What is a Heart Attack or Stroke?

It’s a blood clot that lodges in arteries and blocks your oxygen to the heart or brain.

Take this as a fact. Aging causes blood sludging. Right now, if you are past age 35, your blood is beginning to sludge or get thicker. Oh, you don’t feel anything so why worry about a blood clot from thick blood until you have a heart attack or stroke. Then guess what? Your doctor puts you on a blood thinner drug. It will do more damage than the blood clot.

You wouldn’t think of not doing preventive maintenance on your car. Likewise it’s a fact of physiology that your blood is sludging so you need preventive maintenance. I’m not talking about an emergency, but preventing an emergency.

There is a natural, potent enzyme called nattokinase or natto. Natto is why the Japanese don’t have heart attacks. They keep their blood thin to avoid clots. Isn’t that about as simple as it gets?

Natto does indeed dissolve clots that have already formed. Yes, those clots you silently have building up right now.

So you get double the benefits. You thin your blood without a drug and dissolve the clot that may already be there.

This is better than science and drugs any day to prevent that dreaded heart attack or stroke. Natto competes with any expensive clot-busting drug.

So we can clean out the plaque in our arteries with oral chelation containing the nutrient EDTA and keep our blood thin to avoid a clot and a heart attack or stroke. Taking this supplement to prevent and fight heart disease is a no-brainer. Of course, it won’t help the heart disease industry.

Study raises questions about bias of published drug trials

Some drug trials may be reported with biasDrug trials submitted to the Food and Drug Administration may differ from the versions that are published, suggesting that healthcare professionals may be reading biased data, new research has found.

Findings published in the journal PLoS Medicine reveal that discrepancies between FDA-submitted results and published results were discovered among several trials analyzed by researchers at the University of California-San Francisco.

The differences included the addition or omission of outcomes, adjustments in statistical significance of outcomes and amendments to the overall conclusion of drug trials.

Medical journals and literature tended to feature more favorable presentations of these medications, the researchers concluded.

"The information that is readily available in the scientific literature to health care professionals is incomplete and potentially biased," the study authors wrote.

To reach their conclusions, the team analyzed 164 trials relating to 33 new drug applications. A total of nine were found to differ, in favor of the drug in question.

The FDA requires that pharmaceutical companies submit a new drug application before they can begin selling a medication.

Melamine-tainted baby formula found in U.S.

Melamine has made it into American formulaTraces of the toxic chemical melamine have been discovered in samples of U.S. baby formula, the Food and Drug Administration has admitted.

However, in an interview with the Associated Press, the FDA said that the low levels detected are considered by the department to be "perfectly fine" and not dangerous to public health.

In China, melamine has been linked to the death of at least three babies, as well as the illness of tens of thousands of other children. The FDA previously said that it would not set a limit on "acceptable" levels of the chemical in U.S. formula.

Documents obtained by the AP reveal that out of 77 samples of infant formula, one product contained trace amounts of the chemical. Additionally, cyanuric acid – a byproduct of melamine – was discovered in a different product.

The FDA said that the melamine had likely contaminated the formula during the manufacturing process and had not been added deliberately. Trace amounts are defined as under 250 parts per billion.

"There’s no cause for concern or no risk from these levels," agency spokesperson Judy Leon told the New York Times.

Poll: Americans oppose auto bailout

Most Americans do not support a lifeline to Detroit carmakersThe majority of Americans believe that automakers do not deserve to receive government funds, according to the results of a new survey.

Los Angeles Business’ most recent Business Pulse survey reveals that nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of respondents are not in favor of a rescue package to help the auto industry.

Meanwhile, 22 percent said they would support such a measure and 6 percent were undecided.

Comments left by readers of the website further reveal that many people feel fed up with Washington’s approach to solving the country’s economic woes.

One reader claimed that the government refuses to take a complex view of the economy, instead opting for simple solutions.

Someone else expressed frustration with the number of groups who seem to be stepping forward to request federal money.

And another respondent suggested that "the only serious cure for what’s wrong with the U.S. auto industry includes restructuring the legacy of debt, pensions and overpriced (by world market standards) labor agreements."

Carmakers’ request for $25 billion has also been met with skepticism by Congressional lawmakers, who said that industry leaders would need to submit a viable plan for the future before they receive a lifeline.

Glucose Sugar Feeds Cancer!

Sugar grabs oxygen with a vengeance! Human beings live on oxygen and give off or exhale carbon dioxide (CO2). Plants live on carbon dioxide and give off oxygen (O2).To live among the trees and plants is healthy.

“One may wonder how any cell can survive, much less grow, in the absence of oxygen. But it so happens that plant cells are like that. Oxygen is a plant waste product that they discard. In other words, cancer cells are plant cells that live within an animal.

I understand that the National Cancer institute verified Otto Warburg’s theories in the 1950s. However, very little work has been done to determine the causes of a lack of oxygen to the human body.

A German biochemist, Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the cause of cancer back in 1923 and he received the 1931 Nobel Prize for doing so. In his book, The Metabolism of Tumors, Dr. Warburg demonstrated that the primary cause of cancer was (is) the replacement of oxygen in the respiratory chemistry of normal cells by the fermentation of sugar. The growth of cancer cells is a fermentation process which can be initiated only in the relative absence of oxygen.

Ever since Warburg’s discovery, researchers have been attempting to stop the fermentation process through drugs, radiation and surgery.” (from the book, Reverse Aging, by Sang Whang.)

Anybody who has ever made wine knows about fermentation in the absence of oxygen.

What’s the salient point here? Sugar feeds cancer via a fermentation process in the relative absence of oxygen.

What to do? Withhold the cancer fuel—sugar—and starve the cancer. Cancer tumors are sugar junkies. The more sugar in the diet, the more and faster cancer grows. See quote above from Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions listed above.

So we get off of the glucose sugar diet and get on the ketogenic diet which is an extremely low carbohydrate and sugar free diet. There is a case of two female pediatric patients who had malignant astrocytoma tumor, which has no prognosis but death. They instead have survived more than six years after eliminating sugar. They are still alive and well at last report. In summary, cancer can’t live in the presence of oxygen. Sugar in the diet feeds cancer tumors. A switch to the ketogenic diet and almost no carbohydrates or sugar causes cancer cells to die.

Do some breast cancers go away on their own?

Are mammograms necessary?As a regular precaution against breast cancer, women are advised to undergo regular mammograms – but what if some tumors naturally disappeared on their own?

The findings of a controversial new study suggest that some breast cancers may disappear without intervention.

Norwegian and U.S. researchers examined the incidence of breast cancer among 50 to 64-year-old women who had mammograms every two years, comparing the results with those who were screened only once over the entire period of the study.

They found that the participants who were screened more frequently had a 22 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer than those who had less frequent mammograms.

Study co-author Dr Jan Maehlen told WebMD that some detected tumors are in fact "pseudo-cancers" that "will stop growing and shrink and disappear over a course of perhaps two years."

However, some experts – including the American Cancer Society – have warned people not to jump to conclusions based on the preliminary findings of a single study.

They recommended that women continue to get mammograms on a regular basis to help protect their health.

Housing industry to join the bailout line

Industries fight for government fundsFirst, it was the financial industry requesting federal funds. Next, automakers said they needed a bailout, too. And now, the housing sector is apparently gearing up to ask the government for a $250 billion rescue package.

House-builders are lobbying for a Fix Housing First stimulus, including a 10 percent tax credit for homebuyers and a federal subsidy to lower mortgage rates, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The sector claims that action is needed to prevent the country from falling into a cycle in which declining home prices negatively affect banks that hold mortgage-backed securities, which in turn depresses the economy further.

However, some critics argue that the plan favors encouraging new home purchase, instead of modifying existing loans held by homeowners.

They raise concerns about the danger of artificially inflating the housing market, creating demand that does not exist.

"The government does not have the tools to rewrite the laws of supply and demand. By artificially increasing prices, we are encouraging more building," Harvard economist Edward Glaeser told the news provider.

It is still uncertain how Capitol Hill would respond to the homebuilder’s request. Congress recently denied funds to automakers, saying that companies needed to present a viable plan before they could receive taxpayers’ money.

House prices continue to drop

Is your house still a worthwhile investment?Those who hoped that the rising value of their property would help see them through their golden years may have already started re-evaluating – now, new figures show the slide in house prices is continuing.

Figures from the S&P/Case-Shiller indexes revealed a double-digit decline nationwide, compared with the same period last year.

Prices fell by an annual rate of 16.6 percent during the third quarter, while its separate index of 10 major U.S. cities showed a decline of 18.6 percent.

"The turmoil in the financial markets is placing further downward pressure on a housing market already weakened by its own fundamentals," commented Case-Shiller index committee chairman David Blitzer.

He said that current house prices in many areas are comparable to what they were in early 2004.

Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Francisco were the three metropolitan areas that showed the steepest drop compared with 2007. In all three locations, average house prices are around 30 percent less than they were last year.

At the same time, a separate report from the National Association of Realtors revealed that existing home sales were down 3.1 percent month-on-month in October.

Privacy worries surround ID-scanning machines

Travellers may have their IDs scanned when they cross bordersNew radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that is able to read information about travelers who are crossing borders has raised concerns among privacy advocates.

The Department of Homeland Security has already installed machines that read data contained on government-issued ID cards at five border crossings, USA Today reports.

These devices work by scanning the computer chips embedded in travellers’ passports, passcards and driver’s licenses, then displaying the data on a screen for border patrol agents.

However, privacy advocates have warned that people’s personal information is at risk of being accessed by others – including terrorists – at distances of up to 50 feet.

"There’s this strange rush to a fancy of shiny new technology," Lee Tien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation told the news provider, adding that the ID cards are actually "quite vulnerable" to misuse or a data breach.

Homeland Security has suggested that the new process will be more efficient and safer than the previous system of manually checking IDs. It has also emphasized that the data on the chips are encoded.

In August, privacy concerns were raised when the government announced that it would be retaining records of Americans’ border crossings by land for a period 15 years.

Obama aide says he may postpone repeal of tax cuts

Tax cut repeal in questionDuring the recent hard-fought presidential campaign, Barack Obama repeatedly promised that he would put an end to tax cuts for wealthy Americans that had been put in place by President Bush.

Now, according to one of his aides, he is considering letting those tax cuts expire in 2011 as scheduled, instead of rolling them back on an earlier schedule.

The move would be intended to stimulate economic recovery in the U.S., alongside additional tax cuts for lower-income and middle-income Americans, David Axelrod said on Fox News Sunday.

"The main thing right now is to get this economic recovery package on the road, to get money in the pockets of the middle class, to get these projects going, to get America working again, and that’s where we’re going to be focused in January," Axelrod said, according to Reuters.

Obama is currently charged with balancing the need to plug an enormous federal deficit with the potentially dangerous effects that raising taxes could wreak on the economic situation.

The president-elect has also hinted that he will call for a larger-than-expected stimulus package for the country in the coming months.

Citigroup receives government bailout

Another bailout for CitigroupAn additional $20 billion of taxpayer money is set to be given to Citigroup in an effort to prevent the banking giant from collapsing.

Just a few weeks ago, the financial institution received $25 billion under the government’s bailout plan.

However, shares of Citigroup plummeted by 60 percent last week. The prospect of the bank’s failure and the subsequent chaos that it could cause in the financial markets prompted the Treasury to act again.

The government also said that the Treasury, FDIC and Federal Reserve would back up the majority of losses from around $306 billion in troubled assets held by the bank.

Under this arrangement, Citigroup is responsible for absorbing an initial $29 billion, as well as 10 percent of additional losses.

Responding to news of the latest bailout, some investors were critical of the decision.

William Smith of Smith Asset Management told Reuters that the rescue amounted to "seeing an inept management team being rewarded by the U.S. government."

Citigroup serves more than 200 million customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

Gross Deception

Why is there a place for private publications in America like The Bob Livingston Letter?

The answer is simple and straightforward: There are a growing number of people who no longer trust conventional wisdom.

Conventional wisdom is what most people believe. Conventional wisdom comes from the news media, public schools, the medical establishment, churches and the government. It’s a lifetime programming process that builds parameters of thought from which few escape. And precious few do escape.

Conventional wisdom doesn’t take on some people. By nature these people question authority. People progress away from conventional wisdom at various speeds and levels. Some people begin to doubt on an elementary level, while some completely reject any form of conventional wisdom.

There are two words that describe conventional wisdom and they are control and conformity. These terms are self-enforcing. That is, if there is control, there is conformity. And if there is conformity, there is control.

Every government in history seeks conformity and control. They do this by and through the sources listed above which we shall call the system. Psychological warfare is the system’s chief weapon against its own citizens.

The more perfect psychological warfare, the more perfect is control and conformity.

The system today is fine tuned and it has great predictive value. The system that programs the public mind knows what the public thinks and can predict and measure any response to any probe.

We are the most conditioned, programmed beings the world has ever known. Not only are our thoughts and attitudes continually being shaped and molded, our very awareness of the whole design has been erased. Few question anything.

One important thought here: A person’s IQ or education level has absolutely nothing to do with their perception of reality. Higher education is higher brainwashing. Sometimes it seems that the more education, the bigger the fool.

I myself went through four years of college, worked on a master’s degree and attended law school. What a pity! It took valuable time and money for me to pay for the brainwash. It took years to get over it. I had to completely erase this education foolishness before I could begin to have half sense. My inquiring attitude and much, much reading helped me escape the programmed maze that entrapped me. The many conflicts and confusion were emotionally and financially costly.

The brainwash is so complete that only special people like you—the readers of my letter—ever get through the net. I mean this sincerely!

Why not just go through life asleep and enjoy the bliss? Well, you might enjoy your ignorance, but the price may be extremely high.

I suspect that except for my special understanding of government motivation, I might have been killed in the Korean War. Later on I had a few chances to be foolishly exposed to surgery that could have done me in. Neither my wife nor I have ever yielded to any doctor recommendations for surgery and many drugs. We just politely refused or trashed prescriptions for drugs.

Yes, my focus is on esoteric history, government, natural health and financial markets. My findings have stood my family and me quite well. I only wish that I could tap every one of you to join my success and my wonderful life derived from consistent and obsessive inquiry. Well, anyway, you benefit from my letters if you are getting the meaning and spirit of them.

It is my firm belief that you will join my perspective to the extent that you do your own reading and inquiry. If you’re too busy, you are too busy or if you are too lazy—well, you are not lazy or you wouldn’t be reading this Letter.

Now back to conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is what everybody believes. And what everybody believes is wrong, even if what they believe was believed by their ancestors. People are obsessed with believing what they have always believed without question. An inquiring mind is required for anyone to question long-held views.

Now here are some examples of conventional wisdom. This is what most people believe:

  • That government will not lie or allow an economic depression.
  • That history as taught in schools or history books is truth.
  • That pharmaceuticals sell good drugs that aid cures.
  • That vaccinations bring immunity.
  • That they can “catch” disease from someone else—germ theory.
  • That the cure for cancer is just around the corner.
  • When a child is sick, he needs antibiotics.
  • When a child has fever, he needs Tylenol.
  • Hospitals are safe and clean.
  • That drugs are not poison.
  • That doctors and hospitals do not cause deaths.
  • Guns are dangerous.
  • World War I “made the world safe for democracy.”
  • World War II was for democracy to prevail over tyranny.
  • The Korean War was to “contain communism.”
  • The Iraq war was to find and destroy “weapons of mass destruction.”
  • Paper money is wealth.

There is a science and massive effort to create and manipulate public opinion in America. Do you remember the reason? It’s for conformity and control.

The nature of government is to perpetually grow, and the nature of politics and politicians is for wealth and. They represent government, not you.

Governments and politicians mask their agendas and create illusions to deceive and misrepresent.

Governments, bureaucrats and politicians look upon the public as a herd that should be deceived and led for the benefit of government and the elite.

Edward L. Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, is the father of manipulative propaganda in America. Mass persuasion and mass hypnosis is the fundamental of so-called democracy.

This is from Bernays book, Propaganda:

“Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested largely by men we have never heard of.

In almost every act of our lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business or in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.”

Industry and commerce jumped on the spin to build their public images for bigger profits.

Who do we think funds the front called the International Food Information Council to pacify the public on genetically modified foods? Right—Monsanto™, Du Pont™, Frito-Lay™, Coca-Cola™, Nutrasweet™—those in a position to make fortunes from General Mills™ foods.

Herr Goebbels admitted that he learned mass psychology manipulation from the Americans.

What is lowest on the agenda of the massive brainwash? What has no commercial value? The answer is public health and personal liberty. The system is historically opposed to these. No judge will rule on any issue of truth about public health or personal liberty.

They have dumbed us down. We are on the animal farm. They rape us daily and we never question their criminal intentions.

In the Belly Of the Beast

The Christian faith is the only religion that cannot be manipulated in favor of one worldism or universalism sometimes called the New World Order. This is precisely why the world system and its political leaders hate, despise and persecute Christianity.

I hasten to explain that all the phony Christian fronts, televangelists and world evangelists are not Christians, but very much a part of the worldly system of antichrist.

All religions are collectivist religions except Christianity, which is an individual and individualist faith. Governments want and must have collectivism under some name whether it be democracy or communism.

Collectivism is a certain means of social, economic and religious control.

Politicians regularly espouse individualism, human liberty and democracy at the same time. Impossible! Individualism and human liberty are opposite to democracy and any other form of collectivism.

The collectivist mentality or the mass collective mind is the spirit of the New World Order. The collectivist man cannot oppose tyranny because he is himself tyranny. He is the reality of the supreme welfare state in its conspiracy of the ages to manipulate humanity against itself.

Collectivism is the foundation of the New World Order. It is supreme and total deception. It is completion of the tower of Babel. It is the conclusion and finished man without the spirit of Christ.

The collectivist mentality lures mankind into guidance from “higher authorities” (government). The crowd wants prepackaged truth and human freedom from government authority instead of using their own consciousness for making decisions and determining their own actions.

Hence, they are easily deceived and manipulated under some altruistic nonsense. Collective man wants the external authority of government instead of the spirit and mind of Christ. The animal farm is that world arena wherein man collectively surrenders himself, his personal being, his ego to collective and obedient faith in government authority.

It’s all very simple. A crowd can be manipulated into an altered state of consciousness (Hitler’s torchlight parades) finally evolving into a growing attitude of docility, whereas an individualistic person cannot be manipulated so easily. The state always considers that a self-sufficient and independent thinker is a threat to collectivism and its deception of the masses.

Thus, the Christian takes on the being and Spirit of Christ. His total allegiance is to The Living God. He will not sacrifice himself for “the common good” or “higher causes.” He cannot be manipulated by the State.

The welfare state must absolutely keep the people from the individualistic tendency of thinking for themselves.

Government parasites extract their wealth, power and pomp from mass deception based upon altruistic sacrifices of the workers and producers of wealth. Their greatest fear is that this will be revealed.

Human liberty is of God, not a privilege of the state. Let’s put on the whole Armor of God!

Pharmaceutical firms sued for fraudulent pricing

Is big pharma gouging prices?Kansas attorney general Steve Six has said that 17 pharmaceutical companies will be added to an existing lawsuit that claims firms illegally inflated drug costs at the expense of the state’s Medicaid program.

Last month, Six sued 13 drug companies for allegedly misreporting the cost of drugs to the Kansas Medicaid program, in order to boost their reimbursement.

By listing higher costs on a variety of medications when reporting to the state, the firms increased their market share significantly, the suit alleges.

For example, according to Legal Newsline, Amgen/Immunex said that the average wholesale price of the drug Leucovorin Calcium was $137.94. However, the price paid by pharmacists was actually $14.58.

"We believe Kansas has lost millions of dollars as a result of these drug companies’ fraudulent pricing schemes," Six said.

He called the firms’ actions "a disturbing abuse" of the method by which Medicaid reimburses pharmaceutical companies.

Among the 17 defendants listed in the newest suit are Bayer, Eli Lilly and Novartis. The previous filing named Takeda, Schering Plough and GlaxoSmithKline – among others.


More people register for unemployment

Americans face joblessnessThe number of people newly registering for unemployment benefits reached its highest level in the past 16 years last week, according to figures from the Labor Department.

New applications increased to a seasonally adjusted 542,000, much greater than the figure of 505,000 that had been forecast by economists.

That means that a total of 4.012 million Americans are receiving jobless benefits – the highest number seen since 1982.

Experts say these numbers do not bode well for the job market and for the economy in general. In October, unemployment reached 6.5 percent and the Federal Reserve predicts the rate could rise to 7.6 percent in 2009.

"With retail sales collapsing, industrial production plunging, export orders off a cliff and commercial property just starting what will be a very steep downturn, there is nowhere to hide," economist Ian Shepherdson told the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, President Bush has indicated that he would support extending unemployment benefits to help offset the challenges posed by the current job climate.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the measure – which would lengthen the benefits period by at least seven weeks – today.

Govt mulls change in retirement account withdrawals

The rules governing withdrawals may changeAs the economic downturn continues to challenge the savings plans of millions of retirees, the government is considering changing the rules governing retirement account withdrawals.

The Treasury has been mulling a temporary adjustment to the requirement that people aged 70 ½ and older withdraw a minimum amount from their account on an annual basis, the Wall Street Journal reports.

This requirement is currently problematic because the distribution amounts are calculated in line with the market value of the account as of the last day of the previous year.

In the current climate in which retirees have already seen the value of their accounts plunge, using December 2007 as a guide to withdrawal amounts does not seem to make sense, the publications states.

Potential changes include permitting people to delay their withdrawals, reducing the amount of required withdrawals and providing tax relief for people who have already been forced to withdraw this year.

Commenting on the losses faced by many retirees, AARP’s Bill Novelli told the publication that "older individuals have disproportionately experienced these losses – and many do not have the luxury to wait for a market rebound."

Recent research has suggested that some baby boomers are postponing retirement due to financial uncertainty.

Watchdog: Mandatory health insurance idea is flawed

Mandatory health insurance may not empower the patientThe concept of obligating every American to purchase health insurance coverage is unsound and is likely to lead to abuse by the insurance industry, a consumer group has said.

According to Consumer Watchdog, the insurance industry’s agreement to support national healthcare reform is "self-serving" because it would profit from a situation in which everyone was required to purchase coverage.

Insurance companies would effectively be left on their own to decide on premium prices and details of coverage, removing power from the hands of the consumer, the group explains.

"That’s like GM agreeing to a bailout plan that requires every American to buy a new Suburban each year, as long as GM gets to set the price and decide whether or not to include the transmission," commented Consumer Watchdog’s Jerry Flanagan.

The findings of a Consumer Watchdog poll reveal that 63 percent of people are against mandatory health insurance when there is no limit set on charges.

Last year, Massachusetts became the first state to make health insurance mandatory for all residents in an attempt to make coverage more affordable.

However, according to a recent poll by the Boston Globe and the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation, cost is still the number one health concern of those living in Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney: Auto bailout would be a disaster

Mitt Romney opposes an auto industry bailoutFormer Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has warned against bailing out Detroit automakers, recommending that the government let them go bankrupt instead.

In a New York Times editorial, Romney said he believes that a check from Washington would not solve the sector’s problems.

Instead, he proposes that a "managed bankruptcy" could help "propel newly competitive and viable automakers, rather than seal their fate."

Carmakers have been asking for $25 billion in funds which they say is necessary for their survival. The issue has proved divisive on Capitol Hill, with some lawmakers suggesting the money should be used for different purposes.

For example, Romney says that more money should be directed toward new technologies to keep the industry competitive. He also calls for an end to executive perks and a restructuring of labor and benefit agreements that would put Detroit more closely in line with foreign automakers.

Taxpayer watchdog Consumers Against Government Waste has also spoken out against a rescue package, criticizing industry leaders and unions for their "sense of entitlement."

"It is time to apply the brakes to the bailout bonanza," the group added.

State rules may push health insurance costs higher

State laws on health coverage varyCertain rules on health insurance enforced on a state level may lead to people paying more for coverage, the results of a new study suggest.

Mark Showalter, an economist at Brigham Young University, analyzed the rules that govern health insurance in different states in the country and found that varying regulations affect pricing for individuals who purchase directly from insurers.

For example, in states that adjust pricing based on factors such as age and health status, households paid between 21 percent and 33 percent more. Showalter suggested that the measure – which is intended to promote equity – may actually penalize healthy people.

He also found that people living in states that require insurers to accept all doctors, hospitals and pharmacies – instead of choosing from a list – paid around 10 percent more.

Showalter explained that the findings help "present a picture of what would happen if consumers were allowed to buy insurance from other states."

The research was undertaken to gather information on how to potentially make health coverage less costly by permitting people to shop across state lines for health insurance.

President-elect Barack Obama has identified healthcare reform as one of his top five priorities once he enters the White House.

Expert warns of new drug-resistant bacteria in hospitals

A new drug-resistant bacteria is causing illnessesYou may have already heard of the MRSA superbug, a drug-resistant bacteria that can lead to infection and even death.

Now, an expert is warning that hospitals and healthcare settings may harbor an even more dangerous bacterium known as acinetobacter baumannii (A baumannii).

According to Matthew Falagas, director of the Alfa Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Greece, the bacteria causes around 30 percent of drug-resistant hospital infections worldwide.

The bacteria can survive on surfaces and are resistant to disinfectants, which make it difficult to fully eliminate their existence in healthcare facilities.

"There is a growing frequency of A baumannii infections in various hospitals around the world," Falagas told Reuters. "The infections are difficult to treat because the bugs are resistant to most agents."

In a study published in The Lancet, experts called for further measures to address the risk posed by drug-resistant bacteria in hospitals. Hand-washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of these infections.

The warning about A baumannii follows the findings of a study reported last week, which discovered that hospital infections from the bacteria clostridium difficile were more common than previously thought.

Insurance Companies Are Money Motivated. Duh…

Have you wondered why the insurance companies wouldn’t be the very first to embrace alternative therapies? Instead, they support the medical monopoly 100 percent. They pay for death benefits, that is for drugs and everything that will kill you, instead of natural alternatives that cure and heal at a very low cost.

Why? The answer is money. How? The cost of conventional medicine is skyrocketing and insurance premiums are correspondingly rising out of sight. So, the higher the cost, the higher the premium income becomes to the health insurers.

Come now, if they got involved with alternative therapies, they would kill the medical cartel and their own profits. On the contrary, they have a vested interest in noncures and research that is forever looking and never finding.

They don’t insure for “health care.” They insure for premiums and profits.

These revered and respectable institutions are merchants of death. Only in America!

Example: Nationwide Billboard Campaign

“Love Them”
“Protect Them”
“Immunize Them”

Do you get it? The sign is cleverly equating loving and protecting your children with immunizing them.

This is a perfect example of subtle persuasion where the public is fed two positives to get them to automatically accept something against their best interest.

The billboard is a sales pitch for vaccines and the pharmaceuticals.