Inventories running low as Americans stock up on ammunition

Inventories running low as Americans stock up on ammunitionIn the face of an uncertain economy, and the government’s efforts to tighten gun control, gun and ammunition sales are rising.

CNN has recently reported gun shops across the country are running out of ammunition as people worry the Obama administration will increase taxes on bullets or introduce new gun-control measures.

"People are buying cases or whatever they can get their hands on and putting it away," says Richard Taylor, manager of The Firing Line, a gun shop and shooting range in the Denver area, quoted by the news organization.

He added " it’s gotten very, very difficult to find ammunition" in the last two months.

Meanwhile, according to a recent article in Time Magazine, the nation is also seeing a boom in gun sales. Quoting SportsOneSource, a research firm that tracks the sporting goods industry, it says firearms sales in large retail outlets have increased by 39 percent this year

This also comes at a time when fewer Americans support gun control laws.

A recent CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll found that while in 2001 some 54 percent favored stricter regulations, the number has fallen to 39 percent today.


What Would We Be Without Memory?

Loss of memory is equated with dementia or Alzheimer’s. This is enough to terrify any soul.

My mother used to say that she could face anything but dementia. The way she would put it was that she didn’t want to lose her mind.

As little as we think about it, loss of memory will cut you off from life even though you may be physically healthy. So mental health is a serious private concern. In fact, it is paramount—and loss of memory is a tell-tale indicator that our world is changing. Figuratively, we are leaving flesh and blood and headed toward a vegetable. Love and affection will be gone. All of us know someone who has gone through this.

Dementia primarily hits men over age 65 and women over age 50. Commonly found in dementia suffers are deficiencies in thyroid hormones, growth hormones and sex hormones. Sex hormones are estrogen and progesterone in women and testosterone in men.

I hope everyone who reads this The Bob Livingston Letter and Personal Liberty Alerts who uses hormones, uses natural hormones. The natural thyroid hormone is Armour dessicated thyroid from the pig. Only alternative doctors prescribe natural thyroid as well as other natural hormones.

A word here about natural Armour thyroid hormone: One of my favorite researchers is the late Broda Barnes, M.D. His clinical work was greatly based on the thyroid. See his book Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness. Also, David Brownstein, M.D., in his book, The Miracle of Natural Hormones, established that natural hormone therapy is a miracle for many clinical health problems.

I have always been particularly intrigued with the direct connection of low thyroid function and heart disease. Since 40 percent to 50 percent of the population has low thyroid function, is it any wonder that so many people die of heart attacks?

Specifically, the researchers listed above discovered that improved thyroid function via natural thyroid hormone lowered and controlled cholesterol levels. But you know that big pharma wants you to focus on the symptom, cholesterol—not the cause, low thyroid function.

Doctors (allopathic doctors) are not trained to inquire into thyroid function or test for it. When they do test, their T4 blood test gives a distorted picture—most of the time failing to diagnose low thyroid function.

Somebody in the inner sanctums of "orthodox medicine" knows the direct connection of low thyroid function and heart disease, but the statin drug business is far more profitable.

But back to dementia: My belief is that a diet devoid of breads and sugars is important as we age. I especially believe in keeping the blood thin. Thin blood circulates and keeps oxygen supplied to the brain. You know that the blood naturally sludges as we get older and we need to keep it thin. I use garlic, gingko biloba, nattokinase and cod liver oil daily for blood thinners.

Well, what else? I put a lot of faith in phosphatidylserine, and my wife says that my amazing memory is hard to believe.

If you know that your memory may be slipping, then consider adding Piracetam, a derivitave of the amino acid GABA, which is one of the most important neurotransmitters in the brain.

Piracetam is classed as a drug even though it is more like a food supplement. Sound familiar? It is safe and non-toxic with no side effects. Piracetam is a proven memory enhancer. The literature says that it helps people to recover from strokes. It improves blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain—the very cause of dementia. Combined with phosphatidylserine (PS), it is powerful. The amount of Piracetam you take would depend on your doctor and your experience. It can be bought from a compounding pharmacy with prescription. Or you can get it at International Anti-Aging Systems. I am sure that I have gotten it from Europe without a prescription.

Economic survival or how to manage your credit cards

Economic survival or how to manage your credit cards As the recession continues, it may be useful to review a few steps that may help protect individuals’ financial assets during this difficult time.

According to experts from the Illinois CPA Society, one of the key elements of financial well-being is taking control of one’s credit cards.

In that vein, they provide simple suggestions to keep in mind when reviewing one’s credit card activities.

It all begins with reading the fine print and all correspondence from your credit card companies, they say. Reviewing statements for suspicious charges and interest rate hikes is also a good idea.

It is furthermore important to keep an eye on the annual percentage rate and be skeptical of low rates offered only for the first three to six months.

Related to that is the importance of shopping around and comparing the terms offered by several different credit cards.

Perhaps the key to getting your credit card bills under control, say the society’s experts, is reducing the number of cards, keeping low limits and paying as much as possible each month, or at least more than the minimum.

Finally, every credit card holder can enhance the protection of their credit history by requesting a free copy of their credit report at least once a year.

Poll: Catholics divided on Obama

Catholics divided on ObamaNew research has shown that most Catholics who have heard about the issue support President Obama’s visit to Notre Dame, but significant divisions exist between the most-observant Catholics and those who are less observant.

The Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life poll has also found the two groups are divided on their assessment of Obama’s job performance after 100 days in office.

Specifically, white non-Hispanic Catholics who attend services at least once a week express much higher levels of disapproval of Obama’s participation in the Notre Dame commencement ceremony, with 45 percent of the people in that group saying the university was wrong to invite him.

Meanwhile, 56 percent of less-observant Catholics take the opposite view.

The poll noted a similar pattern in the assessment of Obama’s job performance as president. Currently, as much as 45 percent of observant Catholics disapprove of the job Obama is doing, and the negative ratings among this group have risen from 20 percent in February.

Conservative groups across the country have criticized the University of Notre Dame’s decision to give Obama an honorary degree at their May 17 commencement given his support for legalized abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

Alternative therapy relieves anesthesia-induced nausea

Alternative therapy relieves anesthesia-induced nauseaAcupuncture may offer hope to some 80 percent of the people who receive general anesthesia and experience severe nausea as a result, according to a new study.

The study, based on a review of 40 studies including 4,858 patients and conducted by Anna Lee of the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, found evidence that stimulation of an acupoint in the wrists can help reduce nausea symptoms.

Specifically, stimulation of the Pericardium (P6) point in the wrist prevents nausea and vomiting as it activates a nerve signal which prompts the brain to release neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine or endorphins, explains Lixing Lao, from the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

"[These neurotransmitters] block the other chemicals that cause the sickness in the central [nervous] system [so] the patient won’t feel that sick or nauseated," the expert adds.

The importance of the finding stems from the fact that traditional anti-emetic medications are expensive and they may have unpleasant side effects.

Stimulating the P6 point can occur by several methods such as acupuncture or acupressure. Acupuncture involves penetrating the skin with thin needles at defined points and is one of the main medical treatments in traditional Chinese medicine dating back more than 2,000 years.

One type of acupressure involves wearing a wristband that presses down on the P6 point.

Acupuncture helps chemotherapy patients

Acupuncture helps chemotherapy patientsPatients treated with radiation for head and neck cancer often experience severe dry mouth (xerostomia), but new research shows biweekly acupuncture may bring relief.

The pilot study – conducted by a team from the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, which included an acupuncturist from the Center’s Integrative Medicine Program – treated 12 patients with xerostomia who had completed radiation therapy at least four weeks earlier.

They were given two acupuncture treatments each week for four weeks on the ears, chin, index finger, forearm and lateral surface of the leg, and the researchers noted highly statistically significant improvements in symptoms.

Dr. Mark S. Chambers, a professor in the Department of Dental Oncology and the study’s senior author, says radiation-induced xerostomia impacts the quality of life by preventing patients from being able to speak or eat properly. He adds that none of the conventional treatments provide long-lasting relief.

However, "patients with severe xerostomia who underwent acupuncture showed improvements in physical well-being and in subjective symptoms," says Chambers.

Acupuncture is based on the ancient Chinese practice of inserting and manipulating very thin needles at precise points on the body to relieve pain and restore health.

Traditionally, stimulating these points is believed to improve the flow of vital energy through the body.

Contemporary theories about acupuncture’s benefits suggest needle manipulation stimulates natural substances that dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to different areas of the body.

The results of the study appeared online in the journal Head & Neck.

Pajamas TV: TEA Party turnout exceeded one million

TEA Party turnout exceeded one million, according to Pajamas TVWith over 77 percent of events reporting, Pajamas TV has announced 935,000 people attended the nationwide tax day tea party protests.

The conservative online TV company has also estimated the total turnout could range from 1,014,000 to 1,071,000. Thus far, Texas has reported the highest turnout, followed by California, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee and New York.

"The size of the tea party protests indicates that a significant number of Americans are not happy with the economic direction of the country and took the time to make their voices heard," says Roger L. Simon, CEO of Pajamas Media.

On April 15, conservatives from coast to coast expressed their dissatisfaction with the course of Obama’s economic policies by attending the National TEA Party Day, which stands for "taxed enough already."

The organizers called on citizens to march against politicians who "are spending trillions of borrowed dollars, leaving a debt our great-grandchildren will be paying" and want to redistribute hard-earned wealth.

Meanwhile, organizations such as the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy and Americans for Tax Reform have criticized the government for imposing limits on tax deductions for charitable donations.

They say this will make wealthy people give less to charity at a time when such donations are more needed than ever.


Bank not giving up on offshore opportunities

Bank not giving up on offshore opportunities A Swiss bank at the center of U.S. tax authorities’ investigation into secret offshore accounts has asked a U.S. court to reject demands by the IRS for confidential information about its American clients.

UBS plans to argue before a federal court in Florida that such a disclosure would violate Switzerland’s bank secrecy laws, according to media reports.

"Despite the clear historical record, the IRS now asks this court to force a Swiss financial institution and its employees, over the express objection of the Swiss government, to violate Swiss law by producing a massive quantity of confidential account information located exclusively in Switzerland," UBS said in its filing.

According to Reuters, under a 1996 treaty, Switzerland may turn over account data only on a reasonable suspicion of tax fraud. However, Swiss law does not view tax evasion as a crime.

The IRS is pursuing a civil lawsuit against UBS seeking access to data on 52,000 wealthy Americans it claims are hiding nearly $15 billion of assets in Swiss bank accounts.

The U.S. government’s crackdown on what it sees as tax havens was prompted by the financial crisis and the costly stimulus bill as well as several rounds of bailouts that need to be paid for.

It gathered steam after last month’s G20 summit in London where global leaders pledged cooperation in pursuing the matter.


Connecting the Dots on Unrelated Subjects

Nationalized health care.

President Barack Obama fires GM CEO Richard Wagoner.

British food inspectors.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Government bailouts.

These five seemingly unrelated subjects actually have a lot in common, and I will connect the dots.

First, Obama and Congressional Democrats are seeking to nationalize health care. What they say they want to do is make healthcare affordable for everyone. They say that the plan is to offer alternatives to the existing health insurance structure, thereby giving consumers a choice in their healthcare providers.

Have insurance through your employer you’re happy with? Fine, you can keep it. Just be prepared as a taxpayer to subsidize someone else’s healthcare.

In other words, the government is going to take your hard-earned money away from you and tell you it is to pay for someone else to see a doctor. You pay your own premiums, through withholdings from your employer or direct payment if you’re self-employed, while someone else gets healthcare through the government, thanks to your tax dollars.

In March, Obama forced out General Motors CEO Richard Wagoner. Why? Obama wasn’t satisfied with the way Wagoner was proceeding in his quest to turn General Motors’ finances around. How can the president force out the CEO of a private company?

It’s no longer private. GM took a government handout—rather, bailout—and the president became the company’s largest stakeholder. That essentially made Obama chairman of the board of GM and gave him control over the company’s direction.

In January, Great Britain announced that a group of inspectors will be hired and trained to visit British homes and offer advice to homeowners on what foods to eat and what to throw away. They’ll be handing out guidance literature on optimum portion sizes and what to do with leftovers, as well as explaining the difference between “best before,” “use by,” and “sell by” dates.

Essentially, according to an article in the Daily Mail, the British government is going to send out its agents to go through the refrigerators and pantries of British subjects and judge whether they are eating well and properly managing their food.

Meanwhile, Justice Ginsburg told a group gathering at Ohio State University that she believed U.S. judges were justified in using precedent established in foreign courts when handing down decisions on U.S. matters, according to a recent article in the New York Times.

“Why shouldn’t we look to the wisdom of a judge from abroad with at least as much ease as we would read a law review article written by a professor?” the Times quoted her as asking.

Regarding the bailouts, where does the money that went to GM, Chrysler and the financial institutions come from? If you are a working American it is taken from you (through income tax) by threat of force. It then goes into the government coffers where it is dispersed at the direction of the Treasury Secretary, who was appointed by the president.

Now to connect the dots: When healthcare is nationalized the government is going to be overseeing the type of care you receive and whether—because of age or state of health—a certain treatment is authorized.

A healthy populace is less expensive than an unhealthy one. So the government will seek to modify people’s behavior in order to ensure their health and keep healthcare costs low. That means the government will have a say over what you eat and how you live, as well as whether you even qualify for certain treaments.

Obama, in control of GM, fired the CEO. He justified it by claiming to represent the interests of taxpayers. Obama, in charge of healthcare because taxpayer dollars are used to fund it, can make you eat correctly in order to ensure your health.

To enforce government’s idea of a healthy diet, food police will regularly inspect your refrigerator and pantry to make sure you are eating properly. If food police agents deem you have too much “unapproved” food in your house, expect fines and punishment. You can’t be fired, as Wagoner was. But the government has ways to punish wrongdoers.

Don’t want to let inspectors into your house? Sorry, the government now owns you through healthcare. Want to appeal the punishment for unauthorized food? You won’t get very far. Once a judge in Great Britain rules it’s okay for them, no American law will help you. So says Justice Ginsburg.

Organization blasts healthcare reform fast-track deal

Organization blasts healthcare reform fast-track deal Congressional Democrats have struck a deal to use a fast-track budget process to speed up President Obama’s healthcare reforms, in a move that was compared to a "declaration of war" by one Republican senator.

Republicans, and even some Democrats, have warned against trying to implement such a major reform without bipartisan support, but Democrats now hope they will be able to push it through as early as this summer, according to

One of the organizations that criticized the move, which it sees as "muzzling" any meaningful debate, is, an organizing center for activists for traditional and conservative values.

"Once again statist politicians have carved out a deal in darkness and silenced opposition debate," says Steve Elliott, president of the alliance.

"A shift this monumental needs to be debated in clear view of the public, not hidden behind a closed door on Capitol Hill," he adds.

The organization has also called on citizens to flood Congress with faxes and phone calls opposing the fast-track provision.

Conservative groups have also been outraged about the recent nomination of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Sebelius, known for her pro-abortion views, has been accused of failing to disclose how much money she had received from a controversial provider of late-term abortions.

At 100 days Obama gets mixed reviews

At 100 days Obama gets mixed reviewsAs the new president marks 100 days in office, critics and supporters are fiercely debating the merits of his policies.

Barack Obama has been praised by some commentators for his dynamic tackling of the ongoing economic crisis, closing the Guantanamo Bay prison, setting clear goals for Iraq and Afghanistan and for stressing the need to develop a new energy policy.

The president’s foreign policy has also received high marks, in particular for his efforts to reach out to leaders with whom previous administrations refused to talk.

However, criticism of Obama has also been vocal and, in some cases, focused on the same issues as those singled out by his supporters.

The economic stimulus package and the recently passed $3.4 trillion budget, as well as the proposed healthcare reform, have been blasted by the critics as marking the largest expansion of federal government in decades.

It is also setting the stage for a crushing debt which will be inherited by future generations, they say.

Conservatives are also increasingly worried about what appears to be an erosion of the system of checks and balances in Washington.

In particular, the recent move by Pennsylvania senior senator, Arlen Specter, to join the Democratic Party has brought the latter a step closer to the filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.


Varicose veins sufferers may benefit from natural therapies

Varicose veins sufferers may benefit from natural therapiesVaricose veins, which affect some 12 million people in America, can lead to health complications and often present aesthetic challenges. However, many health practitioners have suggested natural remedies have beneficial effects and may help avoid surgery.

Natural therapies work by strengthening veins thereby reducing leakage from vessel walls.

In particular, moderate muscle-toning exercise or yoga help veins preserve their natural shape, while the cholesterol-lowering effects of exercise may act to boost vein health from within.

Herbal supplements, such as horse chestnut extract are also commonly used to treat varicose veins.

Studies have shown the active component in horse chestnut called aescin appears to block the release of enzymes that damage capillary walls, according to the alternative health section of, an informational website.

Other natural remedies include grape seed and pine bark extracts which contain antioxidant complexes that appear to strengthen the connective tissue of blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

Meanwhile, Holistic Online, a natural health website, recommends eating fresh fruits, whole grains especially buckwheat and millet, as well as garlic, onions, ginger, cayenne pepper and fish.

Those suffering from varicose veins are also well advised to avoid red meat, fats and refined carbohydrates as well as sugar, salt, alcohol, cheeses and ice cream.

Finally, oriental medicine techniques such as acupuncture and acupressure can help prevent varicose veins form getting worse, while reflexology and massage may alleviate discomfort associated with the condition.

It’s All About Sugar

Well, it’s sugar—but we measure it as blood sugar or insulin in the body. Sugar, that sweet and dangerous toxin, is basic to the American diet. No wonder we are born dying!

Here is the point: When our sugar consumption pushes over fasting 10 IU/ml, we begin to become sugar burners instead of fat burners—and weight and health problems begin. This includes most of us.

Low insulin stops our bodies from burning sugar and switches us to burning fat. We can forget weight loss as long as we are burning sugar and not fat, no matter which plan we are on.

"One of the earliest effects of excess insulin is weight gain, as insulin stimulates the storage of fat and the burning of sugar. Excess insulin (sugar) lowers cellular levels of magnesium, a mineral that relaxes the arteries and improves blood flow. Insulin also increases accumulations of sodium, causing fluid retention, resulting in high blood pressure. Elevated insulin also increases inflammatory compounds in the blood that damage the arteries and promote the formation of blood clots that may cause a heart attack. It stimulates spasms in the arteries and arrhythmia in the heart. Furthermore, it causes abnormalities in blood fats, including reductions in protective HDL cholesterol and elevations in triglycerides and small, dense LDL cholesterol. All this translates into a significant increase in risk of heart disease." (The Rosedale Diet.)

Bottom line is—don’t eat sugar and refined carbohydrates. This is difficult because the food processors have us all addicted. There just isn’t much left that doesn’t have fructose corn syrup in it. We have to read every label.

Now every time we see an overweight person, we know that there goes a sugar burner for fuel.

High blood sugar levels is a hallmark of aging and disease. The reverse of this is to say that low blood sugar and low insulin is a hallmark of health and longevity.

If we decide that low blood sugar is the basis of longevity and health, then we must be saying that our medical doctors are doctoring symptoms. Our M.D., should be telling their patients, "I can’t help you until you get your insulin (blood sugar) down and then you won’t need me." He wouldn’t dare!

If what we are saying here is true, most medical practitioners would have no patients. Instead of prescribing Lipitor® etc., they should be trying to get us to lower our blood sugar or insulin. High cholesterol and low insulin don’t go together. They repel.

If modern medicine didn’t have symptoms they wouldn’t have a reason to "practice" medicine. For medicine is primarily symptomology.

What causes high insulin? It is sugar in any form. Oh, you know that. But do you know that any carbohydrate in any form other than fiber is eventually metabolized by the body into sugar? Refined carbohydrates is a basic food in America.

Yes, and the worst carbohydrate offenders are breads, grains, cereals, pastas and starchy vegetables. You can eat these seemingly good foods every day and eventually become a diabetic. When these foods are eaten, insulin levels soar. If sugar is available and the body is given a choice between burning fat and burning sugar, it burns mostly sugar and stores the fat.

What happens to extra sugar that isn’t burned? It gets made into saturated fat, which is resistant to burning. What happens to all that stored extra fat? It produces even more insulin in response to sugar which worsens insulin resistance. This deep fat won’t burn. Deep fat (visceral fat) causes serious health problems.

The fatter we get, any weight loss diet or health concern which does not deal with high insulin will fail. And before there is any benefit, insulin levels must fall.

Horrors! If our body is in a sugar burning mode and we don’t eat, our body will break down the protein in lean tissues, including muscle and bone, into sugar.

The key and the secret is to become a fat burner by eating good fats like fish and chicken. An excellent fat is coconut oil. Good fat is good to eat. It will help you burn fat. Fat burns fat if it is good fat.

The "low fat phobia" in America has created a mind-set in the medical community and in the whole population that borders on insanity.

The body runs best when it can burn fat as fuel. Eating good fat is not what makes us fat. It is the inability to burn fat that makes us fat. And the body won’t burn fat until we eat good fats that switch the body from sugar burning to fat burning.

Overweight people are sugar burners. They need to change their bodies to fat burners.

The food industry reaps the greatest profits from starchy carbohydrates (pasta, bread, cereals), which are the sugar burning foods that cause high insulin. Far less money is required to preserve them than foods high in fat such as meat and fish, which require refrigeration during transport and in grocery stores. Far more money is spent to advertise and promote low-cost starchy foods. And think what it does for the medical establishment!