The War on Christmas

The war against Christmas continues. Schools are now holding holiday shows rather than Christmas shows, and store clerks no longer say Merry Christmas. All because a vocal minority of anti-religion zealots has so frightened the spineless sissies in leadership positions. But this is not what the founders intended. Read this article to learn more about the war on Christmas…

Will Huckabee's Alleged Clemency Of Seattle Shooter Cost Him Politically?

Have revelations that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee pardoned accused cop killer Maurice Clemmons in 2000 doomed Huckabee’s chances of securing the GOP presidential nomination in 2012?

Clemmons was shot to death by Seattle police Dec. 2, four days after he killed four Seattle police officers in a coffee shop.

Democrats and the General Welfare Clause

Senate Democrats continue to try and draft a healthcare reform bill that will be palatable to Blue Dog Democrats yet still contain enough of a so-called public option to placate the party’s left-wing base. Both the Senate bill and the bill already passed by the House of Representatives contain a mandate requiring everyone to purchase health insurance or face fines and possible jail terms.

When asked where Congress gets the authority to force Americans to buy health insurance, Congressmen—if they answer the question at all—cite the general welfare clause of the Constitution.

Shocking Proof… Global Warming is a Hoax

In President Nixon’s day, dirty tricksters did things the old fashioned way—with black gloves and flashlights. The result was Watergate, the eventual legacy of which may be that anything corrupt contains a word ending with “gate.” The latest incident is Climategate. Read this article to learn more about the hoax, plus get information about a money-making energy stock…