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10 Certainties

November 21, 2011 by  

10 Certainties

We live in strange times. Millions of Americans are out of work. Millions more live in fear that their job could go away at any time. The food stamp rolls are larger than they’ve ever been.

An untold number are homeless, not because they choose to be or because they suffer from some mental disease or defect, but because they have lost everything in the second Great Depression. And many more are one missed paycheck or one delinquent mortgage payment away from finding themselves on the street.

A growing number of young adults are now living with their parents or other relatives. Unable to find a decent job despite possessing a college diploma, tens of thousands leave college mired under an irrepressible and unmanageable debt burden.

Protests that began in the Middle East earlier this year over rising food prices and food shortages evolved and spread throughout the region and now find themselves smack in the middle of America in the form of the Occupy movement.

Our country suffers from an amoral rot. Secular humanism, nontheism, atheism and other humanist philosophies are attempting to elevate the creature above the Creator. As such, a belief that the end justifies the means is consuming society. It’s become, “Anything goes.”

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Where America is headed is anybody’s guess. I think we are in store for a complete collapse of the system, because there are 10 things that are certain.

We should never underestimate the ignorance of the American voter.

After all, they elected Barack Hussein Obama, a man who openly campaigned on an anti-American socialist philosophy and had the least experience, fewest qualifications, thinnest resume and shadiest past of any serious Presidential candidate in United States history.

Of course, the alternative was really no alternative. That’s the way the elites wanted it. And now the global elites and their corporate media propaganda machine are deciding again who will be elected — and the American voter, with nary a whimper, follows blindly along, accepting that a two-horse race between Mitt Romney and some neocon anti-Romney are the only choices we have.

The trouble has been in selecting the anti-Romney. So far, Michele Bachmann’s star fizzled like a New Year’s sparkler, Rick Perry fell off his horse after he insulted most Republicans over illegal immigration in one debate and stepped on his tongue in two others, Herman Cain’s stock has begun dropping faster than Sharon Bialek’s perky mood in the back of a limo — as much because of Cain’s incoherent answers to tough questions as over the dubious sexual harassment claims — and now Newt Gingrich is the rising neocon star.

The same Newt Gingrich who twice (at least) cheated on his wives (he’s had three) while they suffered from serious illnesses. The same globalist, Council on Foreign Relations member, pagan ritual Bohemian Grove attendee Newt Gingrich who sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi in an advertisement hawking the threat of man-caused global warming, who has a penchant for cozying up with people like race huckster Al Sharpton when it’s politically expedient and then denouncing them later, who devised the original government-growing Contract with America, who endorsed RINO (later to turn Democrat) Dede Scozzafava over a Tea Party candidate, who called Congressman Paul Ryan’s deficit reduction plan right-wing social engineering, who said the Tea Party will be the “militant wing” of the GOP, and who we now know looted American taxpayers of between $1.6 million and $1.8 million as a “historian” for the Freddie Mac corporatist slush fund (although Gingrich remembers only about $300,000 of it). And this is the same Newt Gingrich who once called for a Federal mandate to purchase health insurance, endorsed “cap-and-trade” legislation, said he would have voted for TARP and promoted Bush’s prescription drug bill. He also continues to support ethanol subsidies and is pro-amnesty for illegals.

That Gingrich, with all his baggage and pompousness, can be an attractive candidate to people who call themselves conservatives, tells you all you need to know of the ignorance of the average voter. And this ignorance continues because…

There is a concerted effort by the establishment to defeat Ron Paul.

It’s gotten so overt that even the corporatist media propaganda machine is chastising its own members over their treatment of Paul. It all seemed to come to a head after the Nov. 12 CBS News debate in which Paul got 89 seconds to speak during the only televised hour of the debate.

In addition to the snubs, which have left Paul with the least speaking time in all the debates — even much less than Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum, who are barely registering in the polls — networks have a habit of taking down or dismissing as irrelevant any polls that show Paul doing well. Despite it all, Paul is in a virtual tie for first in Iowa and is a strong second in New Hampshire, a State that Romney will probably carry hands-down. And Paul is polling the best of all Republican candidates against Obama with independent voters.

The media and political elites fear Paul because he has not been corrupted and will expose that…

Government is a criminal enterprise.

News this week that members of Congress have been involved in unethical, if not illegal, insider trading based on information they possess before anyone else or on laws they know are about to be considered is just one more straw to put in the camel’s pack. How many more can that poor camel hold before the American people really wake up?

We have long told you here about the crony capitalism and fascism that infest the capital. And while Congress, former Congressional staffers and big businesses dip into the money-printing till and pass dollars around like the Monopoly® money it is, bureaucrats, paper pushers, statist judges, on-the-take regulators, Department of Justice thugs, Congress and an increasingly-militarized Federal government create dozens of new statutes and regulations because…

The Federal Government wants to make everyone a criminal.

Just last week, it was announced that the Department of Justice wanted to criminalize lying to a website. So, if you violate the “Terms of Use” policy by fibbing on online dating sites, social networks, etc., you could become a felon. The government wants to treat those terms as contracts.

In his book, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent, Harvey A. Silverglate writes that “federal prosecutors are abusing their power by using the criminal law to prosecute law abiding citizens…” They are seizing illegal power by twisting marginal and highly questionable interpretations of criminal law.

We are in danger of becoming a society in which prosecutors alone become judges, juries and executioners because the threat of high sentences makes it too costly for even innocent people to resist the prosecutorial pressure. The pattern is to intimidate all criminally charged defendants into pleading guilty to “reduced” charges rather than risk going to trial with the threat of draconian sentences in the implied event of conviction. And remember, government prosecutors have unlimited funds to use to pay an unlimited number of lawyers and investigators to spend an unlimited number of hours to snoop, dig and scratch around in every aspect of a citizen’s business, thanks to the USA Patriot Act.

No trial? This means that the Federal prosecuting attorney is the judge and the jury.

We now have a huge volume of Federal criminal laws which are broad and impossibly vague, and Silverglate believes it’s possible the average citizen unknowingly violates at least three of them every day. They have become dangerously disconnected from English common law tradition. And since most Federal judges are selected from a pool of former Federal prosecutors, it’s rare if ever that a judge rules against the government’s case.

Liberty-loving Americans are now considered the enemy of the State. The Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies have issued memos and directives describing who they see as potential “domestic” terrorists. They include military veterans — both retired and those returning from overseas engagements — Tea Party supporters, Ron Paul supporters, 2nd Amendment supporters, 10th Amendment supporters, people who display American flags, people with Gadsden Flag bumper stickers, anti-Obamacare protesters and anyone who advocates for smaller government.

But this is only part of our government’s war on us because…

Government creates crises and uses them to steal liberty and transfer wealth.

In the days following the 9/11 attacks, President George W. Bush and Congress acted quickly to pass overarching laws that allowed increased surveillance of Americans. The meme was that law enforcement agencies needed increased “power” to snoop, spy, eavesdrop and invade in order to identify terrorists. With the passage of the law, government has almost carte blanch to go anywhere, look at anything and listen to whatever it wants on any and all conversations, transactions and correspondence Americans have. And Americans can no longer travel without subjecting themselves to radiation-emitting scans or humiliating searches.

Meanwhile, the FBI infiltrates mosques, Muslim communities, militias and other “subversive” groups looking for ignorant patsies they can turn into potential terrorists. They then provide them with dummy bombs or weapons and ridiculously ineffective plans for terror plots and wait for them to try to pull them off.

These “terror plots” give the government more excuses to intrude on civil liberties.

With the bursting of the housing bubble (created by former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan’s easy-money policies), Bush, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke went on television claiming the sky was falling and predicted the end of the world if “government” didn’t bail out Goldman Sachs, AIG and their other corporatist buddies in the financial sector. We got the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), and Bush claimed he had “abandoned free-market principals to save the free-market system.”

What really happened is that trillions of dollars were transferred from hard-working Americans to the coffers of big business and big finance, both in the United States and abroad. Of course, there is nothing new about this. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the Great Depression to reward his labor friends and grow government’s power under the interstate commerce clause. And while Americans starved, thousands of farmers were forced by the government to destroy crops and livestock.

After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, Roosevelt began issuing executive orders by the handfuls, locking up Americans without cause and stealing liberty, wealth and prosperity from citizens in the process.

But this is not the history that people are taught. And schoolchildren certainly never hear in school that…

The Federal Reserve is looting your bank account right out from under your nose.

Few people have a real understanding of just how insidious the Federal Reserve and inflation are. But no matter where you hide your money, through its money-printing, the Federal Reserve steals a portion every day.

That’s because every dollar printed reduces the value of those you hold. Think of it like pouring water into a glass of milk. The more water that is poured in, the less milk remains. Pretty soon, there is no milk left.

Right now the official rate of inflation is about 3.5 percent. It is, in fact, much higher. But the highest-paying interest rate on a certificate of deposit is about 1.1 percent. You do the math.

Face it. The system is stacked against you because…

Financial interests control the world.

Of course, that has long been the ultimate goal of the elites. They have been, throughout history, ruthless and unwavering in their efforts. They are the true 1 percent.

I and others have long warned about the growing power of the financial elites. We write often about their growing power and the increased fascism of the system. Now a group of researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have uncovered the 147 “super-entities” that control the world’s wealth, according to an article in New Scientist.

Here’s a list of the Top 25. See any familiar names?

  1. Barclays PLC
  2.  Capital Group Companies Inc.
  3.  FMR Corp.
  4.  AXA
  5.  State Street Corporation
  6. JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  7. Legal & General Group PLC
  8. Vanguard Group Inc.
  9. UBS AG
  10. Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.
  11. Wellington Management Company LLP
  12. Deutsche Bank AG
  13.  Franklin Resources Inc.
  14.  Credit Suisse Group
  15. Walton Enterprises LLC
  16.  The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
  17. Natixis
  18. Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
  19. T. Rowe Price Group Inc.
  20. Legg Mason Inc.
  21. Morgan Stanley
  22. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc.
  23. Northern Trust Corporation
  24. Société Générale
  25. Bank of America Corporation

“From Orbis 2007, a database listing 37 million companies and investors worldwide, they pulled out all 43,060 TNCs (transnational corporations) and the share ownerships linking them. Then they constructed a model of which companies controlled others through shareholding networks, coupled with each company’s operating revenues, to map the structure of economic power,” according to the report.

“When the team further untangled the web of ownership, it found much of it tracked back to a ‘super-entity’ of 147 even more tightly knit companies—all of their ownership was held by other members of the super-entity—that controlled 40 per cent of the total wealth in the network. ‘In effect, less than 1 per cent of the companies were able to control 40 per cent of the entire network,’ says [researcher James] Glattfelder.”

Now you see why the buddy system operated so well when the Fed began bailing out the “too big to fails.” And the big corporations got there with the help of their corporatist partners in crime in Congress.

The truth of the matter is…

We are no longer operating under Constitutional government, but people are completely unaware.

The government-controlled non-education system, corporate-controlled media and government propaganda machine have succeeded in producing an uneducated generation that is so ignorant it doesn’t even know it’s ignorant and, therefore, can’t do anything about it.

Rather than teach history, government indoctrination centers focus on less-significant, politically correct characters — in order to prop up the self-esteem of the “underpriviledged” and “underrepresented” — and singular, historically insignificant events. One specific example I know of is of a middle-school child whose teacher spent three class days on the U.S. Olympic hockey team’s upset of the Soviets in 1980, and about 15 minutes of class time on World War II.

Of course, a discussion of the founding of our country, the conditions that sparked the revolution, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution that resulted from their discussions, or the greatness of the Founding Fathers received little or no attention in that class. I’m afraid it’s the rule rather than the exception.

Ask someone on the street about the Constitution and you’ll probably get some lame answer about “separation of church and state” or “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” like Herman Cain gave in one of his speeches.

And rather than work to gain knowledge of the country and its politics, most would rather devote their time to voting for the next “Idol” and debating who should get voted off the island and whether college football should have a playoff. These and other unimportant events completely consume the general public.

So when government does pass new unConstitutional laws, no one is the wiser. Most people are concerned about — if they think about it all — “what’s in it for me?” and “how much ‘free’ money do I get?” Many are still waiting for the “free money” from “Obama’s stash.” Unfortunately, because they weren’t large corporate donors, they got nothing but disdain from the teleprompter in chief.

Congress, aided by a willing Judiciary and President, long ago left any pretense of governing according to the Constitution. When they’re sworn in, they pledge their fealty to it, then put it away never to be read again.

Meanwhile, the two-party system of governance entraps people who do pay a modicum of attention into a false left/right paradigm and the corporate-controlled government propaganda machine pushes the false notion that there is a difference between the parties. But Democrat or Republican is irrelevant. It’s all class warfare, dissembling Kabuki Theater.

To demonstrate how far we’ve traversed from the Constitution, the government can now prevent you from drinking raw milk, can force you to have your children vaccinated for non-existent maladies, can search you without cause, can arrest you for videotaping in public, can murder American citizens at will and can twist and turn obscure statutes and use them to incarcerate and fine you.

The Federal agencies designed to protect us from bad foods and bad drugs instead promote bad foods and bad drugs and make natural foods and supplements illegal or difficult to obtain. That keeps Americans fat and happy and stupid.

In addition to loving the increased power they get by ignoring the Constitution, it’s a fact that…

Politicians love war and an attack on Iran is inevitable.

War is yet another way for government to steal the liberty of the American people, and war with Iran is inevitable, Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize notwithstanding. The drumbeats for war are reaching a crescendo, and the same rhetoric used in the run-up to the Iraq war is being replayed in the run-up to Iran.

The frightening thing is that the anti-war Democrats have gone silent. Some protested loud and long over Bush’s wars, but Obama has been given a pass — by Congress and the American people — to invade any country he chooses over the most dubious of reasons. And it seems from the cheering the neocon warmongers get during the Republican debates, Americans have grown to love war as much as the politicians.

Sources tell me U.S. Marines will be on the ground in Libya in January, news reports indicate a Marine contingent will soon land in Australia, and Obama recently sent “military advisers” to Central Africa. The French just recalled their diplomat from Syria, an indication a Libya-style attack is in the offing. This is all proof that…

The American government is seeking world conquest.

The globalists and One World Government crowd will not rest until all the world is in subjection. Moammar Gadhafi was taken down because he wouldn’t play in the OWG pool, and Syria and Iran are next. The Marines going to Australia will be a foil to China. Then, who knows?

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Angel Wannabe

    Hands clapping Bob, you’ve summed up America 2011 in fell swoop!
    It’s “We the People” vs. the Elite or Us vs. Them!
    ….Now with the OWS in play, it seems they’re trying sealing our fate and crushing what’s left of capitalism altogether, when Crony Capitalism is what’s to blame. I’ve been watching the Tweets and the chats of the OWSer’s, trying to get a feel for what they want and in Manure Spreader Fashion, opinions are all over the place but all the finger pointing, blame on one thing, Capitalism. When its Crony Capitalism that’s to blame.
    On top of our diminishing & twisted free speech, an article appeared the other day that caught my eye. Allegedly The Pentagon released 20,000 American troops throughout the US,,000_Troops_In_U.S._To_Prepare_For_Civil_Unrest_Due_To_Economic_Collapse..html

    As Thanksgiving approaches Folks, we need to be Thankful for what’s important, God, each New Dawn, our Families & the ability of Love.
    Our world is rapidly changing and the Famous word’s in a song by the Rolling Stones, said it best “we don’t always get what we want, but we get what we need”.

    • Cribster

      Hi Angel,

      While it’s crucial to be aware of national and world events I sometimes inundate myself with bad news.

      I occasionally need something like this that a friend sent this morning, I hope it compliments what you wrote at the end.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Cribster, What a Beautiful vid!!!__We DO need to remind ourselves to view the world in a blende of childlike innocence, with the wisdom of the old.Thanks for the vid! :)

      • kodster5

        Thank you, Cribster… I needed that reminder, too. It was a beautiful reminder of how to live our lives each day.

      • eddie47d

        Beautiful video Cribster and very appropriate for Thanksgiving week.

        • Pearljam

          eddie47d you filthy COMMUNIST.

      • Joe H.

        Beautiful video, what I was able to watch. I don’t know if it’s my puter or the vid, but it keeps stopping, playing, stopping, never could get through the whole thing. The thought was there, though!!

    • JeffH

      Hear Hear Angel Wannabe! :)

    • Old Henry

      Good link Angel. Thank you. I passed it on to many.
      How soon before it’s 200,000?

      • Angel Wannabe

        Old Henry, It’s anyones guess Henry, if they’re sayin 20,000 it could mean 50,000. Thing is I wonder how were all going to react when we eventually see them in our neighborhoods?_-I can’t believe some of the idiots on here, who don’t believe whats happening_-I guees beck was right_ Normalcy Bias, and “Oh it can’t happen here”.__Riiiight.

        • vicki

          IF they are oathkeepers ( I welcome them in my neighborhood. We can use the training and brothers at arms.

          • Angel Wannabe

            vicki and Jeffh, it doesnt sound like they meant the 20,000 released were Oatkeepers, if they were I’d support them as well!

        • vicki

          IF they are oathkeepers I welcome them in my neighborhood. We can use the training and brothers at arms. (and wny was this moderated when I included the website? )

          • JeffH

            vicki, I too would welcome my fellow “brother” Oathkeeprs to my neighborhood.

    • http://naver samurai

      Great video and Happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the day set aside where we thank God for all he has done for us the past year. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Mike in MI

        Samurai – I heard that word means, “You’re a joy to my heart.”
        Or, is that just a bunch of bushido?

  • Barbara

    We need God’s blessings. What has happened to societies throughout history when HE is abandoned? He abandones us…very bad.

    • JimO

      Personally, I think that the USA has done its part in God’s plan and is no longer needed. However, there is a part of the plan where much of the world is destroyed (by an asteroid named Wormwood?). The amount of destruction is about the size/population of North and South America.

    • Mike in MI

      Hey, Babs – God bless,
      I don’t think it’s that God abandons us so much as that people get all caught up in the evil and situations swirling around us and forget to take the time to think about God and His powerful Word. Consequently they aren’t consciously thankful to Him or make their requests known on the basis of that to which He says He will respond.
      Without reading and mentally stirring up what His Word says…we forget. When we forget we don’t ask…or recieve. Then get the condition spoken of in James 4:2 “…you fight and war, you have not because you ask not. 3). You ask and receive not because you ask amiss…” Study Paul’s letters (an Amplified Bible is one of the best translations available) and take it to heart about how highly God thinks of you because in the midst of this stupid age you would dare to believe Him. So, read and learn what He wants you to believe.
      It isn’t enough to just be against this evil around us. We need something to actively believe to mentally counter darkness. Realize that you are in a battle to attract your attention and confuse your mind in order to get you doing things with your mind that can’t help you.
      Words have power and the Words of God were what produced the entire Universe for our blessing. But it got corrupted. Bring your attention to the Creator (away from the Corrupter’s corruption).
      “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” God has not abandoned His people and He says, “I will not ever leave you nor never, even not ever forsake you.” (a unique triple reflexive in Hebrews 13:5) His words set the Universe in motion. Has their power over it or in it diminished since that time? Emphatically, NOT!
      Look, the powers in this world tried to overcome God, thinking that if they killed His kid they’d have it all. Death was always the Devil’s greatest threat against mankind to get us to knuckle under. God tricked the enemy and using their greatest threat, completely defeated them. Raising Jesus Christ from the dead, because Christ believed the Old Testament to the letter, it became possible for man to become “more than a conqueror” among those who identify themselves with that victory.
      Don’t get wrapped up in their foolishness. I’d be dead four times that I know of if I’d let the world rule my mind. It ain’t that I’m so great – but God surely is.

      • Joe H.

        Mike in Mich,
        People that think God abandons us should read the passage titled “Footprints in the Sand”. Sometimes God CARRIES US!!!!

        • Angel Wannabe

          Joeh, That was my Mother’s Favorite Poem, and I know he carried her when she was to weak to walk, when she became sick at 11!!!
          My My, the Good Lord made her strong!

          • Mike in MI

            Joe H. and Angelisabee -
            Thanks for the reminder about that poem.
            God’s middle name is “endunamoo”. Empowerment within. You are among the great ones on here I think. Thanks fer bein’ you.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Awww, That’s Nice Mike, Thank You! :)

          • Joe H.

            Mike In MI,
            Thanks for the thought. there are others here that do much more than me. i just try to do my part when I can. God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving. May you have much to be thankful for!!

    • Brian

      THAT is very true…

    • http://naver samurai

      Very true! Keep up the good fight! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://naver samurai

      This is another way to show we are a Christian nation.

      “I do recommend and assign Thursday…to be devoted by the people…to the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all good…that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country.”

      George Washington
      October 3, 1789


      • Angel Wannabe

        Hear, Hear Samurai!

        • http://naver samurai

          Thank you, fellow patriot! My you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving this year. Happy Thanksgiving to all on this site. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Joe H.

            Same right back atcha!!! May you and Sook Young have much to be thankful for as well!!!

  • Al Sieber

    I agree with this whole damn article, Angel, thanks for the link.

  • Boops

    Your articles are great and informative until you add god, creator and other ancient, superstitious, ridiculous and fictional nonsense. Then you loose any intelligent person with that ignorance. Surely you jest!
    Or as you say, Americans are truly ignorant and politicians, and yourself use that god BS to get votes from the ignorant masses of sheeples. Gods and religion has nothing to do with morality, except the fear forced ones, and is what has put this world into the problems it has now.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Boops_Oh Goody, another Egotist, too full of themselves to believe in a higher power than your self!

      • Mike in MI

        hee hee – Good’r’un Angel

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Boops,

      The scripture speaks of people like you:

      Romans 1:18-25:
      “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures.

      “Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them. For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” [NASB]

      I pray daily for you and other unbelievers.

      Best wishes,

      • Angel Wannabe

        Bob, There isn’t a better reply than God’s word!

      • asmithington


      • Brian

        Rather convenient, wouldn’t you say? Just because your Bible says something is so, does not make it so. Until you can prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt it remains nothing but a book of stories that you choose to believe in. You continue to prove my point below. Folks like you scream bloody murder about a Muslim theocracy and sharia law but have no problem leading us towards w Christian theocracy. ALL theocracies are dictatorial. The sooner your religion gets away from our government the sooner we can get back to what made this country great…a respect for the equal rights of all…not religion.

        • Angel Wannabe

          Brian, We can’t separate God and Government Brian, our form of Government was Founded on Bibilical Principal wether you like or not.

          Exodus 18:13 to 27 13And it came to pass on the morrow that Moses sat to judge the people, and the people stood by Moses from the morning unto the evening.

          14 And when Moses’ father-in-law saw all that he did for the people, he said, “What is this thing that thou doest for the people? Why sittest thou thyself alone, and all the people stand by thee from morning unto evening?”

          15 And Moses said unto his father-in-law, “Because the people come unto me to inquire of God.

          16When they have a matter, they come unto me, and I judge between one and another, and I make them know the statutes of God and His laws.”

          17And Moses’ father-in-law said unto him, “The thing that thou doest is not good.

          18Thou wilt surely wear away, both thou and this people who are with thee. For this thing is too heavy for thee. Thou art not able to perform it thyself alone.

          19Hearken now unto my voice! I will give thee counsel, and God shall be with thee: Be thou for the people to Godward, that thou mayest bring the causes unto God.

          20And thou shalt teach them ordinances and laws, and shalt show them the way wherein they must walk and the work that they must do.

          21Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God — men of truth, hating covetousness — and place such over them to be rulers of thousands and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties and rulers of tens.

          22And let them judge the people at all seasons; and it shall be that every great matter they shall bring unto thee, but every small matter they shall judge. So shall it be easier for thyself, and they shall bear the burden with thee.

          23If thou shalt do this thing and God command thee so, then thou shalt be able to endure, and all this people shall also go to their place in peace.”

          24So Moses hearkened to the voice of his father-in-law, and did all that he had said.

          25And Moses chose able men out of all Israel and made them heads over the people: rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.

          26And they judged the people at all seasons. The hard causes they brought unto Moses, but every small matter they judged themselves.

          27And Moses let his father-in-law depart, and he went his way into his own land.

          • Tazio2013

            The US Government WAS NOT founded on biblical principles; it was founded on the principles of the Enlightenment. Suggest that you take a secular history course re the US Constitution and get objectively educated rather than spouting your biblical nonsense.

          • Angel Wannabe

            I see Tax, student of revisionist history, Bill Ayers is be proud!
            Criticize away buddy! :)

          • Angel Wannabe

            and Taz, Revising history, doesn’t make it fact!!!!

          • Randy

            Angel, I see you as well as millions of others have been brainwashed into believing a book that is based on plagiarism. To date there have been 5 immaculate conceptions recorded, 4 of which were written thousands of years before Jesus walked this planet. One in particular, is written in one of the oldest pyramids. I was brought up as a devout catholic and remained that until I was assaulted by several drunk priests at one of their conventions. I have not found anything concrete in any of the stories conveyed in the bible. I do however believe in a higher power. And yes, all of these pyramids have stories of alien beings in their spacecrafts visiting the earth thousands of years before Jesus’ existance.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Randy, I’m happy where I am, you obviously have a need to try and do the very thing you’ve accused me of being, brainwashed. In your eyes I’m wrong, because you say so…Well Bud, I’ve only ever listened to people who I think may help me or who I think I could learn from, sadly__your not it!__But thanks for trying!! :)

          • Karolyn

            Randy – That’s the thing! they cannot explain these things and just look the other way like they don’t exist because they don’t coincide with what the Bible says! I simply cannot do that. There is so much more!I can’t turn my head away from evidence that is so obvious, while Christians just turn a blind eye. Hey, if it floats their boat, who cares? I just don’t understand.

          • http://naver samurai

            Taizo, Randy, and Karolyn are disgraces to this country and should just be ignored. Though it is hard to ignore Karolyn as she, along with others of her ilk, are nothing more than board harpies. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://naver samurai

            Taizo, you are the one that needs to be educated. We were not founded on the enlightenment, but on the Bible and Judeo-Christian beliefs and you can’t prove otherwise. Since God is mentioned in every state constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and references to Him are in the Constitution, along with Jesus being mentioned, you are the loser here.


            FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • kodster5

          Oh, but Brian, our faith in God gives us a CHOICE! Our Creator does not force Himself down our throats, like other religions. He, as well as His followers, are disappointed and concerned when we turn from Him, but He does not chase us down, killing us, disowning us, throwing us to the wolves. However, can you name one other religion that does? If we turn back to Him, He welcomes us back with open arms, forgiving, loving us as if we never left.

          Besides, in His Word? Religion is spoken with hatred. Everytime the word, the concept, it is spoken with disgust, because even God hates religion, because it puts laws and traps on us. So, you use the word “religion” wrongly. Educate yourself before opening your ignorant mouth.

        • daniel

          Brian et al, Our country was founded on Biblical principles. All you need to do is study history. Governor of PA, Benjamin Rush established that fact after the establishment of the Constitution. He also was a signatory on both Declaration and Constitution. George Washington declared that no man can consider himself a patriot without first considering himself a Christian. Let’s see who presided over the Constitutional Convention? Oh yes, it was George Washington. The Revolutionary War was named the Presbyterian Rebellion in England due to the influence and participation of the clergy in said conflict. I have read Thomas Jefferson’s letters a few hundred and that man was not an atheist by a long shot.
          By the way as I could give myriad examples and quotes to the basis of our Country’s laws I will stop there. I will also have you note that ever since Babylonia laws were established upon religion. Hammurabi Code of Babylonia was from the tale of Gilgamesh all the way to the old USSR which was established upon secular humanism. According to the Supreme Court humanism is a religion with man being God ; which I think is a poor choice with a poor track record.
          All law needs a moral compass upon which to base itself. If God’s word is unchanging then that is what I would and do base laws upon. Secular humanism changes with a whim and offers no security. The best description of humanism in practice would be the ends justify the means. There is no justice in that.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Hear Hear Daniel! :)

          • http://naver samurai

            Well said! “In the presence of the most Holy, undivided Trinity…”
            Treaty of Paris 1783. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Bob from SoCal

          Hello Brian,

          Can you prove to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is no God?

        • Joe H.

          Can you PROVE BEYOND A DOUBT that man walked on the moon?? Yet you believe it!!! you say you saw it in the paper? Could be faked. Saw it on TV? Hell, I’ve seen MANY movies of people living on Mars, don’t make it true, now does it? The GOVERNMENT said it was true??? DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THAT ONE!!! This post is not to say that man DIDN’T walk on the moon, just to say you can’t prove it beyond a doubt!! Yet you believe it!!

        • http://naver samurai

          What proof and evidence can you provide that shows atheism to be accurate and correct? Atheisn is just pure ignorance that says to rely on men and not on God and Jesus. You better watch out as Jesus may walk up behind you one day and smack you on the back of your head. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          P.S. Why do you atheists always base things on science? It only deals with the physical realm.

          • Karolyn

            samurai – Try quantum physics.

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry Karolyn, but no matter what scientific field you post, it only deals with the physical realm of what we can see, smell, taste, touch, and hear. That is why science can never be used as a source on this topic, but I do applaud you for trying. Happy Thanksgiving. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Karolyn

            Same to you, samurai. The study of quantum physics does not involve any of those senses.

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry Karolyn, I just ment the physical realm. Anyway, since I’m no scientist, you may be one up on me this time. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • coal miner

        Myths Bob,just myths

        • http://naver samurai

          Don’t go down that road coal dunnger. You lost many battles doing that. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • billy

        Bob, thanks for all that you do…a true patriot. I agree with almost all of your views but do have a problem with some of Ron Paul’s positions. He has a rigid ideology that alienates too many people to be electable. I would support Paul if he is the GOP nominee and I would ask that ardent Paul supporters also support the eventual GOP nominee even if he turns out to be a flip-floppin’ RINO. Any nominee would be preferable to Obama. I know about the ineffectiveness of Bush & McCain, but Obama has sinister designs for our nation. His CHANGE is not to the liking of the American people but they are too dumb to know it.

      • Mike in MI

        You’re a great man, Bob.
        Anybody who so forthrightly answers the Accuser in the manner you did is directly following in the steps and example of our Lord Jesus Christ.
        !!IT IS WRITTEN!!

        May God plant a big, fat, gooey-one right in the middle of your lovely life.

        • OB1

          Thank you Bob. I quite do not know what else to say. God keep you and bless you. May he pour His Grace upon you. May the wind always be at your back, and may He hold you in the hollow of His hand. And please look into thumb drives before the 20th!!!!!

      • patrick H.T. paine

      • patrick H.T. paine

        ” To conquer, first DIVIDE! ”

        That vitamin stuff got you worried Mr. Livingston? The TRUTH will set you FREE! The first step, however…is to actually KNOW what the truth IS! The second is to be willing to TELL IT and take the risks
        that go along with that CHOICE. Instead of doing that, it would appear that what concerns you most is the threat to your “perceived
        self interest”……and your willingness to incite the “masses” by
        whatever means neccessary…..because the point of your site is very
        clear…….self promotion, ending in the four letter word……SHOP!

        So in order to help you grasp the TRUTH, because I would rather believe that you are “ignorant” rather than deliberatly deceptive,
        you need to understand that the Constitution is not being ignored,
        it has been changed. This change began in 1935 and ended in 1939,
        at which point, the common “law and equity” jurisdictions cited in
        Article Three, ceased to exist. Since this Article, only makes reference to four jurisdictions, and two are no longer available,
        determining what is left should not be difficult for you.

        As far as the Government is concerned, Mr. Livingston, you are not
        Bob ( Robert ) Livingston, you are now BOB LIVINGSTON, and you need only check any form of I.D. you have, i.e. driver’s license, i.d , passport, any legal documents you have received, tax forms mailed to you, even your credit or debit cards….to confirm this.

        Because you have failed to “reserve your rights” which is required by
        UCC 1-207 and it’s state equivilant, i.e. Nevada, which is now NV
        104 NRS 1207……you have “voluntarilly” ( and unwittingly ) made yourself subject to the jurisdictions now in place, and any rights you may have, are those the government permits you to have. ( subject to change at any time )

        I also submit to you, that understanding the “original intent” of this now defunct Constitution, is not enlightened by the Federalist
        Papers, which had influence primarilly in New York, but rather the
        anti-federalist writings……and direct you to the recent work, Ratification: The peoples debate on the constitution by Pauline Meir.
        Since these were authored by 3 men, mostly Hamilton and Madison, and
        the latter altered his understanding, to support the Bill of Rights
        and the fact we are now about as FEDERAL as you can get, your call to
        history seems rather foolish and misinformed.

        It would seem prudent, for those who truly seek understanding of the
        INTENT and purpose of DESIGN to prevent what was truly FEARED, that
        reference to the Articles of Confederation, which required UNANIMOUS
        CONSENT of the united States….is a CRITICAL POINT. Especially if one
        seeks to establish that the powers of the federal government, were indeed both enumerated and LIMITED…..amazingly, this never seems to be mentioned.

        Finally, I submit that the problems we face will not be solved by sound bites and simplistic finger pointing, or on daily websites like
        this, which merely expose the general ignorance of your audience…
        I mean do you read the results of what you inspire here?

        But here is something that maybe you can explain to your audience.

        “In the period between 1982 and 2002, US steel production grew from
        75 million tons to 102 million tons, while the number of steel workers
        declined from 289,000 to 74,000.

        In 2010. manufacturing workers in the united states were producing
        38 percent more output per hour than in 2000. While output has remained fairly stable, employment has declined by more than 32%.”

        These FACTS would seem to suggest that the actual PROBLEM has not been determined…….but maybe you help clear this up for the rest of us?

        ” Do not ask for whom the bell tolls……….”

        • Joe H.

          patrick paine,
          If it has been changed, it has been changed ILLEGALLY!! The constitution specifically states the olny way it can be changed is by an ammendment duely passed by the proper governing body, IE Congress!!

          • Mike in MI

            Joe H. – don’t forget about the required ratification by the various states. Mr. Paine is well and truely named.

          • patrick H.T. paine

            ” To conquer, first DIVIDE! ”

            On REDIRECT, for those attempting to respond for Mr. Livingston, whose
            “perceived self interest” relies on this continual BABEL to a achieve
            his main objective, duly noted as SHOP. ( noting of course that since
            we are now into the following day, his victims have now been given 6+
            new distractions to exercise their ignorance and will therefor not see this in all probability. )

            First a little math 4 – 2 = ? where 4 equals the “constitutional jursidictions” available in Article Three, and the RESULT equals
            the remaining “constitutional jurisdictions” to which you are now
            SUBJECT. So there was nothing illegal or unconstitutional about this
            alteration…….the concept is similar to that of possessing a
            “license to drive a motor vehicle on a public road” where possession of such a license indicates that you have ( wait for it )
            VOLUNTARILLY placed yourself under the “jurisdiction” of the Motor
            Vehicle Code.

            IGNORANCE of the LAW is no excuse……and that includes, Mr. Livingston, the Paul twins, the stellar Judge that is often touted here, and any number of other “experts” that use the word “unconstitutional”, when in fact these jurisdictions ARE.
            Because you have not opted out, ( you are ignorant of both the requirement and the method ) you have again VOLUNTEERED.

            ” Do not ask for whom the bell tolls……….. “

          • JC

            I understand what it is you are trying to say, I really do.
            But that you are “required” to “volunteer” is an oxymoron and an injustice. And we are supposed to be living under a system of justice, are we not?
            I think it’s fair to say that we are coerced into complying to a contract the terms of which have not been fully disclosed to us.
            If it isn’t unConstitutional, it’s certainly immoral, and should be against laws of justice.

            And lighten up on the holier than thou arrogance.
            It just makes you look like a jerk.

          • Joe H.

            Patrick HT Paine,
            you need to realize something. Anything you recieve in an e-mail, there are probably unlimited numbers that got the same!!! I believe I got the same thing you used to try and look smart with in an email from a friend the other day!!! Does plagerism run in your family???

      • DonnieB

        Continuing to quote the bible as an unquestionable source really will not convince anyone that already doesn’t accept the myth. While I do agree with your position many times, religion won’t get your there. As soon as you decide faith is the reason for what you do, you have stated that facts and logic cannot support your position. Furthermore, you must further state, “my god is better than your god”. Not an envious position to hold.
        Use facts not fairy tales to support your position.

        • Karolyn


          • Joe H.

            It sure as heck won’t be by spaceship aliens either!!!

          • Karolyn

            Joe – How do you know?

          • Joe H.

            The same way I know YOU are wrong. My heart, that belongs to Christ, tells me so!!!

        • http://naver samurai

          Prove it is a myth. Ooops! I keep forgetting that people like this can’t think unless their masters tell them to. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          P.S. Karolyn, be quiet! We already hear enough of your nonsense.

          • Karolyn

            samurai – Who do you think you are telling anyone to be quiet! Don’t read my posts if you don’t like them!

          • http://naver samurai

            Pardon my rudeness to you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Bob from SoCal

        From one Bob to another, Right on brother!

      • http://naver samurai

        Well said and very true, fellow patriot! Keep up the good fight. Sook Young and I wish you and all a Happy Thanksgiving. A day set aside for us to give thanks to God for all he has done for us, not mere reason as thought of by the atheist losers. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Karolyn

          So much for Christian principles. You won’t catch me calling ANYBODY a loser.

          • coal miner

            Pay Samurai no mind. He is ignorant.I join the pantheist movement,about a year ago.This Philosophical belief and wisdom has been around,since the dawn of civilization.Read my web link.

            The belief statement of the WPM ( THE WORLD PANTHEIST MOVEMENT)

            1. We revere and celebrate the Universe as the totality of being, past, present and future. It is self-organizing, ever-evolving and inexhaustibly diverse. Its overwhelming power, beauty and fundamental mystery compel the deepest human reverence and wonder.
            2. All matter, energy, and life are an interconnected unity of which we are an inseparable part. We rejoice in our existence and seek to participate ever more deeply in this unity through knowledge, celebration, meditation, empathy, love, ethical action and art.
            3. We are an integral part of Nature, which we should cherish, revere and preserve in all its magnificent beauty and diversity. We should strive to live in harmony with Nature locally and globally. We acknowledge the inherent value of all life, human and non-human, and strive to treat all living beings with compassion and respect.
            4. All humans are equal centers of awareness of the Universe and nature, and all deserve a life of equal dignity and mutual respect. To this end we support and work towards freedom, democracy, justice, and non-discrimination, and a world community based on peace, sustainable ways of life, full respect for human rights and an end to poverty.
            5. There is a single kind of substance, energy/matter, which is vibrant and infinitely creative in all its forms. Body and mind are indivisibly united.
            6. We see death as the return to nature of our elements, and the end of our existence as individuals. The forms of “afterlife” available to humans are natural ones, in the natural world. Our actions, our ideas and memories of us live on, according to what we do in our lives. Our genes live on in our families, and our elements are endlessly recycled in nature.
            7. We honor reality, and keep our minds open to the evidence of the senses and of science’s unending quest for deeper understanding. These are our best means of coming to know the Universe, and on them we base our aesthetic and religious feelings about reality.
            8. Every individual has direct access through perception, emotion and meditation to ultimate reality, which is the Universe and Nature. There is no need for mediation by priests, gurus or revealed scriptures.
            9. We uphold the separation of religion and state, and the universal human right of freedom of religion. We recognize the freedom of all pantheists to express and celebrate their beliefs, as individuals or in groups, in any non-harmful ritual, symbol or vocabulary that is meaningful to them.

            JoeH,you also should read it,the true meaning of the universal creative intelligence.

          • http://naver samurai

            Karolyn, pay coal dungger no mind. If you read what he has posted, I know you may have studied things like this, you can tell that they are full of nonsense. You say you are very intelligent and have extensive studies in different areas, so I assume that you can tell what I said about it is true. Coal dungger still hasn’t proven anything about seperation of church and state, since no such thing exists in this country. Why atheist losers? They are full of hate, depression, anger, and guilt and try to place it on other people to get them to feel hopeless and only think about your future death. That is what I’m talking about. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Karolyn

            coal miner – thank you for that. I don’t belong to any special movement but do espouse much of what you have written here.

            samurai – there is no such thing as death. The spirit lives forever. Energy never dies, and we are energy.

          • http://naver samurai

            Well let’s see Karolyn, there is the physical death (That’s when our body dies.). Then there is the second death. The one the soul, energy in your case, is cast into hell to suffer eternal torment due to the evil ways you lived here on earth. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Joe H.

            coal miner,
            Thanbks very much for proving samurai and I, among others here correct!!! After some of your posts about your Mother here, I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, you are WRONG!!!! When you posted that you hate the lady that brought you into this world because of her beliefs, then you PROVE us right!!!

    • eddie47d

      Angel says that it’s all about crony capitalism and not capitalism. Although there is alot of truth to that there is no difference anymore. They are part and parcel of how the world works and even in the USA. The author stated that the “financial interest is in control of the world” That is what OWS has been saying for two months now.If they are getting beat up and jailed for speaking out against the market manipulations then how do you think anyone else will fair? Taking on Big Financial is no easy task and they have America sewed up in their pockets. The quote that “Trillions of dollars were transferred from hard working Americans to the coffers of Big Business and Big Finance” was a mouth full. They own you yet some of you are shocked when someone takes on these manipulators of a free enterprise system. I think the funeral for capitalism was given back during the Keating Scandal and the Enron collaspe but few attended. Can we resuscitate the corpse?

      • Angel Wannabe

        eddie, I disagree! We had this discussion before!!__An Entrepreneur’s crony capitalists??? C’mon__Someone selling a talent or a service is a crony capitalist??_ when they have overhead to payout, shop expense, employees, and try to live within the confines of monies made AFTER THE GUV TAKES THEY’RE CUT?__SORRY EDDIE Capitalism and crony Capitalism is not the same!

        Defenition_Crony capitalism is a term describing a capitalist economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks, and so forth.

        “Crony capitalism is believed to arise when political cronyism spills over into the business world; self-serving friendships and family ties between businessmen and the government influence the economy and society to the extent that it corrupts public-serving economic and political ideals.

        So your saying anyone who becomes successful qualifies to referred to as a Crony Capitalist?

        And as for the OWS, they are the long arm of Obama eddie. Pelousi say’s Oh God Bless the Grass roots Protesters and call the Tea Party, “Astroturf” on the same breath?…Yeah they are to be believed!_ Sarcasim Alert!!!

        Van Jones is behind this, Soros Finger prints everywhere, Codepink, Ayers, Dorhn__they’re being used eddie to help usher in Socialism. Create a chaos, people cry “oh save us” the Socialist Society is more than willing!!
        No grassroots protests have they’re own chat lines, TV channels, Audios and pay for hotel night stays and trips to Egypt to support the OWS in that country!_-they have they’re handlers. Food people, organizers__C’mon eddie wake up!

        • eddie47d

          I would say you are a defender of crony capitalism because the slim differences are blurred. Tell me a few companies out there that aren’t in the crony business. Yes we have had this conversation before and bashing OWS is hardly going to solve the problem of corporates being out of hand and being in bed with Washington.

          • Angel Wannabe

            The little guys eddie, the little business people, Mom and Pop shops, Good grief__What?___ are These folks suppose to stop trying to better themselves or they’re business?__at what point in time do you think its fair, that they’re suppose to stop trying to be successful??__Who are you to make that determination?__I can’t believe you lefties think its WRONG for someone selling a talent or service and that fact, makes them a crony__

          • JeffH

            Angel Wannabe, eddie can repeat all of the words, cliches and phrases that he hears but that clearly doesn’t mean he understands them or even “get’s it”. Case in point – OWS! Because they hate wall street they’ve become eddie’s ally…in the bigger picture, they don’t get it either and very much like eddie, they are nothing more than “usefull idiots” being exploited by communists like Van Jones, the SEIU, the Communist Party USA and supported by the likes of Soros funded orgs like and Adbusters.

            Thanks for the link above also… :)

          • eddie47d

            Too bad Jeff is so full of sarcasm,self righteousness and bitterness. OWS is not an enemy which you have to mount your armies against but you are probably gleeful that they are being attacked. You should embrace their messages and change the corruption that has permeated America. On Wall Street and Washington. Until you can fathom that then you will never shed your bias and blame everything on a communist plot. You pick out an isolated incident or person and claim the sky is falling whether your call is right or not. OWS sees a bigger picture and so do you at times but unless you can change how the crony capitalists do business or even acknowledge who they are you will remain a blind little man.

          • DonnieB

            I agree with Jeff and Angel. Not every business is involved in crony capitalism. Painting with such a broad brush would be the same as saying all priests are pedophiles or all Muslims are terrorists.

            The Occupy crowd certainly does have some legitimate issues. However many are just socialists (look at their signs, they even say they are) or communists.

            It takes two to tango so the politicians have dirty hands as well.

          • Angel Wannabe

            OMG Jeffh, the signs are everywhere, links upon links, source upon source, OWS are a piece of the Socialist pie, all on the planning_ halting or holding up business already hurt by a downturned economy. __Just got word OWS has organized in our town, and will be at the Malls at community college. Google Occupy the Malls. Already told my Husband and Daughter as they both work at the Mall.
            It will be interesting to see what OWS does at the Macys day parade?!

            Jeffh, and whoever else is interested new website__Exposing Occupy Wallstreet


          • eddie47d

            Well Angel if capitalism is splitting at the seams (crony and “real” capitalism)and they helped create their own division and the collaspe. Then people are going to look for another form of doing business if capitalists can’t mend their ways. The more capitalism screws up there will be a bigger opening for socialism to move in to fill that void.

          • JeffH

            eddie, the more you say the more you keep exposing yourself for who and what you are.(…like most of us didn’t already know…)

            This defines you and the OWS to a tee eddie…An unthinking proponent of socialism and/or communism ignorant of the true facts to the extent that you end up unwittingly advancing an adverse cause that they might not otherwise support.

          • eddie47d

            Still being sanctimonious preacher Jeff!

          • Angel Wannabe

            eddie47d, “Still being sanctimonious preacher??”, AS IF EDDIE…, AS IF YOUR NOT, ROFLMAO!… LOOK IN THE FRIGGIN’ MIRROR!!!!!

          • Joe H.

            you have to understand. eddie is a hypocrite! He decries capitalism as crony capitalism yet still collects a union pension that is there in part, if not in whole due to WALL STREET!!! I don’t see him dropping his pension!!!

          • JeffH

            eddie, do you even understand the definition of sanctimonious?

            Look in the mirror hypocrit! You’re easily the biggest phony around here!

            săngk’tə-mō’nē-əs adj.
            Feigning piety or righteousness

      • OB1

        How much are you paid for this tripe?:

           [trahyp] Show IPA
        the first and second divisions of the stomach of a ruminant, especially oxen, sheep, or goats, used as food. Compare honeycomb tripe, plain tripe.
        Slang . something, especially speech or writing, that is false or worthless; rubbish.
        1250–1300; 1885–90 for def. 2; Middle English < Old French < ?

    • LEL

      Well Boops, you’re the only one using the word ‘god’ on the entire page. While the author does mention ‘creator’, that shouldn’t offend you. It’s interesting that you become agitated over religious beliefs of others. Surely you belief you were created by something. Mother Earth perhaps, or a Living Breathing Universe, some other superstitious, ridiculous fictional nonsense. Or was it through you superior intelligence and shear will that you expanded yourself into physical existence? A being of superior intelligence, such as yourself, surely has a factual concrete explanation for ‘You’ being among us. Please, share it with us.

    • maggiemoo

      Boops, to say that God and religion have nothing to do with morality makes absolutely no sense. Where do you think morals come from? And you want to sound so intelligent, but then you go and write “Then you loose any intelligent person with that ignorance.” Unless you meant that intelligent people are turned “loose”, I think you mean to use the word “lose”.

      • Mike in MI

        Maggs -
        If Bob would have continued his Biblical quote above He’d have come to verse 1:28 “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do things which are not convenient (expedient);
        A person with “a reprobate mind” CAN’T make a good decision or think a whole, reasonable thoughts. Another way of putting it is “them over to a mind void (the null set) of judgment.”
        Sadly, people with that trait are running Washington, DC in the bureauracracies and Departmental positions where they are unaffected by votes and unavailable to censure. Bu, it isn’t just a personality thing.
        Vs. :29 – “Being filled with all unrighteousness” – and proceeds with twenty-two facets of evil which produce behavioral mind-sets which despise any kind of censure. They also protect others who get caught doing such acts.
        What we end up with is what Bob’s article describes. The best defense believers have is to do what God directs in I Timothy 2:1,2. Doing what He directs we get the benefit “that we may lead quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and honesty.” You claim it and it is up to God to fulfill His promise. (Don’t do it and you take potpourri.)
        Doing it daily covers you for that day, one day at a time

    • wally stewart

      your right about 1 thing america is ignorant look what they voted in as president a true muslim the thing is people has turned its head on god

      • bob wire

        Not to validate your statement but left just two choices the vote was clear.

        That some Americans wanted “status Quo” and business as usual, they did not get.

        So in protest to this vote a minority has chosen obstructionism when and where ever opportunity presents as we should bow to their will regardless.

        I say to you, ~ it does not really matter who the GOP candidate is in 2012. The GOP will fail in their bid for administrative office leaving this whole conversation all for naught.

        Ron Paul is offering something beside the GOP plan ~ and even he is ignored by the platform he runs under.

        The American people are fed up with the GOP today.

        • Joe H.

          bob wire,
          Still chewing on that fake pickle???

        • http://naver samurai

          We are more fed up with the DEM. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Mike in MI

          bob wire -
          Humilty still eludes you, doesn’t it? Pity!

    • DaveH

      Why do you care what they believe, Boops, as long as they’re fighting for everybody’s Freedom?

    • coal miner


      I agree with you.Albert Einstein said all religions are compose of silly myths and just plain old horse sh*t,none of these characters ever existed in the Bible.All of these Bible myths were stolen from pagan sources.Here you got the crazy pentecostals and the boy humping Catholic Church. All are frauds.Let’s pray for Bob Livingston.He knows not what he is saying.Ha ha ha ha

      • Angel Wannabe

        coal miner, if you don’t believe in God, prayer to you is Null and void, a bit dundant me thinks or was it an attempt at being funny, if it was the latter_ I missed the punch line!!?? Have a NIce Day! :P

        • coal miner

          Angel Wannabe

          Pray to perfect.God is perfect vacuum.Perfect vacuum is the creator of the universe.

          The matter in the universe is made out of positive energy. …. the universe began as a perfect vacuum and that all the particles of the material world were created …

          • coal miner

            Angel Wannabe

            Even in a perfect vacuum, pairs of virtual particles are constantly being created and destroyed. … The matter in the universe is made out of positive energy. …

          • Mike in MI

            coal miner -
            Hey, did you ever stop to think that there might be stuff that’s negative energy and has not been available to our scrutiny and study?
            Or maybe we haven’t been able to learn how to make a machine to sense it or study it or manipulate it? By the way how did those guys get inside a vacuum to study those particles? or is that just somebody’s speculation?
            What about “Dark Matter”? They still don’t know what that stuff is, or where it is, or what it does, or how to study it or anything. However, evidence points to it representing a huge amount of the matter in the Universe. They have no idea “if”, “how much” or “how” it affects what physicists think we know about. So how much do they re-e-a-a-l-ly know?
            If the Bible is right, there are lots of things going on around us that our puny, very limitted five-senses simply can NOT register. We can make tools to transduce those into our senses registry, but only if we know there’s something out there. Some of it is pretty malign.

            That’s only one reason I like having God in my corner…He warns me about things I’m unaware of and sets the parameters (and guidelines) to be more able to prosper in a sometimes dangerous, unfriendly and often catastrophic environment.

            But,…you’re lucky. You already know everything there is to know; superhuman you are. You would never have a need or a weak moment.
            You must have a lot of pride in that???

          • Joe H.

            coal miner,
            you old reprobate!! Albert was nothing but a man!! A smart man, but a man like you and I, capable of making mistakes and misjudgement just like you and me!! It is said that he didn’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain!!! yet YOU want the whole world to go by what HE believes in as far as God!!! Well you start first and go stand in the rain you old broken geezer!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            I’m surprised he didn’t mention Thomas Paine. Ooops! He donverted to Christianity while in France. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Angel Wannabe

          sorry coalminer, I have a rough time imagining that Poof!, all of a sudden, we are human, that’s just funny to me!, or that molecules just happened to form at the right place, at the right time and all these wonderful things came to be.

          I say athesists are egotists, with a real problem believing, in a higher power than themselves. It’s about ego and letting go, you haven’t gotten to that point yet, you will!

          God is a power at work around all day everyday, but those that don’t seek his face, won’t see it. If you do you won’t reconize it. God is based on Faith, beleivers don’t need him to be tangibly proven!

          • Karolyn

            There absolutely is a Supreme Power at work in the universe and we are all a part of it. We are all made of the same stuff, along with everything else on earth and in the universe. Have you ever given any thought to the possibility that we came from outer space? Have you ever watched any of the shows about all the phenomena that abound that point to that fact? That is the primary problem I have with religion/Christianity – It does not allow for an open mind and is, in reality, man-made. When I was Christian and people told me not to get into the bigger picture because it was of the devil, I ceased to grow and was afraid. Since I have allowed myself to investigate many, many more theories, I have grown and understand life a little better.

          • Angel Wannabe

            I’ve given a lot of thought concerning Life & God Karolyn over the years…. I can’t get my head wrapped around the idea that we as in people, coming from space…No offense intended…Things just don’t happen such as, the first humans Adam and Eve. With all body parts in the right place needed, to do the things needed to stay alive, the ability to Pro-create,….If we come from somewhere else, then Who/what exactly decided we need air to breath, water to drink, food for sustenance, if not God?…How would molecules just form and produce such a living being….We Can wonder about this all our lives, we can blame it on relativity.
            I concern myself with God,.. things of God are a mindset; you either believe it or you don’t. I think being at one with God causes us to be better people. The Ten Commandments are for a purpose, not to ignore. Our laws and judicial system were Biblically inspired. The Declaration of Independence & the Constitution were Biblically inspired as well. I don’t say that to p*ss off the Egotists (Atheists). If they don’t want to believe it, that’s up to them, they’re free no to believe… But don’t try and change history just because you don’t want to believe it.

          • daniel

            Karolyn, Have you ever given thought to studying? You could start with the writings of Sir Isaac Newton; called the father of modern scientific thought. One of his quotations is that science is merely thinking God’s thoughts after Him. In my research on the subject of life etc. I can identify from where you are coming from. Transpanspermia is just a dodge. It came about from the question of where we came from. Since there are those that believe that we came from aliens where did the aliens come from. The chain if you were to follow it was endless. Also existentialism is just polytheism revisited and modernized. Atheism in itself makes one god. You have to be omniscient to be able to honestly make that statement. I am not so I will not make that statement. Evolution breaks too many basic laws of science to be taken seriously. There are some good studies concerning evolution and thermodynamics out there. Those that hold onto evolution do so in spite of the very science they proclaim to be truth. I could go on but that is enough for now. There is a lot of info for those that are really searching for God.

          • Joe H.

            Angel Wannabe & Daniel,
            Watch it with karen. Remember “resistance is futile”!!!!

          • Angel Wannabe

            Ah Man I know JoeH, she’s (K) been jumping all over the place, all day!

          • http://naver samurai

            To Karolyn, resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. You will become part of the collective. Does this sound like what those aliens told you? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Mike in MI

            Daniel -
            Good job, man. I’m proud to be on this site with you. You’ve been making some very astute and firmly established connections. I’d forgotten about some of those things. But, true science, philosophy and logic work together to make and break connections across fields where men try to set impassable boundaries. Like Faith and Reason are irreconcilable…wrong. I may not know a whole lot about plant genetics, myself, but if I quote Gregor Mendel’s work on the basis of believing he knew his stuff about things he reported…I think my Authority (Mendel) would stand.
            Similarly, a Nobel Prize in chemistry was recently announced to an Israeli scientist named Dan Shectman for discovering “Quasicrystals”. He discovered them in 1982 and reported what he had found in the literature. He faced skepticism, mockery and scientific degradation from “knowledgeable” “E-X-P-E-R-T-S”. He was not recognized as an “authority” and if I believed him I would be derided as a “Shectmanitarianist”. Science has often been stupid and rejected true things in favor of “desired” things on the basis of political, racial or philosophical biases (like Piltdown man). It’s more true today on the basis of financial and political bias. Science is a whore, today.
            Most important, Dan, is you have a basis of Truth (that has proven Itself reliable over the Ages) by which you measure things people want to say is, “SO”. That takes intestinal fortitude. Congratulations.

          • coal miner


            From Wiki:
            Isaac Newton’s views on Christianity:
            Isaac Newton wrote a number of religious tracts (1690s) dealing with the literal interpretation of the Bible. A manuscript he sent to John Locke in which he disputed the existence of the Trinity was never published. Later works – The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended (1728) and Observations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John (1733) – were published after his death.

            Historian Stephen D. Snobelen says of Newton, “Isaac Newton was a heretic. But like Nicodemus, the secret disciple of Jesus, he never made a public declaration of his private faith – which the orthodox would have deemed extremely radical. He hid his faith so well that scholars are still unravelling his personal beliefs.” Snobelen concludes that Newton was at least a Socinian sympathiser (he owned and had thoroughly read at least eight Socinian books), possibly an Arian and almost certainly an antitrinitarian. In an age notable for its religious intolerance there are few public expressions of Newton’s radical views, most notably his refusal to take holy orders and his refusal, on his death bed, to take the sacrament when it was offered to him. (Wiki)

            Note the Socinians were clearly Unitarian Christians. To quote The Philosophical Legacy of the 16th and 17th Century Socinians: Their Rationality by Marian Hillar, “Several religious and intellectual movements today claim the right to the heritage of the religious group, the Socinians…The claimants vary from the Christian churches to the atheistic or deistic Humanists and each of them usually selects a specific set of Socinian views ignoring the rest. The Socinians were known under various names such as the Polish Brethren, Antitrinitarians, Arians, and Unitarians.”

            While Deist’ ideas go back to ancient Greece, classical Deism (and Unitarians as well) may have begun with Faustus Socinus and his followers (16th century Unitarians) who held that:

            1) All religious authority depends on applying reason to Scripture
            2) The doctrine of the Trinity is false because there is no Scriptural evidence for it
            3) The ethical teachings of Jesus, particularly the Sermon on the Mount, are the main guide, not the words of Paul.
            4) Jesus was human, though an exceptional human; though not God, he was endowed with divine attributes of wisdom and virtue. See Acts 2:22
            5) The resurrection was significant because it demonstrated the possibility of immortality
            6) Jesus’ death was not an atonement for our sins nor did God demand that someone suffer for our sins.
            7) The following doctrines are false: original sin, predestination of the elect, the inherent depravity of human beings, and eternal damnation. See Calvinism
            8) We can have faith in the good and loving nature of God
            9) Though well aware of how sinful human beings can be and often are, we can have faith in the human capacity for reason and goodness.
            10) Religious thought should be free, and all creeds should be tolerated.
            His scientific fame notwithstanding, Newton’s studies of the Bible and of the early Church Fathers were also noteworthy. Newton wrote works on textual criticism, most notably An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture. He also placed the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at 3 April, AD 33, which agrees with one traditionally accepted date. He also attempted, unsuccessfully, to find hidden messages within the Bible.

            Below taken from First Things. My comment to Mr. Pfizenmaier is that the Bible taken in a literal manner (which Newton did) disproves the Trinity. The term is not there and the Old Testament clearly disproves the claim. And for Mr. Dulles he is correct that Newton believed in an active God, but so did the Deists until the radical French Enlightenment (French Encyclopedists and Voltaire) stripped it of its theological roots.

            Newton’s God
            I read with pleasure Avery Cardinal Dulles’ rich essay on The Deist Minimum (January). The timing seems providential in that just this week I read that Anthony Flew, the British poster boy for atheism, has at the age of eighty-one abandoned his atheism in favor of belief in a super-intelligent being who is the designer of the universe. Flew explains that he continues to reject the biblical God of the Christians and Muslims (and Jews?) as an “oriental despot” akin to Saddam Hussein but favors the idea of the deist conception of God held by Jefferson. Cardinal Dulles makes the statement that deism served as a kind of “halfway house on the road to atheism.” One now wonders if it may provide shelter on the return trip. Let us pray.

            I would, however, like to raise a question about Cardinal Dulles’ assessment of Isaac Newton. He leaves the impression that Newton was a deist, or nearly so. This represents an earlier scholarly consensus that should now be abandoned. Not only was Newton not a deist; he believed deism heretical and harmful. For this reason he was instrumental in the formulation of the Boyle Lectures, whose avowed purpose was “to prove the truth of the Christian religion against infidels.” The infidels du jour were the atheists and deists.

            Cardinal Dulles writes that Newton discovered mathematical laws that henceforth made divine intervention superfluous. This was the conclusion that the French Encyclopedists imposed on Newton’s mechanics. Newton himself believed that God was actively involved in upholding creation by the continual exercise of His will. Deists rejected the concept of revealed religion. Newton embraced it-especially in regard to biblical prophecy and chronology, on both of which he was expert.

            Even Newton’s Trinitarian views, which Cardinal Dulles says caused him to “reject the doctrine of the trinity and incarnation as irrational” are under reassessment. I believe that by the 1690s Isaac Newton’s Trinitarian position could be considered compatible with the position of the Eastern Church Fathers of the fourth century, especially Eusebius of Caesarea and Basil of Ancyra.

            Scholarship on Newton’s religion is gradually bringing him in from the cold. People may continue to debate various elements of his religion, but, in the words of Newton scholar James Force, one thing is sure: “He was no deist.”

            Thomas C. Pfizenmaier Bonhomme Presbyterian Church Chesterfield, Missouri

            Avery Cardinal Dulles replies:

            I agree, and actually said, that Newton was not a deist and that his God was active in the universe. Newton accepted revealed religion and was in some sense a Christian. On these points there is no dispute.

            In saying that Newton rejected the Trinity I was following the standard accounts. According to James Gleik, in his 2003 biography, Newton regarded Christ as God’s son, a mediator between God and humanity, chosen to be a prophet and messenger, and exalted to God’s right hand. But on the ground that Christ was not God, he refused to use the initials “ad” for reckoning dates. He likewise denied the divinity of the Holy Spirit. Not only did he reject the Trinity; he regarded Trinitarianism as a sin of idolatry.

      • coal miner


        Pantheism. The Web’s leading resource on pantheist history, theory and practice. -

    • JC

      Boops says:

      November 21, 2011 at 7:42 am

      Your articles are great and informative until you add god, creator and other ancient, superstitious, ridiculous and fictional nonsense. Then you loose any intelligent person with that ignorance. Surely you jest!

      Boops, I am not a religious man, nor am I a stupid man. I allow that there is probably a higher power than myself and I do so without subscribing to organized religion.
      However, unlike yourself, I am gracious enough to allow that there are those who believe more strongly than I do and that their beliefs by and large are moral and doing me no harm. In fact their morals are generally much more admirable than those of straight up athiests.
      I’ll take a Christian beside me in a fox hole over any arrogant, self agrandising individual who needs to feel superior by calling down the basic beliefs of others.

      This is America after all.

      • Joe H.

        My friend, I thank you profusely!!! I feel respected by you in your words!! Again, thanks!!

        • http://naver samurai

          I second that motion! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • JC

          You’re welcome Joe.
          I still recall when every American thought the same way…
          then came the ACLU and “progressives”. And nothing has been
          the same since.

          • Karolyn

            I really don’t think there was EVER a time when every American thought the same thing! The only difference between now and then was that people don’t have to be afraid to buck the crowd like they did in the olden days. They don’t have to be pretend sheep anymore and can be honest about their beliefs.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Karolyn I’m not sure where you were born and raised K, but where I lived we all worshiped the same God,.. (though the denominations were different),the hippies called him a spiritual being! We read the same bible, we thought the same way!_Dad’s Worked, Mom raised the kids,unless there was an illness! We went to School & Sunday & Bible School! We had both a Mother and a Father who gave a damn about us!__
            Yes were all the same, working toward the same things!__A woman on here pld, don’t remember who written the phrase, but it was brilliant, She said “that as a child she had a drug problem, Her Mother and Father DRUG HER TO CHURCH, THEY DRUG HER TO FAMILY REUNIONS,BIRTHDAYS, AND ON AND ON!__

          • JC

            Go back to bed Karolyn.
            You missed the point completely.

          • http://naver samurai

            I agree with you on this one JC. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Karolyn

            Angel – Yes, it was the same where and when I grew up. However, that picture dismisses a whole demographic that did exist, although probably not thought about. Nothing stays the same forever. It was inevitable that more and more people would start examining their beliefs and lifestyles. It’s just the nature of the beast and cannot be blamed on one segment of the population. No matter how we feel, how we glamorize the old days, nothing stops the march of time and the changes that have to take place.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Karolyn, our biggest problem today is lack of Morals and Multi-culturalism.__Morals, because this is a Republic, to remain free, we are to manage our own lives RESPONCIBILY! Multi-Culturalism, By that I mean, that people of different Cultures and Faiths are welcome to come here to America to begin a new life, but, THEN BE AN AMERICAN FIRST!!__Abide by our laws, stand for the National Anthem, Respect and Honor the Declaration of Independence & The Constitution, and stop expecting special treatment in exchange for a vote, you fell for it when the Progressive Politicians promised you anything for your vote !__
            Don’t come here for example, from the Mid-east, become citizens, live in our America, and expect to be able to go by the SHARIA LAW in our courts !
            I don’t give a damn what Nationality you are, or what denomination you are at Church, or if you’re an Atheists. But don’t try to change America into a Resemblance of the Country you obviously didn’t like and fled to live here!_-Atheists stop demeaning and revising history, no one cares if you believe the Founding was Judeo-Christian or not, there is enough old History books left, that we know other wise__and believe me the next Generations are going to know the truth too!_-Rant is done!

          • http://naver samurai

            Right on, Angel! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Joe H.

            Angel Wannabe,
            Avery beautiful rant indeed!! God Bless!!!

    • Mike

      Most “christians” don’t even know the truth behind their religion. There is not one single thing, not one, about christianity that is original. Most christians simply believe what they’re told every Sunday.
      It scares me to death to think that there are people out there that truly believe “god” has deserted us due to our “wicked ways”. What a crock. Organised religion is a scam, put in place to keep people in line. If you have to get your morality from a book, then you’re hopeless in the first place. Now here come the bible quotes telling me how wrong I am. The best thing I can say about christianity is at least it osn’t islam.

      • jerry sweet

        mike only true followers of GOD thru JESUS know where they are going.they read His word and pray and know the truth.sounds to me you just like sounding off.we TRUE CHRISTIANS have heard the same stupid comments forever.btw if you stand before GOD in judgement you WILL change your mind but guess what– toooo late– repent and learn what it means to be a real believer while you have time.all of us are just one heartbeat away from that meeting!!!

      • Mike in MI

        Mike -
        Almost all of the people I know like you have never been challenged, I mean REALLY challenged.
        You live here in your nice warm, comfy, little technologically monitored and controlled cocoon. Everybody has always pretty much provided for you and there has been nothing much ever rattle your cage that didn’t fit glib stereotypes set by Western technological theater.
        I’m going to pray for you that you get challenged beyond your ken and beyond the ability of medicine to provide substances to dull your perception of your condition.

      • Helen2

        I would rather live my life as if there is a God and find out in the end that there is not one, than to live my life as if there is no God and find out in the end there really is. Living like there is a God will not harm me or anyone else. Living like there is no God, will definitely harm me and anyone connected to me. This was a saying my father taught me. He was right. I haven’t been harmed in any way to this point by living as though God is real – and yes I believe that 110%.

        • Karolyn

          Helel – I had faith and truly believed until I couldn’t in all conscience do it anymore. I have much too inquisitive a mind to accept on faith all that is dished up. There is much more to know than what the Bible has limited us to.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Karolyn, You do change with the wind, up farther on the thread you said “I feel very sad for you, GDC. Although I am not a Christian, I am a spiritual person and just can’t understand how anyone can not see that there is a universal intelligence at play here. Ever studied quantum physics? It’s a very spiritual science.”…just sayin…

          • Joe H.

            Angel Wannabe,
            your description of karolyn is quite accurate. She indeed, DOES change with the wind!! I believe that she lost her faith because God didn’t provide her every whim!!! Well, that is not promised in his word anywhere!!! God will see that you can provide for yourself and your family if you believe in him!!!I will very soon be 61 and have found this to be very true!! Back in 1983, I got laid off, we used almost all our savings, and my wife was not working at the time and we had a kid on the way. I prayed to God and even though I had no experience what so ever, I got hired on as the maintenance man at our apartment building. sure, it only paid utilities, phone, and rent, and 350.00 a month, but it got us through that period until I could find another job. They hired me over the phone and did it on faith that I could learn on the job. they took a hell of a chance on me and I didn’t let them down!!

          • Angel Wannabe

            Joeh, I hear ya, he’s always taken care of us, it wasn’t always a bed of roses, but we didn’t starve or die!

          • Mike in MI

            Joe H. – Bless your heart, man. Been there , done that, on the basis of knowing His promise and claiming it. It worked because he is faithful and His Word is true
            NOW, SOME MAY NEED TO LEARN WHAT BELIEVING IS!!! We are SO-O-O-o-o, ignorant today. I had to learn…the hard way. I can tell you, experientially, trial and error is mostly error. Read and understand the BOOK, first. Get proven help, if you need it. But, learn it. It is a “life tool”. Usually, believer “moms” are good teachers. They run the ropes…man, really. God isn’t capricious, the times are.

          • Karolyn

            Angel & Joe – My message is consistent. I do believe in God/Universal Intelligence/Higher Power, but just not the way you do. The teachings of the Bible, as interpreted by the many, do not answer my questions. There are other interpretations that fit the bill more to my comfortability. And I do believe the Bible to be fallible, as it was translated by mere mortals, scribes if you will, who would have had difficulty with the various languages in interpreting the many meanings. I have found truth in my beliefs.

          • Joe H.

            Yes, it was scribed by MEN! But they were guided by GOD!!! You lack one thing i your life, FAITH!! If a seed had YOUR faith, it would never sprout!!!

          • Karolyn

            I have plenty of faith, Joe. Just because I do not have faith in YOUR beliefs does not mean I don’t have faith. I have faith in the ultimate goodness and love of the Universe. Faith is what got me through my dark times. I have no doubt that despite what may come, I will be fine – always have been. I can understand how you cannot comprehend what I speak of because you have never delved into any beliefs other than yours, but don’t tell me I have no faith.

        • Philip

          Pascal”s Wager, I’ll bet my eternal life on it

          • http://naver samurai

            Well said. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Angel Wannabe

        Mike, “It scares me to death to think that there are people out there that truly believe “god” has deserted us due to our “wicked ways”.

        Well_ if your that scared, then take a powder, no one invited you to be here_ and no one is going to care if you leave!!!!

    • jerry sweet

      ignorant,i pity you when this GOD in the form of CHRIST curses you into HELL to BURN FOREVER.he wont make you love or choose him but he will make you regret it.ignorant!!! i guess that fits you pretty good

      • Mike in MI

        Jerry -
        Now how can that possibly inform anybody or make things better for anyone, in any way? Love peace and wisdom are supposed to be evident in what a believer says and does…at least to some extent.
        Where is it in that?
        “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.”

        • Bob from SoCal

          Hello Mike,

          It is necessary to tell people where they will go if they are not saved. But then must come the antidote to their situation,; being saved through Christ. Jesus talked extensively about Hell and warned people about it. But you are right in saying that this must be done in love.

    • moonbeam

      Boops, we all have an end of days. When yours comes, and it will, who will you cry out to for mercy as you pass from this life?

      There’s a verse in the bible, Psalms 14:1 – The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good.

      It’s really funny how those who want nothing to do with God now, but when trouble comes abruptly or otherwise, His name is the first word flying from their lips. Funny how that happens…

      • Mike in MI

        moonbeam -
        Yea, and God gets blamed for the sorry suffering they must endure.
        “God, you are horrible to let this happen to me…even if I refused to take the preventive action I heard I should have taken. GOD, You failed me in the hour of need. You are so NASTY. I Can never turn to a god like that. I am right, You are evil because You are omniscient and knew this would happen to me and didn’t stop it.” ” Boo-hoo.”

        • Angel Wannabe

          Mike in MI, Although I do believe God lets some things stand for a while for us to be corrected, But I believe we all need to look up and say Thank You, and look down and Rebuke the devil, when bad things come!

          • Mike in MI

            that would be reasonable instead of doing what so many do – blaming God for all the bad that happens. Foolish.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Mike in MI, People come around all in good time Mike, I too was angry at God for a while, I was alot alot younger too.

    • Jay

      Boops, you’re a boob!

    • bob wire

      I kept reading these comments directed to BOOPs! leaving me to find what ta hey! you posted! You got them all stirred up Buddy!

      It “is” a nice Title thread post by Mr. Livingston, one of his best to recall.

      I confess~ I speed read it, looking for the “meat” and flew though all the religion dogma knowing full well any position can be supported with a little cherry picking, feeling quite certain I’ve heard it before.

      “Government creates crises and uses them to steal liberty and transfer wealth.”

      If you will notice he only speaks of “government” here and excludes corporate funding or funders. We don’t like to talk about them here.

      This is Tea Party Territory Boops and the purpose here is to educate and indoctrinate certain principles.

      1. God is good
      2. Greed is good
      3. Losers are victims of their own folly
      4. We just fell out of the sky and owe no one,no system anything but in fact, government and all their systems owe us!
      5. We are the only ones that pay taxes and we pay too much even though our tax burdens are at an all time low.
      6. People that are not like us, a shade off color or don’t agree with us,or are from somewhere we’ve not been, we really don’t ‘care for’ so very much.
      7. We love the military and victories unless they are tarnished with the current administration, then we are appalled by carnage and unnecessary spending.
      8. We hate spending! any spending! ~ Money is not for spending! It’s to see who is winning! and for counting!
      9. We want government out of our personal lives and up a woman’s uterus as far as necessary to control appropriation and defend the sanctity of life.
      10.We hate government and other peoples entitlements but defend our own.

      It’s the belief of the Tea Party everyone needs a strong dose of God. It’s for your own good! And when elected we will work to see you get it. You will, you must be like us. You shall be assimilated or treated like a dog.

      The Tea Party choices to ignore Wall Street with only casual mention of “fraud”, “corny capitalism” and very rarely a word about people occupying high positions while having a serious “conflict of interest”. I’m left to believe their enjoy certain aspects of status quo and fight to defend it. ~ Just make sure that the truly righteous and Godly are preserved and prevail.

      So welcome Boops and now that you know where you are, let us mix it up a bit, shall we?

      • Philip

        bobwire shifted his pajama bottoms and opined from his mother’s basement that he knows the mental processes, opinions, principles, and beliefs of everyone in the TEA Party.

        Where did you pick up your special mind reading capabilities bobby boy? I am guessing that you are one of the following a tenured professor at a major university, a employee of some city, county, state, or federal government entity, or that you are retired from one of the above.

        Do you have the right to vote what you want to take from others and use agents of force within the government structure to take the property of another individual?

        Do you have the right to commit fraud, break a contract, or use force to get what you want? Do you get to decide with a committee who has too much?

        Does government ever get too big or have too much power in your “esteemed” opinion?

        Too much of God? The entity in which you live, move, breathe, and have your being? Without whom your very structure would disintegrate. Without whom nothing would exist and by whom all things exist.

        Is it Lex Rex or Rex Lex?

        • Joe H.

          bob gets those AMAZING abilities from those “special” glasses he got out of the cereal box!! With them, he can “see” what’s in your mind, what’s in your heart, and womens bodies under their clothes!!! It is just AMAZING that a man like him, that doesn’t even know his own mind, portends to know what is in others!!!

          • Angel Wannabe

            Joe H, LOL!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Here, here! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • bob wire

        “he knows the mental processes, opinions, principles, and beliefs of everyone in the TEA Party. ”

        I know only what I read and while it is true, these views are “not shared” by everyone here, they “are” indicative and represent a general consensus here on these forums that I have been engaged in for over a year now.

        If you find them less then flattering in someway, perhaps a little house clean is in order and offer some resistance to such posters that post such views instead of acting like it’s all a big joke? Ha! Ha !

        Or explain to everyone how I’m wrong and my views totally unfounded in fact and completely contrived in my attempt to discredit the Tea Party.

        And I fail to understand what pajamas or my mothers has to do with anything. Just be mindful of the doors that you open, I might take the provocative to step though. I would think that I have opened enough doors that you have plenty to work with without attempting to get personal. I have not address anyone on a personal level. I will give you a ‘by’ this one time.

        A Chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. The Tea Party is a chain fraught with weak links, paranoid, anti-social, entitlement recipients, disenfranchised political shut-in’s, hoarders, malcontents that thrive on “hate”. They enjoy the daily pilgrimage to places where “hate” is served up in healthy portions to confirm their misery and for whom to blame, while taking no responsibility for their own action or responsible for their “thoughts”. Rather they finding it easier and much more fun to play the role of victims.

        • Joe H.

          Yes bob, it’s weak. This is why I’m glad you are not a member as it would be far weaker!!

        • http://naver samurai

          You must be describing Obama bin Laden and his sheeple. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Philip


          People are individuals, not groups, the masses, or parties. Integrate this into your consciousness and it may change some of your views. Your chain analogy is flawed and not applicable.

          I am a theist but there are some principles that certain atheists hold that I agree with. Does this mean I am now an atheist?

          People are at different stages of growth and understanding about their life, themselves, the universe, and God.

          Many people do not like to be told about their faults, failures, and things that they are doing that are just plain wrong. This causes a angry, defensive reaction, even more so if this correction is coming from God’s word…from the people who do not like to hear these things the response of “Hater” or “Hate Speech” comes tumbling out of their mouths from their emotional reaction.

          God is patient and his mercy endures forever.

          Again…do you, other people, the government, or other groups of people have the right to initiate , force, coercion, and fraud, against an individual, his property, or his contract?

          Does a group of people voting for the above make it moral?

          Is it right if a committee decides you make too much and assigns your earnings to someone else? Is theft theft no matter what terms you couch it in or what group you are going to “do good for”?

          Do I have the right to give away what I want on my own terms as God leads or is there another group or party that is much better at deciding theses things for me?

          This goes directly to who you are as a person, your moral character, and the character of those who disagree with the principle stated above.

          By the way, I think you were going to give me a “bye” this time correct?

          Happy Thanksgiving

          • http://naver samurai

            Oh and Philip just choke slammed bob wire and there’s the cover. 1-2-3! Ding, ding, ding! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear bob wire,

        You write: “If you will notice he only speaks of ‘government’ here and excludes corporate funding or funders. We don’t like to talk about them here.” Apparently you speed read through all my articles.

        Best wishes,

        • http://naver samurai

          No, he just needs to update his perscription on his glasses. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Bob from SoCal

      Hello Boops,
      If you study philosophy, you will find out that morals were handed down to man from God, and ethics were then an extension of morals distributed by man.

    • terry

      Religion just makes you stupid

      • Angel Wannabe

        terry, What’s your Excuse then?

        • http://naver samurai

          He has no excuse for being born that way. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Joe H.

            ALL are born ignorant. The majority age and get more intelligent. Then there are the few that do not mature with age like him!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            A very astute observation, fellow patriot. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://naver samurai

      It is the fool that says there is no God within their own heart. How can you post such utter nonsense on this site? This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, Biblical law taken directly from the Old and New Testiments, our laws based on th 10 Commandments (If you don’t know that one, you know nothing about our founding.), and a deep, rich belief in nature and nature’s God. They were constantly talking about Divine Providence, so what’s your point?

      “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great Nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

      Patrick Henry

      “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is their duty-as well as privilege and interest-of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.”

      John Jay, First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

      “The rights essential to happiness…We claim them from a higher source-from the King of kings and Lord of all the earth.”

      John Dickinson, Signer of the Constitution and member of Continental Congress

      I could go on to prove you wrong, but these should suffice for now. It is people like you and Brian that keep this country divided and so makes it harder for everyone to keep this nation on the straight and narrow path. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      P.S. You need both to be a patriot!

      • Angel Wannabe

        Hear, Hear Samurai!!!! :)

        • http://naver samurai

          Thank you Angel and have a Happy Thanksgiving. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Angel Wannabe

            And a Happy Thanksgiving to You Too Samurai, and tell Sook Young the same! :)

          • http://naver samurai

            I will and Happy Thanksgiving to all. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Bruce


    Very interesting blog saddly the 2nd Great Depression will come to an end.
    Money has no value anylonger its been dropping in value from 1963 onward. I am sure you all know what an OZ of Silver sell’s for now.
    As well you must know the Constitution clearly states what ONE DOLLAR is (357 Grams of Silver or 1 OZ of Silver or $1.00.)
    How many paper bills will it take to buy that single OZ of Silver?

    If one has eyes to see, ears to hear, a mouth to speak with. Watch this link, Then please send this link to everyone you know, learn the details help save others, will you? Or will you all stand by and do the same tired stupid dance of, D v R over and over again?

    We are living an illusion, its no differant than Cris Angel’s tricks.

    • CP

      Chris, please do us all a favor and READ the document you so soundly misquoted. Nowhere in the constitution is it stated what a dollar is, or even that a “dollar” is to be the currency of the United States. I am NOT a student of the constitution, but I have, at least, read it, more than once.

      • Bruce

        CP, Your brightness is so vast its beyond any words. Just Who is Chris again?
        That clearly displays your abilitys to read let alone understand what you read. And the Nummie played on to his favorite song. I see nothing, I hear Nothing, I know Nothing!

        • JC

          I see you’re very capable of swinging people over to your way of thinking…must be that charm school approach of yours. ;)

        • Joe H.

          To answer your misinformed question, at last quote silver was at 34.250 dollars an ounce. This is due to the overspending of our government AND the printing of worthless paper money out of thin air that is backed by NOTHING!!!

    • LEL

      No, the American Constitution states NOTHING about what ONE DOLLAR is (357 Grams of Silver or 1 OZ of Silver or $1.00.)

  • http://BoblIvingstone Ms Nike Newton

    Personally having visited America twice whilst they were in crisis, I do not feel that they are heading for Doom. I feel that they are very underdeveloped and can benefit from homegrown advisers. I feel that they need to respect other civilisations and revere God in whatever they do.I do not think they are a threat to any nation and they should stop feeling so too. They need to address their tax system and give credit to working classes and upper classes at the same time providing solutions to lower classes. Ms Nike Newton.

  • Doctor Bob

    Nothin is sure!

    “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need”

    soap box-ballot box-ammo box

  • Aniko

    This website has become the official “Support Ron Paul to LOSE to Barrack Obama” site.

    NEWT with ALL of his baggage CAN take on AND win debates with Barrack H Obama, yet, YOU Bob Livingston call EVERY God and country loving patriot an “uninformed” voter if they support any other candidate than Ron Paul. YOU, along with the 10to 12% idiots will be responsible for BHO’s re-election!


    • eddie47d

      So Ron Paul supporters are idiots even thought his message is the clearest? Newt is a chameleon of many stripes and depending on what day of the week it is. If his cozying up to Freddie and Fannie and making $1.6 million off of that relationship doesn’t bother you then you must also like Frank Dodds.Gingrich may be a calm smooth talker but you need to check out the rest of his baggage.

      • FreedomFighter

        Ron Paul 2012

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Bob from SoCal

          Help us Obie-Ron you’re our only hope!
          But seriously, yes Ron Paul 2012. Yea!

          • Angel Wannabe

            Bob from SoCal, ROFLMAO!!!

    • JC

      Ron Paul Reality Check:

      80 reasons to vote for Ron Paul

      Ron Paul continues to be ignored by the main-stream media, even after statistically placing first, along-side Michelle Bachmann in the Ames Straw Poll on August 13th. Below, is a list of 80 reasons why you should vote for Ron Paul. This is a short list (I have one listing 116 that I am working on typing).

      1. Ron Paul served his country as a Flight Surgeon in the air force and the air national guard.

      2. Ronald Reagan has called Ron Paul one of the most outstanding leaders: “Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.” – Ronald Reagan

      3. Believes national defense is the single most important responsibility the Constitution entrusts to the federal government.

      4. Voted to authorize military force to hunt down Osama bin Laden and authored legislation to specifically target terrorist leaders and bring them to justice.

      5. He will Make securing our borders the top national security priority.

      6. He will avoid long and expensive land wars that bankrupt our country by using constitutional means to capture or kill terrorist leaders who helped attack the U.S. and continue to plot further attacks.

      7. He will guarantee our intelligence community’s efforts are directed toward legitimate threats and not spying on innocent Americans through unconstitutional power grabs like the Patriot Act.

      8. He will end the nation-building that is draining troop morale, increasing our debt, and sacrificing lives with no end in sight.

      9. He will follow the Constitution by asking Congress to declare war before one is waged.

      10. He will only send our military into conflict with a clear mission and all the tools they need to complete the job – and then bring them home.

      11. He will ensure our veterans receive the care, benefits, and honors they have earned when they return.

      12. He will revitalize the military for the 21st century by eliminating waste in a trillion-dollar military budget.

      13. He will prevent the TSA from forcing Americans to either be groped or ogled just to travel on an airplane and ultimately abolish the unconstitutional agency.

      14. He will stop the government from taking money from the middle class and the poor to give to rich dictators through foreign aid.

      15. Ron Paul’s national defense policy will ensure that the greatest nation in human history is strong, secure, and respected.

      16. He is the leading spokesman in Washington for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies based on commodity-backed currency.

      17. He is known among both his colleagues in Congress and his constituents for his consistent voting record in the House of Representatives

      18. Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution.

      19. A man of principle and family values. He has been married to Carol for over 50 years, and are the proud parents of five children and have eighteen grandchildren.

      20. Ron Paul consistently voted to lower or abolish federal taxes, spending, and regulation, and used his House seat to actively promote the return of government to its proper constitutional levels

      21. He serves on the House Financial Services Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee.

      22. He has been a distinguished counselor to the Ludwig von Mises (who was mentioned on Rush yesterday, 11/18/11) Institute, and is widely quoted by scholars and writers in the fields of monetary policy, banking, and political economy

      23. He has received many awards and honors during his career in Congress, from organizations such as the National Taxpayers Union, Citizens Against Government Waste, the Council for a Competitive Economy, and countless others.

      24. Dr. Paul’s consistent voting record prompted one Congressman to comment that “Ron Paul personifies the Founding Fathers’ ideal of the citizen-statesman.

      25. Ron Paul will Veto any unbalanced budget Congress sends to his desk.

      26. Will continue Refusing to further raise the debt ceiling so politicians can no longer spend recklessly.

      27. Will continue fighting to fully audit (and then end) the Federal Reserve System, which has enabled the over 95% reduction of what our dollar can buy and continues to create money out of thin air to finance future debt.

      28. Will fight for Legalizing sound money, so the government is forced to get serious about the dollar’s value.

      29. Will END the corporate stranglehold on the White House.

      30. Will drive down gas prices by allowing offshore drilling, abolishing highway motor fuel taxes, increasing the mileage reimbursement rates, and offering tax credits to individuals and businesses for the use and production of natural gas vehicles.

      31. Will work to eliminate the income, capital gains, and death taxes to ensure you keep more of your hard-earned money and are able to pass on your legacy to your family without government interference.

      32. Will oppose all unfunded mandates and unnecessary regulations on small businesses and entrepreneurs.

      33. Ron Paul will fight to put you back in control of your health care decisions, save you money on medical expenses, and institute reforms that will once again make America’s health care system the standard for other nations to follow.

      34. Ron Paul will repeal Obama-Care and end its unconstitutional mandate that all Americans must carry only government-approved health insurance or answer to the IRS.

      35. Ron Paul will allow purchase of health insurance across state lines.

      36. Ron Paul will work to provide tax credits and deductions for all medical expenses.

      37. He will work to exempt those with terminal illnesses from the employee portion of payroll taxes while they are suffering from such illnesses or are incurring significant medical costs associated with their conditions.

      38. He will work to give a payroll deduction to any worker who is the primary caregiver for a spouse, parent, or child with a terminal illness.

      39. Will ensure that those harmed during medical treatment receive fair compensation while reducing the burden of costly malpractice litigation on the health care system by providing a tax credit for “negative outcomes” insurance purchased before medical treatment.

      40. Guarantee that what is taken from taxpayers to pay for Medicare and Medicaid is not raided for other purposes.

      41. Make all Americans eligible for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and remove government-imposed barriers to obtaining HSAs.

      42. Stop the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from interfering with Americans’ knowledge of and access to dietary supplements and alternative treatments.

      43. Prevent federal bureaucrats from tracking every citizen’s medical history from cradle to grave by prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds for a national database of personal health information.

      44. As an OB/GYN who delivered over 4,000 babies, Ron Paul knows firsthand how precious, fragile, and in need of protection life is.

      45. Dr. Ron Paul spent his entire career in the medical profession working to uphold this simple principle of “Do No Harm” by ensuring his patients received the best care he could give them, even if they could not afford it.

      46. Ron Paul believes it would be inconsistent for him to champion personal liberty and a free society if he didn’t also advocate respecting the God-given right to life—for those born and unborn.

      47. After being forced to witness an abortion being performed during his time in medical school, he knew from that moment on that his practice would focus on protecting life.

      48. As a physician, Ron Paul consistently put his beliefs into practice and saved lives by helping women seek options other than abortion, including adoption.

      49. Ron Paul will work to help Immediately saving lives by effectively repealing Roe v. Wade and preventing activist judges from interfering with state decisions on life by removing abortion from federal court jurisdiction through legislation modeled after his “We the People Act.”

      50. Will remove restrictions on drilling, so companies can tap into the vast amount of oil we have here at home.

      51. Will Repeal the federal tax on gasoline. Eliminating the federal gas tax would result in an 18 cents savings per gallon for American consumers.

      52. Ron Paul will lift government roadblocks to the use of coal and nuclear power.

      53. He will eliminate the ineffective EPA. Polluters should answer directly to property owners in court for the damages they create – not to Washington.

      54. Make tax credits available for the purchase and production of alternative fuel technologies.

      55. Enforce Border Security – America should be guarding her own borders and enforcing her own laws instead of policing the world and implementing UN mandates.

      56. Will stand by granting no Amnesty – The Obama Administration’s endorsement of so-called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, will only encourage more law-breaking.

      57. Ron Paul will Abolish the Welfare State – Taxpayers cannot continue to pay the high costs to sustain this powerful incentive for illegal immigration. As Milton Friedman famously said, you can’t have open borders and a welfare state.

      58. Ron Paul will End Birthright Citizenship – As long as illegal immigrants know their children born here will be granted U.S. citizenship, we’ll never be able to control our immigration problem.

      59. Ron Paul will Protect Lawful Immigrants – As President,
      Ron Paul will encourage legal immigration by streamlining the entry process without rewarding lawbreakers.

      60. He will Help parents better educate their children by providing parents with a $5,000 per child tax credit for tutors, books, computers, and other K-12 related educational needs.

      61. Paul will Ensure that the federal government treats high school diplomas earned through homeschooling the same as other high school diplomas.

      62. Dr.Paul is a strong supporter of the National Right to Work Act.

      63. Voted to defeat Big Labor’s “Card Check” scheme.

      64. Voted against the Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill.

      65. Ron Paul’s exceptional record on Right to Work issues earned him the prestigious Everett Dirksen Award from the National Right to Work Committee.

      66. Ron Paul is Introducing legislation to repeal the “Brady Bill” and the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban.”

      67. Authoring legislation to end U.S. membership in the anti-gun United Nations to ensure American tax dollars are not used to fund global gun control schemes like the so-called “Small Arms Treaty.”

      68. Ron Paul is Writing a bill that would allow pilots and specially trained law enforcement personnel to carry firearms in order to protect airline passengers and help prevent future 9/11-style attacks.

      69. Ron Paul has stood as a champion for law-abiding gun owners, and he will continue protecting your Second Amendment rights as President.

      70. Paul will support a Liberty Amendment to the Constitution to abolish the income and death taxes

      71. Ron Paul will eliminate the IRS!

      72. Capital gains taxes, which punish you for success (and interfere with your efforts to hedge against inflation by purchasing gold and silver coins), will also be repealed.

      73. Ron Paul has consistently endorsed legislation to let Americans claim more tax credits and deductions, including on educational costs, alternative energy vehicles, and health care.

      74. Dr.Paul believes it is immoral to tax senior citizens twice by requiring them to include Social Security benefits in their gross income at tax time.

      75. Would Restrain federal spending by enforcing the Constitution’s strict limits on the federal government’s power, which would help result in a 0% income tax rate for Americans.

      76. Will work for passage of comprehensive audit legislation, and he will also fight to legalize sound money so Americans will have alternatives to the Fed’s inflated paper money.

      77. Ron Paul will lead the charge to end the dishonest, immoral, and unconstitutional Federal Reserve System, enabling America to take a giant step toward economic security, financial responsibility, and lasting prosperity.

      78. Will allow the liquidation of bad debt.

      79. Will allow bankruptcies to occur, no more bailouts!

      80. Ron Paul has introduced a bill to eliminate the $1.6 trillion the United States owes the Federal reserve.

      The media is doing everything it can to pretend Ron Paul doesn’t exist…which is exactly why we should be supporting him.

      On the down side though…I heard on CNN that Ron doesn’t support Federal relief for homeless kittens…the Cad! ;)

      • Mike W.

        I want to expand on point no. #45. Dr. Paul has given away millions of dollars in free medical care. He is not a cold hearted, uncaring human being. He is very humble. He is also a big advocate of private charitable organizations which do a better job of helping the poor and disadvantaged than bloated government bureaucracies. He’s possibly the most decent and honorable presidential candidate this nation has ever had in the past century. I support him and hope many of you do, too. Happy Thanksgiving Bob and to all PLD staff and contibutors. And thanks for a great web site!

    • OB1

      Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain are the only candidates to sign the petition to protect our 2nd amendment rights. Period. No Republican politician has managed to support and vote for anti-gun legislation and still proclaim that he is “pro-gun” more effectively than Newt Gingrich.

      Don’t be fooled by his rise in the polls; Newt Gingrich has a long history of supporting gun control …

      … and he has blatantly refused to return his National Association for Gun Rights Presidential Survey.

      With more than three decades as a public figure, Newt is the quintessential political chameleon, shifting his views to reflect whatever is popular with the Washington, D.C. chattering class.

      Make no mistake, while Newt may talk a solid conservative game, his record is that of a typical Inside-the-Beltway politician who will cut ANY compromise or make ANY deal with anyone for his own political or personal gain.

      While Newt used the institutional gun lobby as a mouthpiece to convince millions of gun owners nationwide that “as long as he is Speaker, no gun-control legislation is going to move in committee or on the House floor,” he was working behind the scenes to pass gun control.

      In 1996, Newt Gingrich turned his back on guns and voted for the anti-gun Brady Campaign’s Lautenberg Gun Ban, which strips the Second Amendment rights of citizens involved in misdemeanor domestic violence charges or temporary protection orders –- in some cases for actions as minor as spanking a child or grabbing a spouse’s wrist.(1)

      Gingrich even called the anti-gun measure “reasonable,” and predicted that it would sail through his Republican-controlled House of Representatives with little trouble.(2)

      The Lautenberg Gun Ban is one of the Congressional Republicans’ worst betrayals of gun owners, and those complicit in its passage deserve nothing but contempt from gun owners.

      This gun control measure ranks right up there with the Brady Registration Act as the most aggressive gun control in America, denying hundreds of thousands of would-be gun owners the right to self defense.

      Gingrich also stood shoulder to shoulder with Nancy Pelosi to pass the “Criminal Safezones Act” which prevents armed citizens from defending themselves in certain arbitrary locations. You and I both know that Criminal Safezones don’t protect law-abiding citizens, but actually protect the criminals who ignore them.(3)

      As you can see, Newt Gingrich is no friend of gun owners, or small government conservatives. He simply can’t be trusted, and his record reflects his contempt not only for the truth, but his own integrity and the integrity of the very people he’s asking to vote for him to be the most powerful man in the modern world.

      This is the same man who railed against the Obama bailouts of Fannie and Freddie Mac while receiving more than $1.5 million from Fannie Mae as a “consultant”(4) while his firm also raised $37 million to pass healthcare insurance mandates.(5)

      He’s also the same man who sat next to Nancy Pelosi and insisted global warming was a man-made problem in need of a government-mandated solution. Now that he’s running for the Republican nomination, he doesn’t believe in global warming and calls the TV ad he did with Pelosi “inexplicable.” Please click here to watch the video.(6)

      I’m concerned, though, that Newt’s snake-oil act is catching on.

      It’s time for gun owners and liberty-minded, small government activists to hold Newt’s feet to the fire.

      That’s why I need you to call the Gingrich campaign headquarters right now at (678) 973-2306. Demand that Newt Gingrich apologize for his past support of gun control, and make a dramatic turnaround statement of support to repeal the gun controls he’s supported.

      Tell his campaign that you expect Newt to not only apologize for his past support of anti-gun measures but also to reveal where he stands on international gun grabs like the UN “Small Arms Treaty” and domestic anti-gun schemes like the banning of .50 caliber rifles.

      Demand he quit stonewalling gun owners and return his National Association for Gun Rights Presidential Survey — at once. You and I both know that election season, when they’re begging for the votes of gun owners, is one of the best times to lobby candidates and politicians.

      With Republican presidential primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina mere weeks away, it’s vital that gun owners know where the Republican candidates for President stand on important Second Amendment issues.

      Newt’s record is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. With a horrible voting record on Second Amendment issues, gun owners just don’t know which side Newt’s on.

      Please call the Gingrich campaign headquarters right now at (678) 973-2306. Demand that Newt Gingrich apologize for his past support of gun control.

      • JC

        To put it politely Newt’s principles are flexible and written in silly putty. ;)

    • Joe H.

      and if gingrich wins, WHAT WILL CHANGE???? Only the pace of the destruction of this great country!!! You have your choice between obama and gingrich, either a quick death or a slow often painful death!! With Ron Paul there is still hope!!! for the last ten years and longer, I have watched politicians slowly but surely destroy all that is good and free about this country!! When you finally realize what you are losing, you begin to appreciate it better!!!


    As far as American voters being ignorant or stupid, I see that Obama is trying to woo some of those that he considers “RED NECKS”. He sent his wife and Jill Biden to the NASCAR finale at Homestead, FL under the guise of “SUPPORTING THE TROOPS”. They did not receive the thundering ovation they expected, but instead were greeted by a lot of boos. Mr Obama, “RED NECKS” and NASCAR fans are not as intellectually deficient as you believe they are, but live in the “REAL WORLD”, which is far beyond your comprehension.

    • wally stewart


  • skyraider6

    We have a no interest president, just running the country into the ground in my opinion.

    • Joe H.

      It’s real hard to run a country of this size when all you do is campaign!!!Abummer has never gotten out of campaign mode!!!

  • skyraider6

    He claimed he could fix all our problems, even got a peace prize for what?

    • Brad

      Being in office 12 days before his name was submitted for consideration for the prize, also when given the nobel the awards committe explained it gave him the nobel for his future work towards world peace. Well we can see how well that has turned out, two wars still ongoing, attacked a country that hadn’t threatend us, circumvented congress every opportunity he’s had.

      • bob wire

        Has not threatened us? I take it that you have been “out of town”?

        It was a “give me” for sure, especially if you don’t give a hoot about the Muslim international community or what they think! ~ and I don’t!

        but if I did, I’d see that to a large,~ a very large world population of people that are Muslim, found some comfort in Obama’s posture and words, offered hope that that everyone does not feel and think as I do.

        And for that Obama was awarded some peace award regardless how you and I feel.

        • Raggs


      • Joe H.

        After being in office just eight days they probably gave it to him for all the time he WASN’T president!!!!

  • GDC

    Religion/ spiritualism IS a mental sickness and ALL who believe in ANY Religion/ spiritualism ARE mentally sick, delusional, psychotic!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear GDC,

      Please see my reply to Boops, above.

      Best wishes,

      • moonbeam

        Bob, I believe GDC is a tween/teen, aka snot, who never had a good arse whipin’, which is as good as vitamins for health.

        When I grew up, I looked my dad square in the face and thanked him for the “vitamins” I got! He laughed and said “You’re welcome!”

        • bob wire

          Well, ~ evidently you didn’t get you serving any SSS Tonic then.

          I’d gladly take a beating about the teeth, hair and eyes first!

          • Joe H.

            With the absence of sense in your first sentence, I’d say you have drunk ALL the SSS tonic!!!

    • FreedomFighter

      Hard core math studies indicate a high probability that GOD does exist, furthermore no math based model ever indicated GOD could not exist.

      Far more rational minds than yours have tackled the question of GODS existenc, none can ever prove non-existence, most concluded GOD does exist.

      Prove God does not exist, we are all fools and idiots as you say, you will be famous. You cant, but I could provide you with volumes to prove God does exist – starting with the Bible.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • JC

      GDC says:

      November 21, 2011 at 7:58 am

      Religion/ spiritualism IS a mental sickness and ALL who believe in ANY Religion/ spiritualism ARE mentally sick, delusional, psychotic!

      Marx or Stalin would have bought you a nice cup of coffee for saying so too.

      • Joe H.

        I’m honored to be in such a large group, and I’m so at peace in my heart!!

    • Karolyn

      I feel very sad for you, GDC. Although I am not a Christian, I am a spiritual person and just can’t understand how anyone can not see that there is a universal intelligence at play here. Ever studied quantum physics? It’s a very spiritual science.

      • Bob from SoCal

        Hello Karolyn,

        You should take a really close look at the Christianity of the Bible. I think that you will find it very spiritual and enlightening.

        • Karolyn

          I did, Bob, and found it wanting. I had too many questions and not enough answers. I did try. It was not until I dug deeper that I found what I have been looking for my whole life – that we are one with all, and there is more to life than what the Bible teaches in a traditional sense. I have espoused a different interpretation of Biblical teachings far from the “usual.”

      • bob wire

        Karolyn, ~ the more personal insights that you offer the more it’s clear that you an I have walked many of the same paths to get to where we are today.

        I grew up with bible scripture being pounded in my head, over and over and over again. And still I refused certain aspects of it because quite frankly it fail to make any sense. The Church seems most willing to gloss over these “irregularities”, some tiny and some so huge, only by a leap of faith might one accept them, being willing to just concede and submit! ( That seemed to be what the church always wanted)Submission by default, some immunity offered to reason, something that I was never was willing to do. “You are not smart enough to understand!” “Accept it!” “You will never know or understand Gods mysterious way!”

        So there came a time in my life, I went looking for this God. While I never found this god, I did find the essence of God in the most unlikely of places, I found God in me and everything I see and it only took a hard search of four years.

        I find the life of Jesus and his teaching conform to similar teaching of earlier eastern cultures. That he also was required to teach in parables to instill a certain thought process that leads to only one conclusion is common to earlier masters of the human spirit. This process of thought bring about a personal revelation,a epiphany,where all question and doubt drops away, leaving only the one truth, the final conclusion.

        Some it is true that, all roads leads to Rome, but for some, it is necessary to roam the wilderness for 40 years until they are ready to receive such an epiphany.

        My single wish would be, that people could understand the benefits of walking by faith and not by sight and “pass by” all this needless worry and fret that serves little purpose but only to others whom wish to recruit you into their personal circus. Get your heart right, let go and let God (or the Divine) guide you with confidence with each foot fall.

        Christianity is a brand name to the air we breath, holding an intrinsic value to believes of Christ teachings. There too, are others that support and validate these Teaching of Christ as being on target, but why must we get lost in folk lore and tribal teaching of failed cultures. The bible tells you they failed and yet we still want to quote text that has nothing to do with Christ teaching, just because you found them in the Bible.

        You can call me anything, just call me to dinner.

        • Joe H.

          I will only call you un-wise!!! I will give you only pity!!!


      Radical left wing liberalism is a mental illness, suffered by people who truly believe they are the only people who are right. Right is Right, and Left is wrong.

      • Angel Wannabe

        JUKEBOX_–I LOVE IT! :p

      • Karolyn

        “who truly believe they are the only people who are right.”

        Are you not also describing yourself, Juke?

        • http://naver samurai

          No politician is truly right, but some are more closer than others. No one on the left even comes close. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://naver samurai

      Are we describing ourselves, hmmm? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • m

    Bob Livingston Are talking about the conservatives.
    Because they are the ones supporting the two immoral
    candidates, Newt & Herman to lead this country.Stop
    the hollier than thou act.
    I glad I did not join the tea party they had those two
    debating what a farce.


      I wonder if you saw Nancy Pelosi waving wildly today, all the while lying about making money from preferred Congressional IPO’s. That is true duplicity.

    • Joe H.

      Please learn the difference between conservatives and RINOs!!!! There is only one TRUE conservative candidate! RON PAUL!!! The rest are RINOs or pretenders!!

  • isBubba

    Thanks Bob, for your concise coverage of the State of the “State” and statists. I appreciate your list of Gingrich inconsistencies, especially since much of the “Conservative” troops seem to have a hard time focusing on (or receiving) the information that is real. Have you noticed that as the leftist media shoots down or comes up with accusations for one potential Romney-opponent after another, the “Conservative” followers drop the leader like a hot potato, and go on to the next. Some find themselves reckoning with Ron Paul: the Real Ron vs. the media-created image.

    To be honest, it’s hard to discern the truth, even with the availability of the internet. It takes a lot of research, filtration of data, more research and comparison of conflicting stories and use of a lot of analytical and logical skills. This is because there is much information, so many sources (most un-vetted and using unknown, if any, research skills) and so many conflicts within the data. This coming from a person who’s spent nearly 40 years as a consultant and systems analyst and was pretty darn good at it. So I don’t believe it is easy to come up with what is the truth, let alone the best choice for a candidate; and that’s not even taking into account differences of opinion.

    All that being said, I’ve personally just about concluded the same as you, that Ron Paul is the only good choice. He’s been about as consistent as a thinking human can be considering the continuous changes and choices we’re all faced with. He is definitely on target with the core causal issue of our woes: the lack Constitutional adherence throughout all levels of our Governing bodies. He is the only one who is focused on this issue and will attempt to correct it within the Federal Government. And finally, on doing my due diligence in investigating him, I’ve discovered that those “wacky” views he seemingly has on such things as our foreign policy, military and drugs, are not his views (at least as they’ve been presented to us). In fact his view on, for example, legalizing drugs is that, like most things, that issue should be handled by the states, not the federal government. One of the best clarifying videos I’ve seen on his actual views (vs. those most people think he has) is found here:

    He admits that his weakest trait is probably his communications at times. I think he has misunderstood in many instances, as well as being both miss-presented and miss-represented very often by the media.

    Thanks again for this article.

    If you read these posts, I’d like to be able to contact you personally. I assume you have access to my email address, and I can then either email you my phone number or call yours. Thanks!

    • isBubba

      Oops…that should be “I think he has been misunderstood,” not “I think he has misunderstood.”

  • former walmart person

    Liberty in life or liberty in death. Freedom is a choice.

  • FreedomFighter

    “We are no longer operating under Constitutional government, but people are completely unaware.”

    More are awakening every day, the tide can turn against these Luciferian monsters. They must disarm the American public, it is a fight we cannot lose, The right to bear arms is essential to stopping the complete takeover of America. These elites cannot defeat 200 million armed and pissed off Americans.

    Keep waking up you family, friends and co-workers, take political action and buy a gun and bullets, you just may need them soon.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Gerry

    Usually I agree with what you write and say about world matters. I may be confused and I might of interpreted your article wrong, but do you really think that the Chinese and the Russians (Lord Putin) are going to allow America to be the only world leader in this world? Our president isn’t savy enough to know which end of a gun should be pointed at our enemies.

    • FreedomFighter

      They are all playing for the entire world pie now, not just a slice. Last man standing wins.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Bob from SoCal

        The Anti-Christ is going to win that game. That is until Jesus shows up. Then every knee shall bow.

        • http://naver samurai

          Amen! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!


      That could be a good thing if someone hands Obama a 1911A without any instruction.

    • Joe H.

      What choice do they have?? Nuke? 55 years of having them (Russia) and being on the brink never caused it!!

  • http://none Warren Lovingood

    There are people who say that there are no jobs out there.When I retird ten years ago I found that I needed more than I was making.There was this company that kept sending me e mails about becoming a mystery shopper.They did this for a year.I finally took up the offer and adjusted to working for this company that’s called I did jobs posing as customer for apartment seekers,new car customer,banking custmer,cell phone customer,theater/movie goer,etc.There are businesses that need people to work for them in getting info about their employees,to see if they’re doing what they were trained to do to keep customers coming back to their businesses.I found that this can be a lot of fun and yo meet a lot of nice and no so nice people and you keep busy.I know that GOD knew what I was going to go through way before I got there.So He made it happen.I worked for that company for more than two years.When I became good for SS to start, I stopped doing mystery shopping.I’m still do a jobevery now and then if one of the movie companies contacts me to head count a movie for a weekend and make ten dollars a showing and that can be at least 6 showings a day and then it can be FRI,SAT,AND SUN.That’s MY GOD looking out for His child.I rest my case for no jobs out there.People can make the adjustments if they want to.I needed to make adjustments so I could live and make some money,no matter how small it was.It makes something look good against no money at all.Praise the LORD.

    • independent thinker

      Our local paper has 10-30 job listing every day plus up to 15 more seeking semi drivers. This is in a town of about 30,000 population. These jobs also do not include whatever jobs there are available at the big box stores and hamburger joints.

      One other thought I suspect none of those complaining most about the lack of jobs would bend over to pick up a penny from the sidewalk or gather aluminum cans to sell for a little pocket money.

      • Karolyn

        Our local papers usually have maybe 2 job listings every week; and those are mainly for truck drivers, ads put into all newspapers by large trucking companies or driver education compnies. I moved here over 6 years ago, and even then the maximum number of job postings rarely exceeded 5.

        • Joe H.

          If you can’t find a job there, then why did you move there a few years back like you claim you did?? If you truly want to work, you go where the jobs ARE not where they AREN’T!!!

          • Karolyn

            Joe – What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? I’m merely stating a response to a post. I have a job for now, and I did not move here for a job but do to circumstances I was in. Maybe I wish I hadn’t moved; however, I do the best I can with the situation I’m in. You act like it’s so easy for people to up and move, especially those with no jobs and no money. How exactly do they accomplish that? Do you ever think about the way other people live, or do you think everybody has the same resources as you? Such pat answers for complex situations.

          • Joe H.

            I don’t post those words lightly at all!!! In 1980, I lived in Michigan and all the jobs there started to dry up due to the slow down in the auto industry. I got laid off, collected unemployment for two months while looking every day for a job, found I didn’t like standing in a line to collect my pay, moved to Ohio broke, and found a job here. Since then, I have held many jobs and now own my welder, stock and am very happy!! No, it isn’t easy to move when you are broke, but if that is what it takes, you do it!!!

  • Tazio2013

    Kudos Bob,

    In the two years that I’ve been reading the PLD, this was indeed your very best piece to date. Keep thinking/writing like this and you’ll be famous. 2012 will undoubtably provide you with many more socio-politico-econo-cultural topics for your high-quality thinking/writing style.

    Tuam libera mentem
    Sapere aude
    Semper fi!

  • Monte

    Since everything you report here happens either against overwhelming opposition or through utter ignorance on the part of the people, it puts into perspective what is meant by ‘democracy’. And how does our present from of democracy differ, at all, from dictatorship. This conclusion, in turn, place light on our endeavor to bomb every country on earth into American-style democracy. If democracy is a false flag here, then what are we really imposing on countries abroad? Seen from this perspective, it become obvious that we have replaced the Soviets and their mission is now ours. Hence, we have become the most evil force operating on the world today. Indeed, our policies are every bit as driven by leftist abstractions as the Soviets were.

    Once George Bush lied us into war, the battle cry was, “Free the Iraqis!” Here was exposed the tool that would be used to fan the fires of a secular moral crusade. The carpet bombing that destroyed their entire infrastructure and killed vast (millions?) numbers of civilians got hardly a peep of protest from the media or the people of this country. While they attempted to find sustenance among the ruins, or grieved over the death of their loved ones, we sat smug and proud under our air conditioners, eating our junk food, and watching our favorite sit-com on TV, proud of another great, moral accomplishment we had done for our fellow man. We, as a people, have entirely lost our moral center.

    As I stated on an earlier post: Forget Iran, North Korea, and China. The axis of evil is in Washington. I would only add: And they care nothing for us or human life in general.

    • bob wire

      I thought so as well.

    • moonbeam

      “The axis of evil is in Washington. I would only add: And they care nothing for us or human life in general.”

      I second that! Washington is where the real terrorists reside. As Ron Paul said they’re “in everybody’s face.”

      Think of the world as a neighborhood. The neighborhood bully (there’s always one) is Washington, DC. Can’t get along with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood.

  • s c

    I’m wondering how many ‘compassionate’ wannabes understand that the current prez is still shipping off our military to foreign shores. That deluded bunch have pre-conditioned themselves to accept the next war. They think “the next one will be OK” (after all, GOD is in the W H).
    Newt’s basic problem is that he’s intelligent, but he wants to be intelligent when it’s “convenient.” He and McCain are cut from the same cloth. McCain is his own worst enemy, but he never tried to impress anyone with his minimal “intelligence.”
    I, too, am very concerned about what’s happened to the ‘average American voter.’ They want to believe that ideals and words are important, but they can’t understand that nonexistent RESULTS make them child-like NOW and old age won’t make it better. We need them in the REAL world NOW (not when it’s convenient).
    People who have no standards for themselves tend to elect those who refuse to have any standards. They seem to think that what you want has no relationship to what you get. ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ is THE #1 question they can never put into words (or understand). Homo sapiens just doesn’t apply to all humans, folks.
    For the rest of us, it’s not easy to be realistic when you see mass confusion, self-love, absolute tolerance, say-this-and-do-that and ‘just because so-and-so’s theories failed doesn’t mean they won’t work this time’ touted as NEW proofs that SOME of us are better than the rest.
    At this rate, folks, we’ll be lucky to get through the summer. Bloomberg and his ilk are learning lessons that every city needs to know about. And, last but certainly least, the prez can’t find reasons to stay in America. Maybe he thinks the last election isn’t over yet. If nothing else, he’s living proof that ANYONE can be elected if you have your nose in their right places and you’re willing to believe everything you were told when you were young. It’s time for me to call Las Vegas and see what the odds are so I can place my bets. It does NOT look good.

  • AJ

    Get educated on what is now happening go to get off the political plantation of Dem’s and Repub’s their the same. We need desprately to educate one another.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    As, I expect an outpouring of Paul loons here today, I will ignore this site until it ceases campaigning for Ron Paul. Good Day. Newt 2012!!!!!!!!!

    • Angel Wannabe

      Capitalist, Haven’t we made enough voting mistakes, by voting for who the media pushes on us, who sounds good and the camera likes, rather than what’s best for the country?

      • Robert, TX

        Yes, Angel, WE HAVE! We will never convert the RINOS or the sheep. They value their government checks, and the system that provides them, more than their family, their God or our Constitution.

        • Capitalist at Birth

          You are a sheep of another kind.

          • JC

            Thought you were going to ignore this site?

          • JUKEBOX

            Capitalist, you must wear some of those boots that come above the knees, since you know so much about sheep. The sheep probably get nervous when you come around.

          • Angel Wannabe

            JukeBox, ROFLMAO!!!!!

          • Joe H.

            I think the term you speak of might be “boot broke”!!!!!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        The media has been pushing Mitt Romney for at least a year and a half. I am vehemently opposed to Romney. Ron Paul does not have a chance of getting the Republican nomination, nor does he have a chance of winning the general election as a third party or write in candidate. So, what are you going to do? Vote as my neighbor did in 2008 with a write in vote for Ron Paul? Thus, their votes were cast for Obama.

        • Angel Wannabe

          Cap, Ours votes appear to be token and have been and are skewed for a long time now,__problem is, even though it appears this way, we’re still we’re not absolutely sure, so each of us still vote who we think best qualifies for the position!_-I’m not interested in voting who looks, most presidential, they did that 2009 it gave us Obama!
          NOW, Was he voted in or bought a position, Soro’s should know?_
          Geez-Things that make you Hmmmm!

        • JC

          So, Capitalist…you’re thinking is that we all need to rally around a main stream Republican candidate so that the kenyan usurper can be ousted…and that we won’t be able to accomplish this by supporting the only real American Constitutionalist in the pack…

          Here’s a thought for you, so we vote Newt/Romney, whatever and they turn out to be abother Bush type of globalist…but we’ll all be good with it because Hey!, he’s a Republican right?
          And off we’ll all march to more UN wars, more crony capitalism, more
          Federal Reserve….more of the same old song and dance…

          Sorry, but I can’t even tell which is the lesser of two evils to vote for anymore…

          If the Kenyan gets in again, we’ll deal with it. If the nation plunges even further because of him…we’ll deal with it.

          I can think of a few very brave Americans who dealt with it in the 1700′s. And this is still America whether the Republicans and Democrats like it or not.

        • Joe H.


    • bob wire

      That Ron Paul has a spanking in mind for every American and not just a few, I can understand your departure and why Ron Paul is not being received very well by many.

      Oh well,~ to make an omelet, you must first crack some eggs.

      I too question what Ron Paul offers might work but let us be mindful, it will take many years, more years then he might ever hope to have to see them completed.

      What we might hope for is some steering away for this socialistic leaning, away from this present course American seems bound for. Just one step of a thousand steps in a slightly different direction, away from crony capitalism, fraud and this overwhelming tolerance of “conflict of interest” we endure today.

    • 1911man

      capitalist, I was also considering newt at one time, but wasn’t sure about him so I did some research on my own. I came to the conclusion he’s a total NWO-OWG man. I won’t give any links because I feel if you really want to know you will do your own searching.I also researched RP and came to the conclusion he is an honest man who beleives what he stands for,and as for as being a loon the press and his opponents mislead people about his message and beleifs.

    • JC

      Capitalist at Birth says:

      November 21, 2011 at 8:49 am

      As, I expect an outpouring of Paul loons here today, I will ignore this site until it ceases campaigning for Ron Paul. Good Day. Newt 2012!!!!!!!!!

      And the hamster wheel goes round and round…

    • JeffH

      Capitalist, haven’t the “majority” of PLD posters made it clear to YOU that they support Ron Paul and his constitutional conviction? Try as you may and fail as you may, in your attempts to denegrate Ron Paul, your voice has become nothing more than the sound of fingernails being dragged across a chalkboard or cats posturing outside a bedroom window late at night hissing and howling at each other all the while accomplishing nothing.

      Capitalist at Birth…you’ve lost any semblance of credibility you may have once had here.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Jeffh, I kind wondered if someone scoffed capitals name or he changed that much?

        • JeffH

          Angel, no…he’s been railing against Ron Paul from the git-go. I tend to agree with him on many things but he’s made it a point to opt in favor of lesser candidates, which is his option. I believe he’s a disgruntled ex-Libertarian.

          • Angel Wannabe

            H*ll Jeffh, we’re all disgruntled!

          • JC

            Not me! I’m one very gruntled Libertarian. ;)

      • Joe H.

        Nah, CAB doesn’t even rise to THAT level. fingernails on a chalkboard or cats howling outside my bedroom window would BOTHER ME!!! CAB doesn’t bother me as much as I feel pity for him!!! The reason? If newt DOES get in, one of these days CAB will realize just what a mistake he made and will be the worse for it!! DEEEEEP down in, I don’t think even CAB wants to see this once great nation FALL and FAIL!!!

    • RWS

      Capitalist at Birth, your name indicates that you are for capitalism. If that is the case, how can you support Newt when he was all for Fannie and Freddie, taking large sums of money as a consultant? Fannie and Freddie represent not capitalism, but a form of socialism being a govt sponsored organizations. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t capitalism promote no government involvement? I’m starting to wonder if you want your name interpreted sarcastically.

  • s c

    Ye gods, skyraider6! Some of those ‘it’s all GB’s fault,’ mind-rotted parrots are back again. Didn’t Congress make it illegal (and immoral) to preach holier-than-thou and ‘it’s GB’s fault’ in the same breath? This takes pure hypocrisy to a disgusting, new level.

  • bob wire

    WoW! You took some time developing that piece Mr. Livingston. A lot of history, cause and effect issues addressed. Too many to discuss as my time limited.

    But I can certainly agree, Ron Paul is being ignored for the moment and at some point this needs to change if there to be any hope for his nomination.

    The assessment that the American voter is not up to job of making wises chooses has merit but too we must accept that they are being manipulated by powerful forces with seemingly unlimited funding.

    The very election process has became an enterprising effort by market forces and media of all persuasions to include yourself.

    So how do you get people to “buy”? How can we affect these market forces?

    Waving the Christian Flag is always a good place to start, the laying down of this “marker” has always been standard opening play. If we might recall, Rick Perry spent two weeks “Jesusing Up” before he announced his bid for office, making media events of his hands-on Christian activities.

    At one point if I recall 43 claimed to be going “one on one” and had God on the “Hot Line”.

    We have come to accept this kind of talk as part of the overall game plan to win hearts and minds and buy votes. Why? because it works and gets as much low hanging fruit as possible “on the cheap” for just a few words pontificating religious dogma.

    As for Evil that surrounds us, it’s always been there and more a matter of what we wish to focus on as Gods working is unending and ever present as well.

  • Polski

    This is the first time that I can mostly agree with what you said, Bob.
    The world must be coming to an end.

  • Robert, TX

    Amen, Bob! When I analyzed the source of my “wake-up America” e-mails, I found that 30% of these “patriots” were collecting unemployment, 40% were collecting social security, and 20% are close to social security age – and 90% (coincidentally) do not want to cut spending (wonder why?) and their mantra is “anybody but obama.” Of course, as long as the “anybody” is not Ron Paul. Be careful who you choose to stand next to in the battle line, they just might be a lying, RINO socialist!

  • Brian

    The more you try to pigeon hole atheists (or other non-believers) into the “cause of all our problems” category the more foolish you look. Whether you choose to accept this fact or not, not all non-believers are bleeding heart liberals. But continue to alienate non-believing voters and you’ll end up with exactly the government you deserve.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Brian, Christians aren’t alienating anyone believers or not!_-We oppose, Egotists (Atheists) who follow revisionist Theory and change our American History.__You can Thank one of your heros, Bill Ayers for helping with that! In 2008 he was awarded the title AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, for Association’s Vice President for Curriculum Studies.__Imagine that!__ the same guy who blew up the Pentegon is teaching your kids & Grandkids how to be a Marxist!

      read it here>>>

      • http://naver samurai

        “Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state.”

        Adolf Hitler

        Kind of sounds like the libs and their goals are of today, doesn’t it? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Angel Wannabe

          samurai, sure does sound like it Hitler, doesn’t it!??

          • http://naver samurai

            Yes, the left wing wackos sure do. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Thinking About

    For those who do not like the OWS movement, learn to deal with it. We have a 9% approval Congress doing nothing but unimportant bills and the Grover Norquist pledgers tryingvtobtake care if the 1%. We still have a system in place to have elections and those elections make determinations we are expected to live by. If your camidate does not het elected does not mean the sky is going to fall just as getting your canidate is elected is going to make everything go your way.

    • Robert, TX

      Great line about GN. Grover Norquist is a pig who thinks he is some type of Archbishop presiding over the republican party saying yes to this tax, no to that tax, like we need his opinion. He is pure RINO trouble, and does not want to “reform” anything but HIS checking account.

      • Joe H.

        Just what we need, MORE taxes!!!! These fools in DC can’t use any restraint on their spending habits and they want MORE money!!!! A group of twelve men tasked with the job of cutting one trillion from the budget can’t agree with their findings yet the WHOLE group WILL????? This is ludicrous!!!

  • stevor

    The problem is that the Illuminati (Satanists) have been gaining more and more steam. It’s complicated and I’m still trying to put it all together, but our only hope WAS the Tea Party (no, not all of them. the Tea Party Express seemed to be a GOP group and the Koch Brothers co-opted the movement) but it seems that the Tea Party movement led to the OWS “Movement”.
    Yes, OWS is “all over the map”. Everybody and every “cause” is out there. O’Bummer and his puppeteers tried to co-opt it, but they couldn’t and THAT is why they decided that it’s a nuisance. To still “use” it, they figured that they could declare it a nuisance and then use the police to shut it down but getting double “mileage” out of it be getting people to LIKE the idea of a mini-Police State.

  • GrayLion54

    Politicians, Priests, and Prostitutes. They ALL say what they think you want to hear in order to get what they want from you. Throw off the chains of Belief! Accept, and ACT on Reality. Western civilization is circling the porcelain bowl, and about to go down that cold, dark, stinking tube, and people still think that PRAYER will stop it from happening ? Maybe it IS time for us to wipe ourselves from the face of the earth, and give another species a chance to evolve into something hopefully better than us.

    • Angel Wannabe

      GrayLion54, I guess your welcomed to leave planet earth, but I’m not going down without a fight, and I’m not throwing in the towel until God decides I’m done!

      • http://naver samurai

        He’s just another disgruntled troll with a beef against God and Jesus. Good post Angel. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Joe H.

        I will give up when GOD tells me to!!! He hasn’t and I’m NOT!!

  • Cawmun Cents

    you left this one out Bob,

    18 I know very well how foolish the message of the cross sounds to those who are on the road to destruction. But we who are being saved recognize this message as the very power of God. 19 As the Scriptures say, “I will destroy human wisdom and discard their most brilliant ideas.” 20 So where does this leave the philosophers, the scholars, and the world’s brilliant debaters? God has made them all look foolish and has shown their wisdom to be useless nonsense. 21 Since God in his wisdom saw to it that the world would never find him through human wisdom, he has used our foolish preaching to save all who believe. 22 God’s way seems foolish to the Jews because they want a sign from heaven to prove it is true. And it is foolish to the Greeks because they believe only what agrees with their own wisdom. 23 So when we preach that Christ was crucified, the Jews are offended, and the Gentiles say it’s all nonsense. 24 But to those called by God to salvation, both Jews and Gentiles, Christ is the mighty power of God and the wonderful wisdom of God. 25 This “foolish” plan of God is far wiser than the wisest of human plans, and God’s weakness is far stronger than the greatest of human strength. 26 Remember, dear brothers and sisters, that few of you were wise in the world’s eyes, or powerful, or wealthy when God called you. 27 Instead, God deliberately chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose those who are powerless to shame those who are powerful. 28 God chose things despised by the world, things counted as nothing at all, and used them to bring to nothing what the world considers important, 29 so that no one can ever boast in the presence of God. 30 God alone made it possible for you to be in Christ Jesus. For our benefit God made Christ to be wisdom itself. He is the one who made us acceptable to God. He made us pure and holy, and he gave himself to purchase our freedom. 31 As the Scriptures say, “The person who wishes to boast should boast only of what the Lord has done.”

    • Angel Wannabe

      Well said CC! :)

    • Cawmun Cents

      Sorry about this….to wit:

      1 Corinthians:18-25…..
      for those interested in knowing why they will never prove God exists.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Keep in mind that these words were written by a man whom,before he acknowleged Christ’s authority,had Christians arrested and put to death.The adopted Apostle Paul of Tarsus.
        He was a Pharisee…and had literal ancestral pedigree,dating back to Moses time.Not the kind of person you would understand laying down his life to preach the gospel to the world.

        Ignorance is bliss they say.
        I pray for the blissful.

        Thank you Jesus.

        It is all due to your work on the cross,that I am worthy.

        You said the words describing what you had done best when you stated,”It is finished.”
        Meaning you had accomplished ALL the work necessary for me to be worthy once again.
        My reliance is only on you and not by my efforts.
        Praise your Holy name Lord,forever.Amen

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Cawmun Cents,


      Best wishes,

      • http://naver samurai

        Sook Young and I really like this article and the postings you have made on this thread. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Bob Thanks especially for your answer to Boops as it was right on target. We need to pray that he along with many others will come to the truth of God and His Word. We are endowed by OUR CREATOR ONLY IF WE ACKNOWLEDGE WHO THE CREATOR REALLY IS. If we fail to get the first verse of the bible right, the rest of it will make no sense.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Whizzer

    Hi Bob,
    I agree with about 90% of what you have said. Ron Paul? Seriously when you go back thru the Bible, especially the Old Testament you will find leaders like Newt. Didn’t God himself call King David a man after my heart? Yet as I recall David committed adultery and murder.
    Ron Paul is a good man, however very naive when it comes to dealing with terrorists and foriegn threats…. not my guy.
    Side note to Boop, Brian & other atheists – last time I checked Biblical history and fullfilled prophecy are indisputable! I would direct you to Josh McDowell’s book “Evidence that demands a Verdict”. Do your homework boys and don’t be dummies!!!

    • Angel Wannabe

      Whizzer, Agreed!__they’re are many stories like Davids, who did commit murder and adultry and I believe, is proof God forgives, and even uses people with a past to achieve his purpose!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Whizzer,

      Ron Paul is not naive, as you suggest. If you haven’t watched this yet, I recommend it.

      Best wishes,

      • bob wire

        Whizzer, being willing to give someone enough rope to hang themselves is not be naive but allowing people to complete “their design” and quite worrying the world with endless threats.

        Threats are in endless supply and cost nothing! This attempt to address endless “threats” by people that are willing to say anything grows old.

        Let them whip it out and be willing to deal with the consequences their actions offers them.

        Sometimes the lid blowing off is exactly what needs to happen before any “understanding” can be reached with such “minded” people.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    I Say Amen to Cawmun Sense. May we all take heed to the Wisdom of God

  • Mirage

    A secular America would probably be more authentic, as in, true seperation of church and state, like many of our fore fathers intended.
    From the FEW materials I’ve read on the subject, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, are quoted with several statements that go against organized religion in general: for example, Thomas Jefferson’s quote, “Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man.”
    This is not to say these great men were “godless” … apparently they just did not have much use for organized religion.
    Most of mankind’s greatest minds, genius that brought mankind kicking and screaming out of the dark, were in fact, Agnostic or Atheistic. If not for their brilliance, their refusal to accept religious dogma, their refusal to accept “flat world” idealogy; we’d still be in the dark ages, versus meeting here today, online.
    Albert Einstein was Agnostic, and when I consider life as I’ve experienced it, I have to concur.
    Accepting such a faith as Agnosticism, does not mean people of another faith are wrong (no one can prove such a thing), it simply means we see life and the world in a different context: a belief there probably is a creator, but that we’ll never understand “it”, nor have our lives touched by it. To each his own.
    Oh well … can’t say I’ve ever heard of an abortion clinic being blown up by an Agnostic, nor Atheist, so for those who object to my faith, it could be worse.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Mirage, I’m always amazed at non-believers ability to point out denunciations of God in the Founders quotes, rather than what the majority of them really believed, there are so few accounts of de-denunciation’s__as I said above, facts are stubborn things, they don’t change just because they are revised to support your notion!__you get an atta boy for trying though! :)

    • Monte

      You are very wrong in what you say of the founders. They were NEVER against Christianity. Their problem was with an established church. The Church of England was a source of the British tyranny during the colonial period. They were opposed to creating a government supported church. You must have missed what Jefferson said about Christ. He considered him the greatest teacher in history. Christianity is a part of our identity as Americans. It is our founding religion. Anyone who denies this is either profoundly ignorant or wickedly dishonest. The goal is to replace Christianity with secular humanism, which, unlike the church, will be supported by the government. Thus, the fears of the founders will be undermined, and tyranny will be complete under the guise of ‘anti-Christian’. It is the religion of a lefist state: The state replaces God and man writes the replacement for the ten commandments. As the Soviets and Chinese illustrated, anyone that doesn’t fit the new pattern will be exterminated. Life is as nothing in the face of a secular moral crusade. Alas, it is only through Christ that we can find any peace and solace from the evils and imperfections of this world. Christianity is more than a religion; it is a template for a way of life. Despite what you said, the Founders well knew this.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Hear Hear Monte!__and so right, if they destroy Christianity, the Constitution is easier to denounce and shred, as Christianity is the basis for it.

      • Helen2

        Amen Monte!!


      Mirage evidently went to one of those government indoctrination centers (PUBLIC SCHOOL), where they love to teach the liberal, revised version of HISTORY.

      • Angel Wannabe

        JUKEBOX, yup, ther was a lot of them on here today, gearing up for teh Holidays I suppose! :)

    • http://naver samurai

      Show me where it says seperation of church and state in the Constitution, it isn’t there. SSDD, eh Mirage? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Joe H.

      What proof do you have that that person who blew up the clinic WAS a Christian? they said so?? The guy that shot up the whitehouse claims to be Christ. does that make it so?? They went to church? I have read that hitler went to church a few times in his life, does that make him a Christian? Being a Christian is a matter of what is in your heart and soul. Antone that has MURDER in their heart is NOT a Christian!! Please don’t try to start on the WAR bull. War is not in most cases murder. I suspect even God would expect one to protect ones self. I also believe that God would WANT the strong to protect the weak as in the case of the Jews in WW2.

  • billy

    Bob, this was quite an empressive piece of research, knowledge and writing. The American people have definitely dumbed down to where they are vulnerable to grandoise speeches, MSM soundbytes and liberal talking points. The electorate is not only ignorant, but they are also complacent, apathetic and gullible. They have selected the pinkos to run our country and to CHANGE our country. And the American voters are too dumb to see the truth and reverse course. They get what they deserve but unfortunately the rest of us are stuck with the choices they make.

  • cosmo88_7

    Boops, I feel sorry for you. To think that you are all there is, is so egotistical that I have nothing but sympathy for you. Christ died for you as well as me, but he gave YOU the choice as to whether to accept Him or not. Consider this, if I were wrong (which I know in my heart I’m not) what have I lost??? But what happens to you when you find out you were wrong? Eternity in a place worse than you can imagine in your wildest nightmare. “One Nation Under God” is more than just a slogan, it is what this Great Country is supposed to be about. Can you not see what has happened to this country since we started to support gays, muslims, and atheists?? I find it hard to comprehend that people like you and the rest of Obama supporters cannot see what he is doing to everyone are to blind to see what is happening with his “political correctness” concerning muslims and illegal aliens. I was under the impression that “illegal” meant against the law. Obviously there is another definition that I can’t find somewhere. Obama is just a muslim who is trying to tear this country apart from the inside instead of flying airplanes into buildings. Bob, I would like to know what it is that you expect individual Americans to do. At this point, short of a revolution, I don’t have much hope for us anymore. I don’t mean wall street occupyers, who should have been on the White House lawn.

  • Cecil

    Mr. L. makes the same mistake made by adults around me when I was a kid. My personal problems were met with the stock response, ‘Turn to Jesus.’ There will be no solution to civilizations dilema until religion becomes an historical curiosity in the minnds of the masses. Religion has pushed the world to a position where all 7 billions of us can not live for long.

    Individual rights and property rights is the only mechanism that can maintain civilization. Get over it! An get on with making the world fit for Homo sapiens.


    • Joe H.

      Yes, by all means turn to Jesus, but pray to him as well! Ask and you will recieve means you will find what you need through your work from his blessings! It does not mean that if you pray for a superlottery winning ticket you will get it unless God has plans for you AND those winnings. Listen with your heart, not your mind or mouth!!

    • http://naver samurai

      Ah yes, one of the 12 biggest lies, the world is overpopulated. Another one is there is no God. Be careful on this site, you atheism is showing. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Whizzer

    Hey Bob,
    Thanks for the link regarding Ron Paul – I will check it out.
    Now to Mirage & all the other athesist, agnostics…
    As a Christian believer I do not condone the bombing of abortion clinics, and I don’t believe the vast majority of my brethren do either. There are always a few bad apples out there that give the faith a bad name. Just as there are corrupt judges, police, politicians, etc. However just think of how many lives could have been spared if the Christian ministers who helped plot the death of Hitler would have been sucessful. For the record how many abortion doctors have been killed recently by fanatic Christians? I can only think of one – “Tiller the baby killer”. Honestly deep inside I am glad he is gone! The man who commmitted the crime was prosecuted for it wasn’t he?
    I quess atheists must be the smartest people in the world! Here is a little test for all of you…
    Take a sheet of paper, draw a circle. Inside the circle represents the entire sum of all there is to know in the universe. Keep in mind the circle is expanding all the time as we learn & discover more. Now let’s be generous and say you know half of all there is to know! That would be impressive, would you not agree? Now what about the other half that you just confessed you know nothing about? Is is possible that God exists in the other half? Certainly if you’re honest you have to say “yes”. Well know you’re an agnostic. Question now is are you willing to do the homework that would enable you to remove your doubt? If not you are willfully ignorant and at best just lazy! The truth can be found. God is not lost! HE said if you seek me with all your heart you will find me. Tic tick… time is running out, when you die you will face the Divine Creator of time & this universe. Just wait and see! Remember there are no atheists in foxholes! LoL

  • Tom Cook

    The one presumption I would contradict is that religious people have any slightest semblance of morality. My observation is that those of us who are atheists, who are not liberals for liberals have no moral compass just by virtue of the fact of their aberrant liberal thought processes, have a significantly more well-developed sense of ethics and morality than almost all who describe their belief in their particular made-up mythical superstitious “god.” I find a majority if not almost all so-called believers to be absolute hypocrites. The more vehemently they idolize their made-up god, the more grasping, greedy, and despicable they are.

    • http://naver samurai

      Too much kool aid on a daily basis. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Joe H.

      Tom Cook,
      I might raise hell with you here, but in reality, I would be secure in welcoming you into my home for a meal, I would shake your hand if I met you. See, I’m secure in my relationship with God, who, by the way, has proven to me his exhistance in ways you as an agnostic or athiest could understand. I feel God has a plan for every person on earth. Even if that plan is to just test the strength of anothers belief. There is nobody in this world that could shake my beliefs, NOBODY!

      • Angel Wannabe

        Hear, Hear Joeh!

  • James T

    A man can only do what he can,But a man on his own makes a lot of mistakes.(if you don’t belive me,just look at the world.)Our Goverment is screwed up,because we screwed up.As i read through this web site,I’m encouraged by the many people who share my views.I belive in God,And the BIBLE.And those people who say My god (and your god) are Myths ,more than likely have not tooken the time to find out if hes real.Icould go on and say many other things about the bible,But i won’t take up your time.I’ll just say,”what you put into your life,thats what you will get back”.

    • Tom Cook

      Agreed. I do not expect much from the average for they have not the wherewithal to self-examine their thoughts and develop an intelligent personal approach to life; they just stick with the brainwashing they have received from youth and eat the little communion bread and drink the Koolaid and never realize that they are cannibals, metaphorically speaking.

      • http://naver samurai

        Still too much kool aid. The cannibal nonsense sounds like rob smith. Are you two bunk buddies? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Crystal

    Gee! This article is full of sunshine.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Crystal, which do you prefer, discussing reality, or would ya rather people blowing Sunshine up your Butt?

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Whizzer

    Yo… atheists, let’s get one thing straight, and that is mankind by it’s very nature is sinful (meaning nobody is perfect). Religion by definition is: mankind’s attempt to reach out to God.
    Christianity is 180 degrees the opposite. Christianity is: God’s attempt to reach out to man.
    Since we Christians are such hypocrites (and aren’t we all? We just don’t always see it). Please tell me how many hospitals, soup kitchens, disaster relief organizations, drug rehab centers, and homeless shelters, adoption organizations have been started and funded solely by atheists? Hummm? Seems like Christians put their money where their mouths are when it comes to helping their fellow mankind vs. any atheist I have ever run accross. To be honest, most of you are very cheap and very self centered individuals!

  • FreedomFighter

    The Democratic party has sold America out:

    The bank cartels make money out of thin air: charge interest to barrow: then take your resources for not paying.

    Why are we letting this happen?


    Laus DEo
    Semper Fi

  • Karolyn

    I would like to pose a question to all Christians posting here. It is something that greatly puzzles me, and I would seriously like to hear if you have any reasonable answers. I have mentioned this before but have gotten no answers. Why is it that states like South Carolina, in the Bible Belt, with a church on every corner, have higher crime rates than many other states, especially when it comes to crimes against women? For those who would bash me for bashing Christians, I am not. I am just looking for answers. Also, why would former Christian friends turn away from someone who decides he/she is no longer Christian?

    • Angel Wannabe

      Karolyn, some Chrsitians are Holier than thou attitudes, which are what I call legalist Christians, they believe, that if you do good, your going to Heaven.It is and always has been my thought, that your faith causes you to do good.

      We’re taught to go with like minded and that to follow those who don’t believe, and are of sinful nature, may cause the believer to fall away. We’re taught to hate the sin, but love the sinner.

      • coal miner

        Robert Green Ingersoll


        SEVERAL people have asked me the meaning of this term.

        Secularism is the religion of humanity; it embraces the
        affairs of this world; it is interested in everything that touches
        the welfare of a sentient being; it advocates attention to the
        particular planet in which we happen to live; it means that each
        individual counts for something; it is a declaration of
        intellectual independence; it means that the pew is superior to the
        pulpit, that those who bear the burdens shall have the profits and
        that they who fill the purse shall hold the strings. It is a
        protest against theological oppression, against ecclesiastical

        Bank of Wisdom
        Box 926, Louisville, KY 40201


        tyranny, against being the serf, subject or slave of any phantom,
        or of the priest of any phantom. It is a protest against wasting
        this life for the sake of one that we know not of. It proposes to
        let the gods take care of themselves. It is another name for common
        sense; that is to say, the adaptation of means to such ends as are
        desired and understood.

        Secularism believes in building a home here, in this world. It
        trusts to individual effort, to energy, to intelligence, to
        observation and experience rather than to the unknown and the
        supernatural. It desires to be happy on this side of the grave.

        Secularism means food and fireside, roof and raiment,
        reasonable work and reasonable leisure, the cultivation of the
        tastes, the acquisition of knowledge, the enjoyment of the arts,
        and it promises for the human race comfort, independence,
        intelligence, and above all liberty. It means the abolition of
        sectarian feuds, of theological hatreds. It means the cultivation
        of friendship and intellectual hospitality. It means the living for
        ourselves and each other; for the present instead of the past, for
        this world rather than for another. It means the right to express
        your thought in spite of popes, priests, and gods. It means that
        impudent idleness shall no longer live upon the labor of honest
        men. It means the destruction of the business of those who trade in
        fear. It proposes to give serenity and content to the human soul.
        It will put out the fires of eternal pain. It is striving to do
        away with violence and vice, with ignorance, poverty and disease.
        It lives for the ever present to-day, and the ever coming to-
        morrow. It does not believe in praying and receiving, but in
        earning and deserving. It regards work as worship, labor as prayer,
        and wisdom as the savior of mankind. It says to every human being,
        Take care of yourself so that you may be able to help others; adorn
        your life with the gems called good deeds; illumine your path with
        the sunlight called friendship and love.

        Secularism is a religion, a religion that is understood. It
        has no mysteries, no mumblings, no priests, no ceremonies, no
        falsehoods, no miracles, and no persecutions. It considers the
        lilies of the field, and takes thought for the morrow. It says to
        the whole world, Work that you may eat, drink, and be clothed; work
        that you may enjoy; work that you may not want; work that you may
        give and never need.

        The Independent Pulpit, Waco, Texas, 1887.

        • Karolyn

          Thanks for that, coal!

        • http://naver samurai

          Secularism has no place in this Christian founded nation. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to Karolyn and Coal Miner.

    • jerry sweet

      if you would read GODS word -just the new testament– all of your answers are fully covered.why ask me?i know whom i have believed in and i know my final resting it and find out yourself.i will answer one ?.it is written that in the last days many will turn and leave the true–TRUE faith–they will reject the only way God provided for heaven.if you look to other people you are just plain stupid!look to JESUS and be saved.i think you just want to rant!

      • jerry sweet

        karolyn iam sorry,it sounded like i was judging you i dont know your heart.if you are sincere HE will reveal himself to you.forgive me i can also be stupid!

    • jerry sweet

      if a person turns away and rejects Christs death and resurrection we are commanded to have nothing to do with them.oil and water dont mix!

    • Raggs

      Simple answer Karo.. Our world has gone amok…
      This country has in fact turned from God and so God will no longer protect this nation from evil… The best example is to look at who is in the white house and how he lies to the masses… Our leaders do NOT stand with Israel and therefore God will punish those that are against Israel this is most of the reason for the things we are seeing now in our day’s, but it’s only going to get MUCH worse…

    • Jay

      Because Karolyn, most don’t understand the difference between religion and relationship. As well, most wouldn’t recognize the Gospel if it bit them in the azz! The reason for this pervasive ignorance is due to pulpits being occupied by so-called preachers, who are no closer to God than an atheist!

      • Karolyn

        But Jay, I said “the Bible Belt,” where just about every person you meet can quote the Bible, there are regular revivals, gospel singing, Christian music concerts and people’s lives are centered around church activities. In a place where the majority have been brought up on fire and brimstone, and checkout people tell you to have a “blest day,” why would there be so much crime?

        • Angel Wannabe

          Karolyn, living in a Bible Belt Area, won’t do anyone any good, if the majority of the people living there, doesn’t share the same values, beliefs and morals!__If crime rate is high,there is imbalance of like minded people.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Karolyn, a Republic only works, if the people have Morals, a fear of God, Discipline and a Respect for others!_-Its wholly inadequate without it!
            Such is why we have such a terrible time today, A LOT OF PEOPLE LIVE IN TOTAL ABANDONMENT, they live by no rules!

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Karolyn,

          Quoting Scripture and attending worship services does not a Christian make. There is much more involved. Read James 2.

          “ 14 What use is it, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but he has no works? Can that faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is without clothing and in need of daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and be filled,” and yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body, what use is that? 17 Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself.
          18 But someone may well say, “You have faith and I have works; show me your faith without the works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” 19 You believe that God is one. You do well; the demons also believe, and shudder. 20 But are you willing to recognize, you foolish fellow, that faith without works is useless?” (NASB)

          Demons can quote Scripture, but that doesn’t make them Christian. You will know Christians by their works.

          Best wishes,

          • James

            I’m with Livingston on this, faith without works is dead. Too many Christians are fussing about Salvation and heavenly bliss, while their country goes to pot. Revelation 20:11-13 reads: “And I saw a great white throne, and him that say upon it…And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.” (Very sobering.)

    • Helen2

      Karolyn, just because their is a church on every corner, doesn’t mean that the entire population goes to church. The church on every corner, should mean that the population is more Christian, but it is not necessarily so. There is still free will that God gives us and lots of people use their free will to do evil. As far as Christians walking away from people who leave their church, I too have been at that receiving end. They are afraid you will contaminate them and they are sure you are going to hell for leaving their church. That is not necessarily so, Jesus didn’t tell us we had to attend church. Paul told us to forsake not the assembling of yourselves together. When this was said there were no formal “churches” the believers met in their homes to talk of Jesus. That’s what my husband and I do instead of going to a formal church. Our relationship with God hasn’t changed a bit. He still loves us and does some pretty fantastic things for us from time to time. Don’t listen to people. Listen to God. He does talk to you if you let him – and no I’m not crazy!!

      • Angel Wannabe

        Hear, Hear Helen2!!!

      • Karolyn

        Helen – A great many stores still don’t open here on Wednesdays because that was a traditional church day. EVERYBODY goes to church, and you feel funny telling people you don’t. Stores don’t open on Sunday til 1:30 to give everybody a chance to go to church. Most of the people are good people. I just don’t understand. There’s something wrong somewhere. Could it be that people are so indoctrinated to the status quo that they don’t develop a real relationship with their God? What it tells me is that something is missing.


      The way to live a Christian is by example, not condemnation. There was only one perfect man in this world, and they crucified HIM.

    • Joe H.

      Man by nature is violent. Man brought to Christ and who accepts him into their heart are not, by nature. Just because a man goes to church faithfully doesn’t mean that person is a Christian. I have Jesus in my heart, My soul is his to do what he wants. I would not harm a hair on your head unless you meant harm to me. Now, does that explain a little?

  • Karolyn

    My Spanish teacher is from Venezuela. We were discussing his country this morning, and he was lamenting the fact that people in the US do not appreciate what we have here. He has to be afraid to visit his own home ountry for fear he will be thrown into a concentration camp.

  • jerry sweet

    obama is just another example of GOD delivering wrath on this nation for throwing him think bambam is bad! hang on its only really the beginning.we are in for a terrifying ride straight into hell.get right or get left Jesus gives us the better make sure who’s side your on.if there is no GOD you couldnt be an athiest!

  • hitthedeck

    The whole situation can be summed up by the Pogo cartoon when Pogo said (We is our own worst enemy)

  • Al

    The New Science article was interesting. However, they only reported public or publically traded corporations. They didn’t include corporate/public(government) entities. They didn’t include which corporations owned securities in cities, states, or national governments, central banks, international trade organizations, non government organizations, universities, or foundations.

    The only “money” in the world of central banks is “Buying power” This is what the corporations and central banks have stolen from the populace. Those green federal reserve notes are credits, IOU’s, we must pay them back, they are not “money”. The phony accounts in banks, mutual funds, and corporate coffers are worthless and useless. Your average paper stock certificate only has a “value” of $.001 (1 mill).

    The only good “money” in this world is clear title to Your Own Land. And that is only good if you live somewhere where there is no property tax.

    We were lied to. We live under this yoke. The people of the USA have been slaves since 1913. We need an Andrew Jackson not a Ronald Reagan.

  • Brent Pittman

    Both the Republican and Democrat parties are going in the wrong direction. To SAVE the US entrepreneurial ranking, credit rating, stock market, the $, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and the police, fire, k-12 public school, library, military, defense and homeland security budgets while CUTTING government spending, debt and present tax rates without causing inflation or high interest rates; both State and Federal parties would be winners if they would compromise with the following strategies:

    Create good paying American jobs with good benefits for American citizens by repealing all sales taxes & replace the lost revenue with an import tax/tariff on imported labor & manufactured goods. Increase the federal income tax deduction from $5700 (2010) to $15000 for American citizens. Increase the IN state income tax exemption for non-dependent adults from $1000 to $5000, up to $15,000; depending on disabilities and age. All standard deductions and exemptions should be adjusted for inflation. Collect an export tax on natural resources/commodities such as coal, oil, natural gas & grains.

    Repeal all wealthy individual, business and new development/construction tax incentives such as tax abatement, tax increment financing, grants, deductions, credits, tax free bonds, earmarks and loopholes that are creating poverty wage American jobs or exporting jobs. OR, require these corporate welfare kings to pay a living wage, minimum wage of $15/hour with good benefits; adjusted for inflation. Collect mandatory impact fees (IN code: 36-7-4-1300, only infrastructure today); but, expand the code to collect impact fees for schools, libraries, parks, police and fire. Search for Brent Pittman at, and for more information and details.

    • Joe H.

      Brent Pittman,
      Your ideas are not bad, but I see nothing in them adressing the problem of the state being able to take your house. lot, and all, for PROPERTY Taxes. This is property that you have paid in full for, but you have to “rent” it from the state. This is wrong!!! I’m living in a house that I paid for completely, yet the state, if for some reason I got behind in my taxes, could take said house away from me!! Granted, I’m in no danger of this, but why should I not worry about it till I am??

  • Cawmun Cents

    Tom Cook refers to someone as the average.
    I wonder who sets the bar for his definition of average.
    Perhaps he is partaking in the abuse of institutional power and the growing lament of the Ivy League Academics Home for Disturbed Progressive Liberals,or what we used to call the White House?

    Hard tellin’,not knowin’.
    But one thing is for certain.
    He thinks that others are ignorant based on his own perceptions and not from mknowledge he has accrued via some other form of media that he can quote from.

    To you Tom Cook,I raise a toast of wine,which I drink in honor of the obvious superiority you have over such a backward thinker as me.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Cawman Cents, Just thought of a toast I say from time to time, when I saw yours
      “Here to you, Heres to me, May We Never Disagree, if we Do,
      Forget you, here’s to me!”__Cheers! :)


    NO BOB, being an Athiest does not mean one believes in “the End Justifies the Means”.That thinking is part of Religious IGNORANCE and especially American fundamentalist thinking/ignorance and is, we believe, ONE of the MAIN reasons for the decay of FREEDOM ( Ignorance).

    I am a FOUNDING MEMBER of the Libertarian Party of Canada, in 1974, and can assure you that I do not know OF ANY Libertarian Atheist who believes “The End Justifies the Means” and in fact believe the CONTRARY.

    Otherwise I agree TOTALLY with your “rant”….keep up the good work for the STRUGGLE to keep our Lives, Liberties and our Property Ownership,or as you would say “Happiness”

    • JC

      Apparenly “Canadian” Libertarianism doesn’t include tolerance.
      Ever wonder why you have maybe 15,000 members
      in a country of 33 mil? Re read your post, the answer is in there somewhere…

      Good luck with that.

      • Joe H.

        And don’t let ANYBODY think the Canadian libertarian party and the US party are the same!

        • JC

          Joe, I know some pretty darn fine Canuck libertarians…not real sure about this Roger fellow though. I’d like to think he doesn’t speak for all of them.

  • Buck

    All this is true and I believe it , now my question is what does one financially inept American do about it ? I am a conservative and have aways voted for the most conservative candidate , including more than a few who weren’t true conservatives like the Bushes . I like Ron Paul but I expect to again have to vote for the less of two evils instead of my candidate of choice . Nor do I have the money to prepare for a well stocked ” hideout ” in the coming chaos .

    • Joe H.

      Then do a write-in like I plan to! If I can’t vote for R. Paul as the candidate, I will write him in and keep my morals in tact!!

  • http://personallibertydigest Lyle McDaniell

    I understand where coal miner gets his handle ; from constantly being in the dark. But he has a multitude of (brainy folks of his ilk )that follows that commie philosophy. Some one show them where the portal is so they can get some light.

  • http://personallibertydigest Lyle McDaniell

    I see where coalminer gets his handle.Walking in the dark. He has a herd of commie freinds that just hold hands and wander along hoping their great guru will keep them supplied.

  • Brother HB

    Brother Bob…Decided to read your newsletter. I think I’ll become a regular! Lots of good info!

    I am the Editor and Columnist for Race Bible. It’s my non-profit website and print version. My debut Column:AMERICA’S RACIAL REVOLUTION!
    We are trying to bring Americans,our Sisters and Brothers,members of our One Race,out of The Dark Ages of Race Relations!

    Part One is:RESOLUTION 777:TO RENAME THE “WHITE” HOUSE. “Brother Pres.’”(Barack Obama)campaign was the catalyst for this revolution! Hence,he led us right to his official residence and headquarters. It,right this very minute,is violating the 1964 Civil Rights Act! Also,it is discriminating against all non-white,or,European-Americans!Agree?

    Once it is changed back to one of its original,or previous,non-racial designations,such as,THE EXECUTIVE MANSION,this will send the message to Americans:”I,Barack Obama,hereby,acknowledge,that America is long over-due,for its first Racial Revolution! Therefore,I enact into law RESOLUTION 777 TO RENAME THE “WHITE” HOUSE,THE EXECUTIVE MANSION.
    Race Relations in America will be overhauled;at last!”

    Thus,AMERICA’S RACIAL REVOLUTION!will be launched! A New Age In America’s Race Relations will began! Or:we will descend deeper into racial-divisions;riots;a race war(?),more racial intolerance and racially-motivated violence and racial-stress…”A house divided shall not stand”…

    Already,at our Facebook page(,we have launched AMERICA’S NATIONAL RACIAL DIALOGUE. We need the input of all Americans,”talk’n ’bout the black and the white,brown,yellow and red”…United,Americans can solve all of our earthly problems. A solution to America’s poverty,might be as simple as:$275,000,000-4-275,000,000 poor Americans! Each will receive $1,000,000!PEACE. Your Brother.
    1.From Brother HB’S Debut rap,Racial Harmony. Available June 30,2012,his debut two volume set of poetry/rap,to be published by Truth Desktop Publishing & Design.

    • Cawmun Cents

      I have already re-named the White House.

      Ivy League Academics Home for Disturbed Progressive Liberals.

      There you have it sir.
      Iit is not a joke,but merely a reflection of what I have witnessed happening to our great Presidential house in the span of my fifty year lifetime.


      • Joe H.

        Cawmun Cents,
        I think a couple more nutz have come out of the woodwork!!! I mean, what color is the white house? It sure ain’t purple!!! What is next? “That non-color stuff that falls from the sky in winter”??? Or even better for your drivers licence. ” Q:Hair color? A: Non-color!”

  • James

    The ability to work is still there, and businesses and farmers still have things to sell, all that’s lacking is money. Crops are rotting in the fields because illegal Mexicans got scared and went home. Unemployed men could offer to pick crops in exchange for so much food. They could sweep grocery floors in exchange for food. One’s labor could be bartered for almost anything that’s needed. Money is just a more convenient way to do business, but it isn’t essential.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Perhaps the quasi-elite academics,foundering in their student loans,could be set to work in the farmers fields to pay back what they owe?
      That would make much more sense.
      Instead of putting folks who are trained to do other tasks,let the college educated folk learn what back-breaking work is,and maybe they wont complain about a lack of monetary assistance?

      Just my take.


  • hitthedeck

    Next year is going to get ugly (From A Democrat who voted for Obama)

    WHEN Obama wrote a book and said he was mentored as a youth by Frank (Frank Marshall Davis was his Mother’s boyfriend) an avowed Communist, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN it was discovered that his grandparents were strong socialists who sent Obama’s mother to a socialist school where she was introduced to Frank Marshall Davis. He was later introduced to young Barrack Hussein Obama. People said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN people found out that Barrack Hussein Obama was enrolled as a Muslim child in school and his father and stepfather were both Muslims, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he wrote in another book he authored “I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he admittedly, in his book, said he chose Marxist friends and professors in college– people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he traveled to Pakistan after college on an unknown national passport, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he sought the endorsement of the Marxist Party in 1996 as he ran for the Illinois Senate, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he sat in a Chicago Church for twenty years and listened to a preacher spew hatred for America and preach black liberation theology, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN an independent Washington organization, that tracks Senate voting records, gave him the distinctive title as the “most liberal senator,” people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN the Palestinians in Gaza set up a fund raising telethon to raise money for his election campaign, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN his voting record supported gun control, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he refused to disclose who donated money to his election campaign, as other candidates had done, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan and Mummar Kadaffi and Hugo Chavez, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN it was pointed out that he was a total newcomer and had absolutely no experience at anything except community organizing, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he chose friends and acquaintances such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who were revolutionary radicals, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN his voting record in the Illinois senate and in the U.S. Senate came into question, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he refused to wear a flag lapel pin, and did so only after a public outcry, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN people started treating him as a Messiah and children in schools were taught to sing his praises, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he stood with his hands over his groin area for the playing of the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he surrounded himself in the White house with advisors who were pro-gun control, pro- abortion, pro-homosexual marriage and wanting to curtail freedom of speech to silence the opposition people said it didn’t matter..

    WHEN he aired his views on abortion, homosexuality and a host of other issues, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he said he favors sex education in Kindergarten, including homosexual indoctrination, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN his personal background was either scrubbed or hidden and nothing could be found about him, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN the place of his birth was called into question, and he refused to produce a birth certificate, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he had an association in Chicago with Tony Rezco–a man of questionable character and who is now in prison and had helped Obama to a sweet deal on the purchase of his home– people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN it became known that George Soros, a multi-billionaire Marxist, spent a ton of money to get him elected, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he started appointing White House Czars that were radicals, revolutionaries, and even avowed Marxist/Communist, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he stood before the Nation and told us that his intentions were to “fundamentally transform this Nation” into something else, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN it became known that he had trained ACORN workers in Chicago and served as an attorney for ACORN, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he appointed cabinet members and several advisors who were tax cheats and socialists, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he appointed a Science Czar, John Holdren, who believes in forced abortions, mass sterilizations and seizing babies from teen mothers, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he appointed Cass Sunstein as Regulatory Czar who believes in “Explicit Consent,” harvesting human organs without family consent, and allowing animals to be represented in court, while banning all hunting, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he appointed Kevin Jennings, a homosexual, and organizer of a group called gay, lesbian, straight, education network as Safe School Czar and it became known that he had a history of bad advice to teenagers, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he appointed Mark Lloyd, as Diversity Czar, who believes in curtailing free speech; taking from one and giving to another to spread the wealth; who supports Hugo Chavez, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN Valerie Jarrett was selected as Obama’s Senior White House Advisor and she is an avowed Socialist, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director said Mao Tse Tung was her favorite philosopher– and the person she turned to most for inspiration, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he appointed Carol Browner as Global Warming Czar, and her being a well known socialist working on Cap and Trade as the nations largest tax, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he appointed Van Jones, an ex-con and avowed Communist as Green Energy Czar, who since had to resign when this was made known, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN Tom Daschle, Obama’s pick for health and human services secretary could not be confirmed, because he was a tax cheat, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN as President of the United States , he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia , people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he traveled around the world criticizing America and never once talking of her greatness, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN his actions concerning the Middle-East seemed to support the Palestinians over Israel , our long time ally, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he took American tax dollars to resettle thousands of Palestinians from Gaza to the United States , people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he upset the Europeans by removing plans for a missile defense system against the Russians, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he played politics in Afghanistan by not sending troops early-on when the Field Commanders said they were necessary to win, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he started spending us into a debt that was so big we could not pay it off, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he took a huge spending bill under the guise of stimulus and used it to pay off organizations, unions, and individuals that got him elected, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he took over insurance companies, car companies, banks, etc., people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he took away student loans from the banks and put it through the government, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he designed plans to take over the health care system and put it under government control, people said it didn’t matter.
    WHEN he claimed he was a Christian during the election and tapes were later made public that showed Obama speaking to a Muslim group and ‘stating’ that he was raised a Muslim; was educated as a Muslim; and that he is still a Muslim– people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he set into motion a plan to take over the control of all energy in the United States through Cap and Trade, people said it didn’t matter.

    WHEN he finally completed his transformation of America into a Socialist State , people finally woke up— but it was too late.

    Add these up one by one and you get a phenomenal score that points to the fact that Barrack Hussein Obama is determined to turn America into a Marxist-Socialist society.

    All of the items in the preceding paragraphs have been put into place. All can be documented very easily. Before you disavow this do an internet search. The last paragraph alone is not yet cast in stone. You and I will write that paragraph. Will it read as above or will it be a more happy ending for most of America ?














  • Thinking About

    This article starts off with people out of work and several times I have ask what has Paul got in his plans to get the jobs started and I am still trying to find the information. You want to talk about poor decisions voters make with candidates but with no action to clear unemployment lines would be a good reason to vote for someone else

  • Graystroke

    “Tazio2013 says:
    November 21, 2011 at 10:36 am

    The US Government WAS NOT founded on biblical principles; it was founded on the principles of the Enlightenment. Suggest that you take a secular history course re the US Constitution and get objectively educated rather than spouting your biblical nonsense.”

    What you just admitted w/o your own knowledge is that revisionist history by those that hate the Constitution and biblical principles wrote YOUR history book. I suggest you and your ilk read: “Liberty & Tyranny” by Mark Levine and “The 5000 year leap” by Skousen. YES, our nation is founded and based on BIBLICAL foundation the men over the course of 157 years studied EVERY form of government and what went wrong. From Cicero and Plato to the Old Testament and the Roman Senate form of government. Your shallow argument that the US Constitution does not directly mention the bible it is therefore all secular is intellectual dishonesty of the highest level of deceit. The only way our nation can be defeat from within is to destroy our educational system (it’s a resounding success thus far) and the OWS crowd demonstrates just how shallow their thinking skills are and your view of our founding documents being all secular reveal how shallow the nation has been transformed. Your so called “FOUNDED BY THE ENLIGHTENED” rings more of Illuminati and Masonic scum. I have no false sense of humility here, Jesus Christ called them out as Vipers and yes the religious church whore is complicit with her 501(c)3 tax status that they cherish so much. You all see how well our nation has fared thus far because of the lack of spiritual guts…..all for keeping a little bit of mammon by begging the IRS???? Anyway the TEA Party is not supporting the only Constitutional candidate and therefor I will NOT support any TEA Party organization. They are too blind and try to justify the support for more of the dame old crap literally..Mitt, Eye of Newt and Perry and an knuckle ball thrown in to confuse the crowd Cain. It is so obvious and easy to spot yet the TEA continues to support wasting air with Hannity and all the Neo-CONS……just remember the time comes some will make the last stand and I will not cower away from Masonic dogs and religious Pharisees that justify their whorish activities in the name of the Lord. May the remant stand strong……Amen…

    • jerry sweet

      l hate it when people talk bout things they themselves have no idea what the truth is.this nation was dedicated to Jesus CHRIST when the first pilgrims landed and erected a cross giving thanks for a safe journey.God Almighty took and used this nation as a light to the world.with that accomplished he now will destroy it.WHY? because we showed him we didnt want his continued was never founded on perfection.its better to let people think you;re an idiot than to open your mouth and leave no doudt!!bty the constitution you say is a fabricated piece of history.quit reading comic books it was— devinely inspired— and only people whose eyes are open by our creator can see it.the rest will burn in hellfire are fastracking it buddy.get a life.repent if theLORD allows you too.eternal damnation await those who hate GOD.he will have the last say.

    • http://naver samurai

      Why do you drink kool aid and them post a bunch of lies on this site? We were founded a Christian nation and there is no way you can prove otherwise. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • jerry sweet

    something else greystroke our system worked pretty good up until has been destroyed for one reason and thats GREED.GOD has a time table and our hourglass is just about empty.people like you unless this GOD you dont believe in has mercy on you and allows you to be one of his will perish.if you think you are a tough guy go look at an autopsy and see just how fragile we really are.he let me in and i was wicked man,in fact an outlaw biker.i’ve seen both sides and i chose to be a iam still carnal, but iam saved by his grace and sustained by his love.i get to live with him in heaven forever,where are you going.quit talking about historical subjects you are not geared for it

  • jerry sweet

    greystroke why dont you read the bible and find out that GOD sets up kingdoms and destroys act like the bible was a phony.i may be harsh but will defend my faith at all times.not a religion,they are all man made,but true CHRISTIANITY.which is not a religion as some mistakenly see it.its a personal relationship with our Creator,thru HIS son who died on a bloody cross so a wretch like me could escape his holy wrath.he hates sin and unless you accept this gift Jesus resurrection provided you are sin.centuries after the first pilgrims came and dedicated this new land to Jesus Christ,a group of men got together and came up with second only to the bible itself ,the greatest document ever written.for 200 plus years it worked out fairly read history not the socalled revisionist crap GOD LESS god hating PEOPLE HAVE WRITTEN.I DONT KNOW YOUR AGE BUT YOU REALLY DONT KNOW VERY MUCH

  • jerry sweet

    hey raggs is that a condiment you like on your eggs.just wondering

  • jerry sweet

    the post reply was for raggs

  • jerry sweet

    hitthedeck try and remember obama is just the puppet man.he thinks hes becoming a legend(in his mind) but this is just the beginning as GOD will pour out more horror on this nation than the world has ever seen.when it gets worse then the people will care,only toooooo late

  • Rennie

    The USA under the current regime will not attack Iran, they may pull off some sham of a Cuban Missile Crisis to tip the election next November, maybe even sacrifice lives of civilinas or soldiers to make it look good, but the USA is not seriously going to destroy Iran or the shia empire Obama has helped Iran establish from the Indian to Atlantic Oceans. Obama and Biden are more likely to attack Isreal. Sure, they are going after a somali war lord, he’s another sunni leader. How many shia terrorists has the USA targeted since Obama took office?

  • Angel Wannabe

    “”””Heads up spread this far and wide!!!””””


  • Angel Wannabe
  • ChristianPatriot

    Good lord I dont even have enough time to read all the responses although I went through the first 100 or so… Got tired of the negative nay sayers who cant, dont, and wont believe in anything other than something right in fron of their face. The left/right paradigm must be expunged. They are both worthless anymore. You either have faith in something or you dont. History repeats itself… if these naysayers believe that their OBUMMER Mesiah will save them or anyone else of the in your face Socialist thieves then obviously were past doomed. Although other than Ron Paul none of the other Repubes dont look good either. I have not studied that Bible hard enough to know my scriptures other than what I can remember growing up. I believe in a higher power, the Constitution was written by Christians or atleast God fearing PATRIOTS!!!!

    These OWS trolls need to go back to the rock they crawled out from under and go crap under it instead of side walks and, cars, and in public… Where has HONOR gone too? Pride? Integrity? SELF RESPECT? The list goes on… Ladies and Gentelman this horrible debt that BOTH sides have buried us under is UNPAYABLE… We have no hope as far as our half assed government paying it back…EVER!!!!! The only thing to do now is hunker down and hope for the best outcome and become more self sufficient. I dont see any of the people running right now being able to beat OB*ST*RD!! If and WHEN he gets re-elected…GAME OVER USA!!! Good luck in your futures friends and whiners…

    O yeah… If you dont like what BOB (ROBERT) LIVINGSTON has to say…DONT READ IT PEOPLE!!! God gave you a brain to choose!!! ;-)

    • Angel Wannabe

      ChrsitianPatriot__Hear, Hear and a big HUZZAH!!! :)

      • http://naver samurai

        Hooooorrrrraaaaahhhhh! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Joe H.

      My personal favoritefrom childhood. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
      That is what is PROMISED to me for my unerring belief, and I believe that one day I WILL collect!!

  • Denise

    I would vote for Ron Paul in a heartbeat if he got straightened out on our nation’s defense.

  • coal miner

    Church and State: Keep Them Separated
    Dans says
    This post was written before I became an atheist and does not represent my current views. You can find more up-to-date posts on religion in my faith/skepticism category.
    (This is the article I wrote for the June church newsletter.)

    On my recent vacation I stopped by the Truman State University campus and visited some teachers and people I used to work with. One of them, a secretary who didn’t know me well, but knew I was a minister, asked me this: “What do you think about them taking God out of everything? No prayer in schools . . . what’s the world coming to?” I’m not sure if she honestly wanted to know what I thought, but I didn’t tell her. We had one more stop to make, we were running behind already, and I wasn’t about to try and start a discussion then and there. But it is something I’ve been thinking about, and my thoughts may surprise you.

    Rather than trying to sort out one issue in particular, I’m going to ask you to see a bigger picture. The debate over the separation of church and state is constantly raging over one issue or another. Legalized gay marriage and the constitutional amendment opposing it has been in the news recently. A few months ago the phrase “One nation under God” was the hot topic. Before that it was evolution vs. creation in the science classroom and prayer in school. An in-depth treatment of any of these issues requires more space than our newsletter can hold and more research than I have time for. What I can do is ask this question: Do we want America to become a theocracy, or is the separation of church and state a good thing? Personally, I don’t want to see America become a theocracy.

    When religious groups control or too strongly influence governments, the results are not good. History is full of examples: the Dark Ages in Europe, the Inquisition, the Salem witch trials, the Taliban in Afghanistan. If you really want to know about the dangers of an American theocracy, you need look no further than the state of Utah. The Mormon church, or church of Latter Day Saints (LDS), dominates public life in Salt Lake City. Ties between Utah public schools and the LDS church make life difficult for non-Mormon kids. Many of them convert just to escape the pressure. Parents who don’t like what goes on in the schools are free to file a suit, but chances are the case will be heard by a Mormon judge. The church attempts to silence ideas that it doesn’t agree with, and history is rewritten to cover the church’s mistakes. And this is life in Utah with some separation of church and state. If the laws were relaxed things would only get worse.

    As a government and a religious group become more entangled, the rights of the minority are undermined. If the US government became overtly Christian, unbelievers would become second-class citizens. Not only that, but a theocracy would, in a sense, weaken the church. People would choose Christianity for its social benefits rather than its truth. The choice that is so important to faith would give way to pressure, fear and coercion. Nominal Christianity would be even more prevalent than it is now.

    Theocracy would be bad for unbelievers, bad for believers and bad for the state. C.S. Lewis, a strong proponent of Christianity, explained why a theocratic government would be dangerous:

    I am a democrat because I believe that no man or group of men is good enough to be trusted with uncontrolled power over others. And the higher the pretensions of such power, the more dangerous I think it both to rulers and to the subjects. Hence Theocracy is the worst of all governments. If we must have a tyrant a robber baron is far better than an inquisitor. The baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity at some point may be sated; and since he dimly knows he is doing wrong he may possibly repent. But the inquisitor who mistakes his own cruelty and lust of power and fear for the voice of Heaven will torment us infinitely more because he torments us with the approval of his own conscience and his better impulses appear to him as temptations (“A Reply to Professor Haldane.” On Stories. ed. Walter Hooper. Harcort & Brace Co: Orlando, Florida. 1996).

    Both the government and the citizens are protected by the separation of church and state, and it’s been this way for centuries. Some people see separation as a new idea, brought on by activist judges and the decadence of the twentieth century. But was America, as many believe, created as a Christian nation? Most of the founders were Christians (although several of the more prominent framers were deists or Unitarians), but they were all careful to make America a democratic nation, where citizens are allowed to believe or disbelieve anything they want. Even the most devoted Christians who helped write the Constitution understood that theocracy would be bad for the nation and bad for the church.

    Many of the things brought today as evidence that this is a Christian nation are relatively recent changes. It wasn’t until 1864 that the motto “In God We Trust” appeared on coins, and it was only added to paper money in 1964. The original pledge of allegiance didn’t have the phrase “under God”. It was added in 1954. Fifty years seems like a long time, but that should be kept in a greater perspective. For the last 200 years America has provided freedom of religion for its citizens. The framers understood that the state and religion should not be entangled. Early settlers in North America had left Europe to escape from oppressive state-sponsored churches. The framers remembered that fact and today’s church needs to remember it and avoid undermining the very separation that protects it.

    I’m not suggesting that we should avoid the political process altogether. Christians have the same right as anyone to try to influence policy in our democracy. I understand that in some cases the separation goes too far, almost to the point of prohibiting the free exercise of religion, and we should work against that. But we need to ask ourselves, “What is our goal?” If we allow the church and the state to get too entangled then we may find that we’ve created a monster.

    Posted by dan

    • http://naver samurai

      First, we are a republic and not a democracy. Second, there is no seperation of church and state mentioned in the Constitution. Can’t you seem to get that through your head? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      P.S. Thanksgiving was made to be a day set aside to give thanks to God for all he has done for us over the past year. I guess your pantheonism just took a hit and cannot recover.

      • coal miner

        Wrong samurai,

        Thanksgiving: A Native American View
        by Jacqueline Keeler

        I celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving.

        This may surprise those people who wonder what Native Americans think of this official U.S. celebration of the survival of early arrivals in a European invasion that culminated in the death of 10 to 30 million native people.

        Thanksgiving to me has never been about Pilgrims. When I was six, my mother, a woman of the Dineh nation, told my sister and me not to sing “Land of the Pilgrim’s pride” in “America the Beautiful.” Our people, she said, had been here much longer and taken much better care of the land. We were to sing “Land of the Indian’s pride” instead.

        I was proud to sing the new lyrics in school, but I sang softly. It was enough for me to know the difference. At six, I felt I had learned something very important. As a child of a Native American family, you are part of a very select group of survivors, and I learned that my family possessed some “inside” knowledge of what really happened when those poor, tired masses came to our homes.

        When the Pilgrims came to Plymouth Rock, they were poor and hungry — half of them died within a few months from disease and hunger. When Squanto, a Wampanoag man, found them, they were in a pitiful state. He spoke English, having traveled to Europe, and took pity on them. Their English crops had failed. The native people fed them through the winter and taught them how to grow their food.

        These were not merely “friendly Indians.” They had already experienced European slave traders raiding their villages for a hundred years or so, and they were wary — but it was their way to give freely to those who had nothing. Among many of our peoples, showing that you can give without holding back is the way to earn respect. Among the Dakota, my father’s people, they say, when asked to give, “Are we not Dakota and alive?” It was believed that by giving there would be enough for all — the exact opposite of the system we live in now, which is based on selling, not giving.

        To the Pilgrims, and most English and European peoples, the Wampanoags were heathens, and of the Devil. They saw Squanto not as an equal but as an instrument of their God to help his chosen people, themselves.

        Since that initial sharing, Native American food has spread around the world. Nearly 70 percent of all crops grown today were originally cultivated by Native American peoples. I sometimes wonder what they ate in Europe before they met us. Spaghetti without tomatoes? Meat and potatoes without potatoes? And at the “first Thanksgiving” the Wampanoags provided most of the food — and signed a treaty granting Pilgrims the right to the land at Plymouth, the real reason for the first Thanksgiving. Ultraviolet–Nature’s way to purify water.
        A clean, safe, and Earth-friendly technology.

        Please click on the picture for details.

        What did the Europeans give in return? Within 20 years European disease and treachery had decimated the Wampanoags. Most diseases then came from animals that Europeans had domesticated. Cowpox from cows led to smallpox, one of the great killers of our people, spread through gifts of blankets used by infected Europeans. Some estimate that diseases accounted for a death toll reaching 90 percent in some Native American communities. By 1623, Mather the elder, a Pilgrim leader, was giving thanks to his God for destroying the heathen savages to make way “for a better growth,” meaning his people.

        In stories told by the Dakota people, an evil person always keeps his or her heart in a secret place separate from the body. The hero must find that secret place and destroy the heart in order to stop the evil.

        I see, in the “First Thanksgiving” story, a hidden Pilgrim heart. The story of that heart is the real tale than needs to be told. What did it hold? Bigotry, hatred, greed, self-righteousness? We have seen the evil that it caused in the 350 years since. Genocide, environmental devastation, poverty, world wars, racism.

        Where is the hero who will destroy that heart of evil? I believe it must be each of us. Indeed, when I give thanks this Thursday and I cook my native food, I will be thinking of this hidden heart and how my ancestors survived the evil it caused.

        Because if we can survive, with our ability to share and to give intact, then the evil and the good will that met that Thanksgiving day in the land of the Wampanoag will have come full circle.

        And the healing can begin.

        Jacqueline Keeler, a member of the Dineh Nation and the Yankton Dakota Sioux works with the American Indian Child Resource Center in Oakland, California. Her work has appeared in Winds of Change, an American Indian journal.

        • http://naver sook young

          Sorry Coal Miner, but you are wrong. Here are just a few examples to prove you wrong.

          “I do issue this my proclamation, hereby appointing Thursday a day of public and solemn thanksgiving and prayer to Almighty God, earnestly recommending to all the good people to set apart the said day for those purposes.”

          Thomas Jefferson November 11, 1779

          “I do recommend and assign Thursday to be devoted by the people to the service to that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all good. That we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country.”

          George Washington October 3, 1789

          “I have therefore thought it fit and do hereby appoint Thursday a day of public thanksgiving and praise. Hereby calling upon ministers and people to assemble and join so rational and delightful an exercise rendering to God the tribute of praise for His unmerited goodness towards us.”

          John Hancock September 16, 1790

          I hope you now understand what our founding fathers had envisioned this day to be. Thank you for the information about the Native Americans and their beliefs. I don’t know much about them. It was very interesting. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Coal Miner.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

          • coal miner

            Wrong sook young,

            Separation of Church and State – Theocracy Watch
            The founding fathers did not mention God in the Constitution, and the faithful often regarded our … I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is … “It is true that the literal phrase ‘separation of church and state’ does not …
   – Cached

          • coal miner

            sook young’
            another one:

            That means people can freely exersize whatever religious belief they wish, … ” The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores …

          • coal miner

            “Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned; yet we have not advanced an inch towards uniformity. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites. To support roguery and error all over the earth.” – “Notes on Virginia” Thomas Jefferson

          • http://naver sook young

            “No one should be afraid to take on any enterprise in the name of our Savior if it is right and the purpose is purely for His holy service.”

            Christopher Columbus

            “The Gospel of Jesus Christ prescribes the wisest rules for just conduct in every situation of life. Happy they who are enabled to obey them in all situations!”

            Benjamin Rush

            “The real wonder is that so many difficulties should have been surmounted. It is impossible for the man of pious reflection not to perceive in it a finger of that Almighty Hand which has been so frequently and signally extended to our relief.”

            James Madison

            “I beg I may not be understood to infer that our Convention was Divinely inspired…(yet) I can hardly conceive a transaction of such momentous importance should be suffered to pass without being in some degree influenced by that Ruler in Whom all inferior spirits live and move and have their being.”

            Benjamin Franklin

            These are just some more that I have found to prove my point. I understand that you are merely posting a different point of view, but we were founded a Christian nation. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you Coal Miner.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

  • Jack

    It’s now official – there’s been no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors :

    Quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:
    ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ (page 83)

    I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.

    In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    CODOH – Committee for Open Debate of the Holocaust – breaking the power of taboo

  • Jack

    Dirty Little Secrets – the hidden, awkward origins of World War 2 – the unexpected views of four key diplomats who were close to events

    Just consider the following:

    · Joseph P. Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to Britain during the years immediately preceding WW2 was the father of the famous American Kennedy dynasty. James Forrestal the first US Secretary of Defense (1947-1949) quotes him as saying “Chamberlain (the British Prime Minister) stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war”. (The Forrestal Diaries ed. Millis, Cassell 1952 p129).

    · Count Jerzy Potocki, the Polish Ambassador in Washington, in a report to the Polish Foreign Office in January 1939, is quoted approvingly by the highly respected British military historian Major-General JFC Fuller. Concerning public opinion in America he says “Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands…when bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe… It is interesting to observe that in this carefully thought-out campaign… no reference at all is made to Soviet Russia. If that country is mentioned, it is referred to in a friendly manner and people are given the impression that Soviet Russia is part of the democratic group of countries… Jewry was able not only to establish a dangerous centre in the New World for the dissemination of hatred and enmity, but it also succeeded in dividing the world into two warlike camps…President Roosevelt has been given the power.. to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.” (Fuller, JFC: The Decisive Battles of the Western World vol 3 pp 372-374.)

    · Hugh Wilson, the American Ambassador in Berlin until 1938, the year before the war broke out, found anti-Semitism in Germany ‘understandable’. This was because before the advent of the Nazis, “the stage, the press, medicine and law [were] crowded with Jews…among the few with money to splurge, a high proportion [were] Jews…the leaders of the Bolshevist movement in Russia, a movement desperately feared in Germany, were Jews. One could feel the spreading resentment and hatred.” (Hugh Wilson: Diplomat between the Wars, Longmans 1941, quoted in Leonard Mosley, Lindbergh, Hodder 1976).

    · Sir Nevile Henderson, British Ambassador in Berlin ‘said further that the hostile attitude in Great Britain was the work of Jews and enemies of the Nazis, which was what Hitler thought himself’ (Taylor, AJP: The Origins of the Second World War Penguin 1965, 1987 etc p 324).

    Etc etc etc etc – more detail at

  • Jack J. Morris

    I respect people of faith and I want you to know that you are wrong about atheists. I am a devout, orthodox, homosexual, Jewish atheist. My faith is stated very simply: DO ONLY GOOD, DO HARM TO NO ONE. I am vehemently against the fools in OWS and Obama, and I value family and morality, friendship and kindness to all of humanity. I am a conservative Republican, served four years in the Navy and love America. I urge you to VISIT my website:
    It is sad that so many with religious faith have a “Holier than thou attidude.” I just do not believe in a supernatural being; it is up to us to be good to one another and to try to make this a better world. May G-d bless you, if he exists or not! You may wish to read my book (UNTROUBLING A TROUBLED WORLD – PEACE 4 EVER) in the library or even, per chance, buy one. I have not sold even one book because I do not have money to advertise nor do I know how to promote it; I am just a big dummy!

  • Jack J. Morris

    It is a laugh that so many say the Jews control everything. That is said to be one of the reasons for the rise of the NAZI Party. If the Jews really controlled everything, it would be a much better place for humanity. Jews are normally successful in life because their religion requires them to be able to read the Torah (commentaries on the Bible). Reading develops the brain. We need to close down all public schools and replace them with private, small, neighborhood schools owned by teachers who wish to be entrpreneurs or individual groups, corporations. This is called: FREE ENTERPRISE, the free market! See what a dumb Jew I am! VISIT:

    • James

      John J., 1 John 4:2-3 says: “Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come and even now already is it in the world.” Then 2 John 10-11 states: “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine [that Jesus is the Christ] receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.” John is the disciple that Jesus loved.


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