The Art of the Lie

When my children were growing up I could usually tell when they were lying to me. A subtle fidget, a flicker of the eyes or the pitch of their voice would give them away. That’s because they were taught from the start that lying was wrong. Unlike our children, whom we teach from a young age to tell the truth, politicians apparently never learned that lesson. Read this article for more on lying politicians…

Obama Implores Democrats To Stay The Course, Blasts GOP For ‘Obstruction’

While speaking at a Democratic policy committee conference last week, President Obama urged Senate Democrats to stay aggressive and press ahead with their legislative agenda. He also took several shots at Republican lawmakers, stating that they have been unwilling to compromise and have been impeding progress.

Obama’s Unjust Remarks

Is the State of the Union Address finally over? Just kidding. I know it finally ended a few days ago. But golly, was that sucker l-o-n-g. If I were to dissect every bit of deceptive rhetoric in it, this column would be even longer. But there was one section that I found particularly outrageous. Read on to see what has Geopolitical Editor Chip Wood seeing red…

Pro-gun Organizations Call On ACLU To Defend Second Amendment Rights

Citing law enforcement data that suggests murder rates have gone down while gun sales have increased, the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) has sought to dispute the claims that guns cause violent crime, while the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) has called on civil rights organizations to protect access to guns in the U.S.

Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal by Joel Salatin

Virginia farmer Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farms, began farming as a teenager with the goal of milking 10 cows by hand. That would earn him $1,000 per cow per year, not a bad living for teenager in the late 70s.

But there was one problem. It was illegal. Virginia, like many states, had banned the sale of raw milk.

Salatin writes, “Even if we were to move forward with cheese or some milk product, we would still need a license and inspected facility. A friend who ran a Grade A dairy wanted to make cheese. But by the time he installed all the required machinery and hardware, it would have cost them (sic) $100,000 to make one pound of cheese. End of dream. He continues to struggle, barely making ends meet. I’d love to buy his cheese, even if he made it in the kitchen sink. And that’s important to understand.”

In the book Salatin laments the demise of the local farmer’s market due to government health regulations and the bureaucratic minefield that is designed to stifle innovation and benefit the large agricultural-industrial complex at the expense of the small farmer.

Back to the Land!

In the coming months and years, self sufficiency will be the most important concept to our survival. In fact the words survival and self sufficiency are interchangeable and synonymous. The idea of self sufficiency and survival are hard and harsh concepts to Americans who are in every way dependent on the system. Read this article to learn what is meant by self sufficiency and survival…

The War on Gold: A Personal Account

On Sept. 19, 1974, officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) knocked on the door of C.V. Myers’ home. At the same time officers were raiding the offices of Myers’ businesses, and those of his lawyers. It was part of the government’s war on gold, and it was just the beginning of a long, arduous period for the Myers family that was even chronicled in a book. Read this story for a personal account of that period by Myers’ son, John…