Alkaline by Herman Aihara, Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody and Three Years of HCl Therapy.

The book, Three Years of HCl Therapy is no longer in print. It is currently selling on for as much as $51. It contains documented cases of HCl therapy success stories in treating diseases and conditions like diabetes, pneumonia, malaria, meningitis, toxemia and many others.

We currently have a limited number of these books, and you can have a copy for free by clicking here.

Tax Freedom Day, “King” Charles And Shameless Vote Buying In India

*Congratulations! Now you get to keep some. Shame on me. I failed to mention that Tax Freedom Day occurred on Tuesday, April 12. In case you’re not familiar with the phrase, it’s a calculation of when the money you earn is yours to keep, instead of going to Uncle Sam. This year, the Tax Foundation tells us, the average American will work 102 days — in other words, from Jan. 1 until April 11 — to pay his or her tax bill. Despite the so-called tax cuts, Americans this year will pay more in taxes than they will spend on groceries, clothing and shelter combined.

*Make him king for a day. I’ve never had a lot of sympathy for Queen Elizabeth’s oldest son, Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor, otherwise known as Prince Charles, the heir to the throne of England. He was 2 years old when his mom ascended to the throne; now he’s 62 and still waiting for his big chance. Bob Green, my favorite Chicago columnist, has a great suggestion: Before it’s too late, why doesn’t Queen Elizabeth make her son King for a Day? As Bob points out, there are a lot of baseball players in the U.S. who were thrilled to make it to the majors for just one game. And I loved his final thought: “What a moment it would be when Charles, leaving the throne after a single sunset, looked over at William and, with a father’s smile, nodded and tossed him the keys.” Ah, would that it could really happen.

*Getting serious about buying votes. A report from Tamil Nadu, one of the states in India, says that politicians there have taken vote buying to a whole new level. Not content with promising more grain subsidies (the Indian equivalent, I gather, of “a chicken in every pot”), candidates for public office are promising voters bus passes, sheep, gold necklaces, free cable TV hook-ups and my favorite, blenders. The race has come down “mostly to a contest of who can offer a longer list of government-financed freebies,” one newspaper reported. Hey, at least they’re more honest about it than our politicians.

–Chip Wood

Having Fun In The Fight For Freedom

Are we having fun yet?

This is a question you never hear when people are discussing the fate of our country — or even arguing about which candidate deserves their vote. Frankly, I think that’s too bad. There are many reasons why I’m having more fun in the “fight for freedom” now than at any time in the past 60 years. I hope you are, too. If you’re not, I want to share some suggestions with you this week on ways you can have your cake and eat it, too. That is, how you can help your country and, at the same time, have a ball doing it.

But first, I need to give you an update on the plight of my suicidal cardinal. (For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, click here to read the issue of Straight Talk where I discussed the poor bird who was beating her brains out attacking my office window.)

First, the good news: She’s gone. I’m guessing her babies have been born and she’s so busy bringing them worms and other delights that she hasn’t had time to worry about some intruder in her territory. (The consensus of experts was that she thought her reflection in my window was an enemy that had to be driven away.)

Now, the bad news: Nothing my neighbors or I did made the slightest difference, with one exception. The various reflectors, life-sized hawk statues and other paraphernalia didn’t deter our attacking cardinals a whit. The only thing that helped, my neighbor Dean reports, was when he taped newspapers over the insides of his windows. But he got tired of living in a cave. When he took them down, his attacker returned.

But they’re gone now, I’m delighted to report. So let’s bid this bird-brained story adieu, at least until this time next year. And get back to what’s really important — having fun in the fight for freedom.

I was going to begin today’s column with a brief history of the times when it was hard to be optimistic about the direction our country was going. There was our sad abandonment of the Hungarian freedom fighters in 1956, followed by the betrayals and deceit that enabled Fidel Castro to create a communist dictatorship in Cuba in 1959.

How about the dark despair of 1964, with the total rout of Barry Goldwater in that year’s presidential election? Or when the battle for civil rights led to civil riots and the burning of several cities?

Or maybe the worst time of all, when we sent our soldiers to fight and die in a no-win war in Vietnam. The heated and hate-filled demonstrations it led to here at home are something I will never forget.

And all the while, government at every level grew bigger, more intrusive and far more expensive. Our taxes went up and up. So did prices, while our confidence in the future plummeted. For many years, I wasn’t sure that anything I did or any group I supported would help turn the tide.

But as the kids like to say, that was then and this is now. Last November we saw the biggest electoral turnaround I have ever witnessed. And it wasn’t just at the national level. In State after State, a whole new breed of politicians got elected. As a result, some amazing things are happening at the State level, too — including concerted efforts to defeat Obamacare. Heck, Utah is even on the cusp of making gold and silver money!

If you’re not savoring the thrill of some of these victories, it can only be because you’re sitting at home worrying about things rather than going out, meeting with your fellow patriots and celebrating some of these victories.

So let me begin by pointing out the obvious: The best way to feel like a winner is to back one. How many of your candidates were victorious five months ago? If you can’t brag about several newbies you helped get elected, then you need to get some new candidates, my friend.

For the next go-around, pick out half-a-dozen candidates who would really bring a breath of fresh air to Washington and/or your State capital. Send them a few bucks. Get some of their campaign literature. Tell your friends and neighbors about them. Then send them some more money.

And don’t limit yourself to candidates you can actually vote for. Last fall, I made donations to candidates all over the place — even Nancy Pelosi’s opponent in San Francisco. Yes, I knew John Dennis didn’t stand a chance of defeating her. But it sure felt good trying!

Next to supporting some winners (and even some valiant losers), the next best thing you can do is meet with people who think like you do. In the past, this wasn’t easy. The mainstream media tried for decades to make every Constitutionalist feel like he or she was totally alone. That there was no one else anywhere who agreed with us about anything. We were kooks and crazies and our numbers were too small to matter.

Well, guess what? That was nothing but a huge lie, and an even bigger bluff.
Starting in the 1970s and 1980s, technology brought their house of cards tumbling down. A handful of independent publications started it all. Then talk radio caught on big time. And guess who the most popular hosts were? The guys (and a few gals) on the right with a strongly alternative point of view.

Then the Internet brought millions of us together. Finding sympathetic allies, noble causes, worthy candidates and great organizations are now just a few keystrokes away. Want to join up with Tea Party patriots in your area? Click on

Want to see an amazing program to bring the conservative message to liberal college campuses? Go to and click on their “Campus.” While there, check out their other wonderful training programs for young activists.

Want to help bring some great speakers to some leftwing colleges? Check out Young America’s Foundation at Oh, and send them a few bucks to help maintain Ronald Reagan’s “ranch in the sky” — the Western White House at Rancho del Cielo, high above Santa Barbara, Calif. I’m proud to have played a small part in helping to turn Ron and Nancy’s favorite home into a meeting place for Americanists.

Do you want to meet with 3,000 aroused patriots who are determined to do something in the fight for freedom? Then make plans to attend FreedomFest in Las Vegas, Nev., this July 13 through 16. I’ll be one of the emcees for what promises to be a truly extraordinary gathering. There will be more than 100 speakers and 300 exhibitors, so you’re guaranteed to find several people and programs with whom you’ll feel simpatico.

I don’t have space today to tell you all the reasons that I believe is FreedomFest is the one event you should plan to attend this year if you can. But don’t take my word for it; go to and see for yourself.

By the way, when you register, please tell Tami Holland that you’re a Straight Talk reader. That way, two very nice things will happen: One, I’ll make sure you have a chance to join me at a special session at FreedomFest, just for Straight Talk readers and their friends.

And two, the nice folks who publish Personal Liberty Digest™ will send you an additional bonus — a free copy of Bob Livingston’s newly released book, The Great Recession Handbook, Survival Strategies For Trying Times (a $40 value).  All you have to do to claim your free book is email your confirmation showing you are registered to attend FreedomFest, along with your mailing address to We’ll drop a copy in the mail for you right away.

So please call Tami Holland at 1-866-266-5101 to reserve your seats at FreedomFest 2011. You’ll have a great time, I promise. And you’ll come away even more convinced than you are now that we’re going to win the fight for freedom.

See you this July.

Until then, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Don’t Be Distracted

There are a lot of issues making headlines these days as the corporate media and the global powers work to keep you distracted. So I want to caution you to remain vigilant.

The media try to convince you these items are important: Donald Trump’s potential candidacy, his hammering on the birth certificate issue, the wedding of Prince William, NATO’s war on Libya, arguments in Congress over whether to “cut” the budget by either pennies or nickels, CIA-sponsored unrest in the Middle East, who’s voted off “Dancing With The Stars,” the Japan nuclear crisis, who’s the next “American Idol” and on and on and on. The masses are numbed down and dumbed down.

It’s all there to distract you from the fact that we’ve entered George Orwell’s 1984. Through the Federal Reserve the banksters have driven our economy to the verge of collapse. They’ve stolen our wealth. We have perpetual war, we have politicians engaged in doublespeak, we live in a medical tyranny and a police state and Barack Obama has orchestrated a rise in gasoline prices by cutting off domestic drilling and stirring up the Middle East with failed foreign policy and an attack on a major oil-producing nation.

What he wants to do is fulfill his global masters’ plans to fundamentally change our way of life and dictate what we do, where we live, where we go and how we get there.

During the 2008 campaign he promised he was going to transform America. He’s making good on the promise.

Our fight remains with Congressional Republicans. As sad as it is to have to say it, they are our last best hope to stand up to the globalists. Unfortunately, most of them are puppets on the strings of the globalists and corporatists.

They say they heard our demands to reform government and slash spending. So far they’ve failed to prove it by their actions. There are some true Tea Party candidates and two men surnamed Paul who really want to return our government to sound Constitutional principles, but they are under tremendous pressure and face a lot of opposition from within the party.

They need our encouragement and our support. And they need a true Constitution-loving candidate to step up in the GOP Presidential field.

The message we must send is: “Stay Strong. No Compromise.” And it’s one all liberty lovers must adhere to as well.

Omega-3s Found In Canola Oil Shown To Help Prevent Colon Cancer

Omega-3s found in canola oil shown to help prevent colon cancerIn a mouse model, researchers from South Dakota State University showed that incorporating canola oil into a diet may significantly cut the risk of developing colon cancer.

Compared to rodents that were put on two different control diets, the canola oil-fed mice had 58 percent fewer instances of tumors, and their tumors on average were 90 percent smaller.

Previously, the team of scientists had tested the efficacy of flaxseed oil on inhibiting tumor growth with promising results. While canola oil contains about 40 percent less omega-3 fatty acids than flaxseed oil, the former is more common and has more culinary uses, which led the researchers to test it as well.

"You could not use flax oil for frying. If people start using canola oil — replacing other oils with canola oil — it gives them the advantage of including omega-3s in their diet," said lead researcher Chandradhar Dwivedi.

While the American Cancer Society reports that the rates of colorectal cancer have been steadily declining over the past 20 years due to prevention technology, the average person still has a 5.1 percent chance of developing the disease in the course of their lifetime.

Governor Of Idaho Takes Action Against Obamacare

Governor of Idaho takes action against ObamacareIdaho Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter has unveiled an executive order that prohibits the State from implementing Barack Obama's healthcare reform law.

Otter issued the mandate on April 20 after he vetoed a bill that was designed to nullify the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The governor rejected the legislation because he said that it would have forced Idaho to forgo the creation of a State health insurance exchange, thus allowing the Federal government to intercede and carry out their own plan.

In his executive order, Otter says that no executive branch department or agency is allowed to "establish or amend any program or promulgate any rule to implement any provisions of the PPACA," quoted by CNN.

Idaho is among 27 States that have sued the Federal government over Obamacare, charging that the individual mandate — which requires Americans to buy insurance by 2014 or face financial penalties — is unConstitutional. Federal judges in Florida and Virginia have affirmed that stance.

During a town hall meeting in California on April 20, Obama said that the slow process of passing the healthcare reform may have prompted some Americans to reject the plan. The bill was signed on March 23, 2010, about 14 months after the President took office.

Obama speculated that some citizens were so turned off by the "typical Washington bickering" that they began to question the law's merits, according to CBS News.

FAIR Claims That Obama’s Immigration Reform Meeting Was Anything But Fair

FAIR claims that Obama's immigration reform meeting was anything but fairThe Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) has blasted President Barack Obama for holding a partisan meeting to discuss the nation's immigration policies.

On April 19, the President hosted a gathering at the White House that was slated as a "broad group of business, law enforcement, faith and former and current elected leaders from across the political spectrum." The meeting was billed as a brainstorming session regarding immigration reform.

However, FAIR president Dan Stein said that it was an amnesty planning session made up of officials representing special interests. He claimed that not a single invitation was issued to a governor, sheriff, member of Congress or group from a border State, where the true impact of illegal immigration is being felt.

"The President will only address immigration when it serves his political interests," said Stein. "Just days after he announced his re-election bid, the President met behind closed doors promising amnesty to appease the special interests he needs to energize his campaign supporters."

Among the invited guests to the immigration reform meeting were John Podesta, CEO of the Center for American Progress (CAP), and Bill Bratton, former police chief of Los Angeles. According the FAIR, CAP supports a radical agenda that pushes for open borders and non-enforcement of immigration policies.

As LAPD chief, Bratton staunchly supported efforts not to focus enforcement on "individuals whose only violation is illegal entry." 

AFER And Media Organizations Call For Release Of Gay Marriage Trial Footage

AFER and media organizations call for release of gay marriage trial footageA civil rights group and several prominent media organizations have requested the release of footage of a high-profile case involving gay marriage in California.

The American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) recently filed a brief calling for the full and unedited release of public trial tapes of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, a case that examined the Constitutionality of California's Proposition 8, which bans marriage between same-sex couples. FOX News, NBC News, The Associated Press, CNN and the Los Angeles Times also submitted separate briefs to request the footage.

In August of 2010, a district judge ruled that Proposition 8 violated the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals later ordered that the judgment be suspended pending a decision by the State Supreme Court.

Theodore Boutrous, the attorney for AFER, said that Americans have the right to see what happened in the district trial. He claimed that Proposition 8 proponents are "desperately anxious" to block the release of courtroom footage because they "simply have no case."

"Why should the public be denied the opportunity to see and hear what happened in a public trial in a public courtroom in a case involving the Constitutional rights of millions of people?" said Boutrous.

In their briefs, media organizations argued that the footage will enhance the public's understanding of the matter.