Survey: Negative Campaign Tone Mobilizes Conservatives, May Help GOP

Survey: negative campaign tone mobilizes conservatives, may help GOPA new survey has found that Americans are deeply disappointed with the tone of political discourse, especially during this election season. However, this situation may end up boosting the GOP's fortunes this November.

Already in April 2010, nearly half of those polled by the Center for Political Participation at Allegheny College believed that the level of civility in political discourse had become worse since Barack Obama was elected president.

Now, an update to this survey shows the number of those who are dissatisfied grew to 58 percent. Moreover, approximately 41 percent of Americans said the tone of this year's campaign is worse than in previous electoral cycles, and 61 percent are worried that this hurts the nation's democracy.

The study also revealed that 48 percent of Republican supporters who are dissatisfied are more likely to get involved, while only 33 percent of the Democratic voters said the same. By contrast, more Democrats than Republicans feel turned off by negative campaigning.

"We're not sure whether Republicans are mobilized across the board no matter what the tone of the campaign, or whether the negative tone may actually be mobilizing [them], but [this situation] may lead to big gains for the GOP," said Daniel M. Shea, the center's director and co-author of the new study.

"This is but another bit of bad news for Democrats," he concluded. 

Vitamin C Tied To Mood Benefits

Vitamin C tied to mood benefits While prescribing powerful drugs to treat even minor mood problems has become commonplace, there may be a simpler way to support mood.

A new study from researchers at Montreal's Jewish General Hospital has found that vitamin C supplements were able to significantly improve the mood of patients in acute care.

John Hoffer, who led the investigation, said that patients in this type of care often have low levels of most nutrients. However, they are often not given supplements as their care providers are generally more focused on treating more immediate concerns.

He and his team administered either vitamin C or D supplements to a group of patients. They found that individuals who were given C vitamins showed statistically and clinically significant improvements in mood.

"Most physicians are simply unaware of the problem [of vitamin C deficiency]," said Hoffer. "Subclinical deficiencies of vitamin C and D have each been linked to psychological abnormalities, so we examined that aspect in our clinical trial."

He added that the lack of benefit in patients who were given vitamin D supplements indicates that findings cannot be attributed to a placebo effect.

Vitamin D And Calcium Shown To Assist In Weight Loss

Vitamin D and calcium shown to assist in weight loss Individuals who are trying to lose weight may be overwhelmed by the number of diets available to them. It may seem that there is a new fad weight loss plan that comes along every month. However, a new study has found that simply consuming more vitamin D and calcium may assist in weight loss.

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University in Israel said that individuals who had consumed the most dairy products — which contain high levels of these nutrients — had the most success losing weight over the course of their two-year study period.

The findings held true whether participants followed a low-carbohydrate or Mediterranean diet, which consists mainly of fruits, vegetables and lean fish.

"It was known that overweight people had lower levels of serum vitamin D but this is the first study that actually shows that serum Vitamin D increased among people who lost weight. This result lasted regardless of whether they were on a low-carb, low fat or Mediterranean diet."

He added that fortified milk, eggs and fish are among the foods that are highest in vitamin D and calcium.

Poll: Voters Want Republicans In Charge Of Controlling Deficit

Poll: Voters want Republicans in charge of controlling deficitAmerican voters have more confidence in Republicans than Democrats when it comes to controlling the national deficit, a recent poll has revealed.

The latest edition of the bipartisan Politico-George Washington University Battleground Poll reports that 45 percent of Americans surveyed would prefer a GOP-led Congress handling the country's budget. Only 28 percent would favor Democrats.

In addition, approximately 45 percent of the registered voters surveyed believe that Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives after November's midterm elections. About 46 percent said that conservatives will take control of the Senate. reports that Congress' lack of progress on determining next year's tax rates could significantly impact the taxpayers.

"If Congress was to fail to extend [the Bush-era cuts], that would be close to disastrous," Clint Stretch, managing principal for tax policy for Deloitte Tax LLC, told the news provider. "I don't see how these folks can fail to extend the middle-class tax cuts. People would be angrier than they are now."

According to a report from Deloitte Tax, a family of four with a household income of $50,000 per year would have to pay almost $3,000 more in taxes in 2011, while a family of four accruing $100,000 a year will see a rise of $4,500.

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“Food Safety” Bill Targets Natural Supplements

The war on your ability to make decisions about your own health continues with the introduction of a new bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee that would put draconian laws on natural health supplement companies and small and mid-sized farm and food facilities.

The bill is the Food Safety Accountability Act of 2010 (S 3767) and it increases fines and penalties for any person who knowingly introduces or delivers for introduction into interstate commerce any food that is adulterated or misbranded. It also imposes increased regulations and fees, including a $500 annual registration fee, which is a great imposition on small producers.

While at first glance it would seem a good thing to police adulterated or misbranded food, the problem is the vagueness of the definition of adulterated or misbranded. For instance, misbranded could mean the supplement was marketed using perfectly sound peer-reviewed research but without the approval of the FDA.

An example of this that has already occurred is a cherry producer who cited peer-reviewed scientific research from prestigious universities on the health benefits of cherries, but the FDA decided by citing that research it had, in effect, turned cherries into drugs through “false and actionable misbranding.” The FDA regularly censors science and quashes constitutionally protected free speech on healthful, natural supplements at the bidding of Big Pharma.

The bill is so draconian that even minor mistakes in record keeping can cause the supplement manufacturer and distributor to be guilty of a violation. It also holds the seller responsible for mistakes made by the manufacturer. This is part of an ongoing effort by Congress to control your ability to make your own health decisions.

The House version of this same bill — which passed a few months ago — is even worse. It imposes prison terms of up to 10 years and fines of up to $100,000 for individuals and $7.5 million for corporations, regardless of the size of the corporation.

While these harsh provisions aren’t in the Senate bill, they could be included in the final bill that comes out of the Conference Committee that merges the bills from the two Houses into one.

We urge you to contact your Senator immediately to state your opposition to the bill. For more information on the bill from the Alliance For Natural Health, go here.

Accelerating The March Toward One World Governance

Congressional Democrats and the administration of President Barack Obama are actively working to subject the United States to the dictates of the United Nations and are accelerating the march toward One World Governance. Recent speeches and actions by administration officials, key Obama appointments and pending legislation all point toward this conclusion.

In a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations — an organization whose members include former presidents and current and former cabinet members and CEOs of multinational corporations and which is actively working toward global governance — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared the United Nations is the “single most important global institution.”

“Now the U.N. remains the single most important global institution,” reports Clinton told the CFR during a gathering in Washington, D.C. “We are constantly reminded of its value: The Security Council enacting sanctions against Iran and North Korea. Peacekeepers patrolling the streets of Monrovia and Port-au-Prince. Aid workers assisting flood victims in Pakistan and displaced people in Darfur.

“And, most recently, the U.N. General Assembly establishing a new entity, U.N. Women, which will promote gender equality, expand opportunity for women and girls, and tackle the violence and discrimination they face.”

What Clinton conveniently overlooks is the fact that U.N. is probably the most corrupt institution ever devised by man. It’s appointees in the U.N. hierarchy from around the globe enrich themselves and their cronies from programs supposedly designed to aid those in poverty or suffering under some man-made or natural disaster. Meanwhile, it rushes to the assistance of certain nationalities, classes or groups of people it favors while ignoring the plight of others.

For instance, while aid workers and U.N. “peacekeeping” troops are assisting in areas like Lebanon and Pakistan and Darfur, as Clinton mentioned, it has a history of ignoring the needs of other groups: The Hutu slaughter of Tutsis in Africa in 1994 and extermination of Christians in the Sudan more recently, for example. The U.N. also often supports trade embargoes that lead to the deprivation and starvation of certain cultures (Iran and North Korea as Clinton pointed out, but also Iraq) while sending food aid to corrupt totalitarian regimes in other parts of the globe with the full knowledge that the food is withheld from the citizenry and is used to further prop up those totalitarian regimes.

Endorsing U.N. Policies
Yet Clinton — certainly under Obama’s direction but obviously agreeing to the policy — continues to endorse and aid U.N. policies.

Case in point: The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Under the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) — a foundation established by former President Bill Clinton to “help our world move beyond the current state of globalization to a more integrated global community of shared benefits, responsibilities, and values” — Secretary Clinton pledged $50 million from the United States Treasury to provide 100 million homes in third world countries with clean stoves and fuels by 2020.

Certainly this will turn into a multi-million dollar boondoggle, with the Secretary of State pledging U.S. funds that will be channeled through her husband’s foundation. No conflict of interest there, of course. But it’s typical of One Worlder thinking of taking from the rich countries (read America) and funneling money to pet projects through pet agencies to further their aims at enriching themselves while subjecting those countries to U.N. dictates.

“The new alliance [between the U.N. and CGI] gathers U.S. government agencies with the United Nations Foundation, Germany, Norway, Peru, the World Health Organization and corporate backers including Morgan Stanley and Shell,” reports . The primary shareholders of Morgan Stanley and Shell are members of the Bilderberg Group which meets annually in an effort to push toward One World Government.

Obama’s recent appointment of former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels to a U.N. post is further evidence that Obama supports the U.N. initiative to remove firearms from Americans and leave them solely in the hands of a global military. Secretary Clinton had already expressed U.S. support of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. But Nickels’ appointment is another finger in the eye of supporters of the U.S. Constitution.

Nickels is a founding member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the author of Seattle’s failed attempt to override Washington’s state firearms preemption statute, according to an article on the website for the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA).

Alan Gottlieb, chairman of CCRKBA said, “By naming Greg Nickels as an alternate representative at the U.N., President Obama has essentially told America’s 85 million gun owners that their firearm civil rights are in jeopardy. Nickels cannot be counted on to defend the Second Amendment because he would like to see it erased from the Constitution.”

Controls At Home
The Obama administration isn’t just working through the U.N. to establish totalitarian controls. He, his cabinet and the increasingly-Marxist Congressional Democrats are hard at work at denying Americans the freedom to choose which products they purchase while furthering their goal of a “Green” world.  On Sept. 16, Assistant Energy Secretary Cathy Zoi said the U.S. Department of Energy has a “mandate” to issue regulations to determine what household appliances are available to Americans in the future, according to

Zoi said the administration has four tactics to use to advance the “deployment of clean energy.” The first three include government subsidies for private-sector green energy projects, special tax incentives for green energy projects and low-interest government-backed loans for green energy projects. But then she said something chilling.

“The fourth one, which the secretary and I love, is where we have a mandate. Where we can actually just issue regulations and do market transformation,” Zoi said.

That transformation is going to take place through the imposition of new standards for refrigerators, microwave ovens, residential and mobile home furnaces, fluorescent light ballasts, residential clothes washers and dryers, room and central air conditioners and battery chargers.

“We’re going to update [the standards] more frequently. We have the power to do that in the statute,” Zoi said, according to

This is how the Obama administration plans to implement its cap and trade environmental agenda — overwhelmingly rejected by the American people — one little piece of bureaucratic regulation at a time.

Another backdoor effort at implementing cap and trade comes from a House bill passed quietly earlier this summer that will effectively cede control of energy production in the U.S. and off its coastline to an international body. This bill is now on the Senate’s calendar.

The bill is HR 3534, also called the “Clear Act of 2009.” Clear stands for Consolidated Land, Energy and Aquatic Resources, and it will hamper or delay future oil drilling projects, further increasing our dependency on foreign sources of oil and cost the U.S. $900 million per year for 30 years.

This legislation would impose a fee of $2 on each barrel of oil and 20 cents per million British Thermal Units (BTUs) of natural gas for all leases on Federal and offshore lands. The effect of these restrictions and fees would be increases in the cost of gas and energy and other petroleum-based products. But Obama has said in the past he’s comfortable with $5 per gallon gas and believes skyrocketing energy prices in exchange for a “clean environment” is a good tradeoff.

While Democrats aren’t afraid to take the lead on issues of cap and trade and subjecting the U.S. to U.N. mandates, this doesn’t discount the complicity of many so-called conservative Republicans: People like former President George H.W. Bush and Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) to name just a few.

The global governance crowd has been hard at work for almost 100 years. They succeeded in their goal to unite the European nations under the European Union banner, and with their puppet Obama and the Marxist Democrats controlling Congress they see this as their best shot ever at subjecting the U.S. to U.N. dictates like the Law of the Sea Treaty and energy regulations.

Parties Divided On New Healthcare Reform Law

Parties divided on new healthcare reform lawSeveral key aspects of the healthcare reform legislation that was passed by Congress six months ago went into effect Sept. 23. Some of the changes include protections against denying coverage for children with pre-existing conditions, coverage for young adults up to 26 and elimination of lifetime caps.

The Affordable Health Care Act was praised by the American Heart Association (AHA), which said that millions of Americans will benefit from the new set of guidelines for health-insurance providers to follow.

Earlier this week Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that health insurance companies in some states are backtracking on their previous pledge to write new policies to accommodate children with pre-existing conditions. Pelosi's statement comes amidst a plan from Congressional Republicans that aims to repeal segments of the bill.

"Under reform, families of these children have new options, but this reversal of their promise reinforces why a whole slate of new patients' rights must not be rolled back by Congressional Republicans — because time after time, insurance companies will place profits over patients," Pelosi said.

According to, Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) believes that the public will support a sweeping change to the healthcare law, although he admitted that it will be difficult to achieve this because of President Barack Obama's authority to veto legislation.

GOP House Leaders Make Pledge To Cut Taxes, Control Government Spending

GOP House leaders make pledge to cut taxes, control government spendingRepublican leaders in the House of Representatives recently released a pledge to Americans, outlining their plan to cut taxes and repeal the new healthcare law.

The GOP-written "Pledge to America" vows to create new jobs and control government spending. Conservatives hope the 21-page document will help Republicans take control of the House in November's midterm elections.

"Regarding the policies of the current government, the governed do not consent," reads the preamble to the pledge, according to media reports. "An arrogant and out-of-touch government of self-appointed elites makes decisions, issues mandates, and enacts laws without accepting or requesting the input of the many."

In response, Representative James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said the pledge, if enacted, would be a "plague on Americans." He argued that tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, which is part of the GOP's agenda, would add $700 billion to the nation's deficit.

Other elements of the pledge include a hiring freeze on all government agencies, except for the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security, and a ban on Federal funding of abortion.