Cosmetic Surgeons Speak Out Against Tax Increase

Cosmetic surgeons speak out against tax increaseEarlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made a late change to the healthcare reform bill that will levy a 5 percent tax on cosmetic surgery to help supplement the legislation’s $849 billion price tag.

The plan, which is projected to raise approximately $6 billion in tax revenue, would not apply to surgeries that are in response to injury or deformity, but would include all elective cosmetic procedures.

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) is vigorously opposing the plan, stating that the tax is discriminatory against women, who make up the majority of cosmetic surgery patients.

The AAFPRS also states that experts have found that approximately 60 percent of plastic surgery clients reported a household income between $30,000 and $90,000 annually.

"The common misconception is that this is going to tax wealthy, suburban Republican women," said Dr Phil Haeck, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, quoted by the Associated Press.

While speaking against these tax increases, an Op Ed article in the Los Angeles Times points out that elective cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance and that they don’t contribute to rising healthcare costs. stated in 2005 that "selective excise taxes on cosmetic surgery may be a politically painless ways to boost short-term revenues, but that doesn’t make them good long-term tax policy."

Fiorina's Conservative Credentials Questioned By Fellow Republicans

Fiorina's conservative credentials questioned by fellow RepublicansAfter months of speculation, former CEO of Hewlett Packard Carly Fiorina announced Nov. 4 that she would be running as a Republican for the seat currently held by Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer. Since then, Fiorina has been outspokenly critical toward the incumbent but also had her conservative credentials questioned by several members of the GOP.

During the announcement of her candidacy Fiorina immediately went on the offensive, questioning Boxer’s political contributions during her time in office.

"Sometimes I wonder whether California even has two U.S. senators," said Fiorina, quoted by Southern California Public Radio. "There’s Dianne Feinstein and there’s what’s-her-name," she added.

Meanwhile, Fiorina’s Republican opponent, State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, has classified the former executive as a moderate with no political track record, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

Fiorina has described herself as a pro-life, fiscal conservative and has signed a pledge opposing increases in income taxes while being outspokenly critical of the proposed healthcare bill.

"She has no background in politics, no experience in public policy, no transferable believability on the issues," said GOP activist Steve Frank, quoted the news source. "She may be a conservative, but how do we know?" he asked.

However, Fiorina has also collected numerous endorsements within the Republican Party including Tom Coburn and John McCain. Meanwhile, DeVore has stated that he has support from the majority of elected GOP officials in California, according to the AP.


Should I Eliminate Salt From My Diet

Dear Bob,

I have been told that I use too much salt and I should virtually eliminate it from my diet. Is this so?

A: Dr. David Brownstein, M.D., says in his book Salt, Your Way To Health, "It is impossible to have an optimal functioning immune system when there is a salt-deficient state present… a low-salt diet has been associated with a greater than 400% increase in risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack) in men."

Think how chemically close ocean salt water is to human blood. Both strive for stasis. The ocean is always clean no matter how many animals die within it. This is due to its chlorine content of sodium chloride, and also to the chlorides of magnesium, calcium and other minerals. The chlorine is invaluable to health and longevity to human and sea life.

When I go to the ocean, I always bring back two gallons of sea water. I take at least one tablespoon per day. I learned this from Dr. Royal Lee’s lectures. (More information on Dr. Lee can be found in his books and lectures which can be found at and other locations.)

Best Wishes,

Critics Say Fed’s Overdraft Rules Are ‘Not Enough’

Critics say Fed's overdraft rules are 'not enough'Recently, the Federal Reserve said that beginning next July financial institutions will be prohibited from charging overdraft fees without their clients’ consent.

The new regulations mean that banks will only be allowed to levy fees for overdrafts on ATM and debit card transactions if account holders sign up for the plan.

According to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke the regulations will protect consumers so that "both new and existing account holders will be able to make informed decisions about whether to sign up for an overdraft service."

While the move was welcomed by Consumers Union, its representative stated that the new rules do not go far enough and said proposals currently considered in Congress would provide stronger protections.

Legislation introduced by House Financial Services Committee chairman Barney Frank of Massachusetts and Senate Banking Committee chairman Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, both Democrats, also includes a ban on automatic overdraft protection of checks and recurring charges which the Fed failed to ban.

Dodd has furthermore introduced legislation to strip the Fed of authority for regulating banks and give Congress a greater voice in naming the central bank officials who set interest rates, according to Bloomberg.


The Stealth System

According to Webster’s Third International Dictionary, “stealth” means, “something stolen,the act or action of proceeding secretly or imperceptibly.”

And according to Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition, stealth means, “secret or the act of stealing when the victim is unaware of the theft. Any secret, sly or clandestine act to avoid discovery and to gain entrance into or to remain within residence of another without permission.”

In my view, stealth needs further definition. Stealth should be categorized as being in existence where there is total unawareness by the victim(s). Also, stealth should be characterized as being secretly operative over very long periods of time, so as to be sacrosanct and institutionalized.

An example is the Federal Reserve and its companion, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Time bestows legitimacy. This means that millions of people are born into the system who never question its legitimacy, legality or morality.

The more generations that pass the more entrenched the stealth. So again, time bestows legitimacy and suffocates inquiry. The people who understand stealth can understand government and predict the future.

This, my friends, is a very, very small number of people. It is my prayer that all the readers of Personal Liberty Digest will understand stealth as soon as possible. If so, you will be translated from the frivolous to reality.

The work-a-day world consumes the crowd. They have so much noise in their lives that they have neither the time nor the imperative to understand monetary realism and the legalized and official theft that is undermining every vestige of their lives and their future.

The stealth system of “legal” theft has been in place in the U.S. since the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the IRS in 1913. Neither is legal, but neither can be investigated and reversed. (Ask yourself why, even with 311 co-sponsors on the 435-member House of Representatives, Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve—H.R. 1207—has not been voted on, nor has the Senate’s companion bill—S. 604—which has 30 co-sponsors.)

We are on a fiat paper money dollar system and all who earn dollars and save dollars have depreciating currency with depreciating assets. This depreciating currency (inflation of prices) slowly reduces the value of their savings and their standard of living. The middle class destruction is in full view to anyone who has the wisdom to look.

The stealth system has a cover of very sophisticated propaganda. Trust in the system guarantees the propaganda cover. People who trust the system never inquire past the propaganda and that is by far the majority; but, hopefully, that is not you.  

The system operates on the certainty that the crowd will believe the propaganda cover. If the crowd stopped believing the propaganda, the stealth system would collapse and human liberty would return. If the stealth system were to collapse, the vast army of parasites—people like lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc.—would have to find honest work. Oh, they are not all bad, but most are.

How do we escape the system of stealth? Start believing just the opposite of all political, economic and geopolitical pronouncements. This alone will catapult you into reality. If the trauma is too severe, return to slavery. You will be welcomed to become a “taxpayer” again.

The key to understanding propaganda: Governments never allow individual or media attacks on the esoteric monetary system i.e. the Federal Reserve and the IRS.

The stealth system knows the propaganda value of phony opposition. Feigned opposition as in political parties keeps the simple blinded and all debate is on spurious issues. Decoys are as important to the stealth system as they are to duck hunters. Spurious debate is a constant diversion. It is noise.

The most educated, professional and sophisticated thinkers are conditioned and limited unless and until they escape the stealth parameters of thought. Until we believe that reality is outside the box, we can do no better than frivolity, diversion and self deception.

We can never know cause and effect. When you encounter an educated fool, escape as fast as possible lest you be tainted with his nonsense.

People who never question authority, custom and tradition are unthinking fools.

You Are a Taxpayer
You are a taxpayer if you earn or save dollars. You are involved in coin clipping.

Coin clipping refers to the old gold and silver coins in regimes that had not discovered paper money. They could not print new gold coins so people would clip off small amounts and melt them into new coins. This of course is a less seductive form of currency depreciation.

But today every new dollar printed dilutes those dollars already in existence. So you pay taxes to the extent of currency depreciation that most see as price inflation at the grocery store. More stealth!

Taxpayers are not just those who fill out tax returns and write checks to the IRS.

Money printing is a stealth tax paid by all who deal in dollars. No, it’s not public policy, it’s stealth policy, never announced and never admitted, and especially never to the media.

Acid Reflux May Be Treated With Natural Products

Acid reflux may be treated with natural products Heartburn, which affects as many as 60 million Americans each month, can be so intense that some have mistaken it for a heart attack. However, there are natural ways to reduce acid reflux that can also help you avoid potentially harmful side effects of prescription medications., a medical information website, says commonly consumed foods can trigger heartburn, and they include chocolate, orange juice, coffee, tomato-based sauces, wine and greasy foods. Therefore, cutting back on these items, as well as reducing portion sizes, can go a long way towards eliminating the painful condition.

Eating slowly and chewing thoroughly can help too, the source adds. Moreover, sufferers should eat at least two or three hours before lying down to give the stomach time to digest and empty some of the acids that can cause pain.

Among other natural approaches that have been recommended by heath practitioners are probiotics and acupuncture, while a recent study has found that beet root extract may be helpful for relieving symptoms the condition.

Alternative medicine expert and author Kevin Trudeau told that eating raw, organic foods and adding living enzymes to the diet can eliminate heartburn. He further recommends drinking a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar before eating.

Given that stress has been linked to digestive problems, eliminating it through exercise and yoga can bring additional benefits.

Chicago Mayor Blames Fort Hood Massacre On Guns, But Some Disagree

Chicago mayor blames Fort Hood massacre on guns, but some disagreeChicago Mayor Richard Daley attracted considerable criticism when he sought to blame the fatal shooting at Fort Hood on the popularity of guns in America.

Speaking as he toured a school project in Chicago on Nov. 9, Daley said that "unfortunately, America loves guns," and added that "we love guns to a point that we see the devastation on a daily basis," quoted by Fox News.

These comments created a firestorm among gun-rights advocates such as the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

The organization’s chairman Alan Gottlieb accused Daley of trying to use the tragedy to "push his gun prohibition agenda," and "destroy" Second Amendment rights.

"America must ignore the ravings of anti-gun fanatics," he added, "who are so blinded by a hatred for individual liberty and personal protection that they cannot see how foolish and petty they have become."

Gottlieb also suggested that former President Bill Clinton may share part of the blame for the shooting since he instituted a ban on the carrying of firearms by military personnel on their bases.

On Nov. 5, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an army psychiatrist, allegedly opened fire in the Soldier Readiness Center at the base, killing 13 people and wounding 30 others.

According to the Associated Press, at least one of the guns used in the killings, a 5.7-millimeter semi-automatic pistol, was legally purchased by the suspect at a Texas gun shop.

Holder Comes Under Fire For Post-Fort Hood Gun Control Proposals

Holder comes under fire for post-Fort Hood gun control proposals During a recent appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee Attorney General Eric Holder addressed the issue of gun control in a way that has drawn criticism from gun rights organizations.

The Attorney General reportedly expressed the administration’s support for a national gun owner registration scheme and for banning firearm possession for any person whose name is on the terrorism watch list.

"It appears those committed to attacking gun owners and the Second Amendment are engaged in blaming guns and gun owners on the heels of this terrorist attack [at Fort Hood]," said the spokesperson for the Law Enforcement Alliance of America Ted Deeds.

"Sadly it looks like ‘politics as usual’," he added.

However, Violence Policy Center joined six other national gun violence prevention organizations yesterday in sending a letter to the White House in which they urged President Obama to use his executive powers to ban the import into the U.S. of the FN Herstal Five-seveN armor-piercing semiautomatic pistol.

"[We also call on you] to join us in pushing for other much-needed policy changes to help reduce America’s epidemic of gun violence, such as gaps in the federal background check system that allow suspected terrorists to legally buy guns," the letter stated.

The coalition says their appeal was spurred by the November 5 shooting at Fort Hood which left 13 people dead and more than 30 wounded.

DHS Chief Says U.S. Borders More Secure, But Some Disagree

DHS chief says U.S. borders more secure, but some disagree Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said the government is meeting many of the benchmarks which were set in 2007 as a prerequisite to immigration reform, according to media reports.

Speaking last Friday at the Center for American Progress, Napolitano said 600 miles of border fence have been completed to date and more than 20,000 Border Patrol agents have been hired, the Associated Press (AP) reports.

"I’ve been dealing hands-on with immigration issues since 1993, so trust me: I know a major shift when I see one, and what I have seen makes reform far more attainable this time around," she said, quoted by the news provider.

However, Terence P. Jeffrey, editor-in-chief of, recently quoted Lloyd Easterling, acting director of media relations for the DHS, as saying that Border Patrol is planning to decrease the number of agents on the U.S.-Mexico border by 384 in fiscal year 2010 which started on Oct 1.

In addition, Representative Lamar Smith of Texas, who is the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, expressed concerns about the more than 400 miles of border with Mexico which are still open.

The AP says the 2006 immigration enforcement legislation called for 700 miles of border fences and barriers to be built, and it quotes immigration critics who say the existing fence has not been built with double layers as the law requires.