Congressional Democrats Pass Unemployment Extension, Blast GOP For Standing In The Way

Congressional Democrats Pass Unemployment Extension, Blast GOP For Standing In The WayAfter weeks of querulous debate the Senate voted last week to restore the long-term jobless aid program and extend unemployment benefits to millions of Americans who have been out of work for more than six months.

The bill—which will provide monetary support to more than 2.5 million people whose Federal unemployment benefits expired on June 2—was ratified by the House on July 23, and is expected to be signed by President Obama in the coming days.

Soon after the vote House Democrats blasted Republicans in the Senate for continually blocking the passage of the measure, which is expected to add $34 billion to the national debt.

"The House acted in May, but for six weeks Senate Republicans blocked unemployment insurance," said Representative Sander Levin (D-Mich.). "They stood not on the side of, but in the way of, millions of Americans."

However, GOP lawmakers reiterated several times that they would have been happy to vote for the extension had it been paid for by last year’s economic stimulus package, rather than contributing to the nation’s already ballooning debt, according to The Washington Post.

"I haven’t heard anybody say we shouldn’t be extending unemployment benefits," said Representative Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas). "The difference is one side wants to borrow 34 cents on the dollar, mainly from the Chinese, and send the bill to our children and our grandchildren."

Opponents Of Federal Challenge To Arizona Immigration Law Speak Up

Opponents Of Federal Challenge To Arizona Immigration Law Speak UpThe Obama administration’s challenge to the Arizona immigration law in Federal court faces significant opposition from some politicians and immigration reform advocates.

On Tuesday, July 20, Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, author of the bill, filed a memorandum with the United States Court for the District of Arizona opposing the Justice Department’s (DOJ) request for preliminary injunction that would stop SB 1070 from taking effect on July 29.

“As I’ve said all along, SB 1070 makes no new immigration law, it simply enforces the laws already on the books,” Pearce stated, adding that the president “has put politics before the safety of citizens of Arizona who are under the gun from the illegal alien crisis in our state.”

Meanwhile, more than 80 Congress members filed an amicus brief refuting claims by the DOJ and some other activists that the law is unconstitutional. Those groups have alleged that the legislation may open doors to racial profiling of minorities.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which assisted in the preparation of the brief, stated that the filing emphasizes to the court that the constitutional separation of powers gives Congress the authority to prescribe immigration laws, and that the executive branch—i.e. the administration—is limited by the power of Congress. The brief also recounts examples of many cases in which Congress encouraged the activity of states in the enforcement of immigration laws.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19904009-ADNFCR

Should I have my Disability check come to my home instead of the bank in case they suddenly close?

Dear Bob,

I have two auto deposits from Disability into the bank each month. Should I have that made to come to my home instead of the bank in case they closed up suddenly? It would be a balancing act to keep checks from bouncing, however, as I am nearly homebound and have a hard time coming and going to the bank. I just keep enough in to pay my utilities, food, gas, etc. and am debt free otherwise. BUT, if they closed suddenly, it would take my whole monthly income at once, and leave me high and dry.
questions about.

Wanda Godfrey

Dear Wanda,

Ideally you would keep only enough money in your bank account to cover your monthly expenses. All other available cash should be kept at home (and coverted to gold and/or silver when practicable). I understand that with your mobility issues this becomes difficult. If it’s possible to find a relative or friend that you can trust to help you with this it would be good. You could put them on as a signatory to your account and, after your bills are paid, they could help you make a withdrawal of the excess which you could keep at home in a fireproof safe that is hidden away and secured.

Then, once you have accumulated enough cash to cover about two or three months worth of expenses you could begin to convert any additional money you save into precious metals. Again, you should keep those in a safe.

Best Wishes,

Obama Signs Financial Reform Bill, Promises No More Taxpayer Bailouts

Obama Signs Financial Reform Bill, Promises No More Taxpayer BailoutsFollowing months of contentious debate and partisan name-calling, President Obama signed into law last week a Democratic-backed financial reform bill, ushering in the most aggressive overhaul of Wall Street regulations since the Great Depression.

Obama said the new rules, which were authored by Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) and Representative Barney Frank (D-Mass.), will guarantee "the strongest consumer financial protections in history," and ensure that American taxpayers will never again be forced to fund a Wall Street bailout.

The measure has been heavily criticized by congressional Republicans who feel that it will grant unreasonable power to Federal regulators and stunt the growth of the already weakened economy and struggling job market.

In fact, Republicans took exception to several aspects of the legislation, including its creation of new agencies that can limit certain forms of trading and break up financial firms that threaten the economy.

"This financial services reform is nothing more than a permanent bailout of Wall Street that will restrict credit, kill jobs, raise taxes and expand government control of the private sector," said Representative Mike Pence (R-Ind.), who plans to push to repeal the law, The Los Angeles Times reports.

The president disagreed, telling a group of supporters at the Ronald Reagan Building that the law will safeguard taxpayers and "bring the shadowy deals that caused this crisis into the light of day."

Government Defends Scathing Expose Of Intelligence Community Failure

Government Defends Scathing Expose Of Intelligence Community FailureThe Obama administration is still reeling from a report published last week in The Washington Post that appears to show the government’s failure to control and manage the intelligence community that expanded substantially since 9/11.

The newspaper’s investigation has revealed that the field of intelligence gathering has grown so extensively it is impossible to gauge its effectiveness any more. In fact, there are apparently more than 1,200 government agencies and 1,900 private companies that work in counter-terrorism, homeland security and intelligence.

This growth, combined with an increase in secrecy and loss of transparency, is making it impossible for experts to ascertain how much the effort costs United States taxpayers and whether the nation is safer at all as a result of this expansion, the news source further reported.

In response to these revelations, government officials affirmed that the system may have its inefficiencies, but overall it is "achieving untold successes every day,” according to acting Director of National Intelligence David Gompert.

He added that the Post report does not represent “the intelligence community we know.”ADNFCR-1961-ID-19902129-ADNFCR

The Government's Tax Fraud

President Barack Obama campaigned on the notion that he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. Or was it $225,000? Or maybe it was $200,000. Anyway, that’s what he said, even though the figures changed from time to time… depending on his mood, I guess.

But of course we’re seeing that that was just one of his many li… er, deceptions. Because, as a recent Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) report revealed, there’s a “…Tax Tsunami On The Horizon.”

Beginning in 2011, when the tax cuts instituted under President George W. Bush expire, all sorts of tax increases will hit the American taxpayer—for those making more than $200,000 and for those making less.

Here are some of them, according to IBD:

  • The Federal Estate tax goes from zero this year to 55 percent on estates of $1 million or more.
  • The tax brackets change. The lowest bracket increases from 10 percent to 15 percent, the next increases from 25 percent to 28 percent and the old 28 percent bracket increases to 31 percent. At the higher end, the 33 percent bracket goes up to 36 percent and the 35 percent bracket increases to 39.6 percent.
  • The marriage penalty returns.
  • Capital gains taxes increase from 15 percent to 20 percent. The tax on dividends will go from 15 percent to 39.6 percent. That’s an astonishing jump of 164 percent. And both of these will increase more in 2013 as the healthcare reform bill adds a 3.8 percent Medicare tax for those making $200,000 and joint filers making $250,000.
  • The tax credit for children decreases from $1,000 per child to $500.

According to IBD, letting the Bush tax cuts expire will cost taxpayers $115 billion next year alone, and $2.6 trillion through 2020, Congressional Budget Office figures show.

And this is just the first wave. The IBD article outlines billions of dollars of new taxes brought on by Obamacare that kick in over the coming years, such as the increase in the number of people affected by the alternative minimum tax (ATM) from 4 million families this year to 28.5 million next year.

The biggest con game of all is that tax increases are sold as necessary to fund the operations of government. Taxes do not to fund government. They are merely a means for government to steal more of your wealth.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reduces the money in our checking accounts when we authorize them to do so via our 1040 tax return. Do you wonder where the money goes that IRS removes from our pay checks? This money does not go to Washington as taxes to pay anything. It goes into the cyberspace of the IRS computers.

So what does the IRS do? It reduces our consumption by reducing the numbers (money) in our checking accounts. It is a system of economic regulation to conceal the fraud that modern money is numbers created without limit by government/bankers.

What else does this Orwellian system do? It transfers wealth to the "money creators." Theft through fiat occurs when the VOLUME of numbers (money) exceeds the production of goods and services. This is called inflation. So, the government makes war on its own people by increasing the volume of money.

So how is government funded? It sells Treasury bonds. How are Treasuries paid for? With Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) printed on a printing press. Debt is used to pay for more debt.

It’s like if you had no money in your checking account, but you wrote a check for $25 so you could have some spending money. The next day you go to another bank and write a check for $50—$25 to cover the previous day’s check and $25 for spending money. The next day you go to another bank and write a check for $75—$50 to cover the previous day’s checks and $25 for spending money.

You can keep this scam going for some time, but the numbers inflate so that by the end of the year you are writing checks for thousands of dollars each day to cover yourself. That’s the same scam the government is using to cover its debt now—debt paying for debt… nothing for nothing.

Many are now—finally—waking up to the scam and fraud that is government. IBD quotes a poll that says 51 percent want to see the Bush tax cuts made permanent. Just 28 percent don’t. Republicans by more than four to one and independents by two to one want to see them made permanent. Democrats, by 40 percent to 38 percent don’t.

Does that tell you who is actually paying the taxes?

Bottom line, neither Obama nor Democrats in Congress are truly interested in addressing the economic malaise that currently affects our country’s—and the world’s—economy. And Republicans are interested only so far as they can use it as a tool to get elected. None of them are really looking out for you.

All of them simply want more of what you have so they’ll have you further under their control.

The Obamacare Gold Grab

What does healthcare have to do with gold sales? In the minds of the fascist crafters of the Obamacare law: apparently a lot.

Tucked away in the 2,300 page bill, in section 9006, is a provision that expands the scope of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 1099. Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, a Form 1099 will have to be filed to report to the IRS the purchase of all goods and services by small business and self-employed people that exceed $600 during a calendar year.

This is an onerous bookkeeping nightmare for all small businesses. But precious metals dealers will really take a hit.

“Coin dealers not only buy for their inventory from other dealers, but also with great frequency from the public,” Diane Piret, industry affairs director for the Council for Tangible Assets, told ABC News. “Most other types of businesses will have a limited number of suppliers from which they buy their goods and products for resale.”

One coin dealer told ABC News he deals with about 1,000 customers each week and predicts he’ll be filling out between 10,000 and 20,000 tax forms per year because of the new law.

“I’ll have to hire two full-time people just to track all this stuff, which cuts into my profitability,” he said.

That may help the unemployment situation a little, or maybe not. Many dealers will have to cut loose some on their staff who actively contribute to their bottom line in order to hire someone just to create paperwork to satisfy the IRS.

The ABC News report said the new tax provision was intended to mine what the IRS deems a vast reservoir of uncollected income tax and was included in the Obamacare bill as a way to pay for it. The new law is expected to raise $17 billion over the next 10 years.

What this provision truly is is another attack on small business and a way to better track who is buying and selling gold.

Just think, if you decide to sell some gold or silver to a dealer because you need some cash, the IRS is going to know about it.

The establishment hates gold in the hands of the public. In 1933 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated gold from the American people. These new reporting requirements will make very it easy for an oppressive, overbearing, out-of-control fascist government to do it again.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said we’d have to wait until the Obamacare bill was passed to learn what was in it. The bill was a stinker on the surface, but the deeper we dig the more odiferous it becomes.

Muslim Organization Criticizes Tea Party Speaker Choice

Muslim Organization Criticizes Tea Party Speaker ChoiceThe Tea Party movement’s conflict with minorities appears to be deepening as the grassroots organization came under fire from a Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization for booking a speaker for an upcoming event whom it calls “extremist” and “anti-Islam.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is based in Washington, D.C., has complained that the Emerald Coast Tea Party Patriots have invited Brigitte Gabriel to deliver the keynote speech at the organization’s U.S. Constitution Freedom Rally in Florida on August 21.

Gabriel is an author and journalist who founded the American Congress for Truth and ACT for America, and has expressed her belief that Islam is contributing to keeping Arab societies backwards. She is also known for saying that Muslims should be barred from holding public office.

CAIR national communications director Ibrahim Hooper said that "now is the time for Tea Party leaders to clearly demonstrate that their movement will not allow itself to be associated with bigotry of any kind, including Islamophobia.”

He also called on political candidates—including GOP Senate candidate Marco Rubio—who are expected to attend the event to boycott it unless Gabriel is dis-invited.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19901265-ADNFCR

Women Who Undergo Weight-Reduction Surgery Should Have Vitamin Levels Checked Before Becoming Pregnant

Women Who Undergo Weight-Reduction Surgery Should Have Vitamin Levels Checked Before Becoming PregnantResults of a recent Australian study suggest that women who undergo gastric bypass surgery to treat morbid obesity are at a high risk of suffering vitamin deficiencies and may want to consider taking supplements if they wish to become pregnant.

Although weight-reduction surgery can save the lives of severely obese individuals, it is associated with several adverse side effects, including severe vitamin deficiencies.

A research team from the department of ophthalmology at Royal Children’s Hospital found that the nutrient levels of women who undergo this procedure may become even lower during pregnancy and, if not corrected, can lead to major birth defects in their children.

Lead author Glen Gole and his colleagues cite the case of a woman who had biliopancreatic diversion surgery nearly seven years before becoming pregnant. Nine weeks into her pregnancy, the patient was diagnosed with severe deficiencies of Vitamins A, D and K.

Due to the surgery she was unable to boost her nutrient levels during gestation and gave birth to a child with serious malformations to both eyes.

"It is important for any woman who has had this form of gastric bypass surgery to be checked for vitamin deficiency—and have it corrected—before considering having a baby," said David Hunter, editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, which published the research.