A Healthy Diet Can Protect An Individuals’ Memory

A healthy diet can protect an individuals' memoryPatients who are at risk for developing Alzheimer's disease (AD) may find that adding vitamin B12 to their diet could help reduce their chances of experiencing memory loss, according to a new study published in Neurology.

Researchers used blood samples from 271 Finnish people between 65 and 70 years old. None of the participants had dementia when the study began.

The subjects were followed for seven years. Seventeen of them developed AD during the course of the study. Blood samples were then taken from these individuals and were tested for the amino acid homocysteine, which is associated with vitamin B12 as well as an active portion of the vitamin, called holotranscobalamin.

Previous studies have already indicated that high amounts of homocysteine in the blood can have negative effects on the brain. However, these levels can be lowered with vitamin B12.

For the current study, the scientists discovered that increasing the active form of vitamin B12 may reduce the risk for developing AD.

Babak Hooshmand, the study's lead author, said that although more research needs to be conducted, vitamin B12 could be used as a "supplement to help protect memory." Individuals could consume foods that contain this vitamin, such as fish and poultry.

Obama On Five-state Campaign Swing To Stump For Democratic Candidates

Obama on five-state campaign swing to stump for Democratic candidatesPresident Barack Obama recently embarked on a four-day tour across five states in an attempt to garner support for Democratic candidates before November's midterm elections.

According to media reports, Obama's campaign swing is his longest of the season. The President's goal is to entice undecided voters with stops in Oregon, Washington state, California, Nevada and Minnesota. Liberal politicians fear an anti-incumbent backlash because of a struggling economy, high unemployment rates and a poor housing market, which could lead to a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

Vice President Joe Biden, his wife, Jill, and First Lady Michelle Obama are also on the campaign trail in an effort to help Democratic candidates. If conservatives gain control of the House or Senate, Obama's political agenda is likely to be significantly hampered.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, United States Representative Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is looking forward to a shift in power because he believes Obama governs "faster and looser with the rules with very little justification than George W. Bush did."

If Republicans win control of the House, Issa will become the next chairman of the Oversight Committee. He told the news source that the Federal Reserve lacks transparency, and he would like to hold the government more accountable.

"We do have to have a select team in the House and the Senate, really be able to look in-depth behind the curtain, rather than simply have the Fed chairman come up and lecture us," Issa said.

On the campaign trail, the President is also stumping for gubernatorial candidates because state government leaders can help draw new congressional districts in a once-a-decade process that begins next year.

Facing Unexpected Challenge In Massachusetts, Barney Frank Comes Under Attack From Some Gays, Too

Facing unexpected challenge in Massachusetts, Barney Frank comes under attack from some gays, tooCongressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is the only openly homosexual member of Congress, and has been outspoken on gay rights issues, including "don't ask, don't tell." However, with just a few days left before the midterm elections, Frank is being attacked by a gay organization.

The conservative GOProud is launching an ad campaign — titled "The Real Democrats of DC" — attacking Democratic leaders, including Frank, for the high level of national debt, spending and continuing unemployment, according to media reports.

Calling Frank "an absolute embarrassment," Christopher R. Barron, chairman of GOProud's Board of Directors, said that "he represents the worst kind of Washington politician," and added that the congressman "gleefully acts as an attack dog for radical left-wing special interests."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) are also targeted by new GOProud's campaign.

Meanwhile, Frank, who has been serving in the House of Representatives since 1981, is facing an unexpected challenge from Republican opponent Sean Bielat. Although the incumbent still leads by 49 to 37 percent, Bielat has out-raised Frank both in September and so far this month, according to media reports. 

Taxpayers Union Group Backs Sharron Angle For U.S. Senate In Nevada

Federal government puts anti-bullying onus on schoolsThe National Taxpayers Union Campaign Fund (NTUCF) has endorsed Sharron Angle over incumbent Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for U.S. Senate in Nevada.

The NTUCF, the political action arm of the 362,000-member National Taxpayers Union, is supporting the Republican candidate because of her pledge to reform the tax code, limit entitlement spending and end the abusive practice of earmarking.

"These promises are refreshing and admirable at a time when fiscal discipline in Congress is so low," NTUCF president Duane Parde said.

Politico.com reports that the most recent polls favor Angle heading into the Nov. 2 midterm elections despite the fact that she has been criticized for certain statements made during her campaign. This includes her suggestion that unhappy conservatives might use "Second Amendment remedies" to protect themselves against the government and her defense of the view that the Constitution doesn't explicitly separate church and state.

Most recently, Angle drew ire from a Hispanic high school group when she said that some Latinos look Asian, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Reid, the current Senate Majority Leader, has criticized his opponent for avoiding reporters and not addressing her controversial remarks.

According to the news provider, Angle's campaign officials admitted that the candidate is keeping a low-profile and playing it safe in the final days before the election, employing a strategy typically used by an incumbent. Battling criticism over his involvement in the passing of the Federal stimulus package and healthcare legislation, Reid has been more aggressive on the campaign trail. 

Halloween, NPR, Saluting Veterans And The Nanny State

*If Obama made the rules for Halloween. The funniest cartoon I’ve seen in a while featured three little tykes, dressed in their Halloween costumes, knocking on someone’s door. A guy opens it and says, “Look how much candy you have! I’m going to take half and give it to the kids too lazy to go trick-or-treating for themselves!” Then he grabs half their goodies. One kid turns to the other two and says, “Oh, crap, a Democrat.”

*Time to make it National Private Radio. I’ve got to admit, I’m glad NPR fired Juan Williams for his allegedly “intemperate” remark about feeling nervous when he sees Muslims in burqas board the same plane he’s on. Maybe Congress will finally get fed up enough with this bastion of political correctness and shove them away from the government trough. Let’s hope the new Congress tackles this soon after taking office next January.

*Do they do this at every airport? I was at the Atlanta airport last week, waiting for my wife to arrive from Washington, when I saw an amazing sight. An older gentleman carrying the American flag came marching proudly through the lobby. He was followed by 15 or 20 soldiers dressed in battle fatigues. As they walked toward security, the crowd began to applaud. Many in the area stood up; some even saluted. You could see our soldiers standing a little straighter and looking a little prouder as they passed in front of us.

*Big nanny government strikes again. The Federal government just learned something that most literate Americans have known for years — something printed in all capitals is harder to read than upper and lower case. So guess what? Our masters in Washington have ordered every city and town in the country to change their street signs from all caps to capitals and lower case. Why did they have it wrong for all these years? Because of other Federal regulations, of course! Want to guess how many millions of dollars this will cost?

— Chip Wood

Dirty Tricks

Reports of ballot problems and possible election fraud are already beginning to surface as the elected elites do all they can to maintain a grip on their power.

In Nevada, where the Service Employees International Union holds a lot of sway and SEIU goons maintain the ballot machines, there are complaints that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s name comes pre-checked on the ballot. In Chicago there are reports that absentee ballots are going through a clearing house before being sent along to their proper court or city clerk. And in Pennsylvania there are claims that candidates are flooding the county voter registration offices with fraudulent applications for absentee ballots.

In previous elections — Minnesota Senator Al Franken and Washington Senator Patty Murray to name two — the elites used multiple and selected recounts to skew the results until the outcome fell in their favor. Expect it to happen again.

As you go to the polls, whether it’s in the next few days in early voting or on election Tuesday, watch carefully for irregularities or signs of intimidation. If you see any, report them to an election official or law enforcement. The elites will stop at nothing to hold onto their power.

Wait Until We Throw These Rascals Out

I read a very depressing statistic last week. In a nationwide poll, some 63 percent of adult Americans said they do not think they will be able to maintain their present standard of living much longer, much less improve it.

This made me very sad — and a little bit angry, too. Sad, because for 200 years, this country held out the promise of a better life to everyone who was willing to work for it. We could argue for hours about what America means to each of us. But for all of my life, until now, it meant the opportunity to build a better life — and to expect that your children would achieve even more than you have.

My grandparents arrived here as penniless immigrants. They never took a dime of charity. They would have slit their wrists before accepting welfare. As new arrivals from Ireland in the early 20th century, they saw “Irish Need Not Apply” signs on many businesses. But they took what work they could find, kept all three of their children clothed and fed — and made sure that each of them was raised to believe they could do better.

And every one of them did. My mother was offered a full scholarship to college, but had to turn it down. Instead, her parents gave her a used typewriter for her 16th birthday and told her to go to work. Neither her brother or sister went to college either, but both went on to lead successful, productive lives.

My mother’s passion for this country and the principles on which it was founded was boundless. She was fierce, feisty and absolutely unshakeable. She was a friend to every refugee from communism, helping hundreds of them get settled in Cleveland, Ohio and start building a better life there. If you’ve been reading this column for very long you know I’m also a staunch advocate of the principles she held dear.

But now we’re told that two out of every three people in this country expect their lives to get worse, not better? That would have made my mother angry. It gets me mad, too — mad at the sick ideology that is perverting the American Dream.

I’m referring here to the left’s favorite gambit, the politics of envy. For more than a hundred years, their lackeys in the media, our schools, in labor unions and worst of all, in government, have used class warfare in their effort to divide and conquer us.

They’ve promised that, if someone has more than you do, just vote for them and they’ll take some of the “extra” and give it to you. For more than a century, the left has proven the wisdom of the old adage, he who robs Peter to pay Paul can count on the vote of Paul. As the left has proven, there are a lot of Pauls out there.

Their redistributionist philosophy is nothing more than theft. They steal from you, and from every other productive American, in two ways. First, by demanding half of the fruits of your labors in the form of taxes: Not just the income taxes you pay to the Federal government, most states and many cities, but also in the unseen taxes they levy on everything you buy, use and consume.

But their second way of confiscating your wealth is even worse. It is by creating “money” out of thin air — the massive inflation of our currency that destroys the purchasing power of the dollar. The deliberate debasement of a country’s currency is one of the worst crimes a government can commit against its own citizens.

God merely asks you to tithe — to give 10 percent of your earnings to Him and His works. He promises you a better life if you do, but does not threaten you (at least in this life) if you don’t. Government, however, is far more demanding. You are required to “voluntarily" surrender half of everything you earn. If you refuse, they will harass you, seize your property, confiscate your wealth and even send you to prison.

Ah, but you’ve heard this rant before. So instead of repeating it again, let me share some good news with you. Come next Tuesday, we’re going to throw a whole bunch of the rascals out.

Barack Obama and his supporters insisted on nationalizing the 2008 elections. That is, they made every race for the House and Senate a mandate about “the failed George Bush administration.” They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, giving them the biggest majorities in Congress seen since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Ah, but now that snake has turned around and bitten them you-know-where. Thanks to the arrogant overreach of Obama and his allies, next week’s elections have also been nationalized. And a huge number of voters can’t wait to cast their ballots against our socialist president. Count me among them.

I’ve already made plans for the “Take Back America” party I’ll be hosting on Tuesday night. I think we’re going to have a lot to celebrate. I was in Atlanta last weekend for a family affair and loved seeing the headline in the local paper, “Election Day looking grim for Democrats.” The article below said that “Democrats [are] facing the possible loss of the House and trying to hang onto the Senate.” We’ll see, but I for one am hoping their worst fears come true.

By the way, permit a brief aside. For nearly 30 years, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was part of my daily reading. I hated the liberal bias of the paper, but it was the only game in town. For more than four decades, the AJC tried to out-liberal The New York Times. The Cox family, which owned the paper, along with our largest radio and TV stations, considered themselves the southern Kennedys. And they were as subtle about their biases as their hero, Ted.

Do I expect to see some substantial conservative gains next week? You betcha. But here’s something that may surprise you:

The most important elections next Tuesday won’t be reported on the network news shows.

Yes, the races for the House and Senate are certainly significant. You could even argue that the future of free enterprise depends on them. But consider this: The contests for 37 state governorships and several thousand seats in the various state legislatures are even more important.

I say this for two reasons: One, it is the states that will determine the redistricting that must take place next year. Whatever they do will play a large part in deciding congressional elections for the next 10 years.

You probably already knew that. But here’s something you may not have considered: It is the states, even more than the new Congress, that will decide how far to go in challenging Washington’s enormous appetite for power and pelf.

Already, the attorneys general in 18 states have sued to stop Obamacare in their jurisdictions. But that’s just the beginning. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be writing about one of the most exciting developments I’ve seen in the past 40 years — the growing interest in the nullification movement. Thomas Jefferson had the right idea about how the states could stop an out-of-control Federal government: Just say no!

The revolution starts next Tuesday. I hope you enjoy it.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

— Chip Wood

A Healthy Diet Can Boost The Body’s Immune System

A healthy diet can boost the body's immune systemMore than 200 viruses can cause the common cold and produce symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, coughing or a runny nose, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, experts suggest that there are a variety of healthy foods that individuals could consume in order to boost their immune systems.

Timi Gustafson, a Washington-based dietitian, wrote in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that eating fruits and vegetables is the easiest way a person can ward off infections and strengthen the immune system. This includes foods that are rich in antioxidants and is due in part to the fact that antioxidants may prevent toxins, which can cause colds and infections, from harming the body.

There are some foods that contain higher amounts of antioxidants, like beta-carotene or carentoids, than others. Fruits and vegetables that are bright in color such as watermelons, mangoes, apricots, peaches, tangerines or grapefruit are rich in beta-carotene, the news provider reports. Carrots, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes and beets also fall into this category.

Maintaining a healthy, nutritional diet may also have other benefits. Gustafson wrote in the news source that these types of foods contain nutrients that support the immune system against and protect against inflammatory risks. As a result, these foods may prevent problems associated with allergies or other inflammations.

A Kentucky Kicker

The mainstream media headlines carried the story aloft like banners at one of those left-wing “Keep America Stupid” rallies. “Woman Attacked by Rand Paul Supporter.” “Rand Paul Thugs Stomp Democratic Woman.”

Democrats, driven to the heights of hysteria by an impending Election Day which may well send Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to smaller digs, and her Senatorial Deputy Droopalong Harry Reid (D-Nev.) back to Reno, were literally driven to paroxysms of joy at the images of a purported Paul backer taking President Barack Obama’s own strategy of “stepping on their necks” a little too literally.

Given the leftward lean of the MSM, the story was reported with the breathless excitement of a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals member hearing the tofu delivery guy pulling up in his Prius. In fact, the casual observer might have thought Paul himself had ordered the assault. With Paul gripping a double-digit lead in the Bluegrass State’s Senate race, the left thought they might have been handed the October Surprise they needed. 

But Rand Paul had nothing to do with the alleged assault on Lauren Valle, not that you’d know it from the MSM accounts. In fact, the real story here is merely sad; the political propulsion is conspicuously contrived. A man behaved badly and his comeuppance shall come to pass soon enough. 

For her own part, Valle, a member of the George Soros-backed Moveon.org hate battalion, had arrived at the Kentucky debate to “present” Paul with an admittedly fake “award” for “service to” (something suitably conservative and therefore evil, stupid and/or racist… blah, blah, blah). So, Valle, like her ideological masters at the Soros School for the Simpleminded, has no class.

Neither does the guy who posed for the “Man most likely to be fired by the Paul campaign” photo with his brogan on her noggin. And that should be it. Case closed. The aggressor gets the hook from the Paul camp, everyone agrees hitting girls, even stupid, rude and/or communist girls, is unacceptable; and we “moveon.org” to “Election Day.conservative.”

Sadly, to quote ESPN’s Lee Corso:  “Not so fast, my friend!”

This wasn’t Service Employees International Union purple-shirted stormtroopers getting physical with senior citizens who object to Obamacare in Florida. Nor was it SEIU goons (again) pounding on some black guy who dared to be different in the Show-Me State (conservative activist and assault victim Kenneth Gladney). This wasn’t the New Black Panther Party toy soldiers waving bats outside polling places. In fact, this isn’t even a story about some wingnut assaulting a woman at the same debate mere minutes before the alleged attack on Valle

The Paul/Conway debate debacle is an opportunity to paint Paul as a fascist and his supporters as goose-steppers. Those aforementioned tales of liberal violence directed toward conservatives are documented fact, but they certainly don’t jibe with the Left’s last-ditch efforts to steer the Hope and Change Express back onto the Political Relevancy Parkway, so they don’t grab the headlines. 

In actuality, the Battle of the Bluegrass Beatdown is a shallow tale. It’s supposed to go: Guy hits girl. Guy faces punishment. However, in the days of Democrat desperation, the progressive progression now reads: 

  • Guy hits girl. 
  • Media checks guy’s political persuasion. 
  • Guy turns out to be Republican. 
  • Media claims guy is representative of all Republicans. 
  • Guy faces punishment for alleged assault. 
  • GOP faces media lynching for encouraging violence. 

Of course, if the avowed offense had been committed by one of Obama’s true-blue (state) toadies, the progression would follow thusly:

  • Guy hits girl. 
  • Media misses attack while bending over to tie shoes. 
  • Guy goes back to SEIU local HQ and has beer with fellow goons. 
  • Girl goes home, forgotten. 
  • Media ignores attack, and blames GOP for making poor SEIU thugs so angry.

I am not so foolish to suggest that the Republicans are entirely a decent lot, devoid of philistine and clod. However, as a self-manufactured electoral doom rises to greet the Democrats, some of their behavior is repellent to the core, regardless of whether the MSM chooses to acknowledge it.

Nonetheless, what we have in the Story of the Stomping of Valle is breathtakingly simple: Some people are cretins, political persuasion be damned. Valle may be a lunatic who’s allowed a tinfoil-hat brigade like Moveon.org take control of her underemployed cranium — but that means she deserves to be educated, enlightened, and if she won’t learn the errors of her liberal ways — ignored; not pounded like an Obamacare opponent who stopped to ask for directions at the local SEIU chapter.

Whichever way you choose to cast your ballot this Tuesday, remember:  Don’t hit girls — even when the Democrats say it’s all right.