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2011 Was A Rocky Year

December 29, 2011 by  

2011 Was A Rocky Year

It is always a bit of a stretch to gaze back across the preceding 12 months and rank the “top” news stories of the year. In our increasingly interconnected global community, events unfold at such a rate that it’s virtually impossible to select any number of news stories and proclaim the definitive list of anything. Nonetheless, I present to you my list of the top news stories of 2011. I selected some because they’re legitimately noteworthy, some because they shouldn’t have been. Indubitably, some of you will disagree with either my choices or my assessment thereof. You are, of course, welcome to do so; despite the best efforts of the left, suspension of the 1st Amendment was not among the news items this year.

Offered in somewhat chronological order:

Operation Fast And Furious. Attorney General — and New Black Panther Party patron — Eric Holder didn’t know a thing about the multimillion dollar operation that deliberately armed Mexican narcoterrorists who subsequently employed Holder’s largesse to murder hundreds of their own countrymen and at least two American law enforcement personnel. At least, he says he didn’t. Granted, the preponderance of actual evidence says differently, but Holder also says anyone who notices the discrepancy is racist. Something tells me Holder accuses the paperboy of racism every time The Washington Post ends up in the hedge.

The Attempted Assassination Of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. We’re used to watching liberals politicize tragedy — especially tragedies involving firearms — before the proverbial smoke has cleared. Giffords survived; although in doing so, she denied the Democrats the opportunity to claim her as a martyr for their twisted cause. Jared Lee Loughner — who is nearly as disturbed as Ed Schultz — went on a homicidal rampage, and somehow the Democrats managed to blame conservatives. Following the attack, President Barack Obama called for a return to civility in American politics. The “new civility” lasted almost through the commercial break which followed Obama’s speech. Then Common Cause called for the lynchings of Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, Michael Malloy demanded Seal Team 6 assassinate President George W. Bush and top union thug Jimmy Hoffa Jr. said about the Tea Party: “Let’s take these sons of bitches out!” And let’s not forget the entire Democratic Party’s smearing of the Tea Party as “terrorists” and “American Taliban.” By the way, Giffords is on the road to a near-miraculous recovery — not that you’d know it from the corporate media outlets.

The Fukushima Earthquake And Tsunami. As it turns out, immensely powerful natural disasters are bad. Despite our best technological, societal and moral advancements (or lack thereof), when Mother Nature drops the hammer, all we can do is try to survive. Much like during Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans, man was as tiny and helpless in the face of nature’s wrath as ever. Much like Katrina’s aftermath, the left tried mightily to draw a logical vertex between an unstoppable force of nature and something they dislike. In the case of Katrina, the target of their irrational explanation was white Republicans. In the case of Fukushima, their target was nuclear power (and white Republicans). In both cases, liberals connected the “global warming” hoax to actual events. Japan has been busy rebuilding itself since the disaster, albeit without post-Katrina fanfare. Hardworking Japanese folks earnestly piecing back together their lives without complaining about free Visa cards or looting the Wal-Mart doesn’t make for liberal-friendly copy.

The Arab Spring. Admit it: When Tunisia fell, you briefly hoped that the Arab Spring would deliver non-burka freedom to the Mideast. Sadly, the Islamofascist Muslim Brotherhood is poised to spread across North Africa like a metastasizing tumor. Even Morocco, which normally provides Americans with the chance to say “I’ve been to Africa” without braving the “shootier” parts of the Dark Continent, is facing internal swelling. The corporate media are fond of drawing parallels between the so-called “Occupiers” and the Arab Spring forces. Consider how much fun the fleabaggers would be with the addition of lunatic religious fervor.

The Royal Wedding. Maybe I lack a romantic soul, but I thought the marriage of Will and… Kate (I had to check) was the biggest non-event since the last time two overbred, under-important people tied the knot. The real story is less about the merger of the Windsor and Middleton families and more about where to get the best odds on the over-under for how long these two will stay married before he cheats on her with a distant cousin and she cheats on him with some cat named Akbar. I did notice that the female guests’ headgear screamed “shallow gene pool.”

The Execution Of Osama Bin Laden. OK, Democrats: good for Obama. I would have thought the elimination of the world’s most wanted terrorist was good for everyone; but when Democrats are involved, electoral politics trump humanity. Obama and the liberals — who despised President George W. Bush for “cowboy” diplomacy — decided to try on W’s spurs. Meanwhile, Obama employed the specter of terrorism to keep the doors open at Guantanamo Bay; simultaneously breaking a campaign promise and delivering the message that pretty much anyone on his enemies’ list could win an all-expenses paid trip to sunny Cuba.

The Trial Of Casey Anthony. This circus sideshow came within a white Bronco and Al Cowlings from being tagged “The O.J. Trial II: This Time, the Murderer is White.” Casey ended up walking on the murder charge and was instead convicted of lying to police; it was the legal version of watching Lawrence O’Donnell bloviate and only making fun of his tie. Her own lawyer called her a “lying slut.” Far be it for me to argue, counselor. Anthony’s current job prospects include an offer to star in a porn flick. It’s not lethal injection, but odds are she’ll handle that herself.

The OWS Uprising. Following the Democrats’ deployment of the union thugs to jack-boot the people of Wisconsin, we probably should have seen this coming. Initially, pushed by the Soros-backed liberal hate group “Adbusters,” the fleabaggers — who apparently want more government (except for soldiers and police officers) — managed to compile quite a resume in a short time. Fleabag squats hosted murders, rapes, assaults, theft, child molestation and enough drug busts to make the Woodstock survivors wince. The OWS protesters are essentially the same as every other group of liberal idiots. The Democrat elite has managed to convince a relatively small group of people that they represent a much larger group of people, and then encouraged them to do everything possible to complicate the lives of the real majority. In fact, they have demonstrated tremendous drive. Imagine if they displayed that kind of determination to bathe, go to work and/or move out of their parents’ basements.

The Assassination Of Moammar Gadhafi. When Gadhafi refused to tap out, Obama had him whacked. Of course, Obama didn’t have anything to do with it, except when Bill Maher is pretending Obama is “President Badass.” What a victory for our Nobel Peace Prize winner! No more sovereignty-violating, nation-building, irresponsible wars, right? When Obama assumed office, American military personnel were engaged in two shooting conflicts. As of the dawn of 2012, American military personnel are directly engaged in at least three; and Iran and North Korea are piling sandbags.

Campaign 2012. In your heart of hearts, you know this is as much fun as the roller coaster ride at Six Flags. First, Herman Cain made the mistake of peaking too early, leaving him vulnerable to a liberal media lynching. Rick Santorum is probably the most redoubtably paleoconservative of the GOP contenders, but he holds the same chance of victory as a burrito does of escaping Michelle Obama’s plate uneaten. Ron Paul has managed to hover around the lead without more than a passing nod from the corporate media, although the faked “he walked out on Gloria Borger” stories indicate growing fear from the Democrats. With some of his fellow Republican candidates taking shots at him, Paul is taking shots from the left and the slightly less left. I’m not certain what galls me more: the fact that nearly everyone running for President displays clownish tendencies or the fact that each of them is better qualified than the buffoon currently squatting in the White House.

Of course, a list of the top news stories in any given year will omit stories many consider momentous in the extreme. The unemployment rate continues to hover between “horrendous” and “Carter era.” People were assaulted. Some were murdered. Others were raped. Children were molested and otherwise abused. Valuables were stolen. Some of the aforementioned crimes even took place outside OWS rallies and/or Anthony Weiner’s imagination. Al Sharpton was allowed a television show, and Rachel Maddow was allowed to keep hers. Alec Baldwin’s “man of the people” act came to an abrupt halt somewhere between hawking high-interest credit cards and forgetting he isn’t the only airline passenger on Earth. And I’m fairly certain a pop star or two lip-synched their final hits.

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s hoping we live through the next one.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    I’ve never been partial to a list like this. It seems to serve as a reminder that a) politicians are hard to ‘remove’ b) America’s media is incompetent and OWNED by choice and c) for some reason, someone always feels obligated to create such a list.
    I would counter your list, Ben, by adding that if this list serves a purpose, then we should have a list of events that didn’t happen. At the top of that list is the sad fact that our #1 problem – the current prez – is still in the White House.
    Up the rebels!

    • RockyRoad

      I am surprised the “National Defense Authorization Act” NDAA did not make the above list.

      The age of McCarthyism could be coming to your neighborhood.

      I hope I am wrong.

      • Mary

        Congratulations! You are able to see what’s coming. The worst is what they are not telling us.

      • FreedomFighter

        Yes gutting of the US constitution is life as we know it, ending.

        Yet not really a bigger event than Casey Anthoney? Sometimes I think America deserves whats coming.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Mary

          I sadly agree. I feel deeply sorry for my children and the few with brains. The dumb masses outnumber them. It’s nothing we can do. I’m preparing as much as I can for the worst of course I hope for the best that keep me sane. Time will tell.

          • FreedomFighter

            The worst is yet to come:

            The Globalist Biological Warfare Plan for All Humanity


            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • Jay

            And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

          • jerry

            No doubt. It is the movie ‘Idiocracy’. sad

  • Yipeeiokiyay

    We need an internet and a media which no-one can shut down or control. We need a media that does it’s job. We need people in government who heed and abide by the constitution. We need politicians who are trustworthy. We need intelligent, well informed. critical thinking citizens who do not settle for anything less.

    • JamesMitchell

      I agree,But what you suggest will require a reversal of the dumbing down of America which will take several generations to undo.Then there is the issue of honor and ethics in politics and the general population as well,”not gonna happen”. It’s every man for himself society.Then there’s the media influence which is essentially an instrument of mass propaganda. I’m sorry, but I have very little faith in politicians or the general public to do the right thing or even care as they are to busy trying to make a buck and survive.If your waiting for honesty ,integrity or ethics to save the day don’t hold your breath.

      • Don

        Very well said JamesMitchell

  • 101stRECON68

    I sure wish Ben had his own news program on TV. I’d rather watch that than the pablum we are forced to swallow under the guise of “news”. I think he is Ben Franklin re-incarnated.. What do you think?

    • DaveH

      My opinion? You could say that about Bob Livingston, but Ben’s got a long way to go.

    • bob wire

      I think you’ve been in the bush too long airborne, Ben is still apologizing for his education.

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    well said

  • Donald R. Megerle

    Ditto to – 101stRECON68

  • Stephen

    We need term limits for all Congressional Members. There’s a lot of “old dirt” in office today.

    • JamesMitchell

      It’s not the men as much as it is the machine. You can replace the men with the most honest and well intentioned individuals you can find and in within a short period of time they will be tainted by the powers that be. The forces that control our society are not necessarily politicians.

      • MRMO


        • vicki

          We HAVE term limits. It’s called the vote.

          • bob wire

            agreed! mandating term limits would create cheaper politicians!

            Special interest would know the limits and thus better control their spending.

            We can’t made them spend or not spend ~ but since they are, no need of making it easier or be more effective.

            and if someone is doing a good job, why demand their removal.

            My experience has been there is a learning curve in all title and positions that require time to develop the necessary skills required. Few hit the ground in a hard run.

        • George

          I agree 100%. Let’s go back to what the founders of our country had in mind. NO career politicians – period! Each area sends a well respected man or woman to Washington for TWO years, to represent them. At the end of the two years, the person goes home, never to serve again. Another person is sent, for their two years. The pay would be the average national wage for an average skilled worker.
          The power of the position tends to corrupt anyone if they stay there for longer than two years.

          • kyl

            Vicki, if it weren’t for the fact that tens of millions of voters keep voting for the same lying, self-serving, hypocritical thugs, I’d agree with you. But unless there’s a way to change that, I gotta side with George on this one. In fact, I’ve been a proponent of term limits for decades.

            The same should be true for the presidency: one term.

            I also believe we’d be better off if SCOTUS were elected to a limited term, as well as police chiefs.

            Finally, once you serve a term in any office, even if it’s the mayor of Hooterville, your political career is over. You are no longer eligible to run for another elected office. Anywhere. Nor can you serve in an appointed position. There are far too many career pols addicted to the strongest drug ever known: power over others. These people have ruined more lives than all the known drugs combined.

          • bob wire

            place the blame at the correct door step. People deserve the government they have.

          • vicki

            George says:
            “Let’s go back to what the founders of our country had in mind. NO career politicians – period! ”

            IF that is what the founders intended why did they leave out something as critical as LIMITED terms? They clearly understood the concept since the entire Constitution is a contract LIMITING what the federal government is likely to do.

            They DID leave us a way to amend the contract. Get together 3/4ths of the states to put an amendment in there that limits the term of ANY congressman. That is how the 2 terms of President came about.

            Just remember it is easier to buy off a novice statesman than a mature one.

  • Warrior

    Ben, one of my favorites was when nancy piglosi had her gavel pulled from her cold dead hands. Rejoice! Barack and harry, we’re comin for you too.

    • bob wire

      Midterm election results and poor turn outs has sure made you cocky.

      and in proper democratic fashion she accepted the results. That is the way it works and as it should be. Right?

  • http://zoomtown Jim B.

    I can,t think of anything good to say about 2011 , except it will leave everyone in this & almost every country hoping for Something better in 2012 ! Thank You :

    • DaveH

      And Hoping and Dreaming will be all we get unless we can put a real Constitutionalist in the Presidency, as well as many more in the Congress. Many more will still not be a majority in Congress. Many more may not even be a large minority in Congress.

      Ron Paul 2012!

      Let’s get our Freedom back! Well, let me rephrase that since we really haven’t had Freedom in our lifetimes — Let’s Get Our Freedom!

    • Karolyn

      Wow! NOTHING good to say about 2011! That’s sad!

    • Robert Smith

      Nothing good, huh Jim?

      Guess you were rooting for Osama.


    • Jay

      I can’t think of anything!

  • smokey

    i read a few days ago that something like 170 police officers were killed in 2011. while i understand this story does not rank up there with those above, i still think stats like this should be given more press. the media and public are quick to condemn a cop when they think he is too quick to use a taser or pepper spray. perhaps there would be a little more understanding if the public was more aware of the dangers cops face evry day. did not see any stats on others serving the community in hazard jobs, but they should be included; specifically ems, fire fighters, and corrections officers. all face injury and/or death everytime they put on a uniform.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Amen Smokey…police are way to often categorized as overzealous…they provide an important service to our communities.

      Our govt has created the breakdown of the morals in our American society with redistribution of wealth and their division tactics…the storm trooper police crap is by their design as part of the world governance bs that has been force down our throats over the last 100 yrs…intimidation only works so long.

      I believe that most of the police have been exploited and now are forced to do a job that doesn’t sit well with most of them…they have families, expenses, etc. like the rest of us and have no other choice but to live day by day.

      if the storm clouds continue to thicken…most will side with the folks that they were sworn to protect as they are no different than we are.

      Granted…their are lots of bad people…but far more good people.

    • http://personalliberty larry kemp


      • Lastmanstanding

        ditto lk…and millions more.

    • FreedomFighter

      Smokey you might want to look at the locations the most police officers are being killed. It would not surprise me that you found the greatest numbers were being killed in

      Democrat controlled cities/Sanctuary Cities

      Just something for you to think about.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Mary

        The ilegals believe the police is the enemy, most of the policemen are good men. This issue is a mess with no head either feet. It’s hard to believe how things are turning so bad in the last two years. I remember when my grandpa (RIP) told me how I will see worse things than him.

      • Lastmanstanding

        FF you are absolutely correct…look at the poorest areas in the country…they are all democrat…look at their leaders and how long they have been in power…Philadephia, cleveland, trenton, detroit chicago, la, ny, atlanta, miami, etc…things have been the same for 50 years…they are kept there for a reason.

        • bob wire

          So you believe that they got poor in just a few election cycles? If they’d became wealthy,you think that they’d turned GOP?

          Bama & Mississippi is pretty gd poor too! South Caroline would be poor if it wasn’t for the Federal activity there but they are all GOP strong holds and blows big holes in your assertion.

          The GOP over the years have cultivated this perception of being “BRIGHT” and they really are! As they use and exploit the “willing” that wish to carry the pretense of being equally bright as well.

          Well Sir., if you were that bright, you would see how they have used you. The devil will make you may promises, none of which he will keep.

          The first of two GOP tax cuts in 2001 promised 1.? trillion savings in 10 years. The second tax cut ensured GOP reelection and came with claims that Tax cuts creates jobs while job growth plummeted. By tenures end, W had doubled the national debit he inherited.

          I could go over all the many ways the GOP has screwed you over but why should I waste the time. You believe you are “bright”, you figure it out. You would rather attempt to defend an undefended track record then admit it, which make you not so bright and prefect for enlistment in the GOP.

          • Wil

            At least you’re partly right.Those not ‘bright’ enough to understand that Bush has been out for over three years,and still blaming him at this point is beyond pathetic,should not waste everyone’s time.

  • http://PersLibDig Ian Harrison

    Depends on what “news” is. OWS news? I don’t think so. The story behind OWS is the so called “media” trying to make an important event out of a few hundred people in a park proclaiming they are the 99%. Who’s Casey Anthony? The news behind the execution of Osama and Ghadaffi is that our government could execute people and dispose of the body without question by the so called media…just fawning over Obama. Another royal wedding? Who cares? The Republican primary has been fun. Without the 24/7 cable media hype none of the underlying drama would be considered news. Soon we will vote and have a candidate. That will be news. Unfortunately you give way too much credit to the media dolts who wouldn’t know news if it fell in their lap.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    BEN:JUST THINK ; A year from now if we continue in the way we are going, we may look back on 2011 and wish we had it back. It could be worse and probably will be if we continue to stick our finger in the eye of God.and dare Him to bring His wrath on us. “”FOOLS DESPISE THE WISDOM AND INSTRUCTION OF GOD” and yet” “if God be for us then who can stand” against us”??? I chose to “rejoice in The Lord always and again I say rejoice:. If all of us that know Him would do this, it would either cause others to want to Know Him or drive them crazy. HAPPY NEW YEAR

  • 4-just_us

    To me 2011 put the USA one step closer to being a totalitarian police state.

    • Lastmanstanding

      …look to our wonderful govt and politicians who are bought by the bankers and thank them…police do as they are told…

      In 2012…look for our troop and police to stand with the people of the United States of America!

      • FreedomFighter

        Yes 2012 may just be the year when Americans will actually need the 180 million guns owned by US citizens

        to remove tyrants, hunt down the real thieves, restore the Republic.

        Else we sheeple will be enslaved, put in FEMA camps, worked to death as we watch our children taken and brainwashed by a satanic goverment.

        Remember if just 15% of Americans stand up and refuse to accept the Facist takeover that is 20 million AMERICAN WARRIORS.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Mary

          You read my mind.

        • cawmun cents

          What I mean is,the individidual citizens rights,vs the supposed rights of the One World Gubment crowd.
          All these other tghings are considered news-worthy.
          But the act of replacing an individuals rights,with those of the world collective,is not even discussed.
          It would be hilarious,if it wasnt so sad.
          The worlders are taking the reins of gubment and riding our asses into relegation,and we talk about the middle east,a couple of dead Arabs,some freakshow that calls itself the 99%,a couple of silly English royals getting hitched,and the Arab fall.
          The worlders are getting us ready for the slaughteryard,and we discuss media/academia talking points?They give our jobs to temporary folks who they import from other nations overseas,they borrow so much money that our great great grandchildren will owe the reserve a million dollars apiece when they are born,They teach our children feckless marxism in the institutions,and all we can talk about is current events?
          Un(expletive deleted)believable.
          The next two days are going to be summing up the news of the worlders.The stuff they force feed you that is supposed to be pertinent in your lives.
          Meanwhile America is burning as you rosin up the bow.

          • FreedomFighter

            The Globalist Biological Warfare Plan for All Humanity 2/3


            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • cawmun cents

            Well,although I am not a conspiracy theorist,I dont care about Bilderburgers(I like Wendy’s)or Tri-tip comissions(I like red meat too)I can see that there is a sentiment of globalism inherent in our current batch of policy drafters.
            It all lines up with the one world idealism.
            It’s a subtle thing to poison the well before you strike.
            It’s a subtle thing to use black science on the populace.
            The tough thing to do is to read between the given lines.
            Its not as if they are’nt offering hints and clues folks.
            Establishing a one world system does’nt have to be done via globe changing events.Just through changing one law at a time.And of course telling you that it is good for you simultaneously.Providing new toys,and branding folks who speak out against the movement”batscat crazy”,are the tactics used to make your medicine easier to swallow.
            Meanwhile back at home,the laws make it tougher and tougher for you to leave your domicile,while avoiding breaking the law and becoming an outlaw.If that doesnt convince you that something is affot here,then you need your head examinated.
            Here in the Peoples Republik of Kalifohnia,they passed 700+ new laws by which we are supposed to be aprised of.It would take a rhodes scholar to interpret them all for you,but you should know every one of them,right?
            Progressives,doing what they do.Regulating you until you cant even wipe your backside unless you are breaking the law.
            Good for business as usual.
            You gottta love it….really,or else,they tell you.
            And you wonder why so much money is spent.
            Its because you let lawyers run the system,instead of leaders.
            Welcommen to AushAmerikawitz,off the cattle car and to the showers.

        • Lastmanstanding

          Me and mine are with you FF…Semper Fi

  • Marcia Wood

    A great blog – you were excellent in your critiques of the various events. THanks

  • Bonnie

    Good job – especially enjoyed the followup information on some of those events where the media has not bothered to give us “the rest of the story” after the initial excitement.

  • Jon

    The list is good as any. It would be interesting to reprint one a year or two from now to see if any stories should be added or dropped because of their “real” impact.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    In our little church we have and ex-sheriff that puts troops, policemen and fire fighters on the prayer list each Sunday and has been doing it for years. I t might be wise for all to do it because we just may need them on our side in the near future.

  • http://none Houston Williams

    One story of 2011 looms so far above the others, you can’t even see them – the attempt by the gov’t
    to eliminate the right of habeas corpus. The trail of Casey Anthony trumps this? Come on people,
    get real – or go work for the “main stream” – Casey Anthony is the kind of inconsequentail Roman circus
    crap they feed the fish to keep them in a sonnambulant state while they put a knife in the very heart and
    soul of our Republic. This blog is supposed to be devoted to “personal liberty”, right? Nothing is more
    fundamental to your personal liberty than habeas corpus. Where did our civics education in school go
    wrong? Badly wrong. Members of congress who voted for this monstrosity should be decommissioned

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    All this and yet there are those predicting an Obama victory. Can so many voters be that blind?

    • Independent

      Merlin, the Republicans have nobody, and I mean
      nobody that can do any better than the President
      that we have. It is not going to change even with
      no government. Until some of these bastards go to
      prison which they have been able to avoid because
      of who they are it is going to stay the same.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Likewise, 2011 has been the worst year for me personally that I can remember in my life. In reality however, we should think ‘good riddance to all years from 2008 to 2012’. It began with ‘One Big Awful Mistake America’ by American voters on 11/4/2008. Hopefully 1/20/2013 will be the ‘end of an error’ and the beginning of real and positive ‘hope and change’.

    As 2012 approaches, we must remember that it’s the most critical election year in history. Consider recent polls, which show Obama rising in job approval ratings. That’s pathetic, given that BHO is such a proven failure!! Of course, it is our side that is much to blame, given that we just do not (yet) have a good choice to challenge BHO 11 months from now. What’s discouraging is the fact that a fool like Ron Paul is rising in popularity. He may be better on some domestic issues than BHO, but is just another George McGovern on foreign policy. So why would we nominate someone who can’t honestly debate BHO on foreign policy?? Remember – Ron Paul may be like Nixon, but the opposite. Nixon was good on foreign policy, but a (liberal) disaster on domestic issues; including but not limited to the creation of the EPA. I believe Paul will be a disaster on security and defense if elected.

    Clearly there are better choices. Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann are the type we should vote for in primaries. Likewise, I’d like to see Herman Cain re-enter the race. He needs to fight back against the lies and/or frivolous allegations of sexual harassment, and should sue his accusers where appropriate. GET REAL!! We need true conservatives – not nincompoops like Ron Paul or RINOs like Romney or Huntsman. LOOK AT HISTORY!! Although not perfect, Ronald Reagan was a bold outspoken conservative, and he won in 2 landslides. The weak moderates Gerald Ford, Bob Dole and John McCain lost!! Don’t people understand common sense?? Why would so many people want to repeat past mistakes?? Send a message to the GOP establishment – VOTE WISELY IN THE PRIMARIES!!!!

    • casey

      reagan was a tax raising cut and run(lebanon) amnesty giving pro abortion debt tripplingcenter left president! one heck of an actor tho

    • PATRIOT 101

      CLEARLY Earl,
      There is no better choice for Iowans than Ron Paul. I’m from Iowa and will be voting for Ron Paul in spite of his percieved foreighn policy weakeness.
      I believe Freedom is the #1 issue facing America in the next 4 years. Many say the economy, but this is only a symptom of freedom lost to regulation and ultimate tyranny.
      I like Bachmann and Santorum, however BOTH have basically pledged war with Iran. So has Gingrich, Romney, Perry.
      Israel will deal with Iran when it becomes necessary. Especially if the non-intervention policy of Ron Paul is in place! Obama has kept Israel “grounded” as far as knocking out his Muslim brothers in Iran!
      Bachmann and Santorum will have a hard time getting out of Iowa! You probably won’t get to vote for either of them, but you will get to vote for Ron Paul!

    • Steve Stitchler

      If you look at the REAL records of Ronald Reagan and GW Bush you will see that they did more harm to this country than any Republican will admit. They took from the poor and gave to the rich. Look at how the worth of our elected officials has increased compared to the worth of those earning less than $100,000 a year. The U.S. is no longer a “rich” country. It is a country with 50 percent poor people. Are you proud of that? That did not happen the last three years, people. It began years ago–and Obama was not president. Stop blaming the mess our country is in on the “liberals” or the “democrats.” I have been a republican all my life and I HATE what the republicans are doing. When I was teaching, it was called “obstructionist government.” Look it up. We are doomed unless the parties work together for the good of all. WE elected them–we can get rid of them by VOTING them out. Let’s do it! First one should go is Boehner (in college he was called “Bonehead”). He hasn’t changed. He’s from my state but I’m embarrassed for him. He is a laughing stock! We will vote him out next election–if he lasts that long. Wonder why no one talks about all his mistresses? He doesn’t even deny it–ask him!

  • speedle

    Ben Crystal is a very funny fellow. Watch out Dennis Miller.

    • Karolyn

      You have GOT to be kidding!

      • speedle

        Kidding about what Karolyn??

      • eddie47d


    • Jay

      Dennis Miller is a drug addict, and all his material is written for him. All Dennis has to worry about is blow drying his hair!

  • William L Collins

    one thing for sure we do not need Obama and his addminastration back in office he has said that he would veto the NDAA, ACT,so what if he does he they that are trying of the people will just reword and pass it and even make it worest and then he will be the loard master of the U.S.A. if you people can,t read between the lines you had better learn look and lession if he and his addminastration are put back in office he is not fore this country but backs the musilums and the coran so vote RON PAUL and start takeing this country back

  • PATRIOT 101

    The fact that congress allowed the NDAA to go through so unchallenged is (in my opinion) the biggest story of the year for Ameircans.
    It will be when Armored Personell Carriers are patrolling the streets and “disappearing” people.
    Gun in your face and “Come with us”! GONE!

  • 4-just_us

    Thanks to all the uninformed,gullible, ignorant people that put George W. back in for a second term deserved what they got. It looks like the same uninformed will give this black lying fool a second term.

  • Independent

    And this post is bias. Hey Bob why don’t you blame
    it on the people that have screwed us the most and that
    is the private sector CEO’s that get together with our
    elected officals and stop taking it out on the middle
    class public workers that servce this country honorably.

  • gnafu

    There are so many Big government topics and actions during 2011 that it would be difficult to list all of them. The latest from Arizona and Sheriff Joe and his Deputies being relieved from their authority to handle illegals by Homeland Security, (Obama and Janet Reno, er, I mean Napolitano). That action was a cover-up for Holder’s crime and Sheriff Joe’s search for the real birth certificate. That’s pretty obvious. There was also the withdrawal of troops from Iraq (thank God) but Obama made it seem like HE withdrew them instead of the Iraqi folks demanding the withdrawal by end of this year. Upon the withdrawal of the troops, Obama immediately sent at least 100 troops to Africa for security assistance or black gold (oil)- not sure. Of course there is the Obama campaign and his remarks that Free Markets don’t work – plus his campaign being backed with big bucks from Bilderberg which includes G. Soros, James Johnson and Frank Pearl…2011 has been a busy year for Obama at the expense of the American People. The demoralization of the American People is pretty well accomplished; next comes “Crisis.” That’s about to raise its ugly head. The ground-work is laid for that.

  • Jay

    For sure, 2011 blew chunks, but so did 2008, 2009 and 2010! Oh hell, the whole freaking DECADE SUCKED!!!

  • chuckb

    gnafu, you got it right. now the communist media will destroy arpaio and no one will back him up. this is the most arrogant administration since the clintons and they don’t care what the people of this country want, they want power and nobody is standing in their way.
    the illegal vote is very important for barry and consequently anyone interfering will pay the price. the timid republicans won’t back arpaio.
    the media wants romney along with the republican hierachy, he will be an easy opponent for barry and the bolsheviks know it. just ask any democrat who they fear to run against, all will tell you romney, they have most of the republicans believing that. what a joke!

  • Aurelio

    If 2011 was a rocky year, you ain’t seen nothing yet,to paraphrase the Gipper. Unless a miracle takes place, gas prices are going to hit the 6 or 7 dollars benchmark for the first time in history,plunging the world’s economies into a tailspin that nothing will be able to stop. The reason will be the conundrum between Iran’s nuclear weapons ambition, and Israel’s certainty that once the have a bomb they are going to be the target. Iranian oil is the major supplier for Western Europe. Any type of military engagement in the Persian Gulf is going to stop the oil supply to the west, period. The latest Iranian provocations in the Strait shows that the Iranian leadership has escalated the highest pile of mental manure ever conceived by an oligarchy. They know that the whole world is against them, including their fiercest enemies the Sunni Muslims that surround them, and they simply don’t care, because these people really believe that God wants them to destroy the west, starting with Israel, then America and Western Europe. They are counting on the 70 virgins each of them are going to enjoy through out eternity, after conquer the world to Shiite
    Sounds stupid, but it’s very real. Carl Jung-the Swiss psychologist-used to say that psychic reality is real reality for the mind that thinks it;remember Jones Town, David Koresh and many others.Human beings have the most unbelievable potential for universal greatness, but also for record-breaking universal stupidity
    Next year, big manure can hit the fan. I can’t understand how nobody is talking about it, it’s just lying in front of our eyes, but still the pundits are looking elsewhere. Well, what kind I say, I’m just the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room; I hope I’m dead wrong.

  • PATRIOT 101

    You all think ’11 was a “rocky year”! 2012 will really rock!
    Those that think government will take care of them may get a surprise.
    Will this be the year that the dollar collapses? The economy takes a big stinky dump?
    I can pretty much predict that things are NOT going to get better so prepare as you all can.

  • AVCurmudgeon

    Good one, Ben. Just to add in noting the irony of Obama holding the Nobel Peace Prize his emergence as “The Drone President”, not only launching over 2000 attacks but killing an American citizen abroad because of his ties to Al Qaeda without even a nod to Fifth Amendment protections.

    It is good to be King.

  • bob wire

    WWaa Waaa, Waaa, Your glass can never be filled Ben. Any day above ground is a good day!

    I had my best year to date and have serious concerns about taxes while Father’s stock holdings took a serious beating,as did Dad. Edward Jones and I must talk soon.

    A few were born and a few died, as it was meant to be.

    While Ms. Gilford did not die and lives on. The emperor wears No cloths and now everybody Knows.

    The SEC has been reprimanded and now has it head back in the game.

    The AG office is no longer a rubber stamp of the administrative office.

    Deportations are breaking record numbers.

    878 new Federal officer beef up the southern fence line.

    The “glamor” of flying now finds company with Hoola hoops and bobby pins and trains a suitable options.

    Wall Street bankers/traders are getting their day in court and being subjected to their rights and going to jail. ~ finally!

    It was a turbulent year for everyone and made more so by people that didn’t have their house in order fell, taking others down with them.

    It was a year of dieing, burying and healing while the GOP made themselves the Brake Masters, having no other control,or Plan and left to be dragged the entire distance as all Americans watched on in dismay and amusement.

    The GOP, proved over and over again to be the little train that couldn’t, Only because it wouldn’t.

    Take care with what you hitch your wagon to.

    By years end, even carpetbagged Donald Trump switches party affiliations refusing to be associated with a losing dysfunctional team.

  • bob wire

    Allow me to apologize, I know that it has been very tough and difficult times for most people this year and my heart goes out to such people. I do hope things improve for everyone, regardless of title, position or political affiliation.

    I lost everything but my name during the late 90′s, it’s devastating on a very personal level, your very self worth comes under question. Down sizing would have been a gross understatement. It was the third time that life taught me that I had limits and there were things I simply could not control. But unlike the other times I did learn that I could control how I reacted to things that were out of my control. ( but that too took several years)

    There is very few people I would wish such an experience on.

    I was blessed this year but I know it can go away overnight and make no claim to boast. “For the grace of God , there go I”

  • Truth Be Told

    Ben Crystal thinks that his opinion about 2011 matters to us all. Well, Ben Crystal, keep telling yourself that. I passed over your article and used it to clean myself after #2.

  • bob wire

    I’d like to see Ben Crystal and Rachel Maddow go head to head on any topic of his choice. She would go thu Ben like water through a screen door.

  • Tazio2013

    The four most expensive words in the English language are, “This time it’s different.”

    Sir John knew what he was talking about. Every excessive boom in financial markets, whether it’s an entire asset class or an individual stock, appears to share this common and historically repetitive characteristic. People know of imbalances. They know that under the given circumstances people will get burned. Yet they get caught up in the belief that this time things will be different, that a recovery is right around the corner, that governments will be able to turn things around, and that the good times will be back soon.

    Unfortunately, this time will NOT be different. As the year 2011 is rapidly and irresistibly nearing its end, despite all the volatility, turmoil and challenges the year held in store for us, I feel urged to look forward and share a summary outlook of what might be headed in our direction in 2012.

    As to not keep you from joining your families for the more important matters of Christmas and the holidays, I will try to make it very short and provide you with an overview of our current ‘Big Picture Scenarios,’ which we define on a regular basis as part of our four-monthly BFI MAP(TM) Big Picture Review. This review, and the scenario analysis that goes with it, is a key ingredient to our portfolio management’s top-down asset allocation process.

    In today’s commentary, I’ll provide you with an overview and brief description of how we employ these scenarios in our allocation model. I’m hopeful that this summary overview will give you some food for thought as we head into 2012. And, I look forward to discussing more of it as we enter into the New Year. I do think it is paramount that you not be fooled by the mainstream media ‘sedation chimes.’ This time will NOT be different. In fact, it may well be a lot worse.–Most-Probably-A-Deflationary-Debt-Trap

  • GILLYSROOMS in Australia

    Just found this in one of our daily papers in Melbourne owned by Rupert Murdoch which if the story is true…….. Australians are the world’s wealthiest people on a median basis and second behind Switzerland on an average basis, according to a Credit Suisse Global Wealth report.

    The report claims Australian adults are worth nearly $US221,704 ($215,525) each on a median basis, which is almost four times that of a US adult.

    Individual wealth has been boosted by the strong Aussie dollar, high levels of property ownership and a robust job market.

    Any comments?

    • libertytrain

      you tell us – is it true – I can think of number of reasons why it would be —

  • coal miner

    Bad year for dictators.


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