Despite Warnings, Florida Pastor Determined To Go Ahead With Koran Burning

Despite warnings, Florida pastor determined to go ahead with Koran burning The plan to burn copies of the Koran has attracted criticism from global political and religious leaders, but this does not seem likely to stop pastor Terry Jones from going ahead with the project on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Top military leaders from the United States and around the world are among the most recent opponents of the Gainesville pastor’s plans.

The commander of the coalition troops in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, warned that the burning of Islam’s holy books "could cause significant problems" for the men and women serving in that country and around the world. He added that it could jeopardize the American effort in Afghanistan, which is still a fragile state plagued by sectarian violence fueled by opium trade.

Petraeus’ comments were echoed by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who said the action could be detrimental to the North Atlantic alliance’s troops serving in Afghanistan.

"I think it’s a disrespectful action and [I] urge people to respect other people’s faith and behave respectfully," Rasmussen added, quoted by

"I think such actions are in a strong contradiction of all the values we stand for and fight for," he concluded.

Meanwhile, Jones said he was "weighing the situation," but implied he would go ahead with the demonstration despite having been denied a permit, according to media reports. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19936939-ADNFCR

Free Exercise Of Industry And Its Fruits

Barring legislative action before the end of the year the Federal estate tax — also known as the death tax — will return on Jan. 1, 2011. That means the Feds will steal 55 percent of the estates valued at more than $1 million of people who die after Jan. 1.

Elected elites and their media lapdogs have successfully sold the argument that only the rich pay estate taxes and therefore those taxes are justified. But add the value of a home, a retirement account (such as a 401k) and a little bit of savings and other real property and it doesn’t take long to pass the $1 million threshold.

That’s going to saddle the heirs with a hefty tax bill or subject them to losing a portion of their inheritance: wealth their parents worked hard to acquire. Yet the elected elites want to confiscate hard-earned wealth from the achievers and redistribute it. This is a basic tenet of Marxism.

The right to own property and control it is basic to freedom. The elected elite know this and that’s why they love to find ways to steal property from the populace.

Thomas Jefferson realized this and he wrote:

“To take from one because it is thought that his own industry and that of his father’s has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association — the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.”

If it’s not bad enough that the elites are denying to everyone “a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it,” this is just one of the many of President George W. Bush’s tax cuts that expire at the end of 2010. Without Congressional action, 2011 will yield the largest tax increases in U.S. history.

Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) Talks With Robert Ringer

Representative Steve King (R-Iowa)Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) is a Constitutional conservative and advocate of the Tea Party. Robert Ringer recently interviewed King as part of his Liberty Education Series. In the interview King talks about President Barack Obama’s economic philosophy and his (Obama’s) lack of respect for entrepreneurs and small business owners, and King’s efforts on the small business committee to try and reign in the over-regulation of the government. King believes the Administration wants to nationalize Fortune 500 companies. King says there is a small but good core of Constitutionalists in the Congress now, but believes a new wave will come in with the November elections. The interview is about 15 and a half minutes long. Click above to listen to the entire interview.

With Elections Around The Corner, Some Dems Call For Spending Cuts

With elections around the corner, some Dems call for spending cuts For months, Democrats have been accusing Tea Party candidates who won GOP nominations for moderating their anti-debt, anti-big government message and shifting to the center. However, there is now evidence that some Democratic candidates are doing the same.

As polls increasingly show falling popular support for Democrats’ handling of the economy, some members who are up for re-election this November are now calling for curbing government spending, even as President Obama promised billions in new funding for infrastructure projects.

For example, Senate candidate Paul Hodes from New Hampshire was quoted as saying that both the GOP and the Democrats have "willfully spent with no regard for our nation’s debt" for too long.

There are also signs that some Dems may be shifting on one of the hottest issues of the current election season, namely the idea that tax breaks for the rich should be allowed to expire.

The Obama administration has expressed a desire to let the Bush-era cuts expire, but Representative Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) recently went on record as saying that now was "no time to do anything that could be jarring to a fragile recovery," quoted by The Associated Press.

However, he added that the United States couldn’t afford to make these cuts permanent and the government could revisit the idea when economic growth firmly takes hold.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19936661-ADNFCR

Second Amendment Foundation Hails PR ‘Coup’ In San Francisco

Second Amendment Foundation hails PR 'coup' in San Francisco As national gun rights leaders are preparing to hold the 25th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in San Francisco later this month, they are also celebrating a significant public relations victory in the famously liberal city.

More than 15 ads promoting the event have appeared in transit locations around San Francisco, which the Second Amendment Foundation called "something of a coup."

The organization said San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency allowed the posters to go up despite its rules that prohibit advertising that may promote the use of firearms.

"We suspect the MTA is allowing our ads despite their policy because they believed we were prepared to file a lawsuit on First and Second Amendment grounds if the city didn’t take them," said Alan M. Gottlieb, SAF executive vice president.

"Knowing we were responsible for the McDonald victory over Chicago and the defeat of their own 2005 gun ban proposition, and probably aware of our litigation in New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Illinois and California, they did not want to lock horns with us again," he added.

The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport hotel from Sept. 24 to 26 and will bring together gun rights activists from around the nation.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19936684-ADNFCR

Genetic Discovery May Pave Way For Better Asthma Treatments

Genetic Discovery May Pave Way For Better Asthma Treatments There are no effective treatments for allergic asthma at the moment, so people suffering from this condition can only be treated symptomatically in order to keep their quality of life from deteriorating. However, a new study from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center offers hope for better therapeutic strategies in the future.

The center’s scientists have identified a genetic mechanism that can help determine the severity of allergic asthma. They say that what distinguishes a mild form of the disease from a more severe case is the pro-inflammatory protein called interleukin-17 (IL-17A).

When exposed to an environmental pollutant — such as cigarette smoke — the body produces high levels of IL-17A, which in turn stimulates the expression of a gene called complement factor 3 (C3) that sets off an “amplification loop,” perpetuating increasing inflammatory responses.

“This study suggests that at some point it may be possible to treat or prevent severe forms of asthma by inhibiting pathways that drive the production of IL-17A,” said senior investigator Marsha Wills-Karp, director of the Division of Immunobiology at Cincinnati Children’s.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 7 percent of adults and more than 9 percent of children in the U.S. have asthma.

The results were presented in the Aug. 29 issue of Nature Immunology.

Melanoma-Related Protein May Lead To Treatment Advancements

Melanoma-Related Protein May Lead To Treatment Advancements A newly discovered cell linked to melanoma tumor growth may help researchers better develop future treatments, according to findings published in Nature.

During a recent study, researchers examined cell samples taken from the melanoma cancer, which provided more accurate results compared to cultured cells. During analysis, investigators found CD271, a compound located in more than 16 percent of all samples that made up to 41 percent of the tumors.

After finding this protein, researchers administered cells with high levels of CD271 into mice that were genetically-altered to have poor immune systems. The results of the transplant showed that the animals that had cell growth on the skin increased the risk of cancer by 70 percent.

“This could be the reason why we often see melanoma patients relapsing and coming back to the clinic,” said Alexander Boiko, a post-doctoral fellow from the Stanford University School of Medicine. He added that targeting cells containing CD271 may lead to “a combination therapy [that] might work to kill both types of cells in the tumor and, hopefully, prevent disease recurrence.

These findings may bring researchers closer to increasing the survival rate of those who have developed the disease. In 2006, more than 8,400 Americans died from melanoma, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19890926-ADNFCR

Obama Calls For More Spending As Public Grows Distrustful Of Democrats’ Strategy

Obama calls for more spending as public grows distrustful of Democrats' strategyAs President Barack Obama prepares to call on lawmakers to pass more stimulus spending, a growing number of Americans are voicing their concerns over the ability of the Democratic party to handle the nation’s finances.

In a Labor Day speech, the president outlined a $50 billion plan to revamp the nation’s roads, railways and airports in an effort to stimulate the economy and get people back to work, according to The Wall Street Journal.

"All of this will not only create jobs now, but will make our economy run better over the long haul," he said, as quoted by the news source.

The announcement comes on the heels of a poll conducted by the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation, which shows that more Americans feel that Republicans would do a better job of handling the economy than Democrats, CNN reports.

The poll showed that 46 percent of Americans give the edge to the GOP, while 43 percent favor Democrats on the issue of the economy.

"That’s bad news for the Democrats, who in past elections have had large leads over the GOP on those domestic issues," polling director Keating Holland told the news source.

The Obama Solution: “Blame It On Bush”

I have a sneaking suspicion that President Barack Obama has a sign on his Oval Office desk that reads, “The buck stops with Dubya.”

According to the Boston Herald, “Our President cannot resist a good opportunity to blame Bush.” The President has blamed Bush on everything from the credit crisis to Hurricane Katrina.

It was on the five-year anniversary of Katrina late last month that Obama showed courage in the face of criticism and calmly reiterated the message from that chart topping song a decade past, “It Wasn’t Me.”

Last month the President was campaigning for the upcoming elections in New Orleans, ground zero for Katrina. He told the audience that he would not abandon their cause. Then the President called Katrina and its aftermath not just a natural disaster but “a manmade catastrophe — a shameful breakdown in government that left countless men, women and children abandoned and alone.”

“Implicit in Obama’s remarks,” wrote The Associated Press: “is an indictment of sorts against former President George W. Bush’s administration for its handling of the crisis.”

When it comes to the Gulf Coast the President just can’t resist blaming Bush. During the height of the BP oil spill the President was at it again.

“For too long, for a decade or more, there has been a cozy relationship between the oil companies and the federal agency that permits them to drill,” said Obama from the White House Rose Garden last May. “It seems as if permits were too often issued based on little more than assurances of safety from the oil companies. That cannot and will not happen anymore."

In fact, the Obama administration has a laundry list about the previous President, two wars in the Middle East and an economy that can’t get traction. The way Obama is revving up for the fall elections you would almost think he himself was running against Bush.

While giving a speech last month, Obama said the Republican Party hasn’t differentiated itself from its predecessor.

“They don’t have a single idea that’s different from George Bush’s ideas — not one,” Obama said to applause. It seems that Obama thinks he is taking the high road as to not actually naming Bush but instead saying, “The previous administration.”

Countless times Obama has said that it is Republican policies which caused the recession.

“We got here after 10 years of an economic agenda in Washington that was pretty straight forward,” Obama said in August. “You cut taxes for millionaires, you cut rules for special interests, and you cut working folks loose to fend for themselves. That was the philosophy of the last administration and their friends in Congress.”

And it is not just Obama whose mantra is to fault Bush. Congressional Democrats like to blame the former President for just about everything. Even with the 2010 midterm elections a couple of months away, Democrats think that “blaming Bush” is still a winning strategy, even though they have had a majority for almost four years and Obama has been in control for nearly two.

I am not yet an old timer but I have been around the block. Never before have I seen a sitting President blame his predecessor the way Obama has blamed Bush.

Consider the mess Ronald Reagan inherited from Jimmy Carter.

When Reagan took office on Jan. 20, 1981, inflation was out of control, the economy was in a deep recession, and America was coming off of two oil embargoes which had lead to gasoline lines that stretched for blocks. On that day Iran still held American hostages and the nation’s standing in the world had never been lower.

Yet according to my research Reagan did not blame Carter once. Instead he got on about the business of leading the nation forward. And he did a damn fine job, coaxing legislation to stimulate the economy while curbing inflation and increasing jobs. Reagan also cut taxes, strengthened the nation’s armed forces and created renewed confidence in the United States such that the greenback surged.

The same could be said about President Lyndon B. Johnson, whose downfall was caused by Vietnam. It was President John F. Kennedy who first sent combat advisors to Vietnam and it was Kennedy’s Cabinet that urged Johnson to get tough on North Vietnam. Yet during his Presidency and the years that followed when he was on his ranch near Stonewall, Texas, Johnson did not blame JFK.

And was there ever a leader who could more easily blame his predecessor than Winston Churchill? It was Prime Minster Neville Chamberlain who placated Hitler and neglected Britain’s defense forces. It can be argued that Chamberlain laid the groundwork for World War II. Yet when Chamberlain died it was Churchill that defended him with a eulogy: “Neville Chamberlain acted with perfect sincerity according to his lights and strove to the utmost of his capacity and authority.”

Good leaders don’t make excuses and lament about their circumstances. They move forward. They lead. This is something that a whining and complaining Obama can’t seem to do, and the nation is suffering because of it.

Unemployment remains stunningly high, the housing crisis is unabated and investor confidence is shrinking rapidly. Late last month the Spectrem Millionaire Investor Confidence Index (SMICI) fell to its lowest level in more than a year as wealthy U.S. investors worried about politics and unemployment.

The SMICI fell 11 points in August to minus 18, its lowest level since June 2009, when it fell a record 18 points to minus 20 shortly after the S&P 500 index hit a 12-year low. Gluskin Sheff economist David Rosenberg calls current economic conditions “a depression, and not just some garden-variety recession,” and notes that any good news both during the initial 1929-1933 recession and the one that began in 2008 triggered “euphoric response.”

“Such is human nature and nobody can be blamed for trying to be optimistic; however, in the money management business, we have a fiduciary responsibility to be as realistic as possible about the outlook for the economy and the market at all times,” he said.

Rosenberg points out that encouraging gross domestic product (GDP) news happened in the period 1929-1933 where there were six quarterly bounces in GDP with an average gain of 8 percent.

“False premise,” warns Rosenberg. “We may well be reliving history here. If you’re keeping score, we have recorded four quarterly advances in real GDP, and the average is only 3 percent.”

Rosenberg points out that the “overall economic malaise” has come despite aggressive efforts by the Federal Reserve to stimulate the economy through rate cuts.

Given the growing economic crisis Obama would be smart to listen to political opponent, Senator John McCain, (R-Ariz.).

“George Bush looks like a piker compared to what has taken place since President Obama has come into the presidency,” McCain said. “He can keep ‘B.I.O.B.’ no matter what it is, ‘Blame it on Bush’ — he can keep that up. The American people are going to hold him accountable this November, not an administration that went out of power more than a year ago."

The problem is that the ultimate judgment on Obama won’t take place for another two years and two months. That’s another 26 more months of Obama blaming Bush while doing precious little else to reshape America’s fortunes. We can only hope that in the autumn of 2012 we have a new President; a President who gets on with the business of leading rather than finger pointing.

Yours for real wealth and good health,

John Myers
Myers’ Energy and Gold Report

Elvis’ Television Debut

We all know what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, when terrorist attacks destroyed the Twin Towers in New York City, murdering almost 3,000 innocent civilians. Instead of revisiting that horrific event, let’s turn instead to a musical milestone that took place nearly 50 years earlier.

On Sept. 9, 1956, Elvis Presley made his television debut on the Ed Sullivan Show. An estimated 54 million people (82.6 percent of the TV audience at the time) sat glued before their television sets as Elvis sang “Hound Dog” and “Love Me Tender.” The cameras were forbidden to show anything below his waist, so viewers could only guess at what all the fuss was about. For his efforts, Presley was paid what was then the largest sum ever for a TV performance — $50,000.

Elvis’s recordings and other memorabilia, including visits to Graceland, continue to attract thousands of new fans every week. So much so, in fact, that the Presley estate earns more on royalties from licensing agreements today than Elvis ever earned while he was alive.

— Chip Wood

Auto Sales Stagger In August

Auto sales stagger in August A year after the government’s massive spending program, Cash for Clunkers, United States automakers are reporting disappointing sales figures, suggesting that the long term effects of the initiative may be less stimulating than intended.

New vehicle sales for August fell 21 percent compared to last year when Cash for Clunkers was still rolling, according to CNN. The numbers are down 5 percent from July. In total, U.S. automakers sold fewer than 1 million vehicles for the month.

Some commentators have blamed the sluggish economy and slower than expected recovery for consumers’ reluctance to make major purchases.

"Car buying is far from repaired, and consumers hesitate before they make a big ticket purchase," Jesse Toprak, an analyst with the auto pricing site, told the news source. "It shows that the recovery is going to be much slower and more painful than expected."

Auto sales typically pick up in August, as manufacturers offer significant savings on their current inventory in anticipation of the new model year, which begins in the fall. However, sales figures for this past August were the lowest monthly figures in 28 years, according to Bloomberg News.

EPIC Challenge Of Naked Body Scanners To Proceed

An appeals court has set a briefing schedule for a lawsuit challenging the airport naked body scanner program.

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit will hear arguments in the case of Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) v Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and initial briefs are due Nov. 1.

Epic alleges DHS has violated three Federal laws — the Administrative Procedures Act, the Privacy Act and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act — and claims that the body scanner search itself is unconstitutional based on what the courts have said about the permissible scope of screening procedures. The scanners peer beneath clothing and produce very revealing negative photos that can be easily turned into positive photos with the use of commonly-found computer software and those images — of children and adults — could wind up anywhere.

We have documented before how, despite DHS promises to the contrary, the scanners can be used to store and transmit images. The scanners are also dangerous and ineffective. Some of our reports can be read here, here, here and here.

USA Today/Gallup Poll Shows Democrats Midterm Election Hopes Dim

USA Today/Gallup Poll Shows Democrats Midterm Election Hopes DimWith the mid-term election season getting into full swing following the Labor Day holiday, a USA Today/Gallup poll reveals that Democrat hopes of holding onto both houses of Congress are dimming.

The poll showed that voter dissatisfaction with the party in power is greater than it was in 1994 and 2006 when the party in power — Democrat in 1994 and Republican in 2006 — was swept away in a tsunami of voter backlash.

On the question: “Suppose that after the November elections most of the present members of Congress are replaced with new members. Would it change Congress for better or worse?,” 75 percent of those polled said it would change for the better, USA Today reports. Only 14 percent believed it would change for the worse.

While that would seem to be good news for Republicans, the poll shows that nearly half of those supporting Republican candidates are doing so out of a desire to defeat the Democrats rather than in support of the Republican. By a margin of 2-1 those polled who said they will vote for a Republican indicate they would rather vote for someone other than their current GOP member of Congress, USA Today reported.

“It’s good news for Republicans winning elections in the fall, but it may sow divisions for governing in January,” Lawrence Jacobs, director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota told the news source. “It’s a mandate for change from the Democrats but not a mandate for Tea Party policies” that may divide the GOP later.

Coconut Water Could Be A Lifesaver

Did you know that coconut water — the clear liquid inside a young coconut — is very handy to have around. Coconut water is sterile and it works extremely well as a sports/hydration drink because of its high potassium and mineral content. In fact, one cup-full of coconut water contains more electrolytes than most sports drinks and more potassium than a banana. It is also nearly isotonic to human blood and can be used as an IV hydration fluid when medical saline is unavailable.

High Cholesterol Linked To Increased Coronary Heart Disease Risk In Young People

Cholesterol Linked To Increased Coronary Heart Disease Risk In Young People Young people with high cholesterol may be more likely to develop coronary heart disease, according to findings published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

During a 20-year study conducted at the University of California in San Francisco, more than 3,200 individuals aged 18 to 30 years had their cholesterol measured. The researchers also examined each participant’s coronary artery calcium, which is plaque that accumulates in the arteries, by using CT scans.

The team discovered that those who recorded unhealthy levels of bad cholesterol in their bodies also suffered from an increase in coronary calcium, which is a cause of coronary heart disease. The results of the study also showed that the longer a person suffered increased measurements of bad cholesterol, the more likely they were to be diagnosed with related cardiovascular problems.

“We don’t usually worry too much about heart disease risk until a person is in middle age because it’s rare to have a heart attack in young adulthood,” said Mark J. Pletcher, lead author of the trial. He added that “however, our evidence shows that young adulthood is an important time because lasting damage already starts to accumulate at this age.”

One of the most common heart problems, coronary heart disease was the cause of more 445,000 deaths in the United States during 2005, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Florida Court Strikes Proposed Constitutional Amendment On Healthcare

Florida court strikes proposed constitutional amendment on healthcare Florida Supreme Court has rejected the attempt to consult voters on the Federal healthcare overhaul by striking a ballot initiative that would ask residents to support or oppose the measure.

The justices ruled that the summary of Amendment 9 — which was proposed by the GOP-controlled state legislature and would have blocked the Federal requirement for individuals to purchase insurance — was improperly phrased, according to BusinessWeek.

The decision was condemned by The American Legislative Exchange Council, whose Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act was the basis for the amendment, as well as some lawmakers from across the country.

State Representative Nancy Barto (R-Ariz.) said that "unfortunately, this judge has taken a technicality and used it to throw out what was a fair and constitutional amendment."

She warned that "Floridians will not be able to protect their freedom of choice in healthcare."

The Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act has been proposed in more than 40 states, and has become a statute in Virginia, Idaho, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana and Missouri.

States that permitted ballot initiatives this November on constitutional amendments regarding the healthcare reform are Colorado, Oklahoma and Arizona.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19935841-ADNFCR

Are You Sick Or Are You Tired?

As a person who suffered from excruciating headaches and musculoskeletal pain for the better part of 30 years, let me assure you that sound sleep is a wonder pill nobody can do without.
Sleep is not only a fundamental human need, it is a necessity that no one who experiences aches or pains of any kind should ever take for granted. It is so important, in fact, that we naturally fall asleep when our bodies tell our brains that certain essential chemicals have been depleted and our muscles and ligaments are tired and in need of restoration.

The growing problem is that many of us rely on legal stimulants like coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks to force ourselves to continue plugging away. Work, after all, can’t be held back by pleading. There are just not enough hours in the week. The result? We stay up too late, we get up too early, and to do this we consume unhealthy amounts of toxic substances — night after day after night.

The net result? For the better part of our adult lives we, and our coworkers, believe we are sick when actually we are tired. Tiredness, however, causes sickness. Without sleep the immune system wears down and cannot protect and repair the body. Let’s look at some of the damage we’ve done to ourselves simply by not going to sleep when we were tired.

Lack of sleep causes poor concentration, slower reaction times, decreased performance levels, less ability to learn and compartmentalize new skills and knowledge, more frequent memory lapses, increases in simple injuries and accidents, adverse changes in moods and behaviors, increased frequency of headaches, neck and shoulder pain, backaches, fatigue and an overload of toxic beverage consumption.

Why does this happen? During sleep our body is actually working to repair itself. The liver purifies blood, the muscles repair, serotonin increases. Without ample sleep these things do not happen at optimal levels.

In our natural circadian rhythm — or biological clock — sleep is set to take over during the evening hours. We are genetically programmed to get up and lie down with the sun. It was the invention of artificial sources of light (candles and bulbs) that began our stressed-out drive for more working hours at the expense of much-needed rest.

What’s the big deal, you ask, if you sleep only a few hours per night? You can always drink coffee, swallow energy drinks, take caffeine pills, cat naps… life is good. Well, not really. Did you know that in clinical tests rats die within a few short weeks of sleep deprivation? And it’s not just rats at risk. 

Chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, attention deficit disorder, chronic migraine and headache, body aches and pain, mental illness, depression and anxiety are all in part caused — or made worse — by lack of sleep. And no caffeine pill or taurine-laced energy drink can cure these dangerous side effects of our global economy-sized work loads. 

It’s not just office workers at risk, either. Did you know that it has been proven in numerous studies that sleep-deprived children learn at slower rates and are less social than their well-rested counterparts?

And let’s talk about motor accidents. Sleep-deprived drivers — especially truckers — make up 25 percent of all roadway accidents… and are even more likely to result in death or serious injury than drunk driving!

How about those unfortunate people who have attempted suicide in their lives? It has been found that their sleep is fraught with tension and nightmares. These disturbances, of course, lead to further lack of sleep, which causes lower levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, resulting in greater depression and the return of suicidal thoughts. A vicious cycle.

You say, for you, it isn’t a crazy work schedule? You just have trouble drifting off and staying asleep? Well then, here are some tips for those who may suffer from insomnia. Follow them and see how much better you’ll feel each day as you get your eight hours:

  1. Do not consume ANY sugar or caffeine after 6:00 p.m.
  2. Stop working at least two hours before bedtime.
  3. Turn off the computer and television at least one hour before bedtime.
  4. Make sure your sleeping quarters are as dark and silent as possible. Studies have shown that those in darker and quieter spaces tend to sleep through the night more deeply than others.
  5. Establish a sleep/wake schedule, and stick to it.
  6. Make a set routine out of bedtime. Change into pajamas, brush your teeth, set out clothes for the morning, even jot down any last thoughts, but promise yourself to revisit them tomorrow. Then turn off the light… breathe deeply, relax and sleep tight.
  7. If a racing mind is nagging, slow your breathing and focus on the sensation of air as it passes through your nose. This will derail those busy thoughts to help you drift off.

And for those who exercise at night… flip the schedule. It’s keeping you up by moving blood and energy through your system. Researcher at Stanford University School of Medicine found that adults aged 55 — 75 who engaged in 20-30 minutes of low-impact exercise (like walking) every other day in the afternoon were able to fall asleep in half their normal time. What’s more, their sleep duration increased on average by one full hour.

What does all this mean? Good health begins as easily and naturally as going out for a walk and putting in plenty of sack time. Try, if possible, for a straight eight hours of sleep.

And maybe think about buying a new set of sheets to celebrate the new healthier happier sounder-sleeping you.

 — Dr. Mark Wiley

Reduced Cancer Risks Found In Men With Asthma, Eczema

Reduced Cancer Risks Found In Men With Asthma, EczemaMen who have been diagnosed with asthma or eczema may be at a lower risk of developing certain types of cancer, according to findings published in Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

During a recent trial, a team of investigators examined the results of a previous study that monitored air quality in various work environments. A total of 3,300 men aged 35 to 70 years who had been diagnosed with cancer were observed during this research, and compared to 512 people who were cancer-free.

The researchers discovered that those with a history of asthma were less likely to develop stomach cancer, while men with eczema had a lower risk of suffering from lung cancer.

Marie-Claude Rousseau, co-author of the trial, stated that “asthma and eczema are allergies brought about by a hyper-reactive immune system — a state that might have enabled abnormal cells to have been eliminated more efficiently, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that in 2008, an estimated 16.4 million people in the United States had developed asthma.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19913366-ADNFCR

The Fat Lady Won’t Sing

It may not have packed the emotional punch of the last chopper off the roof of the embassy in Saigon, but the word has come down from on high: The last combat troops have left the building.

Actually, I’m going to amend that last remark. A Stryker Brigade crossed the Southern Frontier between Iraq and Kuwait, marking the departure from our Mesopotamian quagmire of the last troops we’re actually CALLING “combat troops.”

We still have plenty of guys with guns in Iraq—more than 50,000—but they’re not “combat troops,” they’re “advisors.” Not to accuse the President of militaristic duplicity, but so were about a quarter million of our boys and girls who visited fabulous downtown Saigon in the 1960s.

But we’re not supposed to be treating the anointed savior with the same scrutiny with which George W. Bush and Richard M. Nixon (but not Bill Clinton) dealt. Since Barack Obama ascended the people’s throne, the corporate media doesn’t use words like “quagmire” anymore, nor do they refer to the “Vietnam of the Middle East.” Obama promised a swift withdrawal from Iraq, and he has thusly delivered—more or less. All right, less.

Nonetheless, calling everyone in digital desert camo an “advisor” means Obama gets to claim victory. And while The Associated Press noted that Obama didn’t actually claim victory in his speech last week; given that he hasn’t come out ahead in so much as a game of checkers with Bo the First Dog since he took office, hanging the metaphorical “Mission Accomplished” banner off the White House balustrade is as close as he’s going to get anytime soon. Considering the corporate media’s continued adherence to the Obama-as-savior mantra, the irony of the situation is that this undeclared “victory” was planned and executed during the demonized Bush Administration.

Perhaps that’s why Obama noted in his recent televised remarks that he called Bush prior to the telecast, and why he offered him praise during the speech. And perhaps that’s why wingnut hacks like Rachel Maddow and Bill Press (yep, he’s still alive) launched anti-Bush invective from their MSNBC pulpits in the wake of Obama’s address. If you only saw Keith Olbermann’s failed television science experiment, you might not know that the decisive troop surge which Bush put into action had ever occurred.

As House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) pointed out in the wake of Obama’s performance:

“Over the past several months, we’ve often heard about ending the war in Iraq but not much about winning the war in Iraq,”

Boehner went on to point out that the same Democrats who fought Bush tooth and nail on every facet of the Iraq War (once they stopped supporting it) were now trying to portray themselves as latter-day Churchills, as opposed to modern-era Chamberlains.

Or perhaps Obama has finally realized what Bush knew all along. To put a fine point on it: This ain’t over. Iraq remains enough of a junkyard to make North Jersey look like the south of France. Their most recent elections are fading into memory and their government appears to be stretched to the limit catching stray dogs—and stray bullets.

Meanwhile, Obama is steeling himself to raise the proverbial roof in Afghanistan. He said during his speech that American troops could now “apply the resources necessary to go on offense” in Afghanistan, as if our troops currently engaged with al-Qaida and the vestiges of the Taliban were playing Wii and drag-racing their Bradleys before now.

No doubt our current Commander-in-Chief would love to spend the remaining time between now and Nov. 2 discussing America’s supposed Baghdad bon voyage. But as Bush knew, there’s no rest for the West Wing.

Obama must now convince a skeptical nation—and military—that not only is Iraq either in the bag or out of our shopping cart, but that the War Obama Wanted in Afghanistan is winnable under Democrat direction. Add to that the sorry state of our economy under his laughable lack of leadership and the sorry state of his party headed into what may well be an electoral Waterloo come November, and Obama may spend his fall wishing he’d saved up some sick days.

Tea Party Candidate Wins GOP Nod In Alaska Senate Race

Tea Party candidate wins GOP nod in Alaska senate raceIn a race that was too close to call up until the final hours, Senator Lisa Murkowski ended her bid for re-election Aug. 31, conceding the Republican nomination to Tea Party-backed candidate Joe Miller.

Alaskan election officials were still counting absentee ballots, early votes as well as disputed ballots, but Murkowski said she saw no scenarios that would allow her to overcome the lead that Miller had built, according to CNN.

Miller said in a statement that it would have been difficult for him to secure the Republican nomination without endorsements from other, more prominent figures in the world of conservative politics, including Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and the Tea Party Express, the news source reports.

Many are calling Miller’s victory a major upset win for the Tea Party movement because he is a virtual unknown on the national political scene. Sarah Palin told ABC News that she expects him to work towards restoring constitutional values.

"I think a lot of common sense, constitutional conservatives — that’s what Americans are ready for, that kind of change where we get back to protecting our constitution and limiting government," she said.

Study Finds High Levels Of Antioxidants In Black Rice

Study finds high levels of antioxidants in black rice Black rice may not be the first thing that health-conscious consumers think of when they are looking for a food that is packed with antioxidants. However, a recent study revealed that the rice may be more nutritious than traditional superstars from the plant world like blueberries.

Researchers from Louisiana State University said that, in addition to high levels antioxidants, black rice may have other benefits compared to many fruits. It is high in fiber and low in sugar. Professor Zhimin Xu, who led the study, said that this makes the rice variety an ideal health food.

"If berries are used to boost health, why not black rice and black rice bran? Especially, black rice bran would be a unique and economical material to increase consumption of health promoting antioxidants," he said.

He added that it would be especially beneficial for makers of breakfast cereals, cakes, cookies and beverages to begin using black rice bran. This could help individuals increase their intake of healthful antioxidants, which have been shown to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.

GOP Blasts Obama Over ‘Insufficient’ Border Security Boost As Additional Troops Start Arriving

GOP blasts Obama over 'insufficient' border security boost as additional troops start arrivingDue to the ongoing plague of drug violence in Mexico, which is sending immigrants and traffickers across the United States southern border, the Federal government has begun to beef up security by deploying first contingents of additional National Guard troops.

Many politicians, commentators and ordinary citizens have criticized the Obama administration in recent months for making little headway on curbing illegal immigration or a comprehensive immigration reform.

In an effort to address some of this criticism, the president committed earlier this year to sending 1,200 additional National Guards to California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. On Aug.30, the first contingent of 30 troops began their deployment in Arizona, and 72 others started in New Mexico on Sept.1. More will continue to arrive over the next two months, according to media reports.

However, the government’s effort has been criticized as insufficient by some politicians, with Representative Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) reminding viewers on Fox News that he — and some of his fellow lawmakers from the Grand Canyon State, such as John McCain (R-Ariz.)— argued for as many as 6,000 additional troops.

"This administration continues to refuse to secure our border and weaken our missile defenses," he said, quoted by the news source.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19935272-ADNFCR