Mike Huckabee Discusses Options For 2012 Elections

Mike Huckabee discusses options for 2012 elections Former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee suggested last week that he was unsure whether he would run again, but left the final decision open.

Hucakabee, who came in second in the Republican presidential primaries in 2008, appeared on Sunday talk shows on Fox News and CBS, and said that he was not sure about his potential 2012 bid. However, he also stated that his ultimate decision will depend on the results of next year’s midterm elections as well as the GOP itself, according to CNN.

The preacher-turned-politician, who is also hosting a weekend talk show on Fox News Channel, was quoted by the news provider as saying that for him to run again he would have to receive stronger backing from the Republican Party, which considered him to be outside the mainstream during his 2008 campaign.

Huckabee also expressed his belief that it will be hard to beat President Obama, regardless of who wins the nomination. "Anyone who thinks Barack Obama is an easy mark off, just remember Bill Clinton was just labeled politically dead and came back to win a resounding re-election in 1996," he said, quoted by TheHill.com.

According to a new USA Today/Gallup poll, a total of 50 percent of respondents believe the former Arkansas governor is qualified to be president and 40 percent support his candidacy. This puts him ahead of both Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin.

Illegal Immigrant Health Coverage Unintentional, Democrats Say

Illegal immigrant health coverage unintentional, Democrats sayUnder the terms of the recently proposed healthcare legislation, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants could receive health benefits from their employers, The Washington Times reports.

Although its supporters say that illegal immigrants will not benefit from healthcare reform, the House and Senate bills do not contain any exemptions to screen out illegal workers who obtain jobs using false identities. Hence, Democrats admit that illegal immigrants may be able to obtain coverage if they mislead their employer about their status.

Some Republicans feel that this loophole will allow any illegal immigrant access to health insurance if they choose to cheat the system.

"This is a complete cover-all-the-gaps federal health insurance for illegals, whether it be under Medicaid, the refundable tax credit or whether it be under their employers who would not be able to verify their employees," Iowa Republican Representative Steve King said, quoted by the news source.

However, Nadeam Elshami, spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said that "it’s possible an employee could deceive an employer with a fraudulent document…to gain employment, just as it’s possible for all sorts of criminal activity to occur."

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, which advocates restricted immigration, estimates that taxpayers currently contribute $11 billion a year to healthcare for illegal immigrants and that costs will rise to $30 billion if they are offered the same insurance coverage as citizens, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

Republicans Blast Obama Administration Over Alleged ACORN Cover-up

Republicans blast Obama administration over alleged ACORN cover-upLast week, Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee accused the Obama administration of covering up a variety of alleged offenses committed by the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN).

The controversial anti-poverty group is under tremendous scrutiny after a scandal involving a hidden camera video showing ACORN employees reportedly offering advice on how to cheat on taxes and loan applications to a couple posing as a prostitute and a pimp.

The liberal organization is also being investigated in five states for voter registration fraud that supposedly helped several Democratic candidates get elected.

"The current administration is fast becoming, in reality, the war room of ACORN’s political machine," said Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA), quoted by The Washington Times.

"I am concerned that the era of corruption promulgated by ACORN and protected by the White House is just the beginning," he added.

Republican frustration boiled over as the Justice Department cleared way for the Department of Housing and Urban Development to continue to appropriate funds to ACORN after Congress introduced a provision that barred federal funds to be allocated to the organization.

A nationwide investigation into ACORN has been launched by the Justice Department, but Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) believes that President Obama’s close ties to the organization will lead to a biased probe, CNSNews.com reports.

Smith has requested that the attorney general appoint a special prosecutor to oversee the investigation into ACORN.

Change Your Vibration, Relieve Your Pain!

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and is vibrating at specific frequencies. There is dense energy, loose energy, erratic energy, calm energy, high frequencies and low frequencies. The human body, too, is nothing if not a physical body constructed of energetic vibrations.

All aspects of health and well-being—especially pain—are tied to energetic frequencies. The problem is, most of us who suffer chronic pain only get the “pain channel” and keep ourselves “tuned in” to it 24/7. Thus the “pain frequency” is maintained and our suffering is prolonged. Needlessly.

If you tune in to an opera channel on your radio, you will get opera, not country music. If you dial your mother on the cell phone, you won’t get cousin Betty. If you say bad things about people, you will lose friends. "You reap what you sow," is a good example of the power of attraction, the power of like energy meeting like energy.

If your mental energy is vibrating at a low frequency you will have trouble studying, thinking or remembering names, places or events. If your physical energy is blocked or sluggish you will experience aches and pains such as sciatica, headache, fibromyalgia and others. In short: low frequency = low function and poor health; high frequency = high functioning and good health.

You must change your energetic frequency to feel better and live better.

The Energy Body
Traditional cultures around the world built their healing models on correcting energetic imbalances in the body. Indeed, the role of Shamans in Siberia, Alaska and Southeast Asia was to eradicate “bad spirits” (i.e., negative energy) from the body to restore physical or mental health in those suffering. The entire pantheon of Chinese and Indian healing practices was built on the premise of energy systems and pathways in the body that, when blocked, cause pain and disease. Clearing these channels or centers of blocked energy (e.g., toxins, spasms) is what restores health to the ill and offers relief to the pain sufferer.

Perhaps the most common term used to talk about human energy is aura. This is a general term used to describe the color, mood or quality of five overlapping energy layers. These layers of energy (or "energy bodies") refer to the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical energies that make up all human beings.

Energy is developed, stored and moved in the body through the adrenals, the organs, chakra centers and meridian pathways. There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine that tells why we experience pain: "Where there is energy blockage, there is pain. Where energy moves freely, there is no pain."

The key to pain relief and lasting health, then, is to open the energy channels, raise your vibrational frequency and keep your energy moving at all times. There are a number of alternative therapies whose primary function is focused on just that. Let’s look at a few here.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of energy cultivation. Also called “breath work.” Qigong exercises balance energy in the body through coordination of thought, breath and movement in specific sequences.

The nucleus of qigong is the exercise of consciousness and vital energy. The goal being to circulate, build and balance qi (vital life-force energy) throughout the body to promote physical and mental health.

Regular practice of qigong exercises aid in regulating the functions of the central nervous system. Along with exercising and controlling one’s mind and body, qigong influences one’s physical states and pathological conditions.

There are both practitioner-applied and individual self-regulating qigong methods. If you are in serious pain and can find a reputable local practitioner, make an appointment. If not, there are good instructional programs available. Look into them.

Similar to qigong, reiki is a Japanese energy technique for reducing stress and inducing relaxation to help promote the free-flow of energy in the body. Unlike qigong, reiki requires the "laying on of hands" of a practitioner in order for its benefits to be gained.

Reiki practitioners lay their hands on patients in various configurations that are modeled on ancient Tibetan and Chinese powerful healing symbols. It is believed that re-creating these symbols on the body will allow "God’s energy" to flow from the universe, through the practitioner and into the patient. This energy, which is vibrating at a high frequency, will lift the low energy of the sufferer to relieve pain and illness.

Reiki has become a popular healing modality among nurses in hospitals. The patient does not have to be awake for them to administer a few minutes of healing touch.

Acupressure and Acupuncture
All Chinese body-healing practices are based on the idea that energy flows through the body in channels called meridians. These transport energy and life essence from organ to organ. Again, where there is slow energy or blockage, there is felt pain and soon disease.

Acupressure is the non-invasive and non-needle offspring of acupuncture. Both work on the same theory, but acupressure does not require needles to affect a change in the patient. In both cases, the practitioner will either “needle” or apply finger pressure to specific points on the body. These points are numbered and named and have specific indications for application.

Using a correct “prescription” of points, the practitioner can, in effect, change the energy in a patient, open their channels and help their energy move more freely. Again, when energy moves freely… there is no pain or disease.

Acupuncture and acupressure are both widely practiced today and worth looking into. They have been around 5,000 years… not too shabby!

The above-mentioned alternative therapies are just a handful of those which are able to bring relief from pain and illness by correcting energetic imbalances in the body. They are based on thousands of years of trial-and-error application and have an amazing track record of success.

If you have tried just about everything and are still in pain, then you might want to ditch the mainstream idea of health. Instead, open your mind to these traditional ideas of the body being composed of energy, and that energy vibrating at various frequencies, positively and negatively affecting the mind, body, spirit and organs.

Pain is caused when there is a blockage of this energy. These practices unblock your inherent life energies. Give them a try… pain relief may be just around the corner!

—Dr. Mark Wiley

Green Tea and Cinnamon

We did it and it works! Yes, we bought the cinnamon bark and boiled several sticks while brewing green tea loaded with fresh mint leaves. It forces blood pressure down and greatly helps reduce insulin resistance and heads off Type 2 diabetes. It is a great drink—cold or hot. Let me know how it works for you. Give it a few weeks and monitor your blood pressure levels before and after consuming this beverage. You may see a positive difference.

Soy Compound May Help Fight Colon Cancer

Soy compound may help fight colon cancerMore than 106,000 Americans will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year, according to the National Institutes of Health, but a new study has found that a naturally-occurring molecule may help prevent this potential deadly disease.

Researchers from Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute in California discovered that higher levels of sphingadienes (SDs), which are lipid molecules, may reduce the spread of mutant cells such as those that can cause cancer.

SDs are found in abundance in soy and its products, and this prompted Dr. Julie Saba, senior scientist and director of the Cancer Center at the institute to call the study results "exciting."

"We are encouraged to find a natural molecule that could be consumed through soy products as a strategy to help prevent colon cancer," she said.

Saba also called soy "a very healthy diet choice," and stated that she was comfortable recommending it as a way to boost overall health and well-being.

The study will be published in the Dec. 15 issue of Cancer Research.

In addition to soy, nutritional supplements containing antioxidants are believed to have cancer-preventive properties.

Lawmakers Move Closer To Curtailing Fed Independence

Lawmakers move closer to curtailing Fed independenceThe House Financial Services Committee voted earlier this month to advance a proposal which would remove the ban on congressional audits of Federal Reserve interest rate decisions.

Offered by Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) a vocal advocate of abolishing the Fed, the measure is an amendment to a bill creating a council of regulators to monitor systemic risk, according to Bloomberg.

Specifically it demands that the Fed and its 12 regional banks be audited within a year after enactment of interest rate changes.

"This is the bill that would allow the people to win over the special interests," said Paul, quoted by the news source, but there has been no shortage of criticism, centering on the alleged impact of a loss of independent monetary policy on the dollar.

Among the biggest opponents of the proposed amendment is the current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, who wrote in the Sunday Nov. 29 edition of The Washington Post that it was "very much out of step with the global consensus on the appropriate role of central banks," and added that it "would seriously impair the prospects for economic and financial stability in the U.S.."

The Senate Banking Committee began hearings last week on Bernanke’s recent nomination for a second term as Fed chairman.

Reader “sc” posted the following in The Stealth System:

This is true. And just like the Wizard of Oz, we’re not supposed to look behind the curtain. The wiz ‘knows best,’ and he won’t tolerate the idea of too much truth.

The Wizard’s system is extremely profitable, it is deeply entrenched, it requires silence on many levels, and it doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice those who threaten the system’s status quo.

It would make a great movie, if Hollywood had any integrity. It would foster many TV programs, if the media wasn’t a bloated, unworthy prostitute.

Stealth systems work best in an artificial environment where ‘leaders’ are corrupt and citizens are ‘managed’ by those who ‘know best’ and expect to be highly paid for doing as little as possible.

Sounds like Washington, doesn’t it?

Reader Justen Posted in A New Paradigm:

I know sometimes it feels like you’re only preaching to the choir, or that it’s all falling on deaf ears, but remember—we all used to be statist drones once. Very few people have the privilege of being born into a family that counter-educates them; we all have to figure this stuff out on our own. I try not to get frustrated with the empty-headed ones. Either they’ll come around eventually or they’ll be murdered by their own state (directly with a gun or indirectly through starvation, damaged health, and suicide). Spreading the word is our way of paying forward the gift of knowledge that was given to us, but we have no obligation to help anyone, only the desire.

Reader Kevin Posted in A New Paradigm:

Roosevelt said in his 1930 Home Rule speech that when nearly all power was centralized in Washington DC, America would have an “Oligarchy masquerading as a Democracy”. Of course, Roosevelt and the Democratic Presidential platform of 1932 called for downsizing the Hoover Administration’s Big Government policies. Roosevelt lied and did a 180, expanding government to “save the economy”, paralleling what Hitler was doing in Germany. Hitler even sent a letter, through our ambassador to Germany, to Roosevelt thanking him for the job he was doing with America. As F.A. Hayek warned in his “Road to Serfdom, socialism, collectivism, and central planning were the common thread between communism, fascism, the New Deal, etc. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, when the central government controls it, it’s totalitarian.

Our government has been under the Sustainable Development, United Nations Agenda 21 program since 1993, which calls for worldwide population control and reduction. The right and left media are ignoring this. Like the quiet children in the other room, it’s what you don’t hear about that you should worry most about.

With over 600 pages, “AIDS, the Crime Beyond Belief”, by Don Scott is an excellent book to understand America’s population reduction programs since 1953. Of course, the book covers the development of AIDS by our government, which was working with Rockefeller and other eugenics-minded people, such as Kissinger. One AIDS strain was developed in New Orleans, the other in Africa—one strain was put in the Hepatitis B shots given to the Gay population in San Francisco (75 percent that took the vaccinations developed AIDs), the other in the Small Pox Vaccinations in Africa—many blacks were forced at gun point to take these vaccinations–8000 blacks a day are dying of AIDs in Africa. If you understand that Myco Plasma is one of the co-factors in AIDS (our government even patented Myco Plasma to control studies on it), and that 30 percent of the black population have it in their bodies (as compared to 2 percent of the white population), then you realize AIDS really was targeted at the black population.

Random Musings on the Date Which Lives in Infamy

Sixty-eight years ago today, at about 7:55 a.m. local time, Japanese bombs began falling on the United States military installations Wheeler Field and Hickam Field in Hawaii, signifying the beginning of the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

That attack—which killed 2,390 sailors, airmen, soldiers and civilians—officially drew America into World War II. Until Sept. 11, 2001, that attack was the deadliest on American soil (2,976 died that day). As war was declared on Japan the next day, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called it, “a date which will live in infamy…”

On Aug. 15, 1945, President Harry S. Truman accepted the surrender of the Japanese. One of the terms of the surrender was that Emperor Hirohito would be allowed to remain on the throne.

Gen. Douglas MacArthur first met Hirohito on Sept. 27, 1945. In a black and white image preserved from that meeting, a casually dressed MacArthur towers over the diminutive, formally attired Hirohito. As historian Carol Gluck told the Public Broadcast System (PBS) in a documentary on World War II, “What does it say? It says, I’m MacArthur, supreme commander of the Allied Powers, and I’m in charge.”

The Bow Seen Round the World

Last month, President Barack Obama met Japan’s current emperor, Akihito, who happens to be the son of Hirohito. A color image of that meeting shows Obama bowing at an almost 45 degree angle to the son of the man who presided over a country that dropped bombs on our countrymen.

What does that image say? As an unnamed expert on the Japanese empire told ABC’s Jake Tapper (as reported on Tapper’s blog), “The bow (Obama) performed did not just display weakness in Red State terms, but evoked weakness in Japanese terms… The last thing the Japanese want or need is a weak-looking American president and, again, in all ways, he unintentionally played that part.”

Unlike President Richard Nixon’s bow to Hirohito or President Bill Clinton’s bow to Akihto—who both bowed slightly, as equals—Obama bowed as an inferior.

Never mind more than 200 years of U.S. State Department protocol that said “thou need not bow,” three presidents have. But the most glaring bow is Obama’s, who also bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia last spring.

What would Thomas Jefferson—who penned in the Declaration of Independence the words, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”—say about Obama’s bow?

The Founding Fathers, after having suffered under the rule of a king, didn’t take kindly to royalty. As Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution says, “No title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States…”

Those statements answer the Jefferson question. Even better are the words of President Theodore Roosevelt: “If I see another king, I think I shall bite him.”

Now Will Obama Bow to the Global Warming Liars?

Having spent his formative years in Indonesia rather than the U.S., Obama apparently doesn’t understand that Americans are subservient to no one. This thought causes great consternation as Obama heads to the United Nations (U.N.) Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this week.

As I wrote in U.N Using Climate to Push One World Government Reforms, Obama is expected to bow to the climate change/One World Government crowd even as the house of cards that built up the man-made global warming hysteria comes crashing down.

In case you missed it—and it wouldn’t be surprising considering the U.S. mainstream media has ignored the scandal—emails between man-made global warming proponent scientists have either been hacked or leaked. The emails show what many—including me—have said: that the “science” of global warming has been completely fabricated, with numbers fudged and critical opposing views deleted or omitted.

Man-made climate change “science” is the abode of today’s anti-capitalist, anti-freedom communists. The so-called consensus of global warming science has been created on a fraud of speculation and corrupted data.

That Obama’s team would continue—in the face of forced resignations of the proponent scientists and calls for investigations—to claim man-made global warming is settled science demonstrates the Copenhagen meeting is not about climate change at all. It’s about control.

Or, as global warming skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton claims, “a world government is going to be created.”

Rather than a bow, if Obama agrees to this it’s more of a bend-over-and-grab-the-ankles moment… for all Americans.

Report Says Healthcare Bill Will Raise Premium Costs For Millions

Report says healthcare bill will raise premium costs for millions As the debate over the healthcare reform has moved to the Senate floor, a new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) suggests that more than 13 million Americans may see their premiums go up.

Despite claims that the reform is intended to make healthcare more affordable and accessible, the study points out that some 13.3 million individuals—or 17 percent of insured Americans, mainly those who will be required to purchase their own policies—may see their premium increase by between 10 percent and 13 percent, according to media reports.

Upon the release of the report, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky commented that "a bill that’s being sold as a way to reduce costs actually drives them up."

However, the joint report also indicates that the proposed legislation would reduce insurance premiums by up to 3 percent for about 134 million Americans who receive coverage as a job benefit and who comprise the largest component of the health insurance market.

That is why congressional Democrats chose to focus on that figure, prompting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada to state that the analysis "confirms that millions of Americans who lack the necessary coverage to avoid potential financial ruin would have access to more coverage at an affordable price because of our proposal," quoted by TheHill.com.

Gingrich Blasts Obama, Plans Rival Jobs Summit

Gingrich blasts Obama, plans rival jobs summit Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich launched a series of job creation forums last week in Cincinnati, one day before President Barack Obama held his own jobs summit at the White House.

Referring to his series of rival town hall meetings as the "real jobs summits," Gingrich said that he wants to get ideas from entrepreneurs and small business owners on creating jobs and improving the economy, CNN.com reports.

"President Obama’s ‘jobs summit’ in Washington, D.C. is an acknowledgment that the big government stimulus package failed to create jobs," said Gingrich.

"For an administration that is actively promoting job-killing healthcare, energy and big labor legislation, holding a ‘jobs summit’ is deceiving political theater in the midst of millions of Americans struggling to find work," added the former GOP congressman.

Gingrich, who has often been mentioned as a potential presidential candidate in 2012, is presenting a plan that will reduce payroll taxes, abolish capital gains and estate taxes and allow small businesses to expense 100 percent of new equipment purchases, Fox News reports.

On Friday, President Obama kicked off his White House to Main Street tour where he will travel around the country to speak with workers and share thoughts on job creation and economic recovery.

Eat Less Salt And Help Your Heart

Cut out the salt from you life for a healthier heartMany people understand the benefits of alternative diets when trying to lose weight, but what about a diet for better heart health? New research published on the British Medical Journal’s official website highlights the fact that decreasing one’s sodium intake may be good for the heart.

Professors from the University of Warwick in England and the University of Naples in Italy reported that a study of 170,000 individuals within 13 different experiments indicated that individuals could benefit from reducing their daily sodium intake by 5 grams.

This move might decrease the risk of stroke by 23 percent and the risk of heart disease by 7 percent.

The professors further wrote that most of the sodium one eats each day comes from processed foods and does not naturally occur.

One way to better manage sodium levels is to stay away from pre-made meals and to embrace cooking at home. If you are an inexperienced cook, a simple trip to the library or the American Heart Association website can supply you with recipes and tips for successful, low-sodium meals. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19487280-ADNFCR

Lou Dobbs Loses Support Of Major Anti-immigration Group

Lou Dobbs loses support of major anti-immigration groupIn the wake of Lou Dobbs’ recent comments about immigration in the U.S., which some have interpreted as showing a softening stance, a prominent group that opposes illegal immigration has withdrawn its support for the former CNN anchor.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) announced the decision, which includes the suspension of websites calling on Dobbs to run for President, because his words suggest he has moderated his views on the controversial issue.

"[Dobbs’] recent comments on Telemundo and his national radio show [are] inconsistent with positions of ALIPAC and the views of most American citizens," said ALIPAC representative William Gheen.

During the contentious interview, the 64-year-old journalist stressed the importance of a "rational, effective and humane "immigration policy for the U.S., but he added that "we [also] need the ability to legalize illegal immigrants on certain conditions."

Lou Dobbs gained substantial following in recent years as he began to vocally oppose illegal immigration and criticize both the Bush and the Obama administrations for not doing enough to secure America’s southern border.

However, he resigned from his post at CNN last month after the network decided to depart from what its president Jonathan Klein called "advocacy journalism."

Afghanistan Buildup Continues To Divide Americans

Afghanistan buildup continues to divide Americans On Tuesday, President Obama presented his case for the continuing involvement in Afghanistan, revealing he will send 30,000 more troops but also setting a date for when the units will begin to withdraw. In the days since, numerous politicians, analysts and organizations have offered their take on the new Afghanistan strategy.

However, even those who support Obama’s approach found it hard to agree with the entire plan. For example, the American Legion, an organization comprised of 2.5 million wartime veterans, praised the decision to send in more troops but said it is "troubled" by the attempt to set a timeline for withdrawal.

"[We are] opposed to any exit strategy that takes place before the mission in Afghanistan is accomplished," said national commander Clarence E. Hill, adding that "to do otherwise would more correctly be called a ‘surrender strategy’."

Meanwhile, USAction, a grassroots organization which also led the Americans Against Escalation in Iraq coalition, announced its support of the goal the end to the war, coupled with political and military benchmarks for success, but expressed concern about the plan to send new troops to the area.

"We firmly and resolutely oppose expansion of the war in Afghanistan," stressed USAction program director Alan Charney, explaining that in his view adding 30,000 more soldiers to the effort will make it hard to begin exiting in July 2011.

What do you mean, “Keep some powder dry?

I want to thank the many thousands of you who have posted comments at the end of my various Straight Talk columns. I really enjoy reading these interesting, intelligent, informed, opinionated, controversial and sometimes downright insulting responses that you all have posted.

If you’ve never read some of the correspondence that my articles have elicited, I encourage you to do so. Just scroll down to the bottom of one of my past columns. (Click here to see the Straight Talk archive.)

One question that’s appeared several times asks what I mean by the tagline at the end of each column—“Until next time, keep some powder dry.” One severely myopic reader wondered if I wasn’t trying to incite violence.

That’s ridiculous. The phrase means keep something in reserve, and protect your ammunition, so you’ll always be ready for the next battle. These days, that’s very good advice for every patriotic American.

The oldest reference I could find to the expression was attributed to Oliver Cromwell, who told his troops, “Put your trust in God, but mind to keep your powder dry.”

That’s a very good sentiment… from a very bad man.

As part of my research, I Googled the expression, “keep some powder dry,” and got 1.1 million hits. (I only checked the first two pages.) But this absolutely amazed me: When I added my name and Googled “keep some powder dry, Chip Wood,” I got 894,000 hits. The vast majority had nothing to do with me, however. They were all about keeping wood and chips dry. Drat!

—Chip Wood

Scientists Describe Diet That Boosts Brain Power

Scientists describe diet that boosts brain power According to new research conducted by Spanish scientists, a diet rich in polyphenols and polyunsaturated fatty acids (called LMN diet) may boost neurological function, brain health and mental performance.

The team from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona found that the compounds in question help boost the production of the brain’s stem cells and strengthen their differentiation into different types of neurons.

Specifically, when the researchers fed mice a LMN diet they noted greater cell proliferation in the two areas of the brain where neurogenesis is produced—the olfactory bulb and the hippocampus.

Since both areas become severely damaged in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, the experiments provide evidence that a diet rich in these antioxidants could delay the onset or slow down the progress of this neurodegenerative disease.

The study will be published in the December issue of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Polyphenols can be found in tea, grapes, wine, olive oil, cocoa, nuts and other fruits and vegetables, while polyunsaturated fatty acids are derived from vegetables such as corn, soybeans, sunflowers and pumpkins as well as blue fish.

They can also be obtained via nutritional supplements

House Passes Partisan Medicare Payment Reform Bill

House passes partisan Medicare payment reform bill Over the objections of all but one Republican, the House of Representatives passed the Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act of 2009 which replaces the current Medicare physician payment formula with a new system.

H.R. 3961 would repeal a 21.2 percent fee reduction that is scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1, 2010, and replace the sustainable growth rate formula with a new system designed to end the cycle of increasingly larger annual fee cuts that Congress had to prevent with short-term legislation.

According to Representative Tom Perriello (D-VA), "[the] permanent reform of physician payments in Medicare will help guarantee that Medicare beneficiaries continue to enjoy the excellent access to care that they do today," quoted by Augusta Free Press.

However, Republicans have blasted the measure, with House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio suggesting it would add nearly $300 billion to the federal deficit.

"This irresponsible ‘doc fix’ proves once again that out-of-touch Washington Democrats simply cannot help themselves when it comes to piling debt on our kids and grandkids," he said.

The Senate must still approve the legislation before it can head to President Obama’s desk, and the chamber has already rejected one version due to its projected cost.

Representative Michael Burgess of Texas—a medical doctor—was the only GOP member who voted in favor of the act.

Ron Paul on “Repeal 1913!”

As promised, here is part two of our exclusive interview with Rep. Ron Paul, the maverick Republican/Libertarian from Texas who created such a stir in last year’s primaries. Here is last week’s column, Ron Paul on “End the Fed” (The Campaign and the Book) in case you missed it.

The main thrust of our discussion was the status of legislation Ron has introduced in every session of Congress for the past dozen years or so. He wants to see an audit of the Federal Reserve. When that happens (and he is convinced it will some day), so much damaging information will be revealed that it will make it far more likely that the second part of his campaign—to abolish the Federal Reserve System—will become a reality.

Ron says the Fed itself is helping his cause, both by their unbelievable largesse and also by their incredible secrecy. He told me that the Fed has issued more than $2 trillion worth of loans and loan guarantees in the past year and won’t even tell Congress where the money has gone!

“If Congress can pass $700 billion of bailout funds and not know where the money is going,” Ron said, “what about all the trillions of dollars in loans and guarantees the Fed has issued since the crisis hit? Not only did the Federal Reserve help cause the (economic) problems, they are perpetuating them. But we have absolutely no idea how much the Fed has spent or promised to spend. That’s why an audit is so important.”

Ron says the latest survey shows that three out of four Americans—some 75 percent—support his demands for an audit of the Fed. So it’s no surprise that a majority in Congress has seen which way the wind is blowing and has signed up as sponsors of his bill.

But getting a majority to support it doesn’t mean it will pass. The congressman said he expects House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to do everything in her power to prevent the bill from ever coming up for a vote.

“Won’t this make people even angrier?” I asked him.

“The people are already angry,” he replied. “And rightfully so. I think it’s healthy that they are directing their anger toward Washington. That’s beneficial.” But then he issued an important warning: “If it gets out of hand, if violence erupts, that would be a dangerous thing. Our civil liberties are not all that well protected any more, thanks to the Patriot Act and other incursions on our liberties. The important thing is to make sure we direct that anger in such a way that there will be positive change.”

An audit of the Federal Reserve is a good start. But what we really need to achieve, the congressman told me, is to undo two great mistakes this country made nearly 100 years ago.

“We need to Repeal 1913!”
Then the congressman said something that I hope becomes a powerful new slogan for all of us working to restore Constitutional liberties. “What we really need to do,” he said, “is repeal 1913. That way we could get rid of the income tax and the Federal Reserve at the same time.”

Most Americans are probably not aware of what a disastrous year 1913 was for our historic freedoms. The very same year that saw the Federal Reserve System foisted on a gullible Senate by lies and deception also saw the enactment of the first graduated income tax in our nation’s history.

I don’t have the space today to go into detail on either of these nefarious schemes and how a group of elitists in New York and Washington conspired to bring them about. Suffice it to say that our would-be tyrants delivered a one-two punch that year from which freedom has never recovered.

I could tell Ron was getting as excited about the idea as I was. “You know, if you repeal Big Government, you get rid of government intrusion in our lives.” I could tell he was getting more and more enthusiastic. “You stop the hemorrhaging of the dollar. You repeal inflationary conditions. You restore a sound currency, which would go a long way to restoring a sound economy.”

My next question was obvious: How are we going to do this?

“The most important thing is to become as knowledgeable as possible,” he replied. “Education is the key to victory.”

The congressman is adamant that we need to understand why we are in favor of free markets, sound money, and personal liberty. “We must be able to answer the liberal do-gooders who claim they have the moral high ground, that they are the only ones who care about the poor.”

The next step, he insists, is to do something with the knowledge you have gained. And don’t feel that everyone has to do the same thing.

“What you do will be different from what I do. Some people write. Some get involved in politics. Others join and promote various organizations,” he said.

The important thing, Ron says, is to take a stand. “I think everyone should invest some time and money in the preservation of liberty.”

Speaking of organizations doing something, I should mention the one that grew out of Ron’s own run in the Republican primaries last year, his Campaign for Liberty. “I serve as honorary chairman,” he explained. “I don’t run it on a day-to-day basis; I wouldn’t have the time.”

Ron’s Campaign for Liberty is a 501(c) 4 organization. That means it can take sides on legislation and lobby for changes in Washington. It can urge passage of specific bills, such as Ron’s demands to audit the Fed. And it can oppose others. To learn more about it, go to www.campaignforliberty.com.

My final question to Ron concerned his own political future. I told him that I had twice had the pleasure of voting for him for President—in the Republican primary in Florida last year and on the Libertarian Party ticket two decades earlier. So I asked him, “When will I have the pleasure of voting for you again?”

He laughed and replied, “No one knows whether it will ever happen again, including me. I have no current plans. But I’ve never taken the position that I will absolutely never run again. Some very good things came out of our last campaign and much of the momentum we built up last year is continuing.

“I’m actually getting more optimistic about what’s happening in our country. To be honest, I can’t say that a lot of good things are coming out of Washington. But there is no question in my mind that the American people are waking up; they’re demanding that spending be brought under control; they want to get government off their backs.

“I can’t tell you what will happen in the next couple of years. All I can do is to urge you and your readers to continue to spread the word. Tell the truth. And hope that we wake up enough people to make government our servant once again, and not our master.”

I couldn’t think of a better way to end our interview, so I simply said, “Thank you, Congressman. We appreciate everything you are doing.”

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

And for an explanation of why I chose this as my sign-off phrase, see Chip Shots at the bottom of today’s Personal Liberty Alerts.

—Chip Wood

Federal Reserve To Keep Interest Rates Low, Citing Uncertain Job Market

Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low, citing uncertain job market Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee’s meeting which took place earlier this month have been released and they suggest that the Federal Reserve believes the effects of the recession will be felt well into 2012, although it has trimmed its unemployment forecast.

Fed governors and regional bank presidents now predict the unemployment rate will range from 9.3 percent to 9.7 percent in next year’s fourth quarter, down from the June projection of 9.5 percent to 9.8 percent, according to Bloomberg.

However, the central bank believes the jobless rate will still be higher than that of a healthy economy, hovering around 7 percent during the next two years.

The news provider also reported Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said that the bank will keep interest rates "exceptionally low" for an "extended period," as the labor market weakness continues.

Bernanke’s interest rate policy has come under fire in recent years from advocates of tighter monetary policy, such as the National Inflation Association (NIA).

In its latest effort to draw America’s attention to the danger of inflation, the NIA has released The Dollar Bubble, a 30-minute documentary which it says discusses "the upcoming collapse of the U.S. dollar and how the Federal Reserve’s destructive policies could bring the U.S. financial system to an end."

Among featured speakers is Representative Ron Paul, a libertarian from Texas.

Gay Marriage Legislation Stalls In New York And New Jersey

Gay marriage legislation stalls in New York and New Jersey In the wake of Maine’s recent repeal of same-sex marriage laws, legislatures in New York and New Jersey have stalled on the issue, and the long expected votes to legalize gay marriage in both states have been postponed.

Although the two states have Democratic governors who are eager to sign bills legalizing gay marriage, it is not clear if the legislation will ever get to their desk.

Earlier this month, the New York State Senate failed to vote on a bill that would have allowed same-sex couples to wed. Advocates and opponents of the legislation said that the Senate lacked the necessary votes to pass the measure, The Huffington Post reports.

This shift in momentum comes after New York’s highest court recently ruled that gay couples married elsewhere are entitled to some government benefits.

A similar situation exists in New Jersey where supporters of gay marriage are fighting hard to pass the legislation before Republican Governor Chris Christie, who promises to veto the bill, takes office in January.

"If they are unable to pass gay marriage in New York and New Jersey, combined with the loss in Maine, it will confirm that gay marriage is not the inevitable wave of the future," said Maggie Gallagher, president of the National Organization for Marriage, which mobilizes the fight against same-sex marriage, quoted by the Associated Press(AP).

However, Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry, stated that "in any civil rights struggle there are going to be periods of creeping and periods of leaping."

As of this posting, there are no votes planned in either state.

Senator Heavily Criticizes Ohio Workers' Compensation Policy

Senator heavily criticizes Ohio workers' compensation policyRepublican State Senator Bill Seitz of Cincinnati recently condemned the nation’s largest state-run injured worker insurance program due to a loophole in the legislation that allows illegal aliens to collect benefits, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

Seitz said the he was stunned to learn that the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation doesn’t require injured workers to document their status before receiving benefits.

He is planning to introduce a bill to the State Senate to amend the current policy; a change that he believes will lower business premiums.

"We are going to provide a mechanism for those claims to be investigated and if the people turn out to be unauthorized, there will be no coverage," said Seitz, quoted the news source. "We will try to wring costs out of the system," he added.

David Leopold, president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, claims that Seitz is conducting a publicity stunt and that there are no statistics to back up his claims.

Dennis Smith, president of the American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds, told the AP that while workers’ compensation policy differs from state to state, most states allow injured illegal immigrants to receive benefits.

Meanwhile, a separate debate is raging on over illegal aliens’ inclusion in the proposed healthcare bill. In the most recent version, scheduled to be discussed in the Senate in the coming weeks, illegal immigrants would not receive public assistance in purchasing health coverage.

Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform by Leslie Carbone

[pl_amazon_book_order src=”http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=perslibedige-20&o=1&p=8&l=as1&asins=159797417X&fc1=000000&IS2=1&lt1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr”]

Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform by Leslie Carbone

America’s income tax system is a visionless policy that has reduced a free people to moral slaves, squabbling over goodies. This is Leslie Carbone’s view as posited in her book, Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform.

The book is a history lesson of American tax policy. Beginning with the Stamp Act and other oppressive taxes the British foisted upon the colonies that spawned the Revolutionary War, Carbone describes the abusive tax systems that government has used to suppress, create disincentives and exploit its subjects.

She pulls no punches in describing the unconstitutional nature of the income tax system and the effect it has had on all aspects of life. While she notes the first income tax and the first Internal Revenue Service (IRS) were created in 1862, she lays the blame for the unconstitutional attack on freedom at the feet of Congress. She falls into the politically correct trap of blaming Congress rather than placing blame where it belongs: President Abraham Lincoln and his efforts to centralize government.

“That legislation was the most comprehensive, far-reaching tax measure up to that point in United States history,” Carbone writes, “Every manufactured article was subjected to excise taxes, as were gross receipts of railroads, ferryboats, steamships, toll bridges and advertisers. It imposed an inheritance (death) tax, license fees and stamp duties. Finally, it raised and graduated the income tax, imposing a rate of 3 percent on annual incomes from $600 to $10,000 and a marginal rate of 5 percent on amounts about $10,000.”

Carbone does an excellent job of laying out an argument that the tax system of the 20th Century destroyed justice in the name of fairness. She also provides examples of IRS abuses, such as violating the privacy of unconvicted people through “economic reality audits”—enacted in 1995—in which taxpayers, rather than their tax returns, were audited.

Today’s system is designed to—in President Barack Obama’s famous words—spread the wealth around through higher taxes on the wealthiest wage earners and reducing or eliminating the tax burden on lower income Americans through tax breaks and credits.

But what the system has done, she says, is lead to a breakdown of America’s moral society.

“Progressive taxation and redistributed spending policies encourage laziness among both those who are taxed and those who are given,” Carbone writes. “Those who are taxed at increasing rates are discouraged from work because they receive diminishing fruits from their labors. Those who receive are discouraged because they receive without having to work at all. Beyond the daily laziness of simply not working, or working less, there is the more dangerous moral laziness of not taking responsibility for one’s own life. Finally, there is the disincentive to marriage, as it can leave beneficiaries ineligible for so-called entitlements.”

Indeed, the marriage penalty—in which married couples are taxed at a higher rate than if the couple filed individually—is cited by Carbone as one of the primary causes of the breakdown of the familial unit and a scourge on American society.

Finally, Carbone presses her case that the tax system cannot be reformed, but must be torn down and rebuilt.

She then lists the reform plans that have drawn the most interest in recent years: flat income tax, national sales tax (also called the Fair Tax) and the value-added tax. She lists the pros and cons of each, and also covers other areas that need reform.

If you are of either a conservative or libertarian bent and need an argument against tax increases and liberal tax policies to use on your progressive friends, Carbone’s book provides you with lots of ammunition. If you are a progressive seeking a way out of the wilderness in which you find yourself, you need this book as well.