Vigorous Exercise Increases Risk of Heart Disease

In my search for the best in holistic medicine I have traveled the globe and spent time with healers of all types. While studying a method of qigong known as zhan zhuang (pile standing) in Asia, my teacher told me that robust movement damaged joints, the heart and lungs. Now, modern research seems to back that up. Read this article to learn how working up a sweat may not be as good for you as once thought…

Cindy McCain Raises Eyebrows With Same-sex Marriage Ad

The wife of former presidential candidate John McCain surprised many when she appeared in an ad supporting gay marriage rights. Cindy McCain is featured on the website of—which advocates against California’s Proposition 8, a ballot initiative that bans gay marriage—with a piece of silver duct tape over her mouth and the slogan "No H8" written on her cheek.