Research Firm Blows Hole In Big Pharma Vaccination Lie

A study by the independent research firm The Cochrane Library (TCL) reveals that the idea that a person can avoid the flu by taking a flu vaccine is just another big lie to enrich Big Pharma and physicians and clinics administering the drugs.

Two TCL researchers reviewed 50 reports of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) or quasi-RCTs that compared influenza vaccines with a placebo or no intervention in adults and concluded that the vaccines are ineffective 99 percent of the time.

The researchers warn that even that may be an optimistic assessment of the vaccine’s success as they relied on 15 trials funded by the pharmaceutical industry and noted that “reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions and spurious notoriety” of the data in industry-funded reports. In other words: Big Pharma manipulates its data.

According to the report, the average vaccine — which is produced before the onset of flu season and based on the previous year’s strains — must be administered to 100 adults to prevent one case of influenza. If the exact strain is matched, 33 adults must be vaccinated to prevent one case of the disease.

The report also stated the vaccination didn’t affect the number of people hospitalized or the number of work days lost but did result on one case of Gillian-Barré syndrome for every 1 million vaccinations.

Already this year Australia, India and Finland have suspended their flu vaccination programs after seeing an increase in convulsions, seizures, incidences of narcolepsy and deaths after vaccines were administered. Australia’s vaccine has been approved for use in the United States.

But it’s not just flu vaccines causing problems. India has suspended a trial of two human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines following the death of six young girls. They died after receiving either Merck & Co.’s Gardasil® or GlaxoSmithKline’s Cervarix®.

But in the U.S., those HPV vaccines continue to be administered to young girls even though at least 67 deaths have been attributed to the drugs, according to These drugs are supposed to prevent cervical cancer, but have even been approved for use in boys, too. Absurd!

Childhood vaccinations — especially those in the very young — cause problems as well and have been linked to the rise in the number of autism cases in the U.S. Autism cases increased from 15,580 in 1992 to 292,816 in 2008. It now affects one in every 100 children.

We’ve reported that the primary beneficiaries of vaccines are not the patients but Big Pharma and advisors at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. Those reports can be read here, here, here, here, here, here and  here.

Big Pharma creates poison, calls it human vaccines and sells it for billions. They cover their crime with political and legal immunity. This by itself is a dead giveaway that it is high crime.

These merchants of death experiment with our bodies. The long-term effect is to make us subservient vassals of the State.

To view the TCL report, click here.

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Perception of Reality: It’s Not What It Is, It’s What We Think It Is

Almost everyone believes that they see things as they are. Almost no one does.

Our perception of reality rules our lives no matter what we think. Propagandists know the very high manipulative value of peoples’ expectations based on their perception of reality.

The American people are manipulated into serfdom with semantic trickery. Word twisting and semantic trickery is used around the clock to control and manipulate the population’s perception of reality. Public perception is channeled wherever the political establishment wants it to go.

So the difference in people is the way they think. Our individual perception of reality controls our thought processes. Our thought processes control our lives. Word manipulation and semantic trickery controls our thoughts and our total being.

I have written to you that the United States system is in its final stages of collapse. The system can last a short while, any time from a few months to a few years. But the signs and symptoms of collapse are increasingly coming into focus and in plain view.

There is evidence that concern is growing with more and more people. The price of gold and silver tells us this. Gold is a tell-tale indicator of a failing system.

Although I am sure that the elite own tons of gold, including the power to manipulate and steal our national gold, they do not want a rush into gold by the population. They have an organized system of suppressing the gold price. Price suppression keeps down the number of people buying gold.

Gold price suppression extends the life of the system under the present political order. Holding down the price of gold tempers public perception of the collapsing system. The more gradual the rise of the price of gold, the fewer people can discern the decay of the economic and political system. Confidence in the system can be extended. Chaos can be disguised longer.

As long as perception and expectation can be controlled, governments can carry on stealth war against their own people. They can dilute and depreciate the currency and most won’t know it until they wake up impoverished.

Whole populations can be organized and motivated to go to war to protect their possessions, yet their own government can steal their assets and wealth simply by turning on the printing presses and calling the process of theft “quantitative easing.” It seems so simple. Did we lose anybody?

Go look at your paper money. It looks the same but it buys a lot less.

The government is extending the present order by depreciating the currency. It is controlled depreciation and controlled collapse. A gradual collapse keeps more people asleep longer.

The political order desires to control the population by controlling their perception of reality. But in the last stages of collapse the government moves from benevolent totalitarianism (invisible control) to more overt aggression toward its own people.

Remember that government produces nothing but bureaucracy. It only consumes wealth. Therefore, as government grows it consumes more of the people’s production and savings. Couple this with a depreciating currency and the paper money syndrome kicks in. What’s that? It’s that there is never enough for government or the person.

So government under many “emergency” pretexts starts wars, increases taxes (a value-added tax — or VAT — is coming) especially on the “wealthy,” passes new healthcare as a disguise for transfer payments to the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical houses, increases exchange controls and creates stepped-up fear propaganda to intensify people control etc., etc.

This overt and perceptible change triggers more people to wake up. So the system has moved into high gear of self-destruction but it has no options but to try desperately to slow the process of collapse.

The people? Well some are buying gold and silver, some are developing a mindset for revolution. Some start a “Tea Party.” Wealth leaves the country. Many people leave the country. Some store food (I hope).

Government is not asleep. It continually creates myths and counter myths to maintain peak confusion. It creates straw conservatives or “populist” talking heads like Sarah Palin. Anybody or anything that appears to be taking antigovernment root is quickly twisted, diluted or taken over by government propagandists and provocateurs.

Only the hard core, like you readers, see the whole picture of the end game. The politicians turned your stomach long ago.

The Final And Great Deception
As economic and social breakdown appear certain, the government and its politicians pull their ace from their bag of tricks. They start talking about backing the depreciated dollar with gold.

Unless there is an absolute change of regime (not a phony populist movement) any move to restore gold-related paper money will be false and phony — just more of the same.

By this time a big percentage of the people will come to understand that sovereign debt (Government debt) was a Ponzi scheme from the beginning. The bond market will collapse.

People forget or never study history. Governments never pay debts. The people who thought they got paid only received created fiat paper money which cost the money creators nothing.

But many of the readers of Personal Liberty Digest know all of this. So let’s swing out on the ballroom floor!

Cayman Island’s Financiers Reject Tax Evasion Claims

Cayman Island's financiers rejects tax evasion claimsWealthy individuals and corporations seeking to protect their assets have long sought offshore opportunities to ensure that their money can be invested with maximum profit. This has often put them in conflict with United States authorities, who accuse them of tax evasion.

One of the most popular places for those seeking offshore opportunities is Cayman Islands, which has been accused by American politicians such as Senator Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and then-Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.), co-authors of the "Stop Tax Haven Abuse" bill, of facilitating such practices.

Recently, the island nation’s financial services industry set out to reject what it called "false claims" by Business and Investors against Tax Haven Abuse, an American business group, which said that low or no-tax jurisdictions hurt the American economy.

Cayman Finance specifically emphasized the country’s compliance with international regulation and transparency legislation and its income tax transparency agreement with the U.S. It also referenced The International Monetary Fund and the Financial Action Task Force reports, which testify that Cayman Island’s anti-money laundering regime is among the most robust in the world. Moreover, the nation’s International Organization of Securities Commission (IOSCO) membership guarantees regulator-to-regulator disclosure.

It concluded that far from harming the U.S. economy, the environment offered by Cayman Islands facilitates cross-border business and provides liquidity to global markets, fuelling job creation and poverty reduction.

IOSCO Chairman Anthony Travers called the allegations a "deliberate misrepresentation of lawful tax structuring," and stated that it "should be a source of real concern to the U.S. Congress and the public it represents."ADNFCR-1961-ID-19935842-ADNFCR

Whose Side Is He On?

The Barack Obama administration has sided with the world against Arizona. That’s essentially what he did when the United States State Department referred the Arizona immigration law to the United Nations Human Rights Council for review.

So first Obama has his Justice Department sue a sovereign state for seeking to uphold existing Federal immigration laws, and then he submits the law for international review by a committee on civil rights that boasts China, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Russia, Cuba, Pakistan, Tunisia and Egypt as members.

You know, those countries that make dissidents disappear into the bowels of gulags — if not graves — that demand its women stay covered from head to toe, that imprison political prisoners without trial, that mutilate women’s genitals, that forbid women from being in the company of men that aren’t blood relatives or their husband, that beat or stone criminals and that persecute Christians. Yeah, those countries.

That begs the question. Just whose side is Obama on?

Approaching Hurricane Necessitates A Review Of Survival Strategies

Approaching hurricane necessitates a review of survival strategies The Atlantic hurricane season is in full swing, and with Earl barreling up the East Coast, it might be worth reviewing some safety and survival tips.

First of all, experts advise to start preparations as early as possible to avoid last minute rush and the possibility that stores will run out of supplies.

Therefore, families should take time to sit down and review their emergency plans, including where to go when a disaster strikes and how to reunite afterwards.

Each household should have enough water and non-perishable food supplies — such as canned and dried meats, fruits and vegetables — to last for a minimum of three days. A battery-powered radio to listen to announcements, including evacuation orders, and flashlights should also be part of every survival kit.

Experts also recommend locating important documents, especially insurance policies, ahead of a storm and putting them in a safe, water-tight place.

Finally, property owners should take time to protect what is often their main asset by boarding windows and doors, sandbagging around the premises and trimming bushes to avoid exterior damage.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 36 million people living in the coastal areas from North Carolina to Texas are threatened by Atlantic hurricanes.

The north Atlantic hurricane season ends on Nov. 30.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19934606-ADNFCR

Obama Address Marks The End Of Combat In Iraq

Obama address marks the end of combat in IraqMarking the end of combat missions in Iraq, President Barack Obama addressed the nation Tuesday, saying that it is time for the country to "turn the page," and begin focusing more attention on domestic issues.

Obama spent much of the address speaking about the troubled economy, saying that the war in Iraq had pulled many resources away from this issue, and that the U.S. could now initiate an economic commitment equal to the scale and determination of a military campaign, according to The Associated Press.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that the move to end combat missions in Iraq shows that Obama has kept his campaign promise to end the war. "In doing so, we are moving closer to the day when Iraq’s future rests solely in the hands of the Iraqi people."

However, not everyone agreed with these sentiments. House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) criticized the President’s leadership. He said that there had been a lot of talk in recent months about ending the military phase of the operation, "but we haven’t talked much about winning the war in Iraq," according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Conspiracy That Is The Federal Reserve

How much money do you have in your wallet?

I’m not trying to be nosey. I want to make a very important point about what is wealth — and why what we call “dollars” have lost 80 percent of their purchasing power since I came kicking and screaming into the world.

Let’s begin today’s lesson by reading what a dollar bill says it is. On the front, under that heroic portrait of George Washington, you’ll see that what you’re holding is “one dollar.” Above and to the left it declares, “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.”

That seems pretty clear. It means that I can buy things with this smallish black-and-green piece of paper. And if I owe you any “money” for something, by law you must accept the equivalent amount of these “dollars” in payment.

But we still haven’t determined what a “dollar” is or what gives it any value. There are a bunch of other numbers and symbols on the front and back that we can ignore for today’s discussion. I’m not going to get into any Dan Brown mystical symbolism here. Not even to mention the Illuminati’s all-seeing eye on the back. Nope, let’s stick with the plain and simple words on the front. We’ll quickly learn that they aren’t so plain or simple after all.

Above the legal-tender phrase, in the largest type of all, it says “The United States of America.” That helps. Now we know we’re talking about a form of currency for this country, not Bratislava or Bangladesh.

Of all the words on our currency, however, the most important are the three at the very top: “Federal Reserve Note.” And here, as the mystery writers like to say, is where the plot thickens. What is the Federal Reserve? Why are its “notes” the mandatory legal currency of the U.S.? And probably the most important question of all, when it comes to you and me providing for our families today and in the future — why has the value of this monetary unit fallen so far and so fast?

The reality is pretty horrifying. Since the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the purchasing power of the monetary unit it creates and controls has fallen by more than 90 percent. To put it another way, most things you could buy for “a dollar” back then will cost you at least 10 times more today.

You would think that after nearly a century of managing our money the masters at the Federal Reserve would have learned some lessons, wouldn’t you? But no, their record in the past decade isn’t any better than it was 90 years ago. Consider: 10 years ago, a “dollar” was worth 1/265th of an ounce of gold. That is, if you had 265 of the things, you could buy one ounce of the Midas metal.

Today an ounce of gold will cost you around 1,240 “dollars.” Has gold gone up 4.67 times in value in the past 10 years? No. I would argue that its “value” hasn’t changed at all; it’s just the price that has skyrocketed.

But no, that isn’t true, either. Gold hasn’t climbed 367 percent in price; rather, the U.S. dollar has dropped in value. When you think about it, it’s easy to understand why: When you produce more of anything, the price of each individual unit usually goes down. Produce an extra 10 trillion “dollars” and what happens to the value of each one? Think of dropping a rock from the top of the Empire State Building.

So with all of that as background, let’s now turn to the most important questions of all. What is the Federal Reserve and why has the value of its most important creation — the currency of the United States of America — fallen so much since it took over?

And here we come to an end to easy answers. I have less than 1,000 words left for today’s column. A friend of mine spent more than 20 years researching this subject and then wrote a 500-page book explaining what he discovered. The book is called The Creature from Jekyll Island and the author is G. Edward Griffin. If you are not familiar with the book or the author, you should be.

In fact, I’ll go further: I’ll argue that understanding what has been done to our money, and what it will take to make it sound once again, could be the most important issue our country will face in the next 50 years. Your life may not depend on the answer; but your quality of life surely does.

What is the Federal Reserve? Ed Griffin says the bottom line is that the Federal Reserve is a banking cartel. It was formed in secret, at a private meeting of the nation’s top bankers and financiers, far away from the glare of publicity such a meeting would receive in Washington, D.C., or New York City.

After the scheme was hatched it was then necessary to get it approved by Congress. The conspirators knew that if their role in the Fed’s creation became public there was no chance it would be approved. So they simply denied they had anything to do with it. In fact, a couple of them were selected to appear to oppose it.

The measure was presented to Congress as a way to control Wall Street bankers who were blamed for all of the country’s prior financial problems. The schemers told a gullible public they didn’t need no stinkin’ Federal Reserve. “Please don’t create a new agency to control us,” they begged. Talk about audacity!

Uncle Remus understood the ruse very well. “Please, Br’er Bear, puh-leeze don’t throw me into that briar patch.”

For more than 20 years the founders of the Federal Reserve lied about their participation in the plot. But once they knew they had gotten away with it, secrecy gave way to hubris. They started bragging about what they had done. They were actually proud of how they pulled the wool over the eyes of Congress and a trusting public. The details in Ed’s book of this duplicity will shock you. At least I hope they will.

I wish Daniel Webster, the early American statesman and Senator, had been around when they pulled off this stunt. He would have understood the machinations very well. “Of all the contrivances for cheating the laboring classes of mankind,” he wrote, “none has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper money.”

Want more? Here’s an exchange that hits a lot closer to home. It took place in 1941 when Representative Wright Patman (D-Texas) demanded that Marriner Eccles, the governor of the Federal Reserve System at the time, testify before the House Committee on Banking and Currency. Patman was the committee chairman and he wanted to know where the Federal Reserve got the money to purchase $2 billion worth of government bonds. That led to the following exchange:

ECCLES: We created it.
PATMAN: Out of what?
ECCLES: Out of the right to issue credit money.
PATMAN: And there is nothing behind it, is there, except our government’s credit?
ECCLES: That is what our money system is. If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn’t be any money.

Back in 1941, $2 billion was a lot of money. But it’s a drop in the bucket, literally, compared to what the Federal Reserve has done recently. To put it in plain language, the Fed has consciously and deliberately engaged in the most massive financial fraud in history. Through the creation of literally trillions of dollars of debt it has saddled our children and our children’s children with astronomical financial obligations. I, for one, doubt if they will ever be paid.

For a while the money manipulators got away with it through the specious argument that “we owe it to ourselves.” No, we don’t. We owe it to every person and every government on earth that holds any form of U.S. debt, whether dollars or Treasury bills.

Through the creation of money and the resulting inflation of our currency the masters of the Federal Reserve have stolen trillions of dollars in wealth from us. The theft continues every hour of every day.

So what can we do about it? As every military vet knows, you can’t fight what you don’t understand. Before you can take effective action against the Fed you need to know the enemy.

Do yourself and your country a favor. The next time you use a dollar for anything, from a package of gum to a loaf of bread, pause for a moment and reflect on what it really is — a symbol of a 100-year-old conspiracy to seize your wealth.

Then vow to help stop it.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

— Chip Wood

Experts Recommend Antioxidant-Rich Diet To Protect Heart Health

Experts recommend antioxidant-rich diet to protect heart healthObesity has become a problem that many in the United States say has become an epidemic. The number of individuals who are significantly overweight has grown exponentially, causing many to call for improved efforts to address the situation.

Some health experts say that a diet rich in antioxidants, similar to what is commonly known as the Mediterranean diet, may provide heart health benefits that could lessen the burden of the growing obesity epidemic on nation’s healthcare system.

"All research suggests that the healthiest diet is the traditional Mediterranean diet," Tricia M. Sinek, manager of the Community Cancer Program at the Franciscan Health System in Washington, told the Tacoma News Tribune.

"Every state in the United States reports that 30 percent of their population is obese."

She added that she recommends this diet — which is rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish — to patients who are concerned about their weight or who have gained an unhealthy amount of fat.

Studies from the U.S. Agriculture Research Service have shown that carotenoids — a type of antioxidant commonly found in plants associated with the Mediterranean diet — may play a significant role in heart health.

Peaceful “Protest,” Obamacare’s Cost, Competition And A Great Job

*The most peaceful “protest” in years. Congratulations to the hundreds of thousands of caring, concerned Americans who gathered on the Washington Mall last Saturday, for Glenn Beck’s huge rally on behalf of God and country. Even the liberal media had trouble making you folks look bad. Not only were you the best-behaved gathering Washington has ever seen, you were also the neatest. The grounds were actually cleaner when you left than when you arrived. Nice going!

*The price of Obamacare continues to climb. A friend just sent me this note: “Six months after healthcare ‘reform’ was signed into law, my company received its renewal on its company health program. Our rates have more than doubled due to the various new requirements in the measure.” And he added sarcastically, “Thank you, Obama.” I’m afraid this is just the first of many thousands of shoes that will be falling. Wait ’till you hear about next year’s tax increases.

*So that’s what competition means. The Wall Street Journal ran a lengthy analysis a few days ago of the incredible variation in the price of airline tickets. The range was from nine cents per mile flown to 99 cents. Why are some routes 11 times higher than others? Here’s the Journal’s not-so-surprising conclusion: “It’s the number of competitors and the quality of the competition.” Can we all say “duh”?

*Try to annualize that paycheck. When Jonathan Chadwick was made the new chief financial officer at McAfee three weeks ago his deal included stock options on more than 200,000 shares of the company’s stock. Two weeks later, when Intel bought the company, his options jumped in value by more than $4 million. Congratulations, Jonathan. That was certainly a good day’s work.

— Chip Wood

Religious Leaders Denounce Planned Koran Burning Event

Religious leaders denounce planned Koran burning event Florida pastor Terry Jones has announced he will hold a Koran burning event on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks next weekend. To counter the increasingly negative image of Islam and Muslims in America — which some experts say contributes to initiatives such as the one spearheaded by Jones — one organization has unveiled a public service announcement (PSA) campaign.

Fox News reported that the controversial pastor — who heads Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville — also cited the Fort Hood massacre as well as honor killings to further motivate his decision to hold the event.

"These are things that, if we don’t stand up now, they can increase," he said, quoted by the news source.

However, the planned burning has been condemned by many political and religious leaders in Florida and across the country. For example, The Christian Pastors’ Association of North Central Florida (CPA) denounced the event and stressed its support for religious freedom for all Americans, according to

Moreover, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) held a news conference in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday to present its new national PSA. The campaign’s videos show Muslims who worked or volunteered as first responders following the attacks of 9/11.

The overarching theme will be "9/11 happened to us all."ADNFCR-1961-ID-19934603-ADNFCR

While You Were Drowning…

For those of you lucky enough to enjoy vocations which don’t require endless news and issues research, count yourselves doubly lucky that you weren’t subjected to President Barack Obama’s speech marking the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s disastrous visit to New Orleans. Granted, Katrina was hard on the Big Easy, but five years later Obama didn’t repair any damage. He was busy doing damage control.

Speaking to an audience of college students at Xavier University, Obama rolled through his standard teleprompter-zombie applause lines:

(“it’s great to be back here in [insert city name]. What a job you all have done recovering and rebuilding from [insert disaster reference here]. I promise you I’ll do everything in my power to ensure [repeat disaster reference here] never happens again. Remember, vote for me, because I give a damn.”)

Then the President, looking remarkably refreshed after his latest vacation — this time in Martha’s Vineyard, an ultra-exclusive enclave favored by liberal millionaires, began spouting talking points which strained credulity, to say the least.

Standing in the heart of a city which was nearly wiped off the map by a combination of decades-long Democrat incompetence and corruption, a dystopic liberal culture of dependence and one mighty impressive natural disaster, the fabulously wealthy President Obama… blamed everything on President Bush.


But blame is as American a pastime as baseball. Actually, given the multisyllabic surnames dominating most Major League rosters these days, blame is right up there with Mom and apple pie. But Obama is blaming the wrong guy.

With Hurricane Earl now becoming a force to be reckoned with, and the five-year anniversary of the Democrat-engineered Katrina disaster, I thought I’d take a moment to — as the kiddies say — drop a little knowledge on you.

According to Obama, Katrina was:

"a man-made catastrophe — a shameful breakdown in government that left countless men, women and children abandoned and alone.”

Last time I checked, hurricanes are almost never man-made, despite Al Gore’s assertions. As for governmental breakdowns, the actions of Mayor Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin, and Governor Kathleen “Crocodile Tears” Blanco in the face of Mother Nature’s oncoming wrath didn’t exactly reverberate with redoubtable statesmanship. Of course, the goodly people of New Orleans re-elected their Candyman, so some of the blame for their plight can be placed on them.

Actually, quite a bit of the blame for the plight of New Orleans can be set down right on Bourbon Street. Despite the insistence of multimillionaires like Spike Lee and Kanye West, the teeming mass of destitute humanity gathered at the Superdome wasn’t consigned to their plight because “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Nor did the levees near the 9th Ward give way because they were secretly destroyed by Federally-placed explosives (sorry, Mr. Farrakhan).

A massive hurricane formed in the Bahamas, made its way into the Gulf of Mexico and then headed for Mardi Gras-ville. Bush actually declared a Federal state of emergency two days before Katrina’s landfall. In fact, Bush ended up having to push Louisiana’s Democrat Governor Blanco to order mandatory evacuations less than 24 hours before Katrina’s arrival, with Nagin finally ordering mandatory citywide evacuation later that day.

Beyond that, the pictures tell a far more accurate story than the Democrat-controlled corporate media would ever allow. And I’m not just talking about flooded fleets of school buses. Nor am I referring to those scenic shots of fine Orleans-ians swimming through the flooded streets with filched flat screens (although had they purloined the plasmas earlier, they might have caught the GET OUT, THERE’S A GIGANTIC FREAKIN’ HURRICANE HEADED RIGHT FOR YOU warnings blaring from the boob tube for at least 72 hours before Katrina set up shop near Lake Pontchartrain).

I’m thinking of the thousands of NOLA residents swarming together at the Superdome and adjacent convention center. After decades of voting Democrats into office, they were helpless; willingly robbed of their ability to fend for themselves beyond basic self-preservation instincts. Nagin, Blanco and the massive, overarching bureaucracy created by virtually unfettered liberal authority — granted by the electorate — had abandoned them at the crucial moment and they were prostrated before God and CNN.

Five years later, and still, according to Obama: Bush did it.

Now I’m going to throw out a heavy concept for you port-siders: Let’s assume that Bush DID do it. Let’s say he engineered a hurricane, directed it to New Orleans, dynamited the levees, ensured Blanco and Nagin would both fumble the ball on the goal line, pulled the batteries out of the NOLA buses and flooded the city.

Perhaps this is not a man with whom you want to pick a fight.

New York Residents Oppose Taxes On Native American Tobacco Products

New York residents oppose taxes on Native American tobacco productsThe Seneca Nation of Indians has filed a suit asking the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York to block the state from taxing tobacco sales on the Nation’s lands.

In its quest, the community is supported by most New Yorkers, as a new Zogby International poll found that more than 68 percent believe State and Federal governments should honor Indian treaties that bar state taxation of their businesses.

"Once again the people of New York State have voiced their support of our rights as a sovereign nation," said Seneca Nation of Indians president Barry E. Snyder, Sr.

This is not the only outcry against New York state plans to ramp up taxes. For example, bagel sellers also expressed criticism over plans to enforce a sales tax for sliced or prepared bagels, according to the state Department of Taxation and Finance.

"Instead of thinking what can be done to encourage small business owners, they are wasting their time and taxpayer money, harassing job creators to fund the state budget," said Tad DeHaven, a budget analyst at The Cato Institute, quoted by CNN.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19933777-ADNFCR

A Minority of One

As President Barack Obama continues to transform the United States into a socialist hell, yet another poke in the eye is the National Mediation Board’s recent proposal to make it easier for airline and railroad workers to unionize.

For 75 years the rule has been that in order for any class of workers (e.g., pilots) employed by an airline or railroad to unionize, a majority of all employees in that class have to vote for unionization. But the proposed new rule would require only that a majority of employees who actually vote on the question of unionization would be needed to unionize.

All Democrats love unions; Republican progressives love unions; and even many conservatives believe that a worker should be allowed to join a union voluntarily, so long as those who do not want to join the union are not forced to do so.

Which probably makes me a minority of one. Why? Because not only do I believe that workers do not have a right to unionize a company through tyranny of the majority, I don’t believe that any worker has a right to join a union without the consent of his employer.

It is a basic tenet of libertarian-centered conservatism that without property rights, no other rights are possible. Unfortunately, most people do not understand this fundamental concept. They view property only as inanimate matter, separate and apart from a person’s life. They cannot seem to make the connection between the two.

In actual fact, they are so connected that one is virtually an extension of the other. How can one separate a person’s life from his property? If you took everything that an individual owned, the fact is that he would not own his own life because whenever he attempted to create something for his personal gain, the fruits of his labor could again be confiscated.

The same is true of purchasing property. The money used to make a purchase presumably was earned through the purchaser’s efforts. That makes the money an extension of his life and, therefore, the same would be true of anything purchased with that money. No matter what the circumstances, when a person’s property rights are violated, his freedom is violated.

A libertarian-centered conservative (i.e., a true conservative) believes that no one has a right to any other person’s property, which includes both his body and everything he owns. Once this concept is understood it would be proper to say that, in reality, all crime is based on trespassing on the property of an owner.

When people make “humanitarian” statements about human rights being more important than property rights they are, in a sense, correct. That’s because human rights include property rights, as well as all other rights of man.

A man has the right to dispose of his life and his property in any way he chooses, without interference from others. By the same token, he has no right to dispose of any other person’s life or property, no matter what his personal rationalizations may be.

As explained in The Fundamentals of Liberty by Robert LeFevre, there are only three possible ways to view property:

  1. Anyone may take anyone else’s property whenever he pleases.
  2. Some people may take the property of other people whenever they please.
  3. No one may ever take anyone else’s property without his permission.

It is self-evident to anyone who believes in individual liberty that the only morally valid way to view property is No. 3. Likewise, no one has a right to tell a property owner (property being land, buildings, a business or anything else that a person may own) what he can or cannot do with his property.

Take a business, for example. It belongs to the owner, whether he started the business himself or bought it from someone else. No one has a right to take any part of someone else’s business, nor do they have a right to tell him what he can and cannot do with his business.

If a business is a public company, it is the property of a large number of people (shareholders). Thus, size is irrelevant when it comes to property rights. When property rights are violated against a multinational corporation as opposed to a mom-and-pop business, it simply means that far more people become victims of government aggression. It is a moral absurdity to believe that bigness validates aggression.

Therefore, as a minority of one, I am compelled to say that regardless of the size of a business, the only way unionization is morally valid is if the owner of that business voluntarily agrees to it. Why? Because it’s his business! It’s his property! And it is his human right to set the rules for his own property!

In a truly free society, a worker has one inalienable, overpowering right with regard to his job: He can quit at any time. He is not a slave, so his employer cannot chain him to his work. If he wants to belong to a union he is free to search for employment with a company that allows workers to unionize.

The fact that many people reading this article will find my comments to be extreme speaks only to how far down the road toward socialism we have traveled. We no longer respect property rights, especially when the property is a business. Generations have been brainwashed into believing that abstract notions such as “the good of society” and “social justice” are more important than private ownership.

The proposed new ruling by the National Mediation Board opens a debate over the issue of whether 75 percent of the overall majority of workers in a given class should be required to unionize an airline or railroad, or just 75 percent of those who actually participate in voting on the question. But, in reality, the debate is nothing more than a distraction. The real debate should be over whether or not employees should be allowed to unionize at all without the consent of the owner.

This is precisely the kind of issue that has caused conservatives to lose their way over the years. Until politicians have the courage to confront an issue such as unionization head on and stop buying into debates about whether to move further to the left or stick to what has become the status-quo left, America will continue its acceleration toward total collapse — both morally and economically.

It will be interesting to see if anyone reading this article has a strong enough belief in the absolute sanctity of property rights to agree with what I’ve said here. That would be nice, because it would instantly elevate me to the status of being part of a minority of two.

–Robert Ringer

Fat Distribution Plays An Important Role In Heart Health

Fat distribution plays an important role in heart health Some individuals who change their diet and add more exercise to their fitness routine have an easy time shedding their excess pounds. However, others who make similar lifestyle changes have difficulty reaching their desired body weight and improving their heart health.

A new study from German researchers has found that the location of body fat may play a large role in determining whether or not lifestyle changes will make an impact on an individual’s weight and health.

Scientists from University Hospital Tubingen found that fat located in the liver or around the abdomen can be extremely difficult to burn of through exercise or eliminate with improved diet.

"You may have two individuals who weigh the same and have the same body mass index, but have very different levels of internal fat," said lead researcher Jürgen Machann. "Abdominal and liver fat are the two most important factors in predicting whether a lifestyle intervention will be successful."

He added that fat in these areas may also damage heart health to a greater degree, making it vital for doctors to pay attention to the distribution of their patient’s fat.

Simple Improvements May Boost Home Value

Simple improvements may boost home valueFor many Americans, their house is their main asset, and numerous owners have seen their wealth diminish during the current economic downturn. In fact, the National Association of Realtors says that home sales fell by more than 27 percent in July.

However, experts say there are ways to enhance the appeal and value of one’s house — especially if it’s about to go on the market — without spending a lot of money.

Painting the house and replacing the front door, which is the first thing prospective buyers see, are obvious and low-cost ways to spruce up the house and make it more attractive, according to

In a similar vein, spending $300-$400 on landscaping can make the property stand out from among its neighbors and boost the chances of a successful closing.

Furthermore, replacing old sinks and adding low-flow faucet aerators, which can reduce water usage by 30 percent, costs less than $500 and can be done in one day. Prospective buyers pay particular attention to the kitchen, and this is one investment that can greatly pay off, the news source advises.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19933735-ADNFCR

Nullification: How To Resist Federal Tyranny In The 21st Century by Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Mention nullification as a way to resist Federal tyranny and prepare to be branded a racist who wants to bring back slavery. But nullification — the idea that if Congress passes an unconstitutional law the states don’t have to acknowledge or obey it — enjoys a rich history in the United States. It began long before slavery was a major political issue and is being used even today.

In Nullification: How To Resist Tyranny In The 21st Century, Thomas E. Woods Jr., explores the history of nullification in America. It’s a history that few students are taught in government schools, and one that even fewer mainstream historians are willing — or able — to discuss. In fact, Woods writes that at a scholarly debate he attended in 2003, only he and one other academic defended the Thomas Jefferson view of nullification (as espoused in the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions in opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts and known as the Principles of ’98).

Woods holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard and received a master’s, a Master of Philosophy and Ph.D. from Columbia University. He’s a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, he edited Exploring American History: From Colonial Times to 1877 (an 11-volume encyclopedia) and is the author of 10 books.

He says that the Founders meant for the States to be checks against Federal tyranny and the 10th Amendment was put into the Constitution to reinforce the rights of States to nullify unConstitutional laws.

A commonly-used argument against nullification is the idea that the Civil War “settled” the issue. Woods argues that the Civil War had nothing to do with nullification even though the Southern States seceded based on the (correct) compact theory of the union. That theory maintains that each individual State — not a single group of united people — joined together to form the Union. Each individual State, acting in its sovereign capacity, ratified the Constitution in the months and years following its drafting in 1878.

“The very fact that the states voted separately to ratify the Constitution, and that the Constitution was not ratified by a single, consolidated vote of all individuals in the original thirteen states, is an important piece of evidence to compact theorists that the states, rather than some single American people, created the federal Union,” Woods writes.

This is not the American history that most school children learn — nor the one that most law students study. What they are taught can be called the nationalist theory which conceives of the United States as deriving from a single sovereign people rather than from an agreement among States and the residents of each State.

Woods covers the discussions that took place and essays that were written during the States’ ratifying conventions — particularly those in Virginia — that prove they understood the States maintained the right to shield their people from encroachments by the Federal government.

The idea of nullification was invoked in the Principles of ’98 by Jefferson and James Madison, and in subsequent years by a number of States over a variety of issues. And it has continued to this day.

One recent example occurred in 2005 and 2006 when 24 States nullified the REAL ID Act of 2005. Opposition to the legislation came from both Republicans and Democrats — with one side opposing the unfunded mandates and the impact they would have on state finances and the other side opposing the privacy issues involved. Another example involves the medical use of marijuana, which is illegal under Federal law but allowed in 14 States.

And it’s through nullification that a number of States are resisting the institution of Obamacare’s mandates that everyone purchase health insurance.

Woods’ book comprehensively covers the history of nullification and lays out a plan whereby Americans can battle the ever-growing tyranny of the Federal government. It deals with all the arguments for and against the idea of nullification and is an excellent source for anyone wanting to learn how to stop the leviathan state.

I recommend Nullification: How To Resist Tyranny In The 21st Century to every patriot looking to resist Federal tyranny. It provides not only a good history lesson, but a legal lesson as well.

Bottle Tea Has Low Antioxidant Levels

Bottle tea has low antioxidant levelsIndividuals who drink bottled iced tea may not be getting all the health benefits they believe they are. A new study presented at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society revealed that bottled tea has a fraction of the antioxidants as freshly brewed tea.

In fact, some brands of bottled iced tea have such low levels of antioxidants that consumers would have to drink 20 bottles to get the nutritional benefit as one cup of freshly brewed tea.

The sale of bottled tea and iced tea has grown into a major industry, accounting for more than $1 billion in annual sales, according to the report. The authors note that the health benefits offered by antioxidants are some of the main factors driving the industry’s growth.

"Consumers understand very well the concept of the health benefits from drinking tea or consuming other tea products," said the study’s lead author Shiming Li, who works at a New Jersey-based biotechnology company.

"However, there is a huge gap between the perception that tea consumption is healthy and the actual amount of the healthful nutrients," he said.

Study Finds Omega-3 Benefits Differ Among The Genders

Study finds omega-3 benefits differ among the genders While millions of people take omega-3 fatty acid supplements to support heart health, they may not be aware that certain supplements may be more effective based on their gender.

A new study from researchers at the University of Newcastle in Australia found that the different varieties of omega-3s — whether eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) or docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) — may affect men and women differently.

To test their hypothesis, investigators gave different groups of men and women either EPA or DHA supplements. They found that EPA had a more significant impact on men’s heart health, while DHA provided more benefits for women.

Researchers wrote in their report that nutritional supplements vary in their levels of these two varieties of omega-3s, and that consumers should be aware of the types that will provide the greatest benefits for their health.

"We have shown that gender-specific responses exist in the 24 hours following dietary supplementation with a single oral dose of EPA or DHA rich oil capsules," they wrote.

The study concluded that the findings could change the way that people view the use of nutritional supplements.

The Mystery Of KAL 007

It was on Sept. 1, 1983 that we learned a Soviet jet fighter had fired on a civilian airplane off the coast of Siberia, reportedly killing all 269 passengers and crew, including U.S. Representative Larry McDonald (D-Ga.). At the time, McDonald was known as one of the most active anti-Communists in the U.S. Congress. He served in many national and international organizations, including being chairman of the John Birch Society.

Four days after the attack on Korean Airlines Flight 007, President Ronald Reagan delivered a strongly-worded speech on national television, during which he called the attack “a crime against humanity.” Reagan used the word “massacre” six times to describe the assault and proclaimed, “This was the Soviet Union against the world and moral precepts which guide human relations among people everywhere.”

Despite the President’s tough talk, however, the U.S. took no meaningful action against the Soviets — not even when Soviet ships and planes harassed Japanese and American search-and-rescue efforts in the Sea of Japan.

Today, 27 years after the attack on KAL 007, mystery still surrounds the event and the fate of the passengers. If the plane did not plummet into the sea, but took 10-12 minutes to descend, did it land safely in Soviet territory? Were there any survivors? If so, what happened to them? Why did the plane stray off course in the first place? And why did the Soviets react so furiously, even murderously, to it? We still do not know the answers.

— Chip Wood

Does Ft. Knox Still Hold Gold?

Is there still any gold in Ft. Knox? Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) wants to know, and he told Kitco News he plans to introduce a bill next year calling for an audit of United States gold reserves.

According to Paul, the last “decent audit” was done 50 years ago. In the early 1980s Paul tried to get an audit done when he was on the gold commission. Fifteen of the 17 members of the commission voted not to conduct an audit.

In recent months there have been a number of rumors about Ft. Knox, among them: that it no longer contains any real gold; That it contains only a small portion of what is claimed; and that many of the bars that are there are made of lead or some other material and only coated in gold.

“If there was no question about the gold being there, you think (the Federal Reserve) would be anxious to prove gold is there,” Paul said.

Paul has long been an advocate of sound money and has fought against the Federal Reserve. His efforts last year to get legislation passed to audit the Federal Reserve was ultimately watered down by Congress to the point of uselessness.

“I don’t think the Federal Reserve should exist — it would be best for Congress to exert their responsibilities and that is find out what they are doing,” Paul told Kitco News. “It is an ominous amount of power they have to create money out of thin air and being the reserve currency of the world and be able to finance runaway spending whether it is for welfare or warfare; it seems strange that we have been so complacent not to even look at the books. If we knew exactly what they were doing, who they were taking care of, there would be a growing momentum to reassess the whole system.”

The Federal Reserve has created bubbles and inflation and today’s dollar is worth about 2 cents compared to the 1913 dollar, Paul said.

Paul said he would like to see gold and silver legalized as currency to give people a choice of using the Government’s fiat currency or real money.

Of course, the Federal Reserve can print money to infinity which isn’t backed by anything. This makes wars possible and has led to the devaluation of the dollar and is “legal” theft of the individual by the government.

Glenn Beck D.C. Rally Calls For A More God-Centered Country

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor event draws large crowd in DCGlenn Beck, whose popularity has skyrocketed this year thanks to his television show on Fox News and radio program, held a rally over the weekend that the conservative commenter estimated drew close to 400,000 attendees.

The Restoring Honor rally could prove to be a defining moment in Beck’s ongoing career and may have struck a chord with Americans who are more religious in nature.

During the rally Beck said that the country "for too long had wandered in the darkness" and that the potential answer would be that more Americans need to "turn back to God."

A piece by columnist Ross Douthat was featured in the Monday edition of The New York Times and remarked that the rally carried a more religious tone, and that Beck may be a much more powerful voice than some realized.

"To this rally-goer, though, the most striking thing about ‘Restoring Honor’ was the way the pageant effortlessly tapped into the same rich vein of identity politics that has given us figures as diverse as Palin and Howard Dean, George W. Bush and Barack Obama — but did so, somehow, without advancing any explicitly political agenda," wrote Douthat.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19932978-ADNFCR

Antioxidants In Berries May Support Heart Health

Antioxidants in berries may support heart health Cognitive decline is a problem that affects millions of people across the country each year. The financial and emotional toll that it takes on families and individuals is difficult to measure.

However, a new study from researchers at the Agricultural Research Service division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently found that the antioxidants in berries may be an effective way to support brain health as individuals age.

Berries — in particular strawberries, blueberries and raspberries — have long been known to be a rich source of antioxidants. Scientists believed that these nutrients could play an important role in brain health. However, specific, conclusive evidence had eluded researchers; until now.

The findings of the study show that antioxidants boost a process that sweeps the brain of proteins that are left over following normal brain activity. These proteins are thought to contribute to cognitive decline when they build up, becoming toxic.

"The good news is that natural compounds called polyphenolics found in fruits, vegetables and nuts have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect that may [support brain health]," said Shibu Poulose, who led the study.

Study Finds Important Interaction Between Vitamin D And DNA

Study finds important interaction between vitamin D and DNARecent research has indicated that vitamin D may play a role in many areas of health. Studies have shown that it benefits heart health, decreases the risk of developing mood disorders and contributes to the health of muscles and joints.

However, a new study from Oxford University researchers has shown that the impact of vitamin D may go deeper than that. They found that the nutrient interacts with DNA influencing the development of many chronic diseases.

A chain of DNA has receptors for vitamin D at the same locations as many of the genes that are associated with birth defects and chronic illnesses. Andreas Heger, who led the investigation, said that it may be particularly important for women who expect to soon become pregnant to maintain high levels of the nutrient.

"Vitamin D supplements during pregnancy and the early years could have a beneficial effect on a child’s health in later life," Heger said. "Some countries such as France have instituted this as a routine public health measure."

The study noted that natural vitamin D produced by the sun is the most desirable option. However, if this is not an option, nutritional supplements may also be beneficial.