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1.8 Million Dead Voters, 24 million Inaccurate Registrations

February 15, 2012 by  

1.8 Million Dead Voters, 24 million Inaccurate Registrations

It is no surprise that anytime a major election rolls around many Americans begin to cry foul over voter fraud. A new report by the Pew Center on the States finds that about 24 million active voter registrations throughout the Nation are no longer valid or are wrought with inaccuracies.

Of the 24 million people who are inaccurately registered to vote, about 1.8 million are dead, according to the report. Another problem reported is that nearly 3 million people are registered in more than one State. Election officials blame the inaccuracies on how often Americans move around and lack of communication between the States.

“If a John Smith lives in Maryland and goes to another state, say on vacation, and dies,” Linda Lamone, who runs Maryland’s elections told NPR. “The law of the state where John Smith dies dictates whether or not the Maryland vital statistics people can share that information with me.”

Pew is working with election officials, academics and technology specialists to help States improve their registration systems which the research center calls inaccurate, costly and inefficient.

The report says:

Voter registration in the United States largely reflects its 19th-century origins and has not kept pace with advancing technology and a mobile society. States’ systems must be brought into the 21st century to be more accurate, cost-effective and efficient.

The report calls for States to move away from traditional paper ballot voting systems in favor of electronic voting.

The research also calls for the United States to adopt cost-saving measures saying, “The costs of maintaining a voter list in the United States are high when compared with our neighboring democracy, Canada, which spends only 35 cents per active voter to create and maintain its lists in a federal election year—one-twelfth the cost in the U.S.”

Despite the high number of flawed voter registrations documented in the report there is an even higher number of Americans who are eligible, yet unregistered, to vote. About 51 million American citizens — that’s one out of every four Americans, or 24 percent of the population of the United States — are eligible to vote but are not registered.

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Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • jeanne

    Isn’t this called “identity theft”? It’s happening here in Wisconsin and everyone is turning a “blind-eye” to it. Why isn’t this being prosecuted?

    • Maryanne

      I would like to know why this is happening, they can sure find you if they wanted to, this is how Obama got in the in 2008 and I’m sure he’s working on it already for 2012. I don’t understand how we have so many crooks in America to help him doing this, I work at the polls in Pennsylvania and this kind of thing does not happen, they show ID or else we know the people. you can’t tell me there isn’t a record of ALL the citizens registered in America, if you owe them money they find you, our systems are nothing but lies, corruption and baloney anymore. Somebody better get to it and make it right to keep Obama out of office 2012 because he only knows corruption and he’s good at that!

      • fiscalsoundbiteme

        So true! Maybe the defense department can put a “drone” at every voting booth to check on who is/isn’t legally voting! In this day and age, there is NO reason for voter fraud!!! If they can hunt you down for a traffic ticket, why can’t they get voter fraud under control!!! Bullcrap is all it is!

        • steve

          face the facts…without voter fraud the Democrats are done…take away illegal immigrants ability to vote and the dems will abandon them like a trans gender step child….

        • randall hill


          • sniffer

            It’s past time to drag Holder in a house hearing – and stop giving him respect he doesn’t deserve! It begins with violating oath of office – not upholding and defending laws and Constitution, & rapidly moves into obstruction of justice and those laws. He isn’t the supreme court and the supreme court isn’t the legislature or the Constitution!

      • Kinetic1

        I’ve read this report in numerous places and the one thing they are not saying is that these dead folks are voting. Remaining registered after you die or having a flawed registration form does not mean that someone is voting, just that they are wrongly registered.

        And for those of you accusing the Dems of foul play, perhaps you have forgotten the 2000 and 2004 elections where Repubs in Florida and Ohio were caught pulling all sorts of scams with the actual votes.

    • Dave

      The story is confused ny the fact that dead people are still registerd. They are not , according to the original story, voting. Their name is on the rolls Not a true voter fraud problem as reported.

      • fiscalsoundbiteme

        Please remove your head from your fecal chute. Dead people “vote” religiously in this country! PROVEN OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

        • Ted Crawford

          Untill State issued, pictured ID’s are required the dead will continue to vote, in ever increasing numbers!

        • Dave

          Nominal numbers. I never said none. But nowhere near 1.8 million dead peopl voted. You are not facing the facts just the fearful rumors. Your more fecal enrtenched than I.

      • Bill

        come on now, you can,t be that naive Dave.

    • dan

      It’s here and we may as well use it ….SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER

      One number …one vote

      • DavidL

        Nice idea, but it won’t work. Illegal aliens get SS numbers.

  • tim

    This is why eric holder is going after the states who want picture ID for someone to vote. He’s calling it unconstitutional!!! I say its the only way were gonna get a honest count. There are emails going between the defunct acorn, now NYCC or something like that, and the dept of justice. Holder and obama want this election bad. This is being investigated, but you know how washington works, it takes them forever to do anything, unless it’s screwing us!! If they ever do get holder for all the illegal stuff he’s done, it will be a great day in this country!!!

    • Stephen

      Control the elections and you can control the country.

      • Deerinwater

        No, control the money and you control the nation. It doesn’t not matter who’s in office.

      • 45caliber

        That’s what Stalin once said, if I remember correctly.

    • fiscalsoundbiteme

      Where is it in our constitution???? THE MORONIC THUG

    • CP

      For those of you screaming for a picture ID, then turning around and saying it won’t eliminate any valid voters, a bit of news for you. There are still, in this country, people who were born here to native born citizens who can not obtain the necessary birth certificate to obtain a state approved photo ID. IF you were born before 1950, and not in a hospital, chances are about fifty-fifty as to whether or not the proper paperwork was filed with your state to allow you to get a state issued birth certificate. I do know of a number of people, myself included, who still have the original certificate of live birth, but that is NOT sufficient to get a drivers license or other photo ID.

      • pete0097

        All of the certs that you need are available in the state of your birth. I never had the “correct” form (that was in my parents papers and un-available) I contacted the state and they quickly mailed them to me. If you are too lazy to get the certs, then you are also too lazy to evaluate the candidates to vote forthe one that really matches your ideals the best.

      • Michael J.

        CP said:
        “I do know of a number of people, myself included, who still have the original certificate of live birth, but that is NOT sufficient to get a drivers license or other photo ID.”

        So do you have a drivers license?

        And if what you say is true, I guess you could allways settle for just becoming the POTUS.

      • cat lover

        My husband was born in Kentucky on a military base in the military hospital. He does not have the required birth certificate because at that time in 1951 the did not issue the type of birth certificate that is required today. And he also served in the AirForce for over 10 years without the normal birth certificate. Now we are having one hell of a time getting vehicles and licenses renewed and getting him a new passport because he doesn’t have the “proper” birth certificate. We have been unable to find anyone to help with the situation. What a mess.

        • Bob M

          Well this is just stupid. I assume your husband has school records going back to the 50s, vaccination records military records, and I assume some sort of official form from the base where he was born. You would think our paper pushing beaurocrat morons would have run into this problem at some previous point and created a sane way of dealing with it.
          Our tax do;;ars at work!

        • Bill

          come on cat lover, you know who can help you, they have helped them self with this issue and our congress, supreme court and many other citizens cannot find out how he managed to pull the wool over so many eyes.

      • Wendell

        So CP, you say you have been in this country for 60 years and you still don’t have a drivers license. You either have been driving illegaly or you’ve had someone drive you around for that long. Which is it? Or maybe your just full of sh__.

        • ToeTagTunny

          There’s still a lot of adults in this Country without a DL because they don’t drive, Wendell.. and a majority don’t realize they can apply for an identification card of the same nature (from the driver license bureau). Try not to assume everyone drives then accuse them of B.S. It’s misunderstandings like this that has created a separation between citizens of this Country.. We now look at each other as good guy/bad guy.. For/Against.. Conservative/Liberal.. Dem/Pub.. Just like someone (no names) wants us to do. I’ve been rolling over in my grave ever since this ‘separation’ among Americans first started.. Please! Everybody just get along together so we can “Reclaim” our Country.

  • K

    You can bet Obama is going to take advantage of all the illegal voters to say they vote for him. The dead ones too.

    • Mary Carter

      I agree, Where are all the honest people,or is there any left. The almighty dollar turns a lot of heads.
      Pray for a change in November.

  • Stephen

    It doesn’t surprise me that the problems exist. I am guessing that some campaigns have a list of dead voters they can exploit during elections. Has anyone researched how many erroneous Americans vote? I would believe some campaigns go to the extreme of registering people who do not exist and then have people in their organization, like ACORN, go vote under that name and others; vote early and vote often. The system is now corrupt and the elections are a lie if nothing is done.

    If ever there was a time for a mandatory voter photo identification system, it is now. It must be made on a verifiable basis so one person cannot have several made up identifications. Law enforcement has a face identification system which can be used to avoid duplication and fraud. Or we need to go to a fingerprint or cornea registration where everyone who votes can be verified.

    If armies of fraudulent voters exist, only bad representatives achieve government offices and only those special corrupt interests rule the day. The rest of us honest Americans suffer.

    • fiscalsoundbiteme

      fingerprint or cornea will be the ONLY verifiable means to validate the voter! IT NEEDS TO BE DONE! Photo ID’s are easily manipulated! Look at all the fraudulent ID’s out there now! Time to put an end to O’bammy’s regime of thugs and theifs!

      • Dave

        You can’t be serious. Such a non-issue, voter fraud is not turning elections. When a chad was found hanging on the push-punch system in Florida they were disqualified. The chad was actually punched just still hanging. That is a major vote fraud if anything can be deemed as such. The intent was there but, don’t forget, Jeb was governor.

  • Dave

    Nowhere does it say any of the registered “dead” names voted. Stephen asks has anyone researched erroneous votes? Don’t you think all the people here have done just that? They all claim that is how their candidate has lost. Or the one they don’t want won.
    People die and they have to have the info transferred to various state departments to coincide. Hard for the dead person to do this, maybe family members? My parents both died in Colorado and no one ever got with me to delete their names from voter rolls.
    I really don’t think their is widespread fraud of any sort or the poll workers would be aware somehow.

    The real problem is unregistered voters. I worked hard at trying to get people registered many years ago. I followed all the rules. When time lapsed and a few of the people got back to me that they never got registered I was prevented from finding out why. Certain people were acquaintances and weren’t able to vote back in the Bush/Gore election.timeframe. I kept copies of my paperwork and physically handed in original registrations as the local voting office was two blocks away. The county headquarters. I felt this is a much worse example of voter discrimination than anything ACORN is accused of.
    I’m an independent but I see much more chicanery from the Republican controlled areas, as mine is, than any other in the country.
    My personal experience trumps anything I have seen reported. Dead peoples votes have not been proven to have happened to any meaningful degree. Their is was too much scrutiny.
    By the way, I live in Florida, the vote twisting capitol of the country. Where winners consistently lose.

    • 45caliber


      “Nowhere does it say any of the registered “dead” names voted.”

      It has been proven in Chicago and several west Texas counties at least. But no one has disallowed the dead vote after it was discovered either.

  • Linda

    This could all be contained if the states required a person to show a photo ID before they were allowed to cast their vote. And if said person didn’t have access to a photo ID as some liberals have said, then they should have to show a utility bill with their name and address on it. Or for the ones living in homeless shelters, something from said shelter identifying the voter.

    • Dave

      ID’s won’t fix voter fraud, Just squelch voting.
      The rules here in Florida prevent a reasonable timeframe to register people to vote. Nothing to do with ID’s. Just pushed through so no one wants to risk a fine if they can’t get paperwork back in 48 hours for verification.
      That is against all the rights of the people to limit or tighten rules to make it harder to vote have to stop. We don’t want fraud but we do want the “people” to be able to vote.
      Florida is doing all it can to stop even teachers in civics classes registering students who qualify by fining the teacher per student because she missed the 48 hour deadline recently enforced. I say she should have done it over and gotten them in but now she has been made afraid to do what has been a common lesson in American classrooms.
      You register , you vote, you count.

      • 45caliber


        They actually have civics classes in FL? If they do, it is the only state that does any more!

      • FedUp

        Hey Dave: Are you a Second Amendment guy? Are you for or against “reasonable” gun laws or “gun control”?

    • rosina

      Sorry Linda.
      But a photo IS the best idea.
      A rent bill or utility bill as you suggest could have been stolen.
      How is one sure?
      I had to show a photo ID to replace my library card, but NOT for voting????
      How idiotic is that?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      In Omaha, NE there was an election to recall the mayor. His people took a bus to the homeless shelter and offered all the people there five dollars to ride to the election office to register and vote for the mayor. They got caught but only the woman that was present and offered them money was punished. She received a nominal fine. The mayor was saved by just a few votes.

      • smilee

        Homeless people have a legal right to vote

        • Nancy in Nebraska

          Aaaaah, yes! But it is ILLEGAL to pay them for their vote!!!

  • fiscalsoundbiteme

    Your response tells me exactly why voting in Florida is so outrageous! You don’t “believe?” the dead vote? What about absentee ballots, the ones from the troops?!?! Come on the Dummycrats rigged it for obammy to win with all their Chicago style crooked bull. All parties are not blameless in the attack against proper vote counting. The biggest issue in this country today is the bullshat electoral college! Popular vote is the only vote! The rest is rigged hijinx of an election!

    • Dave

      I appreciate you at least saying that it’s not one party. By no means.
      I have been more active following the Absentee ballots here in Florida. If Obama won because of that how come most of the absentee ballots, which came in earlier than early voting offices, were from registered Republicans?

      • 45caliber


        You should watch the absentee ballots a little closer. They are NOT counted unless they think the election is very close. When Gore and Bush went head to head there and Gore demanded a recount, his argument was that NO absentee ballots be counted since he knew that many were from the troops who didn’t like him. In fact, the only place he wanted the ballots recounted was Miami. And even when they counted only Miami’s ballots, he still lost. In fact, he lost on every recount except one, which of course the Demos insisted was the only one of half a dozen to count.

    • Ellen

      The popular vote is not supposed to be the only vote. This is why we were set up as a republic instead of a democracy. Ignorant masses that vote about things they don’t comprehend shouldn’t decide our future. What if the 99% all voted to stop all their taxes and require the 1% to fund the entire tax collection? What if Hispanics all voted to make the national language Spanish? (They are quickly becoming the majority) What if all under-water mortgagees voted to have everyone else pay off or pay down their mortgages (Obama’s plan thru Freddie/Fannie)? Ignorant people vote short-sighted.

      • eddie47d

        Actually it was US banks (not Fred and Fan) who got caught conning mortgage holders and now have to repay $25 billion.

        • NC

          Eddie, you are postig facts and that’s not fair or legal! They will arrest you for assault on Ellen’s brain!Obviously Ellen has a little problem understanding the amendment requirements for certain issues!

        • Ellen

          Sorry, Eddie, but Democrats in Congress are trying to get Fannie & Freddie to lower interest rates and reduce mortgage balances, too. The $25 billion settlement is a farce. Robo-signing is legal in almost every state, so why the lawsuit? Also, the people were delinquent and were being foreclosed on regardless of how the paperwork was signed. Obama did us no favors pushing that lawsuit through because it simply delayed foreclosure proceedings on many more people, which has kept the real estate market from hitting its bottom. There will be millions of foreclosures this year. Also, NC, you really shouldn’t make rude and sarcastic comments when you clearly don’t understand a topic. It just tells everyone reading this that you’re ignorant.

          • smilee

            Courts are finding many cases with robo signing to be illegal

    • Matt Newell

      You must Really want to destroy the Constitution. Popular vote is the stuff of democracy not representative government. The founders of our Constitution worked hard to make it hard for government to become our masters. Thanks to liberal/progressive ideas we have lost half of those checks and people like you want to remove the rest of them.

  • Deerinwater

    well, this is serious business. We can not afford a waning “no confidence” in the election process.

    But too, we must understand, like any system made up of millions of small parts and pieces there will be some irregularities.

    If I was running things today, I’d send out a high profile task force to address voter fraud and make a few examples out of any finding worthy prosecution before the general Elections.

    • Stephen

      I think they tried that in 2008 when they put Black Panthers in front of a polling station to scrutinize who was voting. It must have worked. I believe these guys are still walking free in our country getting ready for the next election. Did they have some sort of diplomatic immunity from our judicial system?

    • 45caliber


      Four years ago, there was a lot of voter fraud in Sheila Jackson Lee’s district in Houston. Last year, a number of people signed up as Poll Watchers. She had a fit. She insisted that they be removed because they were intimidating voters by watching them – then she would stop the voters between the signup and the voting machines to ask for their votes – which is illegal. She insisted she didn’t know it was illegal and that she wasn’t doing anything to break the law. Ha!!

  • Patriot 24-7

    Details? I want to know how many of the dead voters are registered as Democrats for this upcoming election.
    I would also like to know how many of the individuals registered in more than one state, and those fraudulent registerations, are registered as Democrat for this coming election.
    Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck should not be voting.

  • Patriot 24-7

    We need All Voters show a photo ID, and a voter registration card to vote. Don’t they need an ID card to cash the welfare check? Or do they get direct deposit to their debit cards?

    • 45caliber

      Here in Texas, they get direct deposit to their credit cards.

      However, Texas did pass the ID requirement. It is appealed and the judge who is to make the decision on it is one of Oblama’s liberals in Washington. So we don’t expect her to find the law legal. After all, how can the illegals and the dead vote if they have to produce IDs?

      The last PResidential election, when I went in to vote, had a line clear out the door. Nearly all of them were illegals. Everyone knew it but couldn’t challenge them about it.

    • eddie47d

      You’re too funny Caliber. So you looked into their souls and “just knew” they were illegals. Did you notice which ones were drinking Budweiser or Tecate,did the Sombrero give them away or which ones were Mongolian sheepherders?

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Maby The balots were in foreign languages, gave it away…

  • TimAZ

    They had electronic voting in Nevada. The SEIU services these electronic machines in Nevada, and that is why we still have dingy Harry in the Senate. I don’t think we need to go that route.

    • 45caliber

      They now have electronic voting in most states now. I personally am against it. It is far to easy to program the computers to do what you want them to do – count wrong.

      One county last election here in Texas made a mistake and sealed the computer before they had added in the last voting. They called in a tech and the guy in charge was shocked. It took the tech about two minutes to release the lock, add in the votes, and seal it again. The point was how easy and quick it would be for anyone to do the same thing.

  • 45caliber

    The biggest laugh I got in the last Presidential election was when a man in Chicago managed to get some “I voted” stickers at the polling place. He took them to the local cemetary and placed them on tombstones. When he went back to get more, they wouldn’t let him have them.

    Unfortunately, he was right.

    And one county here in Texas generally has more people vote every election than they have people in the county.

  • Stephen

    The only system that will actually work to suppress fraud is one where each American citizen must have a registered Identification card which must be scanned before a vote may be cast. The card would already be registered within the voting system which would eliminate duplication and unregistered voting. The same card would be required to obtain an absentee ballot which could only be linked to the valid identification card system.

    We control and identify currency today. It would not be too far a stretch to control voter identification and make the elections fair and accurate.

    • FedUp

      Screw with the election process enough and we will be begging them for what they are dying to give us: National Identity cards.

      We must be careful what we ask for.

      • 45caliber

        Correct. And that is one reason I believe they continue to have voter problems. They WANT that card! In fact, I think what they REALLY want is a capsule inserted under your skin so you can’t remove or lose it.

  • momplayer

    That number sounds a little low to me. Now that it’s illegal to ask for id before people vote I wonder if this number counts illegals who vote numerous times.I ask the people at the voting booth last election how they knew it really was me voting and he replied they matched my signature from my voter registration card, one I didn’t show him my voter registration card, two I know my signature has changed alot in the last 40 years and three he had glasses that looked like pop bottle bottoms and was not a hand writing specialist.They need to ask for id with current name and address. I thought I’d try and tell the policeman that stops me that he can’t ask for id since it’s unconstitusional to ask. If I start sending post from jail I’ll let you know.

    • FedUp

      I’m really amazed by all the stories about non-eligible people getting in to a polling place. We can’t get through the door without ID. It’s been that way for the 35 years I’ve been voting. Show your ID, your name is crossed off the list. No questions.

      • libertytrain

        I vote in NC = to date no one has asked me for my ID, ever….

      • FedUp


        “I vote in NC = to date no one has asked me for my ID, ever….”

        During the time I’ve been around the fora I’ve learned there are significant differences in how the States handle various issues and functions. It’s too easy for any of us to forget those differences exist. For me, the id issue is settled, was settled, before my time. It would be interesting to know how many locales don’t use id and the rationale.

  • dan

    Why reinvent the wheel…use the Social Security Number
    and if it shows up being used twice to vote,discard the vote and initiate ID theft protocol.
    I’m less concerned with someone knowing how I vote than being disenfranchised by having someone else vote for me

    • BOOHOO

      What good would that do? We have already established our President has the Social Security number of a DEAD MAN

      • Sirian

        LOL!! Very good point BOOHOO, very good point! LOL :)

    • 45caliber


      That isn’t a problem for those who want to disallow votes. In fact, it was done with chads in FL during the Bush/Gore election. During recount they found several people doing the recounting who were punching out the opposite chad so they could disallow the vote. What they would do if the vote was disallowed would be to come early and vote with your number knowing that it would disallow your vote later.

  • jopa

    Time to be real folks.Does anyone remember when the last time was that we had confusion over an election.One hint.The Iowa caucuses.The Republicans just can’t seem to get it right.I vote in just about every election that comes along and never ran into a dead guy voting so far.Some were pretty close to it though.If a person is willing to fly or drive from state to state where as he may be registered in more than one.He must truly be a lunatic to think his one vote would matter.Then if you think millions of Americans are doing this then you are the lunatic.

    • Stephen

      Gee I think if I were dead, I’d definitely use an absentee ballot.

    • 45caliber

      Johnson got to President by ONE vote. He was elected by one vote in his district to Congress, where Kennedy selected him.

  • jopa

    45 cal.: That was hilarious where the guy ran around the cemetery sticking all the “I Voted” stickers on the headstones.Problem is the people here actually believe they did.

    • Jay

      Jopa, you dumb-ass, dead people voting is a type of election fraud that occurs when the name of a deceased person remains on a state’s official list of registered voters and a living person fraudulently casts a ballot in that name.

      The extent to which this type of vote fraud occurs is not known. If, after an election, a reporter examines the publicly available list of who voted in the election and finds from other evidence (such as the Social Security Administration’s “Death Master File”) that there is good reason to believe that some of the names on the list of those who voted are the names of people who are dead, it can be established that “dead people voted.” Such painstaking analyses are expensive and cumbersome. It is easier to determine how many names of deceased people still appear on official voter registration lists than it is to determine how many (if any) actual votes were fraudulently cast in the name of a deceased person. Some recent examples of elections in which actual fraudulent votes were cast on behalf of dead people include a 2005 state senate election in Tennessee that was decided by fewer than 20 votes; in this case, a post-election verification process established that two fraudulent votes were cast on behalf of dead people. Three election workers were indicted, and the results of the election were voided. The mayoral election in Miami in 1997 was nullified by a judge because of widespread fraud, including a number of established cases of fraudulent votes cast in the name of dead people. Election inspectors looking at the 1982 gubernatorial election in Illinois estimated that as many as 1 in 10 ballots cast during the election were fraudulent, including votes by the dead.

    • 45caliber


      This is Chicago. They DID vote there – or at least people using their names voted for them.

  • eddie47d

    Considering that 54.7 million US citizens die every year I think you all are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Naturally a million or two would still be on the voter registration rolls. The Department of Voter Registration only sends out address change requests once and sometimes twice a year.What if a person dies the day after they vote? Their name will be on the voter rolls for another year. The Department of Voter registration only has so many permanent workers and would be near impossible to keep up with dead voters. The problem is mostly political hay and hype to demonize the opposition. If a family member receives the change card in the mail they may just throw it in the trash since the person is no longer alive. So you may have someone whose dead on the voter list for more than a year. Maybe it’s time some of you step up to the plate and volunteer your services to the Department. Make those phone calls to find out who is eligible and who is not. Drive through you local neighborhoods and canvass the homes and find out who really is dead or alive.More participation and less bellyaching would correct many of the problems in getting dead voters off the list. Unless you have a couple of million laying around in tax money in allowing the Department of Voter Registration to do it.

  • FreedomFighter

    The report calls for States to move away from traditional paper ballot voting systems in favor of electronic voting.

    Register to vote using THUMB PRINTS!

    No cost, just a scan.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • http://johnp. john

    everyone running for Pesident should be made to show
    there birth certificate .and if Obama won’t show the
    original certificate then he can’t run . and he should
    be delt with .i still say he was not born in the united stats .
    his granmother said that and his uncle . more lie’s from this
    President . as for all voters i say show some kind of I D to
    prove who you are .and anyone cought voteing more then once
    should be delt with .

    • ChristyK

      The birth certificate does not matter. Everyone agrees his father was never a US citizen, so he is not a natural born citizen. Therefore Ineligible. The Republicans aren’t making a big issue of this because Marco Rubio is also ineligible and they want him for VP and/or future Pres.

      • smilee

        Courts in Indiana in 09 and in Georgia in 12 found that Obama is a natural born citizen their ruling was that if you are born on US soil you are a natural born citizen so this argument of yours no longer has any merit or crediability and unless a higher courts reverse it most court experts think that it will will stand as is now ruled

        • Bill

          Last time I heard was he didn’t show up for the hearing in GA and hence would not be on the ballot. Will have to look it up to see if the AG backed down.

  • jopa

    Jay;During our last election I drove past the local cemetery and there were several Republicans sitting on the cemetery fence insuring that there would be no voter fraud.I would encourage you to become involved and go sit on the fence also next November.America needs true patriots such as you.

    • Jay

      Jopa, you’re clueless!

      • Stan Smith

        Jay! What do you expect Libtards are clueless! They think FOX is the only one that spews crap, But all their Libtard Media spew the Biggest BS! Yes FOX is starting to spew nonsense, Other Independent News site from online and Talk Radio others report the news that Libtard media refuse to use! Even FOX most of the time they don’t want to give you the real story! Libtards Like jopa cant handle the facts other news source that is unbiased reporting the same thing! Sorry Libtards the truth is out! deny all you want!

      • Jay

        Yes Stan, i should know better than to argue with the likes of jopa, dumber then a bag of hammers!

  • Buck

    If all the dead voters were taken off the rolls the demon rat party would be dead . That is not to say the republicans aren’t doing it as well , it is just that the demon rats have perfected it to an art form .

    • 45caliber

      Several years ago in AR, they caught a group of ACORNS with a bus. They had hired about forty people, mostly retired, at $10 a vote. They would drive up to a polling place and hand the people a voter registration card as they got off the bus. They would go in, vote in that name for the people ACORN wanted and then get back on the bus. They would then go to the next precinct and do the same thing. These people were voting about 10-15 times. Sadly, no one got into trouble for it. The reporter even interviewed some of them for TV!

  • susan

    if thay wanted to thay could check and see how many dead people voted for the president how many illegals vote then thay would fine out he really did’t get it .every thing in washington is mob run anymore there no one in washington that going to take up for the little working class people. this whole country is going to be slaves to our leader ,it’s just about there

  • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

    Lets look at one of the most obvious facts that is one big problem .Electronic voting is just that. Whoever built that machine can install any kind of system into it in such a manner you could never see it is already fixed for which ever candidate that builder wants it to be .. We live in a computer world folks, that means we are bumping haeds with a computer… voting machine?

    • 45caliber

      In the last election, they found the computers in NV were counting three of every four votes for Reid’s opponent for him in the early voting because of the way the machines were programmed. So they had that corrected. One hour before the end of voting, Reid was far behind. Some of the union people came in to “correct” a machine problem – and he won the election due to all those who voted the final hour.

      Queen Nancy won by 80% + in a district where they estimated a close race – because of the way the voting machines were programmed.

      Anyone doubt that we won’t see the same thing this fall? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Oblama win with 90% of the vote due to computer “problems”.

  • chuckb

    the democraps are the first to scream un-fair when someone suggests voter id, that should convince everyone where the fraud is coming from. we need voter id now. the cities are rampant with voter fraud, does anyone remember acorn, now we have the seiu taking their place and they have been working hard and will produce enough fraudulent votes to elect barry. moonbeam brown in california, elected by illegal voters and unions. the funny think is he is doing worse than arnold did and there’s not a sound out of the media.
    we stop the voter fraud or we become part of the obama brotherhood and the u.s, will be the United States of Socialist America.
    where are the wimpy republicans on this matter, cowering behind there chairs.
    it’s time to replace this senate and congress with people who have an interest in the country and not the country club.

  • Paul

    In Canada, on the first page of the federal return is a check off box to register yearly, at the municipal level for all elections, (federal, provincial and muninicipal). Tax filers are assured registration to vote with little error.

    Do not make the mistake voting electronically. There would be no way to scrutinise the vote on closing polls, election night.
    It would be frought with manipulation by the few. The more eyes involved with right tool (paper ballot) is the only way to assure integrety of results quickly.

  • Jon

    It would be less hassle to follow Illinois’ precedent. They only get mad if a corpse votes more than once, votes Republican, or registers in three or more different parties.

  • Bob M

    First off calling these people dead casts them in a negative light and is highly offensive, They are merely living challenged.
    Second in this country we make accomodations for the disabled they should not be denied the right to vote simply because of an inability to breathe.
    Sorry living up here in the Socialist Republic of Massachusetts must be rubbing off on me

  • Paul

    Remember when we “liberated” Iraq? The news was full of pictures of Iraqis proudly displaying their ink-stained fingers – proof that they had voted.
    If fingerprints are valid ID’s in Iraq, why can’t fingerprints be used here?

  • jopa

    PaulWe won’t be able to use fingerprints here because the Retardicans will say each illegal and deceased would have ten votes.The voter fraud issue itself is totally bogus and it’s clueless folks that watch Fox news that think it is really an issue.Did the Retardicans stop to look at what they have as candidates.Many in their party abandoned ship that’s all.Not to mention their policies and the do nothing approach isn’t helping them.


    Chicago is famous for that. They weren’t voted the most corrupt city in the United States for nothing. I moved from there to Californig in 1961 and am still voting in Illinois local elected.

  • Stan Smith

    Yep! Libtards can’t handle the facts, The democraps are master of voting fraud! They are shaking with fear, When States demands to have photo ID in order to vote!

  • jopa

    The Iowa caucuses were a good example of how Retardicans run elections.Two weeks after the election a new winner was declared.In an election in Wisconsin in a contest for some judge one whole district was missed.But the real winner is the one in Iowa in that no Democrats were involved whatsoever so the true genius of the Retardicans was on display.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    ONE … Of the Many Political Corruptions. “Politicians” are the Example of: EGO MAINEAKS!


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